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A Good Workout Schedule For A Muscular And Strong Body

Going to a gym on a regular basis and maintaining a proper workout schedule can prove quite handy and may give you a suitable and muscular body. Best workouts are those that follow proper schedule and are done on a regular basis. Having a body that is subjected to scrutiny at all times is quite depressing and hitting the gym with a good workout schedule can help you significantly in achieving a fit and well toned body one that is muscular and is cause of envy for many.

Working out in the gym requires you to take the help of gym instructor in the initial period and it is quite important to follow the instructions to move in the right direction. Different individuals have different body types and like to have different types of body. Some like lean and fit body while others prefer a bulky and muscular body. It is in this regard that it becomes important to choose a workout plan that is suited for particular body type to achieve different types of body.

Let us look into detail the workout schedule for someone who wants to build a muscular body

Having a regular body and aiming for a perfect and muscular body may require you to make lots of efforts and staying true to the character to prosper in the right direction. A good workout schedule in this regard is quite extensive and requires you to follow extensive training and exercise for an elongated period that can prove quite exhaustive and sapping. To make sure that you get the best body through a proper schedule, following certain exercise schedule is necessary and advisable.

Workout summary – In the beginning, it is important that you along with your trainer or instructor prepare the goal and a workout summary to achieve that goal. Once, you are aware about your goal, it becomes easy to move forward in the right direction. When you know the goal, then you can imagine yourself reaching to that goal and in this regard, it becomes quite easy to motivate yourself on daily basis.  There are many types of body and deciding to get a muscular body may require lot of weight training and heavy exercises.

Muscle building and workout plan– A muscular body is quite popular and liked by girls. Any man who has a muscular body seems quite confident and satisfied with himself. You can also achieve a muscular body and ask a girl to be your girlfriend through online dating websites. The approach is quite simple, get a muscular body, impress a girl and propose her to become your girlfriend.

Muscle building workout plan is quite simple and should follow a good workout schedule, one that is equipped with extensive weight training and weightlifting through barbells, dumbbells and heavy gym equipments. The exercise plan is quite exhaustive and may make you become tough and strong along with a muscular body.

Summary of the workout for spectacular and muscular body

The workout program is quite extensive and is segregated in different segments. Each segment focuses on different body parts to increase its muscle weight using different exercises.  The main objective is to increase as much as body mass in the given time, through regular and proper exercise.

The body parts and exercise for each part

Chest and biceps

The most important aspect of bodybuilding is having a good chest and biceps. A body looks muscular when it has a broad chest and heavy biceps. For this purpose, you can take help of following gym equipments-

Bench press – This one gym equipment is quite handy and helps you to get the best chest in short time. There are different types of bench press that can help you in different chest exercises and help to achieve a muscular and broad chest. Inclined and declined bench press helps in getting a fair shape for the chest whereas barbell bench press is used to pump up the chest to increase the chest mass and make it broader. It is quite suitable to take the help of your instructor to decide about the number of repetitions for each bench press in order to achieve suitable results.

Curls for biceps – Muscular biceps are quite impressive and may make a girl get attracted towards you most of the time. During online dating, you can entertain the question of how to flirt with girls and it can reap you suitable rewards. Having goof biceps makes an impact in every field of life and similar is the case with online dating. Inclined and standing as well as concentration dumbbell curls are quite handy and may give you the best biceps through regular and proper workout.

Shoulder and back

Best body is one that has shoulders that are bulky and muscular. Shoulders are most important and form a solid personality. Not only they make a person look strong but also enhance the overall looks. similar is the case with back, the back is as important as chest and a good workout schedule is one which gives the same importance to back as given to chest.

Exercise for getting the best shoulder and back – The most important exercise in this regard is a shoulder press machine and military press machine. They give the shoulder right amount of exercise and help it in getting stronger over time. Apart from this, you can do reverse fly dumbbells that will give chest the right opening making it look broader.  People from African origin that have slightly less fair skin have quite strong shoulders due to regular workout and they are quite popular among girls from all over the world. If you also like strong men, you can go online and get registered with the online dating sites where you can easily go for interracial dating.

