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4 Ways To Be Romantic After The Breakup

One of the challenging situations in handling a relationship is to rekindle the charm that fades away with a mutual decision of having a breakup. Are you facing this situation currently? If your answer is yes, this article is going to help you through this.

When you let your loved one go but still a part of your heart feels for her/him, your unconscious mind will want to get them back. That is a devastating situation especially when you were in a romantic relationship with your lover. Being romantic with your ex after breaking up is a lot tougher than you can imagine.

However, though it’s not an easy task, you have to go through it to save your relationship and most importantly to ensure your inner peace. Here I will give you 4 tips to be romantic after your breakup and ignite the potential reconciliation-

1. Let them feel that you still care

It will be an awful idea if you let your ex feel that you’re desperate to get them back in your life. Give them some time to heal and cope up with this breakup. If you feel you’ve waited for enough, give him/her a phone call to know how they are and if there’s something you can do for them.

Paying an unexpected visit at their home might seem inappropriate in some cases. However, you can ask them for a cup of coffee to spend some pleasant time.

2. Gift something that your ex loves

Since you two were in a romantic relationship once, you obviously know the things that your loved one likes. Also, who doesn’t love gifts? So, an excellent way to let your partner feel loved even after a breakup is to gift them from their favorite list.

Don’t forget to include a card with the gift that says something like “Have a good day” or “Be happy, always.”

3. If you keep something that your partner loved, return it to him/her

There might be something that you two bought together, but you kept it in spite of knowing how much your ex loved it. If this is the case, tell them to get it back and keep it. That would be a gentle way to show your respect to their likings and your desire to make them feel better.

4. Give them romantic ideas making sure you don’t involve yourself in it

If you two are having a friendly conversation these days and things are a bit easier than before, give them some romantic ideas that they can apply in their life. It will let them feel you’re a good friend who wants them to be happy, nothing else; who knows if they’re still single and these ideas actually will be in your favor! Your ex might start missing the romantic days you two had once and thought of you again.

These are some good ways to be romantic after the breakup because none of these suggestions will provoke your partner and let them feel that you’re begging. Be confident and put your best effort to get them back into your life happen.

8 Ways To Save Your Relationship After Your Partner Cheated On You

It’s not the cheating that jeopardizes relationships and marriages; it’s the cheating partner’s inability to confess, be honest and leave the past behind and start anew. Almost half of the couples don’t split up and work on saving their marriage and relationship, but the healing process is difficult. Once trust is breached, it's very hard to bring it back. Read on how to gain the trust of your spouse and in the process save your marriage.

1. Confess The Truth
The first step in saving your marriage is to regain the trust of your spouse. Confess the truth to your partner about everything that leads to this unfortunate event. Be honest and leave no secrets about the infidelity. Share important details of your affair, how long have you been cheating, have to tell your affair partner about being married, so that your spouse can come to terms about the cheating and decide if he or she can forgive you and move on.

2. Mean It When You Say “Sorry,”
Just saying “I’ m sorry,” will help to get out of most situations, but it won’t help here that much. You have to apologize sincerely, write a heartfelt, meaningful letter, and read it to your partner. You owe this to your spouse given that you have so caused tremendous emotional damage to your partner and help him or her with the healing process.

3. Leave No Secrets
Don’t hide anything of your affair and answer every question your spouse asks you after you confessed about your affair. Try everything you can to trust and love your boyfriend or girlfriend. Be accountable for your actions from now on and provide him or her detailed information about whereabouts, your cell phones, your credit cards bills, text messages, Facebook messages, etc.

4. End All Connection With Your Affair Partner
It’s common sense that you need to sever every kind of contact with the man or the woman whom you had an affair. If you get a call, emails or text messages from your affair partner, even after breaking up the affair, tell your husband or wife about it. Don’t ignore, hide or even delete the evidence of it, without telling your spouse about it first.

5. Take Help From A Marriage Counselor
Sometimes coping with the cheating partner can be overwhelming for the cheated partner, so taking help from a marriage counselor may help him or her in the healing process. A trained and licensed marriage counselor will assist you with recovering from the infidelity and guide you and your spouse about saving your relationship.

