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I Need A Workout Plan – Plan Your Workout Along With Your Trainer To Get An Impressive Body

Unhealthy lifestyle and an unfit body have the tendency of hitting a person where it hurts the most, the ego. It happens when he is criticized and humiliated for his unhealthy style and an unattractive body. At this time, the criticism and humiliation should act as a jolt and one should be motivated in the most positive manner to change his life and built the most amazing body.

Once, you have decided that unhealthy lifestyle will no more rule your life and you will emerge as a champion of fitness; it becomes highly advisable that you visit a fitness center and shout out loudly that I need a workout plan. This will encourage you and the trainer in the most suitable fashion and you will be able to motivate yourself on a daily basis making the humiliation and criticism as your source of inspiration.  During the teenage when you were a fat kid you must have wondered how to get a girlfriend in high school. This desire may become a reality once you achieved a fit body.  Online dating can help significantly in this regard and getting a girlfriend may become a facile task.

Harboring the ambition of achieving a lean and fit body will only become a reality once you shed your excess weight and become ready to indulge in regular exercise. Once, you lose your weight through suitable process, working towards a desired body becomes easier and suitable.

You need to focus on following areas to make sure that you achieve the best and most impressive body:

Weight training and muscle creation – Anyone who is new to the word of gym and does not know much about exercise should in the beginning do every kind of exercises. The rule for beginner is to do different sets of each exercise and develop body strength and power. I need a workout plan focuses primarily on mix exercises in the beginning to give a shape to body and build biceps, muscles. These are the basic parts of body and attract the mass fastest. Once the body is shaping in the right direction it becomes quite easy to change the exercise pattern and introduce a more professional approach recommended for single body parts.

Getting a fit body slowly and steadily changes your online attitude for better and you become more at ease with yourself. You become more patient and relaxed and may easily take notice of Signs a Girl is Interested in you and want to know you on a deeper level.

Rigorous workout and proper rest – There comes a time during the bodybuilding phase when the workout demands extreme effort from your side. This situation needs you to workout for longer duration with heavy weights and rods and challenges your stamina strength. Your “I need a workout plan” attitude will help you most significantly at this period and you will be able to motivate yourself in the best possible manner. Lifting heavy weights and working out under extreme conditions builds your strength and stamina and you will be able to achieve your desired body in a short period.

This stage is demanding as well as rewarding and requires you to rest for suitable time after heavy exercises. Heavy exercises stress the muscles and joints quite significantly and through proper rest and relaxation muscles and joint tissues heal and recover properly. Proper rest helps you to relax your mind, energize your body, and come back stronger than ever before.

Categorize the exercises for different objectives – Categorizing the exercises for different body parts is the most important thing and suitable concept to achieve a fit and muscular body. You should along with your trainer prepare a timetable about which type of exercise will be done on which day. You should also make a list that which body part is targeted on which day and the frequency of each exercise. Preparing an exercise table is the most important consideration and gives every part of the body an ample scope to develop and become toned and muscular. Once, this happens, you become more positive about the chances of getting to the position where you would achieve your dream body.

Aiming high and setting realistic goals is most suitable approach in this phase and helps to develop a positive attitude in you.  Once you have achieved a muscular body you can upload your recent pictures on dating website. You are bound to get significant attention and can make your ex want you back who once rejected because of your unshaped body.

All these above-mentioned phases of bodybuilding are only successful when you work in the right direction and work rigorously on following body parts-

Chest and shoulder – A perfect body is one that has best chest and shoulder. The idea is to get a chest that is broad and is measured somewhere around 42 to 45 inches. Getting ambitious and building heavy chest may result in an awkward body and similar should be the case with shoulders. The shoulders should be in cohesion with the chest and should measure 4 to 5 inches more than the chest. Online surveys also highlight that men with toned chest stand better chance while dating online. Casual dating rules where looks score more points prove quite beneficial for men with impressive chest and help them woo girls quite easily.

Abs, biceps and back – Grouping the most important parts into one, the main motto of every “I need a workout plan” is to give the best abs, biceps and back to every man.  All three parts of the body are quite handy and require regular exercises. Stomach and abs require most efforts to get toned whereas biceps are easy to get and maintain. Proper time should also be given to enhance the back look and exercises that help in giving a good back should be included in timetable.

