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Hate Your Date? Here’s Why…

Many of us overthink and tend to obsess about stuff that could otherwise be relatively straightforward. If you think that you are unsure about whether you like the new person, you’ve been dating for some time, and if you want to continue with the relationship, here’s why:

You Have Obsessive or Neurotic Behavior

People who are obsessive or neurotic are indecisive. They make decisions that they constantly doubt about it, and have the tendency to depend on other people overly. Obsessive men and women when they’re in a relationship are always anxious, overthink and don’t have any real peace in their minds. If you’re facing this problem or know someone who behaves this way, it’s advised they talk to a therapist or take medication that can help them reduce their obsessive traits.

You’re Afraid of Intimacy

Some people are reluctant to be in a committed relationship because they had some bad experiences with their past relationships. They’re afraid of intimacy in the relationship thinking that they might get hurt again. They believe that if they fall in deep love with someone new, and if they break up, they can move on. If your previous relationship didn’t work, emotional intimacy could be undesirable to some. If you aren’t sure if you like someone new enough, then it’s because you’re scared to intimacy. Even though, deep down you love the new person you’re currently dating, but your instincts are telling you to back off.

You Have Unrealistic Expectations

Some people doubt their partners because they have unrealistic expectations about relationships. Relationships are anything, but neat, simple and organized. If you’re looking for the right person to be in a loving, long-term relationship, you’ve to leave the fantasy world or all the traits you think you need to see in your future wife or husband. Just focus on the real world with the real person across the table. Talk easily and naturally with the person sitting in front of you during your first dinner date like you’ve known each other for a long time. If you still have doubt, whether if he or she is right for you, then make a decision about how you feel about that individual, not what you think about that person.

If you feel good with your new date and find that things are going nice and smooth, there is little chance you’re overthinking about your date.

You Have a Penchant to Self-Punish

If you believe that the new person you like isn’t right for you, then you might consider if you have a tendency for punishing yourself by not allowing yourself to feel good and relax about your new relationship. If you have a penchant of criticizing yourself and it’s better for you not to get involved in a relationship. Until you give yourself a chance to be joyful in a relationship.

The bottom line is when it comes to relationships; overthinking things will only make it worse and prevent you from being happy and content. Try to break away from this habit, distract yourself from it and focus all of that positive mental energy to make yourself relax and happy.

Like Me, Like Me Not? Signs A Guy Wants To Date You

The early stages of seeing someone can be very exciting and impressive. Meeting up, happy, nervous, butterflies in the stomach each time the phone beeps and it is him. But after some time it starts making you confused that whether it is going to be a casual hook up or the person really wants to take you out on a date.

It is always a better choice to go slow in the start. But time may come when you feel like that you are falling for that person, but you are still unsure about what the other person feels about it. You have to figure it out to make your mind clear that either you need to get serious about the relationship or to let go of it. Below are the signs that a guy signal when he wants to make it official.

He is always getting in touch with you

If a guy calls or texts you a lot, then it is a clear signal that he is getting serious about you. There is a big difference between the guy who calls you after midnight just to hook up and the other one who calls you during the daytime to know that how is the day going so far.

He is interested in you

If a guy is interested in you, he wants to know more about you. He will ask questions about your friends, family and things that interests you, and if he genuinely listens to your answers very carefully, then this signifies that he wants to have a better and complete know how about you so as to check the compatibility between you two.

He has only got his eyes on you

A guy who is just flirting around will have his eyes on other women as well. You can notice his wandering eyes when he is with you.  A person who is interested cannot take his eyes off you.

He will introduce you to his friends

A guy who wants to continue a healthy relationship with you will decently introduce you to his friends which simply defines that he is seeking approval from his buddies.

He wants you to meet his family

Now this is a serious move! If a guy is interested in dating you, then he will introduce you to his family. Introducing to his family also depicts that he is thinking something way beyond a casual dating.

He gets a bit nervous

A person who has always been relaxed and confident around you, all of a sudden he seems confused and nervous then this is a green signal that is preparing himself to ask you out officially.

He is open to you

If a guy is interested in you, he will start becoming open to you and share every thought and feelings with you. He will be telling you about the stuff which you know he has never said about it to anyone.

The next time you want to make yourself clear about the feelings of the guy you already have fallen for then check out the list mentioned above to seek for the right indicator.


