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Avoid Mistakes – Get Tips on Online Dating for Men

online dating for menOnline dating is a popular way to meet people. It allows men and women to find their soul mates. Some people though use the Internet to just meet people of similar interest and to build friendship. The good thing about the web is that it allows its users to communicate with people of different cultures from different countries and from all ways of life.

The Internet is the common ground for people who like socializing and also for those who are lonely and wishing to spend a few hours a day with random people. Chatting online is also another way of getting support for depression and anxiety. There are people who earn their living through online-based jobs. Simply put, the Internet is a world that creates connections and builds relationships.

Tips for New and Old Online Dating People

If you are a man who are considering about finding your mate through the help of the Internet, it would be recommended to read a few tips on online dating for men. These tips are usually provided by people who have been through it all and some have found success and are living happily ever after with the people they found and met online. It is also important to be on the lookout for advice for new relationships, if you are not so sure about how to go about it.

In case you have been searching for your mate online for a long time and you are still single, maybe it is about time to sit back and think. One good dating advice for guys is to avoid looking or sounding too eager. Though women like being pursued, being clingy can be very annoying. Try to present a cool attitude, but do not fake it. It is better to act as naturally as you can.

You have to keep in mind that online dating for men is no different from online dating for women. This means that you should try to see the dating scene from a woman’s point of view. One of the best things to do is to ask your female friends, especially those who have tried online dating. Ask them what makes them reply to emails or instant messages. Or what attracts them when looking at a man’s dating site profile.

For sure, one of the tips you will get is to create a good profile. This means you have to make sure that your profile says a lot about you without you having to divulge too much personal information. When it comes to creating an online profile, less is more. The idea is to provide enough information to make the females interested without having to reveal too much. Your profile should be memorable and to stand out. The best means of achieving a good profile is to upload a flattering and clear picture, and in keeping your introduction positive, a little playful, short and witty.

You, of course, would rather be dating a beautiful woman, and it can be a reality if you can be honest about your details. Do not, for whatever reason write anything that is false. Your profile information should as accurate as you can make it. You do not need to provide anything too personal, but it is also not recommended to provide fake details. For instance, the questions about your work or income should be answered as honestly as you can. If you are not comfortable about divulging such details, it would be best to leave these questions unanswered. It would be a total mess if you are going to put wrong information only to forget about it later. Imagine what would happen if the woman you met online asked you about what you do for a living and you reply with something that is different from what you have written on your profile. Disaster is going to be the result, and you do not want that. So be honest, but try to maintain a little mystery.

Once you are chatting with a woman you met online, it would be best to keep things light especially if you are still trying to get to know her. Some men jump into asking personal or sexual questions, but the best dating questions are those that ask about the woman’s interests and needs. Remember that you need to show interest and if you are not really interested it is better to be honest about it. There is no need to waste your time or hers; end the connection if you feel that it is not really going anywhere. It would be unfair for the woman to keep her hanging especially if you are already on the lookout for another prospective date.

Be fair if you really want to find the right woman. If you are on the dating game just for the game, chances are you will meet women who also just play. This is alright if you are not searching for a permanent relationship. But if you are, you should try to find someone who is also looking for the same thing.

It is also important to understand that online dating for men should be done only if you are single and available. If you are already in a relationship, try to stay faithful and leave the dating game for those who are truly searching for companionship. You would only be cheating on your partner and you could end up regretting it if she decides to leave you when she finds out that you are into online dating.

In case, you are no longer happy with your current relationship, it would be a good idea to end it before you start looking for a new girlfriend. As always, honesty is the best policy. It is better to end a relationship and hurt the woman now, than string her along and hurt her more by leaving her because you have found someone new.

Lastly, if you are interested about learning more about online dating for men, you should make sure that you can afford to spend a few hours a day hovering over the Internet.

