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Quick Checklist on How to Be a Bad Boy

There's always that guy at the bar that seems to be getting all the women. He's arrogant, rude and marches to the beat of his own drum. But still, women flock to him. This is when you, the decent guy, start wondering how is it possible that many of the sensible and responsible women are attracted to this type of “bad boys”? What do they see in these rebels?

Well, your waiting is over now. Here are eight tips which will enable you to get a little bit of a bad boy characteristics.

Be Uncompromising

Yes, yes, we all know the saying that in order to have a happy life with your better-half you have to reach a compromise with her opinions and beliefs. But this is not the case. If you want to be a bad boy, then trust us! You will be extra attractive to any woman you get in contact to, if you have a decisive opinion on everything. Put your bossy mask on and decide where you would like to dine on a Saturday afternoon and what you want to do in the weekend. Be decisive, know what you like and transmit it.

Be a MAN

With bold, capital letters! It’s already universal knowledge that women are attracted to men who leads them, take control of any situation and go after what they want.

Love Yourself

A whole lot self-love is mandatory. A man who values himself knows exactly what he can bring and expect from a relationship. Being aware of his qualities and spreading this feeling through all his  pores, it’s a true catch.

Treat Yourself Right

Allow yourself to enjoy the things you appreciate. And don’t worry, you don’t have to be a billionaire to treat yourself right. But, above anything, you should make time for your hobbies and pleasures. Spend time doing things that you like and make you content. Happiness will bring you more confidence in your strengths.

Share Your Experiences

Have you done exceptionally awesome things in your life? Well, now is the time to talk about them. Be self-confident and share with excitement everything you’ve done.

Be Passionate

Passion is seductive. Keep your enthusiasm about every part of your life. Of course, you may not love your job, but when you talk about it, picture it eagerly. Your apartment might not be the home you ever wanted, but when you mention it, be zestful about it. Your family could very well be a tad bit nutty. Don’t stress – most families are. Share stories about your family and be animated.

Avoid Being Boring

Banal men aren’t a turn on. Women want to date spicy, self-confident, captivating men. No matter what, avoid being boring, monotonous, or coming off very routine oriented. Be smart and tell funny stories and ask interesting questions.

Activate Your Charms

A man who is charming will win it all, both men and women will feel like he’s genuinely interested in them. You should put accent chatting with others and having an attractive personality. Here’s one easy tip: be engaging! Be so captivating and fascinating that all women would want to meet you.

To put in a nutshell, remember 3 words and you will be a genuine bad boy: be charming, self-confident and uncompromising.


Seven Dating Tips for Men

Let's face it, when it comes to meeting the next Ms Right, we could all do with a little help. Here are seven things to keep in mind next time you're out on a date.

1) Don’t forget your manners

A little etiquette never killed nobody. On the contrary, it will raise your level of atractiveness. Do simple gestures like: telling her she looks nice, open the door as she walks through, or offer your arm as she steps down from the curb – but play it natural. Also, make sure you remember particular characteristics like her eye colour (trust us it’s important!) and when you’re comfortable, maybe test the waters by leaning in a little closer as she speaks – if she backs away, well, it’s probably not going well.

2) Be confident

Everyone’s nervous on a first date, but there’s nothing more attractive than a bit of self-confidence. When it comes to conversation, stay in your comfort zone by bringing into discussion a few topics that you can control easily so you’re not out of your depth too early. But it’s a delicate balance on this one – don’t insist too much on the same subject that you feel confident and bang on about it all night. If in doubt, ask your date about themselves and start from there.

It sounds simple at a first look, but choosing someone with similar interests is a big plus. If you like nothing better than watching football over a few beers – and they hate sports with a passion – it’s probably not going to work out in the end. Here’s one quick tip: be yourself and don’t try to force it.

4)Keep it casual

Drinks are fine for a first date. After all, no one wants to sit through the seven-course degustation with someone you’ve only just met – especially if you both realise it’s not going to work after the entrees appear. Also, the location is important to determine the course of your future relationship. For a first outing, it would be better to head to a bar you’ve been to before – you’ll at least know your way there, and it’s one less thing you have to worry about. But avoid just heading to your nearby favorite place – it’s obvious if you’ve chosen somewhere that’s just around the corner from your place. Try for something that’s convenient for both of you to get to.

