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Have Cold Feet On A Date? Ways To Gain Confidence

Some people are confident enough to face almost everything but others do have difficult times with it especially when it comes to their very first date. Confidence is undoubtedly an essential part of your date. If you lack confidence, you date is going to consider it your weakness. And if you are over confident then he/she will find it to be cheap and arrogant which is again not a good sign.

Confidence is a comfortable disposition towards yourself and to the rest of the people around you. It is not any abrupt change that you have to bring into your personality. People usually lose confidence when they start thinking that what other people will think about them. No need to bother about anyone and do what makes you happy and relaxed.

How do you attain confidence?

Everyone have something to be proud of. Something that makes them feels happy about them. So, firstly you need to assess that what is in you that you should be confident about.

List down your good qualities

Now please do not tell me that you do not have any. Every person possesses something good in them. It is not only the looks that you have to be proud of. Dig something deep, and you will find your value. It might be your intelligence or your golden heart, just own it and feel proud of it.

List down you bad qualities and work on them

Along with the good qualities, do list down the bad ones. It is equally important to work on them and make them right. Look out for your weaknesses to strengthen them.

Wear something that looks good on you

How about changing your style? Do not topple your wardrobe upside down. Just wear something that suits you and enhances your features.

Talk to yourself in the mirror

Well, this has been one of the very famous tricks. Wake up every morning, walk to your mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are, even though you do not believe it. This will be helpful in boosting up your confidence level, and it will give a fresh and happy start of the day.

Wear makeup when necessary and do not over excess it

Natural beauty is mystical, but putting up a little makeup can do wonders. Use makeup to the level to just enhance your features. Avoid using bold colors and highlights.

Wear High Heels

It helps the short height ones. Wear as much high as you can tolerate. It prevents you from slouching and keeps you straight up. Do not forget to try it around the house before walking to your date.


A smile gives a feeling of warmth. It will also encourage your date that in a sense you are enjoying their company. It will naturally make the environment comfortable between you two.

Being confident is a natural occurrence once you get over with your doubts. It enhances your self-esteem and open doors of success, happiness, and love for you.

Signs You Are Wasting Time In A One-Sided Relationship

Love is beautiful. But the question is that “is it working out for you?” Are you happy in it? Well, love can be built over time, or it might degrade you. It can become complicated for you to accept that your partner is getting out of your hands and there is nothing that you can do about it. On the other hand finding someone who will love you for the rest of your life is not easy, and maybe that is why we continue to stay in a terrible relationship. And this is what I believe isn’t fair with you as well as with your partner.

One day this one-sided relationship is going to turn off so what are you waiting for? To avoid pain, it is better to accept the reality and face the truth at the earliest rather than later. Read out the following pointers and consider your partner as well as yourself while going through these characteristics.

Your partner is comfortable with the routine

If you suggest changing something that happens on a daily basis, your partner protests about it; like you ask for the dinner out, and they grunt about it. They never allow room for change.

Your relationship is stale

After reading out the first one, you have reached the point in your relationship where everything is stale. It is YOU who always have to make out plans, and if they agreed to it, they would not be open for the occasion. Moreover, you have to plan out even for romance.

They put minimal effort when it comes to social situations

If you both are invited at a place, your partner may join you but will keep himself away from the people important to you. He most likely to stay quiet or will just reply if addressed otherwise he will never make any effort to spark the conversation.

They will keep you away from their important people

If your partner has some important family members and friends, but they keep you away from them, then this is a red flag. If he loved you, he would have never minded meeting you with his friends and family, and if they are doing so, then something is wrong which you need to be worried about.

Your partner takes you for granted

Small cute loving gestures keep your love life moving. But even these go unnoticed then it hurts very badly. Suppose you never want to bring your partner’s favorite food home back from work just to listen to a monotone “thanks.”

One sided openness

Maybe it is just you who talks about your day, your commitments, late projects, any family updates or friend drama. Perhaps you are the one who is open to discussing the issues and concerns related to your relationship. Does your partner play any role in it?

When do you feel you’re best?

This is a very serious question which you need to ask yourself. Do you feel better when your partner is with you? Or do you feel good and comfortable when he is not around?

Undoubtedly, a one-sided relationship may leave you depressed and dejected, but it can pave you a path to find the love of your life.

How to Deal With A Guy Who Never Gets Tired Of Lying?

