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8 Things All Guys Must Know Before Making A Move!

People say women are hard to understand and this is true to a great extent. Women can be confusing which is why guys end up getting embarrassed or making a fool out of themselves. There are some things which men should be sure and clear of so that when they do make a move, their chances are pretty good.

#1- Understand women

This is like the first rule before anything, in order to get a woman you first need to “get” women. You need to know where women come from emotionally and whatever goes on in their mind. You need to know how they react to certain situations and how they like to be treated in different situations. Women are smart and they can quickly judge if the other person is nervous or anxious, so you need to ace their mind games before making any move.

#2- Attract her

Women are used to dealing with ask-outs and random guys coming up and appreciating their beauty. What they really look for in guys is something that is out of the ordinary, something special. Guys should try to attract a woman with their looks or style before going to them and starting off with the same old conversation.

#3- Keep it less of an interview

When initiating conversation with women, you need to make sure that it doesn’t get boring. Asking too many questions will make her lose interest in the talk and it will look more like a job interview than a friendly banter.

#4- Be playful

Being serious and deep sure works, but not always. Women always enjoy the company of guys who can make them laugh and start an interesting conversation. A good sense of humor is not common these days but if you have one, then be sure to make good use of it.

#5- Be challenging

Too easy to get is boring and not what women chase. If you want to keep the spark alive and to make sure that a particular woman is interested in you, you have to create a situation that seems challenging to her. Build mystery by not telling all about you at once and at the same time maintain her interest.

#6- Dress best

As much as we ignore it, but we can’t deny the fact that yes dressing is and will continue to play an important part in building someone’s personality. Guys should make sure that their dressing matches their personality and represents it perfectly.

#7- Master the touch

Some guys make a huge blunder by making the woman physically uncomfortable. This thins, therefore, should be kept in mind that physical touch should not be initiated unless the woman gets comfortable around you.

#8- Be gutsy

Sometimes playing too safe gets boring and annoying. Women like guys who are daring and go for something that involves using guts rather than just doing the usual boring stuff.

Mastering these tips beforehand is surely going to be of great help for guys when they think of approaching women.


How To Get A Crush Out Of Your Head – Tips That Can Be Helpful

Being humans, you are full of emotions and even a single mistake can bring pain in your life and can destroy all other happiness. Brain is the most important part of your body and helps in the proper functioning of the body. It is the place where all your knowledge and other important things are stored and it is not easy to erase anything from the memory, especially about your crush. Most of the people think that they are in love, but it is actually their crush. When their dream breaks they get really hurt, so if you are suffering from the same issue then you must get her out of your mind.

Crush is like a big bump that will hurt you and will leave you alone. To overcome this situation, you can follow certain tips that will help you in learning How to get a crush out of your head. Having a crush sounds easy, but to get rid of it is not an easy job. Basically crush is the appreciation of the traits, characteristics and beauty. This is one of the ways through which you get attracted towards opposite sex and admire him/her. In fact most of the time people also fall in love with their crush and it can happen with you in any age and most of the time it starts with infatuation.

Tips for getting crush out of head

There are a number of tips that you can follow and can consider on How to get a crush out of your head such as by talking with your friend or with your crush directly, by walking alone, by limiting your boundaries and many more. Following are some other tips that you can consider:

Date and flirt with someone else: The best way through which you can forget someone is to find someone else. Dating will help you in solving this issue. Instead of thinking more about your crush, date someone else. Take your date out for the coffee or movie, this will not only help you in forgetting your Ex but through this you will enjoy and will feel more confident. This will boost up your confidence which will help you in controlling your emotions. In fact, you can also use online dating sites through which you will really get someone of your choice. Along with dating you can also do flirting with your dates, crush or friends. This will make you happy go person once again and through this you will be able to enjoy your life and can live peacefully. Spend some quality time with others and for flirting good eye contact and a smile can be the best option.