Signs That Indicate The Guy You Are With Deserves Your Trust

Relationships are built on trust. Without trust, in a relationship, it is tough to make quickly love. And without love, relationships will fail to groom and flourish.

Undoubtedly trust is the key ingredient of a successful relationship. However, you cannot give your trust immediately to the guy you are dating. Trustworthiness represents maturity and trust is something that should not be readily available to every guy you date especially when it comes to young men as they are not developed up to that level. Still, numerous young men deserve to be trusted and loved deeply.

So, how will you know that a guy is trustworthy or not? Well following mentioned ways can be considered to find out that whether the guy is going to treasure your trust or you will be left broken apart.

He is always willing to communicate with you

The man who is trustworthy will never mind if you load him with multiple questions. He will never hesitate to answer you as he will not be hiding anything from you. On the other hand, a guy who is just playing games around will try to ignore you when you try to communicate or ask several questions about him.

He can look into your eyes

Eyes have its way of expressing emotions. The guy who is honest and trustworthy will look straight into your eyes as he has nothing to hide. The person with shifty and paranoid gaze is definitely not worth trusting.

He can let his guard down

If a guy is comfortable with you, he will share everything with you to the deepest level. Not only he trusts you, but he will also do his level best to gain your trust as well.

He is always flirting with other girls

If he is flirting around with other girls, then this means that he is not making the maximum of his investment with you in the relationship. Flirting around does not mean that he is not trustworthy, but it says that he has still not reached the stage where he is capable of understanding the real worth of your trust.

He seems interested in your life

Well, being interested is one important signal. If he gets emotionally involved in you and he seems interested in everything related to you, then he is definitely the guy who is falling for you and deserves your trust.

He doesn’t freak out if you touch his phone

The best way to check your boyfriend is just to pick up his phone. If he becomes defensive or paranoid, then there must be something wrong. Otherwise, a person who has nothing to hide will stay calm and relaxed.

You experience a gradual increase in the comfort level

The more you spent time with a person, the more you start feeling comfortable and more you can trust that person. So, when the time span spent with your boyfriend increases and he has done nothing to halt the comfort level between you two then definitely he is trustworthy.

There are a lot more tactics that can be implemented to figure out that whether your boyfriend is trustworthy or not. The more you practice the pointers mentioned above, the more easily you can read people.

The Proven Ways To Get A Girl

Impressing a girl is not an easy job, as most of the girls are of shy nature while some are very arrogant. It is due to behavior of the girls that most boys also feel nervous and they cannot gain enough confidence to say something to girls. So, to overcome such situation you can follow some tips to learn ways to get a girl. Most of the boys think having a girlfriend can be a headache, but this is not always correct. The girlfriends are someone with whom you can share everything you want. They are the ones who accept you as you are and remain with you in every situation.

Girls are those who deeply understand you and help you in each possible way. If not girl friend, then you can still have a friend who is girl, she will be your true friend and will always remain in touch with you. She will be the one who will support you morally and mentally. She will motivate you and will boost up self confidence and you never know that when your friendship turns into a relationship. So, from the mentioned points, you can say that having a girlfriend is really very beneficial.

Tips on getting a girl

If you are planning to have a long term relationship, then you should have a good girl who can be your friend also. There are many tips that you can follow and can learn on how to impress a girl to make her your girl friend. Following are some of the tips that you can consider on Ways to get a girl:

Date as many as you can: If you think that it is the right time to find your true love, then you must start dating. For having a good girlfriend of your choice it is necessary to date. The simple fact is that the more you will date, the better you will get. Dating can be the best thing through which you can impress the girl and can get one that matches your compatibility. There are many ways through which you can date women, in fact these days many prefer online dating. Through dating you will get enough time, so that you both can understand each other well. Along with this, there are many other benefits of dating women, even if you want you can date several women at the same time. This will be the most effective way through which you can easily find one that matches with your likes, dislikes and areas of interest. So, if you will have more and more entries, your chances of winning will increase. It can be one of the best ways to get a girl.

