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Secrets To Dating A Girl With A Guarded Heart

Winning a girl with the guarded heart isn’t simple. She won’t be convinced by expensive gifts, flowers, or fancy dinners. She won’t fall for you by praising and complimenting her. She believes in taking things slow. She will take one step toward you and another step back. She will take her time to trust your heart and the strength of your love. So, follow her lead. Measure all of her steps, and in time, she will soon be looking to follow your lead.

Remember when you’re dating a girl with the guarded heart; there are parts of her heart that won’t be reachable to you. She will keep these parts deep within herself, and she will never reveal them. But, love these parts of her because these parts are even hidden, they’re the shadows of her soul. She will listen to every word you speak; she will watch your every move much closer than you can comprehend, relate them to every action, look for any inconsistencies, measure the truth of your words and real intentions of your heart and mind. She’s doing all of this not because she can’t trust you, but she’s doing it because she’s wary, alert, cautious. She has been hurt many times before in the past, and she doesn’t want to make the same mistakes again. She won’t place her trust on you so quickly. Until she assures herself that you’re a man who keeps his promises, doesn’t change your ways and is steadfast.

There will always remain a part of her a little detached that will always be prepared to make her run if she thinks she will get heartbroken again. She doesn’t believe in second chances, and if you hurt her once, she won’t come back to you. To hurt her means to lose her forever. She prefers to be alone to again rebuild the relationship with your with a broken heart and with her own wearied hands. She isn’t in love with you because she needs you. She doesn’t need anyone to make her feel happy and safe. She’s with you because she believes in you, and you’re worth the risk. And all she needs from you is not to make her think that she made a mistake dating you, for it will cost her more than you can imagine.

Dating a girl with a guarded heart will require more reassurance than another woman you dated previously. She will need you to stay available and mindful of her scars. Things, sometimes, can get complicated, and perplexing. Sometimes, she will talk too little, think too much, ask too many questions and cry too often. But, go beyond her guarded heart, you will see a soul that longs to live and love, and desires intimacy and emotional connection, and be in a relationship with someone, who will fall in love with her after knowing all of her beauty, and imperfections. Her spirit is fierce, strong, courageous, brave, unrelenting, but at the same time, she’s quiet and calm. She’s accepting of her flaws, but adamant in her truth. Loving a girl with the guarded heart is not easy, but when you choose to date, she will prove that she’s worthy of it.

What Quality of Men Found So Irresistible to Women?

Guys, if you really want to get lucky with the ladies here’s a short list of things that you’ll need to accomplish:

• Become the best version of yourself.
• Find a sense of purpose in your life and be content, happy and fulfilled regardless if you’re single or in a relationship.
• And finally, try to understand what women find genuinely attractive in men, it doesn’t matter how old, rich or good-looking they are.

Doesn’t sound very hard, right? What women really want in a man, but won't say directly is that they want you to make them the second most important person in your life. What does this mean? You see, high-value women prefer high-value men. But, they’ll have a relationship with a guy who isn’t an “alpha male” in any way, and they’ll end up feeling bored, stuck and suffocated. So, they’ll eventually end the relationship and move on. If a man is giving most of his attention, energy and time to a woman, she’ll soon come to her senses that something is not right. She won’t be able to tell it all the time, but sometimes she’ll get bored or have a sensation that will make her think that something doesn’t feel okay here.

So, What Isn't Right?
So, what makes a man “an alpha man,” or “a masculine man” or “a high-value man”? Most of us will list the qualities such as integrity, honesty, kindness, trust, respect, courage, and confidence. But, these aren't the characteristics most high-value women or any other women are looking for. What the ladies want to see in a man is someone with a mission or a purpose. You may have heard it already, but the reality. Women want their partners to be their heroes. This is what high-value women really want. This is the essence of what high-value women really want in men. A man who has a mission in life and trying to achieve it by any means is incredibly sexy and attractive.

Men with a purpose in life will have women to look, admire, respect and desire him. Men with goals to accomplish are often accompanied by women, who believe in them more than everybody else, regardless what their mission really is. Sure, status can change; a man might lose his wealth, energy, and even lose his health. However, if a man is true to his mission, he’ll never lose his passion for it. Instead, he’ll find a new way to pursue his missions and contribute to the world.

