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Read This If You Are In A Long Distance Relationship

There is no doubt it takes commitment and dedication from both parties to be in a healthy relationship. But, what happens if a couple is in a long distance relationship? In those circumstances, keeping the romance going can be difficult and challenging.

However, you can make it work. Here are five steps that will ensure a successful and a happy long distance relationship.

1. Use Technology
Maintaining regular communication is a must in a long distance relationship, as you don’t see each other in person all the time as a normal couple. Send IMs, texts; emails make phone calls or video chat to keep in touch. You can install various apps on your smartphones that will help you share photos, voice messages, and videos. You can also go all retro by sending an old-fashioned handwritten letter to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Don’t forget to send gifts to each other on Valentine’s Day or birthdays in case your partner isn’t around. Your partner will love it, and it makes them feel wanted, and loved.

2. Keep All Types of Communication Open
While communicating with your partner always ensure that you have an open and honest conversation with your spouse. Most couples in long distance relationships don’t want to open up about various issues about their lives so that they can make the most of their time when they’re physically together. But, it’s imperative that both discuss issues or needs that are not being addressed in the relationship. Keeping the lines of communication under any situation is vital to for a long-distance relationship to be successful and thrive in the long-term.

3. Inform Each Other When You Reunite
Notify your long distance partner when you’ll visit him or her the next time. Even if the visit is just for a few hours or days, tell your partner about it. Also, it’s also necessary to have an in-depth discussion with your partner about when the long-distance relationship phase will come to an end. It’s very common for a long-distance relationship to fail in the future is if it’s going to continue with no possibility of an end.

4. Be Trustworthy
All relationships have jealousy and insecurity, including long distance ones. But, in a long distance relationship, even a speck of mistrust or jealousy can create huge problems. Therefore, stop with the constant checking of his or her Facebook page. Stop worrying about what he or she is doing, if they don’t respond to your call or texts immediately. Remember, if you’re envious or insecure by nature, then a long distance relationship will not work for you.

5. Don’t Make Your Time Exciting When Your Partner Visits
We have seen that couple’s who are in a long distance relationship to turn their relationship into a “honeymoon,” especially when a partner visits on the weekends. If you turn your long distance relationship into a mini-vacation, it will be confusing for you to understand how a regular relationship functions under normal circumstances. Therefore, spend time with your significant other just like any typical couple. Don’t indulge in fun and exciting activities every time he or she visits you. It will help you to comprehend how you’ll work on your relationship once the long distance relationship phase ends.

If you’re looking for a relationship, and want to try a long distance relationship, remember it won’t be easy. But, regular communication, loyalty, trust, you can make it work like any normal relationship.

10 Things You Should Always Do In Your Relationships

Every single person who is in a relationship or who has ever been in a relationship in the past knows that there are some things one definitely should not do. Here is a list of ten things that every person in a relationship should do and things that one should never stop doing in a relationship.

1. Caring
One of the most important aspect to make a relationship fruitful is the point of caring. Caring for each other is something one should never stop doing in a relationship because of the time that one stop caring the chances of a relationship being broken increases immensely. The Private Detectives London comprises of highly experienced Private Eye whose job is to provide investigation services such as surveillance and tracking of those whom one cares for.

2. Communication
Communication is the key to a healthy and successful relationship. Communication is a chain that binds a relationship together, the day this chain starts to weaken, and one stops communicating that day the relationship starts to suffer. It is necessary for a relationship to be lucky to have a healthy level of communication with one another.

3. Commitment
Being committed to one another is one of the most significant things, and it is mandatory for every successful relationship. One should never stop or even decrease this level of commitment; he or she should always work on enhancing the level of engagement.

4. Showcasing Emotions
One should never stop showing his or her emotions to their partners as it is the only way the other one could know what their partner like and what he or she dislike.

5. Encouraging
Encouraging your partner for doing something right is as much important as criticizing them for doing something wrong. To maintain a healthy relationship, one should not stop the act of encouragement.

6. Criticism
As it has been mentioned in the above sub-heading, criticizing your partner for doing something unethical or morally wrong is entirely justifiable as long as the criticism is called for and done in a right manner.

7. Appreciation
This might come a bit down the list but that doesn’t mean that it is less important, it is necessary need of a human being to be appreciated for doing good things. So to maintain a healthy and honest relationship one should never stop enjoying their partner.

