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Ways To Say “I Love You” To Someone Special In The Most Adorable Manner

Words are the easiest way to express your feelings and saying “I love you,” but it can take more than an email or a text message to get your point across to your loved one. To prove your love for someone, it can be easily communicated through your actions. So be creative to express your love to that someone special of yours.

When you are in love, three magical words “I love you” come out instantly and naturally. It will happen when the person is completely sure about his true feelings. If you hesitate or choke when saying these words, then you need to reconsider your feelings. Individuals who are deeply in love are going to device cute little ways to express their warm feelings for their special ones. There are very simple yet meaningful ways to says “I Love You” to your beloved one.

  • Using codes that are derived from their work:

By collecting phrases and the terms that are related to their work and profession, you can together to express the words that say “I Love You.” it is going to be the cutest way to convey your inner self for them.

  • Say it with your art and craft project:

Now this is going to require your efforts, but the result is going to be very fruitful and impressive. Make a pop-up book or a heart shaped candle or any cute romantic stuff that you come across the Google to say that you love your partner to bits.

  • How about hiring a singing telegram?:

Yes! They still do exist, and it’s their rarity that makes them so unique. Their performance is going to be a wonderful treat and the most surprising way to say “I Love You” to your sweetheart.  Do not forget to make the arrangements at home as in the office it is going to distract people around.

  • Plant the words:

Surprised? Yes, this is what I really mean! If you have a garden at home, grow the plant in such an order and way that it says “I Love You.” If there is no garden present, then get some flowers and make the arrangements with the words conveying your true feelings.

  • Putting up a sign in public:

By putting up a sign in public does not mean that you have to prepare a billboard for them. You can put a sign in the mailbox, or you can put signs on their jogging track.

  • Say it with a playlist:

What expresses better than music? Famous composers have made hit compositions with the loved one in their minds. If you are not one of those composers, then manage to make a playlist of the most romantic songs that convey a clear message, not the vague one. Try to find the songs that are the most liked by both of you.

  • Say it with food:

How about using a heart-shaped utensil to fry an egg or prepare a heart shaped cake with the words expressing your love. You can cook a pizza with a heart shaped pepperonis on it. Saying it with food, the possibilities are unlimited.

Finding adorable ways to express your feelings is just a bonus. With your cute acts, you will make your partner fall in love with you all over again.

Ways To Perfect The Silent Treatment In A Relationship

We argue, we fight!! Where relationships hold happy memories, it also collects painful moments along.  It is never too easy to select the right words when you are upset with your partner. Often we get so mad that we end up yelling and hurting each other. But the way you deal with these bad moments will determine the endurance and happiness of your love life.

Sometimes we feel like just walking away from an argument and do not want to answer back or remark. We do not want to argue or yell about the issue anymore. This silence may continue for days of even years depending upon the relationship we have. But what I believe silent treatment is not the right way to deal with the conflict going on between the two.

Usually, it is thought that giving a silent treatment to your partner is the perfect thing to do to hurt them and teach them a good lesson. But this might not be a case; it can prove out to be terrible for your relationship. Silent treatment can cause a lot of confusion. If you start giving the silent treatment to your partner because you have been hurt, then you are not at all helping your relationship. If your partner does not even know that what’s bothering you, then it will only create confusion as he/she will have no idea that what’s on your mind.

At times silent treatment is a better choice in response to an angry argument in love, but you need to know it to use it well without harming your relationship.

Silent treatment can stretch for days. One partner waits for the other to apologize first. And what if both feel that they are right? What I would say that for a happy relationship, both should shed down their egos and put efforts to sort out everything. However, you can check out the following basic guide to know that how long a relationship should last:

  • When you both are together at home, do not let the silent treatment to last for an hour.
  • If you both are at work or distance away, do not let the silence last for over than half a day
  • If you are extremely mad and disturbed and need some time, just let your partner know that you need some time in private to calm down. Call your partner as soon as you feel better. Remember do not take days to calm yourself down as this will only mean that you want to hurt your partner with the silent treatment.

