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Five Questions You Need To Ask Your Match While Dating Online

Whether you’ve just started dating online or a veteran, there are a few necessary questions you need to ask your potential dates, before you can conclude if they’re suitable matches for you. But before that, don’t send the questions in a list to your match. You don’t want your potential suitor to think that you’re interrogating them. Just email one question, and send a new after he or she replied to the first one. Make this fun and make it look like you’re collecting information for someone that will help you know him or her better before you start dating.

Below is a list of five questions that you should ask your online date:

1. What you hope to expect from a relationship? Most people online are relatively honest about their intentions while dating. People mostly reply to this question by saying they’re looking to have some fun or if they someone perfect for them they would start a relationship or get married. Some people also say they’re looking for a long-term relationship, but at this moment they’re looking a casual one. Based on their answers, you can evaluate what exactly your matches are looking for in a relationship. If you like something they said, continue, and if not, look for someone else. Keep in mind that people don’t change, so don’t believe if your matches say something like will change and such if they’re in a relationship.

2. Do you have any embarrassing moments? This one will help your find if your match has a sense of humor or not. It’s also a great way for someone to open up about themselves, show confidence and laugh together. For starters, talk about a quirky or funny habit you have. Keep it funny, light and not overly flirtatious.

3. What interesting did you see in my profile that made you write to me? It is a great question and will filter out people who have a pre-written message that they sent to 30 other people and will actually make your matches to read your profile. This question will help you to find out if your potential date is comfortable to give and receive compliments. If you see that he or she is struggling with it, then it’s an indication that they aren’t emotionally ready for a relationship. Being able to give and receive compliments are key indicators of person’s readiness to be in a real relationship.

4. What do like to do on the weekends? This question will help you get a look into your matches interests and hobbies, and if these are compatible with yours. You won’t everything matching up with yours, not impossible, though, but less likely. But, if you see a few commonalities among both of you then go for it.

5. Where does your family live and do you have good relations with them? Family values are very important for most people. So, what if they don’t have good relations? It’s still acceptable if your matches family values and perspective matches with your family. Also, try to find out if your matches have good relations with relatives, do they visit them on holidays, call them, etc. These interactions will certainly play a role in your relationship in the long-term, so it’s better if you know about it in advance.

But, before you meet your online in person, start dating or begin a relationship, don’t forget to ask the above questions!

Happy dating!

When Should You Shut Down Your Online Dating Profile?

Having a conversation with your new partner about when to close your online dating profile is a delicate issue, indeed. It’s probable that a surprising connection can happen when two people are dating online meet for the very first time. Usually, it takes around a month for people to decide if they want to date one person only. For men, it can be longer; typically it’s between one to three months to decide if they stop dating online and focus on only one person.

Usually, the conversation starts off with either person asking the other questions like when they will shut down their online dating profile or if they’re dating someone else. Therefore, you should be extra cautious while responding to these questions. This is important because rushing into having this delicate conversation can scare off your date, and before you even know what he or she wants, they could end the date altogether.

Shutting down your online dating profile because you’re taking a break from online dating or you’re getting too many emails is understandable. But, taking off your online dating profile after having a great date with someone is a bad idea. It seems like you’ve done that simply because your date doesn't want you to date someone else at the same time, given the fact that he or she assumes that you like them.

So, relax and be patient. The first thing here is to know the other person as much as you can. Just having one date doesn’t make you think that you’ve found your soulmate, regardless how charming and perfect he or she is.

If you’re thinking of closing your online dating profile after dating your match for one to three months, it’s better to have a direct conversation with him or her. In fact, not discussing it after being dating someone for all this time is itself a negative sign that shows that you feel insecure to talk about the topic. If you happen to one of those folks, then it’s crucial that you need to figure out what’s causing this fear. If you’ve some internal issues you need to take care off, then do it. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to focus on the bigger problems.