Get busy in some other work: Go and have fun, keep yourself busy in some other work. There are many things that you can do like you can join dancing classes, singing classes, gym, learning classes, grooming classes and many more. Along with this there are many other things you can do. This will help you in diverting your mind and not only this your chances of getting someone will increase. So, this can be the best way through which you can get rid of your crush. Your learning skills will also enhance if you will make yourself busy in other works.

Chill with friends: Friends are the best persons in your life. They are the one with whom you can share your feelings and emotions. So, at such situation nothing can better than hanging out with your friends. If you feel comfortable and relaxed with your friend then it can be the best way to overcome you memories. Your friends will make you feel better, and not only this they will do many funny things to make you smile. You can get involved in many activities with your friend such as you can go for hiking, climbing, mountaineering, fishing etc. And if you are not interested in all these, then you can plan for late night movies, long drives and can meet in restaurants, bars or coffee shops. This is also one of the points that you can consider in How to get a crush out of your head.

Make your emotions free: Emotions are one of those things that can either make you stand or can lead you down. So, if you are going through any such problem, then you should control your emotions. If you cannot control, then let your emotions come out. If you want to cry, then cry as much as you can, as it is the best medicine through which you will become strong. Keep your feelings inside and have good control over it. Do whatever you like doing and divert your mind. You can also take the help of your best buddy. You can also write down about your feelings in the paper and stop wallowing. Get socially active and take the help of various social networking websites to make new friends.

Let someone have crush on you: Having crush on someone is one thing and becoming crush of someone is other thing. So, you can heal your problem by making someone have crush on you. As told above take the help of social networking websites and make you full charge. Take your photos in well groomed manner and post it online. May be you will find your true love, you never know! You can also take the help of your friends and discuss with them. Suppose, if you are going in a party then be ready to find someone and after finding her make an eye contact. Make her get lost in your charm and satisfy her deeply. Try to do something that will bring excitement in your life and will make your day memorable. Pay attention to each and every person in the party and have a glance over them. If you find someone giving the same interest, then exchange your glance and be ready for the coming surprise in your life. This is again of the points that you can consider when thinking of how to get a crush out of your head.

How Never Run Out Of Things To Say – Tips That Can Be Helpful

The most awkward moment that many people suffer within their daily life is the awkward silence that comes in the middle of the conversation when you fell short of words as well as with topics to continue your conversation. The situation arises very easily specially with those people who are new to you and you are desperate to make friendship with them. Dealing with such situation is never easy. Many people also find it difficult to deal with such situations. Those people always wonder how never run out of things to say while talking to the strangers as well as new friends. It feels like that your mind is completely blank and you have nothing to say or carry with your conversations. Many people do get frustrated from these kinds of situations and always act in a stupid way or say anything which is absolutely inappropriate to say at that particular time. It does also affect the confidence of people. Many boys also encounter this situation while talking to the girl they like the most. This situation not only lowers down their self-confidence but also makes them feel embarrassed in front of the classmates or colleagues. So, if you are experiencing any such kind of problem, then maybe you should consider following points for your better understandings of how never run out of things to say.

No filtering: People do run out of words or topics to talk on because they filter everything they speak in their mind. Thousands of things do come in their mind at a single time, but they only speak few of it. The rest of the thoughts get filtered in their mind. Many people do this exercise on daily basis while interacting with anyone. They check themselves in their mind and then speak the selected portion of it. They do it to look cool or very wise in front of other people and friends. This filtering in mind leaves them with nothing to talk on as they have said only the selected part which is hard to talk on. So, to overcome this problem, you must think and speak whatever comes in your mind without filtering any of it. You can try this exercise with a bunch of your friends and you will see the effectiveness of this technique towards how never run out of things to say. People are not interested at what you are saying, they hear it and they forget it very easily, but they are interested in your way of communication and interaction. So, interact with people with open mind without filtering anything in your mind.