You wouldn’t imagine but the period of the week that you choose is also important. For the first 2 dates you go for the weeknights, while after the third outing together choose the weekend. Otherwise, they’re going to wonder what you’re doing that’s so much more interesting than them. Or, even worse, who.

5) Be prepared

Firs impressions always count a lot and are decisive, therefore your first date is a great opportunity to show her what you're made of. Be the best version of yourself and show your date that you really care. Get your hair cut, maybe invest in a new outfit, smell good and check your teeth and nails are looking presentable. Plan to arrive a little early, so you’re not flustered when you walk in the door and you’ve got a bit of time to give yourself the quick once-over in the bathroom mirror.

When it comes time to order, play it fairly safe by avoiding anything you’ve never tried before or that’s tricky to eat. Remember that you are what you eat, so pay attention to what type of food you choose and what is the impression that you want to make. First few dates, make the food good, simple and completely forgettable so you can focus on each other. When you choose the wine and you are not a big coneisseur, go for the pinot if you want red, because it suits more food than not.

6) Get a second opinion

If you’re a little clueless or just want to make sure you’re on the right track, don’t be afraid to ask your friends for a few pointers. And if possible, try to have the opinion of a friend-woman. See what they think of the outfit you’re planning to wear, or the venue you want to take your date to. It might save you from some disasters like wearing that shirt everyone hates, or the place which got your friend sick.

7) Eyes in front

When you’re on a date with someone, they should the centre of attention. Ask them about themselves and pay attention to their answers. And remember that women have a 7th feeling which will immediately get activated if you try to get a sneaky look at your watch or phone – and that blonde sitting at the bar who you just checked out. Yes, yes, lift your jaws up because they see everything.

8) It pays to pay

If it’s a first date, it won't do you any harm to pay – or at least offer. Quibbling with who should pick up the bill is a bad look and it’s hardly going to give the best first impression. Also, it’s perfectly fine if your date offers to split the check, as it shows that she is genuine and she is interested in spending time with you as opposed to wanting to be wined and dined regardless of who’s she with.



How to Dress to Attract Women

Almost any man wants to make a good impression in front of a woman. But did you know that she can reject you even before saying “Hi”? It’s shocking, right? Well, believe it or not, even before you prepare to say any “magic word” to a woman, she can decide if she is attracted to you or not. Women are first of all attracted by how you look, and not specifically by your physical shape, but by the way you dress to emphasize that shape.

Therefore, we have prepared a video-guide below to show you some tricks which will enable you to practically decide by your looks if you want to attract or reject a woman. Start by thinking about this aspect more seriously and see if it makes sense to you. In the end, if you understand all these, you will see that the results will appear faster than you have ever imagined.

Did we make you curious? Let’s see how you can transform this idea into a super-power.

Why is it important to pay attention to what you wear?

A woman will never fall in love with a man who is wearing a horrible shirt with pants belted halfway down his thighs, or even worse. We can even make a bet that a man like this will never have success with a beautiful, attractive woman and she will never even speak with him. On the other hand, if you decide to show up with ironed, straight cut pants and a fit shirt, you will not have any negative surprises. It may seem weird – but trust us, in the eyes of a woman clothes are important.

What type of clothes to choose depending on your body shape?

Here comes the first video which will show you how to dress for your body type. The fashion consultant from the video will show you how to dress to look flawless and impress. Men don’t look all the same, so we think it’s important that you pay attention to this video and identify your body shape in order to make the right choices.

What clothes should a man have in his wardrobe?

You already started thinking and went to inspect your wardrobe? Check the video below and you will see what pieces a man should own that are considered universal for any outfit. What about shoes? Are they important? And pants? Too many questions, right? You will find your answers here.

How to fold up your shirt sleeves?

You heard your friends or saw on TV that one of the trends is to roll up the sleeves of your shirt? But you don’t know how to do it in order to keep it refined and look nice? In the video below you will find all the tricks and tips to do it.

And if you want to become a master in rolling up your sleeves, check this free guide on how to dress sharper by fixing the most common 7 mistakes.

How to Tuck in Your shirt

Do you think this is too complex or unimportant? Not at all. Think about how many guys you see around you with their shirts tucked in and looking bad. You don’t want to be like them, right? So watch this video and you will find how easy it is to tuck in or untuck your shirt.