Legs and lower body –

A good body is one, which is strong in both sense that is it has good upper mass and a significant lower mass on legs and thighs. You should have suitable strength in your lower body, otherwise online dating will be limited to virtual world only and how to get a girl to have sex with you will get prove a distant dream. It is therefore quite important to build lower body strenght along with upper body to get good hormonal health in order to be sexually active and energized.

Alternative Fitness Workouts And Exercises To Help You In Being Fit

Being fit is not that tough but you must have a very good workout plan that can let you enjoy while working out for being fit. If you are not convinced about the normal ways to get a better body build up, there are several alternatives which can help you to be fit and rearing to go. These fitness workouts and exercises help you in several ways and some of you can also turn your hobby into your fitness regime. The main aim of these exercises is to help people being fit even if they dislike the steadfast ways of being fit by providing them with thrill and enjoyment while helping them to be fit. Here are some of the alternative ways that you can pick up as your daily fitness routine to keep yourself fit:


Yoga has come up as the biggest alternative to the hard and fast fitness rules. Yoga not only helps you to have a better body by losing weight, it can also be of great help in fighting against many diseases such as constipation, body pains like backache amongst others. At the same time, girls also find the guys who do yoga more interesting and thus you can ask a girl to be your girlfriend if you notice that she has an interest in you.

In addition to this, in Yoga you need not to use any type of the exercise machines which makes it easier to execute anywhere you want. There are also certain Yoga exercises that can help you to get a bulky body which means that it can be used for getting any type of body structure. For those having problems in breathing, Yoga has come up as a boon as it helps you to get better of almost every disease related with the breathing. This is why the doctors suggest you with Yoga based fitness workouts and exercises to help you recover from the diseases such as asthma and eosinofilia.


If you need to have lower body strength, then there are not many exercises which are better than swimming as it has tremendous impact on your lower body and helps you to rejuvenate your lower body. At the same time, it can also help you in some other ways which are illustrated as following:

  • One of the very important ways in which swimming can help you is by making you to lose weight. When you go for the swimming sprints, it helps to a great deal in getting a better body fat as your body is exercised with optimum efficiency.
  • Secondly, it helps to a great deal in developing a better breathing power which all of you want to have. While swimming, you need to keep your breath in control for a few minutes and thus you learn about this with every passing day and thus do no generally suffer from any breathing problem.
  • It also helps you to become very quick and agile which is why even the sports stars look to have a swimming session every day as they need to be agile in order to swim efficiently and when you do it daily; you seem to get better by every day. If you are worried about how to flirt with girls, you can also get a chance to do the same in your swimming sessions as the girls also take keen interest in the swimming.

Playing sports:

This is probably the best way to stay fit because when you play any sport, you need to work in different positions and thus you get a chance to work on different aspects of the fitness. It turns out as a process with multiple fitness workouts and exercises. There are many such sports that will help you to have a better built up such as running which helps you to be more agile while it also helps in having a better shape. You must choose a sport that you love from the childhood and if you are too confused on choosing a sport to be fit, tennis can be the best idea as it helps you in different ways. Firstly when you play tennis, you need to have short bursts of runs that have a very positive impact as far as weight loss is concerned. In addition to this, running while playing tennis also helps you to have a better lower body.  At the same time, you will also need to infuse power behind your shots that adds power to your hands and improves your personality on a whole. You also learn focus and concentration while playing tennis and sports that can help you in making your lifestyle more balanced and active.

If you are playing any sport then you will also likely getting many casual dating offers and you shall have a good look on the casual dating rules to make sure that are not short on any front.


If you are looking to have a body, which is very flexible then this is the best option that you have. You can practice a trick or two that involves you to move very quickly and take quick twists and turns as well. This is for those who are looking to put their body on line and looking for some quick and reliable tips to have a dominating physique and a very capable body as well. There are endless fitness workout and exercises that you can practice in order to get the body which is similar to that of a gymnast.