Online Dating Advice For Guys – Humor & Adventure Among Your Best Assets

Online dating advice for guysIf you think that a brand new Jaguar or the body of a god will help you become successful with women, you are wrong. In fact, this old concept applies to both men and women. You turn around and look after walking dolls. Your sexual desire probably goes up a bit, but would you like that woman close to you for the rest of your life? Exactly! And the interesting part is that men are also superficial when compared to women.

From this point of view, your car and money are some of the last things a lady will care about, especially if you are interested in a longterm relationship. The best relationship advice you can get is all about focusing on all the other qualities that will make a woman fall in love with you.

You have probably noticed already that superficial people tend to stick to superficial people. Men with fancy cars and plenty of money are unable to draw any quality attention. They end up with girls who share the same values. Their relationships are less likely to be too durable. Whether you want online dating advice for guys or you want to carry this adventure offlline, make sure that you leave these things at last.

No one is saying that beauty and money are irrelevant. They are not. But the general idea is that you should never focus on these things exclusively. They represent less than 10% of what women pay attention to in men. You want to become irresistible and achieve a longterm relationship. In a world where everyone cares about what they look like, there will be more and more good looking men out there. As for money, it comes and goes. However, attractive men need to focus on psychological factors that women react to. These men are no longer so popular today, hence the necessity of some online dating advice for guys.

It is said that making her laugh is one of the keys to her heart. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book of attraction. It is among the best love advice for men. Women loved men who made them laugh a hundred years ago, as well as today. A funny man is one of the most significant aphrodisiacs for an attractive lady. If you figure how to make her laugh, you will get quite far with her.

It is highly recommended to know the difference between a subtle and smart sense of humor and a cheap joke. You do not want to tell her one joke after another, but you do not want to pose in a joker either. Instead, you have to focus on situation humor. You basically show her that you are not putting her on a pedestal, just like you are not affected by whatever happens during the interaction.

Humor makes a great quality when interested in advice for new relationships. It can break the ice and can keep the interaction going. A masculine type of humor is critical because it can help you flirt like a master as well. Looking for online dating advice for guys regarding this type of humor? Just keep it simple, subtle and masculine. Never become childish and never make too much fun of yourself. With these aspects altogether, your humor can turn women crazy.

But laughing is not everything. Women want to feel adventurous and serious too. They require protection and the confidence that they can leave themselves in good hands. In other words, the best dating questions also target the biggest enemies of a relationship. It may sound hard to understand women who require so many things, but all of them do. The only difference is that one need can be more intense in some women. What about the parts they dislike?

Do you know what every woman's enemy is? You are right – boredom. Boredom can work on all plans of a relationship. It occurs in bed, communication, everyday lifestyle, work and so on. Any type of boredom can kill the relationship, so once again, you are supposed to fight on a few different lines to keep her active and entertained. Still not convinced? Ask any woman about boredom, including some of your friends. They will all tell you that they feel like growing old when being bored. Women want to feel young and good looking, so boredom is out of discussion.

Whether you work with women, travel by public transportation or just pay attention to women around you, it is common to hear them mentioning boredom. They are bored and they look gloomy about it. They would do anything to avoid boredom, but they would do even more to avoid boring men. Unless you got something interesting to do, women will avoid you like plague. Your style is an alarm signal if there is no adventure in your life and you are predictable.

A daily routine is already challenging enough for everyone out there – both men and women. The only difference is that women experience this feeling at a deeper level. If you are bored, she is ten times more annoyed than you are. With these aspects in mind, the online dating advice for guys recommends adventure. Attractive women look for adventurous men in the attempt to escape from the daily routine and ordinary patterns.

A successful man knows that. When you approach and interact with an attractive woman, ensure that you can come up with an interesting story that she can tell to her friends when she gets back home. The general conclusion is simple – stand up in the crowd. There are plenty of different ways to do it, but humor and adventure are probably the most efficient ones. You do not even have to try too hard or spend a lot of money. In fact, being funny and adventurous is faster and cheaper than looking like a model and driving an expensive car. A lot of men overlook these small details, so step away from this trend.

