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How to Spot a Great Man

You’ve read his profile, and you like it. You feel he’s a great match but is it? How can you be sure about it? Here are few items that will help you to decide if the guy sitting in front of you across the table is the person you would like to date and whether he can be in a committed relationship.

Maturity Level
What we are referring here is emotional maturity. You can quickly figure this out when you meet a guy and watch how she reacts or responds to situations around him, and how he behaves or treats people around him. For example, does he get angry when the waiter takes a little longer than usual to serve you while on a dinner date? People react to different situations differently. The main thing to notice here is how does your partner respond or handles stressful situations. If he manages them correctly and communicates what he wants, it indicates his emotional maturity level is commendable.

His Life Stage
You can easily find this about a man by asking questions about his career, does he like it, does it make him feel excited about it, does he get motivated by it, etc. What a guy does for a living defines him, and it plays a significant role in bringing satisfaction in his life. If a man is satisfied what he does, he will be a better partner.

His Purpose
A man’s purpose in life extends beyond his career, his relationships and his family. Find out what he is committed to besides you. It can be setting up a charity, volunteering, or doing something artistic. Ask yourself if your dates interests and goals align with your personal values. If he can do something good for himself, you can rest assured that he will do the same for the relationship, too.

His Peers/Friends
You can tell a lot about a guy with the company he keeps and spends his time with. So, don’t hesitate to ask your date about them. Does he spend time with mature people who share the same values as him? Do they contribute to his personal growth? Does he maintain relationships and cares about them? He will love telling about his friends if he keeps good relationships with them.

His Availability
Here “available” doesn’t mean if he’s “single.” It says whether he’s emotionally available to date and commits to someone, or is he consumed with work or thinking about his ex that he has no time for you. Being available also means that he’s looking for a serious and long-term relationship. So check out for it. And the best way you can find about it is to ask him.

Your Instincts
When we meet someone we like, sometimes our guts tell us this the person is right for you, and you should be dating him. But, going with our instincts can have negative results. The best way in choosing who is the right man for you is to communicating your needs and desires with him. If the man is respectful to you, he will honor those needs, listens to them, and will understand you. And if he respects you for it, is the man with courage and quality and is the right man for you.

When you’re looking for someone to be the perfect partner, check out these, before you take your dating phase to the next level.

Why He Chose Her Over You?

Sometimes he’s not ready. Or it might be the timing. And then is the harsh truth, he thought that you weren’t the right woman for him. But, why me? You can drive yourself insane wondering about this, but the real thing that you should know is just one thing, “emotional attraction.” Emotional attraction extends beyond physical attraction. It’s the emotional appeal that makes him feel that he can’t live without you at a deep level.

Here are three ways you can invoke emotional attraction in him, and create a solid foundation for a secure and long-lasting relationship.

He Wants You To Accept Him And Want Him Just As He Is
Men want their dates to accept and want him just the way he is. It applies to both men and women alike. If a man senses that you wanted to change or transform him into something that he hates, but you like, then he’ll lose attraction for you. Rather, show a guy that you’ve accepted him by communicating your appreciation and gratitude for him like how much you enjoy being with him, spending time with him, and being thankful for whatever he does that you like.

He Discovers That You’re Not Dependent On Him For Your Happiness
Do you want to know one of the fears most guys have about relationships and commitment? That is if women want them to fill a need which is they want a husband, have kids and start a family. Just like any other women, they want to be wanted and loved for who they are. They don’t want to needed or loved for what they can give. When a guy thinks that his whole life will be revolved around you and you’ve already asked him for commitment in the relationship, he’ll be stressed out and feel pressured. He’ll worry to live his life as per your expectations, and he’ll also feel nervous to upset you. He’ll keep wondering what he did to you to deserve this. To counter this, you need to have a life outside your relationship.
Have fun with your friends or family, get a hobby, pursue your interests and get involved in activities that you’ve always wanted to do, and try improving your life and career. If you continue doing this, he will start to think he is lucky and happy to have you in his life, and he’ll do his best to keep it that way.