Lying is something that is considered to be bad by everyone. Never should you lie to anyone and just try your best to state the truth everywhere. However, there are times when slightly changing the facts can gives no harm to anyone. For instance, your sister has done getting ready for her special night, and she asks you if she is looking good. Now, even if some part of her overall look isn’t looking nice, you can’t break her heart and let her efforts go to waste by being honest. In situations like these, lying a little is not bad. Now when we talk about relationships, they are solely built on honesty and trust. But life isn’t fair to everyone, and sometimes you are stuck with a partner who knows nothing than just lying all the time. This is really harmful to your mental health and therefore must be dealt with as soon as possible. This article is going to advise you a few ways of how you can deal with a guy that is always full of shit.

#1 Don’t acknowledge his lies first

The first and easiest thing you can do with someone who keeps spewing out lie after lie is to completely ignore him. You know that he is lying so it is only smart to stop reacting to whatever he says. This thing can help in a way that sometimes when people see that their behavior isn’t being recognized, then they just stop practicing it.

#2 Challenge his lies

Whenever he says something, and you feel like he is again making stuff up, then you should challenge him. You should ask instant and confusing details about whatever he is saying. In his defense, he will come up with more lies but if you keep asking for details then at some point there is a chance of him saying the truth instead.

#3 Call him out on the lies

Confronting him there and then for his lies can be the worst situation for him. Whenever he lies, just say that you know he is lying. It will put him in a state of confusion because he isn’t really used to people calling him a liar.

#4 Explain that you hate being lied to

If things get too out of hand and he is able to answer back to all your challenges, then this is the time when you should say that his lying hurts you. You should tell him that you do not appreciate this habit of his. If he has any feelings or care for you, then he might just stop lying.

#5 Talk to him about why he needs to lie

There could be a genuine reason behind all his lies like something that he always wants to please everyone. Whatever the reason may be, you should try to talk and discuss the issue with him.

#6 Help him overcome it

Show him that you’re willing to help him get rid of this habit and when he sees the care that you have for him, he will be equally willing to stop doing that.

Here’s Why Nice Guys Really Do Finish Last

If you think that by being the nice guy you can win her heart, then you are totally wrong here. Being too nice can backfire and get you rejected. It is important to be nice to women, but only at certain times. If they notice that you are being nicer than normal, then chances are they will either get bored of you, or they will just start to doubt if you are faking it. Some guys, however, have a nice nature and therefore they cannot help but be themselves. That originality too gets them bad luck. This article is going to talk about few ways that guys can get over their Mr. Nice syndrome.

#1 Admit it yourself

Before starting off with anything you need to first admit and accept that yes you are one of those “Mr.” nice guys, and this is becoming a huge hurdle in your way getting a date. Once you accept this, you can start thinking of ways of how to combat this issue.

#2 Stop lavishing her with gifts

Buying gifts at the wrong time or too soon will flip your whole situation. Women don’t like this at all when guys try to overdo stuff because then they will think that the guy is being too desperate or trying to achieve something too soon. Guys need to go with the flow and leave the gifts for some special occasion where it makes sense.

#3 Lay off the neediness

There is one think that you don’t want your girl to think about you, and that is her thinking that you don’t have a life. Even if you don’t, you need to pretend as if you do and make her realize that she is not the only thing in your life. Getting too clingy and needy will only irritate her.

#4 Learn to say no

Nice guys have this habit that they will never be able to refuse anything that their girl says. Even if they have to go out of their way or it goes against their will, they will never say no. Don’t forget that girls are noticing this and at one point this will rather become unattractive and boring for them. You need to learn how to take charge and say no to her, so she knows that you are equally opinionated.

#5 Stop being available

Spending time with your girl is good. It is not good and not healthy for any relationship to be always available for the other person. Nice guys will do anything to spend the whole day with their girl, but this needs to end. You need to show that you can be busy too at times and that your availability is not open for her at all times.

#6 Create some challenge

All the above things will be challenging for her because things will not always be going as per her say. Other than this you need to do things which she will not be expecting. For instance, stop yourself from texting or calling her exactly when she is expecting you to. This will put her in doubt and spark her competitive side thinking if you have another girl in your life.

Be A Gentleman And Learn To Court Her

No matter in which modern age we live, no girl would want to hook up on the first date. Rushing things never turns out well, and it only wastes your chance with her even if it was close. That is because it portrays the person as desperate. Girls, whether today or tomorrow, always prefer the classy and old school way where the guys take some time to court the woman. This article is going to talk about the modern ways of courting a woman.

