It’s Difficult To Let Go Of The Person You Love, But Not Impossible

Nothing feels worse than the physical pain of losing the person you loved. Your heart is broken, and the feelings of loneliness, despair, and hopelessness overwhelm us. If falling in love is the most joyous and wonderful feeling in the world, then letting go of the love is the most terrible feeling one can experience in this world. Letting go of the person you love is not easy, but it is not impossible either. You have to let go of…[+]

Are You Still Single? Maybe It Is Because Of Your Pet!

Most people think getting a pet will deepen their commitment as a couple when they are in a serious relationship. You can learn plenty of valuable skills by nurturing a pet animal. Taking care of a pet is shared responsibility. Through sharing each other’s responsibilities, couples can hone their communication skills, learn how to work in a team, and learn to compromise. All of these are qualities essential if you want to have a happy, healthy and long-lasting relationship. A…[+]

Just Because A Woman Is Polyamorous Doesn’t Mean That You Can’t Date Her!

Most people misunderstood polyamorous relationships. They think that people who are in polyamorous relationships are swingers or are just collecting husbands or wives. But, that’s not entirely accurate. Most people just don’t understand polyamorous relationships. For folks who aren't familiar with polyamory is that it is having an intimate and committed relationship with more than one partner.  In most circumstances, men and women, who are in polyamorous relationships, have partners who are also in committed relationships with others. Most folks…[+]

Be Aware Of The New And Scary Dating Trend “Kittenfishing”

If worrying about being catfished wasn’t enough, a new trend in online dating has emerged, and it’s even scarier than being catfished. It’s called” kittenfished” and people who use dating apps need to be careful about it. So, what is kittenfishing? In short, Kittenfishing is a less offensive act which involves misrepresentation of information on a dating profile. So, kittenfishing is the smaller cousin of catfishing. Thus, it’s called kittenfishing as a kitten is smaller than a cat. Anyways, for…[+]

2 Ways Millennials Have Made Marriage Better

Many people tell love is dead these days. Is it really? Hardly so. So, why is that a lot of people have given up on love? Why have a lot of people have given up on marriage or lost hope on marriage? Did we forget how to love someone unconditionally? According to a recent poll, it’s been reported that one in eight adults, especially women, have given up on finding true love or love, whatever you may want to call…[+]