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3 Steps To Pickup Girls While Having No Confidence

Let’s make one thing very clear; this isn’t a trick statement. If you have a high sense of self-esteem and self-confidence, no doubt, you’ll do a lot better picking up women. But, what if your personality lacks that essential element? Does this mean that you’ve no chance of dating a woman? Does this say that you're destined to be alone? Well, it doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, you can still play it as you have it all time, and can even score a relationship.

So, how can you pick up women without confidence? Here’s what you do:

1. Try But Don’t Try Too Hard
Over the years after talking with a lot of well-known dating experts, we have reached a conclusion that while looking for a woman, you never want to get caught trying too hard. So what does this imply? Well, this means that you’re giving too much of your way and yourself for fishing for her interest and grappling for her compliments. The thing is that the ladies like a challenge just as much as you do.

The key here is to make yourself the type of challenge she thinks she wants. So, if you can make it happen like the way she wants, you’ll be worthy of her. By revealing all of your cards partially, she probably will give you a chance to be her significant other.

2. Maintain Eye Contact
If you’re a keen observer, you can tell a lot about a person by looking in their eyes. Eye contact is an incredibly powerful thing. It communicates a very direct and straightforward message in a very casual way.

A lot of studies have demonstrated that women feel more interested in a man if he seems to be “directly” attracted to her only, rather than being interested in a bunch of random women. So, when you’re on a date, restrain your focus on her and don’t scan the room for other possibilities while she’s talking.

And even if you’re looking around the room checking out other beauties, don’t let her catch you. I am saying it again, “don’t let her catch you” because when she does, be assured things might not go the way you expected. Also, make sure she knows that she feels important and has your full attention with a minimum of 60 to 85 percent of the time, which means direct eye contact.

3. Don’t Rush

When it comes to dating and relationships, and even picking up women, this is one of the biggest differences between men and women. A guy, when he meets someone new will know within the first 5-minutes whether he wants to date her or wants to sleep with her. On the other hand, a woman might need around 15-minutes or more to make a decision. This is also where most men without self-esteem and self-confidence, or has little of it, to make too many mistakes.

These men will rush and take things too fast even before the woman finds out that he doesn’t have much confidence which he told her earlier. But you can’t do that. Your best approach here is to speak slowly and gently, move slowly, and not even to think of getting her phone number unless she feels sure that you’re genuinely interested in her.

How To Find Out Whether You Are Enjoying Good Sex Or In Love?

Most couples at the beginning of their relationship are sort of on cruise control, and most don’t worry about the outcome too much. But, what happens after a couple of months when then honeymoon phase is over? Some couples look back at their relationships and start to wonder, “Is this love, or is it just sex?” It’s very easy for most men and women in new relationships to equate a mind-blowing sexual relationship with romance. But, it’s also simple to notice sign whether your wants more than sex than love in the relationship?

So how do you separate the two? Here are some signs to look out for:

1. If You Have Continuous Sex
It’s Nothing But Sex: Does your boyfriend always say he wants you all the time? Does he constantly keep calling you? If yes, then we can safely tell that he’s always trying to see you, but he’s only trying to see you because he wants to have sex with you. He has no long-term plans for you outside the bedroom, besides having a sexual relationship with you.

It’s Love: Is he asking you to accompany him to a concert, a museum, or visit a nice place out-of-town? If yes, then it indicates that he has a deeper interest in you, and wants to know more about you. He wants to do things with you shows that he’s making you a priority.

2. If He’s Passionate About Your Pleasure
It’s Nothing But Sex: Just because having sex with him makes you feel happy, doesn’t always mean that it’s a selfless act from him. Some people get turned on if they get someone all hot and amorous. Also, a smart guy knows that the hotter you get, the more likely you’re willing to have sex.

It’s Love: Rather than doing calculations on how often he goes down on you, find out whether he likes to cuddle with you. Men who truly love their women are very much into snuggling. If you see him cuddling with you and doesn’t want to get out of the bed after the deed is done, it means he loves you and his feelings towards you are genuine.