8. Thanking
Similar to appreciating, thanking your partner for doing something worthy of appreciation is a crucial element in every successful relationship. It is usually the best to appreciate and thank your partner for every little thing they do for you.

9. Apologizing
Apologizing doesn’t make anyone small but on the contrary, it strengthens the relationship and prolongs it further more.

10. Forgiving and Trusting
Everyone does make mistakes; no one is perfect, but forgiveness is the key to making a relationship successful. One should never stop forgiving as without it the probability of relationship breaking down increases significantly. Last but not the least beliefs, trust is a foundation of any relationship, and one should never damage the basis if he or she wishes to maintain a defined relationship.

So, if you’re thinking to be in a relationship and go on date, and want it to be successful and long-lasting, never stop doing these things.

7 Open Relationship Rules For A Better Love Life

An open relationship may be perfect for you and your partner if both of you have confidence in the rationale that sexual infatuation and love are two distinct feelings. An individual may be successful with something, and it might not go well with another person. Be that as it may, through the encounters of different couples who enjoy an open relationship, there are numerous things we can learn with a specific end goal to stay away from unsuspected dangers and appreciate those sexual highs.

You should bear in mind that these open relationship rules aren't made to limit you. They are meant to guide you, to help you appreciate the advantages of an open relationship and keep your love life better.

1. Communicate
The main enemy of any relationship is a breakdown in communication. Don't discuss too much about your sexual excitement details; however, know about each other's interests and partners. Let your partner know about those who you are sleeping with, and your partner ought to do likewise. Also, if you are bothered by the partner, your partner is having a sexual relationship with, please speak out. Be honest and talk to one another if you wish to enjoy this amazing sexual agreement without any difficulty.

2. Your Partner Must Always Come First
Regardless of your feelings or your plans, your partner must always come first over your plans or feelings with other lovers. Make your plans ahead always and let your partner be informed earlier about your plans. By so doing, your partner will not feel cheated while attempting to seek your proper attention.

3. Be Prepared
At the point when both partners have been in a relationship for some time, the possibility of engaging in sexual relations outside the relationship could appear like a powerful surge. Be that as it may, are both of you mentally prepared for it? But in a situation that you rush into an open relationship when one of you isn't ready, this act could bring about a breakup of your relationship.

4. Stay Away From Mutual Friends
If you are entirely confident that you are fully prepared for an open relationship, this is a decent lead, to begin with. Continuously attempt to seek for partners who do not have anything to do with your life in any manner beyond love-making. And let it be that way. Make it appear like a sexual relationship with your real partner that you're having sex with. However, make the truth known to your partner. The way that you have an open relationship ought to be a very much protected secret that stays among you. To whosoever partners both of you are having sex with; make it appear like a sexual relationship always.

5. Only Sex And Nothing Else
It's hard to do, yet it's something that must always be remembered. An open relationship should not be a means of falling in love with others individuals especially when you are already in a relationship. Staying over or getting cuddly with your lover should be avoided. Things can only get complicated when you fall in love with another person because you have been sexually captivated by them. Never forget that it's sex and only sex.

6. Lust Or Change Of Lifestyle?
In some cases, gradual development of sexual lust over a long period may prompt both of you having the feeling that an open relationship is the best thing to do. But time will come when the individuals you have sex with consistently will realize that you don’t enjoy what you are doing.

7. Play Safe
Taking care of you and your boyfriend or girlfriend’s sexual wellbeing is very imperative in any open relationship. Play safe in your romance. Always check yourself for any sexual diseases so that your partner will be confident. Never stop using protection and stay away from those people who have strong sexual desire history. Your partner’s life could be affected if you go wrong and you wouldn’t want that to happen. Having a principle that condoms be used each time is the most straightforward and viable approach to protecting everyone. A few couples have consent not to make use of condoms with each other, but rather to dependably use them outside the relationship.

Are You In a Relationship With A Real Life ‘Peter Pan’?

Believe it or not, there are real life “Peter Pans” amongst us. We all know Peter Pan, the fun-loving boy who doesn’t want to grow up. But, it is possible for a guy who is fun and can be committed and responsible enough to have a relationship? If you are a single woman looking for a healthy, stable relationship, the date men who are stable and can communicate through actions.

