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Can A Bartender Pick Up Girls At The Bar – Tips To Look At

Bar is a cool place where you can hang out with your friends, office co-workers, with your girlfriend or just you to spend some time alone. These days many men and women do visit bar on a very frequent basis. It is also a great place to pick some hot girls and dashing guys. Both men and women come to drink their favorite cocktails in the bar. Bar is also a great place to pick up girls and guys. Both men and women do pick up each other in bar. Men visit bar to pick up on girls, where as girls visit the bar to pick up men. Though not every men and women visit bar to get picked but only few of them are available to get picked. You can see it in their eyes all you need to do is approach them with confidence and make them attracted to you. Can I bartender pick up girls at the bar? Yes you can, in fact anyone can pick up girls at the bar. There are some qualities that you need to have in you. The girls in bar get attracted with those qualities. So, if you are trying to figure out can I bartender pick up girls at the bar, then in that case mentioned below are some of the points that you can consider for your better understanding.

Check the vibes: If you are thinking of picking up a girl at the bar, then first you need to target your lady. Watch her very closely and check the vibes that are coming from her. You can easily spot many hot women around you especially when you are in a bar. So, you need to check the vibes from her. See if she looks happy or sad or angry. Check her out and see if she is also checking you out. Many hot girls flirt with guys just to earn a free drink which is a loss of money for you. So, why lose your money on every girl, spot your potential girl that is ready to get picked and then spend money on her. You can approach her very politely and start to have some conversation with her. While having conversation read her vibes and body language that is she showing some interest in having conversation with you? If she seems fine and interested in talking to you, then you can offer her a drink or carry forward your conversation with her. If she is trying to escape you or giving a negative vibe, then let her set free for the day and try focusing on some other girl that might be interested in you.

Assess the situation: Situation is another thing which needs to be kept in the mind while thinking of can I bartender pick up girls at the bar. The night life is very limited at the bar limiting only just to a few hours. You need to pick up on a girl in that limited time which makes the situation more challenging and interesting. So, you must take the advantage of every second that you have. So, assessing the situations is a must for you in order to save the maximum time for yourself rather than wasting it on trying on those girls which are not at all interested in you. You can watch her if she is alone or she is with any of her friends. Also, watch her movements and eyes very closely. If she is also checking you out then it means that she is also interested in you. You must approach her very decently and initiate your conversation with her. You can talk to her on some serious topic or you can just flirt with her. Talking to her will get you to know the situation that is she ready to get picked or will she refuse to get picked by you. Doing so will help you in making up your mind and can also help in judging the situation for saving yourself some important time.

Be aware: Always be aware of the girls that are present in the bar. There is always more than one girl in the bar who is available to get picked. But she will not come at you and say that she is available to get picked. It is you who needs to make the bold move first. Basically, there are two types of girls that can be found in the bar, one is that who is taking drinks very frequently and trying to get drunk as soon as possible whereas second ones are equally opposite. They drink cocktails very slowly and it takes almost an hour for them to finish a single drink. You can easily catch with their hunting eyes. Their head will be constantly roaming here and there because they are also checking out the guys just as you are checking them out. They are also looking forward to pick a guy. You should instantly approach both these types of girls as they are simple target. Drunken girls will be ready to get picked very easily and they also get wild very quickly. Whereas girls with roaming eyes are also ready to get picked by you. So you must approach them before any other guy does so.

Get close: After succeeding at approaching your girl it is must that you get close and personal with her. Try to touch her very gently but not in a vulgar way, touching her will also make your intentions more clear. Also, getting close and comfortable will her will make her more comfortable with you. You can ask her very politely but confidently to go to your place by leaving the bar. Getting up close and personal is the final step to can I bartender pick up girls at the bar. Getting close to her will also make her feel comfortable and reliable in your company. Doing so will also help her in making her mind to go out to your apartment.

All You Need To Know For Your First Date

The feeling that you go through on your first date is a mixed one with both excitement and nervousness. You are excited to meet that one person and nervous about whether you will be able to handle it all or not. There are some basic things which you should be sure of before you leave the premises to guarantee a successful night, both for you and the person attending.

