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Never Underestimate The Power Of Words

As much as we think to say that online dating is easy because you don’t have to face the awkwardness in communication and you even have time to think of a good response and then write, but still online dating can be confusing as well. Sometimes, we underestimate the sensitivity of it and say things which should have definitely not been said. In all this, you must particularly be careful in not conveying a bad image of yourself to the other person. Online dating usually starts with the two telling about themselves to each other. Guys are never cautious about what they say which is why they tend to mess things a lot. This article is going to about few of the words which guys should prefer using when describing themselves to the other person as it will possibly convey an attractive image.

#1 Physically fit

There would be no women who would not appreciate the physical fitness of a guy. Sure, they don’t want fitness freaks but having a good physique is always a plus point. A majority of the women are looking for guys that care for themselves too and are in a good and presentable shape.

#2 Ambitious

This will give the impression that you are a mature man who knows exactly what he is doing with his life. She will be aware that you are a self-sufficient guy who is no longer dependent on his parents giving him pocket money.

#3 Perceptive

Perceptive means that the guy is smart, and not like dumb people who don’t use their mind at all. She will know that you are sensitive as well as observant and she should expect an intellectual conversation with him.

#4 Passionate

Going to work and doing a job is not what should be present in you. At some point in time, that will get somewhat boring. You need to show that you are passionate about your life and that you look for spice in different things. Girls love guys who go deep into certain things and become involved to a healthy level.

#5 Optimistic

This will give the impression that you are not a cry baby. She will want to be around you more because she would be expecting positive vibes from you which are not that easy to get these days from people.

#6 Funny

Now, this is something all girls look for in guys. A good sense of humor has become a rare thing these days. The guy who is able to make a girl laugh has the best chances with her. Therefore giving her the impression that you are a fun person to be around with, is always going to work.

#7 Thoughtful

Most guys are not at all emotionally intelligent, and they cannot relate to the feelings of girls. Being thoughtful means that you will take care of her preferences and then try to please her in those ways, this will ultimately attract her towards you.

Inner Beauty Always Outweighs Outer Beauty

Inner beauty is something which we definitely cannot see, but we feel it through someone’s personality and their character. Inner beauty is what enhances your appeal and makes you a lovable person. Outer beauty is definitely important because that catches the eye initially, but as soon as a person gets to know you, your inner beauty is what will actually make them like you. Also, no matter how pretty or perfect you are if you are not pretty from the inside then none of it will matter, and instead it will camouflage your outer beauty.

So, what really makes a person that attractive? Apart from their appearance, a major part is played by their inner self. If we look at some of the most fancied personalities of the world like Oprah, Mother Teresa or Tom Hanks, then we will notice that they are not the prettiest of people. The reason why they still have earned that much love is because of their personality and how they act with other people.

When you know that you are a kind person from within, you will feel confident in interacting with other people because you are sure that they will only get good vibes from you. Having positive intentions gives you a good feeling from within, and you are better able to enjoy every moment. If you are only negative, then everything will feel bad.

People normally say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but I think it is pretty much within our own selves. Others will see what we want them to see. If you feel beautiful from the inside, then others will see that being reflected in your personality. The way you treat people is something that really affects people’s judgments of you. They will love you if you are kind and nice to them.

Inner beauty is what overcomes your physical flaws. For instance, you’re too overweight, or you don’t have a good height, but if you are a nice person, then all of that will be ignored by individuals. Ever see couples in which one of them is all perfect with great looks and the other one may seem a little too fat or isn’t as pretty, that is because the inner beauty has made them that attractive that their loved one looks beyond all those imperfections.

If you ask someone about a person, they will describe his/her personality and then the physical appearance. This is because our behavior and character have a lasting impact on everyone and this is how they remember us.

Beauty is only a matter of some years, youth stays for a very short time but what is carried on for life is how you are from the inside. When you are 60 or 70 years old, and your face is full of wrinkles, your inner beauty is what will still keep the charm alive in you and people will still want to spend their time around you.

Relationship Uncertainty and How to Move On?

Uncertainty about a relationship is something that you are confused that where your relationship is going? You are yourself confused about what you want from the person you are with to be. Either you want him/her to be your life partner or you just want a casual companionship.