However, if you think things are going as planned, you both are happy and comfortable with each other feelings and thoughts and have different issues regarding the relationship, then it’s time. You can have the necessary conversation about taking the online dating profile with him or her. Remember to keep it straightforward and direct. For example, you can say that you have been dating him or her for the past few months and have got to know and lot about them and don’t want to date anyone else. Ask him or her of what they think about that and what is their opinion about it.

If you notice that he or she isn’t ready, then you may need to rethink your current relationship status, as it clearly indicates that you’ve taking their issue much more seriously than they did. Honestly, this is great news for you, as you now start looking again for potential dates and keep on dating new people online and offline!

Ladies, You May Be Missing Something While Searching For ‘The One’

A lot has been said about women looking for “the one” or for the perfect partner, and so far many have failed. So, are they have been searching in all the wrong places? Most single women believe they know a lot when it comes to men and relationships. We talk about them; we hear a lot about them, we talk about men with our mothers, sisters, and our girlfriends. There are hundreds of books, magazines, articles on men.

After reading all those books, articles, women magazines and including our own personal experiences about men and past relationships, we aren’t satisfied. We attend seminars; buy even more books and magazines. And we keep on searching and looking for our “soulmates.” By the time, we reach in our 30s or late 30s, all we tell ourselves that men are only interested in one thing – sex. We reach a conclusion that most men are liars, cheaters, egoistic jerks, childish and annoying as hell when they get sick or can’t get what they want.

Nonetheless, we still don’t lose hope and keep on searching for “the one.” We spend a lot of our time, money and effort looking for the perfect man to have ever-lasting love and lasting relationship and marriage. We update our online dating profiles, attending parties and social events, hoping that if we keep on trying hard, we will eventually find ‘Mr. Perfect”, and we are happy and complete. And women aren’t alone here; men do it too. Men also have been nurturing stereotypes about women and their behaviors as long as women have been doing for men. Men think of women as gold diggers, greedy, bossy, spoiled, gossip-loving, bitchy, nagging and demanding. Despite all these, men are also looking for ladies who don’t have any of these irritating characteristics.

So, who is exactly “the one”? Many men and women seek a partner who will have a beautiful mind, responsible, dependable, wise, sensitive, warm, faithful, loyal, trustworthy, committed, supportive, and passionate about something in life. If we don’t find someone with all these we get frustrated, don’t stop and keep on searching and circles go on. If things don’t get better, we blame our luck, lives, our jobs, the world and so forth. But, one thing that never crosses our minds is that we could have well spent all that time, energy and money on becoming “the one,” rather than finding “the one.”

Instead of feeling incomplete and trying to feel the gaping hole of our souls, what don’t we try to fill all the gaps in developing the qualities within our own selves, rather than finding it in someone else? If we focused on ourselves and found freedom, self-acceptance, and empowerment within ourselves, we would have felt fulfilled and contentment even if we had a romantic partner or not. If we have developed the energy within ourselves, maybe we will find that our relationships and our partners won’t have such a strong influence on our identities.

After all, many experts agree that we need to focus on ourselves and develop the qualities within us. As a result, we can attract better partners so that we can be in loving and lasting relationships.

Is Your Relationship Taking A Toll on You?

Relationships aren’t easy. Many men and women have been persistently complaining that they’re giving too much in their relationships. They say that their relationships are taking a toll on them; they started to resent it and feel that they aren’t appreciated enough for their efforts. Even more unfortunate is the man that you gave so much of you has now broken up with you and moved on with someone else. It feels like the other woman is getting the benefits what you actually deserved in the first place.

Thinking about all the efforts you sacrificed for the relationship, in which you got little or no returns – keep us awake at night, and you keep punishing yourself for being too naive and foolish.

But did you ask yourself why did you allow yourself to give so much in the relationship and why did you receive so little in return? Ask yourself why you were content by getting only the crumbs of the whole bread? The truth is you were in an “on demand” relationship.