Your personality

What people generally do on their first dates is that they try to fake their personality as someone which they are actually not. Some might act extra classy while others may act extra intellectual, either way, they are just ruining the whole essence of that time. One thing which surely impresses anyone is the originality there is in you.


First dates can be nervous, but you should be careful that it doesn’t show in your body language or on your face. Confidence makes your personality sexier than anything else and will give you a good morale boost as well. That person certainly did have an interest in you which is why you both reached to this first outing, so you should not in any way feel that you lack anything.


Your outfit and styling will basically make the first impression on him or her. First dates are usually all about physical attraction and sense of intimacy. Deeper bonds are formed, later on, so on your first date you should think and choose your attire smartly.


The worst thing that you can do on a date, especially if you are a guy, is to show up late and keep the other person waiting. No one wants to make a fool out of themselves waiting in the restaurant and facing all those weird stares from everyone. Showing up exactly on time is another way of showing respect to the other person.

Safety system

If you are in a situation where your first date is with someone you haven’t ever met, then it is recommended that you plan it in a public place. Also, before leaving you should inform some of your close friends or family members, so they know you’re out with someone.


If in any way you start to feel uncomfortable with that person or you feel that your safety is threatened then you should always have a backup plan. You should have someone’s number on speed dial so they can come for help. Or if not anything, you should just smartly excuse yourself from that table.


You should never go out on a date without any money. This goes especially for all the women out there who should realize that they are part of the modern era and that them paying the bill is no longer a taboo. If not the bill then you might need to run home in a cab, so for that too you’ll be needing money. Money, therefore, should never be kept on chance.

Learn The Tips On How To Get Laid Quickly?

The present generation is known for the lack of patience.  Neither the boys nor the girls want to wait for anything. They want to get everything as soon as they desire of it or they need it. In context of relationship also, the days are gone when the guys waited for a long time to listen to yes for being a boy friend or getting laid. Now, the guys are excited to get the girl as soon as they propose her. They don’t want to waste time to get laid hence they look up for useful tips on How to get laid quickly?  If you ask the question to any guy,” would you like to sleep with her?” You will get in yes.  But, it is not so easy for the guys to impress a girl and get laid with her on the first or second meeting. It doesn’t mean that the girls are not interested in getting laid with the guys; they just master the art of hiding their feelings. But with simple tricks and strategies guys will be able to let the girls down their guns before them to get laid. Here are some of the useful tips that will make you comfortable in getting the girl to get laid:

Make her feel comfortable

Generally, girls worry about their safety and security for which they resist to get involved in the sexual activity with a guy. They fear of society on being caught, unwanted pregnancies and STDs for which they want to keep a pace with guys. Hence, you should first make her feel that she will get no harm until you are with her. You have to convince her completely that you are going to protect her. So, instead of showing lust you should first comfort her, it will also enable her to get more open to you. Before asking her to get laid, you should create a bonding with her so that she can’t resist to get laid.

These days, guys and girls take help from the social media websites or online dating websites to meet their partners. If you have also met your partner on any of such website, then you also have to use the trick of making her feel comfortable so that she can interact with you casually and with more comfort.   Those, who are in search of answer for, “how to get laid quickly?” should first learn how to make her comfortable.

Isolate her to get laid

It is obvious that you will not want to have sex with a girl in front of others, until you are a professional swinger. Therefore, you should make sure that the girl is alone when you ask her to get laid. If she is surrounded with lots of people then you have to make sure that she first gets isolated. In case, the girl is not willing to isolate or come at a corner with you, then you should not force her to do so. You can wait for her at the corner or you should just drop the idea. Forcing her to get isolated may make her feel that you want to take advantage of her on being alone.

Give her the sensual feel touch

Half of the battle is won if you are able to make the girl feel sensual about you. For this, you should flirt with her and take the move to get cozy and sensual with her. You can touch her hand, shoulder, waist, arm and neck while talking. You can even roll your fingers in her hair and gently wipe her lips with your thumb. Rubbing her thighs and back also makes her feel sensual about you. During these hand activities, you can talk dirty or flirt with her. When she starts feeling sensual, she can easily be aroused with your touches, hence, it will be very easy for you to get laid with her.

