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How Men Actually Fall In Love?

Contrary to popular beliefs, when it comes to falling in love, it appears that men are actually faster than women. Sure, we understand this will be difficult for most women to believe whom for so long became habituated of chasing a non-committal man, and for women who have been told men don’t like to be in committed relationships. But, it’s true, nonetheless.

Here’s how guys fall in love, according to science:

Only The Fools Rush In
According to a study published in the Journal of Social Psychology by psychologist Marissa Harrison, it’s been reported that men say, “I love you” faster than the women they’ve been dating. Marissa said that women are assumed to be emotional, so both men and women in the research presumed that women will not only fall in love with men faster, and will also say “I love you” faster. But, there weren’t any results to back it, according to psychologist Neil Lamont. He said that loving and meaningful relationships are as important to men as it is to women. But the societal norms might have dictated men to be strong, resilient and less emotional than women. But, the reality is that any average man will typically want to be in deep, meaningful, and loving relationships.”

Chemicals and Pheromones – Do They Have A Role?
When men and women fall in love, our brains are inundated with hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, norepinephrine, and phenylethylamine, commonly known as feel-good hormones. For men, it’s testosterone. It’s called “feel-good” because we feel good and relaxed when these chemicals are released in our brains. For example, we feel relaxed and euphoric after an orgasm. A man, who feel attracted to a woman and lusts after her, is usually under the influence of these powerful feel-good hormones, which are triggered by a woman’s pheromones.

Easy To Fall In Love And Easy To Fall Out, Too
It's a fact that men might fall in love faster, but they also fall out of love faster, too. Men have the tendency to get fired up for a potential partner, but at the same time, they’re more likely to check other women too, says psychologist Ingrid Collins. Men by evolution are risk-takers, so they might be the first to say, “I love you,” to the dates because they like to take risks. Revealing to your partner that you love them after being a few dates exposes your vulnerability, because no one can fully be sure whether the girl you’ve been seeing feels the same way you feel. Men have always been taught to be assertive and domineering, and they feel comfortable to taka a leap in that direction. If you’re a woman reading this just keep in mind that he’s probably going to continue to look around, and he might be infatuated with other women along the way.

Intimacy And Satisfying Each Other’s Needs
So, how can you make those sparks of love turn into something more permanent and could last a lifetime? You need a combination of factors to achieve that, and one of those important factors is great sex. When it comes to romantic relationships, sex is vital to helping people stay in love and fall out of it, too. Great sex leads to attachment and fosters intimacy, which is hugely important to a relationship. So, if you have a great sex life and continue with it, the physical and emotional attachment between you and your significant other will be much stronger, which might keep a man from looking around for another woman.

Want To Have A Successful Blind Date? Here are few Tips that Works

Blind dates can be an exciting experience for everyone looking for a partner. Most of us get very curious and anxious while meeting someone new for the first time. This is totally normal, and you might find yourself asking several difficult questions such as, “What is going on? What should I do? How can I prepare? How can I make a good impression? How can I have a great conversation with her?” etc. We have also seen people having a disappointing experience on a first date. So, it’s important that you prepare well for the blind date to increase your chances of finding your true love.

So, how can you prepare for a blind date? Below are some useful tips:

Prepare For The Best
You need to prepare well to have a successful blind date. This is first and most important blind date tips for guys. You need to make up your mind of what you’re going to wear and what topic you’ll talk about. It is also necessary for planning a great romantic dating spot for a successful blind date. Make sure that you pick a place that you both like. Preparing ahead before the actual date will prevent you from being in an awkward position like you planned to go to the club, but the girl wants to go the movie theater.

Keep Your Expectations Realistic
Keep your expectations realistic if you want to have a successful blind date. It’s a worse feeling to experience going to a blind date and expecting “Miss Perfect” to show up. You won’t find anyone who meets 100 percent of your long list of expectation. It’s pretty common to meet someone on a blind date who can make you disappointed. So, we recommend you don’t create unrealistic impressions of your date in your mind; even you’ve read her dating profile carefully had an interesting phone call or got impressed what the matchmaker have said for her.