He Doesn’t Want To Lose You
You don’t see men telling people I am looking for that one woman who will complete me, and spend the rest of my life with her. On the contrary, a guy is seeking a woman who will inspire him to be with her, and only her, and no one else. But, talking a man to do this feeling won’t be simple, but it isn’t impossible. The best way to become a man’s only woman is not to tell him, but to show him that his life will be much better and beautiful with you instead of without you. This can be done by creating positive experiences with him, together. Don’t talk about the relationship; instead try to make it better, easy, fun and playful and flirty. All these will invoke the all important emotional attraction and intimacy that will get him to understand that only a fool will let go of you.

Read This If You Are In A Long Distance Relationship

There is no doubt it takes commitment and dedication from both parties to be in a healthy relationship. But, what happens if a couple is in a long distance relationship? In those circumstances, keeping the romance going can be difficult and challenging.

However, you can make it work. Here are five steps that will ensure a successful and a happy long distance relationship.

1. Use Technology
Maintaining regular communication is a must in a long distance relationship, as you don’t see each other in person all the time as a normal couple. Send IMs, texts; emails make phone calls or video chat to keep in touch. You can install various apps on your smartphones that will help you share photos, voice messages, and videos. You can also go all retro by sending an old-fashioned handwritten letter to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Don’t forget to send gifts to each other on Valentine’s Day or birthdays in case your partner isn’t around. Your partner will love it, and it makes them feel wanted, and loved.

2. Keep All Types of Communication Open
While communicating with your partner always ensure that you have an open and honest conversation with your spouse. Most couples in long distance relationships don’t want to open up about various issues about their lives so that they can make the most of their time when they’re physically together. But, it’s imperative that both discuss issues or needs that are not being addressed in the relationship. Keeping the lines of communication under any situation is vital to for a long-distance relationship to be successful and thrive in the long-term.

3. Inform Each Other When You Reunite
Notify your long distance partner when you’ll visit him or her the next time. Even if the visit is just for a few hours or days, tell your partner about it. Also, it’s also necessary to have an in-depth discussion with your partner about when the long-distance relationship phase will come to an end. It’s very common for a long-distance relationship to fail in the future is if it’s going to continue with no possibility of an end.

4. Be Trustworthy
All relationships have jealousy and insecurity, including long distance ones. But, in a long distance relationship, even a speck of mistrust or jealousy can create huge problems. Therefore, stop with the constant checking of his or her Facebook page. Stop worrying about what he or she is doing, if they don’t respond to your call or texts immediately. Remember, if you’re envious or insecure by nature, then a long distance relationship will not work for you.

5. Don’t Make Your Time Exciting When Your Partner Visits
We have seen that couple’s who are in a long distance relationship to turn their relationship into a “honeymoon,” especially when a partner visits on the weekends. If you turn your long distance relationship into a mini-vacation, it will be confusing for you to understand how a regular relationship functions under normal circumstances. Therefore, spend time with your significant other just like any typical couple. Don’t indulge in fun and exciting activities every time he or she visits you. It will help you to comprehend how you’ll work on your relationship once the long distance relationship phase ends.

If you’re looking for a relationship, and want to try a long distance relationship, remember it won’t be easy. But, regular communication, loyalty, trust, you can make it work like any normal relationship.

Unrealistic Expectations Are Bad For Relationships

One big reason many relationships end is because one or both people had unrealistic or unattainable expectations about each other. So, what can when couples fail to meet their expectations in a relationship? They feel miserable and unhappy and think of breaking up. Unrealistic expectations are counterintuitive for a healthy relationship. Therefore, before you get involved in a relationship, it’s imperative to know what your expectations are.

Here are four unrealistic expectations a lot of men and women looking for a date have.

• A Relationship Will Make Me Happy
We aren’t saying relationships are overrated, but believing you’ll find lasting happiness and your life will be complete after being in one is ornamentation nonetheless. We fully understand and respect of your belief that your life will be complete and meaningful if you’re in a committed and loving relationship. But, in reality, things don’t always work that way. Being happy and finding a way to feel joy and happiness is your responsibility. A relationship is just one part of it.