Things you should not do while giving a silent treatment

There are a few points that you should know when at any time during your relationship you give a silent treatment to your partner.

  • Do not completely ignore your partner and lock yourself in a room. At least tell him/her that you want to stay alone for some time.
  • Do not leave your partner in complete darkness and tell what’s bothering you.
  • Never walk away when your partner has to say something. Firstly listen to them and then you can excuse for some time to be alone
  • Do not ever attack your partner verbally when he is trying to explain something. Do not yell at them and listen to their side completely. Moreover, never even think of being violent to your partner, it is badly going to harm your relationship.

So, next time if you ever get furious and choose to go for a silent treatment, do keep in mind the tips described above to do it in a right way.

Clear Hints You Are Not Wanted Anymore

Sometimes we are so much attracted to a person that we find them the most amazing person on this planet Earth. Completely obsessed, we just start relying a little too much on that person. But we receive not the same in response or sometimes nothing at all.

Sometimes when someone feels like that you are becoming too clingy, they will try to move away from you and find somebody else for themselves who are little less possessive. They would like to replace you if you are holding on to them too tightly. This is the time when you should step a back and stop involving yourself in such a relationship that is one-sided.

Some signs indicate you are pushing on someone too much who is not interested in you or might be possible they seriously feel like getting away from you as quickly as they could. So if you see the below-mentioned signs do not humiliate yourself and back off instantly.

  • They do not reply to your text:

If you are sending them messages and you are not getting replies, then this is being done intentionally. The more you are going to text them the more they will get annoyed, so it is better to keep your phone away and move on!

  • They have stopped hanging out anymore:

If you all spend time together and all of a sudden they stopped hanging out with the group. Moreover, tell everyone that next time you won’t be available and if they appear at the time you are skipped then this is a clear sign that they are avoiding you.

  • They pretend that they have not seen you:

It was obvious that they have seen you and you are also sure about it, but they do not wave you back or just do not wait to catch up, then they definitely want to get rid of you.

  • They are always too “busy”:

Each time you ask them out, their only response is that “Gee! I am busy”. Well, I guess it is time to open your eyes and start looking for someone who is not busy at all for you.

  • They keep on making excuses:

If you catch them lying about what they are doing then finally the time has arrived to find somebody else for you.

  • Feeling of being replaced:

When you see them with another person when they said that they cannot get together, then they might have replaced you.

  • People start to roll their eyes when you ask about them:

When you ask about them from their friends, and they roll their eye as they want to ask you that you still did not have the idea that they do not want you in their lives.

  • You are omitted from their invitation list:

If you are wondering that why you have not received a weekend party or birthday party invitation, then the truth might be is that you have been omitted from their list of the people who are to be invited to the party.

You cannot force any relationship just to happen to you. And where you feel like that you are being ignored and the other person wants to get away from you, it is better to stop yourself right there and then.

Non-Verbal Communication And Body Language In A Relationship

Communication is always known for forming the foundation of a successful relationship. It is essential in binding the two individuals together. It is a two-way go where one listens and the other speaks, vice versa.

Apart from the usage of words only, your actions speak. Where communicating verbally is necessary, nonverbal communication and our body language play a very significant role in expressing our feelings and emotions. Facial expressions, eye contact, posture, gestures and our tone of voice speak more than our words. The ability to understand and also the usage of nonverbal communication and body language is very essential and is also a powerful tool to connect with people as well as build robust and healthy relationships.

When it comes to the main concept of body language and nonverbal communication, then body language is more likely to be referred to as nonverbal communication and the term nonverbal communication is considered to be taken in a wider sense.

Types of nonverbal communication and body language

The most commonly explained nonverbal communication signs and signals are mentioned below:

  • Facial Expressions:

Facial expressions are universal, and a person’s facial expression expresses more quickly and clearly than words. Our face can express countless emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, disgust, surprise and fear.