6. Saving Your Marriage and Family Should Be Your Top Priority
Now that your affair is over, it's time that you dedicate all your energy, attention and time on devoting entirely to save your marriage and to your family. This means that you should attend marriage counseling and spend more of your free time with your family, including your kids and extended family members. Make saving your marriage your number one priority.

7. Be Accepting To The Consequences Of Cheating
Even you have apologized and cut off all kinds of connections with your affair partner; there are some consequences of cheating on your partner. Accept them because that’s the only way to prove you are remorseful about it. The consequences are you may be living separately or in a separate room, lack of intimacy, anger, and occasional mistrust towards you.

8. Reignite Your Relationship
No matter how hard you try to save your relationship, it is your boyfriend or girlfriend who will have the final say whether they want to be in this relationship or end it straight away. So, try to connect with your spouse meaningfully, get needy for attention more than ever, to prove that you're far-reaching in saving this relationship.

Are You Being Stigmatized Because You Don’t Have A Boyfriend?

There are no relationships without issues. There are fights, arguments, and misunderstandings among the partners and some relationships are so problematic that there isn’t anything to do other than ending it. That’s not all. Couples tend to blame each other for the demise of their relationship, while some men and women held themselves fully accountable for it.

Sometimes, things get out of control so much that these people, particularly women, are stigmatized or frowned upon, which makes it tough for them to find someone new, and start anew. These women begin to believe that there is something wrong with them, and that’s why no man would like to date them or don’t want to be in a committed and long-term relationship with them.

So, what can you do about this sad incident?

First, forgive yourself. You apparently loved your ex in your previous relationships, and you had to get out the relationship because you and your boyfriend weren’t compatible with each other, or the relationship ran out love. Therefore, forgive yourself. It wasn’t your fault.

Now, let’s talk what other people think of you. The truth is you can’t control what other folks think about you. You can only control yourself. It’s slow, but it works. Most people talk about improving their self-esteem after a breakup or when they can’t find someone. But, we never found that very helpful.

How are you supposed to improve your self-esteem when you feel depressed and worn out? So instead, of working on your self-esteem, we believe working on your self-respect will be more fruitful. It’s a lot simpler to gain self-respect. Only behave in a way that you find respectful. Think about the people you respect. Notice how they act. What behaviors do you see in them that make you think highly of them? Do their kindness and courtesy attract you? Is it that they don’t like someone who gets dragged down? Do you like how they support someone who needs it? Do you like someone who is confident and humble at the same time?

Now, ask yourself, are you that person? If not can you be that person? Even if you be that person, it won’t immediately change the way others see you. But, it surely will reduce the influence they’ve over you. When you’ve self-respect, you’ll realize that something funny will happen, when people around you try to make you feel about yourself. That is it won’t like it used to. Having self-respect also helps you to develop good taste in people. You can evaluate which kinds of people treat others, good or bad. Also, those people will see it in you. It’s like a magical power, and we all know these magical powers don’t come overnight.

Self-respect also instills self-compassion in you. If you say something wrong or bad-mouthing someone, or even self-deprecating yourself – don’t make this all about yourself. Don’t beat yourself for it. Don’t tell yourself that you behaved badly. Don’t think your honesty and compassion is running low. Changes come slowly. So, the next time, you’re looking for someone, and they didn’t find you attractive, remind yourself that everything is fine, and you’ll do better next time.

What To Do If Your Boyfriend Is Getting Back With His Ex

So you started dating someone you like, and everything is going great. You and your boyfriend are making plans to make your relationship exclusive, and then all of a sudden this happened. You boyfriend got a call from his ex. After having a conversation with his ex, your partner tells you that it messed up his head, and he’s no longer interested in continuing the relationship with you. He said that he decided to get back with the ex who has hurt him badly, and if it doesn’t work out, he will return to you again and make things as they were. You feel blindsided and confused whether you’ll keep dating him or break up with him or, you’re willing to give him some space and time and get his mind right.

