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Getting Back With Your Ex: Awesome or Awful Idea?

We have stories of married couples who broke up on their way to the altar and then reunited again after they realized that they couldn't live without each other. Then, some folks have got back with their exes after a breakup or even worse an unhappy marriage or a divorce. After going through these experiences, these people have wished they should have broken up and moved on, instead of getting back with their former partners.

If you’re considering or wanting to get back with a former partner but aren’t sure of your future prospects or whether if it's wise or a wrong decision, then we will say, it's hard to predict the future. Instead, we take our best shot at it considering various variables in the hope of find lasting love. Here are few strategies that will help you.

1. Analyze the level of volatility in the relationship. Some specific traits are incompatible for a healthy and long-lasting relationship. These are emotional abuse, physical abuse, addictions, emotional baggage, and character problems like cheating, lying and stealing. If you’ve noticed few or most of these behaviors in your partner in the past relationship, and it made you feel upset, stressed, afraid, trapped or angry, then don’t go back. In fact, be grateful that this dreadful relationship has ended. Consider your loneliness as a gift and being free.

2. Don’t let your emotions overrule your judgment. Love and hope are powerful emotions. Loneliness is one of our greatest fears. So, sometimes our emotions can overtake our rationality and decisions to justify accepting toxic behaviors with the hope that things will eventually get better if we reunite. It possible that there can be certain changes at a deeper level, but it’s unlikely. So, don’t rush yourself of getting back with your ex or in a toxic relationship, just because your instinct is telling you. Feelings aren’t permanent, and you’ll certainly get over them.

3. Don’t reminisce about your romantic past together. No relationship is perfect. Try to get an accurate image of your previous relationship, find out what was good and what was wrong that led to the demise of the relationship. Approach the future by looking clearly in the past with a vision and wishful thinking. You will surely realize that things that were “important” to you at that time are actually insignificant now. It will also give you a new perspective on the relationship you’re about to begin.

Ask important questions to yourself about your previous relationship, why did it end, or what things did we did together that made the relationship loving and brought the best of one another. See if the loneliness is the main reason that is forcing you to get back to your ex, or if you’re willing to make any changes to make the relationship for the second time.

Overall, if you’re having a difficult time debating whether getting back with your ex is an awesome or awful idea, remember one thing. Reuniting with a person you surely know is wrong for you, is a bad choice, even your heart tells you that it’s right. On the flipside, some relationships are worth fighting for and giving it a second chance in a hope to turn it into even beautiful and loving one.

Four Ways On How To Get Over Your Ex and Move On

Getting over your ex and moving on after a breakup isn’t easy. In fact, most people can’t move on with their lives after the demise of their relationship, not because there is a shortage of available singles, it’s mainly that they never healed and really got over their former partners.

Here are four ways that will help you get over your ex and move on:

1. Take A Hiatus From Dating

It's a great way to start your life anew after a breakup, even though it may sound contradictory. But, sometimes if you want to move forward, you just have to stop and take some time off to heal. Avoid dating for at least a month, but you extend it to three months if you prefer. During this dating detox stage don’t keep sulking about your ex and how much you miss him or her, instead take steps in rebuilding your confidence. Treat yourself with love and respect that same way you would expect from your new partner. Treat yourself with gifts, cook healthy meals, take a vacation, get that promotion, stop smoking, drinking, and all other bad habits. Get involved in some physical activities or sports and take care of yourself. You’ll be amazed how much better you’ll be feeling after your dating detox.

2. Let It All Come Up

Some people find themselves obsessing over their exes after the breakup. They know it’s unhealthy, but they admit that the more they try not to think about their ex, they end up thinking them more about them. It’s okay if these thoughts come up, but the trick is not to get obsessive over them. Another helpful tip is if any memories come up; write your feelings down in a diary or a journal and let it go.

3. Let Go of You Ex

If you’re still scouring your ex’s Facebook or other social media pages, visiting the places where your ex go or ask their friends what they are up to, then you have a problem. It means that you're obsessing over your ex and haven’t let him or her go from your life. A lot of people assume that if they stay close to their ex, maybe there’s a chance that they will take them back. This behavior might turn out to be counterintuitive and will actually prevent that from happening. If you love someone, let them go. If they come back, they are yours forever. And if they don’t, then you two weren’t meant to be one.

