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4 Ways To Get Your Seducing Game Strong!

Who doesn’t want to master all the right moves of attracting the other gender and of being a total pro at it? Undoubtedly everyone wants it, but little know the art behind it.

When talking about specifically how to impress women, one should first realize that it is much more than just showing all that swag. In fact, there isn’t any way to know for sure what a woman actually wants. For some it may be the sexy good looks, for some intellect and the rest will be all in for personality. Whatever the case may be, playing the safe card is always recommended. And that card is to learn seduction in all the right ways. Seducing never goes wrong and will always attract a woman, no matter how arrogant she may be.

For all those who are wondering and sad on the fact that they still aren’t well aware of the love game, then these smart 4 tips will surely help you get your head in that game.

#1 Less attention, better chances

In order to grab her attention, you must always ensure that your self is always maintained as the object of desire. So how will you ace that? It will only be when she notices that you are ignoring her from the lot. Ignoring her and pretending that you haven’t acknowledged her existence will only increase her attention for you. It is basically working around the reverse psychology, where the more someone runs away from you the more you run after it. This act should be continued even on social networking apps where you should ignore her texts and sometimes not even open them. This will keep her in the constant curiosity and tension. But, you cannot risk her losing interest and this is the point where you should unexpectedly send her a mysterious message to light it all up again.

#2 Her friends are the key

Despite being bestest of friends, naturally every women has some level of jealousy towards the other. Men should know exactly how to capitalize on this one point and when. Whenever she is around, you should try to ignore her and make more conversation with her friends. Compliment them and show that you’re having a good time with them. This one small thing will make her so possessive that she’ll do anything to get your time and attention.

#3 Fake awkward encounters

There can be times when you accidentally run into her at a mall or any other place. Now at that very moment, what you need to do is act as if you have a better place to be at that time and also try to end the conversation as soon as possible and quickly leave. This will put her in that instant state of shock yet an increased desire for you.

#4 Don’t fall for her too soon

There is one thing that will destroy all your chances and that is if you develop feelings for her. If that happens, you’ll get weak and somehow you will lose the real motive behind; which is to get her attracted towards you. Make sure that you leave the love part for the last stage and enjoy the early stages of seduction while you can.

How To Change Your Life and Start Attracting Women

You can never force someone to like you but you can always create the circumstances where that person is inclined to do so. Women are surely difficult to impress but if you work the other way round to get their attraction, then the chances are pretty good. These 7 ways will teach you how you can challenge her to get attracted towards you.

#1-Build your own life

No one will like unless you like your own self. This rule applies here perfectly where you should try to put value in your life and make it interesting. Your life should be such that the other women is attracted enough to join you in that and experience all the fun.

#2-Give her space

Too much of anything is not good. You need to make sure that you are not always around her and during that time away, she realizes your presence and even start to miss you. You also need to establish that you can be busy with your life and that you are not always available for her.

#3-Tell all your “stories”

It is always smart to let her know that your life I a lot more than just her and that you have a good social circle as well. Tell her all the funny and interesting stories where she enjoys a laugh but at the same time comes to the realization of how lively a person you are. Everything would be a lot better if those stories involve some of your female friends as well; a little jealousy is never too bad.

#4-Dodge her questions

Women can be really nosy about your life. They will try their best to get all the information out but you need to keep your head strong and make sure that you don’t answer all of it. Keep the mystery and keep her wondering about a lot of things.

#5-Miss her occasionally

You can’t really risk losing her by showing attitude 24/7. You need to make her realize that she matters and that will be done when you occasionally send her a cute “missing you” message. This will make her fall in love with you all over again and will keep the spark alive.

#6-Tease her!

Teasing has always been a woman’s emotional fantasy because they love dealing with that but sadly not all guys know when or how to do it. Teasing becomes a strong game because it creates that sexual tension and mystery of what exactly would come next. If men can ace this game of teasing, they surely can keep her interest living for long.

#7-Challenge her at any game

Women like challenges and naturally feel bound to ace at it. You can challenge her at a game and you will literally feel the positive tension or sexual tension building up that will enhance the whole experience. Despite the fact whoever wins, if the game has been played well, the girl will always remember it.