When you are going for this workout, it can also affect your sex life in a big manner if you love to have some adventure while having sex. You can learn a few gymnastic positions in which the sex becomes even more enjoyable. If you are having any problems regarding how to get a girl to have sex with you, flaunting a gymnast move will probably do your job and make her to fall for you.

A Good Workout Routine To Help You To Get A Bulky Physique

If you want to build a better body, you must have a very good and sensible workout plan. Most of you tend to work very hard on your fitness but still do not reap any results as you do not follow a good workout routine. Before starting to work on your fitness, it is very important for you to create a plan that will work for you. First of all, you shall know which type of body you are looking to get and then base your workout plan on that. If you are looking to get a bulky body that will help you to make the girls fall for you, then your workout strategy shall be different. It will help you to get a girlfriend and you can also get some girls for casual affairs as well. If you don’t know how to get a girl to have sex with you, it is not a big problem as the girls will come chasing after you. Here are some details about the workout plan that will help you to get the bulky and powerful muscles and enhance your look by several shades:

Step1: Go for the overhead press:

One of the first exercises that you shall include in your workout plan to get a better built is the overhead press of the weight. You can get these bars suspended in a rack and then try to lift it over your shoulder and make sure that both your arms are in the direction which is perpendicular to that of the floor.

You can then try to lift the more so that your abs become tighter and you might feel restrained. You can repeat the same five times when you start and then increase the workout by every passing day. Not having a body is sometimes the reason you don’t have a girlfriend and if you don’t know why you cant get a girlfriend, then just get a good body and within a few weeks, you will know everything. Girls will start chasing you and you will understand that the physique was mere reason that you were sidelined by the girls.

Step 2: press on an incline bench:

This is an even powerful part of a good workout routine that will help you to get a good built up. In this exercise, you can easily set a bench at around 30 or 45 degree and then get a weight bar suspended in a rack above it. You can get the bar around the shoulder area and then raise it above your body by putting force on it. Then you shall similarly try to put the bar back into the rack and repeat the exercise around 5 times for a start. You can also take a rest of around 1 minute before every other repetition.

Step 3: Dips:

Be it any kind of workout, dips is the most important ingredient as it helps you to generate very good amount of upper body strength and built. The best way to do the dips is to get you flat on two parallel suspensions and then try to press yourself until the arms are in the direction which is parallel to the ground. You shall repeat these dips at least as many as 50 times in a day and when you want a very bulky body; you can increase this count to 100 or even 500. You will find out that a good workout routine will always have the dips as a major part.

Step 4: Body pull-ups on a suspended rod:

This is another key part of your exercises that helps you to get the abs which is loved by the girls around the globe. The simplest way to do is to keep your hands outside your shoulders while you are suspended against the rods and then you shall try to pull up so that your chin gets over the suspended bar. This will help you a lot in adding that tenacity to your chest. If you are looking to get in a casual dating, the first rule is to look good and you must be aware about this along with casual dating rules to make sure that you do not have that many problems while looking for a partner to get involved with you.

Zottman Curl:

This is another very important exercise that will help you to have stronger and better looking biceps which contribute to your overall appearance. In this exercise, you need to make use of the dumbbells to help your biceps. Here is a guideline about this workout:

  • You shall start by holding the dumbbell while making sure that your hands and the sides are in parallel position to each other.
  • After this, you shall try to curl out the bars while keeping the other half of the arm as it is and rotate your hands so that it is facing the biceps.
  • Next, you shall make the palms to face the downward direction and try to get the weight that you are holding in a slightly lower position. You can repeat this step as many times as you want to have powerful biceps.