4. Fall in Love Again

If you want to get over your ex, then being in a new relationship is the best way to do it. However, don’t rush it even if you think you’re ready for it. Take your time, keep your on your emotional issues and if you believe that you are ready for it, then go it.

Breakups make us angry, insecure, embarrassed, resentful, but no matter what we have to get over our exes and move on with our lives. Focusing on our rebuilding our confidence and personal issues, seeking support from our friends and family, and having a clear and positive vision about the healing process will help us to get over our exes and move on with much ease.

6 Ways You Can Get Him Back Without being Desperate or Needy

Desperate times call for desperate measure – if you’re a woman who has attempted to get your ex back, then you most likely have resorted to this approach. You were compelled to do all sort of unfortunate things like drunk dialing, walk of shame and so forth. These behaviors looked flattering but rendered you to be his doormat, which eventually pushed his way. It's excruciatingly painful for many women as they’re in still in love with their exes even after the relationship has ended. Most women feel insecure and embarrassed about it and all the things they did to get their exes back. Here are six steps you can get him back without looking desperate or needy.

1. Don’t disapprove with why the relationship ended. Don’t disagree with him, if he talks about the reasons why the relationship didn’t work out. Instead, find the truth, accept it and later apologize for it. Being loved and happy is more important than being right.

2. Don’t convince your boyfriend or husband of all the reason why he should return to you. Trying to convince him to a part of your life will be a turn-off. It reiterates that notion that he’s better off without you as he views you as needy and desperate. Desperation and neediness are very unattractive traits to have in a relationship.

3. Be responsible for the breakup. Acknowledge that you also played a role at the end of the relationship. Instead of blaming him for everything, and look deeply what happened and determined how you contributed to the demise of your relationship. For example, if you have trust issues, and always questioned if your partner is faithful to you, then this may be one of the reasons, your partner decided not to be with you anymore. Therefore, try working on your trust issue before you ask back to be with you.

4. Make him come to you on his own. If a man actually wants what he wants, he will work on it and places a higher value on it. If you miss him, then don’t call him. Let him miss you and wonder what you’ve been doing. If he really misses you, he will contact you, perhaps want to be physical with you (decline it nicely), etc. Make sure if he does call you, respond accordingly. Keep sex out of the table, until you resolve all the issues.

5. Put yourself first and do what’s right and best for you. When your boyfriend or husband returns, don’t start the relationship again, where it ended. Instead, allow him to resolve all the problems that ended the relationship. This gives him an incentive to want you back. Get back together and work on these issues. However, don’t ever coerce him to think that it was you who was responsible for the end of the relationship.

6. Have a positive vision. Be clear about what exactly how you want to see your relationship to be this time. If you like your vision, behave and act in a way that will make you feel happy about yourself. Let things happen at its pace, relax, and stay positive about the outcome. Trust that things will work out for the best. And if he doesn’t come back, then don’t frown, there is someone else better for you.

Remember, you’re better off without him if he was physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive towards you. In that case, you will be okay without him. However, if you follow these steps, approach him accordingly, and if he comes back, it will be immensely rewarding. You’ll again have a second chance for loving and fulfilling relationship.

9 Things You Should Not Text to Your Ex

Breakups are excruciatingly painful. Most men and women have done all sorts of unfortunate stuff like drunk dialing, walk of shame and so on to convince their exes to give their relationship a second chance. Most of them have resorted to, “desperate times call for desperate measures” type of flattering behaviors that made them more of a doormat. These desperate and needy gestures are turnoffs to most people and ultimately if will push your ex away. In return, your ex will believe that he or she made a right decision to end the relationship because of your needy and clingy traits.

However, we understand that breakups make a lot of feeling angry, insecure, embarrassed, resentful, but no matter what we eventually have to get over our exes and move on with our lives. We have to disconnect from our exes, seek support from our close friends and family, rebuild and focus on our personal, social and professional lives and improvements and have a positive and clear vision about the whole healing process. One of the healing processes post-breakups is the “six months no contact” rule. Try to honor it or at least don’t call or text your contact for a whole month. In the meantime, if you send a text, don’t expect a prompt response from him or her, or don’t expect the response you’ve been waiting.

