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Never Underestimate The Power Of Words

As much as we think to say that online dating is easy because you don’t have to face the awkwardness in communication and you even have time to think of a good response and then write, but still online dating can be confusing as well. Sometimes, we underestimate the sensitivity of it and say things which should have definitely not been said. In all this, you must particularly be careful in not conveying a bad image of yourself to the other person. Online dating usually starts with the two telling about themselves to each other. Guys are never cautious about what they say which is why they tend to mess things a lot. This article is going to about few of the words which guys should prefer using when describing themselves to the other person as it will possibly convey an attractive image.

#1 Physically fit

There would be no women who would not appreciate the physical fitness of a guy. Sure, they don’t want fitness freaks but having a good physique is always a plus point. A majority of the women are looking for guys that care for themselves too and are in a good and presentable shape.

#2 Ambitious

This will give the impression that you are a mature man who knows exactly what he is doing with his life. She will be aware that you are a self-sufficient guy who is no longer dependent on his parents giving him pocket money.

#3 Perceptive

Perceptive means that the guy is smart, and not like dumb people who don’t use their mind at all. She will know that you are sensitive as well as observant and she should expect an intellectual conversation with him.

#4 Passionate

Going to work and doing a job is not what should be present in you. At some point in time, that will get somewhat boring. You need to show that you are passionate about your life and that you look for spice in different things. Girls love guys who go deep into certain things and become involved to a healthy level.

#5 Optimistic

This will give the impression that you are not a cry baby. She will want to be around you more because she would be expecting positive vibes from you which are not that easy to get these days from people.

#6 Funny

Now, this is something all girls look for in guys. A good sense of humor has become a rare thing these days. The guy who is able to make a girl laugh has the best chances with her. Therefore giving her the impression that you are a fun person to be around with, is always going to work.

#7 Thoughtful

Most guys are not at all emotionally intelligent, and they cannot relate to the feelings of girls. Being thoughtful means that you will take care of her preferences and then try to please her in those ways, this will ultimately attract her towards you.

Inner Beauty Always Outweighs Outer Beauty

Inner beauty is something which we definitely cannot see, but we feel it through someone’s personality and their character. Inner beauty is what enhances your appeal and makes you a lovable person. Outer beauty is definitely important because that catches the eye initially, but as soon as a person gets to know you, your inner beauty is what will actually make them like you. Also, no matter how pretty or perfect you are if you are not pretty from the inside then none of it will matter, and instead it will camouflage your outer beauty.

So, what really makes a person that attractive? Apart from their appearance, a major part is played by their inner self. If we look at some of the most fancied personalities of the world like Oprah, Mother Teresa or Tom Hanks, then we will notice that they are not the prettiest of people. The reason why they still have earned that much love is because of their personality and how they act with other people.

When you know that you are a kind person from within, you will feel confident in interacting with other people because you are sure that they will only get good vibes from you. Having positive intentions gives you a good feeling from within, and you are better able to enjoy every moment. If you are only negative, then everything will feel bad.

People normally say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but I think it is pretty much within our own selves. Others will see what we want them to see. If you feel beautiful from the inside, then others will see that being reflected in your personality. The way you treat people is something that really affects people’s judgments of you. They will love you if you are kind and nice to them.

Inner beauty is what overcomes your physical flaws. For instance, you’re too overweight, or you don’t have a good height, but if you are a nice person, then all of that will be ignored by individuals. Ever see couples in which one of them is all perfect with great looks and the other one may seem a little too fat or isn’t as pretty, that is because the inner beauty has made them that attractive that their loved one looks beyond all those imperfections.

If you ask someone about a person, they will describe his/her personality and then the physical appearance. This is because our behavior and character have a lasting impact on everyone and this is how they remember us.

Beauty is only a matter of some years, youth stays for a very short time but what is carried on for life is how you are from the inside. When you are 60 or 70 years old, and your face is full of wrinkles, your inner beauty is what will still keep the charm alive in you and people will still want to spend their time around you.

How To Be Sure That She is Interested in You

It sometimes gets really tricky to tell what a girl thinks of you and this very reason become a great hurdle in you making the move of asking her out. Obviously, you don’t want to embarrass yourself and get rejected by her, therefore, it is important that you are sure if she is interested in you as well. This article is going to talk about the few signs that girls give as hints to tell the guy that they are interested in them.