Show your interest in her and be genuine: Girls really do not like fake persons or those who try to show off. So, if you are trying to impress a girl then it is necessary that you must be genuine with her. Do not play with their feelings and don’t try to act over smart because it can lower down your image in front of her. If you are really looking for a girlfriend and want a commitment, then you have to be genuine and act like a true gentleman. This will not only help you in impressing a girl, but it will also create your good image. Being genuine is not always enough; along with this you must show interest towards her. If you are heading towards relationship then you must be enough responsible and have patience. Always pay attention towards her and be a good boyfriend. Always help her no matter what type of situation it is and make her feel comfortable. Do all such things that she really likes and be funny. Take interest in all those things that she likes doing and support her. These small things will not only help you in impressing, but it will also make your relationship stronger.

Be good and smart looking: A girl always wants a handsome and good looking boyfriend. They want their boyfriends to be presentable, but for most of the girls outer beauty does not matter. The thing that matters for them is their inner beauty, that how much they are beautiful from their heart. How much they have respect for the girls and how they treat them. So, it is necessary that along with good looks, you must have a good heart also. Suppose, if you are going on a date and want to create a good impression then you must groom well. Grooming can be the best way through which you can impress the girl easily and efficiently.  You must look healthy and hygienic and must wear the best clothes with good hair style, but yes do not forget the inner beauty.

Pay attention towards her:  A girl always wants someone who will pay attention towards her. So, while impressing a girl, you must be present there not physically but mentally also. You must pay enough attention towards her, focus on her and listen what she is saying. Look after every small thing and what she wants. Make her feel special and comfortable. Be nice with her and do all such things that can make her believe on you. If, once you will win her trust then she will really get impressed by you and might be possible will fall in love. So, little attention towards any girl can make her your girlfriend. This is also one of the tips that you can consider under Ways to get a girl.

Be flirting: Flirting can be the best way through which you can impress a girl. This will not only help you in attracting, but it is the most honest way through which you can indicate somehow that much you like her and can go to any limit to get her. Flirting can be started with simple eye contact or with the smile. This will show that you are interested in her and will make the girl realize that she is the most important person for you. This will make her feel special and out of this world.

Know Why Do Girls Play Hard To Get Game? The Ways To Deal With Such Girls

Many of the guys are inspired from the movies and TV shows, where the guys impress a girl and immediately she accepts his proposal to get into relationship. It is just the chick flick. In reality, most of the girls usually take a longer time to accept a guy and his emotions. Sometimes, guys are unable to understand the signals by the girls, whether she is interested or not. It is really annoying for the guys when the girl, whom he likes, shows the mixed signals to him. She neither accepts that she is interested in you nor she denies it. This kind of signal from girls can make the guys doubtful and make them feel bad when she refuses the proposal.  But, why do girls play hard to get game?

Reasons why girls play hard

Most of the girls do not easily accept the proposal of the guys. Each may have their own reasons for not accepting the proposal. A search for the potential partner for flirting or dating works in the same way as taking a test drive in the car which you want to buy. This is the reason why girls play hard to get games, even when they are interested in you. Playing it hard is the most fun thing in the dating procedure. It is the way to test the patience of each other.

Here are some other reasons to know why do girls play hard to get game?

  • To test the commitment level of the guy.
  • To know whether you are really interested in her or you too are just playing a game of flirt.
  • If she does not want to make it simple for you to win her.
  • Women read the glossy magazines to seek the relationship advice. If your girl also has gone through any such magazine, she will follow the rule of attracting the guys by playing the game to get her.

These are the obvious reasons for a girl to play hard to get game with guys.

Learn the signs she is interested but playing hard

After knowing the reasons for, “why do girls play hard to get game?” you should learn the signs to know either your girl is really not interested in you or she is just playing it hard. Here are some of the signs that can easily point out if she is playing hard:

  • She will not admit it directly that she is not interested in you. Whenever you ask her if she likes you or she is uninterested in you, she will give you every possible excuse for not answering your question. She will put her best efforts in changing the topic.
  • She will not answer your text message and calls instantly. Her phone will be in her hands and she will keep on updating her social media accounts but she will not respond to your calls and messages. By doing so she wishes to show her pre occupancy and test your patience to want her.
  • When she replies to your text messages or phone call, now matter after how many calls, she will flirt with you and talk to you for long hours without complaining that you are killing her time.
  • She will talk about the other guys in front of you, especially those guys whom you don’t know. Guys should know that if she is talking a lot about the other guys in front of you, she is actually trying to show her popularity among the boys so that you concentrate on her only.
  • She will focus on her dressing and how she looks when around you. Guys should notice the difference how she looks when she is with you and with other guys.
  • Often, consciously or unconsciously, she will play with her hair, lips and fingers. She will not mind even if you touch her while talking but probably step back when you hold her while talking about getting into relationship.