Workouts are the simplest as well as toughest form of activity that helps in achieving the best and most authentic body one that is healthy and impressive free from criticisms and humiliation.

Schedule For Gym Workout When You Are Looking To Date A Fitness Loving Girl

Gym dating has become quite popular in the recent times as most of you guys and girls have become quite obsessed about your size and shape. If you are a man, you must have some abs on your body and impressive biceps to boost them to impress a girl while being a girl; you shall have a flat belly along with good butts to impress the guys around. This is why all of you love to go to the gym and many love stories often start at the gym only. If you are confused about how to get a girlfriend, you can join a gym and you may find a girl over there as almost every other girl in today’s era goes to the gym. But you must also be very peculiar about the schedule for gym workout so that you can get a better built which is very important when you want to leave a positive impression on the girls. Here are some tips about the gym dating that you need to keep in mind when you are looking to date someone who is very obsessed about fitness:

Always accompany him/her to the gym:

The first step of developing a good relationship is to be with your partner while she is going to the gym so that you get more time to talk to her. Girls always like to have someone by their side when they are going to the gym. Especially, when you are on a lookout for the interracial dating and the girl is from a race which has a better muscular built, it becomes even more important for you to accompany her as there will be many more interested in her. As such, if you are not going with her, they may try to approach her and you may have to look for some other option which is never a satiating thing for you.

Be very peculiar with the gym routine:

This is probably the most important thing as most of the girls’ just fall for you because you have a better built and as such you must try to improve on that in order to find more girls interested in you. This is why you shall be very peculiar about the gym routine and make sure that you pay enough attention on the schedule for gym workout to make sure that you are always highly rated in the eyes of the girls.

When you are starting up at the gym to build a muscular body, you must not try to be in a rush so that it does not backfire. When you put too much effort at the starting point, it may have an impact on your body and you may start to suffer from a bog injury. Here is the ideal workout for you when you are starting out at the gym:

  • Crunches: Crunches will always be one of the most effective body toning exercises as it helps you to develop immense upper body strength and you must start with 10 crunches a day which you can expand up to hundred or even more in a few weeks.
  • Dumbbell bench pressing exercise: This is another very important exercise that shall find a place in the schedule for gym workout to make sure that you can develop better strength on your upper body parts and thus get some abs on your body which is very impressive. If you are looking on how to get a girl to have sex with you, then you must be very peculiar about how your upper body looks as the girls have their fascination for the guys who have flat and muscular chest and abdomen.
  • Cycling or running:

This is also a very important part of your gym schedule when you are having big bumps on your tummy as it helps you to lose weight with ease. You can either opt for a treadmill to run or go for the Ellipticals that make it even easier for you to exercise and also has a better impact and lower risk proposition. With the bicycles, you can just sit down and work on your weight that allows you to work for long durations while working on the treadmills is exhausting but more efficient when compared to the bicycle exercise.

Be very choosy while going on the date:

This is another key thing that you need to consider as far as the fitness dating is concerned. You need not to be specific about only the schedule for gym workout but also what you are eating. When you are going out on a date, you must be very sure that you do not order any spicy thing as it will not only have an impact on your fitness but will also leave a negative impact on the person whom you are dating if she is cozy about the fitness. Make sure that you order the products that are very nutritious and good for health.

Most of you tend to make the mistake of consuming heavy fat while on date which is very bad both for health and relationship and it must be completely avoided.

Always try to come up with some unusual exercises:

It is being commonly seen that everyone loves to see something which is not very common and if you want to gain the attention of any girl while in the gym, you can come up with any unusual workout idea that will catch her attention. You can come up with a different type of roll ups or pull ups or make some maneuvers while running on the treadmill and it will divert the attention towards you.

When you are a Muslim girl and looking to impress any guy, then you can adorn some trendy attire such as sports abayas while coming to the guy which will catch the attention of everyone. You can also get some personal Muslim dating advice to be more equipped at making an impression on anyone.