#1 You need to look within

You need to analyze your own situation first to see what you actually want. If you are still in that party phase where you just want her to accompany you to all the bars and late night jamming sessions, then it is better you hook up straight away. On the other hand, if you are looking for someone you’d want to spend your life with then you need to court her.

#2 Dating and courting are not the same

Dating is the casual type where you are just thinking about some good, temporary relation. Courtship, however, is a long-term planning for those who are thinking about ending up in a marriage. It is a big step and therefore must be done with the full thought process.

#3 Start off as friends

Since you are up for the courting way, then you need to learn how to take the pressure off. You need to make her comfortable with you, and that will only happen if you initiate the relationship as being friends. Make her used to your personality and get sued to her ways. This will build a strong base for later on.

#4 Man pursues the woman

This should be understood well that in every phase it should be the man trying to pursue the woman and not the other way round. This is how nature is meant to be where man courts the woman. If you are expecting her to take the first step, then you should probably just forget about it all.

#5 Court one at a time

We understand that you are eager to find a life partner, but that does not mean you start to explore all your options at the same time. Moreover, courting more than one girl at a time is never going to work. That one girl requires your full attention in order for her to get impressed and start thinking about you. So, it is better if you put all your efforts for one girl.

#6 Don’t make it about sex

Be sure not to make the girl uncomfortable and give her a wrong hint that it is her body which attracts you. It’s nice to complement her beauty but make sure it never gets vulgar or gives a wrong hint.

#7 Make her feel like family

This usually starts at the last phase where you are confident about the woman, so you make her meet your family. You give her respect, so she feels that you have started to treat her like a part of your family. This will give her a warm and assuring feeling.


Ways Any Guy Can Improve How He Looks

As humans, concern with external appearance is deeply rooted within our nature. We all want our potential mates to look attractive. Some are naturally blessed with lovely features while others need to put extra efforts to groom themselves up. There are numerous formulas which can be applied to polish yourself and make the best of what you have.

Read out the following tips that will help you to transform into a better version of yourself.

Pluck your unwanted hair

Unwanted hair of nose ears and the head as well that are poking out from everywhere need to be plucked out. Take tweezers and pull out in the opposite direction. Check your face weekly for this purpose and get rid of that unwanted hair. If you see that your eyebrows need grooming, then get it waxed to give it a proper shape and look.

Exercise Before you have to go out

If you have some plans, tonight then sneak out for some hours in the evening. Mix cardio with weight lifting exercises and concentrate on your reps. This technique will make your muscles look ultra toned for several hours.  After investing your time on your workout, you will find your skin glowing, and it also boosts up your confidence level.

Practicing good posture

Stand up straight; your will look smarter and muscular. Make yourself stand properly by placing more weight on your toes than your heels. Roll back your shoulders and ensure that your abs pulled towards your belly.

Taking care of your mouth

White teeth and neat gums always appeal. Use whitening toothpaste regularly to keep your teeth white and shiny. Use floss daily. Also with the help of your toothbrush cast off the dead skin from your lips and put some on- noticeable lip chap or balm on it to make it soft and smooth.

Making the investment for your skin care

Firstly figure out your skin type then get yourself skin care products according to the kind of skin you possess. If your skin is oily, use oil free face washes. For dry skin, you need to use the cleaner with a creamy texture. Get your skin a good moisturizer. Usage of eye cream reduces the signs of aging. Protect your skin from the direct rays of the sun by using sunscreens.

Cultivate a classic wardrobe

A stylish man’s wardrobe holds elegant dressing like dark denim, white dress shirts, navy suit or blazer, decent colored cardigans, etc.

Secondly, you can add a few of the trendy ones who outshine your freshness and make you stand in the queue of the people having the most amazing styling sense.

Wear clothes that fit you well

Clothes that are held close to your body are the most flattering one. Holding close doesn’t mean that it should be skin tight. On the other hand, if clothes are loose, men start favoring baggy designs over the body conscious one. So, to appeal the ones around you, it is suggested to take a serious notice of what your wear and what really suits you well.

Eat and drink right

Your body works like a machine and refueling your machine at the right timings and with the correct diet will make it work more effectively and efficiently. A well-balanced diet keeps your body toned up, freshens up your skin and helps in healthy growth of your hair and nails.

Take plenty of proteins. Fill your plate with fresh fruits and green veggies. Keep yourself hydrated by taking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.