3. If He’s Making You Orgasm
It’s Nothing But Sex: It’s great to know that your lover can make orgasm, but if he’s been able to do that whenever you guys have, you need to rethink your relationship. You see the smartest guy in the bedroom will know that if you climax every time, the more you’ll want to meet them and have sex with them again.

It’s Love: Pleasing you sexually should be his priority, but if a guy genuinely loves you, he wants to see you happy every time and everywhere, not only in the bedroom. He does that by doing things for you, like picking up your dry cleaning without asking or buying the ice cream you love, etc.

4. If He Can’t Stop Himself From Kissing You
It’s Nothing But Sex: Let’s be honest, when you’re in a relationship, passionate kisses during sex are amazing, but if your boyfriend is only kissing you when you both are having sex, it’s time you check your relationship status. When things become hot and intense, guys only do things that will make them feel good. There isn’t anything left to do for them at this point other than pleasure.

It’s Love: If your partner is kissing just for the sake of kissing in such a way that both of you know that this intimate make out session won’t lead to sex, it means that he loves you. Things get even better when he’s holding your hand and kissing you in public. This ultimate PDA shows that your boyfriend isn’t at all shy to tell the world that you’re his significant other.

Find out Why Complicated Women Are Very Attractive To Men

Do you think no man will date you because you're “too complicated”? Think again. There is a good reason why women are complicated. They need to filter out the needy, desperate and horny guys from the one man who can truly adore, care, appreciate and love her. Some guys refer this testing of women as “playing games” with them. But, the surprising thing is that she’s doing all of this unconsciously. When it comes to looking for a partner, women are always in a search for the “Mr. Perfect”, who will be committed and focused on her above everything else, will love and protect her, and be faithful and committed to her only.

Let’s talk about an example to put this into perspective. A couple is out on a movie date. It’s snowing, and they were late, and the movie already started to screen. They parked their cars in different spots of the parking lot, and after the movie, they both decided to head to a restaurant to continue their evening. When the guy realized that his girlfriend parked her car on opposite sides of the parking lot, he offers to walk her to her car. She hesitates and asks him not to walk her out. So, the guy just obliged and he hugs her and heads over to his car.

To be honest, this guy just flunked the test. This was, in fact, an opportunity to show if he's the kind of stand-up guy she's looking for, and what’s ironic is that she might not even realize it. A better response could have been if he told her that he’s happy to walk with her. Also, after picking her car up, she could give him a ride to his vehicle. And to sugarcoat it even further tell her that she needs someone to clean the snow off her car, and you can help her out.

This simple, yet smart gesture will not only make him appear as a gentleman, but he could have had an opportunity to enjoy physical deliciousness while walking with her arm in arm. This will unconsciously open the locks in her mind, and she will begin to think whether she’s ready to allow this man access her mind, body, and soul. A woman needs to feel that the man she’s seeing acknowledges her need to be desired, loved, adored and protected.

Men, who are evolved when it comes to matters of dating and relationships are capable of this, but the ones still doing their work aren't. Until a guy is capable of decoding these signs and successful in the tests, he doesn’t have the ability to create a space that will make a woman feel adored, loved, and desired, and he will never be able to locate the key. The key that will unlock the “locks” to her heart and body. A woman who settles for a man who is decent but fails these tests, she will be eventually be upset in her relationship, not for the reason that he doesn’t have what it takes to a good potential partner, but because he's not yet fully matured for such a commitment.

Only a woman with high standards can attract men who are willing to do the work and figure out how to make a connection and a lasting impression in a romantic relationship.

Why Isn’t He Replying To Your Dating Profile Messages? Here Are Some Real Reasons!

Some people really hate online dating, and some of the reason they explain are pretty legit. They tell that they hate it because there’s absolutely no way to tell who a person is without meeting them in person. Then there are lots of folks who don’t bother replying to your messages, and that can be kind of jarring. You keep wondering whether the guy who seemed like a good match for you is interested in you or what.

If you’re wondering why men don't respond to your messages, here are some reasons that may explain it:

1. You Aren’t His Type – Physically
Love it or hate it – when it comes to dates, “hot” people will make it to the finish line first, especially if you’re a woman. This is exactly why most people, particularly women, are reluctant to look for potential partners online as it’s difficult to find a guy who can look beyond a woman’s physical appearance.