You will also find in the video that he speaks about an article which goes into a more advanced way of how to tuck your shirt. Check it here and become a master.

How to improve your wardrobe without spending too much?

Okay, all these videos and tips are nice and give you a lot of ideas. But how to do it in a low budget? We have thought about this also and we have this video for you where you will see that in order to dress well and attract women you don’t have to spend a lot of money and buy expensive clothes.

All in all, if you started to realize how important is for a man to pay attention to what he wears in order to look good and impress any woman around you, then it means we reached our goal. Trust us, women will never resist in front of a well-dressed man.

Dating Advice For Men To Find The Dream Girl In Life

Dating may appear to be a very complicated business! There are several queries that may swing around your mind before, after or during a date- What must you dress in? Where should the date meet? How often would you call? How much would you speak? So, here some tips will assist you in dating. You can also know how to flirt with girls.

First feelings are always significant

You are possibly thinking to wear the jeans that you consider lucky. However, keep in mind that it can be the foremost impression, which you will create in the mind of your female suitor. That’s why you must not pretend to be a person that you are not in the real world. A girl may want to see that you are proud of your look. Never worry; it does not mean that you have to put on a full formal jacket. However, doing a shave or wearing a smart outfit may help you to impress your date.

Plan for dating in some comfortable place

You may believe that being a gentleman, it is better to allow your date to choose the site for meeting her. However, women sometimes want to see whether you are able to take control. Besides, women also like to get surprises. Moreover, since dating may be an overwhelming experience, you can gain confidence by planning to get together in some familiar area. It will assist you to feel much more comfortable. So, take this dating advice for men, and stay relaxed all the time.

Be self-assured

Being self-assured (but not excessively) is essential to women while it is the matter of choosing a gentleman. When you are slightly shy, you can practice in advance by speaking to the strangers, whom you do not recognize. Or, when you are on a date, choose a topic about which you are enthusiastic, for example, a hobby. The woman will find your self-assurance when you speak ardently on it. Some people can be shy also in their look. You are perhaps not much tall but it is more striking to any woman to prove that you are happy with your own figure. On the websites, you can find more dating tips for shy guys.

Don’t make extensive discussion

On your day, when you have to meet the suitor, you need to ensure that you do not do all the chatting. You must attempt to keep your discussions concise and short. You do not like to bore your date. When everything goes well on the particular day, you can get more opportunities for sharing the stories and moments in future. Do not be afraid of pauses. Listening is also essential, because it reveals that you are concerned on her, instead of giving priority only on your own words.

Keep the chat amusing

You must strive to keep the discussion cheerful. On the first date, there is no need to enter a profound conversation. Women often desire a man, who may make them smiling all the time. You may need to be grave at times; however, in the initial phases of dating, you can have fun.

Avoid the conversation about ex-lover

Speaking about your previous lover is very risky. It is better to keep away from that discussion in general. Your desired girl may not be engrossed in this matter and it may make all the things very awkward. If at any time the woman introduces the topic, strive to keep the replies concise (without looking doubtful). Assure that your history is the past and you like to spend time in knowing her more. This dating advice for guys is really very important.

Avoid multi-dating

In the past, there was just a single kind of steak in any menu of a restaurant. But, now you may have tofu steak, tuna steak and many more. The same thing may be seen in case of dating. Mobile dating and online dating have enhanced your menu. You may find a huge number of girls in your schedule.  It may sound great. But, you have to remain on track, when you like to keep away from the bad reputation. Meet one date on a single night. Do not get in touch with some other women, when you are on the date.

Be thoughtful

Another major dating advice for men is that you have to show thoughtfulness and compassion to the feelings of a woman. Any worthy woman may feel attached to a guy to maintain a positive impetus. While any woman cannot hear anything from you, a room of adverse energy may grow.

A woman wishes to make out whether you are dreaming her. You may allow her realize it with a message and an instant phone call and so on. These little things can lead to a great difference.

Get advice from female buddy

Dating is such an issue, which we never learn at any school. However, when you are planning to develop your dating abilities, you may speak to your female companions. Talk about your previous date- when and where you have gone or what you have done. Every girl will give you various views, but still, it may enable to have you some helpful feedback about how to act better on the subsequent date. Thus, this will serve as the most excellent dating advice for men.