Relationship uncertainty and its dangers

At the start of the relationship, you cannot expect certainty as you are getting to know the person you are dating, considering what you feel and trying to understand the whole process.

But if uncertainty prolonged in the relationship then it is something to worry about when you both are holding it back and making no effort to push your relationship any further. If you develop this thinking that it is better than nothing and there is nothing to lose then my dear you need to know that there is a lot to lose which you are unaware of. Here are some reasons that why is it dangerous to stay in a relationship which is not certain:

Uncertainty can blow up your self-esteem

Uncertainty may lead you to the point where it starts messing up with your mind. You start blaming and feel sorry for yourself. Do I deserve all this? Why can’t I have a stable relationship? Such questions begin to haunt you and will destruct your self-esteem unless you become clear about your relationship. You will start believing that this is how much you can receive as love, and you have to accept whatever is tossed your way.

Accountability is zero

Uncertainty about the status as a couple with no defined roles and limitation then it becomes convenient for both of you to overlook or reject the accountability for the other’s well-being. With no set rules, neither of you is going to take the responsibility of the security and the happiness of the relationship.

Realizing that we do not love the person

When all the chase and drama ends, you find out that you might not like this person. When the uncertainty prolongs so does the chase and thus we waste maximum of our time which should be spent in knowing the person deeply.

Chances of meeting your Mr. or Miss Right reduce

Although you are facing numerous uncertainties in your relationship, still you will never even think about going out with somebody else. It is against your principles. You are in the hope that everything is going to be okay. In doing so, you lose the opportunity to find yourself an eligible partner. Imagine losing someone who adores you the most and one day you will regret refusing to his proposal in keeping your uncertain relationship which will end eventually.

Chronic Stress

Uncertainties in a relationship make us feel unhappy, lonely and tired. You may enjoy the company of each other, but prolonged uncertainties which are not addressed may cause conflict. The fact that he is not making the first move in proposing you will keep you up all night. Thus uncertainty in the relationship makes you emotionally stressed and unstable.

Hence, as the time passes, it is better to sit and discuss your relationship rather than prolonging uncertainty which will leave you with nothing in the end.

Dating An Introvert: Adorable Quirks That Set Them Apart

Being an introvert is not being crazy or weird which mostly extrovert think about so. It is just that you need to understand and get used to it.

Most people believe them to be as introverts because they like watching movies, reading books and interested in staying all the time indoors. However, the real introverts have a complete personality which not so many people get to know about it.

What is an introvert?

An introvert is someone who finds their complete happiness in being alone. They believe to be antisocial, shy people who avoid being at crowded places. They are the individuals who are drained out when they have to face large assemblies, and they get their energy from being alone. Usually, such people are more interested in involving themselves in any creative work.

Things to know before dating introvert

Introverts are quite confusing, and it sounds tough to date someone who remains distant from other people. However, what I believe dating a person who is introvert can be very gratifying.

Here are a few things that you should know about introverts before dating them.

Introverts NEED time alone

Introverts need to stay alone all by themselves to refuel their energies. They cannot stay all day long with people around them. You might want to stay with them the entire day, but they seem not to be showing any interest in it. Well, it is very irritating sometimes, but you need to understand them and respect their need of the moment.

No, introverts are not upset

Introverts prefer skipping them out of the party early. It is just because the there quota of handling people is over. So, stop thinking that they are upset or mad at something.

Introverts are not shy

People believe that introverts are shy. However, they enjoy talking to people. It is just that they cannot handle the crowd all at once and then they prefer shutting down and do not speak out, which makes them look pretty shy.

Springing things on the last minute

Introverts like planning out things for themselves which can be as simple as spending their night watching their favorite movie or reading a good book. So jumping onto them with a plan of a night out at the very last minute will surround them with anxiety and most likely to refuse you.

Introverts are the Best listeners

Introverts are too good when it comes to listening.  They will listen to your very thoroughly, so be very careful while telling them the details. You cannot bluff them easily. Moreover, you will always find them around in every problem of yours.

