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Does He Like Me? – Signs To Decode His Body Language

Confused? Are you looking for the signs to make your mind clear whether he likes you or not? Well, you need to keep your eyes peeled to get the answer to your curiosity.

If he is your friend or someone to whom you speak to, then start observing his behavior when he is around you. Moreover, when he is communicating with you is another way to get to read his mind. If he is a shy guy and you know that he will not approach you that easily and comfortably, then give him opportunities to express his feelings for you. Shy guys are tricky. They confuse your mind regarding his feelings for you.

But what if you want to read the mind of a guy who you do not even know well? Start observing him carefully and intensely. Try to figure out his liking and intentions for you through his body language. Next time when you bumped into him, sit near him or walk past him, pay attention to his gestures and behavior.

The confusion will make you go insane if your question remained unanswered and the suspense will kill you with each passing day. Try out the following body language signs to read his mind.

  • Instant change in his behavior:

If he is interested in you, you will observe an immediate change in his behavior as soon as he sees you. If he were sitting quietly, he would start speaking loudly just to grab your attention, or if was laughing, he would instantly lower himself down.

  • He faces you:

You will always find him positioned in such a way that he will be having a clear view of yours. No matter if you are sitting at the event or a gathering, in a cafeteria or library, you will always see him sitting facing you.

  • He stares you a lot:

Staring is one of the clear signals that confirm a guys’ liking and interest in you. Do you find him staring at you a lot? Does he immediately turn his head away whenever you catch up his eyes staring at you? Such situations can clear up your mind very quickly

  • He gets upset:

Are you need to find out that whether the guy is interested in you or not then try flirting around with another guy in front of him. He will get annoyed or may even walk away.

  • He talks differently:

The man who likes you will speak in a different way with you. His speech with other will be entirely different. He talks very boldly with you and listens very amusingly when you speak. He uses a deeper voice, trying to pass on the signals of interest and liking to you.

  • He is being teased:

This is the most visible sign. Whenever he is standing with his friends, and you passed by, they start giving him smiles and punch in his arm. This is the most common happening when the friends are around.

  • Bumping into him very often:

Bumping into the same guy all the time in different places cannot be said to as a mere coincidence. He must be keeping an eye on you and waiting for the right time and opportunity to walk up to you and say hello!!

So all you need is to keep a close eye on his body language which will clear up your mind regarding his liking for you.





Does Self Respect Affect You Or Your Relationship?

Where there is love, there are compromises. No love can grow without understanding and give & take. But the compromises should not only be one-sided. You love unconditionally and each time you have to give in which your partner never realizes or acknowledges, such loving will never keep you happy for long.

Each time you manage to understand and your partner only takes, then this is the time where self-respect enters the picture. Self-respect teaches you to love and continue with your relationship in a better way. Having self-respect is the one and only way that makes both the partners valuable for each other.

What self-esteem means?

Self-esteem is the respect that you have it for yourself. Self-respect is commonly confused with the word ego. Well, self-esteem comes first where you recognize yourself, and you believe in yourself. Then, comes the ego which makes you realize how special and important you are.

If you do not respect yourself, nobody is going to show respect to you, not even your partner who will start taking you for granted. After some time you will start feeling hollow and worthless.

Having Self-esteem makes you a better partner

When you start giving importance to yourself, you will understand your worth; and once after knowing your worth, you will start having faith in yourself who will boost up your confidence and sense of morality.

You know you deserve respect and love. When you start demanding it from your partner, you will be appreciated and be taken more seriously.

Here, question yourself! Do you do your best to be a perfect partner? Do you receive the same in response? When each time you go the extra mile for your spouse, and deep down in your heart you know that your partner can never do this for you, then I am extremely sorry to inform you that you are disrespecting yourself and that you are being used by your spouse.

Here you need to understand is that if one does not respect oneself, then your partner will never respect you and this will lead you to the ending of your once happy relationship. As relationships flourish on mutual love, trust, and respect.