If your girl does the same with you then you should realize that she is really interested in you but want to take time and make it harder for you to win her.

Dealing with the girl who plays hard to get

When you realize that your girl is playing hard to get game then you should not get interested in why do girls play hard to get game? Instead look up for the ways to deal with those girls who are making it hard for you to get them. You have to show her that you are stronger than her and can easily surpass any obstacle to get her into your life. Possible ways to deal with the girl who is trying to play hard to get a game with you include:

  • First you should get it confirmed whether she is really busy or she is just making it hard for you to get her. It will prevent you from hurting her emotions and understand the real problem she is actually facing.
  • Don’t hesitate to play back a little bit. If she delays to answer your calls and text messages, then you should also try to not answer immediately when she calls or text you. Even if you see that she is online but have not answered you for several hours, then you should avoid her presence and pull yourself a little back. Let her feel your absence.
  • You can candidly confront her if all your tricks fail to get her out of the game. Look for the appropriate time when she is alone and not doing any important thing. Talk to her directly without hesitation and ask for her answer whether she likes you or not. If you already know then you can use your sensual touch to make her loose controls over her fake rigidness. She will definitely admit that she is interested in you and want you passionately.

There are many more tricks to handle a girl who plays hard to get game.  By learning these tricks you will be able to get a girl in your life.

New Relationship Advice: How to Make a Perfect Start

What is more exciting than falling into a new relationship of love? A new relationship brings along hope, enthusiasm, thrill and a lot of fun. It is like unfolding the mystery to get to know each other deeply.

Entering into a new relationship is not like tearing off the wrapper from candy, you need to reveal a lot of layers to get to know the person more closely. Usually, young lovers rush into their new romance to get to know what they have to offer. They are anxious to learn about everything right at the start. However, you need to take it slow at the beginning and give it some time to blossom over a period of time.

Have you just found yourself a new relationship? To make it a perfect one, learn what matters from the start of the relationship. So if you have met your perfect one and you do not want to spoil the relationship then here are some advice you need to follow to take a new relationship to a good and then to the level of a perfect one.

Meet often but not too often

Falling in love young will make you super excited, and you want to spend each and every minute together. It may seem so thrilling at the start, but with the passage of time, it will start losing its beauty. At the start, with full energies, you may manage it somehow, but after some time, it becomes quite difficult for you to take out time from your busy routine and with the piling work you start feeling exhausted and annoyed.

It is suggested to go out on a date once or twice a week but if you cannot get off your hands from each other then soon your relationship will lose its charm.

Do not get too clingy

If you want to build an understanding of your relationship, then keep your pace slow. Give space to each other. You are only dating right now, and there is no need to keep every little piece of information of your lover as you hold a very little space in their life at the start of your relationship.

No need to buy expensive gifts

No matter your lover is the only one on your mind all day, but that does not mean that you start purchasing every single thing that you like. Save money for the future when your relationship makes its solid foundation. And still, if you feel like giving a gift then get a small and inexpensive one until you are sure that he/she is the one and only one.

Do not get possessive

Possessiveness signifies insecurities and jealousy. Remember especially at the start of a relationship you cannot order or even request your lover to avoid meeting people you don’t like or spending a lot of time with friends. Just hold it inside otherwise, your relationship may end up before it even starts.

Accept each other’s habits

Do not try to change your significant one and learn to accept and adjust with their habits. By changing or restricting them at the beginning of your relationship, you might lose them forever.

Do not introduce your lover to your friends too early

At the start, you are exploring and getting to know about your partner yourself. So, introducing too early to your friends at the start may give an impression of too fast. So avoid showing off your new catch to your friends at the earlier levels.

Undoubtedly, new relationships are very exciting, but they are delicate at the same time which can break apart with a slight negligence. So, take your relationship slow at the start so as to have a perfect relationship in the end.

4 Ways To Get Your Seducing Game Strong!

Who doesn’t want to master all the right moves of attracting the other gender and of being a total pro at it? Undoubtedly everyone wants it, but little know the art behind it.