Fulfill the satiation of appreciation

Women have the hunger to listen the words of appreciation from the guys. They want their men to praise them for their beauty, style and everything else. To hear the words of appreciation, sometimes the girls are even ready to do the things which they often resist to do. Do you want to know how to get laid quickly? You should know how to praise the girls and get the control of her mind in your hands.  You can say the words of appreciation for her good looks, the way she dresses or the dress which she has brought recently. Notice her earring or any other accessory which she is wearing to add the charm to her beauty. Don’t fail to complement her that she looks great with you. It will make her believe that you are the right guy for her and she will not hesitate to sleep with you.

Attract her sexually to get laid

It becomes easy for the guys to get laid with a girl who is already attracted towards them. You will have to make fewer efforts to impress her to get laid.  Thus, it is more important to look for how to impress the girls sexually so that you get to know how to get laid quickly? There are several ways by which you can attract her sexually. Some of the valuable suggestions include:

  • Be stylish in front of her
  • Be confident but avoid over confidence
  • Flirt without hesitation
  • Pay attention on your physique and looks
  • Kiss her passionately to make her sensual and get her sexually attracted towards you
  • Touch her and keep on pushing her towards you to make her feel your desire for sex
  • Ask for oral sex
  • Talk about your experiences with the other girls with whom you have slept

These suggestions will make her feel attracted towards you and it will be hard for her to say no for getting laid with you, even on the first meeting. It will be better if you look for the horny women for your sexual relationship as there are fewer chances of rejections.

How to Impress Her Without Having To Say A Word

Most guys stress thinking about what to say when they first meet a girl or how to impress her with their words. But an even better and helpful way is to be able to attract her well enough that your words later don’t matter that much. These tips below can help guys to attract women without having to stress over the words game.

Attract with your eye contact

The first thing that we come in contact with when we see the other person is their eyes. Guys should make sure that when they make an eye contact with a woman, they should combine it with a warm smile and fixate the contact for a long time. Women get confidence from friendly and warm eye contacts, and it gives them a good vibe regarding the person.

Some guys can feel anxious and nervous when making and eye contact, so for them, it is advised that they take a deep breath first and try to keep all the nervousness in their belly. None of it should show on their face. Their gaze should be warm, relaxed and open.

Attract through social proof

Women look a lot more in a guy than just his looks. For many what matters, even more, is how much the guy is preferred by his friends and how much of importance he has amongst his group of friends. Guys can capitalize on this by becoming socially attractive in a way where they are standing in the group of attractive women and having a good laugh. This way the woman will get jealous for not being there and will, therefore, get attracted to that guy.

Attract with cute non-verbal banter

Using all those banter lines are surely a great way to start a conversation with someone, but a nonverbal banter is an equally effective way. Once you have made a good eye contact with a woman and you don’t want that time to end then a good option is to start with non-verbal banter. That can be done by making cute faces like sticking your tongue out or something which will definitely make the woman laugh, and the chances are that she initiates a conversation.

Attract with your appearance

The clothes you wear and the way you carry yourself is what builds the first impression. Women always notice someone who is well dressed, so if you ace that, then your chances with her get really good. Also, you don’t need expensive clothes to attract her, all you have to do is make sure whatever you are wearing is clean, and your face and hair are clean as well. A presentable guy will always attract another woman.

Attract with your body language

A woman never ignores a confident body language. Make sure that you avoid things like fidgeting and excessive movements that give a negative vibe to her. She will like it more if you are standing straight and with full confidence.

These few ways will undoubtedly help a guy to impress a woman better than uttering confused words.

How To Be Humble, Yet Impressive For Girls – Useful Tips That Can Help

Girls are the most important person of your life, so it is necessary that you must care for them. They should be treated with respect and harmony, but most of the people think if they will be humble with them, then how will they impress the girl. So, to overcome any such future problem you can follow various tips on How to be humble, yet impressive for girls. Every girl wants that their boyfriend should treat them properly and they should give them enough respect. For any girl her self confidence and respect really matters a lot, so they always remain in search of such boys who will appreciate them and will help her always.