1. I am all about fun, not reliability. Of course, there is nothing wrong with having a good time. No woman likes to date someone who is perpetually bored and uptight. But, when being light-hearted and having fun crosses the boundaries and arrives into irresponsible and unreliable lands, it can be detrimental to the relationship. And it’s you who will feel most of the pain.

2. Don’t think about tomorrow, live life today! It’s hard to criticize someone who wants to be in the present and enjoy life as it’s today. It’s also excellent and enlightening. But, as the saying, if there’s too much of a good thing, then it’s isn’t good. Being alive and living life in the present doesn’t mean that there will be no tomorrow or you shouldn’t think about the future. Thinking and planning for the future might help a person savor and be thankful for the present.

3. Rules are made to be broken. This one is pretty tricky. There are people like artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, who have discarded societal norms, challenged assumptions and broke the rules for the sake of innovation and progress. But, if you’re someone who breaks the rules just that you can flout them, it’s totally less admirable. We can’t find anything specifically praiseworthy about disrespecting and dismissing societal norms and rules because of our childishness, laziness and disrespect for others.

4. It’s my way or the highway. Men who refuse to grow up are said to be selfish, but not fully narcissistic. If things do go as they want, they get disappointed and angry. They want all of their things to be done exactly as they want, on their terms. If not, then forget it. Being selfish and self-centered can be a road block in the path of finding true love.

5. I don’t care. It doesn’t matter. These lines might seem innocent and light-hearted at first, but the thing is it does matter, and some things are a big deal. Sure, we don’t have to be serious all the time. The same can be said that we can’t always take things lightly. There is a time and place for that kind of attitude, but some guys take the lines, “I don’t care, or It doesn’t matter, or whatever”, as the motto of their life, and the end result isn't always pretty.

When it comes to dating and relationships, the future in most cases is uncertain. It’s impossible to predict the future accurately. If you’re looking for a relationship, finding someone stable and responsible is imperative if you want to have a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Besides, having fun and being light-hearted makes being in a relationship a lot more enjoyable.

Is It A Good Idea To Settle For “Mr. or Ms. Good Enough”?

Is it realistic for you to lower your standards and settle for “Mr. or Ms. Good Enough”? Mr. /Ms. Good Enough is looking pretty great when you see most of your friends getting married and settling down, and you’re still single. If you’ve been on dates for some time and still aren’t in a relationship, it’s natural to have thoughts like maybe you’re too picky or have very high standards’. However, our opinion is that when it comes to relationships, settling for someone who is Good Enough is a disaster waiting to happen.

Before you lower your expectations for the sake of finding a girlfriend or a boyfriend, consider these thoughts first:

1. Maintaining high standards doesn’t mean that you’re looking out for Mr. or Ms. Perfect. We understand that you want to meet the best guy or woman, but no person on Earth will meet all of your desired qualities in your checklist. The key here is to be sure about what kind of man or woman you want to be with, love, enjoy, grow with, and cherish over the years. It’s about deciding which characteristics in a person you can live with and which you can’t.

2. Conceding one or more items from your ten must-haves and ten can’t-haves list is a terrible idea. Your criteria for finding the perfect partner are highly personal, and all the qualities that you’ve listed should be guarded and honored. One thing to note here is you may not be very important for the other person. Some folks can be happy if their boyfriends or girlfriends are less ambitious than them. But, for some people, this trait can be big deal-breaker. Conceding on quality or behavior that is directly related to your existing must-haves and can’t-haves can be detrimental to the stability of your relationship in the long-term.

3. Wise single men and women don’t compromise on the major issues but compromise about the small ones. When you’ve decided that you won’t compromise on your core ten must-haves and ten can’t-haves, you can allow yourself more flexibility on other items. A great thing about love and relationships is discovering qualities, tastes and behaviors that are different from what you’re used to. You may find something that didn’t attract you then, but you’re interested in it now. Which dismissing the most important qualities from a potential partner, be open and flexible about all the other things you new love interest brings.

So, does your new love interest have all of your ten must-haves, and free from your can’t haves? If you want to find a girlfriend or boyfriend, who is a great match for you and makes you happy – you should know exactly what you want and don’t want in a partner. Your checklist doesn’t have to outrageously long or complicated. Make it simple such as top ten must have qualities and top ten negative qualities. If you’re clear about these characteristics, you’ll become a wise dater, and have more clarity and confidence is pursuing a man or woman, who is worth pursuing to be in a long-term relationship.