2. People Assume That You Seem Crazy
This is pretty common. If you’re seeing a pattern of guys ghosting, revisited your profile, and reread all your messages, it might make you think that he’s desperate, depressed or too aggressive. But, he eventually bailed on you because he was worried that you might over-react if he gets in touch with you. Another reason can be that he took longer than usual to check his account and realized that it would be awkward to message you back and you might over-react.

3. He Got Caught By His Girlfriend/ Wife
This one is not only crazy, it downright dangerous. It’s reported that as many as one out of every four profiles in most dating sites has been created by a guy who is already in a serious relationship.

4. He Found Someone Else
Most men will stop chatting on dating sites only after they’re in serious and committed relationships. Guys get fed up with everything, and online dating is no exception. If you find that all of a sudden his dating profile has disappeared, it’s highly likely that he’s done with looking for dates online, or is has found someone else. You may think that it’s unfair, but it is what it is, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

5. You May Have Taken Too Long To Reply
Come on; this can happen to anyone of us. You become busy with life; you spend a week without checking your inbox, and in the meantime, a cute guy checks your profile and sends you a message. If you've waited too long to reply, he’ll think that you’re not interested in him and move on. Well, it’s unfortunate, but wouldn’t you do the same?

6. He’s Just Not Interested
You can’t force people to be attracted or be interested in you. There is no point in sitting there and tell your potential match to be interested in you because, to be honest, it doesn’t work. So, don't waste your time and move on.

7. He Doesn’t Want To Be Serious With You
He might have realized that he wants to be in a relationship, but at the same time also realized that he’s not ready to be in a committed relationship. Most guys, after realizing that the woman they found online is only looking a commitment relationship and nothing else, he will leave her. To tell the truth, this is both hurtful and courteous at the same time.

11 Things That Makes A Man Stunningly Sexy!

When it comes to dating man what makes a man stunningly sexy? Most women will probably tell you that he has a good career, makes a lot of money, has a great body, lives in a nice house and drives a nice car. Well, this might be very superficial but this is the image of a successful man Hollywood, and the media has been telling us throughout our lives. Well, things have changed. People are messy, people’s lives have become messier, almost half of the marriages end up in a divorce, and expectations and reality in relationships are hardly on the same page.

As the lines have become blurred and changed over the years, so does people views on what they find sexy and appealing has also been evolved as well. Here’s what makes a man stunningly sexy today:

1. A man is sexy who takes responsibility on his part for the demise of his relationship and marriage. Despite the breakup and divorce, he still treats his ex with respect, especially if he has kids.

2. A man is sexy who is patient in traffic. He doesn’t cut somebody off while driving or switching lanes. He uses turn signals, aware of how much gas he has in the tank, and knows how to parallel park.

3. A man is sexy who feels captivated by his children. He feels mesmerized by their personalities and treats them kindly. He doesn’t see them as mere extensions of himself, but as unique individuals with unique souls.

4. A man is sexy who clearly understands the concept of cleanliness, grooming and personal hygiene. He takes care of hair, has a decent hairstyle, brushes his teeth, showers daily, and wears clean clothes. A man is sexy when he allows his significant other and trusts her enough to shave his beard for him.

5. A man is sexy when he knows how to cook. Besides, cooking a man looks sexy when he how to peel an apple or a mango, or prepare pineapple or an avocado, and can nicely frost his kid’s birthday cake.

6. A man is sexy when he is sensitive enough that he teary-eyed after listening how horrible his partner’s day has been. A man feels sexy when he cries after his divorce because he tried his best to save his marriage, and never wanted a divorce in the first place.

7. A man is sexy who reads books. He set aside his phone and reads books for both pleasure and information.

8. A man is sexy who is generous enough to make dinner, help with the shopping, and take care of the laundry alongside his partner.

9. A man is sexy who by any means will not intentionally diminish or berate a woman. It doesn’t matter if she’s his girlfriend, daughter, wife, mother, coworker, or otherwise.

10. A man is sexy when he less concerned or doesn’t care much about how much money he makes, what kind of car he drives, what kind house he lives, and not obsessed with his physical appearance.