Fun And Fantastic Ways To Surprise Your Boyfriend

Relationships need to be worked on. If the excitement and romance fade away so will your relationship. So, to keep your relationship alive and on the move, one should keep on devising ways to surprise your partner and show your affection and care in the best possible manner.

Everyone loves to be surprised by their partners, and the message it conveys strengthens the bond between the two. Here is the list of the most inspiring ideas to show your partner how special he is for you and that he means the world to you.

Write for him on the wall

There is nothing more cute and loving than sneaking into the washroom while your partner is taking a shower and write, “I Love You” on the steamed mirror. This can also be done on the car window as well.

Leave him a treasure hunt

No need to be expensive. Just come up with something creative and cute. Cut down pieces of a fancy paper and make him follow the instructions. In the end, it might be tickets to a movie show or your surprise planned out vacations.

Change their alarm to your voice message

The amazing new technology can help you to do wonders for your boyfriend. How about changing the Alarm tone of your partner to a sweet romantic message of yours? It is definitely going to make his day.

Making him Lunch

If he buys lunch then why not surprise him by making a fresh brilliantly cooked meal for him. You can drop it at his workplace along with a cute love note.

Take him out

Is it always the men who are supposed to take women out? Well NO! Take him out to his favorite restaurant for a perfect treat. It is quite rare that women do this for their men but believe me your man will love it.

Write him a love letter

In this time of modern era, writing love letters is long forgotten. So, why not writing him a love letter to let him know that how precious he is to you? Moreover, rather than handing it over to him, you put a stamp and post it; he will find this gesture of yours “Super Cute.”

Give him breakfast in bed

Surprise him with a truly delicious breakfast in bed. Such a perfect morning will keep him fresh and happy all day

Tidy up his apartment

If you haven’t moved in together yet and he is a messy little boy of yours then surprise him by cleaning his apartment before he gets back home.

Give him a picture

Find a cute picture of you both together and get it framed. Give it to him as a surprise gift to be displayed in his room or at his workplace.

So these are a few ideas to surprise your boyfriend and make him feel exactly what you feel for him. Surprising him time to time will get him appreciate you and ensure the strength and longevity of your relationship. So, how about trying any one of these today?

Adorable Ways To Steal His Heart By Doing The Sweet Thing

Is it always a man’s part to take the first step and wins her fairy’s heart? What I believe that it is our society that is to be blamed for setting up this trait. Why should it always be men? What if he is hesitating or confused for one reason or the other? What if the man you like is not at all putting any effort into pursuing you? Well, I think it is time for the women to take charge and bring the change. Steal his heart and make him fall in love with you. It is not something that is not possible. Step forward and do your best to win his heart.

When it comes to a guy’s plan, he tends to make it obvious to steal her princess’s heart. But for women, it is advised to go for clever and indirect methods to make their men fall for them without letting him knowing it. Following are the tips that can be used to make your guy fall for you. But remember to tailor these suggestions as per your man’s moods and approach as every person in the world different. But overall these simple methods will get your guy falling for you within no time.

Appeal to the guy’s masculine side

Men love when they are appreciated because of their masculinity. Men like feeling manly. So tell them how strong they are, make them open up a tight jar or bottle for you and you will find them impressing you again and again.

Compliment him

Compliment the looks of your love. Adopt subtle ways to tell them that they are looking good or that color suits them. And you will start noticing that they would prefer wearing that color again and again.

 Be imminent with your feelings

Usually, men do not possess best intuitions so sometimes one has to be blunt about her feelings. You can laugh at his joke and say that “you are funny, I like you.” So this is a Sweet-Talk which will help you in gaining your man’s attention.

Talk about his work

Men love to be encouraged and cherished by their work. They liked being called hard workers. So be fascinated about the work he does and does ask him about his ongoing projects. Do keep yourself in touch with what is related to his work life.

Be Confident

Men simply love confident women. Make sure that you ooze out with confidence each time you are around with him or communicate with him.


A woman can capture his man quickly with her smile. It not only looks approachable but it speaks out the confidence in her. Roaming around your man with that sweet, pretty smile on your face will make his heart skips his beat.

Catch his eyes from time to time

While sitting in a gathering, make him catch your glance and give him your small adorable smile before turning yourself away. It is like running away after grabbing his heart.

Sweet-Talking to a guy is not a difficult task. In fact, it is fun and challenging. Just follow our tips mentioned above, and you will have him running after you very soon.