These ways are guaranteed to get a positive and long lasting response from the woman, if and only if done with perfection.


Heartfelt Signals: It’s The Right Time To Say “I Love You”

Intensely captivated and your feelings are irresistible, does it signifies that you have found your soul mate? Well, it is the frequently asked question that when the right time to say I love you is? People often confuse the words ‘right time’. What they think that right time means ‘too early,’ ‘too soon,’ ‘just right.’ They start to think about the particular time and place, which can be anytime anywhere. Here what ‘right time’ actually means is that what you are feeling at the moment can be called love? Are you feeling it in your heart? Or it is just that you are expressing something that you believe is love but it is just an infatuation or liking.

To make sure that is it love or just a mere infatuation, you need to look for the signs. Signs that are crystal clear, beyond any shadow of doubts and are all set to utter the three magical words ‘I Love You.’

You have no doubts about it

It does not scare you at all. In fact, you feel super excited when you think about conveying it to your beloved one. You just want to express it, no matter what is the response going to be. Well this is what showing your love is, right? Expressing and expecting nothing in return.

There is no reason why you should not express it

If the person you are attracted to is not the one whom you know very well only then it can be excused. But if you are very close to the person you love, or you know them very well, then there is no reason left for not saying your heart out.

Do not expect anything bad to happen

If you anticipate that you will get a negative response or you might be told that you are going too fast, then this is not the right time to express. Relating it to unfortunate circumstances indicates that you are not entirely prepared to start off with your love life.

Have no control

If you can’t stop yourself and desperately want to say it, then this is what your heart is shouting. You are deeply in love. You have simply no control over your feelings, and you just can’t wait to express.

Fluttering butterflies                                                                      

Upon seeing that person your heart skips a beat, your mood is enlightened; it freshens up your mind and you can feel butterflies is the bright green signal indicating the actual intensity of your love. With respect to the time and circumstances, keep in mind the following points to be expressive in love

  • Never after the very first time you have seen that person
  • Never after the first date
  • When your head is absolutely clear about it.
  • When it feels right, say it when you want to.
  • When you feel safer and trust your partner completely.

Saying you love someone because you have fallen for that person isn’t easy. But when you finally say it and feels very deeply inside, then it isn’t better than the entire world’s love combined.

Why Guys Should Date Shy Girls, Even Though Most Don’t Want To

This might sound odd to most people, as women who are little shy often get unnoticed by men, as they prefer their dates to be extroverted. So, why is that? Below are some reasons why men don’t like to date shy women, and shy women make great partners, so every guy should definitely date shy women!

Shy Women Aren’t Noticed By Men

When it comes to social events, the person who seems to make the most noise usually gets the most attention. If there is someone in a group who’s the loud and dominating in a conversation, he or she will get noticed by other people easily with a positive impression of them. Quiet people don’t have that privilege and often get unnoticed most of the time.

Shy Women Often Tend To Belong To Different Social Circles

During education and work, people from social circles, and among them, only a few are distinct groups. For example, at college, students who are cool and popular, who go to parties and drink, are often classified “hip” and “cool,” when compared to people who belong to a science club, who are typically classified as “geeks” or “conservative.” There are pretty, interesting girls on all circles, but guys tend to focus on the first group, where introverts often dislike to a part of.

Shy Women Aren’t Exciting At First

Individuals, who are shy, can be really attractive and exciting individuals, once people put some effort and time in knowing their true personalities. You be amazed to discover that some of the most intelligent and attractive people aren’t extroverts, but rather introverts ones.

Shy Women are More Rational, Less Drama Queens

Women who are loud, outgoing, and extroverted are usually fun when going out on a date, but most men consider what it is like to be their partners or be in a relationship with them. The thing is it doesn’t always turn out like that. Extroverted partners can sometimes be quite irritating and overly react to conditions where most shy women would not. Shy women tend to be calmer, more rational and create less drama.