Anyways, here are nine things you should never text to your ex:

1. Single phrase texts. Don’t send your ex texts like, “Hello,” “What’s up,” or “How are you doing?” If you really want to say something, get to the point and send an initiating text. Don’t keep your ex guessing what you’ve contacted him or her.

2. Flirty or romantic emoticons or texts. You aren’t a couple anymore. So don’t send flirty or romantic emoticons or texts, which you should only be sending when you’re in a relationship.

3. Angry texts. If you feel angry or upset, go to your friends and family for support. Don’t send hurtful or demeaning texts to your ex simply because you’re drunk, tired or lonely, and it’s easy. Be respectful.

4. Relationship discussions. Don’t reminisce over a text. After a breakup, if you want to share something or talk about your past relationship, your ex isn’t the person you turn. Instead, share it with your friends or write about it.

5. Booty-call requests. Always a bad idea. So, don’t do it.

6. Thinking of you/missing you Texts. This won’t help you with the healing process post-breakup. It’s obvious that both of you are thinking about each other, but the relationship is dead now. And thinking or missing your ex won’t bring it back into life.

7. Sexy or intimate pictures. Another terrible idea. Again, don’t do it.

8. Desperate, needy and apology messages. No one likes a person who is desperate and if needy or clingy in nature. And in a relationship, it’s a deal breaker. So, don’t try to get back to your ex by pleading over texts.

9. Marathon texts. Some people just can’t stop texting their exes. They send one text, then a second one, then a third one and it keeps on going. If you’ve sent a message and got a response the way you expected, then stop texting. Be okay with the reply you got from the first one.

So, that all and before we end, there’s a golden rule here – if you’ve had any doubts about your ex, then don’t text at all.

What To Do If Your Ex Wants A Second Chance?

When it comes to relationships, each person and situation are different. But, there is one thing that’s common regarding breakups. All breakups are hard and agonizing. If you’ve experienced a breakup, it’s very unlikely that you want to go through it again, specifically if it’s your ex. So, what can you do if your ex what to get back and willing to give the relationship a second chance?

Considering getting back to your ex can be emotionally overwhelming if it’s with the same person you broke up as it happened a long time ago. It’s important to visualize a realistic view of the relationship, instead of looking it through rose-tinted glasses when you’re thinking of getting back with your ex. Have a discussion about it with your friends and family, see their reactions whether they approve it or not, then make a decision if you want to go with it.

If you’re all set to give your ex a second chance, here are a few things you should look into:

1. It’s necessary to make sure that your ex actually said that he or she want to be back with you. Try to understand their intentions and seriousness about the issue. Ask your ex to you some time to think about it and take as much time as you need. There’s no reason to rush here. Don’t give in to your ex’s requests for you to take him or her back, no matter how desperate or romantic it seems to be. If your ex hasn't asked you directly, but you feel that they’re interested, then do nothing and wait for them to give a direct proposal. Meanwhile, you can keep working on your emotions and feelings, and reach a decision that will suit you best.

2. Some individuals have an irritating habit of demanding that they can’t get. If you’ve have moved on with your life, made some changes in your life, and even found someone new, a person who has broken up with you in the past may be interested in you. But, the minute you let them enter in your life, they will most likely dump you again. The perfect way to handle this nuisance is not to have any affairs with them at all. This kind behavior is unhealthy, addictive and will make you mad.

3. If you have decided to rekindle your broken relationship with your ex-partner, then there must be a reason for it. See if the reason to get back with your ex is that you have resolved the problem in some manner that ended the relationship. It is a good cause, compared to the one where you both wanted to get back together again because you two didn’t find anyone else, feeling lonely or just plain jealousy as you can’t tolerate the thought of your ex having a date or a relationship with someone else.

Breakups are painful. They make us angry, resentful, embarrassed, hopeless, lonely and emotional depressed. Making irresponsible decisions are common at this stage and getting back with your ex can certainly is one of them. Nonetheless, if you’re thinking to get back with your ex, think thoroughly about it before making a final call.

