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The Importance Of Taking A Break From Social Media Early In Dating

When it comes to dating, the impact of social media can be more harmful than initially thought. Reckless and obsessive can sometimes screw up relationships. During the early days of dating, it’s a common sight to see men and women to research the person they’re seeing and try to figure out who he or she really is. They’re also checking out whether this person is dating someone else. All of this understandably feels okay, but it’s not at this phase.

Here are three reasons where it might be better for you to take a break your social media accounts when you meet someone you’re interested.

1. It’s Unwise To Misinterpret A Friend Of Yours As A Romantic Interest
A Lot of people arrive at a flimsy conclusion on their own, without doing enough research. Most are automatically convinced that when you see a woman you like with her arms around a guy in one of her pictures, she might be attracted to him or has been in the past. You can make all of your social media accounts private if you don’t want people other than your friends making comments on your pictures or posts. But, that just solves the problem partly, as the same thing will happen all over again if that person asks you to add them as friends. If you find someone you like, freeze all of your social media accounts, and tell that person you’ve done it so to stop making vague comments when you look at their pictures on their pages and try to analyze them. If you say this, they won’t think you’ve gone crazy nor done something odd, because anyone who is looking for a date or is dating knows exactly what they’re talking about.

2. Resist The Temptation To Analyze Your Date’s Social Media Accounts
The first days of dating are stressful. We understand your curiosity to know more about that person you like and whom they’re hanging out with by looking at their social media accounts. But, keep in mind that if you want your new romantic relationship to thrive and succeed in the future, you’ve no choice but to make peace with yourself and be confident. Tell yourself that even if they’re dating other people at the same time, if we are compatible than the person that will choose me to be his or her partner in the end.

3. Checking Social Media Excessively Can Be A Sign Of Insecurity
If you’ve met someone you like, and can’t resist yourself in checking their social media accounts all the time, then we have a problem. If you’re always checking their social media accounts and if you find some photos or read something on their page walls made you nervous or makes you think there is someone else in the picture, it is an indication that you’re feeling insecure. Your best approach here is not to add any new people of the opposite sex as “friends” on social media in the first couple of months. Try not to have any conversations about it, and when your boyfriend or girlfriend asks you about it, be open and honest about it. Tell them that you’ve had past experiences where social media makes things complicated in the early days of dating, and you don’t any of those things creep into your romantic relationship.

4 Tips To Create The Perfect Online Dating Profile

When people are asked to describe themselves, we don’t try to be very objective. While creating their online dating profiles, most men and women do it entirely by themselves without asking for help from friends or family. But, you really need some feedback from people near to you to create the best online dating profile that will attract only the right people for you.

Here are four steps that will contribute to creating a killer online dating profile.

1. Did You Present Yourself Looking Confident Or Insecure?
Due to social norms, many men and women tend to present themselves in a way that will make them look favorable or desirable by others. In other words, people do their best to make them look appealing as much as possible in their dating profiles. This might sound harmless, but keep in mind that if you try too hard to find someone, people may think of you as desperate or insecure. So, ask your friend to check out your profile description, and ask them whether you look confident or vulnerable. Remember, you attract people who are similar to you.

2. Do You Sound Too Funny Or Less Funny In Your Profile?
No doubt, having a sense of humor is an attractive characteristic in a man or a woman. It’s essential for a long-term relationship. Ask your family or friend, if your online dating profile description makes you look like someone who has a sense of humor. Also, ask if there is too much or too little. Besides, don’t forget to ask if the humor in your profile is funny, sarcastic, sweet or offensive. Also, remember to present your sense of humor in a way that doesn’t look competitive and angry.

3. Does Your Online Dating Profile Make You Look Humble Or Too Self-Deprecating?
Often, men and women tend to make self-deprecating statements about themselves in their dating profiles. In fact, the whole process of creating a profile is odd and inevitably challenging. It’s like selling yourself to your potential boyfriends or girlfriends. But, things can backfire if you’re trying too hard to make yourself look humble without appearing overly self-deprecating. Therefore, ask your friends or family members to tell you whether you seem like an overall package which is you should look both humble and confident.

4. Do You Sound Responsible Or Flaky?
If you want to attract good people to see your profile, you should come across as appealing, no questions about that. But, for a relationship to thrive, both partners will need to be kind, trustworthy, reliable, and honest. Ensure that your online profile projects the type of man or woman you are not just while dating, but equally also in your professional and overall social life. Ask for feedbacks from friends and family whether your profile reflects whether you sound responsible or flaky.