Being Yourself
It’s okay to feel anxious and nervous while going for a first date for many obvious reasons. You can get off your anxiety by opening up your mind about your blind date and just being yourself. It is worth a shot if you’re looking for real love. Tell yourself you’re a good man and deserve love and affection. Be confident about your appearance, your personality, and your career. Don’t spend too much looking your best, just wear what you like and be groomed nicely.

Date At A Local Public Place And Arrive Timely Or Early
Remember you’re meeting a woman you’ve not known before. She is just a stranger to you. So, it’s safer and better for you to take your date at local public places that relate both to your and her hobbies and interests instead of going to strange places with few people around. A bookstore, a bar, a club, a coffee shop, or crowded restaurants are ideal for dates. Also, don’t arrive late for the date. It creates bad judgment and disappointments. If you’re late, then apologize sincerely and explain your reasons. And finally, always end the date with a good impression. Tell them what’s on your mind, what you like about your date, and how you feel about them.

What Do Most Happy Couples Talk About? Find Out Here!

Having meaningful, real conversations is vital to be in committed relationships. One of the advantages of being in a committed relationship is that you have the opportunity to discuss topics you most likely avoided during the early stages of dating. Now that you’re in a happy, committed relationship, it’s time to pour yourselves a cup of tea, cozy up on the sofa and enjoys a good heart-to-heart chat.

Here are seven things most happy couples talk about daily:

1. Embarrassing Moments
We all have embarrassing and awkward moments that occurred during our high schools day or at work, but will never talk about them with our dates or partners. So, if you don’t tell them to anyone, who are you going to tell them to? If you haven't talked about it already, don't be afraid to bring up the subject. We won’t be surprised if your girlfriend’s stories are hilarious or outrageous than yours.

2. Political Views
Do you want to share your opinion about the next presidential election or that new law that passed? It’s okay if you don't agree with each other, but it would certainly be helpful if you did. One key point of a healthy relationship is that it allows both partners to share their own philosophies without offending each other’s viewpoints personally.

3. Insecurities And Fears
We aren’t talking about phobias here. We are talking about things that worry you or keep you awake at night. Is there anything you want to improve in yourself? What are your regrets? Feeling insecure gives you the ability to judge yourself and most importantly, a chance to finally being understood by yourself and your partner.

4. Childhoods Memories
Ask your girlfriend how did she spend her childhood? Did she make friends easily? What games did she play by herself and with her childhood buddies? Did she get into trouble in school? Was she bullied? Having conversations about childhood memories are fun and makes you feel nostalgic. It also gives an intimate insight into how your girlfriend has turned into the person she is today.

5. Past Relationships
This one is touchy. No one wants to hear how you spent your holidays with your ex with their current true love. There is, however, a difference between longing for your ex and just acknowledging what has happened. Confident, secure, and happy couples can open about their previous relationships without unintentionally comparing their existing partners with their exes.

6. Current Events
In today’s technological age, it's practically impossible to remain up-to-date on everything going on around us. Ask your girlfriend about her interests or hobbies; it doesn’t matter if it’s fashion or finances. Try to learn a few things about them. Who knows you might learn a thing or two about the latest shoe trends and use it to give your significant other something nice on her birthday.

7. The Future
It’s common to find couples who are in committed relationships talking about their future. Talking about the future with your partner can be scary and inspiring at the same time, it all depends on what you are talking about. We're not telling you should pressure your girlfriend into talking about your plans for marriage, kids, etc. But, we suggest both of you ask each other directly and openly talk about each other’s hopes, dreams, goals, and aspirations.

10 Things That Makes Men Quickly Lose Interest In A Girl

Men, sometimes, can be quite picky about girls they like to date. It’s also hard to figure out what a guy’s standards are really like and he actually wants, which makes dating even more challenging. In fact, trying to find out what makes a girl attractive or unattractive to a guy can be a daunting task that simply can’t be solved. Most men will be fully honest while telling what makes them lose interest in a woman. This might be difficult for you to believe, but it’s true.

Here are all the qualities that make men to lose interest in a woman immediately:

1. She's Selfish
She only cares about herself. This turns off men soon. A relationship is a team effort. If any woman can’t accept it, there is no chance that they can be decent girlfriends.

2. Her Political View Is Different
Some guys are turned off by their girlfriends if she doesn’t vote for the same party that they do. This may sound bad, but some men can't share their beliefs in that way.