Advice For Online Dating – What Stops You From Being Successful With Beautiful Women

advice for online datingWhat is the element that prevents you from being successful with women? The more men you ask about this thing, the more diversified the answers are. Most men talk from personal experience, but then, if there is one answer that everyone can relate to, that is fear. Practically, a lot of individuals fail to become successful with women because of fear.

There are, of course, more types of fears out there. You might be afraid of starting a conversation or perhaps running out of lines. Some men are anxious about not knowing what to say at some point or another, not to mention about being refused, feeling ridiculous, remaining alone, making a first bad impression and so on. The list can go on forever, but luckily, there is plenty of dating advice for guys for those who experience these fears. There is also advice for online dating for those who want to try the less fearful alternative over the Internet.

A lot of men assume that fear is the main element holding them, so this is also the reason wherefore they look for advice for online dating every once in a while. They want to get rid of this fear. They also direct a log of energy at it. They want to blow it once and for all. Unfortunately, this is not really the key. Directing most of the energy toward fear will not take you too far, while the results in your upcoming relationships will not be too durable. This rule applies in pretty much any field out there.

Fear does not really stop you from getting what you want. Not dating a beautiful woman is not about the fear to approach her. Instead, this issue is related to the lack of self confidence. Think about it for a minute. The fear is a result – a consequence of the fact that you lack self esteem. You cannot solve a problem by working on the effects. You can easily relate to health related problems. Got a back pain? Do not just use a topical cream. The effect might be gone for a while, but it does not mean that your problem is gone. Sooner or later, it will hit you again.

The general conclusion is fairly simple. If you manage to become extremely confident, fears will naturally go away on their own. No one can do it for you though. But the good news is that you got the power to move your focus on things that really matter. Relationship advice for guys can help in this venture. If you focus on what stops you from evolving, you will not get too far. It is fairly simple to understand that. Things that you focus on will end up ruining your life. It really does not matter if you need help with your relationship, women, career or money. On another note, if you focus on things that will accelerate your masculine development (like self confidence), you will most likely reach to the “destination” before many others.

Have you ever noticed so called ugly men with beautiful ladies? You see the girl of your dreams with a man who looks terrible and you wonder why she is dating him. He is not the rich type, yet he has gotten his hands on her. It is easy to tell why. Self confidence works a long way, especially when it comes to beautiful women. Most men are afraid to approach them because they find them out of their league. It happens to everyone out there. But then, you have no idea how far you can go with some self confidence. The results will surprise you too.

As a general rule, men have an extraordinary power. The potential associated with major achievements is practically unlimited. But this potential will manifest in different actions and activities. It normally depends on the conceptions about yourself. Your beliefs determine the level of confidence you have in your potential. This is probably the best advice for online dating, but it also applies in offline dating. The idea is simple. If you think that you have issues in starting a conversation or approaching a woman, you will be quite reserved. You will not give 100% of yourself because your self confidence does not allow your potential to go out.

Your actions will generate results that will confirm your beliefs once again. Basically, you are the only one who generates the results you find to be possible. This is also the reason why poor people become even poorer, while rich people gain more and more. When looking for love advice for men, you should know that the exterior reality reflects the interior beliefs. It reflects the level of self confidence you got. As a direct consequence, your number one focus is to gain self confidence. It makes no difference if you want advice for online dating, success in offline dating, a business mentality or anything else. As long as you know exactly what you truly want, making the difference can become extremely simple.

This entire process can be profound and deep. It covers more phases. At first, you have to determine the internal beliefs. Ignore the positive ones and work on the ones that hold you down. Discover those conceptions that do not serve your purposes. The second step is all about replacing them with others. These new beliefs are the ones pushing you toward success. In simple words, perhaps this is the right time to start cleaning your own mind and only keep the things that can help you advance. This entire process varies from one individual to another. You can do it on your own within weeks. It may also take years. The key to doing it fast implies knowing precisely what to look for. Only then you can provoke the longterm change and actually enjoy it.