In no way are we suggesting that a man should neglect or pay less attention to his partner. High-value men will always make their romantic relationships a priority. But, what ultimately brings the best of a man is by having a mission. You don’t need to go to a battlefield or conquer a new country to make you feel loved, respected and desired by women. The size or the significance of the deed or the mission isn’t what will make women feel attracted to you; instead, it’s the heart and depth of the devotion to it. So, the next time you’re looking for women has a profound and a clear sense of purpose in your life and what you really want to achieve in the relationship.

8 Things Guys Really Want To See In Their Girlfriends

To be honest, when it comes to guys looking for a girl, most of them want a lot of things in a girl before they marry. But, given that how things are now, they can’t. Apart from the usual qualities like commitment, loyalty, and trustworthiness, here are some things men want in a woman.

1. A Woman Who Makes Men Feel Like “MEN.”
In plain language, this means that a man wants to feel like a “man.” This feeling equates men with confidence, virility, strength, and a high sense of self-esteem. They want a woman who can make them feel unique and powerful, and make them believe that they’re conquering someone.

2. A challenge
Nobody likes to date someone who is a total doormat. This is the reason why men and women who are super nice aren’t in a relationship with people who respects them. The issue here is that most folks are socialized to think that if you treat people nicely, they’ll like you. But, that’s only half the truth. What wins people over is by being genuinely nice, but assertive to them.

3. A Woman who can cook
This fact can’t be stressed enough. Like or hate, all guys really adore a woman who can cook. But, unfortunately, the way things are now, finding a woman who can cook regularly is tough, let alone who can prepare your favorite pasta dish.

4. A woman who radiates kindness
There is one thing most guys are aware of. People who are genuinely kind and gentle are exceedingly rare. So, if you happen to have these two qualities get ready to guys lining up behind you to have your hand.

5. A woman who is happy and alive
Regardless of what gender you are, people with active and sunny personalities are super-attractive. If you’re a woman who is always on the move, optimistic, energetic, confident, vivacious, and funny, then you’ll get much more attention than someone who is lazy, desperate and looks miserable.

6. A woman who can take care of her affairs
Most men are resentful of who only date men who make more money than them. If you’re thinking about leaving your job the moment you start dating him, think again, because it’s highly likely that he’ll; dump you. He will get the impression that you’re only dating him so that he can provide you financially. Therefore, just be yourself and chances are you’ll attract a better people and more respect.

7. A woman who assumes responsibility for her feelings and emotions
Most guys are interested in dating a classic damsel in distress. They don’t want to take on the responsibility to make someone happy. Men like to date women, who can draw her boundaries, is responsible for her their happiness, and emotionally healthy.

8. A woman who can represent herself in a socially acceptable manner
Some stereotypes will never change especially when you’re looking for a relationship. For example, men want a “trophy girlfriend or wife” who behaves in ways that are socially deemed as “feminine” and “acceptable.” This is true as there have been many incidents that women with masculine tendencies have been turned down by men. Also, keep in mind, most guys hate dating girls who will make a scene no matter where she goes.

Can Infatuation Turn Into A Romantic Relationship?

We all have crushed with someone we like; it doesn’t matter if we are in school or at work? But, is this crush thing real? Or is it that you just have a crush? Is this true love or merely infatuation? Can our infatuation to someone turn into a loving relationship? To answer this, we first need to understand the main differences between romance and infatuation.

What Is Infatuation?
Think of infatuation like an innocent fantasy. A fantasy that most of us think or imagine to be love. It’s when we think we're in love, but in fact, it’s the idea of being in love. Infatuation begins at a young age by a crush on someone and keeps on continuing into adulthood. Typically infatuation occurs when we aren’t in touch with universal realities of life like we see what we want to see, speak what we want to speak or hear what we want to hear. We pay more attention to what he or she says and does with his or her words, actions, and behaviors speak otherwise. When it comes to infatuation, we pay more focus to a man's superficial physical attributes, and less emphasis on his inner, human, and deeper characteristics. All women, or at least almost, have been or will be infatuated while looking for someone for a relationship, and they will confuse with true love, which to speak honestly isn’t there.

Infatuation isn’t fulfilling for your soul as it’s always fleeting. If you base your loving relationship on something as flimsy as infatuation, you'll compromise who you are. You never feel that you’re a priority in his life, and you’ll ignore what's important to you.