How To Deal With Your Ex: The Do’s And Don’ts

Breakups are hard. But what about being in contact with your ex after a breakup? That’s where things seem to get tricky. If you remain in contact with your ex, hold on to the feelings of your ex, you run the risk of delaying your ability to get over your ex and move on quickly. Here are some tips that will help not to slip back into your ex’s arms post break-up. Instead, it will transit you into a future that will make you happy.

Define New Boundaries

Immediately creating new boundaries with your ex is your best defense after a breakup. It means that there will be no phone calls, no emails, no texts, and surely no late-night meetings. Your ex is now your past and has little or no importance in your life. But, when you have kids and work or run a business together, then the healing process becomes challenging, if not impossible. In such situations, you’ll have to make special new boundaries – where dealing and talking with your ex will only be absolutely about your common or shared interests such as children, work or business.

Don’t Approach Your Ex For Support

You lost your love; it’s okay to mourn. But don’t ever seek support and comfort by rushing into your ex’s arms. It’s entirely bad for the healing process. Instead, find mental and emotional support from your close friends and family members. They have the best intentions for you in their hearts and won’t report you to your ex about your recent progress and setbacks. In fact, this is the single best and most important steps to healing after an end of a relationship.

Don’t Bash Your Ex Online

Breakups are awful. It’s only natural to feel angry, sadness, embarrassment, resentment, etc. and it’s very common to see people who have recently broken up to online and bash their former lovers and partners on social media sites in front of their friends and viewers. It’s a bad move. Going online and spewing hate about your ex to everyone on videos, social media and so forth can only bring bad karma into your life.

Be Prepared When You Bump Into Your Ex Accidently

Just because you’ve broken up with your ex, doesn’t mean that he or she has left the planet. Depending on the size of the area or city you live in, there is a possibility that you’ll accidently encounter your ex in person. The event may be or not be dramatic, but the pain will still be there. Bumping into your ex can bring back past memories and will remind you why you loved him or her. It may rekindle those familiar feelings of love, lust, and even loneliness. However, don’t reconnect. He or she is your ex now and accidently meeting them doesn’t change the fact that you aren’t meant to be with each other.

Follow the Six-Month Principle

After a breakup, many therapists have advised newly singles to cut off all kind of communications with their exes for at least six months. In the meantime, focus on activities and hobbies you liked, but never had the time for it, get that promotion you always wanted, visit some new places, buy some new clothes, redesign your house and so on. Giving yourself six months to heal will immensely increase your chances to get over you ex and move on.

Overall, if you stick to these guidelines, your healing process after a breakup will be much easier, get over you ex and move on. Eventually you will find happiness after all.

Holding On To Your Ex Makes it Harder For You to Move On With Your Life

Going through a breakup can be compared to experiencing a death. Even though the pain is emotional, it’s no less than physical passing. When we break up with someone, we grief over the future we have envisioned with our exes and how will be spending out time with that person. So, after we break up, we always keep thinking about our exes, refuse to move on and this affects our physical, mental, social and professional lives.

Our natural tendency is to keep our pain in control and not entirely close ties with our former partners. It’s not impossible. It can be done. But the payoffs are minuscule given that it takes a lot of exertion on your side.

The honest truth is we can never fully get over our exes until we find someone new. Unless our minds accept the fact that, in life things always don’t work according to plan, and we have been flexible enough to keep rolling to all challenges life throws at us. We have to open our hearts and tell ourselves that it okay accepts someone new and start a relationship. Don’t allow your mind to convince that until you have forgotten about your ex; you won’t date anyone new. In that case, take some time for yourself to be upset, grief and some time to process, and then start rolling ahead with your new life.

Holding on to your ex will make it harder for your move on with your life. They will always fill up your mind when you’re feeling lonely or depressed or longing for some emotional support. They will tell you to compare them with your new suitor, who is sitting in the room. Because they’re on your Facebook page forcing you to stalk them, overly react and tear yourself apart looking to their new posts and pictures, where they seem to be happy without you.