3 Things To Remember When Dating in The Digital Age

Though the internet is a blessing like online dating, it may sometimes create a bad impression. Certain behaviors may be the cause of annoyance to the partner on a date. In fact, there are Dos and Don’ts we should follow for a successful dating.

1. Cell Phone Etiquette
Cell phones are of great use we know, but sometimes it might cause some unexpected problems, which may make the relationship a bit cold or create annoyance. Especially when we go on a date, it is not that there are only two persons rather there is another thing which is our constant companion, cell phones. Nowadays we can hardly think of a day without our cell phones. We feel uncertain and insecure when we don’t have cell phones with us. At present we are grown up like this. However, we need to follow some codes of conduct when we go on a date. Think what the other person in the date feels when he or she sees that his or her partner is talking to someone without paying much attention to them. This may spoil the mood of date. So, when you go on a date, you had better keep your mobile in vibration or silent mood. Besides, you must pay attention and respect to the partner with whom you go on a date.

2. Texting While On A Date
It is considered a bad habit to exchange text message while on a date. You may feel the urgency to exchange or reply text message, but you should always keep in mind that it is not the right time to do the task because it will certainly cause disturbance or can annoy your date. It’s an indication that you’re paying less attention to your partner on a date. Many of you may contend that you have multi-tasking ability. But, it is true that you may go on a date in person while you may also chat or keep on massaging with another one. But it is true how skilled you are in your multi-tasking ability; you must be confused or get caught between the two. Therefore, we recommend, you better not reply to your messages now and then or may ask the permission of your partner on a date if it is very urgent.

3. Breaking Up By A Text Message
Sometimes, the relationship doesn’t always go smoothly. Sometimes, there is a rift in the relationship and can result in a breakup. Now in modern time, we hear the story of breaking up or separating stories by celebrities by sending text messages. It is also published in newspapers, magazines, Facebook and on other social media sites. Does this sound right to you? I hope most will agree with me it’s unethical or wrong. Breaking up by sending texts is disrespectful, heartless and immoral. Let me share with you the correct or polite manner of the break up with your partner if there is a need for it. It is polite and expected that you call your partner and arrange a meeting and explain the reason of why you need to break up. Moreover, it is also expected that you return anything important related to each other. Also, be polite and considerate while you decide to end your relationship.

If you’re looking for someone or thinking of a relationship, it’s imperative that you follow the dos and don’ts while on a date for a successful dating.

Go And Meet Someone Special In These Places!

Life is bizarre, and our life is always changing. It is a great sad fact of life. You had passed your happy and memorable life in the past when you were a school student. Those days will never come back, and the friends of your school life are away from you. After a certain age, it is incredibly difficult to meet new people. In this competitive world, you are to keep pace with time for your routine work. If you don't make changes in your daily routine, it will be almost impossible to meet new people. Where can you meet your new friends? Meeting your mate can happen anywhere, but you have to find out the proper place.

When you meet with the new or old friends, you have to choose appropriate location and area. Why not be a little more unconventional and try something new? Here are few tips:

1. The Dog Park
Dog parks are great places for meeting new men or women and with other responsible dog owners when they get some exercise. For meeting new friends, you can discuss dog food options or how to get your four-legged friend to stop chasing its tail. It’s been found that pet owners have healthier and longer lives. So, it's refreshing and encouraging sign that people you meet at dog parks are caring and active. So, when your pooch is mingling with other furry friends, enjoy the chance of mingling yourself.

2. Airport or Airplane
An airport is a perfect place for to meet new people. It’s natural to be interested in attractive travelers Just wait for a chance to start talking. Suppose you are waiting for your flight to take off, strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you. If the conversation fails or there is no chance for any connection or a relationship, just relax. Bring out iPod and wiggle out, or open your laptop and get to work.

3. The Farmer’s Market
The farmers’ market is another place where farmers gather with their new produce and other home-made organic products like jams. It’s a people-watching fest, and you get to mingle with the locals. You may have seen many farmers’ markets have live music or performers that make for great conversation starters. Who knows, you can meet your special one there!