Introverts do get frustrated at being introverts themselves

If sometimes you find them annoyed or frustrated without any reasons then don’t worry they are just annoyed with themselves. They sometimes become sick of being introverts. They WANT to attend parties; they WANT to be introduced to your friends and enjoy the gathering, but they can’t help it. They can do this up to a certain limit, and after that, they have to set them apart from everyone.

6 Important Tips for Online Daters

These days when social networking apps are on the rise, communication has become easier than ever. Whether it is friends, family or loved ones, all the communications are being done via social networking apps. Amongst these apps Facebook and Whatsapp are the most commonly used. These sites, however, will be of no use if you mess everything up by using the wrong set of words or bad timings. Online dating has become another famous thing these days because people find it easier to develop an understanding over the internet and then meet later if they feel that they are mentally compatible. Before getting into a proper relationship, you must know the tricks of initiating a good conversation with a girl online. This article will talk exactly about those few tips.

#1 Understand how online conversations work

You need to understand the basic reason why you are there in the first place. A lot of times people fail in online conversations are because they go off track. Your goal is to impress the other person. Be careful that whatever you say leaves a good impression always.

#2 Do some research

You should never build opinions about a person by just looking at their profile photo. That is probably the poorest form of judgment you can do, relying on facial appearance. You need to know the person and about his/her hobbies. What they are currently doing and how is their relation with other people. A great chunk of that can be studied through their account. After this, you can decide whether the person is right to have the conversation with.

#3 Put up an appealing profile

When you are judging the other person on their profile and account, then it is equally important that you build a strong and attractive profile of your own as well. Make sure there aren’t any embarrassing photos or misleading information that gives a fake feeling. Make sure that all you add is genuine.

#4 Be polite and gentle

While talking to a girl, it is very important that you don’t offend her in any way. You need to be polite in your words and your tone as well. Whatever topic it is that you are talking about, you should respect and most preferably agree to her opinion. But don’t be too nice, that will again give a false impression of your personality.

#5 Make a list of questions or topics

You need to be all prepared beforehand to how to take the conversation in a smooth flow. You should decide on some topics for every day and try to initiate those subjects in a natural way, not that you are enforcing it. Keep her interested in the conversation.

#6 Be humorous

A good sense of humor is the most attractive thing you can find in a guy. Girls always appreciate a good sense of humor, a guy that can make them laugh. Show the intelligent side of your humor that is witty as well. That will give the best impression and will guarantee a successful conversation ahead.

How To Be Sure That She is Interested in You

It sometimes gets really tricky to tell what a girl thinks of you and this very reason become a great hurdle in you making the move of asking her out. Obviously, you don’t want to embarrass yourself and get rejected by her, therefore, it is important that you are sure if she is interested in you as well. This article is going to talk about the few signs that girls give as hints to tell the guy that they are interested in them.

#1 She makes an effort to be around you

Despite her busy schedule and hectic routine, she somehow manages to take some time out and texts you to meet up during that. If you find her around you most of the time then that it a clear sign that there is something special that she has for you.

#2 She touches you

This is a big hint because girls usually like to maintain their physical distance with a guy. But, if a girl shows that she is comfortable around you by either hugging you or keeping her arm around you, then that all signals her interest in you.

#3 She buys you gifts

Girls are not the type that they will buy gifts for a guy that they are not sure of. Girls are usually thoughtful with their gifts and surprises, so whenever they make an effort, it is understood that you have a special place in her heart.

#4 She compliments you

Complimenting definitely means that she likes you. In fact, it further gives the surety that it is not just your personality but also your physical appearance that she is fond of.

#5 She asks questions

Asking questions is another way of showing interest. She will show care towards your life, and all that happens with you. Being more considerate, she might even ask questions about your family and friends which means that she has a good amount of interest in you and everything that relates to you.

#6 She flirts with you

This is probably the most distinct signal, and you will be a fool not to understand it. If at any point in time a girl tries to get flirty then you should definitely ask her out, if not on a proper date then definitely for a drink pronto.

#7 She flirts with other guys

This may seem like cheating, but it is not, not at all! She is just trying to get your attention and in fact make you jealous. This again means that she wants you to get close to her and be all possessive about her because yes, she is interested in you.

#8 She has made it clear that she in single

This is like giving a green signal loud and clear. No girl would want to unveil their relationship status of being single to another guy unless and until they want him to approach them. So act smart, put all the puzzle pieces together and pop the question of taking her out on a date.