Show some interest in talking: People will only talk to you if you will show interest in talking to them. If you will ignore talking to them, they surely would not talk to you. The best technique to make your conversation longer is by showing your interest in the conversation that is going on. Showing interest or participating in a conversation will definitely make you feel more confident from inside. You can also talk on some of the interesting topics. It is seen that people like to talk on interesting topics which will make the conversation last for hours without stopping. You should also work on your facial expressions as your face also tells that you are actually interested in the conversation or not. A happy face and ready to listen face is always welcomed in the conversations.

Talk on everything: To make your conversations long and interesting, you must talk on everything or on anything that comes in your mind. Talking about personal stories and experience can easily make people feel bored very quickly as they have nothing to talk on. They also can’t talk for a longer time on your personal story as they don’t know anything about it. All they will do is listen to you for a long time. Conversations don’t work this way, the participation of both the people is very important to carry on with the conversation. So, instead of talking about your own experience you can talk on normal things which most of the people have knowledge of. You can talk about politics; you can talk about any national or international event going on. These common things will help you in carrying forward your conversation with other people. They can also express their views and opinions in that conversation. Simple topics are the best to talk on as most of the people will find themselves comfortable while talking on it.  Simple talks will be far more interesting and you will never experience that awkward silence while talking to anyone.

Stop thinking about what to ask: The main reason behind these awkward silences is that people are thinking in their mind what to ask from the other person. This takes a lot of time resulting in long awkward silence. You don’t need to think that much for having conversation with other people. A good and healthy conversation is such in which you don’t have to think much about how never run out of things to say. A conversation is just a normal random talk in which two people talk normally without filtering or planning their thoughts and conversations. All the things that you can talk on will naturally come in your mind. You need not to make some extra special efforts to keep your conversation going. Doing so will definitely create an awkward silence just because you are thinking about the conversation in your mind. So, you must stop thinking about what to talk, just do it the natural way and let it flow.

Be a good listener: Just as it is said that a good listener is also a good vocalist. In order to carry on with your conversations, you must listen what the other person is saying to you. Careful listening will give you many topics as well as many suggestions that you can talk about or give it to her. So, you must not talk way too much and listen to what the other person has to say.

Do Women Like Intelligent Men? Find Out Why Or Why Not

It is really hard to understand what makes a girl to get attracted towards a man. Is it their good looks, smartness or intelligence? Researchers, even after several researches, have not been able to justify this answer. The most common reason is that “it’s really difficult to understand the woman’s psychology”. On one hand, some women actually like to date the smart and intelligent men while on the other hand, they really do not like when the men behave smartly and prove them dumb. Hence, it can be said that every woman has her own choice of the partner for dating but definitely it can be said that most of the women fall for an intelligent guy who is attractive, especially when she actually does not know that he is really very smart.

Compelling reasons for attraction towards intelligence

Are you looking for the reasons for why do women like intelligent men? Get the help of the internet and from the experts to know the most common reasons that enable a woman to get attracted towards an intelligent guy. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • An intelligent guy talks wisely on a topic and in an intelligent way. He is well mannered and generally has a good sense of styling what makes the women to feel attracted towards him.
  • Women feel very comfortable in introducing the intelligent and smart men to their friends and family. She knows that when she introduces him to her family and friends, he will be able to win their hearts with his intellect talks, especially when she has so many intellects in her family and within friend’s group.
  • Generally the intellects have a good job and handful of money hence the women find such intelligent guys as a suitable partner for their life. They think that their future will be secured and they will be able to enjoy their life in luxuries.
  • Women feel that smart men are sexier than the dumb guys.

Intelligence doesn’t always attract

It is not necessary that every woman who falls for an intelligent guy holds on the relationship for so long.  It is because there will be lack of fun and enjoyment. Silly humors, flirting, dirty talks, sensual touches etc. turn on the girl more easily as compared to the intelligence. A girl will feel more comfortable with a guy who is not so intelligent but he knows how to make her smile and grab the attention of the people around with his dumbness. So, if you have to answer for the question do women like intelligent men? Then, you can have the following points to say which infer that relationship between an average intelligent girl and an intelligent man is like a bubble.