So, how did it get here? During the early days of the relationship, things were better and strong, the romance was alive, and it appeared like your man really cared and loved you. But as the relationship matures over time, love begins to fizzle, the spark isn’t there anymore, and it is at this point that most women gets scared and start to feel insecure. They start to believe that it is their sole duty to reignite the romance in the relationship and make it loving and exciting again.

Most women realize that their man isn’t their soulmate they always dreamed. But, the fear of loneliness and to start the whole thing to find love again makes them stressed out. So they give their relationship another chance and try to make it work. Many women wrongly assume that if they showed their partners how much they loved them, how good and caring they can be to them, they’ll naturally love them back. Their men will be kind, caring and love them back. But the harsh reality is that things don't always work out as we expect it to be.

So, what’s the best approach to show our partners how we feel? We start by catering to their needs. We do the laundry, cook, shop, clean the house, organize things, buy gifts, donate money, etc., and so forth. We do stuff that they like, and we do it without questioning it. We aren’t telling that these actions are useless, but it’s the intention behind these actions that needs to be noticed and appreciated. You have invested your energy, time and money to make a man love you back, while you’ve destroyed yourself from within. You do and do, and get little to nothing in return.

Both partners need to contribute equally in a committed and healthy relationship. If you’re in an “on demand” relationship, question yourself if you resent your relationship because you owe it something. If you feel it that, then it’s safe to conclude that feelings between you and your partner aren’t mutual anymore. It’s indication that the relationship doesn’t have what it takes to grow and thrive in the future. If you stop giving any more, and your partner steps in and starts giving, then maybe the relationship does have a chance. And if nothing happens, it’s time you abandon the relationship and walk away.

Four Things to Consider While Dating on Social Media

These days it’s becoming increasingly common for singles to meet new people via social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Looks easy and promising, but issues like safety, privacy, cyber bullying have become so overwhelming and out of control that many men and women have stopped using as a venue to meet possible dates. But, the same issues are also reported for sites dedicated for online dating. The key is to use it in a way so you can understand and navigate through all these problems. Here are a few techniques on how you can do that:

1. Consider Mutual Friends

One of the most publicized topics about social media is safety and privacy of the user. There are plenty of incidents when users have been “catfished,” when the person the likes or possibly loved online, isn’t the same in real life. To prevent yourself from these awkward and sometimes dangerous incidents, we recommend you only communicate with someone who has at least one or a few mutual friends. You may meet a person when he or she liked your profile picture, or a funny link or story he or she shared on your friend’s timeline or retweeted one of your tweets, and so forth. Both Facebook and Twitter has options where you can befriend someone and follows him or her depending on things that you like or interest you, location and your friend’s networks.

2. Show Him or Her That You Like By “Liking” Them

If you want someone to be on their radar, then the easiest way to do that is by “liking” their profile photos, pictures they posted or any interesting or funny story or link he or she shared. You can do this both on Facebook and Twitter. If you think that you’re still not ready for it and send a message, then start slow by liking their statuses, tweets, posts now and then. If he or she shares or tweets a link to an article about something you’re interested about, then liking or favouring it will not only bring your name at the top of his or her mind, it will also show that you both share a common interest. However, keep in mind, not to overdo it. Always clicking the “like” button on everything he or she may make you appear needy or desperate to them, which are unattractive traits in people.

3. Begin By Small Conversations

After liking some posts, it’s now time to initiate a conversation. Start simple by just replying or commenting on his or her posts or tweets. It will make you appear casual and thoughtful in your approach to the person you like, which will pave the way for a conversation.

4. Send a Message

If you’ve received some good impressions from your interactions so far, the moment has arrived for you to send a message. You don’t have to send a detailed one, just send a link to an article he or she may like or just invite him or her to one of your friend’s dinner party in the weekend. Sending a message privately is all you need a person you like to open up and see if there is any connection or chemistry between the two of you.

Online dating or meeting someone on social media has exploded in popularity in recent times. Moreover, it’s not only the young men and women looking for love online; veterans are too hooked on it. The future of finding of love online will only keep growing.