Girls always want that her boyfriend should be like her father. For this, it is necessary that a boy should treat a girl equally. This can be one of the best ways through which you can impress a girl. Although, impressing a girl is not an easy task but with little focus and superiority you can do this. Try to stand on the requirement of the girl and be according to her. You can also take the girl on a date, where you both will get enough time to understand each other and know what your places of interest are.  Girls like going out, so this can create your good impression on girls and might be possible that she starts liking you.

Tips on how to impress a girl

Most of the time, even small things can help you in impressing a girl, but do not forget to remain humble and polite. Keep every small thing in your mind that girls do or like doing. There are many other tips also that you can follow. Following are some of the basic points that you can consider on How to be humble, yet impressive for girls:

Impress her family and friends: Girls are very close to their family and friends, so the best way to impress her is to impress her family and friends. Both of them will act as a ladder and will help you in climbing such that you can achieve your true love. If you will attract both of the parties then it will become quite easy for you to impress any girl. For any girl her family really matters and can do anything for them. You need not to invest anything for impressing the friend and always choose her closest friend, because her friend will explain what you feel for her. In fact most of the girls also seek the help of their friend for choosing someone. While on the other hand girls also share everything with their family and especially with her mother. So, you can do various things to show your abilities and good values. This will really create a good impact on her family.

Carry yourself in a well mannered way: Every girl wants a true gentleman who should be confident, give respect and behave well. So, for all these properties it is necessary that you should carry yourself in a well mannered way. Just be what you are, but add something extra that will make you more charming and attractive. Do not forget your own personality, be the one whom she wants and likes. Girls want their partner should be self dependent, he should know what are his merits and demerits. Meeting girls requirement does not mean that you should have some mask on your face. Always remain a forward looking guy and do not try to match your past with your present. Be honest with her and tell everything about you. This is one of the most important tips on how to be humble, yet impressive for girls.

Make her feel special: Girls always like a happy go person, who likes enjoying their life. For any girl her partner will be who will make her feel special and care for her. So, if you really want to impress a girl then you must seek something interesting through which you can easily impress any girl. Be funny and humble, have a good sense of humor and make distance from poor jokes. Do something that can bring smile on her face. You can share some funny experiences and always be there to help her. In any type of difficult situation be the one with whom she can share her feelings and you must support her morally. Give enough time to her and spend more and more time. Suppose, if she texts you then you must text her back. Always offer your help and be her best friend always. This can also be one of the points that you can consider in How to be humble, yet impressive for girls.

Give respectful while speaking: While impressing a girl you must be a good listener and speaker as well, because most of the girls like talking and having chitchat. Pay respect to the girl while speaking with her; do not talk in a childish manner. Be mature and confident enough that you can win her heart. Do not talk anything unnecessary or which does not have any sense, because most of the time people say something that can hurt the sentiments. So, it is necessary that you must know what you are going to speak. Always speak in a well mannered way as your talk represents your personality and thinking.

Show interest in her: Interest is something that can either take you up or can lead you down. If you want to impress any girl then you must show interest in her, you must do something that matches with her likes and dislikes. You must pay proper attention towards her and be presentable at the time when you are with her. Be attentive and listen what she is saying. Try to become the one with whom she likes to talk and wants to spend some quality time. These small things can together contribute towards impressing any girl, that’s why it is necessary that you must pay proper attention.

The Proven Ways To Get A Girl

Impressing a girl is not an easy job, as most of the girls are of shy nature while some are very arrogant. It is due to behavior of the girls that most boys also feel nervous and they cannot gain enough confidence to say something to girls. So, to overcome such situation you can follow some tips to learn ways to get a girl. Most of the boys think having a girlfriend can be a headache, but this is not always correct. The girlfriends are someone with whom you can share everything you want. They are the ones who accept you as you are and remain with you in every situation.

Girls are those who deeply understand you and help you in each possible way. If not girl friend, then you can still have a friend who is girl, she will be your true friend and will always remain in touch with you. She will be the one who will support you morally and mentally. She will motivate you and will boost up self confidence and you never know that when your friendship turns into a relationship. So, from the mentioned points, you can say that having a girlfriend is really very beneficial.