Fastest Ways To Stop Being A Possessive Girlfriend

Regardless of any reason, insecurities and jealousy make relationship suffer. Being over possessive about your partner may sometimes build up frustration and create the serious problem which consequently adversely affects the relationship.

It is essential to learn as to how to stop treating your boyfriend your personal property and give him time and space to breathe out. Check out the following ways to stop yourself from being a crap and win the girlfriend of the year award.

Talk to your partner

Have an open talk with your partner. Tell him that you are over possessive about him. Acknowledging it yourself that you are possessive will make him understand in a better way.

Usually being possessive is related to the trust problem. You truly love your partner, but you want him to be all yours all the time, and you get jealous and insecure when he is surrounded by other people. So if you are interested in resolving this issue, then you need to be open to your partner. Say your heart and mind out to him and together try to sort out the problem.

If he cheats, nothing can be done to stop him

If your jealousy leads you to the extent that you become possessive about your boyfriend, then it increases the chance of you being cheated by your boyfriend. Any of the romantic chats or emotional talks cannot stop him from doing this. He will start looking out for different ways to get rid of your act of over possessiveness. Therefore, it is better to control your anxiety when you see people around him and give him a break, please.

Stop snooping into his system

Are you after getting hold of all his social media passwords and his mobile phone then hold on lady! You need to seriously workout on this addiction of yours. Such an obsession is going to ruin your relationship.

Keep an eye and control will give you a sense of relief but it is highly disrespectful to your partner whom you claim to love a lot. Every being has all the rights to their privacy and invasion of privacy is very unethical.

So if your partner comes to know that you have been into his socials then tell him that you are working on building back trust and he has a week or two to change all his passwords.

Practice a role reverse

What if your partner was in your place and starts being over possessive about you? What would be your feelings going to be? Remember relationships are built on trust and respect. So, change your behavior and your thinking. Show respect; get respect.

You both had a past

You had been in a relationship, and so did he. You need to learn and understand that this has been your and his past too. You both are entitled to have memories. So if at any time he holds his past sentiments for some period; do not try to mess things up.

So if you have taken the path of a possessive girlfriend, then this doesn’t mean that you have to stay on it. Find out the reasons behind your actions and take appropriate steps to fix it and secure your relationship.

Clear Signs He Has A Girlfriend And Is Already Taken

Have you been dating a guy whose behavior seems a bit awkward to you? Although everything is going well, still you feel that something is wrong and you cannot figure it out that what and where the problem lies.

At times you are going to tell yourself that you are imagining things and just getting yourself confused. But then again your guy seems a bit mysterious to you. Why is he acting like that? Is he interested in somebody else? Is your man has already been taken by someone else? Well, check out the following cues which are going to indicate you if your guy has already been hooked to somebody else.

Signs that the guy you are dating has already had another girlfriend

It sucks, isn’t it? Finding out that the man you are slowly falling for has already been taken by somebody else or is already dating another girl is quite disturbing as well as disgusting. Well, here are the signs that will help you to verify that your Mr. Right is yours or is he somebody else’s mister and you have been taken as an option.

Unanswered phone calls

Couples call each other just to say “Hi” or to ask that how is everything going during the day but if your man ignores your calls then this signifies that something is wrong. Such men usually prefer taking your calls during fixed timings like during his working hours or if he is at home, otherwise either he ignores it, or you may find his mobile switched off.

The phone is kept secretive

He will keep his mobile hidden from you. He will never answer his phone calls in front of you, or if he does, he moves to another room. He will also keep his phone password secured.

False name

A guy who stores your name in his cell phone under some fictitious name, then this certainly calls for an alarming situation. He definitely had to hide something, especially from another woman who checks on his mobile.

Weekend’s unavailability

You will notice that he is never available on weekends. He usually says that he has work to do or may find another excuse to call off your weekend’s dating programs.

Holidays excuses

Thanksgiving, Easters, Christmas or even Valentine’s Day, he never spends any of his holidays with you. He will always make an excuse to get away with it.

In and out

He is going to stay with you for fixed timings, maybe three hours but not more than that. It makes you feel that he is just coming in and out of your life whenever he wants to. This signifies that he is saving his energies and time for the other woman he loves.

Too much privacy on dates

He will never prefer taking you out in public places. Whenever he takes you out on a date, he will choose a restaurant that is going to be considered as a hole in the wall restaurant.

There are several other pointers which can buzz an alarm for you, but it is suggested that if you want to get hold of your mysterious partner, listen to your instinct. Getting the smallest hint, use these pointers to confirm it for you.