Incidents like these are pretty common in relationships, and results are often mixed. Sometimes getting back with your ex, and sometimes it doesn’t. And in the mean, you also ruined the relationship with the new person you’ve been dating. In this situation, what will be the best course of action here?

First, let us clarify that our advice should not be taken personally. It can take people a long time to get over exes. And if that ex keeps pulling you back or you keep thinking about him or her all the time, it will get even harder and longer. Your exes can mess up your heads. Whenever your current partner decides to return to their, and they tell you that they aren’t sure about it, believe it. The truth is there’s no absolute way to know what’s going on with him. It’s uncertain whether their exes will take back your current boyfriend, or whether you’ll be ready, in case, to take him back, if it doesn’t work out with their exes. Therefore, let him deal with his stuff. You, meanwhile, be kind to yourself. We understand this is one big unfortunate event in your life, and you’ll feel bad for some time. Dealing with a break up is very, very hard, and it’s fine to allow yourself to feel miserable for a while.

But, keep in mind; don’t ever feel bad for feeling bad. You’re grieving the loss of your relationship as well as sulking about all the joy, happiness and the hope it gave you. So, if your thinking of binge watching all the movies you like alongside a bucket of fried chicken, or a huge tub of ice cream, go for it. If you begin to criticizing yourself for feeling upset, tell yourself that, “It’s okay to be sad. We all feel sad sometimes. It’s challenging and painful, but it’s temporary, and it will pass.”

Most of us assume that if we suppress or withhold our feelings and emotions, it will go away. But it’s not true, and it doesn’t work like that. When you allow the disappointments and frustrations to exist only, rather that hiding it, then coping with it becomes much easy and makes you more patient.

Meanwhile, being kind to yourself doesn’t just mean watching TV and indulging in snacks. It also means taking care of yourself like working out, eating healthy, being physically active by playing sports, taking yoga classes and so on. Physical pain and emotional pain are synonymous. So if you take care of yourself physically, your mental problems will be solved too. If you can do that, you may start to think about whether you are ready to get him back. After all, it’s your life and you’re in full control of it.

5 Signs Your Boyfriend May Be A Cheating Kind

Ever since you and your boyfriend are in a relationship, you’ve a conniving feeling that there is something wrong between you two. He's been acting all weird, moody, distant, and sometimes he acts too nice. You don’t want to think about it, but somehow you can stop thinking that whether he is cheating on you. No wants to continue to have a relationship with a cheater, but it can happen to anyone of us.

Anyways, here are five ways that may help you decide whether your boyfriend is cheating on you or not:

1. He thinks you’re cheating on him. Some people are more suspicious that the rest. But, if your boyfriend is accusing you of not being faithful to him, it’s highly likely that he’s having an affair. Why? Now that he’s convinced that you’re cheating on him, he does the same act, and get away with it. Therefore, if you see your usually happy and gentle boyfriend is all moody and feeling jealous all of a sudden, it’s highly likely that he’s cheating.

2. He became too mysterious. Being with someone new is exciting. You don’t know that person well. Discovering someone well, and who they are all about is a part of the dating process. It’s this reason that makes love and seeing someone new so thrilling. But, if you’ve been in a relationship with your boyfriend for a few months or even years, and you still don’t know much about his work, his past, his friends or family, it could be a sign that he’s distancing himself from you emotionally in a subconscious way. Maybe he has secret he doesn't want you to know, or he’s trying to cover something up. So, beware!

3. He seems to be compensating. If a cheater has a heart, he will feel guilty for cheating. So, if you see your boyfriend is extra sweet to you, and getting you flowers, gifts, saying a lot of “I love you’s”, it a sign that he may be cheating on you. We are telling that every time your man does something nice to you, it’s a sign that he’s having an affair. But, if a sweet gesture instantly follows suspicious behavior, that’s a red-flag.

4. He’s always busy or at work. People tell that if your partner is always busy, or work or it’s hard to reach him or her in person or by phone, it’s possible that he or she is cheating on you. It is a popular stereotype that is true to some extent. Typically, cheaters use work as an excuse to cover up their infidelity because most don’t question it.