  • Eye Contact:

Eye contact is one of the most significant types of nonverbal communication. While talking to someone, it keeps your conversation in a flow. By looking at someone, it can clearly express your interest, affection, and attraction.

  • Gestures:

On indulging into an argument, we often use gestures like pointing, waving, etc. which give a wrong impression. So while using gestures, you must be very careful.

On the other hand, there are certain sweet little gestures that can make a day of your partner and bring you close together.

  • Body Movement and Postures:

What people perceive about you is affected by the way you sit, stand, walk, etc. the way you move and carry yourself in public communicates much about you to the people moving around you.

  • Touch:

A message is conveyed, and the emotions are expressed clearly through touch. Think about the feelings of the individual who gave you a warm hug, tap on the shoulder, weak handshake, tightening the grip on your arm, etc. It somewhat clears your mind.

  • Voice:

It is not only about what you say, but it also considers how you say it. The tone and your sound have a sometimes greater impact than the words.

The role of nonverbal communication and body language in a relationship

Nonverbal signs are easily understood by the person who has the very close relationship as friends and partner. The deeper is the understanding for the positive signs; the greater is the closeness and stronger the bond becomes.

And when something goes wrong, hiding your feelings from the people to whom you are close to is tough. In attempting to do so, the other person may get a bad feeling or the idea which leads to misconception and even conflict.

While dealing with professional life, positive nonverbal communication helps in building strong business relationships whereas negative nonverbal communication can raise conflicts and business disturbances.

Power Of Words In A Relationship

Undoubtedly relationships have needs to be flourished and to become successful. Although romantic gestures, communication, and memories are the key requirements for any relationship, however, there is one more thing that we usually ignore. And that is the power of love in a relationship!!

The selection of your words and the way you behave with your partner affects your relationship very deeply. Have you ever analyzed your behavior and your speech with your partner in public as well as in personal? Words can bring you close together, and the words can push away your partner. You may are doing well in communication and your body language; small gestures are perfectly fine, but sometimes the power of words are be misused which creates distances.

No matter what is the situation or what the circumstances are, following tips will be helpful in developing a better relationship with the positive usage of the power of words.

Speaking in private

Learn to listen to your partner first rather than saying no immediately. You can voice your idea or opinion very calmly. Do give your piece of mind and suggest ways in working out on the situation. Do not try to become dominant as it will end up on the battlefield and contradiction of opinion.

When others are around you

Both should be respectful to each other in gatherings. Never try to oppose your partner nor ever cut in between when he/she is trying to explain something. It is very much insulting as well as it lowers down the confidence of your partner. You can politely join in the conversation but never try to lead or overpower you partner.


Craving for compliments is human nature. Compliment very often. Do not only compliment about the physical traits but also for the personality, job or anything you see worth appreciating. Compliments always boost up the morale and your partner will love to share every problem, every mistake with you.

On the other hand, if you start criticizing your partner, they will try to hide their mistakes and problems from you as they are scared of being judged negatively and poorly.

Watch out for your words in an argument

Disagreements and arguments are the regular and most common affair in a relationship. Try to avoid being sarcastic as it will badly hurt the feelings of your partner and he/she will be left fuming after that.

What I believe, there is no individual winner of an argument, either both losses or both are the winners. So avoid using such words that are really harsh and it makes your partner lose confidence and feel weak. Most importantly, after an argument is over, no matter how bad it was, just apologize and hug each other to set all the things back to normal again.

Being pessimist

Always voicing your regrets about your life will have a negative impact on your relationship as your partner start blaming him for all this. They will get irritated and annoyed.

It is better to make your partner sit and discuss your problems rather than all the time being a pessimist about your life. A supporting partner will definitely make sure that you are out of your regrets very soon.

Usually we overlook the power of words quite easily but in my opinion power of words while you communicate is far more important than any other thing that you think is essential for a happy relationship.