Exercising is one thing but you must be very careful with the diet:

All these exercises are not going to give you the fruits that you deserve until and unless you are having a strict diet plan. You shall always try to mix a good workout routine with right diet in order to have the maximum possible impact. If you are doing such a heavy workout, then your body needs more energy and as such, you must look to include proteins and carbohydrates in your diet plans which will give you the energy to do workouts for long hours without any stutter. You shall also be very peculiar about the timings of the diet and must avoid skipping any meal as you may feel the effects of skipping a meal even more intensely when you workout.

If you often think how to get a girlfriend in high school, you can start following these tips from now.

A Complete Gym Workout Plan For Getting An Attractive Body

Hardly there is any girl who will not fall for the boy with attractive body. Most of the women prefer for the guys who have well built bodies. Therefore, in order to grab the attention of the sexy ladies, men put their effort in making their bodies attractive. They join a gym and buy the complete gym workout plan for getting the desired results at the earliest. It has been witnessed that with the greater inclination for getting the perfect body, many people have created a mini gym at their home so that they can save their time in going to the gym for workout and they can workout at their own pace. Sometimes, in order to grow the muscles, people neglect the muscular strength thus, they only look muscular but actually they do not have enough strength. So this type of muscular growth is not required. You need to have the muscular body with great strength which can be achieved only by workout in gym and with diet control.

Benefits of getting the muscular body

Once you have achieved the stronger body, you will not have to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. Instead she will ask you to be her life partner. This happen because the girl will feel secured while being with you. She relies on you as you have the well build body and will be able to save her from the world. She knows that you will be able to do hard work for her and try your best to make her feel secured. She will also feel proud in introducing you as her boyfriend to her friends and family.

You will also feel energetic and confident to meet any girl for the first time. Your confidence will be reflected on your face which is another mantra for attracting the girls.  Your muscular strength will help you to lift up your partner easily on the dance floor.

Join the gym package

When you join the gym, you will get different packages or workout plan. Depending upon your need and budget, you can pick the right plan. It is obvious that the complete gym workout plan contains the comprehensive range of workouts for getting the attractive body.  In this type of plan, diet plan is also included which helps in achieving the body builder like body within few days.

Some gyms offer huge discounts on taking more than one complete gym workout plan. So, if you want you can take your dating partner on date to the gym by getting her the membership of the gym where you go. It will be cost effective option for you to get the best of your fitness and will gives you an opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner while doing the workout.

Consuming Muscle gain products

Lots of muscle gain products are available in the market, which are manufactured basically with the aim of muscle growth. These products are in the form of pills, injection and powered which should be consumed on the recommendation of the pediatricians only. Creatin, whey protein, Beta-Alanine and Glutamine are the products for muscle gain. In addition to the workout, these products are consumed for muscle gain. So if you are looking for the girl to date or you are planning to meet the girl whom you are dating, there is no need to learn about how to flirt with girls to gain her attention, you will be able to draw their attention  just with your perfect body.

Meeting with the fitness enthusiast

It has been seen that the polish people are really a fitness freak. They eagerly look for the body builders, sports person and fitness enthusiast for dating. So if you are looking for the polish girl or polish boy, you can sign up for with an online dating website for Polish dating. It will help you to find the right partner without much effort. People from all over the world, create their profile on different online dating websites and enjoy dating over the web. All those fitness freaks who are looking for their partners also find it as the most convenient way to meet people who have interest in the fitness or sports activities without putting much effort. They can invite them for date and start dating without any hassle and interruption. There are no restrictions on choosing your partner. You can select one or many depending upon your preferences. You can post your pictures in sexy poses, bare body, sports dresses and other sexy dresses so that more number of girls fall in love with you when they see your profile pictures. It will help you to gain popularity all over the web and will be able to date easily to the person of your choice.