5. He has a lot of lady friends. Not only you boyfriend knows a lot of women, he has excellent flirting skills, he can also make be friends with the ladies easily. Being a ladies’ man isn’t always a bad thing, but should make you stop and think, if this is something that you can handle. A man who flirts a lot isn’t destined to be a cheater, but think long and hard if you want to date such a person, as you may find it hard to deal with the competition.

Infidelities are harsh and unfortunate. They destroy love, trust and relationships. So, it’s better you be mentally prepared for it, as we have said earlier, it can happen to anyone, even to most healthy relationships.

3 Ways To Get Your Ex After Breaking Up

Get yourself out there and open up to the possibility of new love. Yes, it’s hard to get over someone we loved so deeply, and no matter how many times we tell ourselves, our thoughts and feelings for our exes can stay fresh in our hearts for a very long time.

Meanwhile, you’re missing out on a lot of romantic opportunities passing by your every day. Maybe you don’t seem to care about new potential partners, or perhaps when you’re trying to get into a new relationship, everything seems meaningless to you. Because you’re still “secretly” in love with your ex. Thinking about the love that got away is paralyzing and painful for your mind and soul. Unless you your take care of it will be tough for you to connect with someone new emotionally and will diminish your chances to be in love again.

There is no simple and quick way for fixing an ache like this, but these three steps will help to gain hope and move forward.

1. Get back to reality. Let’s admit it – when we date someone new, we only look at our partner through a magic filter, which makes us only see their most attractive qualities. We tend to oversee some of the bad traits that can cause some real problems in the relationship over time. We only remember the romantic candlelight dinners, while totally forget all the awful and hurtful arguments. All these leads to the question, why happened to our relationship that we had to break up? The truth is, you broke up for a reason. You found things in your partner that you decided you can’t live at that moment, or your spouse felt the same way about you. If this wasn’t the case, you did still be a happy couple. Acknowledging this reality is a big step in the right direction.

2. Set yourself free. There is nothing more liberating than letting go of something that was never meant for you. One way to forget your ex is by writing his or her name on a piece of paper, and then burning it. It isn't an act to vilify that person but saying goodbye to the relationship which has caused you so much pain. Secondly, get rid of all the fond memories of your past relationship such as gifts, photos, and letters. This may look harsh, but such things will only remind your previous relationship. Besides, getting rid of these keepsakes will help you break the emotional bonds.

3. Reflect on the possibilities. They say, “When one door closes, another opens.” Well, this might not work in most cases, but for love, it just might. So what, you lost someone you loved dearly, but there maybe someone even better waiting for you. We understand your ex was a great person, but the new person might be even better.

Relationships and break ups go hand-in-hand. Forgetting someone you loved with your life isn’t easy. But, when you try to make it happen, the potential of finding someone new to love becomes inevitable.

6 Things You Should Never Say to your Ex

Don’t you think it’s normal to do irrational activities after a painful breakup? Though the answer is yes, it can end up in something worse. Showing your desperation to get your ex back can attack your self-esteem.

The person who loved you yesterday might start hating you after seeing your unusual activities after the breakup. It seems romantic when someone puts an effort in saving the relationship, but nobody appreciates exaggeration. Here are 6 things you should never say to your ex for the sake of holding you self-esteem:

1. I’ve Changed Myself For You
Actions do a lot more than your words. Thus, when you brag about your improvement, there is a higher chance that your ex will dislike it. You better prove yourself a strong personal rather than convincing them to believe it.

2. I Will Do Anything To Get You Back
Presenting yourself like this will actually lower your self-esteem since your ex may think that you’re making it up just to get them back. It’s not attractive as well. They expected your full dedication, but you didn’t. You can’t ask for it not when they’ve decided to move on!

3. Please, Forgive Me!
Begging to forgive you or think about the settlement does not make your ex want you back rather it shows your lack of confidence in going on with life without them. It eventually breeds hatred in their mind since a confident man or woman never begs for other’s company since they need nobody to live a regular life.