So, what’s the remedy to get rid of this terrible aching? Simple answer: moving on. Disengage from your ex. Focus on self-improvement. When you're ready to venture into the new world of dating, be patient and be kind to yourself. No one likes to start things all over again. In fact, we get so afraid and uncomfortable with the whole idea that we rather are in bad relationships and breaking up, just so that we can avoid this or be friends with our exes for comfort and emotional support.

Consequently, when you feel an emptiness in your heart, looking for distractions to fill the hole is a sinister way of preventing you from moving forward and keep spinning in circles. With short-term fixes, we subsequently, prevent ourselves from realizing that we can’t truly get what want if don’t forget what we had in the past or things that didn’t work. As you take those new steps back into the dating scene, be mindful, don’t dwell in the past, and be in the present. If you happen to meet someone new, don’t rob him or her of the opportunity to show you what type of love and passion they can give you.

Loneliness isn’t easy, but it does give you the chance to find what you’re trying to find down on the road. When you embrace the bravery of loneliness, you can thrive in the opportunity for wholeness and find someone new.

Why Are You Still Thinking About Your Ex?

Moving on after a breakup is the one the hardest stages in a relationship. Most of us can’t let go or stop thinking about of exes, we couldn’t sleep properly, and our social and professional lives get affected. We always talk about our exes with our therapist and close friends and family members most of the time. That’s normal, but nit healthy and will slow down our healing process and move on. So, why isn’t that most of us think about our former partners after breaking up with them? Here are some reasons for it:

1. No Closure

Not all break ups go as planned. Some break ups were undeclared. What happens is that there’s no closure in those break ups and the other partner always keep wondering about the partner who left him/her without telling them. A partner that was left behind without knowing the reason is bound to get tormented mentally.

2. Guilt

People think about their exes because they're feeling guilty. They feel guilty that they broke up with their partners, not because they want to, but they had no choice. So, they feel overburden by the fact that they have messed up someone else’s life by breaking up with them.

3. Regret

Feeling regretful or having second thoughts after a breakup is another reason why people keep thinking about their exes. At times they wonder that maybe the relationship could have been saved if they did or did that. Also, they realized something important they could have done to save the relationship but neither did that anyway.

4. Want To Reconcile

After a breakup, some people just can’t get over their ex and move on. They want to get back with their former lovers. Newly singles who feel like this way say that ever since they ended the relationship, things got harder and upsetting. They want to reconcile with their ex-partners even after they admitted that there was no future in their past relationship and even went through a lot of agony in it.

So, those were the reasons why some people find it hard to forget their exes. The following advice could help you to move on:

5. Acceptance

The first in move on after a breakup or any other unfortunate event is to accept what happened. Letting go of our ex-lovers means we should get in terms that they don’t love us and won’t be with anymore. It's useless thinking about, “what if I could do that or done that,” in short, don’t regret your decision.

6. Reach Out To Close Friends and Family

At some point in your life, your ex was your life, but remember, that you still have your closest friends and family member to support and love you. It’s selfish to think that just because your ex left you, there’s no one to love you. Hanging out with friends and family will subsequently help you forget about your ex.

7. Focus Yourself on Self Improvement

Being depressed and always thinking about your ex after a breakup, doesn’t mean that you don’t have any responsibilities regarding your social and professional life. What doesn’t break up makes us stronger. Focus that energy on productive causes, self-improvement and taking care of you.

Break ups are awful and extremely painful, but it doesn’t stop you from moving forward. Focus on yourself, kick start your confidence and begin your life anew. Who can tell you might find someone new, who will love you for you are, and wants to have a relationship with you because he or she loves to.

When The Love Is Gone: Gestures To Bring Back The Love From Your Ex

“Love does not exist anymore!” This is the feeling and the thinking that everybody usually faces at least for once in their lives. Some face it at a minor level, while some reaches to the ultimate ending where they believe that there is no turning back and your love is gone forever.

What I believe that love can never be lost if you are willing to look for it and hold it back. If you choose to accept that you have lost it, then do not expect it to be returned. The very first thing is to believe and have a strong faith that you want your love back, and surely you are going to get it back.

