Ways To Avoid The Awkward Tension After An Argument

Don’t you just hate that silence that follows up an argument? Isn’t it quite frustrating? The argument is over, but the tension persists which gives a very awkward and irritating feeling. Sometimes you just feel helpless and confused. You keep on taking wild guesses regarding your partner’s moods and feelings. At times the situation becomes so awful that neither of you wants to make the first move nor even want to make an eye contact. But at the same time…[+]
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5 Signs That Your Partner Might Cheating On You

It’s been a while that you’ve suspected something is not right with your husband’s behavior lately, but now its appears that your suspicions are correct after all. You husband has been cheating on you. We stay in a world where we always have to meet and socialize with new people, and unknowingly, we might get involved in an affair. This can be a huge blow to our relationships and our marriages, some of which can lead to a breakup. Below…[+]
Breakups are messy and painful, even if you want to end the relationship. They are upsetting for both persons in a relationship, whereas most people say breakup are harder for the one who got dumped. That’s not true as the person who ended the relationship has seriously hurt the feelings of someone else. It's common sense; we have to move on after a breakup just like everything else in life. Most people say to move on from a breakup; you…[+]

Sweet Ways To Genuinely Say You Are Sorry

Sometimes the word ‘sorry’ becomes the hardest word to speak out. Your pride, your ego comes in the way. But then you have to choose between your pride and relationship. To save your relationship, you need to assess and understand the situation. Avoid blaming each other and give away your ego and pride. At times mistake occurs from both the ends, be the first one to say ‘you are sorry’ and set things right back in order. You can fix…[+]

Most Important Signs Of Relationship Compatibility

No two people in the world are same. We all are different from each other, yet we do share some similarities. When we wish to have a long-term relationship, we definitely look for the things that we share in common. For staying together does not mean that we should be similar in everything, nor does this happens in any relationship but we can assess numerous factors by which we can verify and decide our compatibility. Below mentioned points are for…[+]