Don't Allow Your Instincts To Cloud Your Vision Of Love
How do you know whether you’re infatuated or in love? Here are few questions, and if you say, “yes” to the following questions, then we can safely say that you're prone to infatuation.

    1. 1. Do you mainly focus on external qualities rather than his inner, deep qualities? Here external qualities mean his looks, his career, how much money he makes the car or bike her drives, the place he goes for vacations, the house he lives in, etc.


    1. 2. Do you get consumed by thoughts of him?


    1. 3. Did you make him your priority is given the fact that you’ve centered your whole life on him?


    1. 4. Do you believe what your instincts tell even if it’s telling you otherwise?


    1. 5. Do you have any superficial connections with him?


    1. 6. Do you not see any serious red flags or flaws in him?


    1. 7. Do you sit by your phone all day, waiting for his calls?


    1. 8. Are you spending a lot on his meals and other activities?


    1. 9. Did you let yourself be his afterthought or his option?


    10. Are you always thinking where he will be simply to run into him to spend time with him?

Open Up Your Heart To True Love
When you’re dating or in a relationship, it’s totally understandable if you become disappointed, discouraged, and frustrated when relationships based on infatuation end up miserably. But, keep in mind that there are always good lessons that can be learned after getting involved in these types of relationships. The important lesson to learn here is to let heart do all the choosing of whom to love, instead of your eyes.

Interested in Online Dating? Then Build Up Your Confidence…

Communication is critical in building successful and lasting relationships. But just having excellent communication skills isn’t enough for dating online. If you want to stand out from the rest, you need to have to be confident in yourself, and high self-esteem. Confidence is an attractive quality for both men and women, and being confident in your communication skills will help your secure a partner easily and quickly. So, how can you build up your confidence for your next upcoming date? Here are few tips to begin with:

Always Think Positive
If you had a great day at work or were happy and excited for something you did over the weekend, don’t forget to add those awesome “potential qualities” to your online dating profile. If you had a great weekend with your friends or got that much-needed promotion at work that you rightfully deserve, message it you all your potential matches. People are attracted to men and women who are active, positive and full of happiness. So, if you’re one of those folks, you’ll attract potential matches who share the same positive characteristics. Happiness is an attractive trait, and we all want to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend who is active, happy, and brimming with positive energy.

Allow Your Potential Matches A Chance to Talk
Take a close look at your profile photos and find out if there is anything in it that might be attractive to your potential matches. Dating online is a tricky affair because you’ve to put yourself out there with strangers all looking to find their potential partners. Some of these potential partners may or may not have much in common with you and vice versa. Therefore, if you’re serious to meet someone online, put something interesting in your profile pictures, so the person who is looking at your profile has something to talk about if you happen to meet them in the future.

Be Interested, and We Mean Be More Than Interested!
Just interesting isn’t enough. If a potential partner is interested in your profile and is interested in talking with you, they might have lots of questions. You might find this intriguing, but it’s imperative that you also be interested in talking about them. If you aren’t asking many questions about them, your matches might conclude that you aren’t very interested to know them.

Getting Ready For a Date
Before meeting your potential date or dates face-to-face for the first time, make sure you know all of your potential matches. Don’t chat with your dates, call or text them excessively. When the opportunity to meet an actual date comes up, get ready for it. We understand that chatting with your potential matches helps to boost your confidence as well as theirs; it’s crucial that you both meet in person. It’s the best way to find out whether the two of you are a great match or not. Also, getting to know your potential dates in person is where the chemistry happens between two people.

Building Rapport Before A Date Is Helpful
If you’ve found a few common interests with a potential match, don’t hesitate to express it. Tell your match that you want to hear more about it when you both go on a date. It will make him or her feel relaxed and comfortable, and it will make them feel confident to have a conversation on the first date.

These tips will help build up momentum between both of you, which is usually the first step towards a serious relationship. This will make our quest to find the perfect girlfriend or boyfriend much easier. You can even try your luck getting your girlfriend at high school by following these.

Is Your Girlfriend Cheating? Look Out For These Signs To be Sure!