Relationship Arguments – Do’s And Don’ts To Remember

The argument in a relationship is a very common practice. A petty fight over misunderstanding and confusions is pretty natural. However, you may find certain couples who understand each other completely and rarely indulge in any sort of an argument.

Getting involved in an argument does not mean that you are a bad partner or your partner is not worth living with, the point that really matters is that how well you end up this argument.

In the first place, it is better to avoid arguments as it takes away your inner peace. Your mind got stuck, and it makes you depressed and tense. Eventually, these arguments turn up into ego wars that may end up in losing each other.

On the other hand, healthy arguments will help you sort out the issues and brings you closer. It may also prevent the new fight from coming up.

Dos to remember in an argument

Do try to calm down:

Anger only knows how to mess up the relationship. So if you feel extremely angry, just sit in silence for a few minutes and then communicate with each other respectfully without raising your voices.

Do try to communicate:

Do you want to fix things right? Why hurt your partner with harsh wordings? Avoid shouting and communicate in a proper way without hurting them badly by using cruel and unkind words. Make your partner understand your point of view and get the things back on track.

Do apologize:

Where you see that you were wrong, gulp down your pride and tell your partner that you are sorry. Even if it was not your fault and your partner comes to you to say sorry, do tell them that you are sorry too as you misunderstood and lost your temper.

Always makeup after a fight:

Although arguments are mostly unavoidable but, this does not mean that you start to misbehave and forget how much you love each other. After every argument just remember to walk back and hug each other. There is no need to say anything a warm hug can say it all.

Don’ts to remember in an argument

  • Don’t be silent in an argument. When your partner asks for an answer, do not sit quietly and prefer giving a response.
  • Do not ever raise your hand. This happens when you probably know that you are wrong and you do not want to accept your defeat.
  • After a fight, do not ignore your partner especially when they plead for your attention.
  • Do not ever threat your partner about leaving or breaking up in the middle of the argument.
  • If you see that you are losing an argument, then do not try to bring up the old issues just to defeat your partner, after all, this is not a war going on.
  • Never ever compare your partner with somebody else. It hurts badly
  • Do not involve any third person. If you and the third person make the team, your partner will definitely feel betrayed.
  • Do not say anything to the partner that emotionally hurts their feelings and demoralize them.
  • Don’t deny that you are angry. Just say it. By denying and ignoring will not let you confront the issue.

While dealing with the arguments in your relationship, keep these dos and don’ts in mind to just prevent yourself from a major mishap. Don’t be silent in an argument. When your partner asks for an answer, do not sit quietly and prefer giving a response.


Signs You Are Tired Of Being Single And Need A Change

Are you feeling dejected and dissatisfied? You do not know that what is actually bothering you. You are confused and frustrated. Then perhaps the time has arrived when you do not want to be single and alone anymore, and you want that someone very special in your life.

You need to crawl out of the shell and face the challenges. There is a need to bring change in your appearance, please do that!! You seriously require bringing a positive change in your attitude, work on that as well. Let me help you if you realize to bring changes in yourself by telling you the signs that you are ready to stop being single and start to bring about changes.

Fantasizing more than living

You live in your dream world. You may even fantasize about your boyfriend or girlfriend and the fun you two will have together. Now come on, get out of this scenario and step into the real world.

Burning in the fire of jealousy

You can’t just help feeling jealous when you see your friends having fun with their partners or when they tell you about their sweet romantic stories. You feel frustrated and start feeling sorry for yourself. You find yourself asking that why this world is so cruel and unfair to you?

You call up your ex

Thinking about your ex and wondering about the reasons that set you both apart is quite reasonable but giving your ex a call in the hope of rekindling the relationship despite the fact that you knew it didn’t worked out in the first place, then you seriously need help in this regard.

You despise weddings

Not only weddings, any event that showcases couples, love, and romance put you off. If you are invited to such an event, and you feel like killing yourself rather than going on to such a place, then this clearly signals that you are tired of being single anymore.