Be patient as much as possible
This is the last dating advice for men. When you have a plan for dating, you should acquire patience as your virtue. Do not give up short-term longings for the long-term pleasure. While you hurry, you damage your opportunities to have a significant association with a superb woman through the dating without drama. Consider the dating as a trip to get an important relationship. Thus, all the stated tips can help you to understand how to get a girlfriend at any stage of your life. You only have to keep the above points in mind so that you will have no frustration, and can gain the heart of the girl you desire.

Juggling Multiple Women

It’s so easy to get mad at a girl when she does something stupid and just say “Fuck it, I don’t need this chick anymore. I’m done with her.” Trust me. I know how it feels.

The last chick that forwarded my phone call I immediately hung up and texted, “You forwarding my phone calls is literally telling me to go fuck myself. So next time you even think about hitting my up for a booty call just take your dildo and shove it up your ass!”Needless to say I had a few drinks before, but I was still irate and rightfully so. She could’ve easily answered the phone call and said she was busy and I wouldn’t have given a shit.

But either way it’s never worth it. A week or two after I sent that text message I really didn’t feel like going out and she was the only girl I was dating that smokes and chills, so I had to swallow my pride and hit her up. Luckily, she’s also a little freak so I didn’t have to do much convincing to get her to come over.

If you consciously take an approach to try and maintain a relationship with every girl you have relations with, it pay’s huge dividends in the end. I’m talking dividends like buying Apple stock a few years ago. This summer I went to Miami and met this Brazilian girl really casually. We spoke for a few minutes at the bar, exchanged numbers and that was it. She friend requested me on facebook a few weeks later and a month ago when I was looking for plans for the weekend I get a message that says, “Hey I’m going to be in your state this weekend with a bunch of my Brazilian girlfriends.” The kid I worked with read the message over my shoulder and said, “Man do I fucking hate you.”

And so what if her friends looked more like they were from some South American Jungle and not your standard Brazillian smokeshows, my night still ended well to say this least. I even learned a little Spanish. “Ay Papi” will be stuck in my head for the next few days.

I also find that this strategy works well with flaky girls. Perhaps you get their numbers and they flake on you the first few times you try and hangout with them. But instead of calling it quits, you leave it alone for a few weeks and all of a sudden you get a text, “Heyy! What are you up to tonight?” Next thing you know you’re asking her if she wants to get some breakfast before you drop her off home.

The key to this approach is to keep relationships with everyone. When you start to pick and choose who you might want to meet up with again in the future it never works out because life is so unpredictable. So make an extra effort to keep lasting relationships with all girls because a little work here will do wonders for you in the future…

How to Hook Up With Hot Waitress

Why is it that every time I finally find a restaurant or bar that I enjoy going to, some sexy waitress comes along and I feel completely obligated to get in her pants just because I’ve been staring at them for two hours straight. One second I’m order a cheeseburger, and the next thing I know I’m smoking weed with this naked Applebee's waitress in my bed figuring out what kind of discounts I’m going to get. I know, I know, you’re not supposed to shit where you eat, but then again sometimes I eat where you shit and I’m not supposed to do that either (think about it for a second).

Getting a waitresses’ number can be quite an easy task because the girl is literally forced into talking to you. There’s no need to worry about coming up with some elaborate opener or pushing the issue when you’re afraid she’s about to walk away. Take your time, you have until the meal is done, and if you can’t get digits by the time you’re done with your main course, there’s always dessert. And when you get really good, you’ll be tasting her for desert. Yeah buddy.

I suggest starting off slow because waitresses have a tendency to get hit on my every horn-ball that sits at their table, so simply ask her how her day is going and say thank you when she gives you her menu. If you plan on ordering some type of alcoholic beverage, ask her what her favorite drink is, perhaps saying something like, “What’s your favorite drink here? And please don’t say something really girly!” You can use the same flirty comment when your order food as well, “What should I get to eat? And please don’t say a salad!” Choose one of the other, there’s no need for both. Don’t get crazy playa.

I like to keep if very polite even when I’m making a joke because the majority of people in this world are straight assholes. They think waiters and waitresses are there to serve them and aren’t people like everyone else, so being polite will immediately be noticed.