No matter how discreet you’re, when it comes to cheating, there will be signs. How can you be sure that your new love interest isn’t cheating on you? How can you identify the signs? Well, there aren’t any simple answers. But, we can tell you one thing if you’ve been dating someone for five months or more, we can safely say that you know that person pretty good. You can tell whether she’s faithful to you or not.

But unfortunately, some people despite being suspicious that their partners are cheating on them continue with their relationships. The reasons why they do this is because they feel insecure, scared of being alone, or thinking that they won’t be able to find love again. Then there is the emotional pain. So, if you don't want to get scarred emotionally, look out for these three signs.

1. Your Girlfriend Has Cheated In The Past
A simple way to find out if your girlfriend will cheat on you or not, is by checking her past relationships. If she has cheated in the past, there is a chance will be unfaithful in this relationships. But, it’s not absolute, as people change themselves after committing a mistake. Anyways, you won't find this during the first few dates, but the information will eventually come out. As we said, some people who have cheated in their previous relationship won’t do it again. But, some will do it again if they get the opportunity. Therefore, before you decide to take your relationship to the next level, have a serious conversation about it with your new partner, after you learn that she’s cheated in the past.

2. Your Girlfriend Flirts Uncontrollably, Even In Front of You!
This is a common one, as millions of men and women do it. There isn’t harm if your woman checks out other attractive men outside, but if she flirts with them, with you on her side, then you got a problem. It shows that this person craves for attention, and it’s very likely that your girlfriend might indulge in a sexual tryst with someone in your absence. To be in a monogamous and long-term relationship, it’s imperative that you and your partner not to flirt with anyone in front of each other. If your girlfriend can’t honor this simple rule, it’s time you date someone else.

3. Your Girlfriend Is Unavailable or Unreachable
If you notice your new girlfriend becomes unavailable or unreachable during the day or evening all of sudden without telling you anything about it, it can she might be cheating. If someone can’t be reached for a couple of hours, may he/she is busy shopping or working out in the gym. But if that person can’t be contacted for a few hours, mainly at night, we can assume something else might be happening like cheating. Talk your new date and tell her that her suddenly disappearing or absence makes you feel vulnerable and anxious. And, if she still continues it, even after having the conversation, it’s obvious that she’s isn’t interested in this relationship. So, cut your losses and let her go.

Love Someone At Work? Then Read This!

Love can strike us at anytime, anywhere. But, when love finds us in our office cubicles, then keeping it under wraps can become daunting. Dating at work can have some downsides. Workplace romance can create an imbalance in the social sphere, can put office politics into steroids, threatens the work quality, productivity, and reputation of your workplace. It can also cost you and your love interest’s job too. Added to this, if the relationship doesn’t work out, things can get awkward. You’ve to see your ex almost on a daily basis, and interacting with him or her in a professional setting can become uncomfortable. It can negatively affect your productivity and your organization's bottom line as well.

Nonetheless, if you still decide to take your flirtation and dating skills in your workplace, keep the following points in mind:

There Will Be An Obvious Impact On Work And On Coworkers
When you’re dating someone from work, a lot of considerations need to be taken. You may need to register your relationship with your Human Resources department. Should any legal issues arise from this relationship; this appraisal can come in handy. Office romance can make managers and coworkers wince, as love affects productivity, and can get in the way of organization’s business. Your productivity will suffer when your head in filled with unique feelings and inescapable thoughts about that special person. Workplace relationships create an imbalance of reason and common sense. It can create unfair advantageous situations at work and can mar you and your partner’s reputation.

Everybody Will Know Or Knows Already
It is easy for coworkers to see through the facades of corporate lovebirds. You may think that you don’t give two cents what your co-workers think about your relationship, or don’t care if everyone is focusing on you. The thing is folks are discussing it when you are not around, and amazing things can happen at work – both socially and professionally – if group consensus is taken. This is the essence of office politics. When two coworkers talk about one of their colleagues having a relationship at work, some part of those conversations involves gossiping about that person and his or her coworker’s lover.

Be Prepared For The Worst-Case Scenario
Apart from losing your job and facing some social friction, most workplace relationships go wrong typically degrades itself into an emotional nuisance. Even the most office relationship with good intentions, when failed, can be emotionally wrecking to both the dumper and the dumpee. The dumper turns into a ‘bad guy or gal,' while the dumpee gets upset, bitter, and resentful. Things get even worse and hellish since both have to see and meet each other daily.