Get trained by the professional trainer

When you join the gym, you trainer provides the full information about the complete gym workout plan. They first measure your weight and height and check whether they are in accordance with each other. Later they make you start with the low impact exercises at the gym and then gradually they increase the intensity of workout so that your body works harder to build the muscles and make you look muscular. Trainer makes you aware of the different workouts for different body parts so that you can know well on which part of the body you need to work more. At the gym, you will get the tips for the attractive body and for taking the other tips like when to kiss a girl or how to ask her for sex you can consult to the love experts or relationship experts.  Relationship trainers also help to resolve the relationship troubles so that their clients can enjoy the healthy relationship. You can get in contact with these trainers online also. Hence, no matter in which part of the world you are, you will be able to contact to the best trainer for getting the fitness tips as well as relationship advice.

Barry Bonds Supplements Work so Well They Often Confused For Steroids


Barry Bonds has denied using performance-enhancing drugs and attributed his bulk and success to nutrition and weight training. But his relationship with Conte and Anderson, his professional trainers, has underscored speculation that his late-career assault on the home run record was steroid-fueled.

Finally, Barry Bonds came clean and admitted the truth about the kind of help he was getting.  It wasn't steroids it was these two supplements that  aided him in becoming one of the most known HomeRun Legends to have ever played in the Major Baseball League.  They helped speed up the process of protein synthesis resulting in increased muscle gain in a very short amount of time.

What Is There to Know About the Barry Bonds Supplements?


 ‘Testosterone Boosting Factors’ Increase Muscle 800% vs. Placebo — Does This New Steroid Alternative Give It's Users an ‘Distinct Advantage’ When Stacked Together?

These new dietary supplements that we're talking about contains a special pair of fatty acid ‘growth factors' that are crucial to building muscle. This special compound is the main reason the supplement has become the most popular steroid alternative in professional sports circles. Even the harshest critics will admit that the ingredients — cis-9, trans-11 conjugated linioleic acid and phosphatidylserine (Ps) are potent in the innovative all-natural supplement — but they also say the muscle stack is giving its users a “distinct advantage” over the competition because of its immediate muscle growth effects and these naysayers believe the 2 supplements should be banned in professional sports.

On the other hand proponents will tell you that their research has shown these natural muscle supplements are not only safe, but also effective for men that don't have time to workout at the gym or follow a strict diet regiment.

The one thing that everyone agrees on is that this new muscle building method, although controversial, has phenomenal results. According to a recent study conducted as ESPN's Sports Science facilities, beginners with no prior weight training experience that used the muscle stack for 7 weeks saw an 800% increase in muscle mass (3x increase in bicep circumference), which was over 10x greater than those who received the placebo. Those results alone speak volumes to these Muscle Boosters.

Incredible Transformations

But what was even more fascinating was the lack of side effects. There were literally zero side effects because all of the ingredients are all natural. Users even experienced improved health statistics, including decreased LDL cholesterol, unwanted triglycerides, and lower levels of blood sugar. There's not much more you can ask for as an athlete, but average Joe's were nervous about putting on too much weight.

While users experience massive growth's in muscle issue, the supplement manages to speed up your metabolism while targeting fatty tissue in your abdominal zone. Users saw a 1.5-inch reduction of belly fat on average during testing — without adjusting their diet or increasing cardio.

Final Review: Should the Muscle Stack Be Banned or Fair Game?

Athletes that tested these innovative supplements over the course of 6 weeks added 20 pounds of lean muscle, while decrease their body fat percentage by 7% compared to those who took the placebo. Users increased their bench press by almost 40 pounds during the time frame. Other supplements companies have begun to hear the rumors and have attempted to reciprocate the compounds to their own products, however the propriety components of  and offer unparalleled results that are almost impossible to mimic. It's tough to find a locker room in professional sports that doesn't have  and in it.

Yes there will always be those critics that say these results are too similar to HGH and other anabolic steroids, and they should be banned in professional sports, but since the ingredients are all natural they're untraceable by organizations. From an ethical standpoint, since these compounds are separate from natural food sources they're same as taking creatine or other NO2 products.