Nutrition And Fitness Articles Can Be Of Great Help To Start Your Workout Plan

Being fit is not only a necessity but also a challenge because of the change in your lifestyles. The mobile phones and the motor vehicles have made you guys a bit lazier and thus you may feel that your tummy is spreading faster than your work. This is why it has become mandatory for all of you to spend some time in the gym so that you can have a fit and leaner body. There are also several articles written on this facet to help you guys out. You can tune into some of these nutrition and fitness articles to make sure that you are not losing upon your fitness.

One of the other reasons why most of you are not that fit is because of the eating habits. Pizza has become the most common dinning item and you all know that it contributes to the body fat. The load of pizza that goes into your stomach along with other food items also makes you very unpopular amongst the girls and thus you know why you cant get a girlfriend. So, the two major things that are needed to be done to lose weight and have a fit body are to eat those items that are healthy and exercising on a daily basis. Here are some of the guidelines about the nutritional and exercises that you shall do which will help you to make sure that you are not getting fatter:

Food is not only a means to serve your quench:

The first and the foremost thing with the food is that you do not eat food just in order to get your hunger satiated. But actually it plays a pivotal role in making sure that the necessary ingredients are supplied to your body, which are responsible for the growth of your body. Most of you are not that aware about this facet and thus eat food items that are not that beneficial for health or eat food at irregular intervals. If you are looking about how to get a girlfriend, then having a good body is a decent option and you must include the following supplements in your diet to get that physique:

Green Leafs:

The most important part of your diet shall be green leafs and vegetables that contribute a lot when it comes to the vitamin count. Including spinach along with other green leaves can help you to have those vitamins which will supply you with the extra energy.


Proteins are most important for the  development of your body and as such you must include adequate amount of proteins in your diet. Milk is the best source of proteins and you can also add meat in your diet to make sure that you get enough protein in your diet.

Carbohydrates and Fats:

When you are looking to get from fat to fit, it doesn’t mean that you shall completely give up on the fats as it will devoid you of the energy which is required by you to do different tasks. As such, you must consume carbohydrates and good fats such as almonds, cashew nuts and other. You can also make a check on some of the nutrition and fitness articles that are dedicated completely about the diet plan to make sure that you can include all these in an efficient manner in your diet.

Some easy exercises that you can do at your home:

If you are not having time enough to go to the gym, then you can do various exercises at your home only to make sure that you get a better body and not be afraid on how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. When you don’t have a good body, you are reluctant to ask the girls to be your girlfriend. You can make use of the following machines that will help you in doing exercises at your home and helping you to get back in shape:

Home rowers:

Home rowers can be of very great help especially when you are looking to develop better lower body strength. These rowers are available in different varieties and when you opt for the water resistance rowing machines, it multiplies the joy that you get while doing your workout. With these rowers, you get a chance to enjoy in the water which is very good for your mind. If you are having any type of cardiovascular problem or want to avoid them, then rowing can be the best possible option for you. You can read some additional nutritional and fitness articles to know more about the other kinds of rowing machines and how they help you.

Indoor elliptical bikes:

It is another great tool for you as far as fitness is concerned as you can work on different parts of your body and at the same time are very easy to exercise upon. Even when you are dating a Polish girl and having a chat with her, you can easily work on your body via this machine. Some of these machines have even got a USB slot so that you can charge your phone while you are working out on these machines.

The modern elliptical bikes also come up with some very advanced programs that help you to do different types of programs and track your progress with ease. These machines are also very helpful in minimizing the problems associated with knee and when you are exercising regularly on these machines; your knees are fit for a longer span of your life.

In most of the nutritional and fitness articles regarding the use of these Ellipticals, you will only find positive response about these bikes as they have turned around the way you work on the fitness. The best feature about these Ellipticals is that you can very easily have a track on the calories that you are losing and switch to the other fitness program if you find that your current one is not able to help you.

Make A Schedule For Gym Exercise For Getting The Attractive Body

Physical appearance matters a lot for attracting someone. Mostly people like to be friends with someone who is a smart and attractive person and same is the case with life partners. You like to have a beautiful, gorgeous or handsome person to be beside you throughout the life. Since, beauty is god gifted but it is not like that you cannot improve it. Although, everyone cannot undergo the surgical procedures to make complete changes in his/her but little bit effort can be put by all to make their body attractive. Generally, the muscular, fit and toned body is liked by everyone. Neither too fat nor thin individuals have a pleasing personality. In order to achieve such attractive body, you need to schedule for gym exercise right now. Start workout in the gym for right weight management and to get the best of your body.