Tips on getting a girl

If you are planning to have a long term relationship, then you should have a good girl who can be your friend also. There are many tips that you can follow and can learn on how to impress a girl to make her your girl friend. Following are some of the tips that you can consider on Ways to get a girl:

Date as many as you can: If you think that it is the right time to find your true love, then you must start dating. For having a good girlfriend of your choice it is necessary to date. The simple fact is that the more you will date, the better you will get. Dating can be the best thing through which you can impress the girl and can get one that matches your compatibility. There are many ways through which you can date women, in fact these days many prefer online dating. Through dating you will get enough time, so that you both can understand each other well. Along with this, there are many other benefits of dating women, even if you want you can date several women at the same time. This will be the most effective way through which you can easily find one that matches with your likes, dislikes and areas of interest. So, if you will have more and more entries, your chances of winning will increase. It can be one of the best ways to get a girl.

Show your interest in her and be genuine: Girls really do not like fake persons or those who try to show off. So, if you are trying to impress a girl then it is necessary that you must be genuine with her. Do not play with their feelings and don’t try to act over smart because it can lower down your image in front of her. If you are really looking for a girlfriend and want a commitment, then you have to be genuine and act like a true gentleman. This will not only help you in impressing a girl, but it will also create your good image. Being genuine is not always enough; along with this you must show interest towards her. If you are heading towards relationship then you must be enough responsible and have patience. Always pay attention towards her and be a good boyfriend. Always help her no matter what type of situation it is and make her feel comfortable. Do all such things that she really likes and be funny. Take interest in all those things that she likes doing and support her. These small things will not only help you in impressing, but it will also make your relationship stronger.

Be good and smart looking: A girl always wants a handsome and good looking boyfriend. They want their boyfriends to be presentable, but for most of the girls outer beauty does not matter. The thing that matters for them is their inner beauty, that how much they are beautiful from their heart. How much they have respect for the girls and how they treat them. So, it is necessary that along with good looks, you must have a good heart also. Suppose, if you are going on a date and want to create a good impression then you must groom well. Grooming can be the best way through which you can impress the girl easily and efficiently.  You must look healthy and hygienic and must wear the best clothes with good hair style, but yes do not forget the inner beauty.

Pay attention towards her:  A girl always wants someone who will pay attention towards her. So, while impressing a girl, you must be present there not physically but mentally also. You must pay enough attention towards her, focus on her and listen what she is saying. Look after every small thing and what she wants. Make her feel special and comfortable. Be nice with her and do all such things that can make her believe on you. If, once you will win her trust then she will really get impressed by you and might be possible will fall in love. So, little attention towards any girl can make her your girlfriend. This is also one of the tips that you can consider under Ways to get a girl.

Be flirting: Flirting can be the best way through which you can impress a girl. This will not only help you in attracting, but it is the most honest way through which you can indicate somehow that much you like her and can go to any limit to get her. Flirting can be started with simple eye contact or with the smile. This will show that you are interested in her and will make the girl realize that she is the most important person for you. This will make her feel special and out of this world.

8 Things All Guys Must Know Before Making A Move!

People say women are hard to understand and this is true to a great extent. Women can be confusing which is why guys end up getting embarrassed or making a fool out of themselves. There are some things which men should be sure and clear of so that when they do make a move, their chances are pretty good.

#1- Understand women

This is like the first rule before anything, in order to get a woman you first need to “get” women. You need to know where women come from emotionally and whatever goes on in their mind. You need to know how they react to certain situations and how they like to be treated in different situations. Women are smart and they can quickly judge if the other person is nervous or anxious, so you need to ace their mind games before making any move.

#2- Attract her

Women are used to dealing with ask-outs and random guys coming up and appreciating their beauty. What they really look for in guys is something that is out of the ordinary, something special. Guys should try to attract a woman with their looks or style before going to them and starting off with the same old conversation.

#3- Keep it less of an interview

When initiating conversation with women, you need to make sure that it doesn’t get boring. Asking too many questions will make her lose interest in the talk and it will look more like a job interview than a friendly banter.