Now after your first flirty joke wait until she comes back and try and continue with some standard conversation, asking questions like “So how long have you been working here?”,“Have you been busy today?”, “Are these mozzarella sticks always this good or am I just really high right now?”

When it gets close to the end of your meal is a good time to take that flirting to the next level. What I’ll do is ask them what they are doing after they get out of work very casually, “So do you have any plans after work or are you just going to go home and pass out?” She’ll have some answer and to be polite she respond and say, “What are you doing tonight?” and that’s when you respond in a sarcastic tone and say, “Katie we just met and you already want to hangout with me. I’m not used to moving this fast.” Make sure to call her by her name. By addressing her by her name you’re showing the confidence that you can talk to someone you just met and make it feel natural.

A comment like this takes it from a ‘this guy is just being polite’ to ‘maybe this guy likes me,’ and based on her answer you can get a feel how she feels about you. Worst case scenario she says, “You just asked me!” in a snotty tone and you can say, “I was just kidding,” which is always my bailout.

Since I don’t like imposing on girls when they are work and blatantly asking them for their number, I’ll wait until she’s alone either waiting by the bar for a drink order, or on her way to another table. I’ll time in perfectly like I’m in a mission impossible movie and I’ll get up, walk towards her casually and say “Hey you,” to make sure I have her attention and then I’ll whisper, “I won’t be mad if you leave your number on the check.” I’ll make eye contact and smirk while I keep walking and head to the bathroom or outside to smoke a cigarette.

That how you hook up with the hot waitress boys.

If she wants you to have her number she’ll write it down, and if she doesn’t she’ll pretend like it never happened. It’s the perfect scheme. The only bad thing that can happen is when shit ends poorly because 1). You didn’t answer her texts 2). You only call her after 12pm and 3). You don’t ever bring her around your friends. Then you're stuck watching the football games at your house because you want to avoid seeing her at Miller Ale House, Applebee's, TGIF’s, and McCann’s. Damn, I’m running out of fucking places, but I guess that’s a good problem to have.

Asking An Attractive Cashier For Her Number

I’m sure you’ve all had a time when you were either shopping for some fresh gear, picking up some boars head honey roasted turkey for lunch the next day, or your scooping a fresh pair of Ray bans for summer, and you see a sexy ass girl working the cash register. For years I never could figure out the perfect way to ask them for their number and I always left the store pissed at myself for bitching out, and on top of that I’d look in my shopping bag and realize that I bought a pink pair of Nikes or a Red pair of Ray Bans because I was focused on the girl.

Then, randomly one day after work, I was buying some a fat, juicy, fucking porterhouse for dinner and there happen to be a cute brunette working the register. The swag just happened to be dripping that day, and I unintentionally came across the perfect plan for asking any cashier for her number.

Step 1: 95% Percent of cashiers have some type of name tag, so quickly figure out her name and ask her how her day is going. Simple. You see the majority of people are so rapped up in themselves that they don’t take the time to see how others are doing and just by calling her by her name and asking how her day is going you will immediately grab her attention.

Step 2: You make a joke. She most likely is going to give you the generic “good how about you?” answer, but if she happens to say something like “I’m really tired” jump on it. Say something like “Alright you go home, I’ll take over your shift for that rest of the night. I’ve always wondered what it was like to be a cashier anyway. Give me your shirt.” If she does go with the standard “good how about you?” just have a simple joke planned. Comment on the rainy weather saying something like “My days going good, there’s just freaking monsoon going on outside. I might have to swim home.” If you’re buying clothes say, “Do you even like this shirt?” She’ll say she does and then say, “Okay if one person tells me they don’t like it I’m gunna come back here and be pissed at you,” and give a smile so she knows you’re kidding. Do you best to make her smile, give her a smirk back (nothing to crazy) and let her know what your swag feels like.

Step 3: If you get passed Step 2 and the girl is single, you’re sitting pretty good right here and ya boy Deezy is going to hook you up right quick. At this point you will likely be paying for whatever it is that you’re buying. Use your credit or debit card. This way she’s going to give you two copies of your receipt, and she’ll ask you to sign one of them. Take you copy flip it over and write this on the back:

Your Phone number:____________ 🙂

Give it to her and say “you sign this one while I sign mine.”