What will happen if you lose self-respect?

When in a relationship, you give more and receive less, you’d start ignoring your worth and losing your respect. This is the time when your perfect relationship will start turning into a one-sided love story. Losing self-respect will lead you:

  • To lose your opinion in a relationship and decisions will be taken without your consent.
  • You will be ignored and not taken seriously by your partner.
  • Instead of enjoying a balanced relationship with care and love, you will start believing that the one you love is much better than you.
  • The worst of all, your partner will feel like you are not good enough for him and he deserves better than you.
  • Even if at times, you wish to raise your voice, you will be snub down as they believe that you are not worth hearing.

Self-respect gives you a better life. Firstly learn to respect yourself. Believe in yourself. Then make your partner realize your worth. He will learn to respect you and love you in a better way.


The Reasons He Hasn’t Called You After Your First Date

On the one hand, where you feel excited about your first date yet it is a nerve-wracking experience. Fears surround you from inside, and you are nervous. You are conscious about the way you appear, do you look okay?  Does your hair look fine? Is he going to like you? You want to give your best shot and expect something positive response.

After spending a lovely romantic eve with him, you must be waiting for him to contact you again. And what if he doesn’t? According to you, everything went perfect but why didn’t he call you? This is quite a tense situation especially when you are completely blank about it. You do not know the guy very well whom you are dating then definitely you would not be able to understand that what is exactly going on and thus you are left with guessing session that what would have happened.

Why hasn’t he called you after your first date?

Everything seemed well to you but still he did not call you, very frustrating!! Following reasons might help you to figure out what would have happened:

  • He has lost your number:

Men are careless and sometimes very clumsy. If according to you everything went fine, you found chemistry and bonding between you two and still he did not call you then perhaps he has lost your number. He might have entered it wrong or deleted it by mistake. If you have written it on a piece of paper, then there are chances that he might have lost the paper.

  • He has lost or broke his phone:

There might be a possibility that he has dropped down his phone or has lost it somewhere. Another innocent reason, as there are many other ways to contact during this era of social media.

  • He just not feels like:

Simple ‘liking’ or feels like ‘into’ relationship are two separate feelings. Liking is that he undoubtedly liked you but isn’t really into you. So if you have sent him the message and he does not respond then, probably this would be the reason that he does not want you to get hurt in future.

  • He is a Shy Guy:

Sometimes men are shy. So if he did no call, then this can be a reason that he is feeling shy and confused that whether you liked him or not. He might be scared of asking you out for the second date because apparently, nobody wants to be rejected.

  • He could be extremely busy:

Probably something has come up in his life, a tight schedule, long meetings, workload, etc. that have become the barrier between you two. Give him time and wait; he will get back to you as soon as he gets time.

  • He is waiting for you to make the first move:

Although this one is not common; but it can be one of the reasons. This case is the rare one; only if he finds you the woman with dominant personality or who does not mind making the first move.

So lovely ladies, if you had a perfect date, but he did not call you then probably these are the reasons. However, this sort of situation has nothing to do with the compatibility or romance but is just simple common reasons to figure out the circumstances.

How to Keep a Conversation Going With The Opposite Sex?

Talking to someone for the very first time has always been uncomfortable especially when talking to opposite sex. In the starting a few minutes of the conversation, you find yourself very uneasy and awkward.  You might get so confused that it starts to annoy you. But no matter how annoying the situation gets, you need to keep going and try your best not to end up with any embarrassment.

It doesn’t matter who are you trying to impress, your new find date or any other friend. All that matters is to keep the awkwardness away from seeping into your conversation. If you fail to grab the attention, then the person you are talking to most likely to slip away from that place. If your friend feels awkward, he might be praying for you to leave him alone instead of staying back and enjoy the conversation.

How to keep a conversation going?

Once polite greetings are over, you need to follow the following steps to maintain a stimulating and happy conversation going:

  • Use the technique of open-ended questions:

If you need to prolong the conversation, then tackle the situation with open questions. When you are questioned, end your answer with another question so that the conversation continues.