We usually get so much caught in our routines and businesses to notice that the best of our lives started to slip away through the cracks and the distances are created. So, instead of working hard later on, in getting the love of your life back, it is better not to lose it at the very first place. Take the support of communication and appreciation and your love will always stay. Communication in any relationship is the key to open the door of love, trust, and respect. While the beauty of love and romance can be enhanced and boosted through the sprinkle of appreciation very often.

Now let us check out the different tips that will be helpful in getting your lost love back and spark the feeling that you used to have at the start of the relationship. It will not happen overnight. You need to put a lot of efforts and by implementing the following practices to your daily routine; your love will start to rekindle.

  • The very first step in getting back your love is to apologize. Tell them you are sorry for what has happened, and it should not have ended like this.
  • If you apologize, then take responsibility for what has happened and give assurance that you are going to set back things right. Even if it was not your fault, be open-hearted, you must be responsible partially, so there is nothing wrong at all in making the first move.
  • Admit when you are wrong. Getting into arguments will take you nowhere.
  • If there are some issue that needs to be discussed then, just do it. Get to the bottom line, repair the damage.
  • As mentioned earlier, the key is the most important key to holding on to. Talk to them about your day, share your problems, take out time and listen to them.
  • The appreciation should be shown on a daily basis. It boosts up the morale and fills the differences.
  • Surprise them with small gifts. No need to be expensive. A bouquet of flowers, tickets to a movie show, a pack of chocolate, or a surprise dinner can say it all.
  • Remember the love feeling you first had when you saw your better half for the very first time. What makes you feel this way? Recalling that time and feeling will help you take the fresh start and get your lost love back.

When you lost your love, it is definitely very disturbing but getting it back is not something that is impossible. Don’t be hopeless and follow the tips to get your lost love back.

Sweet Ways To Genuinely Say You Are Sorry

Sometimes the word ‘sorry’ becomes the hardest word to speak out. Your pride, your ego comes in the way. But then you have to choose between your pride and relationship. To save your relationship, you need to assess and understand the situation. Avoid blaming each other and give away your ego and pride. At times mistake occurs from both the ends, be the first one to say ‘you are sorry’ and set things right back in order. You can fix your problems by adopting the following simple ways to say sorry.

Ways to apologize with words

Sometimes the simplest way to say sorry is by expressing your pure feelings and honest apology verbally. Words should be crafted in a way, and your body language should be such that it delivers the exact meaning of what you are saying and it melts the other person’s heart.  It should be like:

  • I am extremely sorry; I was wrong
  • I wish I could just take back my words or what I did to you. I am sorry My Love!
  • I am very sorry for being so aggressive and insensitive.
  • I am not the perfect one, and nobody is. I tried my best that it should be worked out. Please accept my apology
  • I know you are very annoyed to what I did, and you may not forgive me for this, but I want to apologize and want everything to be settled down back again.

Sometimes words are not enough to get everything back on track. You need to take a support of something sweet and memorable. Let us explore the small additions that you can make your apology to convey it to your partner more deeply.

A cute handwritten note

A little love note on fancy paper, full of feelings and emotions is the cutest token to be added to your apology. Try to write it yourself rather than copying it from anywhere. Tell your partner that how apologetic you are and that such thing is not going to happen again.

Leave the note on a significant place

Your timings may not match. No need to worry about it. Leave your sorry note on the place that is prominent and noteworthy to your partner. Put it on the bedside table in the morning or the bathroom mirror. You can also put it on the fridge or the kitchen shelf.

Favorite treat

If your honey is fond of eating food, then order favorite food along which you can add an apology note. Other than the home delivery, you can also call for a surprise date and order something very special for your annoyed partner

Cook Food

Do your cooking skills perform miracles? If yes! Then whip out your magic wand and make your partner some delicious food. It can be a special breakfast in bed, a surprise lunch or a romantic candlelight dinner to win your sweetheart’s heart.

A message in a bottle

If your partner is coming home late and you know that he/she must be tired how about filling the bathtub with warm water and float a bottle that contains a message of your apology. How can someone reject an apology if it is said in such a warm, romantic manner?

So, next time if your honey gets annoyed then try out the tips mentioned above to get a positive response. By adding up a little care, concern, and cuteness; your apology will definitely be going to work out.