• My Boyfriend/Girlfriend Will Spend Most of Their Time with Me
This may sound very appealing to new couples, but the concept of couples doing everything all the time together as well as spending time together will backfire at some point of the relationship. When you get in a relationship, and you boyfriend or girlfriend little dependent on you, it makes sense. It means that he/she would like to spend some quality time with you or wake up beside you every other day. But, keep in mind; no matter how close you’re with your partner, everyone wants to have some space. Your new partner would like to meet and socialize with their friends and family. He or she would also like to spend some time on their own without their significant other. It’s a great approach for fruitful and long-lasting relationships.

• My Boyfriend/Girlfriend Hate Flirting With Other People
Humans are attracted to beautiful things, and your boyfriend or girlfriend is no exception. You’ve to open to the truth that your partner will be looking or flirting with other attractive men and women around him or her when you’re not there. He or she might also be attracted to some of them. Do you think that your boyfriend or girlfriend will stop looking or flirting when you’re in a relationship? Sadly, the answer is a “NO.” So, what can you do? The easy way is by establishing some ground rules. Tell him or her not to flirt with anyone when you’re present. This always doesn’t imply that they stop flirting with other people if you’re there with your partner. The reality, most men, and women will flirt anyhow, regardless of your physical presence.

• There Will be A Lot Of Physical Intimacy In The Relationship

Sexual affection and physical affection are two types of physical affection most of us familiar about. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is very intimate with you, we can assume that both of you have a very active sexual relationship. But, very few people are actually into it. If sexual affection is your jam, remember to ensure that your partner is perfectly okay with it. Now, talking about physical affection, such as kisses, holding hands, hugs, etc., most folks aren’t so into it or let’s say not very passionate about it. So, if these are important to you, tell your potential partners about it from the beginning.

It’s The FEAR That Might Pushing Your Boyfriend Away

Our society is filled with women who are trying to get their past boyfriend’s back, despite the fact, these men were abusive to them, and had no interest in being in a committed and exclusive relationship with them. Many of these women don’t ACTUALLY want them back, but what forcing them to reconcile with them is they’re afraid of being left alone, or they think that they won’t find someone new again. But, what really these women need is a guy who is emotionally mature and capable of establishing a relationship.

It’s your fears that are stopping from being the woman you wanted to be, and have a meaning relationship with the man who is right for you. Here’s how you can confront your fears, and attract the kind of man who always wanted.

Imagine Yourself In His Shoes
Ask yourself what makes an “ideal” man. What qualities does he have? How does his life look like? How does he spend his time? And most importantly, what type of woman does he want to have a relationship? To tell the truth, a man who is attractive, available and emotionally mature is looking for a woman who is open, independent, and can give and receive love. A woman who is needy, desperate and always living in fear is a big turn off for most guys. A man is interested and commits to a woman who doesn’t turn into someone else when he meets her but is confident and comfortable who she really is.

Throw Out Your Excess Baggage
We aren’t talking about your past here. We all have one. It’s the experiences that keep you stuck in the past and prevent you from moving on. Yes, we’re talking about your exes and past relationships. If you keep thinking about your previous relationships all the time, it will instill fear in you that will prevent you to getting involved in a new relationship. Your fears and baggage of your past relationships will stop you from emotionally connecting with your new partner, which will push him away from you.

Invite A Man Into Your Life
No man likes a clingy or a needy woman, who is looking for a man to rescue her. Sure, a guy wants his girlfriend to be happy, he just doesn’t want that it’s his sole responsibility to make her happy. Because it will put immense pressure on him and he will see making her happy as a chore. And when that happens, he’ll look for ways to get out from the relationship. Your best approach here is let go of your past, and focus on the future, and ensure that you stayed happy and fulfilled now. If the life you’re currently living makes you feel happy and beautiful, it’s an invitation ticket for a man to enter your life and be a part of it.

Be Clear Of What You Want
Fear makes us do all sorts of stuff when we meet someone we like. And the most usual thing most ladies do is to conceal what they really want to have a relationship. They fear if they told the truth it would scare a man away. The right way is to tell your boyfriend what you need without appearing needy and putting pressure on him, For example, before you get physically intimate with your partner you can tell him you can get physically involved only after getting to know him well, and in a committed relationship. When you tell a guy this, you’re not making it about him. Instead, you’re communicating to him that this is exactly what you’re looking for in the relationship.

She Likes You But She’s Not Interested In Relationship. What Should To Do?