11. A man is sexy who asks his partner’s permission, verbally and non-verbally, every time now and then, before touching her, kissing her, or making love with her.

Are You In A “Situationship” Or A Relationship”? Read On To Find Out!

In the world of dating and relationship, you probably heard about almost relationships, friends with benefits, ghosting and breadcrumbing. And things are expected to get even worse by the new trend in dating. It’s called situationship, and it’s probably one of the worst ones yet. So, what is a situationship? The situationship can be explained as a cramped space between being a friend with benefits and being in a relationship – sort of.

So, What Actually Happens In A Situationship?
When you’re in a situationship, you basically got stuck in a friends with benefits situation. You get physically intimate with your partner pretty regularly, and yet you still realize that you’re doing the same things just any average couple. You could be spending a couple of nights with your boyfriend or girlfriend every week, you both go grocery shopping together, and have dinner dates a few times throughout the week. This may sound like a typical relationship but there is a big difference.

You see in a situationship, there isn’t a “what are we” conversation. There is nothing in between, things either progress from there or they stay steady where they were. If couples who think they’re in a situationship, and they decide to have the dreaded “what are we” discussion, the relationship that they currently are in will cease to exist. In a situationship, most of the time your boyfriend will give no clue that you might have feelings for him or even think anything of your situationship. If you made him clear about your true feelings for him, it can shock or scare him, and cause him to distance himself from the situation immediately quickly out of fear. Because we all know, feelings are a reason to be scared right?

You see committed relationships have its foundations on understanding and clear communication, whereas situationships are built on a lack of mutual understanding and what’s left unsaid. Your mind plays games subconsciously, and your beau doesn’t even know anything about the complicated mind games you’re developing. Should we cuddle after we have sex? Are we calling each other pet names too often? Are we really in a relationship even though we’ve never had that discussion?

In a situationship, there are feelings between the two just like any other normal relationships, because it’s obvious that you wouldn’t be spending all that time together for nothing. It’s crystal clear that you and your partner do enjoy each other’s company and not all your attraction is about sex. But the questions that keep on surfacing is that why things between you two haven't changed yet and avoiding asking questions will only make the situation worse.

In a situationship, you don’t have the urge or the desire to meet other people or even look for someone new, that will give the relationship that your truly deserve. You want to say something bust as your feelings are overwhelming you more and more, you feel scared of losing him. You also don’t want to shake things up too. If someone asks you if you’re happy with how things are going, it’s highly likely that you’ll lie and say yes so they don’t pity you. Also, when you’re in a situationship, you don’t resonate with your emotions. You can’t get upset or angry, or even tell your friends if you were dumped or can be dumped because let’s be honest, you weren’t in a real relationship in the first place. But you can change things, and you can do that by talking about them regardless how painful it may be. It will give you that closure that you’re missing and who knows he too may feel the same way about you.

Why Men Suddenly Disappear On You?

Love gives us a companion, that special someone to share our deepest, darkest, and most intimate secrets and our biggest hopes and craziest dreams, and someone who will stick with us after all about them including even the bad ones. Love means to have someone by our side who understands everything about us, even without having to tell them anything specifically. If someone truly loves you, he or she will always put you first in their lives, even if you don’t do that for them. Falling in love guarantees that we won’t be left alone, and there will always be someone who will be thinking about us.

When you met a man for the first time, you thought he could do no wrong. Then your date became your boyfriend, or he’s on his on his way to becoming your beau. But, unfortunately, alongside with this new title also comes the real why might suddenly disappear or abandon you. So, why is that?

Here are three main reasons why guys disappear and what you can do to make sure that he returns to you:

1. He feels compelled to be with you
Let’s be honest, having an obligation isn’t attractive. If a man feels compelled to spend time with you, go on dinner dates with you, have sex with you, or express his affection to you, simply for the reason that he’s your boyfriend and he should be doing these things, then he's on the way to get away from you. You might be wondering is there any wrong in asking to want those things? Absolutely not! But obligation is definitely not the right way to get them.