  • Intelligent man will have strong points to prove his side. He has a good knowledge about the subject and various other things so he can easily overrule her. Women normally like not to be overruled.
  • If an intelligent guy gets prejudice for his intelligence and good job, then it can be very easy for him to humiliate his partner.
  • An intelligent man will always have intellectual topics to talk about which sometimes can turn to be boring for the women.
  • Intelligent men are generally less social hence, they are less aware of the latest trends, act more smartly than they are expected and they will be less confident.
  • He will think about the results of each and every thing before doing it, so that he does not go wrong in anyway but in reality the real joys are experienced by being nerdy a little bit.
  • He will try to impose his intelligence on everyone and will think that you already know about everything.
  • He will have the calculative mantra for solving every problem in a relationship.

You can read about more points on do women like intelligent men? If you are being continuously rejected by the women, then you should check if it’s not your intelligence which is obstructing your relationship.  Are you trying to be over smart? Is there a deep intelligence difference between you and your partner? Or are you dominating the relationship? When you analyze these things, you will be able to know whether you are too smart for the women or too dumb for her.

Be a perfect blend for her

If you want to become the centre of attraction of the women, then you should be a perfect blend of intelligence and dumbness. You have to act like an intelligent where it is needed otherwise it is better to stay a little but dumb in front of her.  She will feel happy to correct you, scold you, laugh with you and become naughty with you. Women feel attractive towards the man who is flirty and does not think even for a second to get physical if he really likes her.  So, there is no hard and fast rule that women like only the intelligent guys or the dumb ones. You should be an equal mix of each. Guys are needed to understand the psychology of the girl and heck out the important things that make a girl feel attracted towards a man.

Make girls feel attracted

Here are some of the important tips to make a girl feel attracted towards you which will help you to make girlfriends with an ease:

  • Stop thinking about do women like intelligent men? Just use your wits and behave according to the situation.
  • Pay attention towards your grooming and let the girl to feel sensual about you.
  • Be confident and do not hesitate to make the first step for getting into relationship.
  • Make you girl laugh and be happy. Avoid being dominating and let her feel that she dominates you while maintaining your dignity.
  • Don’t behave as a nerd.

If you follow these points then there are higher changes for you to get a girl in your life.

4 Ways To Get Your Seducing Game Strong!

Who doesn’t want to master all the right moves of attracting the other gender and of being a total pro at it? Undoubtedly everyone wants it, but little know the art behind it.

When talking about specifically how to impress women, one should first realize that it is much more than just showing all that swag. In fact, there isn’t any way to know for sure what a woman actually wants. For some it may be the sexy good looks, for some intellect and the rest will be all in for personality. Whatever the case may be, playing the safe card is always recommended. And that card is to learn seduction in all the right ways. Seducing never goes wrong and will always attract a woman, no matter how arrogant she may be.

For all those who are wondering and sad on the fact that they still aren’t well aware of the love game, then these smart 4 tips will surely help you get your head in that game.

#1 Less attention, better chances

In order to grab her attention, you must always ensure that your self is always maintained as the object of desire. So how will you ace that? It will only be when she notices that you are ignoring her from the lot. Ignoring her and pretending that you haven’t acknowledged her existence will only increase her attention for you. It is basically working around the reverse psychology, where the more someone runs away from you the more you run after it. This act should be continued even on social networking apps where you should ignore her texts and sometimes not even open them. This will keep her in the constant curiosity and tension. But, you cannot risk her losing interest and this is the point where you should unexpectedly send her a mysterious message to light it all up again.

#2 Her friends are the key

Despite being bestest of friends, naturally every women has some level of jealousy towards the other. Men should know exactly how to capitalize on this one point and when. Whenever she is around, you should try to ignore her and make more conversation with her friends. Compliment them and show that you’re having a good time with them. This one small thing will make her so possessive that she’ll do anything to get your time and attention.