Have you ever been in a situation when a woman tells you that she likes you, but certainly not in the way you would expect? It appears to you that she “likes you,” but not interested in taking things to the next level. In this situation, most guys think that they’ve become victims of the dreaded friend zone. So, they try everything they can to woo her. They chase her, call and text her all the time. They become desperate and clingy. They believe that if they do all of this, she will be attracted to them. But, the truth is love doesn’t work that way.

So, what can you do instead? Here are a few tips:

1. Stop Getting Worried About What She Thinks.
When a woman seems interested in you, you can take the whole thing in two ways. Either it can be blessing (you can have a relationship with her), or it’s a curse (she makes you her friend). That’s we advice men so stop wondering and guessing about the whole situation. Stop thinking about what she thinks, rather start thinking about yourself. What and how you think about yourself will have an effect on your behavior, body language and every word you say. They either signal to the woman that you’re either a “relationship material,” or “friendship material.” So, relax and assume that she will either make you’re her significant other or a just a friend.

2. Don’t Chase Her, Instead Challenge Her
One big mistake most guys make while pursuing a woman they like is they chase her. They get all desperate, clingy and possessive. They believe that these unworthy acts will help get them the approval which they desperately need to date her. Otherwise, they fear that they will find themselves thrown in the friend zone. The right way to get the woman you want is to challenge her, rather than chasing her or stalking her. Look for a way to get to know more about her. Stop being her shoulder where she can cry on, and start challenging her in fun and flirty ways in these areas. For instance, if you’re with a lady that you would like to be your girlfriend and you seem to disagree with something she says or does. Rather than getting all defensive or “smoochy” of her views, take advantage of the situation. Tease her opinions and argue why she’s wrong. Then ask her to explain how she feels about it. Ask her why and how she thinks it that. This not only shows that you’re confident man, and adamant about your views, but you’re also interested to know more about her viewpoint.

3. Know When To Move On
Yes, sometimes despite all your effort, things always don’t end as we expect them to happen. If that situation arrives, it’s time you accept your situation and move on. Let her go to her way. It’s the right thing for doing for her and for you too. After all, what’s the point of investing all of your time and energy on something that can’t be fixed or has no happy ending?

When you’re looking for a girlfriend and found someone you like, but she isn’t interested in you, try to make her feel attracted to you by following the above tips. If all fails, let her go and move on. There are plenty of women around the corner with whom you can truly connect and date.

4 Tips That Will Make The Ladies Chase You!

Most average guys assume that they will need to pursue and woo great ladies to date them. But, it shouldn’t be the case always. If you can master how to trigger feelings of love, interest, and attraction in women, you’ll see great women will see you as a potential match and start chasing you.

So, how can you do that? Here are four ways:

1. Quit Courting, Start Attracting.
When it comes to approaching women, most men follow these two models. One, “the courtship model,” and, two, “the attraction model.” Whenever you court a woman, it’s natural for her to run away from you. So, instead of focusing on what you can do to woo her, invest your energy on igniting her attraction. Courting is primarily about what you do and can offer such as dinners, gifts, flowers, etc. Meanwhile, attraction is all about how you can communicate, how you can connect with someone, who you are, what’s your personality, and your masculine identity. Attraction is the challenge, while courting is facing the challenge. So, focus your energy on attracting, and realize for yourself how it can make your successful in dating women you’re interested in.

2. Apply “Reverse Rapport.”
The term “reverse rapport” refers to the concept that you say and do the opposite what most men would do to make a woman like him. But, you should do it in playful, flirty and sarcastic manner. It’s an approach that assumes that the woman already knows, him, trusts him and even likes him. So, how can this be done? Well, one way is saying a funny comment which is the opposite of what a lady prefers to hear. This way, you can create an intense, polarity-charged connection with her, that will entice her pursue you.

3. Don’t Wait To Seek Her Approval.
When it comes to dating and relationship, men are taught that if they like someone, and would like to date her, he needs to seek approval for her. Women will lead, and men will follow. The truth is she has no desire to lead. It’s the guys who are convincing her to lead by bombarding with questions, cues, and body language that all directs in seeking approval. Rather, hold your ground, even after she’s been running all over the place. Show her you’re the kind of guy who likes to steer his ship. Having said that she’s will start feeling an incredible attraction towards you.