Build your body to make a girlfriend

Most of the men go schedule for gym exercise to make their body attractive like a body builder because they have a perception that the girls are generally attracted to the men having an attractive physique. To some extent, this perception is true also. Girls actually have preference for those males who have the curved biceps, toned muscles and well built abs. If you are having a toned and well build body, you do not have to ask a girl to be your girlfriend as she automatically will like to be your girlfriend or even the life partner. Hence, in simple words, it can be said that it is the simplest way to impress a girl. All you need is to join the gym and work out there on the regular basis.

There are lots of women who are fitness freaks and look for the men who have attractive muscular body. Body builder women look for the body builder men for dating. So, whether you want to get attracted by many girls or you want to be liked by the body builder man or woman, you need to have the perfect body for the desired results and you can get that kind of body by following a schedule for gym exercise.

Join the online dating websites

If you are finding it hard to get the right partner then you can take a look on the online dating websites, these websites offer the opportunity to the men and women both to find the perfect partner for them. Instead of being depressed and worried about how to get a girlfriend, you are needed to sign up for the dating website and get started dating over it. Online dating websites are gaining popularity in the present world as many people claim it to be the best medium for getting the right partner. They do not have to go anywhere and can find the partner from any corner of the world.

On the dating websites, you have to create your profile so that it is easy for the people on the other end to like you and get attracted towards you. People on the online dating websites also have the option to send their pictures apart from their profile pictures so you can post your pictures in different sexy poses that reveal your body hence more number of people will get attracted by your well built body.

Easy to find your date online with perfect body

No matter whether you are black or white man or woman, you can enjoy interracial dating on the online dating websites and can attract your partners with your body builder like body. Person of the opposite sex will feel attracted towards your well build body and find their perfect match very easily. In addition to date the interracial partners, you can date with Asian partners, African partners, Brazilian partners, polish partners and partners from different other regions.

Online dating is easy as it gives you the facility to date at your own pace. There is no need to skip off your meetings, family events or any other work; you can date at any time of the day. Also, if you think that you have chosen the wrong partner, you can immediately quit that relationship and make a new start with a new partner.

Romance is same for all

If you are thinking that muscular men or women are aggressive by nature or they are rigid in romance, then you are wrong. They may look rigid from outside but they too have a loving heart. They do ask for how to flirt with girls, how to take their partner on date, how to ask their partners for sex, when to kiss a girl, how to impress their male partners and many more love and relationship based questions from the relationship experts. Girls are not shy to interact with them rather they find more interest in their fitness partners because of their sexy appealing body.

Instead, it is believed that the women feel much pleasure by being with the muscular man as they feel protected and secured. Strong man has better stamina and sexual power which is enough to satisfy a woman in the bedroom.

Plan your date in the gym

Fitness enthusiasts will highly appreciate your idea to take them for date in the gym. It is the best way by which you can spend your time with your partner and get more close to him/her. You will be able to know their taste of choices, preferences, dislikes and many more things about them by doing things which are of interest to the both partner. You can practice different types of workout together and have the quality time with each other. You do not have to worry about any kind of disturbances or being caught up by your ex or any of the family member from whom you want to hide your relationship. To go on date to gym, you can schedule for gym exercise by getting the membership for you and your partner. Most of the best gyms offer attractive discounts on the membership package so it will be a cost effective option for you.

I Need Workout Routine To Get Back In Shape For Dating The Right Partner

If you have got deformed body shape due to lack of exercise and bad eating habit, then you need to get started right now to get back in shape. Fat body is not only less attractive but also a breeding house for the different types of diseases and illnesses. Accumulation of the fat in the body can give you cardiac diseases, respiratory diseases, orthopedic problems and many more. So, for getting the perfect fit body, you need to join the gym. At gym, there are different types of training machines which help in doing different types of exercises. Different machines target different areas of the body so when you are at gym, and work out for a few minutes on different machines, you will be able to get the overall results on your body. Well, no one can insist you to workout until you think it by your own that I need a workout routine and I have to get the attractive body.