  • Create more questions from their answers:

You can proceed by asking more questions from their given answers. Suppose they told you about something they like, you can ask further related questions to know more about their interests. This will not only help you in keeping the conversation on the move but also you will get to know about each other.

  • Complimenting:

Say something nice to warm up the conversation like, “I am glad I met you, otherwise this gathering was going to be very boring.”

Remember while complimenting, do not say it very early as it gives a very desperate impression.

Conversation makers for pleasant conversation

The conversation must be interesting and enjoyable. This can only be when you have something in common. After greetings, make your friend feels like you both have something in common by trying to build a connection through conversation.

Below mentioned are the things to talk about which will let you find the connection between you two:

  • The Place where you stand:

Talking about the place where you have met each other and things all around would be a perfect start in getting to know each others’ ideas and thoughts before getting too personal so early.

  • Professional Life:

Talking about work is a good topic for the conversation. You can ask related questions about their line of work. It keeps the conversation going and appealing.

  • Hobbies:

Other than professional life, you can ask about the other activities they are interested in or what do they do in their free hours. You might find something in common, or at least you can show interest in experiencing the same activity in your free hours.

  • Talk about a common factor:

There must be something in common between you two like the host of the gathering or the friend who introduced you two or any sort of common activity etc. This common factor provides you the platform to break the ice and getting more personal.

The thing to remember during the first conversation:

  • Appear comfortable
  • Smile
  • Do not just smile!!
  • Stop judging yourself
  • Do not fidget
  • Show interest
  • Do not look over desperate or eager.


How To Follow Up After The First Date?

So finally you had your first date with the one you liked or attracted to. The hard part is over now, and the height and intensity of your anxiety must have reduced. You will feel the change in your communication level and style. The way you talked before your first date was different than the way you are going to continue in this relationship.

A lot of conflicting queries must be popping up in your mind making you confused and irritated. Who is going to call first? Who is going to text first? How, when, what is going to happen next? And many other contradictory thoughts. To get the answers to your reservations, read out the following well-written details.

What happens on the first date?

Before moving any further, first take into consideration the time you two spent together. Was it worth spending together? What was the comfort level between you two? Did you have an appealing conversation and showed respect for each others’ opinions, ideas, and interests? And finally how well it ended up? Peek into your heart and mind to get a clear picture of your First Date.

When should you Text?

This is the question everyone is craving to know about? When and who should text first?  Different perceptions and rules had been set and followed but what I believe if you feel like texting right after you both took your paths, just do it. Appreciate and be thankful for having such an enjoyable evening. There is simply nothing wrong with it. You can wish good night or tell to drive safely. Doing something like this shows your care and politeness.

Should you call first?

Well, who is supposed to call first? If I were at your place, I would follow my heart. If I feel like calling and talking, I do not mind at all to take the step. Again I would say, there is no need to feel shy about it. Do not hold back your feelings, say it out and express yourself.

What should you discuss?

Talking becomes easier and convenient after your first meet up. Conversations after your first date show more closeness and intimacy as compared to the times spent talking before. However, positive suggestions are mentioned to blow your mind and increase your confidence level.

  • Things you appreciated about that night: Talk about the time you spent on your first date. Appreciate the conversation you both had, the food and the lovely memories you made together. Whatever you liked the best about that night, share and be glad about it.
  • Ask about the next date: Although there is no need to ask about it immediately, if you do then it takes nothing at all. If the signal goes green, then prepare yourself for the second one. If not, then this explains that there is the possibility of not meeting up again.
  • Talk about other than the date: It is a conversation and thus it can be about anything. It is not necessary that you only have to converse about the first date. You can discuss and share whatever you feel like.

It is quite stressful as well as it may seem the excitement is high after the first date. Be yourself and do not over do or work extremely hard in trying to work it out somehow or the other. Relax and act maturely and sensibly. Be confident and enjoy the time with the person you truly like.