#1 She makes an effort to be around you

Despite her busy schedule and hectic routine, she somehow manages to take some time out and texts you to meet up during that. If you find her around you most of the time then that it a clear sign that there is something special that she has for you.

#2 She touches you

This is a big hint because girls usually like to maintain their physical distance with a guy. But, if a girl shows that she is comfortable around you by either hugging you or keeping her arm around you, then that all signals her interest in you.

#3 She buys you gifts

Girls are not the type that they will buy gifts for a guy that they are not sure of. Girls are usually thoughtful with their gifts and surprises, so whenever they make an effort, it is understood that you have a special place in her heart.

#4 She compliments you

Complimenting definitely means that she likes you. In fact, it further gives the surety that it is not just your personality but also your physical appearance that she is fond of.

#5 She asks questions

Asking questions is another way of showing interest. She will show care towards your life, and all that happens with you. Being more considerate, she might even ask questions about your family and friends which means that she has a good amount of interest in you and everything that relates to you.

#6 She flirts with you

This is probably the most distinct signal, and you will be a fool not to understand it. If at any point in time a girl tries to get flirty then you should definitely ask her out, if not on a proper date then definitely for a drink pronto.

#7 She flirts with other guys

This may seem like cheating, but it is not, not at all! She is just trying to get your attention and in fact make you jealous. This again means that she wants you to get close to her and be all possessive about her because yes, she is interested in you.

#8 She has made it clear that she in single

This is like giving a green signal loud and clear. No girl would want to unveil their relationship status of being single to another guy unless and until they want him to approach them. So act smart, put all the puzzle pieces together and pop the question of taking her out on a date.

3 Ways To Respond If Your Date Is Rude Towards You

How would you respond if you’re on a first or second date with someone new and he or she makes an insulting remark to you? In the early days in a relationship, everyone is anxious and experimenting, and people may tell something that can be rude and disrespectful without them even realizing it. I would say that don’t tolerate if anyone is shutting you down, being rude, and shooting insulting comments towards you, particularly if they know you for a few days. Here are a few ways to deal with your date if he or she has been offensive and rude towards you.

Take a bathroom break

Excuse yourself by going to the bathroom or restroom is the simplest way to handle a situation when a new date made a rude remark. Going to the bathroom isn’t only a good way to not to react in a bad temper, but a way to access the situation in private. Once you’re alone, you can take a good look in the mirror, take a few deep breaths, and ask yourself how you will respond to it and what possible outcomes will result from it.

Avoid responding to the insults and switch the topic

If your new date has made a derogatory comment to you, and you don’t want to remove yourself from the situation physically, consider doing this instead. Look at your watch or phone, wait for five minutes, organize your feelings and then decide if you want to respond to his or her rude remarks. Switch the topic by asking your date a question. It will get your date talking, and instead of paying attention, you can now focus on that insulting comment, what did he or she say it, why is it bothering me and what is the best possible way to respond to it. Decide if you want to tell your date that you’re not interested in it now, or just wrap up the date, and talk to a friend about the subject later. Not reacting to the insult instantly, and thinking about it later, will help you to understand the issue in a new perspective.

Deal with it NOW, if you’re angry!

If a rude comment from your date made you angry, tell him or her that you’re upset about it. Don’t tolerate it. Tell that his or her rude behavior has hurt your feelings. Another approach is to mark your boundary. Remember, you’re in charge for your relationship. So be clear and nice about your expectations and preferences. Once you made it crystal clear what upset you, give your date a chance to explain it, and finally tell him or her, that you don’t want them to say anything like again. Keep in mind that, your date may become defensive if you made these statements with punishing or angry tone. So, avoid doing it, and say it in a soft and friendly voice instead.

If you’ve just gone for a first few dates with someone new, and your date said something that made you angry or upset, if could very well be an isolated incident. But, if this keeps on happening, then, then it’s very likely that your date is trying to upset you on a regular basis as long as you keep on dating him or her. So, to protect yourself from your date’s nasty insults and behavior, address the issue directly and ask the person to stop doing it. And if your date still keeps on doing it, then it’s probably in your best interests to abandon your date and look for someone more respectful.