4. Show Her That You Are Neither Needy Nor Desperate. Convince Her That You Are Indeed Different.
Let’s be honest about one thing. There are hundreds and thousands of single, desperate and needy men out there looking for a relationship. If you really want to stay ahead of the competition, it’s important that you for you to prove and communicate that through your qualities and behavior, and convince the woman you’re interested that you aren’t one of them. Show her you’re, indeed, unique and extraordinary. And the best way to demonstrate that to a woman is to make her believe that you have a life, and you don’t need a girlfriend or be in relationship to be happy.

These four tips will show a woman you’re an interesting and confident man who don’t need a woman approval to feel good about his life or himself.

What Men and Women Want to Hear While In A Relationship

Communication is the key to a healthy and long-lasting relationship. One interesting thing when it comes to dating and relationships is figuring out what kind of words to say that will wow him, woo her, and win his or her heart. Here are a few lines to say to your man or woman in your life:

1. “Yes.”
We aren’t talking about that obvious “yes.” Just like women, men too crave for love and emotional intimacy. Men want to feel secure and stay committed in the relationship. And it all starts if he gets a positive and emotional response from the woman he loves. For example, men like to hear from their love interest such as, “Yes, I like to have dinner with you,” “Yes, I love your family,” and so forth.

2. “I'd Want to Be With You.”
We live in a fast-paced world. The never-ending demands of work, family, friends, and even boring errands and chores can consume a lot of our time. Suddenly, we can’t make a chance to spend some quality time together. It stays at the bottom of our to-do list. But, even all these inescapable tasks comes in the way, it feels very soothing when your boyfriend or girlfriend say you that he or she likes to be with you, rather be someplace or do something that is keeping them apart.

3. “Are You Free Saturday/Sunday Night?”
Date nights are crucial if you want to keep the romance in your relationship alive and fresh. A guy likes to be pursued. Equally, he wishes to pursue too. So, to all ladies out there, don’t get scared if you ask your man to go on a date with you once in awhile.

4. “That Looks Great On You.”
Complimenting each other is crucial in a relationship. Sometimes, due to our busy schedules, we lose track of our romance, and many of us forget to appreciate our loved ones when they look good and beautiful. We all know that women love positive feedback about their appearances, but that’s equally true for guys as well. Your man tries his best to look dapper and works hard for it. So, tell him about it will make his whole day blissful.

5. “Well, You Are Right.”
At times, it’s best to take the high road, especially when it comes to arguments. The ability to admit when you’re wrong, take full responsibility for your actions, and give all the credit to your boyfriend or girlfriend, and telling them they were right all along is HUGE! It’s not easy to set aside your ego, and it’s imperative that you do. Relationships are all compromises and complementing each other. It’s never about winning alone.

6. “I Do Like Your Friends/Kids/Family Members”
This is a huge step in any relationship, and if this comes from a woman, it means that she’s serious about you. You see most women are communal and relationships mean a lot to them. So, when you say something nice about the people she cares and loves, it means a lot to her. Tell her you to think her father is wise and cool, or one of her children is highly talented, you know how it goes. By complimenting the people closest and dearest to your boyfriend or girlfriend, you’re confirming them as well.

When you’re looking for someone or thinking of getting back with your ex, remembering these cute and emotional lines will make you fall in love again easily!

Stand Out From The Rest To Date A Great Woman

Let’s be honest, plenty of guys are having problems in dating and building relationships with amazing women. When the conversation starts with the meeting, dating, and nurturing relationships with great women, most men say and do the same just like any other guy looking for a relationship. We get lost in the crowd. So, why is that? The thing is most guys will have little problem in finding great women that they like to get to know more about her. The big problem is there are tons of other guys who are competing with you to grab her attention.