4. I Can’t Live Without You
This dialogue is entirely obsolete these days. There were days in the past when people used to be impressed by these words, but our generation is quite smarter than them. By saying, you cannot live without them is meaningless to them. The only thing that can impress your ex is the true efforts that you’re making to cling to them.

5. Leaving Me Will Be The Biggest Mistake Of Your Life!
Threatening your loved one by telling them that they’re making a great mistake exposes your cheap mentality. If you think you are someone valuable for them, be that person first! Improve your appearance, develop a great attitude, and run for excellence. If your ex finds out that you’re trying heart and soul to impress her, she will automatically feel that losing you will be a great mistake!

6. I Have Few Things To Ask You
Both of you remain in an emotional rollercoaster, and the mental condition stays in a highly unstable state after a breakup. It is the time when your partner probably needs some space. They would prefer spending time alone to tolerating any nuisances. So, triggering them with a bunch of questions will end up in their annoyance and hatred towards you.

When you decide to live with self-esteem, your personality becomes attractive to your loved one. So, stop telling these unwanted things to them and focus on letting them feel your honest intention. It can win their hearts more easily!

Forgiveness Is A Virtue When It Comes To Love

Forgiveness is a virtue – but how many of us truly understand what this means? Forgiveness comprises a complex network of emotions namely pain, frustration, anger and fear. We humans are doing everything we can to avoid all of these emotions. The harsh truth is that it is almost impossible to stay away from these intimate human feelings, no matter how hard we try.

Many of us have been hurt while dating and during our relationships. We have all experienced pain, frustration, anger, and fear to some extent. These emotions have probably shaped our perspective of the world around us; they influenced our decisions, our feelings, our attitude, our health – in short, these negative emotions have made us who we are.

Now, the thing we should ponder is to what extent should these negative emotions have control of our lives?

To forgive isn’t easy. It isn’t natural. It isn’t a graceful act that is bestowed on an individual. In fact, it’s an active and challenging internal process that is designed specifically for you, to help you. By shedding all of those listed negative emotions, you’ll feel inner peace, happiness, and love.

If you’re in a relationship and your partner has cheated on you – You could feel rejected and angry and ultimately end the relationship. You may give up on the idea of what a relationship is all about and how your life changes if you’re in a relationship. Think of the pain you get after learning about partner’s infidelities.

Did you give yourself time to grieve? Did you confront your ex emotionally? Are you angry and resentful towards your ex? Are you holding your pain inside of you which is preventing you from moving on?

If you keep holding on to these negative emotions for a long time, they’ll manifest in your psyche. As time passes, you’ll have a hard time to trusting others. You may keep thinking that even if you forgive them and reconnect, there is no guarantee that they won’t hurt you again. So, you’re no longer interested to have committed, exclusive relationships, and try to find solace in casual relationships that never quite satisfies you or completes you. Perhaps, it’s time to let go of all the negativity in your life and embrace forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a choice to help yourself. It will release you from the prisons of your negative emotions and help you to feel peace, joy, and love again. Forgiveness will heal not only your emotional scars but also the physical ones. You’ll have healthier relationships, less depression, stress, and a stronger immune system. You will also develop (hopefully) higher self-esteem and confidence and improved spiritual and psychological well-being.

If you are still not ready to forgive your ex, start small and let go of the little things that happen in your life. If you’re able to forgive and let go of smaller things, you can hopefully learn to let go of the bigger stuff like you ex who cheated on you or forgive and get back with her again and give your relationship a second chance.

5 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back In Their Life

A breakup takes you through a lot of pain, but the amazing thing about being in a relationship is the mutual dependency that creates with the passage of time. So, a breakup doesn’t always mean that you have given up on each other and nothing left between you two. You can fix this up if you want to.

But, do you think your ex wants you back as well? If you were in a long-term relationship, there’s a huge chance your loved one will try to make things up and start the lovely journey once again. Here are some signs that clearly shows her wish to get you back in their life-

1. She agreed on not contacting you but fail

Both of you may agree on ‘no contact’ rule after the breakup but sticking to this agreement is not that easy especially if you were in a romantic relationship. So, if it seems that your ex is breaking the rule and trying to contact you or leaving you a text message, it’s a great sign she wants you to get back.