Don’t Let Self-Improvement Stop You From Finding Love

Humans have always desired to be better. If you’re trying online dating for the first time, you may ask when should your upload your online profile photo and declare to the world that you’re single and awesome. Often, this happens mostly when you’re unsure when you feel and look the best. You keep wondering should I wait until I lose some weight, get rid of acne or dark circles my eyes, or change my hair style or color, or even earn more money and so on.

We agree that it can be pretty uncomfortable to put up an online profile at the time when you’re on a journey of self-improvement. Maybe you’ll think if I lose 10 pounds or make some more money, and then put up my profile, I might be more attractive to people. However, don’t let your quest for perfection ruin your love life. Here are three tips that will help to make the most of you, even if you’re trying to improve yourself.

1. Recognize life’s up and downs and all major transitions

We aren’t perfect. Our bodies aren’t flawless. Sometimes we get a little chubby, or sometimes we look great in white tops. So, planning a detox or turning to a vegetarian diet next week isn’t a good excuse to not look for a date. However, if you’re planning for major physical change, say signing up for a nose job or weight-loss surgery, which will dramatically change the way to look, then it make sense if you hold off until you’ve fully recovered and fit. Holding off dating can also practical if you just broken up with someone or got fired and looking for work, or thinking of moving to a new city or town.

2. Embrace your imperfections

Often people say that it’s our imperfections that make people love us. It means being comfortable with our flaws. It’s our flaws that make you – you. So, take pride in your receding hairline or saggy arms. Besides, exposing one’s insecurities and vulnerabilities is the quick way to connect with someone. The key thing here is how you present your vulnerabilities. For example, if your date asks if you want to have a chocolate soufflé, you can honestly reply by saying that you’re trying it lose some weight, so you fit in your favorite summer dress. Another situation your date would empathize with you is careers. If your date asks what do you do for a living – tell that you’re still switching jobs, but don’t want to wait to meet someone special.

3. Be proud that they loved before the “new” you
If you’re determined to make some radical self-improvements in your life and managed to achieve some of your goals, then it’s really comforting to know that your match was attracted to you before when you weren’t as improved. This proves one thing. It tells us; in general, most people will love us, no matter how we look, and how wonderful we think we could be.

Our lives aren’t constant. We constantly seek perfection and improving ourselves. So, don’t allow your self-improvement regimen to stop you from finding love because it won’t end.

When You Need A Best Friend More Than A Boyfriend

When you’re looking for love, you need your best friend more than your boyfriends. Wait, what? Yes, it’s odd, but when you want to learn about love and hone the skills that will make you a great partner, it’s your relationship with your best pal that will be of most help.

Communication is one of the important factors to have a loving and a committed relationship. Women often complain that they’ve poor communication skills because they don’t have a boyfriend. They think if you want to have excellent relationship skills you need a man to practice it. Though a man would have been helpful, it’s better if we know how to deal with relationships before we get involved into one. But, many argue that the relationship with a boyfriend is different from our other relationships, so that’s why it’s not possible. That’s not entirely correct.

Let’s us examine into some situations familiar with couples. Most men and women have to deal with the fear of being abandoned, the inability of speaking our mind or expressing our deep feelings, and the propensity of giving too much of ourselves than the other person during relationships. If we attempted to “work” on these relationship issues while dating a man, they could act as a deterrent to romance. And the problems will only get bigger and more complicated if the man has his issues to work out as well. If we don’t do all the things that need to be done before we get to start dating a guy, then our relationships will experience a lot of problems and heck a lot of drama – sooner or later.

So, it makes perfect sense to learn all the relationship skills that are required if we need to have a loving and long-lasting relationship with a best friend. And the truth is it does help us to teach us about love.

We can hopefully agree that we are with our best friends we are more flexible, more forgiving and less judgmental than when we are in our romantic lives. This is because when we are with our best friends we don’t have much to lose, but we do. How we treat our family members, friends, and other people tell us a lot of our ability to love.