#3 Fake awkward encounters

There can be times when you accidentally run into her at a mall or any other place. Now at that very moment, what you need to do is act as if you have a better place to be at that time and also try to end the conversation as soon as possible and quickly leave. This will put her in that instant state of shock yet an increased desire for you.

#4 Don’t fall for her too soon

There is one thing that will destroy all your chances and that is if you develop feelings for her. If that happens, you’ll get weak and somehow you will lose the real motive behind; which is to get her attracted towards you. Make sure that you leave the love part for the last stage and enjoy the early stages of seduction while you can.

How To Change Your Life and Start Attracting Women

You can never force someone to like you but you can always create the circumstances where that person is inclined to do so. Women are surely difficult to impress but if you work the other way round to get their attraction, then the chances are pretty good. These 7 ways will teach you how you can challenge her to get attracted towards you.

#1-Build your own life

No one will like unless you like your own self. This rule applies here perfectly where you should try to put value in your life and make it interesting. Your life should be such that the other women is attracted enough to join you in that and experience all the fun.

#2-Give her space

Too much of anything is not good. You need to make sure that you are not always around her and during that time away, she realizes your presence and even start to miss you. You also need to establish that you can be busy with your life and that you are not always available for her.

#3-Tell all your “stories”

It is always smart to let her know that your life I a lot more than just her and that you have a good social circle as well. Tell her all the funny and interesting stories where she enjoys a laugh but at the same time comes to the realization of how lively a person you are. Everything would be a lot better if those stories involve some of your female friends as well; a little jealousy is never too bad.

#4-Dodge her questions

Women can be really nosy about your life. They will try their best to get all the information out but you need to keep your head strong and make sure that you don’t answer all of it. Keep the mystery and keep her wondering about a lot of things.

#5-Miss her occasionally

You can’t really risk losing her by showing attitude 24/7. You need to make her realize that she matters and that will be done when you occasionally send her a cute “missing you” message. This will make her fall in love with you all over again and will keep the spark alive.

#6-Tease her!

Teasing has always been a woman’s emotional fantasy because they love dealing with that but sadly not all guys know when or how to do it. Teasing becomes a strong game because it creates that sexual tension and mystery of what exactly would come next. If men can ace this game of teasing, they surely can keep her interest living for long.

#7-Challenge her at any game

Women like challenges and naturally feel bound to ace at it. You can challenge her at a game and you will literally feel the positive tension or sexual tension building up that will enhance the whole experience. Despite the fact whoever wins, if the game has been played well, the girl will always remember it.

These ways are guaranteed to get a positive and long lasting response from the woman, if and only if done with perfection.


How To Show Appreciation Without Using Words?

Appreciating someone in words is always pleasant and polite but showing them that how you feel about it is much more powerful and perfect than the words can ever say. We often forget to appreciate the people who do a lot for us on a daily basis and in doing so we start taking them for granted which we do not even realize it ourselves.

Actions have more impact as compared to the few words muttered for appreciation. What you should do is to use your actions to say that you appreciate what they did. It seems like that appreciating through actions could be a difficult task. However, it is quite simple. Many different things can be done that you can do to appreciate someone rather than uttering it from your mouth. If you are still not clear that what sort of actions is required, then check out the following list to clear up your mind.