Are you single in your late teens but have the fat or overweight body? Then before asking for why you can’t get a girlfriend, you should see yourself in the mirror so that you can get the answer. Fat makes you less attractive and hence people avoid taking interest in you. No matter how good your personality is or how well you understand others. You may be surprised to know that there are many people around the world who either have quit the relationship or have divorced their partners because they turned uncontrollably fat just after a few months of their relationship. If you want to avoid that situation in your life, then you should realize that “I need a workout routine” so that you can be in proper shape and look attractive.

No worry for getting the partner

When you have a fit body, people will automatically get attracted towards you. They will come to you for the casual relationships, friendship and even for getting into the serious relationship. Hence, you do not have to worry about how to get a girlfriend or a boyfriend until you have a well grown body. You will get the proposals for dating and relationships from beautiful ladies and the handsome men from all over the world. All you need is to keep posting your sexy and stunning pictures on the social media and online dating websites. You partner will surely find you somewhere on the web and invite you to join for dating or for the long lasting relationship.

Right piece of advices from the fitness freaks

You can validate the need of perfect fit and attractive body by contacting the fitness expert. They will describe you what makes the girls to get attracted to the toned muscular body or what attracts the men to such girls. They also give you religion specific advice like Muslim dating advice or Christian dating advice so that people are able to find the right partner in their community and hold a strong relationship with them.

Along with the community dating advice, they help you in maintaining a best muscular body in the short span of time. You will be able to take their consultation through directly meeting them, if you know someone or you can choose to take the help from the online fitness experts. There are lots of fitness enthusiasts who have the online presence on their personal website or on social media for providing all kind of fitness related advice.  They tell you about different types of exercises that you can follow and the diet which have to follow for achieving the best body.

They suggest that being muscular and healthy, helps in improving your sexual relationship with your partner. As if you are fit, you will be able to please your partner in the right manner which helps in strengthening your bond with her.

Prepare your work routine by yourself

Those who are much conscious about their fitness and health are generally not needed to insist on doing healthy things. They are self aware and consciously do all those things which help them to give fit and healthy body. If you believe, “I need a workout routine” then you will look out for the best exercises and workouts that you can do. Make sure that you start with the low impact exercises so that your muscles are ready to bear the body changes. You can first pick the low impact or low straining exercises and try to do it on the regular basis. It will help your body to give the desired result at the earliest. After some time when your body becomes habitual, you are needed to choose those exercises that are high impact and show intense impact on your body.

Similar to the exercise plan, you need to be specific about your diet plan. Check the things out on the internet or take help from the fitness expert to plan your diet chart. Include everything which is healthy and helps in building your body and avoid all those things that can lead to the accumulation of fat in your body. By doing these two things on a regular basis you will be able to keep your body fit and healthy. Hence, you will feel more energetic and strong that you will be able to date your partner with confidence. You will not have to seek answer for how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend; she will directly come to you and propose you for being her boyfriend.

App for fitness mantras       

There are lots of fitness related apps so you can download those apps on your smartphone and enjoy the fitness tips for health benefits. Some of the apps offer text chat facility also hence, you can get in touch with the people who are regular users of the apps. You will be able to share your experiences and read out their experiences for using the fitness tips and there are chances that you may find the love partner on the fitness app just by chatting. If you think “I need a workout routine”, you will surely follow the fitness app.

Dwayne Johnson Diet Plan For Baywatch, Pain and Gain, WWE and More!

Dwayne Johnson will tell you repeatedly how important strength training is and that lifting weights helped him get to where he is physically, but he will also tell you how important a strict diet is. Known to be a professional WWE star and one of the most fit actors in Hollywood, Dwayne definitely knows what you have to do if you want to have sculptured abs.

When he was presented the offer to play Hercules, Johnson immediately understood that if playing the son of Zeus will be a memorable image which will remain in the fans attention for ages. Being such an important role, Dwayne Johnson had to go the extra mile to transform his body to absolute perfection.  No more cookies and milk this time.

Also, it is well known that Dwayne keeps his physique with daily workout and with Dwayne Johnson Supplements that help him burn fat more easily.

“For ‘Hercules,' it was a 22-week diet,” says “The Rock”. So this is the explanation behind his authentic and god-like image, making audience feel like they were living the scenes.