The Bottom Line
When looking for someone online, it’s not possible to create the perfect dating profile, because we aren’t perfect. The primary purpose of a dating profile to make it as enticing as possible is intended to reflect who a person is. The main goal is to have the dating profile reflect your real personality and values, which will help you, find the right partner for you.

5 Tips On How To Use Your Phone While On A Date

Normally, we aren’t the kind of people who thinks a lot about etiquettes. But, sometimes there are circumstances where maintaining proper etiquette is important and can mean all the difference in turning your date into a relationship or getting out of it due to bad behavior.

Here we will talk about what is the proper phone etiquette while you’re on a date. You’ll have to read on to get through all the details, but if you don’t want to do that, we have a short punch line for you – put that damn phone away!

1. Use your phone when you absolutely need it. Don’t bring out your phone, unless you can get all the required information. Use your phone if you want to book a hotel, reserves a table for the date, buy movie tickets or need directions. Using your phone in these situations is fine.

2. Ask for permission, even when it super important to check your phone. If you ask your new date whether it’s fine to take that call or reply to that text, he/she will really appreciate the move. He/she will feel good that you have asked for their opinion and thought about their feelings.

3. Don’t forget to wear a watch on your date. We know, nowadays, more and more people are using their smartphones as their watch, and a lot of us are checking out the time on our phones, and missed calls and text messages at the same time. However, on a date, checking your phone, now and then, makes people nervous. They think maybe you aren’t enjoying the date or bored, so you’re looking for an excuse to leave or meet up later. So, be polite and avoid doing anything that would make your date look anxious or suspicious.

4. Turn your phone off on the date. We think this is the best way to restrict your temptation to taking out your phone from your pocket or purse as a reflex. Another thing you can to is to activate the “silent” or “vibrate” mode, in case you don’t want to switch off phone entirely. On your first date, you should be polite and do everything possible to impress him or her, and playing with your phone on a date is a big turnoff.

5. Follow proper phone etiquette on the date, if you’ve decided not to see him or her again. If you’ve realized that the person sitting in front of you is the one for you, you might be tempted the pass the time fidgeting with your phone. But, this behavior is utterly disrespectful and narcissistic. Sure, you don’t like him or her, but you don’t have to smear it in their faces that you aren’t attracted or interested in them.

The bottom line is to avoid using your phone as much as possible during the first few dates. If you need to use it, ask for permission from him or her. While dating someone, if you see that your date is checking his or her phone too much, so something in a way that doesn’t get you irritated again.

How to Find Out if Men are Intimidated By You

If you’re sharp, successful, powerful woman looking for a relationship, this won’t come as a surprise to most people when you say that men are intimidated by you. Most people think men aren’t attracted to women who earn more than them or are powerful and confident than them. Though, this might sound acceptable to some people the reality is much more complicated and isn’t true. So, what is the inside scoop you might ask?

Well, ladies, guys are not intimidated by your success. In fact, they love and admire that you are successful. They admire and are appreciative of accomplishments and ambition. What they dislike is the masculine attitude or energy that you bring in the table when you become successful. Men already have that within themselves. They certainly don’t want any more of it from their women. Most guys want a match who is ladylike, nurturing, kind, feminine, caring and easy-going lady. They hardly care which college did you graduated, how many degrees you have, how much academically accomplished you are, how much money you make a year, or how many desserts you can make.

Often successful women who are still single, ask their relationship therapists to suggest them what can they do to make them feel wanted and desirable to men. Well, the answer is quite evident. You see men are simple and straightforward. All they want from their girlfriends or dates to feel like they are MEN. That’s it. So, whether you are a top-notch female attorney, CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a highly paid investment banker deep inside – you are a woman after all. So, while dating brings the woman out of you, showcase your feminine side, get in touch with your softer side and bring that alluring and Irresistible feminine energy to the dinner table.

So, what can you do to let your feminine energy all the talking on a date? Here are ten tips.

1. After work, go home and change into something feminine. Now, get ready for your date. Don’t ever wear your office clothes.
2. Dress to impress and like a lady. Wear soft colors, light makeup, and a dress or a skirt, and heels.
3. Don’t choose the restaurant. Allow the man to do it. He will appreciate it; even the restaurant he picked it’s not your favorite.
4. Don’t discuss work on the date.
5. Be a good listener. Don’t argue with something he said that you disagree. Sometimes agreeing to disagree can do wonders.
6. Allow the man to lead like giving orders, hailing the cab, opening the doors and so on.
7. Let your guard down and be yourself.
8. Be warm and genuine, and smile.
9. Be thankful and appreciative. Thank him for taking you on a dinner date, choosing such an excellent restaurant, and planning such a beautiful date. Don’t hesitate to tell him that you really enjoyed the date, and he did a good job.
10. Let the man pursue you. Don’t send him a text, email or call him after the date. If he’s looking for a girlfriend and interested in you, you will hear from him pretty soon!