  • What is going to be more terrific than making them their favorite home cooked meal? It not only conveys that you loved what they did but in fact, by putting such a warm effort will definitely going to mean them a lot.
  • Flowers are for every occasion. They freshen up the mind and brighten up the day. It inevitably brings a smile on the face.
  • They will surely be appreciated if they come back after a long working day and you hand over to them a ticket to the movie show or of their favorite band.
  • Plan a picnic for them. Take them to their favorite place or the place they wish to visit, cook a delicious meal and spend a full fun time day together.
  • If you know that your partner loves coffee, then nothing is going to be more perfectly appreciated by getting up early and bring a freshly prepared coffee for him/her to bed.
  • Make them something with your hands like knit something; paint a picture, or even a simple card can say it out that you are well appreciated.
  • Dress in an outfit which you know they like. Choose the color of their choice. Wear their favorite cologne/perfume and make them feel imperative and extraordinary.
  • When you are aware that they are bust and they will not find the time to perform their chores, then do it on their part. Wash the dishes, do the laundry, iron clothes or even vacuum the house.
  • How about ordering lunch from their favorite restaurant and send it to their workplace. Sending hot fresh lunch will definitely going to surprise them, and they will be highly appreciated through this gesture of yours.
  • Let them plan an evening out with 100% of their choice. They will get whatever they ask for.
  • As an appreciation token, buy them a thing which they can’t stop talking about. It can be a game, a dress or a shirt, etc.
  • Order a gift basket that holds their favorite munchies.
  • Nobody is perfect, so ignore their faults and overlook their silly mistakes.
  • Be part of their hobbies like watching a football match. Although it is not your type of a thing, it will convey to them that you are still there for them anyway.

Saying to someone that you are appreciated is simple and easy but by showing it with your actions is more productive and impressive.

Do All Pick Up Artists Get Laid At Their Will And Have A Complete Success Over Women

Before moving to more severe explanations, let’s just explain what a pick up artist is. He is an alpha male, capable of getting the attention of any woman and benefit from that. He approaches anywhere and anytime he wants. There are no rules and there are no sad faces. In essence, a pick up artist is a man who always has a girl or two on his leash. Even then, he is constantly looking for new ‘’victims’’. Why? Because he can and he isn’t afraid of that.

Do all pick up artists get laid at their will? The answer is yes and no, due to different reasons. First of all, some women cannot be won, not because a pick up artist isn’t capable of impressing them, but because they have a reason that prevents them from dating. Maybe she is a lesbian, or thinks to become one, maybe she just ended a long relationship so she isn’t interested in dating or etc. The bottom line is that there are a lot of unknown and unforeseen facts, therefore a 100% success is an illusion.

On the other side, we have a man who is capable of approaching to several women per day and trying to get something from them, without fear. Statistically, he has far higher chances to get laid than a man who approaches women once per month. We already said that they probably have a few women at their disposal, so when they want sex, all they need is to call one of them (in some cases even two are possible). So, it is yes, pick up artists can have sex at their will.

However, answering to the do all pick up artists get laid at their will question is even more complicated. Pick up artists own some specific benefits that allow them to lead a lifestyle as it is. There are also several reasons why they are so successful in getting regular sex. If you are not a pick up artist, you can learn from them and try to become one.

Reasons, why pick up artists, are successful in getting laid

We already have answered to the do all pick up artists get laid at their will but there are a lot more things you should know and we should explain. The actual power of pick up artists is in the attitude and their beliefs. Thanks to them, they are extremely successful in getting laid.

  1. Don’t expect, react

This is the first reason and the main rule, most pick up artists use. Ordinary men are something like ‘’what if I fail, what will happen’’ and etc. Pick up artists don’t expect to fail nor do they expect something more from that woman. They just want to approach and to try winning her over. They want sex and it is the main motivation for them. Simple as that! Most of them claim that if you don’t expect anything, good things will happen.

  1. They are confident

The first thing to remember before approaching a girl is that you must have confidence. More is better and guarantees you more success. Women like men who are strong and have their character. Confidence is usually the first sign of that, so they are attracted to them easily. Women don’t want to have sex with men who don’t have confidence. They treat that as weakness and it is in their nature to avoid men like that.

Confidence will have countless benefits on your lifestyle, besides on your sex life, so it is a wise decision to try to improve it and develop it.

  1. They try and try harder

How many times you waited to approach a girl and she left? Probably every time you go out. Pick up artists don’t wait, they react. They will approach a girl as soon as they see her and they will want to have sex with her on that very night. They are not concerned what that girl will say, nor how she will react. Even statistically speaking, this is the most important way for having more sex.