In conclusion, becoming successful with women is not such a hard task as long as you are willing to invest time, dedication and work in yourself.

Ultimate Guide to Tinder Dating

According to a poll from PEW, 38% of “single and looking” Americans have now tried online dating, and the majority of people now agree that the internet is a good way to meet people. But, honestly, online dating can be a bit annoying. You’ve got to browse through zillions of profiles, some of which are inevitably going to be completely fake or full of outdated photos from when the person was 4 sizes thinner and had a full head of hair. Then there is the hassle of writing messages, weeding out matches, and organizing stressful first dates. Continue reading

Best Advice for Using Interracial Dating Sites

Considering that interracial dating was still illegal in many states not that long ago, it is surprisingly popular now. According to a study by, nearly 83% of women fantasize about being in an interracial relationship and over 60% of them have exotic fantasies about being with a man of the opposite race. It isn’t just a sex thing either. Interracial marriage is at an all-time high. According to stats from a PEW poll, 8.4% of total marriages are between couples of different races, and 15% of new marriages are interracial.

interracial dating sites

In light of these stats, and the fact that online dating is now part of our society, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are many interracial dating sites which specifically match people of different races. If you are considering whether to get on an interracial dating website, here is some useful advice to help you have success.


General Dating Website or Interracial Dating Site?

Online dating is often described as a numbers game. The more members there are of your preferred sex, the better your chances of meeting your dream match.   Because of this, you might decide to choose one of the ultra-popular online dating sites like OK Cupid or  They have millions of members whereas interracial dating sites usually only have a fraction as many.

However, you’ve also got to keep in mind that not everyone at these general websites is open to interracial dating. A recent study on data from a dating app found that women generally aren’t open to dating outside their race – unless it is with a white man. This is good news if you are a white guy, but bad new if you are Asian, Latin, or black.   If you are a black woman, you are really going to have a tough time on online dating as this group had the lowest response rate from all men. A study from OK Cupid found similar results.

interracial dating online stats

So, if you are a white guy, Asian woman, or Latina woman, go ahead and sign up for a general dating website. You won’t have any trouble finding interracial partners.

GQ has a great guide to picking an online dating site, which they sum up in this image:

how to choose a dating site


If you aren't a white guy or Asian or Latina woman and want to date outside your race, then you will probably have better luck signing up for an online dating website specifically tailored to interracial dating.

Some of the most popular interracial dating sites are:



It Doesn’t Have to Be a Dating Website

Online dating used to have a stigma attached to it, but the taboo is so far gone that online dating is now part of our general culture. As of 2013, nearly 25% of Americans in the 25-34 age group have tried online dating. Still, if online dating websites aren’t your thing, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on the internet as a way of meeting people of the opposite race.

At last count, had 59 interracial singles groups found in 38 cities in 5 countries. There are also 146 interracial dating groups across the globe too.

interracial dating groups

Should You Mention Race?

On most online dating sites, they ask you to list your preferred race. They don’t ask you to list why you prefer that race though.

If you are on a general dating site, you might not need to bring up the race question – at least right away. Once you two have had a couple in-person dates, then you can ask questions like what their parents would think of them dating a person from another race.

If you are on a site specifically for interracial dating, then you might want to get the race question out there as soon as possible. Ask “why do you prefer dating ___ women/men?” It can be a good conversation starter. It is also a good way to weed out people who are seeking stereotypes or just trying to revenge their exes.


Choose Your First Date Spot Carefully

When meeting someone through online dating for the first time, you’ve got to choose the date spot really carefully. It needs to be someplace fun and conducive to conversation, but also relaxed and non-threatening. You know, in case you end up being a serial killer or something.

As if this weren’t difficult enough, you’ve got to keep the race factor in mind. After hanging out at interracial dating websites for a while, it is easy to forget that racism still exists. But, (as we talked about in our post about the truth about interracial dating), if take your interracial date to a country music concert, and you might get a lot of stares. This could easily ruin your date, so try to avoid anyplace which would cause you two to stand out from the crowd.

interracial date

Notice the amount of whiteness. This might not be the best place to take your interracial date!