7 Great Tips to Make Him Pay Attention To You

We, women, know how difficult it is to get our boyfriends to understand us. Whenever we talk to them, we get that stare, and they look to us like we just spoke a foreign language. Either they will do that, or they won’t hear you out, or they will say something totally out of line that will make you upset. This is when arguments begin, which eventually ruins your whole day or night.

Therefore, for the sake of improving your relationship, check out these tips to get your man understands you.

Don’t talk when he’s busy or doing something. Don’t have a conversation with him when he’s watching TV, playing video games, fixing his car, or doing some other extra-curricular activity. If you continue with it, not only will you be wasting your words, he’ll not listen and get annoyed.

Don’t interrupt him. When your man is doing something, don’t ask him to stop whatever he’s doing to listen to you. All he will do is wait until you’re done and will get back what he was doing earlier. This means that he hardly paid any real attention to you.

Don’t shout or yell at him. Don’t think of screaming or yelling at him to get your boyfriend’s attention, and then talk to him. If you do this all, he will think that you’re only complaining about something that he’s done or didn’t do, and he will most likely tune you out. Once you get out of the picture, you’re out for good.

Approach him with a lovely smile. When you’re having a conversation with your partner, do it in a manner that he will like. So, when you talk to him, put a lovely smile on his face, and place your hand on his. Sit on the couch and remind him that you miss him, and you want to spend some alone time with him and talk to him for a while.

While talking ask him whether he understands you. As you’re talking, if you see he’s wandering off or plainly staring at you, then stop and ask him whether he’s following you or understands what you’re telling him. If he says he can’t, then stop, and go back, and explain it all over again. Remember, he is a guy after all, and he and friends don’t have conversations like you do with other women.

Reassure him to ask questions. When your boyfriend doesn’t understand something, ask him, which part of the conversation that you didn’t understand. Tell him that you want to be sure that he pays attention and understands what you are talking about because you really value his opinions. He will be appreciative of you that your care a lot about what he thinks.

Tell your man what you want to hear. When you’re dating someone new, or in a relationship, sometimes guys don’t understand what exactly you want to hear from them that will make you feel good. They want their girlfriends to tell what have to be told. It is fine, and many men want you to say them, and you should tell them, as they really don’t know. For example, if he tells you that you look really sexy in that red dress, correct him by saying that it would have been nice if he said that you looked gorgeous in that dress.

Lies About Dating People Tell Us All The Time

Nobody likes a liar, which is why trust and honesty are the most important traits people look for while choosing a partner. Though not all lies are harmful; there are some lies that most of us keep telling ourselves that might actually prevent us from being in a loving relationship.

Below are five common lies we tell ourselves about dating.

I Won’t Fall In Love Again
Even if you don’t believe these words, these words project fear. Mainly men and women who have failed to have a long-lasting relationship say this and believe it too. But, it’s a lie. Don’t mix up the lie with facts and fear, as both are distinct from each other. It’s a fact when you still didn’t found anyone to be in a loving relationship, but if you keep telling yourself that you’ll never find love in the future, it’s all fear.

I Don’t Deserve More
This is by far a vicious lie. Men and women who believe in this stay in relationships not right for them, and also prevent them from exploring a new relationship. This myth is dangerous that it makes individuals too scared to get out from a dysfunctional or even an abusive relationship. We suggest talking with a therapist if someone believes in this absurd notion.

It’s Better To Be In Dysfunctional Or Bad Relationships Than Being Alone
Some people assume that it’s okay to be in a relationship with the wrong boyfriend or girlfriend than being single or if they can’t find their match. This lie acknowledges that fact it’s perfectly okay for men and women to be accepting and comfortable in being relationships with the wrong person. We can safely tell that no good will come from such a lifeless and mediocre relationship. Even if both of them got married, it’s just a matter of time that the marriage will end up in a divorce.

Love At First Sight Is True
Most people just don’t give enough to know about themselves or understand the importance of the essential qualities a man or a woman must have to be in a fruitful and lasting relationship. These individuals often evaluate their first dates based on delusional criteria like physical attractiveness or whether they had any chemistry with their dates. Some of these men and women will dismiss a good match only because they thought they didn’t feel any chemistry immediately, or they weren’t satisfied by their physical attraction.