2. He wants space to feel the attraction
When a man feels the importance of commitment, he suddenly craves for space. The moment he finds the space that he needs, he remembers he's interested or attracted to you. When it comes to men, attraction occurs because he feels fun and enjoys being with you, just like the time when you first met him. And the fun part is, once he feels attracted to you, he’ll do anything within his reach to show his attraction to you. It’s just like what he did during the initial days of your relationship. Why does he do it? Because it’s his idea and he wants to do it.

3. He’s finding it hard to decide if he wants to be with you or not
If a man decides to abandon or leave his girlfriend, he will ask himself whether he feels obligated to be in this relationship or whether he feels attracted to his girlfriend on his own accord. You see attraction takes place naturally when you remove obligation from the equation. If you discard all the things you expect your boyfriend to do, he’ll suddenly remember why he likes, what made both of you come together. When that happens, he’ll want to do things and spend time with you.

If you’re looking for a date or already met someone, if you’ve chemistry and connection, you already have overcome one of the difficult parts of the relationship. All good things in your relationship will be in your favor when you allow attraction to guide your relationship.

Secrets To Dating A Girl With A Guarded Heart

Winning a girl with the guarded heart isn’t simple. She won’t be convinced by expensive gifts, flowers, or fancy dinners. She won’t fall for you by praising and complimenting her. She believes in taking things slow. She will take one step toward you and another step back. She will take her time to trust your heart and the strength of your love. So, follow her lead. Measure all of her steps, and in time, she will soon be looking to follow your lead.

Remember when you’re dating a girl with the guarded heart; there are parts of her heart that won’t be reachable to you. She will keep these parts deep within herself, and she will never reveal them. But, love these parts of her because these parts are even hidden, they’re the shadows of her soul. She will listen to every word you speak; she will watch your every move much closer than you can comprehend, relate them to every action, look for any inconsistencies, measure the truth of your words and real intentions of your heart and mind. She’s doing all of this not because she can’t trust you, but she’s doing it because she’s wary, alert, cautious. She has been hurt many times before in the past, and she doesn’t want to make the same mistakes again. She won’t place her trust on you so quickly. Until she assures herself that you’re a man who keeps his promises, doesn’t change your ways and is steadfast.

There will always remain a part of her a little detached that will always be prepared to make her run if she thinks she will get heartbroken again. She doesn’t believe in second chances, and if you hurt her once, she won’t come back to you. To hurt her means to lose her forever. She prefers to be alone to again rebuild the relationship with your with a broken heart and with her own wearied hands. She isn’t in love with you because she needs you. She doesn’t need anyone to make her feel happy and safe. She’s with you because she believes in you, and you’re worth the risk. And all she needs from you is not to make her think that she made a mistake dating you, for it will cost her more than you can imagine.

Dating a girl with a guarded heart will require more reassurance than another woman you dated previously. She will need you to stay available and mindful of her scars. Things, sometimes, can get complicated, and perplexing. Sometimes, she will talk too little, think too much, ask too many questions and cry too often. But, go beyond her guarded heart, you will see a soul that longs to live and love, and desires intimacy and emotional connection, and be in a relationship with someone, who will fall in love with her after knowing all of her beauty, and imperfections. Her spirit is fierce, strong, courageous, brave, unrelenting, but at the same time, she’s quiet and calm. She’s accepting of her flaws, but adamant in her truth. Loving a girl with the guarded heart is not easy, but when you choose to date, she will prove that she’s worthy of it.

6 Small Things Guys Do When Getting Ready To Break Up

It’s impossible to know beforehand if someone is about to break up with you, unless, the person tells you. With that made clear, how many of you were be able to predict some of your past breakups? It’s true we can’t 100 percent be sure when our boyfriends are ready to dump us, but there are some signs you can tell that a man might be about to end the relationship with you.

Here are few signs that will let you know if a man wants to break up with you:

1. He Suddenly Becomes More Interested In Himself
We aren’t telling you your partner’s whole life should be centered on you. In fact, it’s healthy for your boyfriend to have an independent life outside of the relationship. But, all of a sudden if you see that he emphasizes all of his free time into things that don’t include you, or don’t want to add you, then we may have a problem. It’s highly likely that he’s prepping himself to become single again.