Shy Women are Generous and Selfless

People usually appreciate something that is harder to obtain. This is also true in relationships. Shy girls and women take their relationships seriously and remain committed to it. They don’t only focus on their lives, they try to make their partners and people around them happy, and really appreciate people who also attempt to make them happy too. This is very important to have a positive, meaningful, and long-lasting relationship.

Shy Women Often Come As Confident and Independent

Shy women are more confident, independent-minded and often act alone. They are decisive individuals and take control of most situations and make their own decisions. They don’t feel insecure and need assurance or any kind of approvals to make important decisions, while in a relationship. This can be huge relieve for most men because a needy and insecure partner can be emotionally draining for them.

Contrary to popular beliefs, shy women are confident, interesting, caring, and free-minded than most extroverted women, which most men are attracted to. But when it comes to great partners in relationships, shy women always have the upper hand and that what most men desire in women.

Ways To Express Your Love Without Words

Does love require only words to be expressive? Does love always need to be shout-out-loud to let your loved one know that you are loved truly, madly and deeply? Well, no doubt, expressing verbally has its own significance, but there is a kind of love that can be conveyed even it is unsaid. The kind of love that does not need to cry or yell for attention, but it can be whispered softly and gently.

Your actions, body language, and expressions can say it all and notify your loved one that you truly care.  Let us discuss very common and simple, yet very meaningful and pleasing gestures that enlighten your true feelings rather than conveying it vocally.

Being a perfect listener

Listen to your loved one with full attention and interest, even you find things uninteresting and repeated. Listening to each other creates an incredible bond and let you two know each other more deeply. It strengthens your relationship. So, sit back and listen with full concentration, without interrupting even if you have heard the story millions a time.

Take out time for your special one

Time is the most precious thing that one can offer to someone. So even if you have tight schedules, take out time for your loved ones to give them a short call or text them to check on them, to listen and to share with them. Let them know that you always keep them on priority and that they mean a lot to you.

Be patient with your loved one

There are times when your special one is going through some difficult time which you do not even know, and they may act weird or unreasonable.  Do not try to get on their nerves and give them space. They may snap you back, stay calm, do not react, smile and provide them with a warm hug that ensures everything is going to be just fine.

Surprise your partner very often

Do not wait for any particular occasion to arrive to surprise your partner nor you need to get expensive gifts to please. A hearty breakfast in the morning, a bouquet of flowers, a pack of chocolate or a surprise dinner date can show your love and affection for your partner. Try to plan out something different each time. Be creative!!

Your warm hugs and kisses

Physical affections like a warm hug or a surprise kiss can say it all what you sincerely feel inside without saying “I love you.” A goodbye kiss, a warm hug on returning after a tiring day can freshen up the morale and boost up the energies of your partner.

Support your partner

Be very supportive of your partner. Always encourage them and stand by them no matter what it takes. Help them out when they are surrounded with doubts. Provide your wisdom and suggestion while considering their opinions. Always be there to comfort them in the time of their failures.

True love can be expressed through small, simple gestures. As long as you are there to support them and they can rely on you, then you are expressive without conveying it in words.

Ways To Say “I Love You” To Someone Special In The Most Adorable Manner

Words are the easiest way to express your feelings and saying “I love you,” but it can take more than an email or a text message to get your point across to your loved one. To prove your love for someone, it can be easily communicated through your actions. So be creative to express your love to that someone special of yours.

When you are in love, three magical words “I love you” come out instantly and naturally. It will happen when the person is completely sure about his true feelings. If you hesitate or choke when saying these words, then you need to reconsider your feelings. Individuals who are deeply in love are going to device cute little ways to express their warm feelings for their special ones. There are very simple yet meaningful ways to says “I Love You” to your beloved one.

  • Using codes that are derived from their work:

By collecting phrases and the terms that are related to their work and profession, you can together to express the words that say “I Love You.” it is going to be the cutest way to convey your inner self for them.

  • Say it with your art and craft project:

Now this is going to require your efforts, but the result is going to be very fruitful and impressive. Make a pop-up book or a heart shaped candle or any cute romantic stuff that you come across the Google to say that you love your partner to bits.