3. She's Overweight
Obese people are often not liked by most people. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a lot of guys are turned off by women who are fat. We know that’s not the right thing to say, but love or hate it, that’s how it is. The guys say that they aren’t physically attracted to overweight women. They also admitted that they’ve zero interest in dating women who don’t take care of themselves.

4. She's Acts Like A Brat
Many men are turned off by women who acts bratty, trashy and doesn’t give little or no consideration or attention to other people’s feelings. Also, most men feel repulsed by an angry woman or who get’s ill-tempered or enraged quickly.

5. She’s Desperate
It’s incredibly unattractive when a woman acts needy and desperate while looking for a relationship. Nothing good can come from a desperate woman.

6. She's Over-Dependent On Her Family
If a girl is too selfish, too conservative, too selfish, too religious, too uncompromising, too dependent or too attached to her family and will only date a man their family chose for her, then few men would like to date her. Guys prefer dating women who can think for themselves and has ambitions of her own.

7. She's A Social Media Addict
Being addicted to social media will prevent anyone, not only women, to have happy, meaningful relationships. Men will lose interest in a girl pretty quickly if they find she’s more interested in her phone than on them.

8. She Rush Things
One big turn off for most guys is when the woman they’re dating rushes things. If a woman wants to get engaged or get married soon after being only on two dates, it will make guys to lose interest in her immediately.

9. She has impossible standards and expectations
It’s good to have your standards and expectations when it comes to looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend. But, if those standards and expectations are stupidly high and impossible, it will make men run away. The same thing applies when women want their boyfriends to treat them like a princess. Most men are looking for a partner, not a servant to serve a princess.

6 Easy Tips On Building Romance With Your Crush

So, you’re dating your crush and getting to know each other better. To make your crush fall in love with you, you’ll need to learn to build the romance during alone time. The easiest way to her get attracted to you is to spend time with her when both of you’re alone. The more alone time you spend with your crush, the more strong the attraction and the infatuation will be.

Below are six cool tips on building up the romance with your crush:

1. Make More Eye Contact
Always look into your crush’s eyes while communicating with her. Make eye contact while saying something to her and keep the gaze. Sure, this might sound a little awkward at the beginning, but it will send the message to your crush that you’re interested in her.

2. Smile
When it comes dating and relationships, we all know the power of a smile. A lovely, beautiful smile helps people draw closer to each other. So, when you’re alone with your crush, don’t make her feel bored. Smile and tease your crush. This way you can quickly make a good impression on her that you’re a social and friendly person.

3. Give Compliments
Well-crafted and respectful compliments can do wonders in most conversations if used correctly. Complimenting will help the two of you get closer to each other. It will invoke your crush to flirt with you without realizing.

4. Discuss Common Interests
To keep the conversation between the two of you flowing, you should find some common interests and hobbies to talk about. Ask your crush what things she likes and hates, it can be anything from food, TV shows, movies, or whatever. When you find something in common between the two of you, it will give you a chance to bond over shared interests.

5. Call And Text Them
Exchange phone numbers with your crush, when both of you’re ready for it. Call and send messages to each other. If you think that your crush won’t be offended, be more naughty and flirty with her, and send flirty texts later in evenings or at night.

6. Talk About A More Fun Topic
Assuming that you are a guy, what things that come into your mind when you talk about women? Saying cute, sweet things to say to your crush is much easier when you know what topics she likes to talk about and have fun talking about it, too. Topics can range from New Year, Halloween, holidays, or anything else that allows both of you to have interesting and fun conversations. These topics will also help you to learn a little bit about what she likes and doesn’t like. However, make sure you don’t make it into a questions and answers session. If you and your crush like movies, then talk about all the hot movies that are going to hit the theaters as this will give you some insight of what kind of movies she’s into.

When you’re looking for a date, these above tips are practical and have helped most people to get in touch with their crush and make them fall in love. However, if you see that your crush isn’t interested in being your girlfriend, don’t be sad. Walk away and find someone else.