2. He’s Not Interested In Sex
Physical intimacy is an important part of a romantic relationship. So, if your partner doesn’t get turned on by you, be aware. There could be many reasons. Either he is stressed out or depressed, he is pulling away from you, or he is cheating. It can also be that he's become increasingly cranky. Nonetheless, it is a bad sign.

3. He's Started Working Late
Working late doesn’t necessarily mean that your boyfriend is done with the relationship. Working late at the office can be an indication that he’s ready to dump you or is having an affair. On the other hand, working late can also be a positive thing. Maybe, he’s working late to get the best engagement ring you wanted, save for the wedding, buy a home, get a promotion, and so on and so forth. So, just make sure if he’s working late is leading to other bad signs.

4. He's Meeting Up With His Old Friends
We all have friends we didn’t meet for a long time. Does your boyfriend suddenly have to meet up with an old girlfriend or just an old friend? Does he keep doing that? If he’s running on to them now and again, it’s not good. There is no harm if he’s reconnecting with platonic buddies, but if all those old or long lost friends are old girlfriends, then you need to have a serious conversation about it with your partner.

5. He's Seem Less Concerned To See You
Nowadays, if you see your significant other doesn’t want or need to see you in person or wants to spend time with you, it’s not because you both have become comfortable with other. It’s just that seeing you or spending quality time with you is not as much of a priority to him anymore.

6. He's always on his phone
Does your boyfriend spend too much time on his phone that makes you wonder whether he’s having a relationship with it or with you? This sad and disrespectful behavior not only puts a barrier between the two of you, but it could also probably that he’s hiding something serious from you, or hiding another relationship.

6 Heartbreaking Reasons Why Men Broke Up With Their Long-term Girlfriends

Apart from all the clichés that most relationships end because of infidelity or constant fighting, the reality is that all varieties of romantic relationships fall apart for some reasons. Things get infinitely harder while trying to end a long-term relationship whose romance burned out slowly. It’s very rare to hear long romances to collapse, but nonetheless, it’s baffling and shocking to many.

Here are a few reasons men explain why they had to end relationships they have been for the long haul:

1. I Was Much Close To My Co-Worker Than My Girlfriend
Some men end their long-term relationships when they realize that they were closer to someone at work than he was with his partner. They think that it’s wrong, even after they didn't cheat or anything. They had to end the relationship because they were looking forward to seeing this co-worker than seeing their girlfriends, and that was a problem.

2. My Girlfriend Was Too Boring
Some men end their long-term relationships because they felt bored, or their girlfriends were boring, or they failed to make their relationships interesting. These guys also told that they tried to ask their girlfriends to make their relationships interesting, but their effort just wasn't there, and their partners wanted to be comfortable. They key here is you can’t change anybody.

3. I Just Hated Her Parents
Like it or not, our parents play a major role in and out when it comes to dating and relationships. They can control and influence the decisions that we make in our relationships. We aren’t telling that it’s all bad, but things can become messy if it's getting out of control. Men end their long-term relationships with their girlfriends after they discover they have to deal with their partners for everything and how they controlled her all the time.

4. I Just Wanted To Be Single, Honestly!
Sometimes guys end their long-term relationships with their girlfriends when they have an epiphany that they aren’t full ready to be committed relationship, get married, have kids, and so on and so forth. They still love their partners very, but their souls are yearning to be single again. They feel like they needed to get out and figure out who they really are as an adult as they started to think that being a couple have robbed them of their identity.

5. I Am A Serial Cheater
Some men are just cheaters. They can’t be in a monogamous relationship, end their long-term relationships with their girlfriends because they feel guilty about it. Whenever they are left alone, or their girlfriends are out-of-town for something or visiting their family and friends, they stupidly wanted to have sex with someone else.

6. The Romance Fizzles Out, And Their Girlfriends Don’t Love Them Anymore
Sometimes, when you’re dating someone or in a long-term relationship, the romance and the intimacy just fizzles out, and he or she doesn’t love each other anymore. Some men end their long-term relationships with their girlfriends, as their significant other thought; the relationship has no future, despite both doing their best to save the relationship.