  • How about hiring a singing telegram?:

Yes! They still do exist, and it’s their rarity that makes them so unique. Their performance is going to be a wonderful treat and the most surprising way to say “I Love You” to your sweetheart.  Do not forget to make the arrangements at home as in the office it is going to distract people around.

  • Plant the words:

Surprised? Yes, this is what I really mean! If you have a garden at home, grow the plant in such an order and way that it says “I Love You.” If there is no garden present, then get some flowers and make the arrangements with the words conveying your true feelings.

  • Putting up a sign in public:

By putting up a sign in public does not mean that you have to prepare a billboard for them. You can put a sign in the mailbox, or you can put signs on their jogging track.

  • Say it with a playlist:

What expresses better than music? Famous composers have made hit compositions with the loved one in their minds. If you are not one of those composers, then manage to make a playlist of the most romantic songs that convey a clear message, not the vague one. Try to find the songs that are the most liked by both of you.

  • Say it with food:

How about using a heart-shaped utensil to fry an egg or prepare a heart shaped cake with the words expressing your love. You can cook a pizza with a heart shaped pepperonis on it. Saying it with food, the possibilities are unlimited.

Finding adorable ways to express your feelings is just a bonus. With your cute acts, you will make your partner fall in love with you all over again.

3 Questions You Need To ask Yourself about Potential Partner

So, you decided to go on a date and hopefully to be a new relationship if you have met your potential partner. But, you are always wondering, how you would know if he or she is the person you wanted to have a relationship. Well, a lot of elements are involved, if a relationship needs to last and advance. But the first things are pretty basic, simple and fun stuff. Things like, “Are they attracted to you?”, or “Do you like to talk with them?”, “Do they like the same things I like?”

But, when you are thinking of choosing the right partner for you, then you have to dig a little deeper. So, here are three things that you ask yourself about your potential spouse.

How does this person make me feel?

Falling in love is a beautiful feeling, and you feel lucky to be with your partner. Just the feeling that someone likes you is very exciting and intoxicating. But, the person you’re dating might not have the same feelings towards you. People’s emotions are hard to understand, they make you feel happy, smart, confident, but the real motives get exposed after you have dated the person for a while. He or she might not be that into, and they will always find excuses to avoid you or not to spend time with you. If you feel that he or she isn’t interested in you anymore and you seem to be unhappy being with them, then this person isn’t making you feel good about yourself. In this situation, instead of trying their approval, the best thing you can do it break up or end the relationship.

How does the person you’re dating treat other people?

When people start to date or if a relationship is in its early days, people try to bring their A game — they talk nice, they listen attentively, compliment you all the time and make you feel important. Besides, all check out how your new date treats other people like the taxi driver, the waiter, or the cashier or your friends. See if the person pleasant or stubborn or if he or she has good etiquettes. In short, find out if the person is genuinely a respectful and a kind person or if they are just pretending to be good, so will like them.

Do You Think This Peron is Trustworthy?

This question is hard to explain. Whether a person is trustworthy or not can’t be answered just by looking into his or her habits or how they live their lives. It’s all about instincts. Don’t doubt your intuition and if your guts say that you can trust this person, then go for it.

So, that’s it, the three things that you need to ask yourself about your potential partner. It’s ok to criticize if all these sounds pretty basic, but in our culture where we have gotten habituated to evaluate a person by his or her physical looks, career, money, and family name— we care less about simple qualities like kindness and respect. But, it’s these qualities that matter the most in a relationship.

Signs You Are Tired Of Being Single And Need A Change

Are you feeling dejected and dissatisfied? You do not know that what is actually bothering you. You are confused and frustrated. Then perhaps the time has arrived when you do not want to be single and alone anymore, and you want that someone very special in your life.

You need to crawl out of the shell and face the challenges. There is a need to bring change in your appearance, please do that!! You seriously require bringing a positive change in your attitude, work on that as well. Let me help you if you realize to bring changes in yourself by telling you the signs that you are ready to stop being single and start to bring about changes.

Fantasizing more than living

You live in your dream world. You may even fantasize about your boyfriend or girlfriend and the fun you two will have together. Now come on, get out of this scenario and step into the real world.