#4- Be playful

Being serious and deep sure works, but not always. Women always enjoy the company of guys who can make them laugh and start an interesting conversation. A good sense of humor is not common these days but if you have one, then be sure to make good use of it.

#5- Be challenging

Too easy to get is boring and not what women chase. If you want to keep the spark alive and to make sure that a particular woman is interested in you, you have to create a situation that seems challenging to her. Build mystery by not telling all about you at once and at the same time maintain her interest.

#6- Dress best

As much as we ignore it, but we can’t deny the fact that yes dressing is and will continue to play an important part in building someone’s personality. Guys should make sure that their dressing matches their personality and represents it perfectly.

#7- Master the touch

Some guys make a huge blunder by making the woman physically uncomfortable. This thins, therefore, should be kept in mind that physical touch should not be initiated unless the woman gets comfortable around you.

#8- Be gutsy

Sometimes playing too safe gets boring and annoying. Women like guys who are daring and go for something that involves using guts rather than just doing the usual boring stuff.

Mastering these tips beforehand is surely going to be of great help for guys when they think of approaching women.


How To Show Appreciation Without Using Words?

Appreciating someone in words is always pleasant and polite but showing them that how you feel about it is much more powerful and perfect than the words can ever say. We often forget to appreciate the people who do a lot for us on a daily basis and in doing so we start taking them for granted which we do not even realize it ourselves.

Actions have more impact as compared to the few words muttered for appreciation. What you should do is to use your actions to say that you appreciate what they did. It seems like that appreciating through actions could be a difficult task. However, it is quite simple. Many different things can be done that you can do to appreciate someone rather than uttering it from your mouth. If you are still not clear that what sort of actions is required, then check out the following list to clear up your mind.

  • What is going to be more terrific than making them their favorite home cooked meal? It not only conveys that you loved what they did but in fact, by putting such a warm effort will definitely going to mean them a lot.
  • Flowers are for every occasion. They freshen up the mind and brighten up the day. It inevitably brings a smile on the face.
  • They will surely be appreciated if they come back after a long working day and you hand over to them a ticket to the movie show or of their favorite band.
  • Plan a picnic for them. Take them to their favorite place or the place they wish to visit, cook a delicious meal and spend a full fun time day together.
  • If you know that your partner loves coffee, then nothing is going to be more perfectly appreciated by getting up early and bring a freshly prepared coffee for him/her to bed.
  • Make them something with your hands like knit something; paint a picture, or even a simple card can say it out that you are well appreciated.
  • Dress in an outfit which you know they like. Choose the color of their choice. Wear their favorite cologne/perfume and make them feel imperative and extraordinary.
  • When you are aware that they are bust and they will not find the time to perform their chores, then do it on their part. Wash the dishes, do the laundry, iron clothes or even vacuum the house.
  • How about ordering lunch from their favorite restaurant and send it to their workplace. Sending hot fresh lunch will definitely going to surprise them, and they will be highly appreciated through this gesture of yours.
  • Let them plan an evening out with 100% of their choice. They will get whatever they ask for.
  • As an appreciation token, buy them a thing which they can’t stop talking about. It can be a game, a dress or a shirt, etc.
  • Order a gift basket that holds their favorite munchies.
  • Nobody is perfect, so ignore their faults and overlook their silly mistakes.
  • Be part of their hobbies like watching a football match. Although it is not your type of a thing, it will convey to them that you are still there for them anyway.

Saying to someone that you are appreciated is simple and easy but by showing it with your actions is more productive and impressive.

Can Someone Be Manipulated To Fall In Love With You?

When it comes to affection, a beautiful personality, and good looks are sure to lure the potential mates into falling for you. But sometimes the job is not completed here, and we need to be a bit smart to achieve the love of our life.

It is a common belief that falling in love is a natural phenomenon. However, it is said that sometimes you need to trigger the manipulating tactics to make the person you love to fall for you. Some are even capable of adopting such ways just to make it happen.

Well, the question arises that can a person actually be manipulated to fall in love with you? Let us go to the root of the matter to check whether it is actually achievable.

What exactly is manipulation?