Blind dating and online dates look fine to you

It is usually believed that if you agree to go on a blind date or feel comfortable with the thought of online dating, then you must be desperate in having a partner, thus, if you agree to such dating phenomena then you should quickly find yourself a partner. However, this phenomenon cannot be the case with everyone as exceptions are there.

You get emotional

If love songs and relationship statuses make you feel like crying and it reminds you of being alone and single, then you should start looking for a partner as this depicts that you are tired of being single now.

You have relaxed your standards

There were times when you were very choosy and picky about whom you want to go out with or date. But now you are willing to settle down for anyone is a clear sign that you desperately need a change.

Undoubtedly being single is feeling young, free and wild. I feel like there is nothing so perfect than just to be on your own and enjoying life to the fullest. But there do come the time when you should start looking for that special one to be the part of you till the end of times. Do not try to rush up, take your time and never force yourself into a relationship about which you are not satisfied at heart.

Habits That Need To Be Avoided To Make Your Relationship Stronger

Well, all of us do have bad habits. Nobody is perfect. Some of the habits are quite irritating; some are cute. When you are attracted to someone, in the start of a relationship you do not realize or take a serious notice of the bad habits that your partner possesses. And same goes out to your partner as well. But once the infatuation period is over and you step into the next stage, these bad habits start becoming prominent. And this is the point from where the differences start developing which may lead to frustrations, arguments or even breakups.

So, have you ever analyzed yourself? Are you subconsciously hurting your partner and disturbing your relationship and you won’t even realize it? Well, it's hard to accept flaws in yourself, and not all the habits can worsen your relationship to the level where you are parted but still there are a few which if not properly been look at and taken care of will give way to the serious and critical differences.

If you are into any of the following bad habits, then you must keep an eye on them because these habits will take you to the point of minor disputes and then becomes the biggest reasons of break up.

Taking your partner for granted

You know your partner loves you and takes care of you. But do you always appreciate what he/she does for you? Sometimes we find it silly to constantly being thankful to our partner and there comes a time when we start taking our partner’s small sweet loving gestures for granted without even realizing it ourselves. When the care and affection showered is not being acknowledged then this will definitely going to hurt our partner.

Testing your partner

Usually in the start of the relationship you intentionally throw big demands and tantrums just to know how much your partner cares and loves you. These are the testers in the starting of the relationship. Do not drag them along to the later stages as it will start to annoy your partner.

Stop blames game

Do not put all the blame on your partner each time when you know that you are also a part of it. It will leave your partner helpless and hurt.

Silent Treatment

Do not ignore your partner. Let your partner know that you are hurt. Sit and talk rather than piling up things inside you. It will only make you miserable which in turn severely affects your relationship.

Unbalanced expectations

Having higher expectations from your partner and giving them less in response is no way to continue a relationship. Your partner needs the same response of love that you expect. Maintain balance otherwise; it will spoil your relationship.

Making a scene in public

Never humiliate your partner in a gathering or any public place. Your anger and frustration may be right but yelling at them and creating the scene in front of people will hurt your partner’s ego which cannot be healed so early and easily.

You get irritated very soon

Are you facing a problem of getting irritated with your partner very soon and you simply do not have any idea about it? The better way to settle down this issue is to sit and ask yourself that what is going on in your mind. Moreover, if you discuss it with your partner, then that would be a better choice to sort things out together.

So, you better keep a constant check on your behavior. Sometimes things that have been not an issue for you is creating problems for your partner. Eliminate such habits to continue a happy, blessed life with your spouse.

Signs It Is Finally Time To Start Dating Again

Heartbroken, badly hurt! Are you ready to get back to the dating world? There comes a time when you realize that you have been out of the relationship for so long. Although when that nasty relationship was over, you would have decided not to get back into it till the end of time, after sometimes you have started reconsidering it again.

I have seen people out there who get themselves caught up in their lives as singles and completely lost themselves in their work. And then there are a few of them who stick themselves to the past for long. They still miss their ex and do not let anyone enter their lives. And for such people, I would say, Please Move on!!