Burning in the fire of jealousy

You can’t just help feeling jealous when you see your friends having fun with their partners or when they tell you about their sweet romantic stories. You feel frustrated and start feeling sorry for yourself. You find yourself asking that why this world is so cruel and unfair to you?

You call up your ex

Thinking about your ex and wondering about the reasons that set you both apart is quite reasonable but giving your ex a call in the hope of rekindling the relationship despite the fact that you knew it didn’t worked out in the first place, then you seriously need help in this regard.

You despise weddings

Not only weddings, any event that showcases couples, love, and romance put you off. If you are invited to such an event, and you feel like killing yourself rather than going on to such a place, then this clearly signals that you are tired of being single anymore.

Blind dating and online dates look fine to you

It is usually believed that if you agree to go on a blind date or feel comfortable with the thought of online dating, then you must be desperate in having a partner, thus, if you agree to such dating phenomena then you should quickly find yourself a partner. However, this phenomenon cannot be the case with everyone as exceptions are there.

You get emotional

If love songs and relationship statuses make you feel like crying and it reminds you of being alone and single, then you should start looking for a partner as this depicts that you are tired of being single now.

You have relaxed your standards

There were times when you were very choosy and picky about whom you want to go out with or date. But now you are willing to settle down for anyone is a clear sign that you desperately need a change.

Undoubtedly being single is feeling young, free and wild. I feel like there is nothing so perfect than just to be on your own and enjoying life to the fullest. But there do come the time when you should start looking for that special one to be the part of you till the end of times. Do not try to rush up, take your time and never force yourself into a relationship about which you are not satisfied at heart.

How To Follow Up After The First Date?

So finally you had your first date with the one you liked or attracted to. The hard part is over now, and the height and intensity of your anxiety must have reduced. You will feel the change in your communication level and style. The way you talked before your first date was different than the way you are going to continue in this relationship.

A lot of conflicting queries must be popping up in your mind making you confused and irritated. Who is going to call first? Who is going to text first? How, when, what is going to happen next? And many other contradictory thoughts. To get the answers to your reservations, read out the following well-written details.

What happens on the first date?

Before moving any further, first take into consideration the time you two spent together. Was it worth spending together? What was the comfort level between you two? Did you have an appealing conversation and showed respect for each others’ opinions, ideas, and interests? And finally how well it ended up? Peek into your heart and mind to get a clear picture of your First Date.

When should you Text?

This is the question everyone is craving to know about? When and who should text first?  Different perceptions and rules had been set and followed but what I believe if you feel like texting right after you both took your paths, just do it. Appreciate and be thankful for having such an enjoyable evening. There is simply nothing wrong with it. You can wish good night or tell to drive safely. Doing something like this shows your care and politeness.

Should you call first?

Well, who is supposed to call first? If I were at your place, I would follow my heart. If I feel like calling and talking, I do not mind at all to take the step. Again I would say, there is no need to feel shy about it. Do not hold back your feelings, say it out and express yourself.

What should you discuss?

Talking becomes easier and convenient after your first meet up. Conversations after your first date show more closeness and intimacy as compared to the times spent talking before. However, positive suggestions are mentioned to blow your mind and increase your confidence level.

  • Things you appreciated about that night: Talk about the time you spent on your first date. Appreciate the conversation you both had, the food and the lovely memories you made together. Whatever you liked the best about that night, share and be glad about it.
  • Ask about the next date: Although there is no need to ask about it immediately, if you do then it takes nothing at all. If the signal goes green, then prepare yourself for the second one. If not, then this explains that there is the possibility of not meeting up again.
  • Talk about other than the date: It is a conversation and thus it can be about anything. It is not necessary that you only have to converse about the first date. You can discuss and share whatever you feel like.

It is quite stressful as well as it may seem the excitement is high after the first date. Be yourself and do not over do or work extremely hard in trying to work it out somehow or the other. Relax and act maturely and sensibly. Be confident and enjoy the time with the person you truly like.