4. Seminars and Classes
Classes and workshops usually mean a gathering of many people. If you're a student, you can find many other students in new classes. You can meet some individuals who are different but seems interesting. Besides, you can take a class in woodworking, cooking, dancing, etc. You can also attend a seminar on financial planning or buy your first home.

5. On the Sports Field

Sports help you to stay active and have fun doing it. You may need to play with the children in the field to grab the attention of their parents. You can also meet with other folks who are merely viewers. If you can show better performance, you can be a hero to them. Visit the local kids’ soccer field or your city’s baseball diamond to meet single parents and other sports fans like you.

If you’re looking for someone, the dog park, the airport, and the farmers market are places you would usually visit now and then. These meeting and socializing hubs provide you and your fellow compadres with something in common, or shared interests. So, what you didn’t meet your match, you made some friends. That enough!

6 Ways For Overcoming Insecurity In Relationships

Falling in love with someone is an incredible feeling. If you want to have a healthy relationship, communication, trust and integrity are crucial. And building a relationship on these qualities is hard work but not impossible. But, sometimes our emotions betray us. We might go through a rough patch with our significant others, but in the end, we all come through, forget our differences, and try to be better partners. Sometimes our instincts tell us things we don’t like to follow through, and the fear in our heart overwhelms us, and Insecurities are born. Unresolved fears can accumulate and can be detrimental to our relationships.

In this article we will guide you in overcoming various insecurities in your relationship:

1. Togetherness. The purpose of people want to be in relationships is not to be alone. So, in a relationship, it is imperative to think of each other as two peas in a pod. You’ve to be there for each other as much as you can. That is how you build trust in the relationship. This feeling of togetherness will result in overcoming your deepest insecurities in your relationships.

2. Get rid of your selfishness. Too much ego affects a healthy relationship. Ego paves the way for selfishness to thrive. Don’t let ego get in the way in being close, and intimate with your boyfriend or girlfriend. You can’t focus all of your efforts and energy on your happiness. You should share it with your significant other as well.

3. Stop thinking about the past. People have their past, and not all of it might be something to talk back home. There might be some bad chapters. Don’t bring these up. Insecurities can stem from overly relishing the past relationships. Be happy with the person you are with now. Thinking about your exes and past relationships will only complicate things, making it even more challenging in overcoming insecurities in our relationships.

4. Finding A Middle Ground. There isn’t any relationship where there aren’t any arguments and fights. Arguments can range from fridge magnet to a burnt frying pan, and can sometimes lead to many unfortunate things such as a breakup. It can also trigger tension and fear in the relationship. Therefore, try to a middle ground while resolving arguments. There is no right or wrong partner; try to find a ground where both of you can agree on a matter.

5. Paranoia is a curse, ditch it! Constantly being worried about something often result in unwanted stress and more worry. Just because you’ve seen your boyfriend/girlfriend with the opposite sex doesn't mean he/she is cheating! Your significant other is a human and humans socialize with people. Both of you have the right to communicate with other people.

6. Improve your communication skills. Communication is essential to have a committed and long-term relationship. Lack of communication might lead to bigger problems. Believe it or not, confrontation or arguments can make you honest with each other. It will break the boundaries of communication between the couple, and make them more close and intimate to each other. Intimacy in any form will have a significant effect on each other and will help in overcoming insecurities in our relationships. If you are emotionally and physically intimate with someone, you can connect with him/her that will remove your many fears and vulnerabilities.

What To Do If You’re Dating a Cheapskate?

Your boyfriend won’t pay for parking, so you walk half a mile to the mall. He won’t pay for valet or even tip the waiters. He tells you that he’s just an old-fashioned, but you think it’s ironic as you always pick up the bill. You start wondering how you end up with this cheapskate of a boyfriend, who is always looking for ways to save a few bucks or pennies, no matter how hard it is.

So, are you willing to get serious with this person, or is there anything that you can do so that your partner becomes a little generous? Here are a few suggestions:

Identify The Difference Between Thrifty And Cheap. Maybe your boyfriend doesn’t have enough cash to splurge on expensive bars or restaurants for dates. Since things aren’t always better when they’re expensive, consider having good experiences on a budget. Go on a picnic in a place with a scenic view, have e decent bottle of wine, or dine in the new restaurant nearby. But, if you are not in a mood to go out, cook something nice and have a romantic candlelit dinner with your partner at your place. Keep in mind that being frugal can be a virtue. Don’t pressurize your boyfriend to spend money on stuff he doesn’t have.