Meal 1

  • 10 oz cod
  • 2 whole eggs
  • 2 cups oatmeal

Meal 2

  • 8 oz cod
  • 12 oz sweet potato
  • 1 cup veggies

Meal 3

  • 8 oz chicken
  • 2 cups white rice
  • 1 cup veggies

Meal 4

  • 8 oz cod
  • 2 cups rice
  • 1 cup veggies
  • 1 tbsp fish oil

Meal 5

  • 8 oz steak
  • 12 oz baked potato
  • spinach salad

Meal 6

  • 10 oz cod
  • 2 cups rice
  • salad

Meal 7

  • 30 grams casein protein
  • 10 egg-white omelet
  • 1 cup veggies (onions, peppers, mushrooms)
  • 1 tbsp omega-3 fish oil

How To Plan A Workout For Body Building?

Every man wants to have a good physique. This is the reason they focus a lot on body building. Men should neither be too slim nor too fatty. Women like men who have a good body and personality. Nowadays, teenage boys are also busy in exercises and workout as they also want to have a well toned and perfect body. They are aware about this fact that girls prefer to date with those boys who have a good physique. With a good personality and body, you can easily get a girlfriend.

To have a well toned and fit body, boys try different ways. They cut down their diet in order to reduce their belly fat. They regularly go to gyms to perform exercises. They avoid junk food and snacks. But the most important thing is how to plan a workout. In order to make your body fit and healthy, you must know it. You have to follow a proper workout plan on daily basis. Your workout plan is the key to your fitness goal. Workout plan varies as per the requirement of body. For example, if a person is having a fat body, he needs a workout plan that involves weight management. On the other hand, if a person is having a slim body, he needs a workout plan that could help him in body building.

In order to achieve your fitness goal, you must know how to plan a workout. The effectiveness and efficiency of your workout plan can determine how quickly you will achieve your fitness goal. But only to prepare a workout plan is not sufficient, you have to follow the workout plan with full determination. You have to be very serious and punctual regarding your workout if you want to achieve your fitness goal. Once you achieve your fitness goal, you will get the confidence to ask a girl to be your girlfriend.

Plan your workout

If you want to get the guidance on how to plan a workout, you should keep in mind the important points given below-

  • All kinds of pressing exercises can enhance your triceps, shoulders and chest. All types of pulling movements including a row variation or a chin-up variation can add to your forearms, back, biceps and rear delts.
  • Squatting movements take good care of your glutes, hamstrings and quads. These movements will also work well for your spine and abs.

In order to plan your workout, you first have to determine your present situation. You have to estimate how much time you can give to your workout plan, whether you want to join a gym or hire a personal trainer to plan a workout for you. You also have to examine your potential to know whether you could follow a hard workout plan or just a simple one, whether you could do it for a long time or not. You have to consider all these important things before planning your workout so that you can plan the workout accordingly.


Only weight lifting cannot provide you a well toned body. You have to plan a whole body workout. For body building, workout for legs, hands, shoulders, chest, abs, back, etc. all are essential. You have to take help from your gym trainer in order to know which exercises you should perform for body building. For different body parts, you have to do different exercises as listed below-

  • For core body (including lower back and abs) – side planks, planks, ball crunches exercise, hanging leg raise, mountain climbers, etc.
  • For triceps, chest and shoulders – bench press, overhead press, dips, pushups, etc.
  • For forearms, biceps and back – Pull ups, chip ups, dumbbell rows, etc.
  • For hamstrings and butts – dead lifts, step ups, hip raises, etc.

In order to plan your workout, you can ask your gym trainer about how to plan a workout and in what manner the above mentioned exercises should be done. You can ask your trainer about the sets for each exercise. Accordingly, you can estimate the time required for workout and you can plan the workout in proper manner.

Relation between dating and fitness

Though there is not a direct relation between dating and fitness but there is an indirect relation between them. Even for a casual dating, boys must have a good personality and physique. Girls focus a lot on the style and physique of the boy they are dating. Obviously, every girl wants a handsome boy to date or to be in a relationship. If you want girls to consider you for dating and relationship, you first have to work on yourself. You should put all your efforts to get a good physique. No matter how much time and energy it takes, at last you will get lots of benefits from it. Your girlfriend will feel proud to have you. She will proudly introduce you to her friends and family.