Well besides what your friends want you to do is to get back on the dating track again; some other signs are the clear indications for you to step back in the dating world.

You do not remember your last date

Trying to think about your last date that when did you have one? Are you completely blank? You don’t remember when you went on your last date; then it is the time that you must think about going on another one. No doubt after having the relationship that made you miserable for some time, you needed a break, but now I guess it is the time to rethink and plan another date.

You have forgotten all about your ex

When you do not think about your ex anymore, then this is one of the biggest signs that you should start considering to go out on another date. When you do not hold any feelings or anger against your ex then move on, find a new one, plan a new date, start a new life.

You started liking the idea of going out

After break ups, usually, when asking someone to go out for dinner or something, you never like the idea. But after some time if someone asks you out or you feel like asking someone out then this is the sign that you should prefer going back to the world of dating.

Knowing about the kind of person you want to date

Some people have no idea that what kind of a person they want to move on with. But if you are clear in your mind and heart that what sort of a person you need and you want to spend your time with then you are all set to go beyond to where you have stopped yourself.

Dating for the right reasons

Some people date for free movies, dinners, and other stuff. Such people are not at all serious. They are just passing their time. But if you want to involve yourself in a relationship and think about having someone as your true partner then this is one more clear signs that are thinking about going back.

You truly feel ready

Only you know what you feel, think or need. If you feel no hesitation in saying “Yes” if someone asks you out then you truly are ready for taking a fresh start again.

Determine the above-mentioned signs and if signals are signifying that you need to go back to the dating world, then tie up your laces and step in.

Sweetest Romantic Gestures For Everyday Life

Sweet small romantic gestures are all you need to let your sweetheart know that love is still in the air. It does not require expensive gifts to show your care and affection; just small gestures can make your darling go “awww….” Think about creating little ways to let your partner know that you are still madly in love and that you treasure your relationship.

Read the following cute little romantic gesture and date ideas that you can implement when you are with your partner to express your deep love.

  1. Hold hands when you are walking through the crowd or crossing a street.
  1. Always try to stand close together and wrap your arms around your partner.
  1. Nothing so cute then finding a little note of love in a pocket. Write a little note that may only say “I love you” and put it in the pocket of the shirt. It is not necessary to write a full love note. Even only a lipstick mark can make your lover’s day.
  1. You can record a love message on your lover’s cell phone. After that place an alarm on the phone for checking the voice recorder. Make sure that you are not around at the time when the alarm goes on.
  1. Surprise your partner by taking her to her favorite picnic spot or ice cream parlor. Or you may plan a weekend out to her favorite place.
  1. Spend some time with your partner. Give your partner company when he/she is into his/her hobby, even if it does not interest you much but still accompany your partner.
  1. Give each other small gift which should be inexpensive, after all; it’s the love that matters. It can be chocolates, flowers, a movie or music CD.
  1. You can stop on your way back from work and but your partner’s most favorite dessert for a night sweet treat.
  1. If at the restaurant, your partner is not enjoying the food he has ordered, you can switch the plates
  1. How about preparing your partner’s favorite breakfast and bringing it in bed. And do not forget to add in the flowers.
  1. Help your partner in preparing food and cleaning dishes someday.
  1. Do not forget to kiss your partner goodbye while leaving for work in the morning. And give her a warm big hug in the evening when you return. Whisper in her ear, that how much you missed her all day.
  1. Dedicate a song to your partner or you can even sing it out. Do not feel shy at all. You can express your love by singing a romantic song to your partner along with light dance moves.
  1. Watch a romantic movie once in a month. Switch off your cell phone and cuddle in each other’s arms. Order your favorite food delivery that you have craved for so long. The best time spent together; just you and your partner!!
  1. When the long day is over do not forget to kiss each other good night.

Love is bringing happiness and smiles to your lover’s face and letting your partner know that you are still madly in love which can be perfectly expressed through these sweet small loving gestures.