2. She make ways to seek your help

If your ex really wants to fix everything, she might go to any stage of stupidity! For example, even if she don’t know how to cook, she may seem to be very interested in cooking these days knowing that you’re an expert at this. So, she may knock you seeking for the best recipe or even invite you at home to taste the food she cooked.

3. Sending surprise gifts

Gifts are a great way to express love and dedication. So, your ex might choose to gift things that you’ve always dream having. Attaching a good wish note anonymously can make it more interesting. It’s a great way to let you guess who the person can be. After all, it’s not tough for you to recognize her handwriting!

4. Trying to improve herself

If your partner still loves you, she will always be ready to walk an extra mile for you. So, if your ex is looking more decent and organized than ever and also she is doing great at their workplace; it is certain that she is working on them.
But, how do you know all of these changes or moves? The answer is pretty straight. She is trying in every possible way to let you know her updates and wishing to impress you with all these!

5. Doing crazy things she used to do once

The early days of a relationship are something unforgettable. The efforts to make you smile or having expensive date nights are the things that those early days had blessed you with. So, if your ex seems to do crazy stuff and makes attempts to revert to those early days, it’s a clear sign she wants you back in their life.

These are some of the ways you can feel her interest in getting back to you. However, her sole attempts should not drive you to make a decision against your will. Always put yourself first and get back to her only if you too feel the urge to rebuild the relationship.

How To Bring Back The Heat In Your Relationship?

Whoever is dating or in a relationship, they all want the same thing – a romantic relationship that is sizzling hot! However, most of us who are in a long-term relationship can deny the harsh truth the spark in the relationship tends to fizzle out over time. This can detrimental for the relationship and in worse case, anger, frustration and resentment shows its ugly head in the relationship.

However, the good news is there are some simple ways you can reignite the flames in your relationship. Read on find out:


Love Letters. Back in the old days, when there was no smartphones, computers, and internet, people used to communicate using letters. Professing love to your special someone was considered an art. If you really want to bring back the romance in your relationship, stop using your smartphones and computers for a few minutes, take a pen and write a heartfelt, loving letter to your partner. You don’t have a write like Shakespeare; just say what you feel about your partner in your heart. Now, post that letter using an envelope. Giving the fact the writing love letters is almost dead; receiving one in this day and age will surely make a beautiful impression.


Spending Quality Time with Your Partner. Taking long walks together; walking side by side with no particular location or place is more like a romantic meditation. Taking long walks with our partners helps to settle our feelings, thoughts and encourages us to be more open to our partners. These days we get easily distracted while dating due to loud music, traffic jams, crowds, noisy restaurants, etc. and this makes us hard to focus on our partners exclusively. Dating isn’t about how many things you can juggle at one time and still focus on your date. The primary purpose of dating and spending quality time with each other is to focus all of your attention to him or her, tell them who you really are, what your life plans are and what you want in life, and in a life partner.


Homemade Dinners. Bringing two people close to each other over a candlelit homemade dinner is has turned into a lost art. There are reasons for as couples don’t want to invest their efforts into this romantic gesture to spice up their marriage or relationship as there are plenty of alternative options. You can get ready-made dinners from the supermarkets or order takeout restaurants which are at every other corner. But, there is inherently something seductive in enjoying a homemade meal prepared with love in mind. It’s the loving effort, time and creativity that can reignite the flame in a stale relationship.


Creative Gift Giving. If your want to present your spouse with a thoughtful gift, it has to be imaginative, meaningful and unique. The gift should mean what you feel and love about your partner. To give such commands observation, attention and the utmost effort to make it truly emotional and right. For example, you just can’t gift your wife a book. Buy them the book written by the author she loves and is her favorite. If you see that her favorite perfume bottle is empty, go and grab a new one, before she notices.

There are many ways you can bring back the spark in your relationship. You can surprise her with amazing vacation, try a new technique to satisfy her physically and emotionally, but it’s the reinforcement of the emotional aspects of the relationship discussed above that will truly spice up your relationship.