Even if you don’t know how to flirt with girls you can have a good girlfriend if you are having a good physique. You can impress any girl with your well toned body and attractive personality. Being fit and handsome is what matters the most for the boys when it comes to dating. It boosts their confidence to interact with girls easily. Those boys who have a slim body usually feel shy in approaching a girl for date. They have a fear of rejection because of their not so attractive physique.

Every boy has a desire to have a good looking girlfriend. But most of them don’t know that to have something good you have to make yourself eligible for it. Similarly, if you want a good looking girl as your girlfriend, you have to first focus on your looks. You have to ask yourself that are you good enough for her or not. If you think yourself to be good enough, you should definitely approach a girl you like for dating. But if you think that you are not good enough, you should try everything to achieve perfectness in you.

Matt Damon Workout Plan for Jason Bourne

Believe it or not its been 14 years since Jason Bourne, Super Assassin created by the CIA first hit the theatres. Damon showed the world he could not just be an action star, but be the face of a world wide blockbuster.  Finally, Bourne returned this year to finally put an end to the chase.

Jason Walsh, a well known trainer, has been helping Damon since he starred in Elysium. Damon enjoyed his style of training because it gave him an athletic overall physique instead of a buffed upper body. Although Damon would rather do anything else in the world than workout, when it came to making the role as authentic as possible it was time to put in the work.

Matt and Jason focused on high intensity core work outs.  Natural moments such as running and using a machine called the Versaclimber.  Balancing out upper and lower body was crucial, as well as an ample amount of stretching.

“Doing a lot of stunts and hand to hand combat, it's important to be strong and loose to prevent injury.   It's not all about lifting heavy weigh,” proclaimed Damon. “When you play ,Jason Bourne your reflexes must be on point.  You must be prepared to respond to any situation at any given moment  and to create a body like that takes dedication, hard work, and commitment.”

Producer Frank Marshall got so hyped when Matt Damon took his shirt off after weeks of training that he tweeted a pic.  “First day of principal photography complete and happy to report, BOURNE is back! #Bourne2016,” he captioned the photo.





Barbell Front Raise:

4 Sets x 20 Reps

Dumbbell Burpees
4 Sets x 20 Reps

Farmers Walk
3 Sets 
(1 Set is equal to walking length of gym floor and back again)

Wide Grip Pull-ups
4 Sets x  8 Reps

Bear Crawl Sled Pull
3 Reps
(1 Set is equal to crawling on all fours length of gym floor)

Close Grip Pulldowns
5 Sets x 5 Reps

Front Squats
4 Sets x 20 Reps

Hanging Knee Raises
4 Sets x 25 Reps

Weighted Step Ups
4 Sets x 20 Reps

One Arm Cable Rows
5 Sets x 5 Reps


Tom Hardy Workout Plan he Uses to Get Jacked Fast for Movie Roles

Tom Hardy has risen to Stardom  with his incredible acting skills and powerful devotion to becoming comfortable in front of the camera . Since starring in the movie Inception in 2010, Hardy rose to A-list level.  He has put on 40 pounds of solid rock muscle and became one of the top actors in Hollywood.

It’s not a secret that Tom Hardy’s body and fantastic physique has helped him land some super alpha male parts such as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and  Max in the movie Mad Max: Fury Road. In his latest works,  Warrior, Hard shows us a hard fighting version of himself.

Tom Hardy has one of the top physiques in Hollywood.  He relies on the classic recipe of bodybuilding: Lifting, Nutrition, and possibly most important – Supplements.

He goes super hard on chest, traps, and shoulders allowing his “power muscles” to look their best while he was filming his role as Bane.  His nutrition allows him to train at the highest intensity.  And the Tom Hardy Supplements maximizes his testosterone and other key hormones to help him amplify his training to the max faster.



Monday: Chest and Triceps

Exercise: Barbell bench press

Sets: 4

Reps: 6-8

Rest: 60 seconds

Notes: To goes heavy on these bench press sets and always uses a spotter so he can go until failure.