How To Tell If You’ve Anything In Common With Your Date

In love and relationships, nobody wants to be with someone exactly like them in every way. You’ll only need to have some essential things in common between two people to have a happy, ever-lasting relationship. You’ll get a sense of the things you do and don’t have in common during the early stages of dating someone new. If you’re seeking a long-term relationship; it’s important to you and your partner to share a lot in common regarding behaviors, values and personality traits.

Below are some signs that will help you figure out whether you’ve enough in common with the person you’re dating for the relationship to last a lifetime:

1. Your date doesn’t seem to laugh at your jokes. If you’re someone who claims to have a good sense of humor, likes to laugh, make jokes, or be silly or goofy, then this a huge part of your personality and defines who you’re as an individual. So, if you want to have a lasting relationship, you need to date someone who likes jokes, values and likes your sense of humor. Also, you also need to be with someone who shares the same humor style as yours.

2. You like bustling, crowded places while your date hates crowds. Most of us think that this isn’t that important, but it is. If you don’t pay much attention to this, be careful as things can get messy if one of you dislikes crowds but the other one likes them. You’ll have issues when you realize that you and your spouse spend their free time differently.

3. You don’t watch the same TV shows or like the same types of movies. This difference isn’t that much of a relationship killer unless the two people dating don’t share other main things in common. The same analogy applies when one of you is a sports fan, while the other person isn’t.

4. You like to spend your free time outside the house, while the other person prefers to be indoors. A relationship will work best if both partners like to spend their free time indoors or they both love to spend time together outside or by doing outdoor activities. However, the relationship will still work despite this difference, but it will become more challenging in the future.

5. Religion is important to you, but not the other person. This is one of the few relationship differences that are workable if you want to have a long-term relationship, only if none of two people is codependent or need to share the same primary values or interests. Or else, this anomaly can turn into a big one and create problems later in the relationship.

6. One of you loves parties and hanging out in groups, while the other person likes one-on-one conversations. If one of you wants to go out, it indicates that this person is an extrovert if the other partner loves one-on-one conversations; it shows that this person is an introvert. Relationships with this difference can thrive in the long-term as long as both members of the couple are independent. We are saying this is because for the most time both partners in the relationship will want to do different things.

The overall point is if two people in a relationship differ in a few areas like TV shows, sports, or prefer one-on-one conversations, the relationship can work well and last. But if they don’t share anything common in most different areas, may it time they look if this is kind of relationship they would like to be in.

Compromising Too Much In Your Relationship Is Bad For You

Let’s start by saying that communication and compromise are the two most essential and unavoidable elements in any relationship. These two items should be at the core of the foundation for a fruitful and loving relationship. But there’s a big difference between compromising yourself to make your significant other love you more and fully changing yourself into someone else all together.

When you’re dating or in a relationship, we all have to compromise at times such as missing your favorite game to meet up with your sister, or spending time with your girlfriend instead of hanging out at the bar with your childhood friends. We all sometimes, give up your preferences for those you love and care about. It’s also the same when it comes to romantic relationships, but there must be a balance. But what happens when a simple compromise negatively affects who you are and what makes you – YOU?

We find other people interesting because they’re different. Your uniqueness is what makes you fun and exciting. And while looking for a girlfriend, this is exactly what a lot of men are looking for. They want to date someone who will challenge them and encourage them to get out from their comfort zones and do something beyond their everyday tasks. In a healthy, committed relationship, every man and woman should be and feel open to explore the interests of their partners. It shows their real devotion to that person, and actively demonstrating that you love and care for them. It means reading her favorite book, cooking her favorite food, or going to a concert or a restaurant of her choice, and just doing all the usual things in life together.

If you realize that your significant other isn’t fully supportive of your own hobbies or interests; take it as a big red flag in your relationship. Sure, she might not like photography or shopping as much as you do, but if she genuinely loves you, she’ll support those passions, regardless. She understands that these passions are what give you life, makes you feel alive and happy. So, she won’t take it away from you, nor will she make any attempts to change them.

Pause for a few moments and think how much you’ve changed for her compared to what she’s sacrificed for you. Do believe that you’ve compromised more than her? If yes, get out and fast. Your love interest should be falling in love with you. You shouldn’t turn into someone that she wants you to be. In situations like these, it's easy to make up excuses and say things like she would come hiking with me, or that’s really not her thing, but she didn’t spend time with you over the weekend.