Watch Out for People Seeking Stereotypes

As Halima Anderson points out at Date a White Guy, one of the drawbacks of interracial dating sites is that people are often seeking stereotypes (even if they don’t realize it).

If you are a black man, women might expect you to be a macho thug type.

If you are a Latin man, women will want you to be overly-passionate and a good dancer.

If you are a black woman, men will expect you to be naïve or a “strong mother” type.

If you are an Asian woman, men will expect you to be obedient and subservant…


And guess what happens when you don’t fit their stereotype? They don’t know what to do and go running!

Because of this, it is REALLY important that you get a phone number on interracial dating sites ASAP. This will save you from wasting your time on members who are only looking for stereotypes.


Watch Out for People Seeking “Someone Different from My Ex”

While you are at it, be on the lookout for people who just broke up with their ex and “want someone different.”

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because, in some cases, opposites attract. The person might be making the right move by trying to date someone different than the ex, even if it means intentionally stepping outside of racial boundaries to do so. Obviously the relationship with the ex didn’t work, so the person might be smart by moving on to new types of people.

But it could also be a sign that the person isn’t over their ex yet and is just using interracial dating as a rebound.   This is one reason why you might want to come out and ask why the person is specifically on an interracial dating website.


Don’t Talk About Your Ex (Or Ex’s Race)

The most important rule of dating is NEVER TALK ABOUT YOUR EX. No one wants to feel like they are being compared to an ex while on a date. Talking about your ex is also a big red flag that you aren’t over your ex yet.

With interracial dating, people tend to forget this rule. It is like they feel the need to list their “experience” like it’s a resume. No one cares that you’ve dated 5 black women, 4 Asians, and 2 Latinas! It will just make you sound like you are collecting dates of other races like trading cards.   Or, it will make you sound like a slut. Don’t do it.


Remember that Interracial Dating Can Be Tough

Whether you like it or not, the reality of interracial dating isn’t always pleasant. Be prepared for stares, stupid comments, and to have your relationship pigeonholed into a derogatory stereotype like “jungle fever.”   The good news is that, if you can handle these difficulties, you will be better prepared to handle the many other difficulties that come with any relationship.

interracial couple

Don’t Forget the General Online Dating Advice

Once you get on there, you will realize that online dating isn’t that much different from offline dating. However, you do need to follow some general advice. Mashable has some really good online dating tips, and AskMen has good advice on online dating profiles and pictures.

Here is an overview of what you need to keep in mind when getting started at interracial dating sites:

Profile Photo:

  • Your main profile picture should be of just you. It should show your face clearly (no sunglasses!) and ideally your body too.
  • Have someone else take the profile pic for you. If you absolutely must take a selfie, follow these selfie tips. Pay particular attention to the tip about not taking selfies in the bathroom!
  • Don’t overdo the photos. You will be judged based on your worst photo, not the best.
  • Always have one “interesting” photo in your profile, like you jet skiing or on top of a mountain.
  • Men: a picture of your penis is NOT a profile picture! While we are at it, leave your shirt on too.

Profile Description:

  • Write an intro that makes people want to learn more. There are some good examples here.
  • Avoid cliché terms like “optimistic” and “outgoing.” Instead, be specific! Use examples and action words (“Once hitchhiked through Europe” or “Start my day by going for a run than ruining it by eating a fatty donut”)
  • Get the length right. Too little information and people will be wary about contacting you. Too much information and you risk turning people off.

Making Contact:

  • Don’t wait for other people to contact you.
  • Don’t judge people based on the details of their profile. Look at the overall tone of the profile instead.
  • Don’t use form letters. Personalize each contact.
  • Always end each contact with a question which is relevant to the person.

Need help with dating in general?  Download the Play It On Point manual here.

Have you tried interracial dating websites?  We'd love to hear from you!