Ladies Watch Out For This Woman Hater

Misogyny may be too strong of a word to use, but we can’t deny the fact that there are many men out there who share somewhat same feelings. Girls have to be careful about all kinds of guys, the desperate ones who want are only looking for the physical intimacy, the geeks who will never be smart enough to make a move, the clingy ones who will make your life living hell but above all these types, there is one that must be avoided at all costs. These are the guys who have an innate hate towards women since the very beginning. These are the men you should definitely watch out for. This article is going to give you a few signs that should immediately tell if the guy in front is a woman hater.

#1 He does not value your feelings

This guy will only show the emotions that he is feeling. Your happiness or sadness means nothing to him. The only thing he will care about is that not at any point you are able to overpower him. Letting your feelings out to him will, therefore, be a total waste of time.

#2 He comments on the looks of other women or girls

A misogynist will always be commenting on other girls, particularly about their physical appearance. These observations are always going to be negative and will ridicule the other woman. He will continuously be insulting and undermining women, and this will get worse if you stay quiet.

#3 He will make fun of your emotional state

If at any time you make the mistake of sharing your feelings with him, the only thing he will do is probably make fun of it. For instance, if you are sad or crying, he will laugh it off by taunting you about you having a PMS. Nothing will be convincing enough for him to show some care.

#4 He does not let you speak

Ever discussion, argument, and plan will be based on his preferences. He will make sure that you are never able to voice your opinion because whenever you will, he will cut off by bringing up something else. Being with him most of the times will mean that you just have to shut yourself and just listen to all that he has to say.

#5 It is always your fault

You will definitely get into fights, but isn’t that normal? Every couple fights. The different thing here will be that every time he will manage to shape the whole scenario in such a way that all the blame goes on you. For him, because you are a woman you are bound to make mistakes and therefore it will always be your fault.

#6 Control over your sexual side means you are a slut

If you are a sexually confident woman who knows how to carry her body and is in control of her sexual energy, then this misogynist has one word for you, SLUT.


How To Know Your Guy Friend Has Started Crushing On You?

Friendships are precious because you don’t find those kinds of people normally in life. It takes a great deal of time to finally someone you can connect at that wavelength and have them become an integral part of your life. Friendships aren’t restricted to just the same gender, in fact, it is the personality that makes the decisive factor. A lot of girls have guy best friends whom they have been sharing their life for quite a while. They are great friends because things never got awkward between them, but what if one day you find out that your only best friend now likes you. If any such thing develops then it is extremely important that you know it, this article is going tell you few of those signs that guarantee if your guy friend is crushing on you.

#1 You catch him staring at you a lot

Normal friends don’t stare at you without any reason. Sure, they will stare at you when you get a new haircut, or there is some change in your appearance or just in anger. But, no guy friend will stare at you without any reason. If you catch him staring at you multiple times throughout the day, then there is definitely something fishy.

#2 He gets embarrassed easily

Good friends never get embarrassed in front of each other. They could be peeing their pants, but they still wouldn’t get embarrassed. If after some time you notice your friend getting awkward on small things or avoiding some sensitive topics, then that definitely means he feels for you.

#3 He is not acting like his usual self

You know the kind of personality your friend has, and now you have gotten used to it. When he develops some feelings for you, he will start acting all formal and organized. He will be careful in not doing certain things, and he will be a little too possessive about you. He will call you more often, and his tone now will be slightly changed. If he takes on this different personality, then you should get the hint.

#4 The no of hangouts have doubled

While previously you used to hang out only when the two of you had time, now you will notice that every day he will try to initiate a hangout and you will find yourself spending most of your days with him. He is trying to spend more time with you, and he is definitely crushing on you.

#5 He does any favor for you

Friends are always there for you but sometimes, owing to something more important they will refuse as well. He, however, will always be present for you and will be more than willing to do anything that you say. He will do it even if he has to go out of his comfort zone for that.

#6 He gets annoyed when you talk about other guys

This is probably the most direct hint that he will not at all show positive attitude when you talk about other guys or worse talk about any of your new crush. You will see the instant change in his behavior and that is the greatest hint.