BOOM! I fucking love it. It works well because most at most places girls probably aren’t supposed to be giving out there number, but this allows them to be sneaky about it. Wait a day to text her; it will build a little anticipation and then text.

New Year’s Eve Dating Advice

New Year's Eve is a two days away boys, and you know when that clock strikes 12 you would rather have your tongue down some sexy shorties’ throat and with a palm full of ass in one hand and a glass full of champagne in the other rather than having to settle for giving your best friend a homo hug and wishing him the best.

So let’s focus on a few things so we can do to make sure the night goes our way…

First off, if you’re like me then you’re probably used to pre-gaming with your boys until 11 o’clock and then going out, but that doesn’t fly on New Year’s because that ball is dropping at 12 with or without you. That means that you should be out my 9pm, 10pm at the latest to give yourself enough time to scope out the situation so you don’t get stuck making out with some piglet with Tequila breath.

I know I like to use New Years as an opportunity to find an extremely sexy girl, and more often than not someone that I haven’t met yet, so let me help you out with a few openers:

It’s a week after Christmas, so if you see a particular article of clothing that seems very new, like a pair of heels or boots just throw out the comment, “I bet you that those were a Christmas present,” and run away with it.

If you see a girl taking a shot perhaps say something like, “You better not get to drunk, you don’t wanna be passed out by the time the ball drops,” just make sure you say it with a smirk so you don’t come off as a hater and I’m sure she’ll have some type of response.

Once you spark up a conversation, you’re probably going to have about an hour to seal your fate- so get going. Ask her what her New Year's resolution is because in all likelihood it’s going to be about something that she feels self conscious about. Make fun of her, but in a nice way. For instance if she says she’s going to start going to the gym say, “That’s a good one, just don’t be one of those people that buys all these new gym clothes, spandex and the whole nine, works out hard for two weeks and then quits.”

If she says she doesn’t have a New Year’s resolution tell her that everyone has to have a New Year resolution so they can feel a sense of accomplishment- it’ll make your dumbass sound smart. Go on to say that she could pick something simple, and tell her yours is that you want to make sure you put the seat down after you pee.

When you’re finished making her laugh and she’s feeling comfortable and all that good shit, tell her you’re gonna go grab a glass of champagne so you can toast before you kiss- throw it out there casually…

You might get a, “Alright, but no tongue,” but try and slip it in there anyway because it’s fucking New Years!!!!

Scientifically Proven that Muscles Attract Women?

It’s an age old question: Do chicks really dig guys with big muscles? The answer is pretty unfortunate for most of us – yes, they do.

So how do we get rid of the beer belly and lo mein arms? Our options are bleak. We can either spend countless hours in the gym pumping iron and running on the treadmill, or we can turn to 2 suggestions I recently received from a celebrity fitness trainer.

1. Legal Steroid Alternative – Putting on muscle without the help of supplements takes a ton of time that most people simply don’t have. You have to lift weights, do some form of cardio, and plan your meals with the precision of a chemical engineer. It’s just not realistic.

Luckily in this day and age technology is on our side and we can turn to a legal steroid alternative to help us build muscle and lose weight fast. They’re the same supplements professional athletes use to that help give them ‘that edge’ on the field. The products are so effective the manufacturers often give them away for free because they know people will keep coming back for more.

2. Celebrity Workout Routines – Celebrities have means to hire the best personal trainers in the world, so by mimicking their workouts we can achieve similar results at a fraction of the price. My personal favorite is the Chris Pratt workout plan. The guy literally went from being a chubby funny comic on Parks and Recreation to a full blown blockbuster movie star with leading roles in Guardians of the Galaxy and this summer's smash hit Jurassic Park.

The best advice I could give to anyone looking to get in shape is the following: Commit. Plan ahead. Eat right.

There’s no half assing it. If you keep doing the same thing you’re going to get the same results, so for you to have any chance, you need to be 100 percent committed to the cause.

The best way to ensure that you make it to the gym everyday and you’re eating healthy is to plan ahead. Instead of dilly dallying on your lunch break, spend that hour at the gym 3x a week. Wake up an extra 15 minutes early to make yourself a nice breakfast and put together your lunch at that time as well.

Lastly, eating right cannot be over emphasized. If you leave the gym and immediately head to your favorite burger restaurant, it's going to be extremely difficult to achieve the results you want.