But, There Is A Chance For Love To Blossom…
Keeps all alerts aside, when workplace romance is bad, it’s awful and unbearable. But, when it’s success, it can forge lasting connections. We spent most of the daytime at work, so it’s quite common that we can be attracted to somebody at work. Just keep in mind that just like everything else in this world, there are some rules you need to abide when dating someone at work. Compatibility and chemistry are the building blocks of a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Ensure that these basics are there.

Are Your Expectations Realistic When It Comes To Relationships?

When it comes to dates and relationships, you need to have standards. Unrealistic expectations in relationships can bring about dissension and disdain in existing connections and eventually limit your chances for new ones. With expectations set so high, would you say you are only setting yourself up for inevitable disappointment and frustration?

1. Finding Faults
It appears that as you age, you get more critical. You don’t want to date a lady with kids, or you wouldn't consider a man who is recently single or divorced. You think ‘the grass is always greener on the other side.' You believe that there is an excellent match to be found, who has all your essentials in a partner. The test is to inspect why you feel qualified for someone with an impeccable 10 when everyone else, including yourself, seem to have flaws. To have an observing eye is sensible; however, don't get wrapped up in the idea of bedtime stories. Acknowledge the fact that love and relationships aren’t flawless and or simple.

2. Unrealistic Fantasy
Who doesn't want to be at the top of the priority list? The imagination of an idealistic mate may help you find what you want to get in a relationship. Then again, perceive that flawlessness doesn't only exist outside of your mind. A few people may approach, however, the picture of the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend will sneak its way back in with high state. Women may have a considerably a harder time, since many grow up dreaming of a romantic fairytale relationship or marriage, including how you will meet, kiss and marry. With this romantic tale arranged to the last detail, you experience how unattainable these fantasy desires are in real life. If you wait for someone to rescue you, it is just a fantasy that is killing your possibilities.

3. Take It Slow
Conceding your love for your date too early may scare your date, making him or her think that you can seduce anyone in establishing a relationship with you instantly. Instead, let authentic feelings to develop at its natural pace, and consider that everybody has his or her particular emotional clock. The whole fantasy arrangement of falling in love at first sight or in the first date on exists in romantic movies and novels.

4. Limitless
When you set rigid rules and particular attributes that your potential boyfriend or girlfriend must possess, you constrain your choices. Cocky prerequisites like hair color, body type and how rich you are, etc, only place the focus on frivolous criteria that has little to do if a person is right for you or not. However, unwinding your limitations may very well extend your chances of finding some great suitors.

5. Wants and Needs
When making a big financial spending like a new home or a car purchase, you usually go ahead of the purchase with a separate wish and must-have lists. You don’t mess up the must-haves list as they’re absolute. Long-lasting relationships are sort of similar to it. Make a list of all the qualities you want to see in your boyfriend or girlfriend, and then make a separate list of all the attributes that you can’t live without. If your potential partner embodies any extra wish list, then it’s sauce on the mashers.

The bottom line is unrealistic expectations your chances of finding everlasting love disappointing and limiting. Healthy and successful relationships require concessions daily. So, if you’re, keep your expectations realistic and attainable, or otherwise be prepared for disappointment.

7 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Won’t Commit

So, you’ve the man of your dreams, but you see that he isn’t quite ready to your ‘better half’. Your boyfriend refuses to be committed in the relationship. Why is that you’re already to settle down, but he isn’t.

Here are seven probable reasons:

1. He’s Still Not Over His Ex or Relationship
Even if tells you, your boyfriend is over his ex or his past relationships. He might think that he dating someone else means that he’s fully over his ex, but when it comes to expressing intimacy and establishing a connection he clearly realizes that he isn’t ready for a new relationship.

2. He Had a Bad Experience with his Ex
If your boyfriend just came out from a bad relationship or break up, it’s highly likely that he isn’t ready to be in new one right away. How fast he can get over and move on from all the bad scars from his previous relationship depends on how badly his relationship ended. It’s clear to see that it might some time before he has full confidence in you and make himself believe that you won’t hurt him like his ex.