So the million-dollar question is, what can you do to make you stand out from the crowd, and become the first guy to grab the attention of a great woman you like, and take things to the next level? Here are three ways to make it happen:

1. Don’t Send The Wrong Signals
One of the key reasons most guys fail to date the woman they’re interested is because they ruined their chances of having a date with her in the first place. Most men become nervous and think too much about their upcoming first date. Their minds play all sorts of games, and this compels them to say and do things that they should have never done. They start sending out all the wrong signals just like any other guy. One is that some guys have very low self-esteem, and they broadcast it to their dates with awkward speeches, weird cues, and nervous body language. All these are attraction-killing behaviors. Then some guys will be the “Obnoxious Jerks.” It’s difficult to figure out whether these guys are overcompensating for their lack of confidence, or low self-esteem, or just acting arrogantly. These attitudes immediately signal a man’s insecurities to a great woman. It’s a deal-breaker. So when you become aware of these messages, STOP sending them instantly.

2. Showcase The “Mr. Right” Attitude
Confidence is key is attracting a great woman, and being in a successful relationship. Highly confident men possess a sense of self-control, and they can combine it with the right amount of humor and cockiness. They seldom go overboard. While having a conversation with a woman, confident men never hold back from teasing a woman, but they keep it respectful. Broadcast your confidence by talking about light topics, but make sure to style it with uniqueness and sarcasm. Brag about the things you’re good at as well all the beautiful places you visited, but mix it with funny stories how you’ve also failed while achieving and doing it. It will make the ladies think that you’re indeed different from the rest.

3. Build Rapport
No matter how confident and in-control man you are, if you fail to communicate this to women, it won’t take you anywhere. What’s more upsetting is that most guys don’t know to connect to a woman emotionally they’ve just met or looks forward to date. The best way to do it is to find something in common with a woman such as interests, hobbies or life goals. It will help to establish a connection with her. Remember; don’t be rude, intrusive, or insecure with her if you want to accomplish this.

If you want to date a great woman, you need to do things differently. Stop sending all the wrong signal, broadcast your confidence and all of your good qualities, and build rapport, to stand out from the masses.

10 Things You Should Always Do In Your Relationships

Every single person who is in a relationship or who has ever been in a relationship in the past knows that there are some things one definitely should not do. Here is a list of ten things that every person in a relationship should do and things that one should never stop doing in a relationship.

1. Caring
One of the most important aspect to make a relationship fruitful is the point of caring. Caring for each other is something one should never stop doing in a relationship because of the time that one stop caring the chances of a relationship being broken increases immensely. The Private Detectives London comprises of highly experienced Private Eye whose job is to provide investigation services such as surveillance and tracking of those whom one cares for.

2. Communication
Communication is the key to a healthy and successful relationship. Communication is a chain that binds a relationship together, the day this chain starts to weaken, and one stops communicating that day the relationship starts to suffer. It is necessary for a relationship to be lucky to have a healthy level of communication with one another.

3. Commitment
Being committed to one another is one of the most significant things, and it is mandatory for every successful relationship. One should never stop or even decrease this level of commitment; he or she should always work on enhancing the level of engagement.

4. Showcasing Emotions
One should never stop showing his or her emotions to their partners as it is the only way the other one could know what their partner like and what he or she dislike.

5. Encouraging
Encouraging your partner for doing something right is as much important as criticizing them for doing something wrong. To maintain a healthy relationship, one should not stop the act of encouragement.

6. Criticism
As it has been mentioned in the above sub-heading, criticizing your partner for doing something unethical or morally wrong is entirely justifiable as long as the criticism is called for and done in a right manner.

7. Appreciation
This might come a bit down the list but that doesn’t mean that it is less important, it is necessary need of a human being to be appreciated for doing good things. So to maintain a healthy and honest relationship one should never stop enjoying their partner.

8. Thanking
Similar to appreciating, thanking your partner for doing something worthy of appreciation is a crucial element in every successful relationship. It is usually the best to appreciate and thank your partner for every little thing they do for you.

9. Apologizing
Apologizing doesn’t make anyone small but on the contrary, it strengthens the relationship and prolongs it further more.

10. Forgiving and Trusting
Everyone does make mistakes; no one is perfect, but forgiveness is the key to making a relationship successful. One should never stop forgiving as without it the probability of relationship breaking down increases significantly. Last but not the least beliefs, trust is a foundation of any relationship, and one should never damage the basis if he or she wishes to maintain a defined relationship.

So, if you’re thinking to be in a relationship and go on date, and want it to be successful and long-lasting, never stop doing these things.