When talking about specifically how to impress women, one should first realize that it is much more than just showing all that swag. In fact, there isn’t any way to know for sure what a woman actually wants. For some it may be the sexy good looks, for some intellect and the rest will be all in for personality. Whatever the case may be, playing the safe card is always recommended. And that card is to learn seduction in all the right ways. Seducing never goes wrong and will always attract a woman, no matter how arrogant she may be.

For all those who are wondering and sad on the fact that they still aren’t well aware of the love game, then these smart 4 tips will surely help you get your head in that game.

#1 Less attention, better chances

In order to grab her attention, you must always ensure that your self is always maintained as the object of desire. So how will you ace that? It will only be when she notices that you are ignoring her from the lot. Ignoring her and pretending that you haven’t acknowledged her existence will only increase her attention for you. It is basically working around the reverse psychology, where the more someone runs away from you the more you run after it. This act should be continued even on social networking apps where you should ignore her texts and sometimes not even open them. This will keep her in the constant curiosity and tension. But, you cannot risk her losing interest and this is the point where you should unexpectedly send her a mysterious message to light it all up again.

#2 Her friends are the key

Despite being bestest of friends, naturally every women has some level of jealousy towards the other. Men should know exactly how to capitalize on this one point and when. Whenever she is around, you should try to ignore her and make more conversation with her friends. Compliment them and show that you’re having a good time with them. This one small thing will make her so possessive that she’ll do anything to get your time and attention.

#3 Fake awkward encounters

There can be times when you accidentally run into her at a mall or any other place. Now at that very moment, what you need to do is act as if you have a better place to be at that time and also try to end the conversation as soon as possible and quickly leave. This will put her in that instant state of shock yet an increased desire for you.

#4 Don’t fall for her too soon

There is one thing that will destroy all your chances and that is if you develop feelings for her. If that happens, you’ll get weak and somehow you will lose the real motive behind; which is to get her attracted towards you. Make sure that you leave the love part for the last stage and enjoy the early stages of seduction while you can.

How To Change Your Life and Start Attracting Women

You can never force someone to like you but you can always create the circumstances where that person is inclined to do so. Women are surely difficult to impress but if you work the other way round to get their attraction, then the chances are pretty good. These 7 ways will teach you how you can challenge her to get attracted towards you.

#1-Build your own life

No one will like unless you like your own self. This rule applies here perfectly where you should try to put value in your life and make it interesting. Your life should be such that the other women is attracted enough to join you in that and experience all the fun.

#2-Give her space

Too much of anything is not good. You need to make sure that you are not always around her and during that time away, she realizes your presence and even start to miss you. You also need to establish that you can be busy with your life and that you are not always available for her.

#3-Tell all your “stories”

It is always smart to let her know that your life I a lot more than just her and that you have a good social circle as well. Tell her all the funny and interesting stories where she enjoys a laugh but at the same time comes to the realization of how lively a person you are. Everything would be a lot better if those stories involve some of your female friends as well; a little jealousy is never too bad.

#4-Dodge her questions

Women can be really nosy about your life. They will try their best to get all the information out but you need to keep your head strong and make sure that you don’t answer all of it. Keep the mystery and keep her wondering about a lot of things.

#5-Miss her occasionally

You can’t really risk losing her by showing attitude 24/7. You need to make her realize that she matters and that will be done when you occasionally send her a cute “missing you” message. This will make her fall in love with you all over again and will keep the spark alive.

#6-Tease her!

Teasing has always been a woman’s emotional fantasy because they love dealing with that but sadly not all guys know when or how to do it. Teasing becomes a strong game because it creates that sexual tension and mystery of what exactly would come next. If men can ace this game of teasing, they surely can keep her interest living for long.

#7-Challenge her at any game

Women like challenges and naturally feel bound to ace at it. You can challenge her at a game and you will literally feel the positive tension or sexual tension building up that will enhance the whole experience. Despite the fact whoever wins, if the game has been played well, the girl will always remember it.

These ways are guaranteed to get a positive and long lasting response from the woman, if and only if done with perfection.


Heartfelt Signals: It’s The Right Time To Say “I Love You”

Intensely captivated and your feelings are irresistible, does it signifies that you have found your soul mate? Well, it is the frequently asked question that when the right time to say I love you is? People often confuse the words ‘right time’. What they think that right time means ‘too early,' ‘too soon,' ‘just right.' They start to think about the particular time and place, which can be anytime anywhere. Here what ‘right time’ actually means is that what you are feeling at the moment can be called love? Are you feeling it in your heart? Or it is just that you are expressing something that you believe is love but it is just an infatuation or liking.