Here’s Why Nice Guys Really Do Finish Last

If you think that by being the nice guy you can win her heart, then you are totally wrong here. Being too nice can backfire and get you rejected. It is important to be nice to women, but only at certain times. If they notice that you are being nicer than normal, then chances are they will either get bored of you, or they will just start to doubt if you are faking it. Some guys, however, have a nice nature and therefore they cannot help but be themselves. That originality too gets them bad luck. This article is going to talk about few ways that guys can get over their Mr. Nice syndrome.

#1 Admit it yourself

Before starting off with anything you need to first admit and accept that yes you are one of those “Mr.” nice guys, and this is becoming a huge hurdle in your way getting a date. Once you accept this, you can start thinking of ways of how to combat this issue.

#2 Stop lavishing her with gifts

Buying gifts at the wrong time or too soon will flip your whole situation. Women don’t like this at all when guys try to overdo stuff because then they will think that the guy is being too desperate or trying to achieve something too soon. Guys need to go with the flow and leave the gifts for some special occasion where it makes sense.

#3 Lay off the neediness

There is one think that you don’t want your girl to think about you, and that is her thinking that you don’t have a life. Even if you don’t, you need to pretend as if you do and make her realize that she is not the only thing in your life. Getting too clingy and needy will only irritate her.

#4 Learn to say no

Nice guys have this habit that they will never be able to refuse anything that their girl says. Even if they have to go out of their way or it goes against their will, they will never say no. Don’t forget that girls are noticing this and at one point this will rather become unattractive and boring for them. You need to learn how to take charge and say no to her, so she knows that you are equally opinionated.

#5 Stop being available

Spending time with your girl is good. It is not good and not healthy for any relationship to be always available for the other person. Nice guys will do anything to spend the whole day with their girl, but this needs to end. You need to show that you can be busy too at times and that your availability is not open for her at all times.

#6 Create some challenge

All the above things will be challenging for her because things will not always be going as per her say. Other than this you need to do things which she will not be expecting. For instance, stop yourself from texting or calling her exactly when she is expecting you to. This will put her in doubt and spark her competitive side thinking if you have another girl in your life.

Trying Too Hard To Find Love? – Here’s What To Do

We always have someone among our friends who always tried hard to find a romantic partner. And it can get quite frustrating is can’t find it. The thing is love is hard to find by sheer will alone, and some people had found love when they least expected it. When we have decided to start a relationship, we take steps to find a partner and do all sort of things. Like we sign up at an online dating site, post attractive profile pictures taken by a professional, and sometimes we can see results instantly.

However, if we are highly focused, it doesn’t take long before things get a little crazy. In short, it becomes counterintuitive. We repeatedly keep checking our emails for any possible matches; overly think about our responses, reading profile of potential suitors and so forth. In the meantime, even if you get to meet someone, you might feel exhausted and send off negative vibes to a potential suitor.

So, here’s how you can find love without trying too hard and strike a balance between your patience and intentions.

Be Curious

Most of us become curious and interested when one of our friends’ recalls her dating days to us, without thinking too much about what follows next. If you can manage that level of observation and curiousness about your dating life, then you can easily maintain a balance when looking for love. Say, when you get an email, take a subtle approach while taking a look at it, instead of diving into it in a way that it’s your last chance to find love.

Don’t Put Too Much Emphasis in Any One Thing

It’s okay to get excited when you get a match and start imagining all the fun things you both will do together. But, sometimes, you matches can meet other people. They stop responding to your emails or messages. They can fail to meet your expectations in person. Keep in mind that these dates, events, conversations, connections mean nothing and have no impact on your life. Don’t get discouraged and you’ll find someone better.

Meet Real People

Take some time off the screen and pay attention to the real world. Make new friends; indulge yourself with fun and exciting activities, hang out with friends and go to places familiar with singles. Not only this makes your life active and interesting, but it also gives you something to do and enjoy, while looking for your perfect mate online.

Believe In Your Efforts

Believe in yourself and your efforts if you’re disappointed that it’s taking you a long time to find someone you like. Every night remind yourself of all the things you did that day like, you sent a message to one match, initiated a conversation with a new one, spend time with a friend or signed up for a yoga class and so on. Whether big or small, it’s the effort that counts. So relax and congratulate yourself.