How To Overcome And Fix Trust Issues In A Relationship?

Trust once broken is hard to get back to its original shape. Trust is the most significant element of any relationship. Whether it is your partner, friend, business affairs, social media, etc., trust is necessary in any case. Without trust, you feel insecure and doubt your relationship with your partner.

Every relationship has its happy moments and the complicated ones as well. Situations can be sort out through discussions but telling lies or cheating on your partner is a very serious issue. In such scenarios forgiving and getting back things to normal takes time and a lot of efforts. To get fruitful results of your efforts, try out the following practices to grow back a strong bond.

Admit and face it

Firstly accept the fact that you are losing trust in your partner. Sit and ponder over the issues in detail and then set your mind about having serious problems between you two and how these problems can be resolved. If you keep no denying your inner fears of mistrust, then you are never going to get over with it, and it will end up in ruining your relationship.

Let go of your past

Many couples face trust issue, not because of the present situations but due to certain happenings in their past and thus when they enter into any relationship, they are already surrounded with insecurities and mistrusts. Some had some bad experiences during their childhood times; some might be betrayed and lost trust because of any other relationship. So while evaluating the current situation, first question yourself that does your partner has given you the reason to mistrust him? Does he lie to you? Is he not fulfilling his promises and responsibilities? If your answer to every question is ‘no,’ then the source of mistrust is coming from the past which needs to get a stop now.

Talk about it

Communication is the success key to every relationship. It sorts out all the issues and clears your mind. Whatever the problem is, sit and discuss. You do not always have to agree with the opinion or the idea of the other but listening to each other is important. Communication clears out the ways of trust. If your partner is coming late at nights, you have the right to query about it and ask him who is he going to be with and at what time he will be coming back? This is helpful in settling down your inner fears and stops misunderstandings to occur.

Forgive and forget

If anytime in the past your partner has lied or cheated on you, but you have forgiven him for his apology, and everything was cleared then no need to bring up that issue again n again. Learn to let go of it. If you stick to it even after being explained, cleared and forgiving then, you are making the situation and your love life miserable for yourself. Do not highlight the past and move on with your relationship.

Creating Plan of Action

Communicating helps you win half of the battle, the rest can be achieved through planning a course of action, for instance, having access to each other’s phones, mail accounts, and social media pages. Moreover, if you cannot reach home on time, text your partner that you will be late, before giving your partner the room of speculations.

Trust is something that cannot be built or rebuild overnight. Proper discussions, clarifications, and efforts are required. Plan of action must be addressed to overcome the feelings of mistrust as early as possible.

The Truth About Social Media And Online Relationships

This is an era where social media has ruled over the entire world. Social sites are 24/7 jammed packed. You name it, and people start logging on to these social sites. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many other such sites provide a platform to find the older ones, to meet the new people, to share your thoughts, views, memories and much more. These social sites have brought people of faraway lands very close where they have built adamant online relationships.

Since nowadays people spend the maximum of their time on this social site; sometimes they get to talk to the new ones to which they are attracted and start developing feelings for them, or maybe their old friendship statuses begin to transform into long-term relationships.

It all starts with little tweets and messages which further leads to the phone calls and video calls. And after sometimes people find themselves sitting together having quality time with each other. Well, all the stories do not have a happy ending. Some stories fade away in the starting; other finishes a bit later. In this article, a few hidden truths have been revealed through the experiences of the people who had faced or had been into bad situations in having an online relationship on these social sites.

Everyone is not honest about who they are

Be very careful and do not try to get impressed by anyone’s profile picture or what they have said about themselves in their profiles. This world is full of liars who just play games with the feelings of other people just for the sake of fun. So before going too far and getting yourself deeply involved, do clear up and confirm about the particulars of the other person.

People can hurt you

Online relationships can be perfect in the beginning, but with the passage of time at the meeting stage, you might find them taking liberty or advantage of you. You need to be very careful and fully aware of each step taken.