To explain in greater details, steroids, just like these natural compounds, are so effective because they minimize the catabolic effects of cortisol, which allows for greater amino intake, increased nitrogen retention, and advanced protein synthesis. This creates the exact lean muscle athletes will kill for. and are here to stay. The muscle stack is as legitimate of a alternative to unhealthy steroids that we are going to see.

‘Shocking’ Size and Strength Gains

Whether or not taking  AND should be considering “cheating” is the last thing on the minds of the thousand of athletes that have been using the muscle stack over the last few months.






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Results speak for themselves. Professional athletes and Hollywood Celebrities have kept this muscle stack secret, but now that the truth has been revealed and we have the results from our own experiments and research we have partnered with  and for a limited time to be able to offer these products for free for those people that are serious about losing weight and building muscle. This free trial is available while supplies last and all you pay is under 5 bucks for shipping and handling for an amazing product.


Find out for yourself what everyone else is going crazy about! You have nothing to lose, except a few pounds!






6 Ways to Improve Your Look Beyond Fashion

Go Past the Surface


2937 improve look fashion 1

We love a quick fix — life’s bandaids for personal improvement. When it comes to our appearance, we are particularly susceptible to purchasing magical potions or a wonder-garment things that promise to miracles and change us into the most beauty and attractive. But in reality, these are just heavily marketed faux-panaceas which the only noticeable effect they have is on your finances.

Fortunately, many of the most effective, scientifically-proven ways to boost your appearance aren’t things you buy or wear, and most cost little things. Sometimes the effect comes when using nothing. Yes, yes, you read it right – NOTHING! However, like all good things in life, they aren’t completely “free”: they do require habitual consciousness and mindful discipline. Here are six ways to improve your look and the way you feel, while powerfully transforming the way you’re perceived by others.


2937 improve look fashion 2

Getting dressed is not everything. Adjusting your posture not only transforms the way a garment drapes on you, but also affects the emotional response of people around you. A study made at University of Pennsylvania found that subtle changes in your posture can alter your perceived emotion, while other studies indicate that emotions like happiness and anger are heavily communicated through posture alone — without ever opening our mouths. The fact that good posture also makes you look taller, thinner, healthier and more confident are some serious reasons to stand up straight. So go ahead, make the first step and improve your posture!

Unfortunately, good posture does not come naturally for most of us (especially for those of us who are stuck at a desk most of the day). Take action now and control your posture: Deliberately align yourself in the mirror; your head should be over your shoulders, lining up your ears, shoulders and hips; pull your belly in and be sure your lower back is slightly curved. Over time, you can move yourself toward more effortless posture by doing regular core-strengthening exercises. Don't forget that your body is interconnected and the seemingly simple act of standing straight engages many of your muscles.


2937 improve look fashion 3

A Yale study aimed to test how hairstyles and lengths affect perceived intelligence and wealth. The study took the same face and overlaid it with different hair styles. The findings were quite amazing we may say, indicated that women with short-to-medium length hair are generally perceived as intelligent and good-natured (and guess what: those without any hair were seen as the most intelligent), while those with more feminine styles, like long hair, were perceived as less intelligent. On the other hand, the ones from the long-hair category are also seen as the sexiest and most affluent. Further complicating the issue, researchers at the University of Queensland found that blondes earn 6 percent more.

Furthermore, before you ask your stylist for a bleached blonde pixie, remember that what looks good on us (and how a particular haircut is viewed) changes as we age. Certain cuts are more flattering for aging faces that others. A collarbone-length cut can be versatile and soften your face more than certain shorter styles. Subtle layers can also add character and work with your hair’s natural wave (making it low-fuss). And if you do go for longer lengths, bangs can add an element of polish and precision to counteract the femininity of your long locks.


2937 improve look fashion 4

If you’re not motivated by health, try vanity: We all know that fruits and vegetables are good for us, but maybe you don't know how good they are when used as beauty products. A study found that participants who ate more fruits and vegetables for just six weeks increased red and yellow skin tones (needless to say, those who worsened their diets grew paler).  Another study showed that fruits and vegetables can be considered as one of the most powerful defenses against skin aging.