Meanwhile, if your girlfriend/boyfriend has the money, but won’t spend it, it shows that they’re stingy. Apparently, he/she cares so much about money that he/she wants to hold on it. This stingy behavior might manifest itself in other areas of his or her life such as her emotions. If the situation in your relationship is like this, you might want to take a second look at how your relationship will fare in the long run.

Share your Values. Most relationship problems often involve money and money problems. Try having an honest conversation about each other’s finances instead of an accusatory assault. Focus on your values and think if it’s worthy to splurge on dinner at that expensive restaurant at the theatre or having that posh champagne. If money is in short supply, consider splitting the bill while dining out or the movie tickets. Check out for coupons in the newspapers or magazines that offer discounts at supermarkets, or restaurants and even concerts. Tell your girlfriend that you aren’t a compulsive spender and that you’re responsible spend with her and willing to do your part to keep the expenses under control.

Determine If You Can Handle Your Cheapskate Partner Over The Long Term. It’s important for you to decide if your partner is a generous person by nature who doesn’t have much money at the moment or is just plain cheap. If your boyfriend doesn’t think him being a cheapskate isn’t a big problem, it can cause some problems in your relationship now and then. Also, he being a tightwad can manifest to other sensitive and intimate parts of the relationship, and if this happens, then you got a huge problem.

People, especially their bad habits don’t change. It doesn’t matter if you’re dating someone new or just got back with your ex after breaking up with him or her a while ago. So, think long and hard about than spending habits of your girlfriend/boyfriend, before you get married, as it’s highly likely that things won’t change much after you settle down.

9 Things That Are A Total Turnoffs For Men While Dating

For most men and women dating can be intense, and if you’re meeting someone you dated online for the first time, it can be even more. It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous and insecure when meeting someone new for the first time given that some unexpected things can happen which can make you happy or upset. You should be prepared for both scenarios where he or she likes and decides to go on for a second date, or there will be not the second date. There are few reasons for it, some are inevitable, while there are some you can avoid doing.

Here will be talking about women and their physical appearance and what women do and wear while going on the first date or on dates, whichever you want to take it. You may get surprised to know what most women do and wear that may seem harmless to them, but are total turnoffs for men. Below are nine of the worst things that make most men cringe:

1. Don’t wear false eyelashes, hair extensions, and Spanx. Be real ladies, and as these scream fakeness.

2. Don’t keep wandering here and there when you’re with a man. This makes your date like you’re checking every other guy in the room except for him.

3. Don’t play with your hair. Your hair looks great. So, don’t worry about it.

4. Don’t keep applying lip gloss every other minute. If you keep putting on lip gloss now and then, it can get on your hair, the glass, the fork and everywhere. You man won’t kiss you because he will think if he does he will mess up your lip gloss and it will be all over you.

5. Stop complaining and get rid of your negative attitude. Don’t whine about the bad traffic, your annoying coworkers at work, how bad the weather is, how hard it for was for you to get a nice parking spot and so on.

6. Don’t be overly self-obsessed. It means that you’re too much self-involved and overly concerned about the way look and it gets noticed by people around you. Personal grooming is okay, and every guy knows that about a girl. But, a guy also doesn’t want to sit around for an hour for you to meet him. If you’re going to be late, let him know.

7. Wearing 4.5-inch heels on a date is very unattractive to most guys. He doesn’t want you to play dress up as an exotic dancer. Plus, don’t wolverine acrylic nails. Wolverine acrylic nails are gross, so are long nails. What’s wrong with a normal and old-fashioned manicure?

8. Ordering champagne and the most expensive item on the menu without any reason is off-putting and ostentatious. If you want to celebrate and eat something nice, it’s extremely appreciative if you ask.

9. And finally, turn off or put your phone into “Silent Mode.” Constantly, checking your phone for messages and taking calls in the middle of a conversation is inconsiderate and a mood killer. If you need to talk, then excuse yourself and go to the restroom.

The bottom line is dating someone new is like a job interview. You need to present the best of yourself and don’t want to disappoint your date. The above tips might seem harmless or subtle to most women and but it can make a guy cringe. And you don’t that to happen when you’re on a first date.