Here’s 5 Different Ways To Get A Girlfriend

Let’s face it, approaching a girl is easy, making her as one of your friends is easy, but it is always hard to make her your girlfriend. Making your friend turn into a girlfriend takes a lot of time and patience. Most of the guys fail at the last step. So don’t feel embarrassed or lower your confidence. Mentioned below are the 5 ways to get a girlfriend for you.

  • Meeting a girl: while meeting the girl, you give her your first impression. Many girls do remember the first meeting of their life. So, always remember try not to do anything fancy while approaching her. Try to look cool and calm, give your natural expressions and response to her. Show her the real side of yourself. Don’t try or look desperate in making her your girlfriend. Always look to make her your friend not a girlfriend. You should try other girls also, as this will increase your confidence and you will get a better idea of how to talk to a girl and have long conversations. You can also offer her some help with her office work or some assignment or with some household work. A help is always appreciated whether you are offering it to a special girl or to some normal people. You can help her carry heavy bags or some equipment or a bundle of files. Don’t be afraid or feel nervous while having a conversation with any girl if she is way too hot for you. Don’t convey your intention in a single meeting. Save some for the later conversation. Try to make her laugh with suitable jokes using the correct timing.
  • Always dress well and look good: Women do not like those men who don’t dress up well. Women are also attracted towards your physical appearance. Your physical appearance signifies how you are in your daily life. Always be focused towards your health. Try to eat fresh and high fiber food as this keeps your body fit and look slim. You can also join Gym to shape your body. Women also like those men who have a strong body. Next important thing is the wardrobe that needs your focus. Always wear clean washed clothes that fit you. Don’t wear those clothes which don’t fit you properly. Hygiene is also an important factor to consider which most of the women notice in men. Always take shower on a daily basis; you can also use some fragrance if you have a sweaty body. You should shave on a daily basis or trim if you are thinking of having a beard. Always comb your hairs while meeting with her. Uncombed hairs will make you look like a bear. There are many chances of getting this as a compliment from your girlfriend. Try to comb your hairs in a decent style. You can also visit some salon to dress up your hairs properly. Dressing well is certainly included in the 5 ways to get a girlfriend.
  • Network: Getting a girlfriend in your best friends circle is very hard. What if you have a small group of friends with only few girls in it who are also in a relationship with some of your friends? In that case you must increase your friend network. The bigger your network is, the more people you will meet. Also, there are chances of meeting more girls from which you can find the girl of your choice. If you still don’t find a girl that is suitable for you, you can visit some social sites or dating sites to find a girl who seems interested in you and shares common interest and passions. You can also visit some popular places where a lot of girls come to enjoy such as clubs or amusements parks and many other such crowded places. Network is one of the 5 ways to get a girlfriend.
  • Conversation: Conversation is also important for the people to interact with each other. Conversation is the best way to connect with the millions of people. Great personalities from human history have used conversation as their most powerful weapon to achieve their goals and target. Conversation is very important in interacting with someone as humans are considered as socially active. A healthy conversation can help you to connect with the girl you love the most. Women love those men who have a wonderful sense of humor and can turn anything into a joke which makes them laugh. Always remember try not to make the fun of the people, you can crack a joke on some other things rather than targeting your friends or other people. Don’t try to make her laugh, just go smooth with her. Flirting is also useful in attracting a girl towards you. But do not cross the limit while flirting with her. There are certain boundaries in flirting that you should not cross, as this will make her feel uncomfortable in your company.
  • Take her out on a date: If you think that she is now comfortable with you or with your company. Now is the time that you should take your next step. Ask her if she had some time to go out with you on a lunch or on a dinner. If she denies then wait for some time, maybe she is not ready yet or she is busy. Ask her again after few days, to make her feel that you want to go out with her on a date. This will increase your chances of getting her. Repeat these dating cycles for a few weeks or months. When you feel that she is now completely reliable and comfortable with you. Book a table in a restaurant ask her out for a dinner. Look for a perfect moment and propose her. Share your feelings with her as this will make your bond stronger with her.

So at last, these are the 5 ways to get a girlfriend of your dreams easily.