To make sure that is it love or just a mere infatuation, you need to look for the signs. Signs that are crystal clear, beyond any shadow of doubts and are all set to utter the three magical words ‘I Love You.'

You have no doubts about it

It does not scare you at all. In fact, you feel super excited when you think about conveying it to your beloved one. You just want to express it, no matter what is the response going to be. Well this is what showing your love is, right? Expressing and expecting nothing in return.

There is no reason why you should not express it

If the person you are attracted to is not the one whom you know very well only then it can be excused. But if you are very close to the person you love, or you know them very well, then there is no reason left for not saying your heart out.

Do not expect anything bad to happen

If you anticipate that you will get a negative response or you might be told that you are going too fast, then this is not the right time to express. Relating it to unfortunate circumstances indicates that you are not entirely prepared to start off with your love life.

Have no control

If you can’t stop yourself and desperately want to say it, then this is what your heart is shouting. You are deeply in love. You have simply no control over your feelings, and you just can’t wait to express.

Fluttering butterflies                                                                      

Upon seeing that person your heart skips a beat, your mood is enlightened; it freshens up your mind and you can feel butterflies is the bright green signal indicating the actual intensity of your love. With respect to the time and circumstances, keep in mind the following points to be expressive in love

  • Never after the very first time you have seen that person
  • Never after the first date
  • When your head is absolutely clear about it.
  • When it feels right, say it when you want to.
  • When you feel safer and trust your partner completely.

Saying you love someone because you have fallen for that person isn’t easy. But when you finally say it and feels very deeply inside, then it isn’t better than the entire world’s love combined.

Why Guys Should Date Shy Girls, Even Though Most Don’t Want To

This might sound odd to most people, as women who are little shy often get unnoticed by men, as they prefer their dates to be extroverted. So, why is that? Below are some reasons why men don’t like to date shy women, and shy women make great partners, so every guy should definitely date shy women!

Shy Women Aren’t Noticed By Men

When it comes to social events, the person who seems to make the most noise usually gets the most attention. If there is someone in a group who’s the loud and dominating in a conversation, he or she will get noticed by other people easily with a positive impression of them. Quiet people don’t have that privilege and often get unnoticed most of the time.

Shy Women Often Tend To Belong To Different Social Circles

During education and work, people from social circles, and among them, only a few are distinct groups. For example, at college, students who are cool and popular, who go to parties and drink, are often classified “hip” and “cool,” when compared to people who belong to a science club, who are typically classified as “geeks” or “conservative.” There are pretty, interesting girls on all circles, but guys tend to focus on the first group, where introverts often dislike to a part of.

Shy Women Aren’t Exciting At First

Individuals, who are shy, can be really attractive and exciting individuals, once people put some effort and time in knowing their true personalities. You be amazed to discover that some of the most intelligent and attractive people aren’t extroverts, but rather introverts ones.

Shy Women are More Rational, Less Drama Queens

Women who are loud, outgoing, and extroverted are usually fun when going out on a date, but most men consider what it is like to be their partners or be in a relationship with them. The thing is it doesn’t always turn out like that. Extroverted partners can sometimes be quite irritating and overly react to conditions where most shy women would not. Shy women tend to be calmer, more rational and create less drama.

Shy Women are Generous and Selfless

People usually appreciate something that is harder to obtain. This is also true in relationships. Shy girls and women take their relationships seriously and remain committed to it. They don’t only focus on their lives, they try to make their partners and people around them happy, and really appreciate people who also attempt to make them happy too. This is very important to have a positive, meaningful, and long-lasting relationship.

Shy Women Often Come As Confident and Independent

Shy women are more confident, independent-minded and often act alone. They are decisive individuals and take control of most situations and make their own decisions. They don’t feel insecure and need assurance or any kind of approvals to make important decisions, while in a relationship. This can be huge relieve for most men because a needy and insecure partner can be emotionally draining for them.

Contrary to popular beliefs, shy women are confident, interesting, caring, and free-minded than most extroverted women, which most men are attracted to. But when it comes to great partners in relationships, shy women always have the upper hand and that what most men desire in women.