3. There’s Someone Else
Sometimes, if your boyfriend doesn’t seem much dedicated or committed to you, it might be that he has found someone else who is better than you. This happens mostly to couples who haven’t declared their relationship ‘exclusive’, which gives them the opportunity to date multiple people at the same time.

4. He’s Fully Happy with His Life
Some guys don’t want a girlfriend or a romantic relationship to be happy. True, relationships have some benefits like physical intimacy and companionship, but if a man finds more happiness amongst his friends, hobbies, career, or even with himself, it pretty obvious he would be less inclined to spend his time and energy on a woman to be happy.

5. Money Might Be An Issue
Money is a big issue in any relationships, and can make or break a relationship. If a guy has problems with his finance it can stop a man from committing to a relationship. Maybe he is focusing on developing his career, making more money earning a decent wage, or paying his mortgage or debts. He thinks that having a relationship in this situation will make things worse. Or perhaps, he has seen firsthand, how a failed marriage can ruin a man’s financial future, and he’s reluctant to take that risk.

6. He’s Feels Pushed and Forced to Be a Partner
Both men and women lose their interests with their dates or partners if they sense that they’re pressured into being in a relationship. This makes them run away. Being in a committed, exclusive relationship is a big responsibility. We are talking about the future of the relationship here such as marriage, kids, etc. Some men and women aren’t physically, mentally or emotionally ready to take this huge responsibility. And no one likes to forced or pressured into making this decision.

7. He’s Gets Bored Easily
Some men are addicted to the thrill of falling in love, the flirting and getting physically intimate or having sex with her that’s associated with being in relationship. They entice you to fall in love with them, they tell you all about themselves, be emotionally and physically intimate with them, and they have passed this stage, the thrill and excitement wears off. They get bored and start preparing to fall in love with someone else.

6 Ways to Start a Healthy Relationship

Are you frustrated and tired of doing all things right in the relationship, yet still end up with moody and toxic partners, who are incapable of loving and connecting emotionally? If yes, then you need to make your happiness a priority and choose to love in a different manner.

Here are six things you can implement in your life to attract healthy love and repel toxic and wrong partners from your love life.

1. Healthy, evolved love doesn’t manifest naturally. It has to be learned. While growing up, our parents taught us how to give and receive love, a and what is deemed reasonable in love and relationships. Therefore, if you, unfortunately, had a violent childhood, or felt scared and insecure throughout your childhood, it’s highly likely that you’ll have partners with similar backgrounds and families in your romantic relationships.

2. If you keep on tolerating something in your relationship, and the same things occur repeatedly, you should ask yourself, is it okay to you that your spouse keeps on treating you badly? Relationships are all about providing both positive and negative energy to each other, which will bring either the best or the worst of us.

3. The happiest couples consist of two emotionally evolved and balanced individuals. They possess a high level of self-assurance, self-esteem, strong boundaries, integrity, trust, and a greater sense of purpose in their life.

4. Too much neediness, dependency, desperation and anxiety of loneliness or rejection can create vacuum and resentment in the relationship. You might attract a partner, and later change him or her to cater to your deep-seated needs and desires. But, by using therapy, you can heal yourself? You can’t change a person of who they are, but you can transform yourself.

5. If you want to have a healthy, long-lasting relationship, it’s essential that both individuals in the relationship use loving, caring and peaceful communication skills with each other. They should try how to turn negative feelings into positive messages to bring changes in the relationship. Each partner should share their feelings in a calmly and honestly without blaming or shaming each other. With a new and improved understanding of the other’s wants, needs, and desires, both people will consciously be aware and be careful of what they say or do to each other.

6. Partners need to best friends to each other, share common interests, and have fun enjoying shared activities together. They should learn from each other’s mistakes, pledge to leave their past behind, forgive each other, move on towards the future. Both partners feel confident, loved, and supported, when partners support each other’s goals and dreams.

An evolved relationship has trust, self-confidence, and confidence in their partners, Flexibility, patience, Friendship, respect, and kindness. In an evolved relationship partners have loyalty, trust, and integrity in each other. Partners share common interests and activities, have a sense of humor, open to compromises and forgive each other without blaming or arguing with each other. You can’t have a long-lasting relationship without showing affection and compassion for each other bonded with loving communication, spirituality, intimacy, mutual sexual desire and satisfaction. A loving, evolved relationship can bring tremendous change in your life, energy and your love life.