  1. Have fun

All pick up artists are alpha males. They do what they want, and they want to have fun. If you use the same tactics, you will draw attention, which is recommended and can guarantee you more success.

  1. Immune to the rejection

There are a lot of secrets, pick up artists have shared and just one of them is to be immune to rejection. It is probably the most important one and it is something that can make a difference. We are not talking about chances when you can be rejected, we are talking about rejection not having an effect on you. You are rejected, so what, move forward.

  1. Pick up artists, listen to women

Women tend to be talkers (obviously) and they can talk for hours. One reason why all pick up artists are more successful than other men is the fact they listen. Of course, most of them just pretend, but women believe in that, so they think ‘’that guy is special.’’ Using these tactics is more than just recommended and it even has benefits later in a relationship. After all, women like and want men to remember something regarding them that happened a while back. The tip you can use is to write it down, just in case.

The final thought

Do all pick up artists get laid at their will? Yes, sex isn’t a problem for them and they have it every day.  A good thing is that you can be one of them, all you need to implement all the reasons we mentioned here. Keep in mind that they are easy to use and you can use them. They have a huge effect on the sex life and the ordinary life, therefore they are more than just useful. Still, more sex than ever cannot do any harm.

Mystery Unveiled: How To Attract Alpha Female?

Same as men, women can be alpha individuals. They are completely different than ordinary women and they have the need for new and different things. They are also completely different in relationships, so make sure you know a thing or two before stepping into one. The main fact to remember is that alpha female will struggle to gain control over a man. If/when they do it, they will simply break up and move to the next guy! Never allow to an alpha female to be the leader in a relationship.

Because alpha females are not a common topic, we should explain to you who they are. If a girl has all or just 2-3 of the following characteristics, she is an alpha female and make sure to use the tips mentioned below in order to attract her and stay with her.

  • Alpha males are confident. They don’t ask for approval nor do they want to prove something to you. The best metaphor is a successful lawyer, who speaks in front of a jury what she wants and she impress them every single time.
  • She does everything effortlessly. She won’t try too hard, but every action will look so simple and easy.
  • Telling the truth, no matter how it sounds is the next virtue of all alpha females. They simply don’t care when the truth hurts.
  • Own style. All alpha females will have their own style. They don’t want to wear, nor do the same as all other women. Note: This is the easiest way you can spot the alpha woman.
  • They will never be intimidated by other women. If needed, they will show their supremacy.

Still want to know how to attract alpha female? Of course you do. They are astonishing and they are desirable. Try to remember that there are a lot of more characteristics, but these ones are the most common. A general rule is that if a woman says what she thinks, when she wants and she don’t pay attention on the consequences, she is an alpha woman.

Attract alpha female with the help of these simple techniques

Just because alpha women look scary, it doesn’t mean they are. In a matter of fact, approaching them and attracting them is almost the same as with ordinary girls, but it requires completely different tactics. Here we will say something about them.

Show your strengths

How to attract alpha female? You will have to be an alpha male. It means that you must be confident, you don’t care what other people think about you and you don’t give up. In reality, this means that you will see an alpha woman and you will approach to her. Even if she sees you, behaving as we just said, she will be attracted. On the other side, some alpha women like men who will obey them. These relationships usually last for a short period of time, or a man has the role of a woman!

Don’t pay attention to her

Most women will be stunned when an alpha male looks at them and pays a close attention to them, all night. Alpha females are completely opposite. If she sees you that you look at her all the time, you won’t have a chance of attracting her. As we already said, direct approach is the best option here.

Be precisely as you want to be

An alpha man is someone who does anything he wants at any time. He isn’t afraid of showing the weird movements, the strange style and original behavior. No matters are you similar or completely opposite to an alpha woman, she will be attracted by you! They cannot resist when a man is different and shows that without a problem.

You must be something she cannot have easily

All, literally all alpha women are used to men who will do everything for them. Don’ think that you can easily impress you with flowers, romance and with money. If you try to do this, you will lose her. The only way to attract her is not giving her what she wants. If she shows desire for special boots, forget buying them, buy her a hat! If she wants to see you tonight, lie and demand to see her tomorrow.