Manipulation is the type of influence which aims to change the insight or the behavior of the person with deceptive and smart tactics.

Looking at it, one cannot find anything favorable about it unless it is for your own sake. Concerning relationship, there are many forms and many ways to manipulate your partner which can be from mild amusement to the awkward and embarrassing situations.

It is said that manipulation is very common in relationships especially from the women side. But men are almost as guilty. Whether it is an emotional need or a physical one, a person might look out for the sneaky ways to receive what they want from the partner.

Let us get the idea that how people manipulate each other while being in a relationship:

  • A person can create a situation to make their partner guilty and make them do what they want by pointing out to the thing they had once done for their partner.
  • By using the tactics of mild tantrums or the silent treatment.
  • Using a reverse psychology by telling them that all is fine but actually it is not.
  • Nothing can be more efficient than making a direct request, but it is going to be such that the person cannot negate it.
  • The can be a possibility of hearing about their request or desire from their friends or someone from the family.

Considering the tactics as mentioned earlier, the question is that do any of these can really make someone fall in love? Well, in my opinion, NO!! These are the basic tactics that are applied to get what you want out of the relationship, but it can never help you in making a person fall for you.

How do you manipulate someone to fall in love with you?

  • Be confident and wither off all your insecurities. Confident people are more likely to attract warm and intimate relationships.
  • It has been observed that usually people who are alike regarding personalities, interest, backgrounds, etc. would prefer dating and ends up in marrying. So it is always suggested to find the one who becomes a compatible mate.
  • Physical appearance matters. It does not mean that you start looking like a model, but at least you can improve what is already there and be their type.
  • The closer you are, the harder they fall for you. Try to ask them out as much as possible. Share a quality time together. Make memories and get along each other on the long journey of love and life.

Well, manipulation does not seem to be so bad when you are just trying to improve your chances rather than playing with somebody’s emotions. Just remember to be natural and real. Do not play fake and the love will happen at its own time.

Ways To Express Your Love Without Words

Does love require only words to be expressive? Does love always need to be shout-out-loud to let your loved one know that you are loved truly, madly and deeply? Well, no doubt, expressing verbally has its own significance, but there is a kind of love that can be conveyed even it is unsaid. The kind of love that does not need to cry or yell for attention, but it can be whispered softly and gently.

Your actions, body language, and expressions can say it all and notify your loved one that you truly care.  Let us discuss very common and simple, yet very meaningful and pleasing gestures that enlighten your true feelings rather than conveying it vocally.

Being a perfect listener

Listen to your loved one with full attention and interest, even you find things uninteresting and repeated. Listening to each other creates an incredible bond and let you two know each other more deeply. It strengthens your relationship. So, sit back and listen with full concentration, without interrupting even if you have heard the story millions a time.

Take out time for your special one

Time is the most precious thing that one can offer to someone. So even if you have tight schedules, take out time for your loved ones to give them a short call or text them to check on them, to listen and to share with them. Let them know that you always keep them on priority and that they mean a lot to you.

Be patient with your loved one

There are times when your special one is going through some difficult time which you do not even know, and they may act weird or unreasonable.  Do not try to get on their nerves and give them space. They may snap you back, stay calm, do not react, smile and provide them with a warm hug that ensures everything is going to be just fine.

Surprise your partner very often

Do not wait for any particular occasion to arrive to surprise your partner nor you need to get expensive gifts to please. A hearty breakfast in the morning, a bouquet of flowers, a pack of chocolate or a surprise dinner date can show your love and affection for your partner. Try to plan out something different each time. Be creative!!

Your warm hugs and kisses

Physical affections like a warm hug or a surprise kiss can say it all what you sincerely feel inside without saying “I love you.” A goodbye kiss, a warm hug on returning after a tiring day can freshen up the morale and boost up the energies of your partner.

Support your partner

Be very supportive of your partner. Always encourage them and stand by them no matter what it takes. Help them out when they are surrounded with doubts. Provide your wisdom and suggestion while considering their opinions. Always be there to comfort them in the time of their failures.

True love can be expressed through small, simple gestures. As long as you are there to support them and they can rely on you, then you are expressive without conveying it in words.