How to Get Your Man To Marry You

Getting into a relationship is surely tough, but when you finally do get into one, the feeling is the best one in the world. Girls are usually really emotional about their love life, and soon after getting into a perfect relationship, they start making plans about their life after marriage. Who doesn’t want to enjoy that great white wedding and being with the one person they love the most? Almost every girl! For guys, however, the situation is slightly different. Most of the guys aren’t the marriage type, and it would take them a good amount of time before finally thinking of settling with someone for the rest of their life. A guy needs to be mentally ready to make this decision. This article is going to guide you on some of the ways you can get your man to get ready for the big move.

#1 Be the perfect girlfriend

You need to make him feel that you are the best girl that he can get. Love him loads and get him to feel special all the time. Do a little more than what all other girlfriends do and be the perfect woman for your man. Make him realize that you are all what he really needs.

#2 Take care of him

Taking care of him in all the big and small things is always going to be likable. You should know about his routine so that you know exactly what he needs all the time. Make food for him and pack it when he goes off to work, keep his clothes ready and be even more careful if he ever catches a cold. This all will make him rely on you for small things, and he will realize that he cannot live without you.

#3 Be his biggest fan

You should be his personal cheerleader. Encourage him on all his achievements whether big or small. Ask him about his passion and desires in life and support him in all that. Show him that you believe in his capabilities. Never let him give up on anything be a constant support for him.

#4 Be honest about what you want

Guys are usually dumb when it comes to understanding the mind of girls. There may be a possibility that he never thinks that you want a long term relation with him due to which he never pops the question. You need to give him some clear hints and sometimes it is even better to just tell him clearly of the thoughts that go on in your mind regarding your relationship. That will plant that thought in his mind, and he will think about it at some point.

#5 Don’t scare him

Be careful that you don’t irritate him by constantly bringing up the topic of marriage. Guys don’t like clingy girls, and this constant pressure will make him get tired of you. He will prefer sitting alone than talking to you because he will fear that you will always annoy him with the same topic. So, try to keep it slow and steady.

Anxious Personality: Reasons To Date, An Anxious Person

Anxiety is defined to be a feeling of unease, worry, and nervousness typically associated with an uncertain happening or an imminent event. But what I believe it is not something about a certain event or not being sure about what is going to happen next, it is more than the panic attacks that lies right under the skin of an anxious person, ready to ooze out at any moment and for any reason.

Dating someone with anxiety does not ignite any definite idea to your mind, but seriously these people have qualities which some people can only dream of. So here I am to let you know about these anxious people and the reasons why you should get hold of them.

Concerned People are ridiculously creative

Being creative does not mean that they can draw well. It means that if you want to know about any scenario – either good or wrong; they can give you a better picture of everything. They have wild imaginations, and you can just ask them about anything you want to. They have the ability to advice very well like if you are going for your job interview, or if you are stuck and want some different ideas, they can come up with brilliant ideas.

They are always over prepared for everything

So if you planned out a picnic, the anxious person is the one who makes sure that everything is packed perfectly well. They have different scenarios coming up to their minds, and thus they will prepare the bags and stuff it with things that will help in every sort of situation that might come up. Like keeping a first aid box or it might rain so have the umbrellas and raincoats packed along, etc.

You will never have to make guesses that whether they are upset or not

Yes! No need to take a wild guess. When they are mad at you, their body language simply expresses it out.

But why is this good thing? Of course, it will be helpful in resolving the issues immediately. Communication becomes better. On the other hand, where people keep the issues to their hearts, they are piled up and eventually explode which is highly unhealthy for the relationships.

They wear their emotions on their sleeves

People with anxiety tend to have very little or simply no control over their emotions. Even if they want to, they can’t. They just simply can’t hide. They will say and compliment what they want to. And even if they stay quiet, you can judge about their feelings from just one look at them.

They are always focused on what is important to them

They visualize their future, and they keep their focus on it. They pay attention to what is important for their lives and future of course. So when they have their focus on you, they will never catch up in any drama and will not worry about the unnecessary things like outfits and makeup. To them, it is YOU that matters because YOU mean so much to them.

Trust me! Anxious people possess the qualities that are not found in your everyday person, and they are an incredible asset of your life.