Anyways, here are three ways our best friends can help us to be good partners:

• We can improve our communication skills. We can learn to be more genuine, more truthful and more honest because we know that they respect and value us, and accept us with open arms, no matter who we are.

• We can learn not to be needy, desperate and less clingy. We can feel more secure when someone we love isn’t around us all the time.

• We can learn to be more welcoming, forgiving and accepting. We are not our friends. They are not like us. They do things we never do, say things we never speak and think about stuff we seldom think. Still, we accept them nonetheless and don’t try to change them. We accept them for who they are.

The bottom line is we will never overcome our fears and problems, but we can work to lessen them, so they show up now and then in our lives. So, a best friend will be of more help here than asking your boyfriend. After all, it’s much better to use our time on what matters most in life – love.

Important Things to Know When Dating Someone Older

Most men and women are judgmental when you’ve date someone who is significantly older than you. You start hearing dating rules such, “Don’t date someone ten years older than you,” or “Your marriage won’t last because your husband is 20 years older than you”, and so forth. The truth is people love rules, and they believe that by adhering to them they won’t get hurt. In reality, it’s untrue. Age is just a number and age differences have nothing to for a relationship to work. Just ensure that you both have the same goals for your life and the relationship together.

Psychological Age Vs. Chronological Age

We all have a chronological age, and then we also have, which most call it, a psychological age. Chronological age refers to they feel old because of their age, or if a person’s age reflects how the old they feel. Now, psychological age is a little different. If you’re dating someone who is significantly older, try to assess whether he or she has younger friends, enjoys music, likes to dance or workout, have hobbies, is spontaneous or not, have an active social life and so on. If you answer these questions sincerely, you’ll have plenty of information whether you can have a long-term relationship with an older person. However, instead of asking the questions directly to him or her, be discreet and gather the information over time. If won’t be fully correct, but you can get a glimpse of how things will work out in the future.

Determine Your Respective Sexual Interests

Don’t assume that he or she isn’t very sexually active because they're older than their partners. Often people put too much emphasize on the importance of sexual attraction, whenever they see someone dating an older person. Though it is necessary to some extent, every person’s sexual preference are different.

Analyze Your Tendency For Indulgences

Some behaviors are harmless, but the same behaviors can become a problem or even addiction if taken to extremes. For example; drinking alcohol, gambling, traveling, spending, and shopping. So, if you like these, then you need to find someone who also likes these things or someone who is okay doing those things without him or her.

Assess Your Social Circles

If you’re dating someone older and before making your relationship official, think about your friends, family members, co-workers, and even acquaintances with whom you usually socialize. Try to visualize how your older partner will fit in your social circle as of today’s standards. Besides, also think about all the people your older partner socializes. Try to assess if he or she feel relaxed and comfortable socializing with the crowd. A harmonious relationship will only take place if there’s a reasonably coherent overlap of the two social circles.

The takeaway is being in love with a person who is much older than you can be a very rewarding as well as one of the most frustrating experiences in your life. Even though being compatible is a critical factor in any relationship, the stakes are raised even higher when one of the partners is significantly older than the other. So, think about all the important factors in deciding if you want to have a relationship with someone older.

Be Sure On What You’re Looking for When Looking for A Partner

If you’re looking for someone, then be careful what you wish for when thinking about your romantic partner. Most men and women become so desperate to be in a relationship that they forget some of the most important qualities and behaviors in a person like similar goals and values, compatibility, etc. If you neglect it, then the result will be pretty obvious, break up!

Some of you might probably have bad experiences with past relationships, where your boyfriend who turned out to be a selfish jerk and eventually cheating on you when you were making marriage plans. It’s unfortunate and heartbreaking, but this time you have the chance to turn things around. Only this time you’ve to lower your expectations. But, the good thing is that the new guy who you’re dating now, have met all your requirements you’ve always wanted.