Skin is the mirror that reflects inner-health and degrees of aging. And while there’s no shame in our hard-earned laugh lines and other character-building facial lines, looking healthy is always appealing. Eating whole fruits and vegetables is most beneficial, but if you’re a busy person or always on-the-go, enjoy the current green juice craze and make a bottle of veggies part of your daily routine. (They can be pricey, but think on the long term as they’re cheaper than Botox!)

And guess what, it’s not just fruits and vegetables that give your skin a visual boost. Other supplements have been scientifically linked with healthier skin, as well: Collagen reduces facial lines, green tea polyphenols decrease inflammation and redness, pycnogenol increases hydration and elasticity, and fish oil eases eczema.


2937 improve look fashion 5

After how many lost nights we’ve all stared in the mirror after a sleepless night and lamented our dark circles? Studies are proving that lack of sleep affects skin function and aging, with poor sleepers showing increased signs of aging and less resilience from environmental stress factors. Poor sleepers are also more likely to have a higher body mass index (BMI).

And beyond its impact on our looks, sleep also radically affects our performance. So it’s no wonder Arianna Huffington has become the spokesperson for a good night’s sleep, shunning the pride that too often circulates around sleep-deprivation, and instead extolling the virtues of sleep: namely, increased productivity and a happiness boost.

You can take control by practicing good sleep hygiene and “hacking” your own sleep. Maybe you have heard many advices like that, but they are really true. Therefore, before bed avoid caffeine, sugar and large meals; dim the lights (including computer monitors) and sleep in a dark room; turn off technology or put it in airplane mode; and get plenty of exercise and daylight earlier in the day — and if you’re feeling more adventurous, try a sleep induction mat. Trust us, bedtime rituals calm your mind and pave the way for quality sleep and a better tomorrow.


2937 improve look fashion 6

You can be all dressed up and looking good, but you’re never fully dressed without a smile. Nonetheless, it pays to paint one on, even if it doesn’t feel genuine: Researchers have found that even forced smiles increase happiness, lower stress levels and diminish pain. The way we feel and radiate emotions goes beyond our brains and is not only reflected by our bodies, but also induced by them. One study found that Botox recipients who were not able to frown reported feeling happier than those who did not receive the injections. (However, they did not report feeling more attractive, indicating that the spike in happiness was not induced by the aesthetic changes.)

Telling yourself to smile may seem trite, but its presence or absence has subtle-yet-significant social and personal consequences. According to psychologist and smile expert Marianne LaFrance, smiles facilitate social connection, minimize conflict and enhance first impressions.

A smile can help you in the workplace, as well: Smiles indicate positivity and openness, and individuals with those traits tend to cope better with challenges, thereby communicating confidence and professionalism. When complications arise or you find yourself in a challenging situation, flash a grin and watch the effect it has. Remember this even if you aren’t feeling particularly attractive one day: convince every day yourself to smile anyway, and boost your own self-confidence while improving the way others view you.


2937 improve look fashion 7

Imagine the last time you walked down the street, rode public transportation or entered a bar. Chances are, a huge percentage of the people your encountered were looking down at their technology. Our ubiquitous preoccupation with our mobile phones often comes at the peril of our ability to connect and engage with the world around us.

Eye contact is the strongest form of non-verbal communication. Individuals of power tend to stare more directly and intently, while those in more subordinate positions avert their gaze. Eye contact also elevates your perceived attractiveness, trustworthiness and emotional stability. So don't stay too glued to your mobile screen as you are averting your eyes and giving up one of the most powerful tools of persuasion.

In addition to locking eyes, simply detaching from technology and being “present” transforms not only the way people see you, but also the depth with which they can connect. Start the change today and challenge yourself to put your phone completely out of sight at social events, in meetings or when working one-on-one. Being present, particularly in an era when it’s become a scarce novelty, is one of the most attractive and appealing gifts you can give others — and yourself.