Hope this helps!

Dating Rich Women Tips – How To Get Them Attracted To You

dating rich womenDespite all the tips, tricks and ideas you have learned on dating rich women, you probably know already that creating some attraction is the most important thing in taking a beautiful lady's fancy. Without attraction, you simply cannot do it. Attraction is different from getting along or being friends with someone. Practically, if you get along well with a woman, it does not mean that you will ever get over the friendship barrier without attraction.

If you are new to this, understanding how attraction works is probably the biggest challenge. You have to understand how to create this attraction when interested in dating a beautiful woman, hence the necessity of some love advice for men.

Once you manage to understand the principles of attraction, you achieve a superpower that plenty of men can only dream about. It makes no difference what your standards are. It also does not matter if you are interested in dating rich women or just beautiful women. After all, different men have different expectations from their relationships.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you can never convince a woman to be attracted to you. Therefore, all the logical arguments, words and conceptions you present will have null effects in attracting a woman, even if they look perfect. Moreover, some men go even deeper into it. They go into deep and rational discussions in the attempt to explain women why they should be attracted to them. The effect is opposite. She will simply lose all signs of interest.

No matter how kind you are, you probably know already that men tend to never justify themselves, give explanations or excuse themselves. All these things kill the attraction. Most men who read relationship advice for guys can admit that the lack of attraction represents their number one problem, as well as the main reason wherefore they do not have women in their lives.

However, attraction is a simple math equation. Attraction is interest plus challenge. Attraction also means the irresistible urge a woman experiences when she thinks about you. This is not a cognitive process. It does not mean that she thinks about you. Instead, it means that she feels an emotion when she gets close to you or thinks about you. Therefore, this is not a decision, but an emotion. It is an important clue. If you want her to think about you, give her emotions and not reasons or arguments.

So what does interest mean when it comes to dating rich women? It is simple – drawing the attention. You draw her attention by standing up in the crowd. How do you do it. There are more aspects to keep in mind. Women are attracted by leaders, rich men, people who have the power, individuals who can speak well in public, celebrities, men with women around them, men who dress well and stand up in the crowd due to an unusual behavior.

Men react to the exact same stimuli. Practically, these categories of people make themselves remarkable. But think about it for a minute. As a kid, you were told that learning and studying will provide a good job. You become someone, so you will inevitably attract women too. A lot of women believe that one of these categories is more than enough. However, not being able to make the difference between interest and attraction is the biggest mistake. The interest gets a woman closer to you. She may even sleep with you. But sooner or later, you will lose this woman in front of someone who understands the power of challenge.

Interest is just like the Russian roulette – there is always the risk to get burnt. There are plenty of leaders or rich men who can speak well and dress in a fancy manner, but without being able to draw women's attention. Moreover, you should know that the interest gets lost pretty fast. The clock starts ticking as soon as a woman feels attracted to you, so your time is limited.

The challenge is, therefore, the most important element. It is so powerful that it can work without the actual interest too. Some men may not excel in clothing, shower with money or hold speeches on the beach. With all these, they can attract women by being challenging. The challenge always beats the interest because a challenging man is always interesting, while an interesting man is not always challenging. So how can you become challenging in dating rich women? This is by far one of the best dating questions.

Generally speaking, you are a challenging man when the interaction between you and the respective woman starts with a challenge or an impossible scenario. It begins like an incredible story – a story worth being told and kept. You are challenging when you start this story from the first moments of your interaction. A story consists of more parts, such as a powerful intrigue, a peak and other connecting elements. Think about a few things when interested in approaching a lady and asking her for something. Do you have that incredible story? If you come up with a predictable and platonic scenario that she runs into everyday, chances are she will not pay attention to it.

In order to create this story, you have to risk. Risks are not always positive, but they can become your best friends in human interaction. There are a few basic rules in becoming challenging with a few subtle risks. The higher this risk is, the more interesting your story becomes. The more interesting your story is, the more intense her attraction turns. Finally, the more impossible the interaction and relation between you two are, the more she wants you. With these thoughts in mind, you do not necessarily need to be subtle. Just come up with a new way to approach someone. Surprise her, even if this is the first time you see her. Make it risky and she will definitely be attracted by your courage and attitude.