Of course, there might be some very legitimate reasons like she was busy working that weekend or was visiting her parents. Nonetheless, it’s up to you to determine where things are crossing the line too often. For instance, if you dislike spicy food, don't force yourself eating it on the weekends just because your girlfriend enjoys eating it or is her favorite food. If you feel uncomfortable hanging out with her girlfriends in a bar or club setting, don't feel pressured to be there. These are some examples, but you get the idea.

In dating and relationships, not every love is meant to be. If your girlfriend doesn’t desire you the way you are and in entirety, let her go. She wasn’t yours anyway.

The Psychology Behind How To Get A Girl To Like You

Apart from traditional stereotypes, women, after all, aren’t that complicated. Things become surprisingly simple if you know the psychology behind it. The psychology of attracting women has long been said to be something difficult, if not impossible to decode. Ladies, sooner or later, change their minds frequently. This is easily noticeable as they say one thing one minute and then something different after a while. Most men treat women like enigmas. We feel perplexed by their actions.

Nonetheless, the psychology of attracting women is rather simple. And there is two simple things you need to do: A) How to get inside their heads; B) Pay attention.

The Thought Process of Women
The way women think is different from men is because many of their actions are driven by their innate desire never to get or be hurt. This way of thinking, sometimes, causes them to act or behave irrationally or make assumptions that might seem unfair to many. But, unfortunately, this is part of the dating game. Nevertheless, the primary psychology of attracting girls isn’t complicated as we have been all our lives. The reason is that women aren't as complicated as previously conceived. And that’s the truth. When you get to know women at a deeper level, you will see most women want the same five simple things. These are:

    1. 1. Women want adventure.


    1. 2. Women want respect.


    1. 3. Women want commitment.


    1. 4. Women want the freedom of choice – this includes they want to make their choices like watching a movie they like or career options.


    5. Women want to be equals — they want to be partners, not parents.

Two Things That Are Unattractive To Women
If you want to understand the psychology of attracting women, you should know what doesn’t attract them. This step is mostly important on your first date. If your first date sucks, it’s highly likely that you won’t have the second date. Also, most first dates fail because guys are oblivious that three things which they think are attractive are big turnoffs for most young and mature women. So, the next you’re on a date, stay away from them:

We understand you want to impress your date, but if you overly brag to a woman, she will think that you’re either arrogant or insecure. Both are a major turnoff for the ladies. But, that doesn’t mean you can't tell your date that you were a valedictorian or that you've been the employee of the month for six months straight.

Being High and Mighty and sexist: You may be rich, talented, and successful, but this doesn't give the right to treat others like somehow they’re beneath you. They aren’t beneath you. You date will surely pay attention to how you treat the waiters when you take her for a dinner date. If you are rude to them or leave a crappy tip, remember your date will notice it. And that’s not a good sign. Another thing that offends a lot of women is when they find that the man they’re dating is sexist. So, if you want to be attracted to a woman, don’t be a true chauvinist.

Confidence Is Key
While looking for a partner, the last thing you need to know about the psychology of attracting women is confidence. Confidence is the key to make or break a relationship. The reason for this is because women want a guy who isn't afraid to take control and make important decisions in the relationship.

The Main Reason Why You Weren’t In A Healthy Relationship Until Now

So, you’re in a relationship, and you still seem to be wondering about the status of your relationship. If you think that you aren’t in a healthy relationship, we would like to ask you the following questions “Are you happy with yourself? Are you displeased, dissatisfied, or uncomfortable with your partner?” If yes, then it’s time to put your dating life on hold for a while, and take crucial steps to ensure that your next romantic relationship is the happiest, healthiest, and most satisfying one you’ve ever had.

You might be asking what might be the reason. The reason is simple; if you don’t have productive or positive feelings about yourself and the relationship as a whole, dating becomes dull, fruitless, futile, and somewhat dangerous to your health and well-being. This isn’t some relationship theory or speculation; it’s a scientific truth. At some point in your relationship, if you’ve had an epiphany where you realized that your perception of yourself is not positive, it’s for the best that you avoid dating altogether and focus entirely on yourself.