Social media is not a dating site

If your intentions are to look for a partner or to just date, then social media sites are not designed for this purpose. Although you may find someone on these sites which gets along with you very well but having such intentions, in particular, is not a good sign. It is better to visit sites which are specially prepared to provide their services in this regard.

Consider spending time offline

You met online, became good friends, your minds matched, you started possessing same feelings for each other, but this is not it. It is preferred to spend some time offline with each other just to get to know in a better way. Supporting and standing together while going through tough times. Check whether still you two click each other. If yes!! Then you have found the right person for yourself.

Do listen to your heart but use your brain too

When people fall in love, they forget everything and trust blindly; however, this is the time to look into everything very closely as this is one of the major decisions of your life. Always stay alerted and look for the red flags. Keep yourself on the safe side. Undoubtedly your heart just wants to be with that person, but your mind might be giving you some warning signs, so do not ignore such signals.

Well, what I believe that whether your relationship starts in person or online, meeting the right person at the right time is all the game of luck. Just be cautious and sensible while finding, falling in love and taking it along as a long term relationship.



The Best Ways to Keep Your Husband Happy

Time is moving very fast; so is our lives and undoubtedly the stress and tensions have surrounded us all. During this course of time, keeping a marriage fresh, bright and exciting has become very challenging for every couple. We all need to work out on it for a gleaming and satisfying relationship with our spouse.

Talking about our dear husbands, several small deeds can be done to make them happy. Love them, care about them and tell them that your feelings for them are growing with every passing day. Check out the following list to learn the ways of making your husband pleased and contented.

Show respect

Respect is one of the fundamental elements of any relationship. Always show respect to your husband no matter what sort of situation you two are into. Never degrade your husband in front of anyone as his family and friends. There comes the time where you totally freak out, but stay in your limits and do not lose control. Later you can calmly give your piece of mind to him.

Show interest in his likings and hobbies

Showing interest does not mean that you have to get fully involved in his hobbies but do listen and show enthusiasm when he talks about it. Suppose he is a book worm, do buy him a book that he has his eyes on.

Do something to surprise him

Plan a dinner out somewhere or make his favorite dishes at home. You can stop by to the nearest bakery or store to buy his much-loved treat.

Let go of the past

Leave the past mistakes behind. If you had already discussed and forgiven, then just forget it as well. There is no point of bringing it up again and again. This can only complicate things more. Whether he has forgotten your birthday or anniversary or whether once he lied to you about something, when forgiven, then it is over. No need to drag it and taunt about it.

Take care of your husband

Men act like babies when they get ill. Do not get irritated or make fun of them, just take care of them like children; the way they want. Give him your full attention. Timely meal and medicine are very necessary. If due to his illness he is becoming aggressive, give him his space but do not forget to check on him after sometimes.

Trust your husband

Unless he has given you a clear reason of mistrusting him, do give him the benefit of the doubt. You may have a bad experience in your past, but please do not let it spoil your current relationship. Do not check his phone, emails or spy on him when he is out with his friends. Show complete trust in him.

Do not try to change him

Never try to change your husband unless he is into something atrocious like drugs, alcoholism, smoking, etc. He was your choice when you married him then what is the point of changing him now. Let him be what he is.

Make your home a perfect place to live in with your behavior, loyalty, compromises and respect. Moreover, your house must be cleaned and inviting when he arrives at home in the evening. There are much more you can do to make your husband happy and at ease by doing what he wants from you, what he likes and what he wishes to have.

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

What if the feeling of lingering on to your ex still exists? What if even after a break up you feels like there is still something left to hold on? Well, we already know that communication is the key to every relationship. Sometimes communication is not done verbally, and we communicate through our body language. You start looking for such communication signs in your ex that whether your ex is still attracted to you or not.

Obviously, the time you spent together and the memories you shared cannot be vanished at once. It takes time to get over with it but dealing with mixed feelings makes your life even more complicated and probably you start looking for the same signs in your ex and wonders that is this the situation with your ex as well?