So, your new man is a nice person, is healthy and well-built, successful, intelligent, handsome, religiously compatible and best part is he wants to get married and have children. After dating for three months, you guy asks you to be in a monogamous and exclusive relationship with you. It’s great! You say yes to him amid high hopes and expectations. You feel happy that you’ve found the man that you’ve been searching for, and the one with whom you can finally have a long-term relationship and settle down.

The following weekend, you both are sitting beside each other on the couch the whole day watching baseball with his friends. Later you out together on the boat and be surrounded by a crowd. Yawn!

So, what did just happen? What happened is that you were so impatient to find someone to love, and put too much emphasis on the externals that you forgot to mention some critical elements. Elements that are essential for any relationship if it is to last and thrive in the long-term.

These important things are;

Is he emotionally available?
Does he like to have one-to-one conversations with you?
And lastly, does he want to spend some alone time with you?

The first one is a persisting one and is recognizable by most people, and is a regular occurrence in every relationship. The last two are not as obvious, but equally as important. Nonetheless, all these can be compressed down to whether if this person knows how to establish a deeper connection with a person. The same questions can also be applied to you. Ask yourself if you’re emotionally available? Do you want to have a one-to-one and intimate conversation with your partner? Are you comfortable to spend to spend alone time with your spouse?

If you’ve answers no to one, or all of them, then it means that you’re emotionally incompatible with your partner. Also, it’s very likely that the relationship won’t last unless you and your partner both work together in resolving these issues.

The bottom line is you should be cautious of what you wish for. In other words, you should be extra precise when you make your list of qualities you want to see in your partner. Sometimes, the universe can be very literal at times. So you might find someone who has all the qualities you wanted, and none of the ones you didn’t ask.

Reasons to Be Grateful for Online Dating While Looking for Love

We know the feeling when you had a disappointing date. You get angry and frustrated, throw your heels across the room, jump on your bed, and scream that what a waste of time and effort the whole thing was about. Well, it’s very common to meet people you met online, and when you meet him or her, you get disappointed as your expectations were high. You started to think the online dating isn’t working for you anymore, and won’t use it again. Well, isn’t of painting everything with the same brush, there are reasons your need to be thankful for online dating. Here are four reasons why:

1. Online dating helps you to become a better conversationalist

It’s true first date conversations aren’t something you need to write home about, but you get better at them over time. When you meet someone new, try to kick start small talk about anything you like a funny story about your dog, a useful travel tip or recommend an interesting book you read the other day. You can approach your date, positively or negatively. You can assume that “this person isn’t my match” or, “though he or she isn’t my true match, I think I can connect to then, even at the smallest level.” Regardless, your date works out or not; dating hones your social skills that can come handy with friends, colleagues, or even strangers.

2. Online dating helps you to make friends

The last thing you wanted to listen after having a bad date is that your failed date wants to be friends with you. We totally understand it’s difficult being friends with someone whom you passed from being your partner. But, what’s wrong with being friends with people you don’t want to kiss? Invite them to your dinner parties, birthdays, and introduce them to friends you think they’d like. Maybe they will, in turn, will invite you over to their social events, where you can meet someone you like and who knows, date them as well.

3. Online dating expands your views about the world

Dating gives you’re a chance to visit new places, try new things and experience cultures and foods, which you wouldn’t have otherwise. Who knew there was a great Korean barbecue restaurant on your block? You now know the proper to eat hot Buffalo wings or eat sushi with chopsticks. None of which as possible if you didn’t go on dates.

4. Online dating makes you confident

Being in love is an enigmatic process. We have little control with whom we fall in love. But we can control on how much effort we can give to find love. Update your profile, post new and attractive photos, respond to emails, maintain a positive attitude, schedule dates, go on dates and don’t stop meeting new people. We will be amazed what you can accomplish by yourself if you out from your comfort zone.

Online dating is now popular more than, and some men and women it’s great way to meet new people and start relationships. Even if you’re still looking for your soul mate, don’t frown because online dating has helped you make new friends, a better conversationalist, and more confident, and a better dater.