So, the question is how long you will be to wait before you start dating again? How can you focus on yourself? Fortunately, if you make focusing on yourself a priority, you don’t have to wait for a long time at all to get serious about dating again.

Begin by pausing for a moment, and ask yourself: “Am I happy? How can I be happier?” Some of your possible responses might be, “I’ll be happy if I lose 30 pounds”, or, “I’ll be happy if I get that new job,” or, “I’ll be happy if I get that promotion.” This may sound like it will make you happy, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. The main thing is happiness doesn’t come from anything that’s outside of you, including a relationship. Your happiness and joy come from within. All of those external, materialistic elements can be gone or taken away at the snap of a finger. And when that happens, we hope it doesn’t; what you’re left with? It’s only YOU. Just you!

Therefore, think for a moment, and ask yourself, whether you enough to make yourself happy? If no, then we can safely tell you that nothing else will work for you. Listen carefully, at certain times, you might feel overwhelmed by the weight of your struggles and pain, and this is totally normal. This is what most people don’t realize. When you don’t make “peace” with it, you tend to seek refuge from those struggles and pain through external things. But, in the end, you’ll realize that it’s only an illusion. You actually never escaped or managed to resolve them. This can be particularly toxic if you’re trying to fill that void in your life with a relationship. This is one of the reasons why we can’t help ourselves from dating people who are in the similar situation like us.

While looking for a partner, your mind will unconsciously always seek out a partner who will mirror and affirms to negative and fruitless feelings. And consciously, we feel “comfortable” around that person, but not in true sense. We think they’ll make us happy, but in the real world, this kind of relationships will only make the hole in your life to get bigger and bigger. But, the good news is; once you work to be happy with yourself, you’ll only attract men and women who will make you happier in the future.

Do Not Treat Your Wife or Girlfriend As Your Equal. Here’s Why

If you’re in a relationship or married for a while, you probably said things like, “Why can’t she just understand how irrational she’s being?”, “How could she do that to me?”, “Why can’t she just tell me what she wants?” and so on and so forth. Statements like these are pretty common, and they’re good indicators of the typical mistakes most men make. Let’s make one thing very clear: Your wife or girlfriend is not your equal and expecting her to be your equal will only make your relationship miserable.

So, what’s wrong with asking your partner to be as your “equal”?

First, let’s clear up a common concern. We’re in no way talking about equality. There is nothing debatable about the equality of any two individuals. The thing is a woman’s personal experience at every phase of her growth is different than a man. Her social, societal priorities and parental values are different. There is no disagreement that men and women are equal, but they are not the same. Equalness and sameness aren’t synonymous. Women are different in the way they process facts, thoughts or emotions.

If you’re looking to developing a romantic relationship with a woman, the only logical approach you’re left is to understand her. But instead, most men make the mistake of opting to either compete with her or fix her. Often when we find a frustrated man who can’t connect with his girlfriend or wife, in most cases we find he’s trying to resolve the issue using his own perspective. He decides to discard everything his partner says or does, and tries his own views of how people should work. He believes she should be different, see things his way, and also react to things a certain way that he likes. And we all know subsequently what happens when we force people to say or act in a certain way.

If this is how a man treats his spouse, you’ll face some significant problems in your relationship. If you try to make someone accountable to be something they aren’t, not only will they resist any change, they’ll also move away from us. To these people, the implied pressure of unrealistic expectations, judgment, and disappointment is simply too much for them to bear. And the only way they can find relief is by distancing themselves from you. For most guys, this distancing act feels like anger, resentment, detachment, coldness, and disrespect. By continuing imposing your rules on your significant other on how she should view the world, how she should feel for you, and how should she think and express her feelings, you’ll only create more emotional disruption and emotional distance in your relationship or marriage. Sometimes, the emotional pain becomes so overwhelming that it can be registered as physical pain. Later, the feelings of shame, desperation, anger, and resentment sets in. Nothing good will come from here.

So, what’s the solution?
When you’re married or in a relationship and want your partner to be your “equal,” first you need realize that what are you doing and why. Then you need to change your perspective. You’ve had to accept that your girlfriend or wife is not the same as you are and never will be. You need to address your insecurities and achieve the required emotional maturity, and intellectual clarity. Learn to accept others for who they are without changing them or winning an argument.