No need to get confused and read out the following points to clarify your mind.

Not ready to mingle

Your ex still loves you; he will not date anyone else for long, or if he does, he will make sure that you don’t get any idea of it. He will date secretly and rush up.

The missing signs in the behavior

If your ex starts putting statuses like “my life so empty,” “I am so sick and tired of this world” and many others like this then the chances are that he might be missing you like crazy and wants you to fill up his empty life back again.

If your ex starts sharing your favorite songs on his social page or may visit places where your two used to hang out then this is a clear sign that he is missing you terribly.

Warm greetings

Even after the break up your ex greet you very warmly when you just meet as a friend and treat you very affectionately then this is the clear sign that he is trying to tell you that he still cares about you and that we can give it another try.

Talking about the feelings you both used to possess for each other

If your ex keeps on calling you and speak of the sentiments, you shared together. The love you two used to carry for each other. How can such a perfect relationship come to an end?  Where we went wrong? What would we have done to save this relationship before moving apart? He will try to convince you that at least they would have given it another try and they have taken a very early decision. These are the clear signal that he wants to soften your heart and crawls back in it.

Keeping an eye

Your ex will keep a private eye on you and your activities. He will make sure that he gets updates on the daily basis and that he should have a complete know-how about every happening of your life.

Spread the word

If your ex still wants you back in your life, then you will be bumping up into several of his friends who will secretly tell you that how much he is alone without you and how much he still cares and want you back in his life.

The sadness in the eyes

If you catch your ex many times staring at you and you can feel the sadness in his eyes, then he is craving for your attention, and he misses you like crazy.

Some signals verbally; some through body language to show ex that how much you are being missed and how miserably you are wanted back in my life!!


Things You Should Be Doing For Your Wife Every Day

Your wife is your soul mate. She is your partner on the every path of your life. She is your love, your friend, a true companion, a comforter, a mother of your children and a 24/7 on call woman who is running around the house for all the deeds to be perfectly done in an organized manner for you and your kids. She performs her best to make everyone smile and happy. She is the helper to everyone. And there comes a time when she gets tired. But a little appreciation, a small compliment will boost up her energies and morale.

No matter how long it had been that you are married to each other, there are little things that you can do for your wife every day to drain down all her fatigue and exhaustion.

 Tell her; you love her

Women love it when men express. Letting her know that you love her each day will keep her in a good mood all day, she will feel secure and contented. While leaving the house or on entering are the most of the times when couples used to express their love in words.

Call her from work

Although you spend several hours working and quite busy at times, do not forget to check on her at least for once a day. Ask her that is she doing well at her workplace or home with kids. She will feel important that even with tough working hour routine, she is in his thoughts and he cares about her. A simple text message or a snap chat can also be a good choice but not better than a voice call to brighten up her day.

Write a note for her

This one is the simplest and the sweetest one. Write her a short note for telling her that she is beautiful or that you love her to bits and paste it where it can be seen by her like in the fridge or the washroom mirror.

Turn off the technologies

It is no hidden truth that technology has affected all kinds of social face to face interaction. So put down your smartphone or shut down the computer and television. Give her your time. Have face to face conversation and share some great laughs together.

Hug her and give compliments

A tight warm hug makes the day perfect. Don’t forget to hug her before leaving home and coming back. Give her big hugs, not a mere squeeze one.

Tell her that how beautiful her eyes are or how perfectly she smiles that it makes your heart skip a beat. Women simply love it when you compliment her. Don’t forget to do it on a daily basis.

Helping in household chores

Women are working around the clock, and if you help her out in the house, she will be very glad. It will show her that how much you care about her and you also acknowledges all the work she does all day long. Cook a meal for one time, clear the table, put the dishes in the dishwasher and some other small help is going to mean her a lot.

There are several other ways in which you can make her feel special about herself. Believe you me; what you give to her each day will be doubled in response.