The bottom line we won’t be lying if we said most of us found love in places where we least expected it. When we invest our effort, time and money for something good, good things will happen. You just can’t force it to happen. Sometimes, it simply shows up in unexpected ways and times.

Why is a Women’s Love so Fickle

Women love to create their fantasy world in which there is only romance everywhere. They simply love fairy tales and this is what they want in their real lives. But yet they tie up such messy knots in their relationship that either they get hurt or left their partner feeling dejected and helpless.

So, the question arises why woman are so fickle in love? Why do they make their love lives so confusing?  Or is it we men who do unjustly to them?

Looking into a man’s mind, they do not really ask for much. Spending evenings or weekends together with their girlfriend is all that makes them happy, and this is just perfect for them.

Men cheat in two cases; either when they are frustrated, or their girlfriend gets on their nerves all the time for one reason or the other or maybe for no reason at all and secondly if they gets attracted to another woman and the chemistry between the two becomes intense.

A man’s mind is quite simple, and they are easy to understand as compared to the women who are blessed with complex creative love dimensions which can take a height anytime during the relationship. But do keep it in mind that men are pretty content with what comes and go on in their minds.

Women are unpredictable. They are very hard to understand. Sometimes their state of mind and feelings complicates relationships to the extent that it spoils everything. A woman can be easily convinced that she is in a bad relationship than a man. Men listen to their feelings, while women listen to everybody else except their emotions.

As per my perspective, women crave for love, and they like the attention and care which is given to them by their boyfriend or partner. But with the years passing by, they find another charming guy who is more affectionate and gives a little more attention or makes long phone calls; they simply can’t help it and falls for this new guy who makes them feel happy inside.

But the story does not end up here. A woman wants to stay with her steady boyfriend, but at the same time, they do not want to let go of this new charming guy. Some women are going to negate this point, but put them in the similar situation and see how they surprise themselves.

Women are suckers of affection and if any smooth guy knows when to strike the hot iron, they will never resist this new charm in their lives.

Women do not realize this that they cannot have both the guys at the same time. Even she tries to keep it secretive and tries to resist for some time, but time may come when she will start comparing the two. This is the point from where the real confusion and pain starts. This pain does not only make you suffer but also your partner who is unable to understand about your changing moods.

Now can we put the entire blame on women? What I believe it is a trait that cannot be changed. Women do think that they deserve a better guy than she is with right now at any point in their lives. So, they fickle because woman love dramas in their lives and this is just being a part of their drama which they crave for off and on to ensure disturbance and sleepless nights.

All You Need To Know For Your First Date

The feeling that you go through on your first date is a mixed one with both excitement and nervousness. You are excited to meet that one person and nervous about whether you will be able to handle it all or not. There are some basic things which you should be sure of before you leave the premises to guarantee a successful night, both for you and the person attending.

Your personality

What people generally do on their first dates is that they try to fake their personality as someone which they are actually not. Some might act extra classy while others may act extra intellectual, either way, they are just ruining the whole essence of that time. One thing which surely impresses anyone is the originality there is in you.


First dates can be nervous, but you should be careful that it doesn’t show in your body language or on your face. Confidence makes your personality sexier than anything else and will give you a good morale boost as well. That person certainly did have an interest in you which is why you both reached to this first outing, so you should not in any way feel that you lack anything.


Your outfit and styling will basically make the first impression on him or her. First dates are usually all about physical attraction and sense of intimacy. Deeper bonds are formed, later on, so on your first date you should think and choose your attire smartly.


The worst thing that you can do on a date, especially if you are a guy, is to show up late and keep the other person waiting. No one wants to make a fool out of themselves waiting in the restaurant and facing all those weird stares from everyone. Showing up exactly on time is another way of showing respect to the other person.

Safety system

If you are in a situation where your first date is with someone you haven’t ever met, then it is recommended that you plan it in a public place. Also, before leaving you should inform some of your close friends or family members, so they know you’re out with someone.


If in any way you start to feel uncomfortable with that person or you feel that your safety is threatened then you should always have a backup plan. You should have someone’s number on speed dial so they can come for help. Or if not anything, you should just smartly excuse yourself from that table.