Exercise: Db Incline bench press

Sets: 3

Reps: 8

Rest: 60 Seconds

Notes: Slow and controlled reps that break down the most lean muscle tissue

Exercise: Low Cable fly

Sets: 4

Reps: 12-15

Rest: 45 seconds

Notes: High repetition sets designed to work the inner chest and burn fat

Exercise: Weighted Dips

Sets: 4

Reps: 6-8

Rest: 90 seconds

Notes: Heavy sets designed to build the triceps head and lower chest

Exercise: Decline Skull Crush

Sets: 4

Reps: 8-12

Rest: 60 Seconds

Notes: Emphasis on perfect form and keeping elbows in to build the outer triceps muscle

Tuesday: Lower body Compound 

Exercise: Barbell Squat

Sets: 5

Reps: 5

Rest: 2 minutes

Notes: Classic 5 by 5 routine. 5 sets of 5 reps going heavy

Exercise: Barbell Deadlift

Sets: 5

Reps: 5

Rest: 2 minutes

Notes: Classic 5 by 5 routine. 5 sets of 5 reps going heavy

Exercise: Db walking lunge

Sets: 3

Reps: 8-12 each leg

Rest: 2 minutes

Notes: Db walking lunges designed to blast those quadriceps and hip flexors

Exercise: Db Step Ups

Sets: 3

Reps: 8-12

Rest: 2 minutes

Notes: 8-12 reps each leg, maximum intensity sets

Exercise: Leg Press

Sets: 3

Reps: 15

Rest: 90 seconds

Notes: high repetition leg press to blast the quads and gluteus

Thursday: Traps and Shoulders  

Exercise: Barbell Row

Sets: 5

Reps: 5

Rest: 90 seconds

Notes: Classic 5 by 5 routine. 5 sets of 5 reps going heavy

Exercise: Barbell Shrug

Sets: 5

Reps: 5

Rest: 2 minutes

Notes: Classic 5 by 5 routine. 5 sets of 5 reps going heavy

Exercise: Seated Db Shrug

Sets: 3

Reps: 15

Rest: 90 seconds

Notes: high repetition sets to blast the deltoids and traps

Exercise: Db Shoulder Press

Sets: 5

Reps: 5

Rest: 2 minutes

Notes: Classic 5 by 5 routine. 5 sets of 5 reps going heavy

Exercise: Db Lat Raises

Sets: 4

Reps: 12

Rest: 60 seconds

Notes: high reps with short rest time

Friday: Back and Biceps

Exercise: Weighted Pull ups

Sets: 5

Reps: 5

Rest: 2 minutes

Notes: Classic 5 by 5 routine. 5 sets of 5 reps going heavy

Exercise: Underhand Grip lat pull down

Sets: 3

Reps: 15

Rest: 60 seconds

Notes: High rep and short rest to build muscle and sculpt bigger arms

Exercise: barbell curl

Sets: 3

Reps: 12

Rest: 60 seconds

Notes: Focus on time under tension and perfect form

Exercise: Db Palms up Curl

Sets: 3

Reps: 12

Rest: 60 seconds

Notes: squeezing biceps on every rep hard!

Conor McGregor Workout Plan and UFC Training Regiment

Conor McGregor is the biggest name in the history of the UFC. His fights have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in pay-per-views sales. Conor began fighting when he was a 12-year-old boy at the Crumlin Boxing Club, a historic gym in Ireland. It was here where he mastered his craft under the training of head coach John Kavanagh, who McGregor has credited a lot of his success to.

Their methods caused other fighters and trainers to rethink their own training and many Mixed Martial Artists started copying some of Conor McGregor's styles. Conor went on to say “I feel like everyone that fights in the MMA became about just lifting weights, training heavy and sparring heavy rounds. That did not interest me. It's the brain that controls everything including the body. It's not about lifting a lot of weight and sparring hard. It's about the body being balanced and loose; that's the basis of martial arts. That's what I'm doing. The body can move all different ways and I am trying to learn them all. You should train everything, but you can't become obsessed with training just one style. I want to learn every style possible.”

McGregor specifically brought in movement coach Ido Portal, the man that gave him Conor McGregor Supplements to help him reach his goals and to help with preparations for his world-title fight. The 27-year-old took every piece of advice from his trainer and continues to work with him, put various techniques to work to improve his timing, agility and power.




1 Set x 10 Reps

1 Set x 10 Reps

1 Set x 10 Reps


1 Set x 20-30 minutes

1 Set x 20-30 minutes