Don’t lose verbal fights

In this, no matter are you having a verbal fight with your friend, sister, alpha woman or even with your parents, you cannot afford to lose. If you do, it is a sigh of weakness, so you cannot be an alpha male!

Be cool

Alpha females have ordinary women as their friends. Eventually, she will hear or see you or some man that has potential chances to be attractive to her. If you are that man, you must be cool. Simply said, calling her every day, inviting you and investing effort in the potential relationship will repel her. Staying cool and don’t invest a lot of time in her will force her take an initiative.

Recap of attracting alpha female

The answer to the how to attract alpha female question is actually very simple. You must be the man in the house! There is no place for weaknesses, there is no place for romance and feelings are hidden deep inside you. You don’t show them, nor do you care for them. Think on alpha females as on fighters. They know only for victory and for tough situations.

If you behave like this, it is just a matter of time when an alpha woman will literally approach you.  Even when you are in a group where one of the girls is alpha, she will show affection towards you. Another must know fact is that she won’t show any signs of attraction, unless she approaches you. It is a good thing, because you don’t want those sighs, nor feelings, all you want is to OWN her! We highly advise you that you shouldn’t lose hope if the first alpha woman rejects you. There are a lot of others, so you don’t have any reasons to worry.


Can Someone Be Manipulated To Fall In Love With You?

When it comes to affection, a beautiful personality, and good looks are sure to lure the potential mates into falling for you. But sometimes the job is not completed here, and we need to be a bit smart to achieve the love of our life.

It is a common belief that falling in love is a natural phenomenon. However, it is said that sometimes you need to trigger the manipulating tactics to make the person you love to fall for you. Some are even capable of adopting such ways just to make it happen.

Well, the question arises that can a person actually be manipulated to fall in love with you? Let us go to the root of the matter to check whether it is actually achievable.

What exactly is manipulation?

Manipulation is the type of influence which aims to change the insight or the behavior of the person with deceptive and smart tactics.

Looking at it, one cannot find anything favorable about it unless it is for your own sake. Concerning relationship, there are many forms and many ways to manipulate your partner which can be from mild amusement to the awkward and embarrassing situations.

It is said that manipulation is very common in relationships especially from the women side. But men are almost as guilty. Whether it is an emotional need or a physical one, a person might look out for the sneaky ways to receive what they want from the partner.

Let us get the idea that how people manipulate each other while being in a relationship:

  • A person can create a situation to make their partner guilty and make them do what they want by pointing out to the thing they had once done for their partner.
  • By using the tactics of mild tantrums or the silent treatment.
  • Using a reverse psychology by telling them that all is fine but actually it is not.
  • Nothing can be more efficient than making a direct request, but it is going to be such that the person cannot negate it.
  • The can be a possibility of hearing about their request or desire from their friends or someone from the family.

Considering the tactics as mentioned earlier, the question is that do any of these can really make someone fall in love? Well, in my opinion, NO!! These are the basic tactics that are applied to get what you want out of the relationship, but it can never help you in making a person fall for you.

How do you manipulate someone to fall in love with you?

  • Be confident and wither off all your insecurities. Confident people are more likely to attract warm and intimate relationships.
  • It has been observed that usually people who are alike regarding personalities, interest, backgrounds, etc. would prefer dating and ends up in marrying. So it is always suggested to find the one who becomes a compatible mate.
  • Physical appearance matters. It does not mean that you start looking like a model, but at least you can improve what is already there and be their type.
  • The closer you are, the harder they fall for you. Try to ask them out as much as possible. Share a quality time together. Make memories and get along each other on the long journey of love and life.

Well, manipulation does not seem to be so bad when you are just trying to improve your chances rather than playing with somebody’s emotions. Just remember to be natural and real. Do not play fake and the love will happen at its own time.