You should never go out on a date without any money. This goes especially for all the women out there who should realize that they are part of the modern era and that them paying the bill is no longer a taboo. If not the bill then you might need to run home in a cab, so for that too you’ll be needing money. Money, therefore, should never be kept on chance.

Like Me, Like Me Not? Signs A Guy Wants To Date You

The early stages of seeing someone can be very exciting and impressive. Meeting up, happy, nervous, butterflies in the stomach each time the phone beeps and it is him. But after some time it starts making you confused that whether it is going to be a casual hook up or the person really wants to take you out on a date.

It is always a better choice to go slow in the start. But time may come when you feel like that you are falling for that person, but you are still unsure about what the other person feels about it. You have to figure it out to make your mind clear that either you need to get serious about the relationship or to let go of it. Below are the signs that a guy signal when he wants to make it official.

He is always getting in touch with you

If a guy calls or texts you a lot, then it is a clear signal that he is getting serious about you. There is a big difference between the guy who calls you after midnight just to hook up and the other one who calls you during the daytime to know that how is the day going so far.

He is interested in you

If a guy is interested in you, he wants to know more about you. He will ask questions about your friends, family and things that interests you, and if he genuinely listens to your answers very carefully, then this signifies that he wants to have a better and complete know how about you so as to check the compatibility between you two.

He has only got his eyes on you

A guy who is just flirting around will have his eyes on other women as well. You can notice his wandering eyes when he is with you.  A person who is interested cannot take his eyes off you.

He will introduce you to his friends

A guy who wants to continue a healthy relationship with you will decently introduce you to his friends which simply defines that he is seeking approval from his buddies.

He wants you to meet his family

Now this is a serious move! If a guy is interested in dating you, then he will introduce you to his family. Introducing to his family also depicts that he is thinking something way beyond a casual dating.

He gets a bit nervous

A person who has always been relaxed and confident around you, all of a sudden he seems confused and nervous then this is a green signal that is preparing himself to ask you out officially.

He is open to you

If a guy is interested in you, he will start becoming open to you and share every thought and feelings with you. He will be telling you about the stuff which you know he has never said about it to anyone.

The next time you want to make yourself clear about the feelings of the guy you already have fallen for then check out the list mentioned above to seek for the right indicator.


How to Impress Her Without Having To Say A Word

Most guys stress thinking about what to say when they first meet a girl or how to impress her with their words. But an even better and helpful way is to be able to attract her well enough that your words later don’t matter that much. These tips below can help guys to attract women without having to stress over the words game.

Attract with your eye contact

The first thing that we come in contact with when we see the other person is their eyes. Guys should make sure that when they make an eye contact with a woman, they should combine it with a warm smile and fixate the contact for a long time. Women get confidence from friendly and warm eye contacts, and it gives them a good vibe regarding the person.

Some guys can feel anxious and nervous when making and eye contact, so for them, it is advised that they take a deep breath first and try to keep all the nervousness in their belly. None of it should show on their face. Their gaze should be warm, relaxed and open.

Attract through social proof

Women look a lot more in a guy than just his looks. For many what matters, even more, is how much the guy is preferred by his friends and how much of importance he has amongst his group of friends. Guys can capitalize on this by becoming socially attractive in a way where they are standing in the group of attractive women and having a good laugh. This way the woman will get jealous for not being there and will, therefore, get attracted to that guy.

Attract with cute non-verbal banter

Using all those banter lines are surely a great way to start a conversation with someone, but a nonverbal banter is an equally effective way. Once you have made a good eye contact with a woman and you don’t want that time to end then a good option is to start with non-verbal banter. That can be done by making cute faces like sticking your tongue out or something which will definitely make the woman laugh, and the chances are that she initiates a conversation.

Attract with your appearance

The clothes you wear and the way you carry yourself is what builds the first impression. Women always notice someone who is well dressed, so if you ace that, then your chances with her get really good. Also, you don’t need expensive clothes to attract her, all you have to do is make sure whatever you are wearing is clean, and your face and hair are clean as well. A presentable guy will always attract another woman.

Attract with your body language

A woman never ignores a confident body language. Make sure that you avoid things like fidgeting and excessive movements that give a negative vibe to her. She will like it more if you are standing straight and with full confidence.

These few ways will undoubtedly help a guy to impress a woman better than uttering confused words.