Ignoring Bad Things Will Make It Go Away
Some folks think if they find any flaws in the person they’re dating, ignoring it will make them forget about it or it just simply goes away! Things just don’t go away, and people don’t change. If your instincts tell you this person isn’t right for you, but you’re too afraid to say him or her because they’ll leave you, it’s a short-term solution. As the relationship matures over time, these flaws will be the main reasons for the demise of your relationship.

If you’re ready for a relationship, the first important step for you to take is to recognize and reject the lies that will prevent you from having a healthy, committed relationship. So, embrace the truth, and you’ll be in a happy and long-term relationship.

Should You Settle For A Man or Woman You Haven’t Met in Person?

When it comes to online dating, some men and women become so obsessed with someone they’ve met online that they can’t let them go or forget about them. In spite their matches told them they don’t like them, don’t treat you well and even has refused to meet them in person, they still have love and affection for him or her. This is preposterous, but it happens.

They know that this isn’t right, and want to move on. But, how? Here are some helpful tips to help you to get past this phase.

First things, first. If your online partner has made it clear that he or she won’t meet you, and they would be a terrible partner for you, believe it. Stop thinking about him or her, and don’t try to meet or win them again. Now, let’s talk about the feelings for him or her. We understand they might be significant, but if you haven’t even met them even once, then they’re simply feelings and emotions you’ve about them. They aren’t about them; it’s all about your desperate desire to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. So, the primary concern here is – you. You’ve decided to be in a relationship with someone who treats you isn’t worthy of your love. He or she hasn’t even been caring or kind enough to meet you. It shows that you’re very needy and insecure, and you might be easily be mistreated by others.

Therefore, the best course of action here would be is to raise your standards. Finding a person who is right for can be very, very hard. But, settling for a man or woman who isn’t right for you is wrong. Tell yourself that you deserve a better partner. Tell yourself you want to be with someone who will treat you with kindness and respect. Sometimes, you’ll find it difficult to say, believe or even relate to it, but say it anyways. Write it in your journal. Tell it all aloud when you wake up in the morning. At first, they won’t mean much to you, but as you continue repeating them, it will help you to set up a standard and will remind you to stay away from someone who is the right partner for you.

Also, raise your standards for how you’re treated, not just in romantic relationships. If someone says something demeaning or offensive to you, don’t reply back. Instead, give them a confused look and get away from it. Fight or arguing here is futile. Walk away from anyone who tries to put you down. Stand up for yourself. Keep doing it for a while, and notice how you gain strength from within. A significant advantage of this process is that it will help you to reject all the negative ideas and thoughts others are projecting onto you.

Go to people who will offer you the care, respect and the kindness you deserve. Join a local support group, meet your close friends and family members, and if you can afford it, visit a therapist. Surrounding yourself with kind, compassionate people will help to with the difficulties of finding a partner. There won’t be instant results, but surrounding yourself with good people friends and family will make the pain of loneliness more manageable, and continue with your life, with or without a partner.

Date Like A Financial Planner To Find A Successful Relationship

Believe it or not – dating like a financial planner is one the best ways to be in a healthy and successful relationship. Here’s why.

Often, men and women are more thoughtful and careful than how to be responsible with their money than choosing romantic partners right for them. A lot of people get lured into bad relationships daily, but very few find themselves in bad investment or making poor financial decisions where they lose some or all of their wealth. How does this happen?

The answer is obvious. We are more careful with money because we can’t live without it. You don’t squander money or make risky investments because you don’t have money to lose or can afford to. On the flip side, men and women take risks with relationships. The reason is interesting and confusing at the same time. People sometimes date people whom they know can break their heart and hurt their feelings and they think that the immense emotional pain associated with a breakup is something they can deal with. But, if you’ve approached your love life like a financial planner, it’s like saying that you’ll fine if you risk losing some or all of your money. Well, that doesn’t make any sense right? The thing is if you’ve invested in a relationship, and you had taken your emotions and feelings like money, you would be much more careful about whom you’ve decided to date.

So, what can you do about it?

Do Your Research
Any seasoned investor will do their research before they commit to the investment. But, when it comes to romantic relationships, it’s otherwise. Many men and women rushed and took things too fast in dating and their relationships, ignored all the red flags, and got their hearts crushed. Men and women who take things too fast in their relationships just want to feel happy, and they want to feel those feelings immediately. But, the right way to start a relationship is to take things slowly, spend time together once or twice per week for a few months, and try to know him or her in different situations. This way your feelings for the other person will develop gradually, you won’t keep thinking about him or her all the time, or introduce that person to your friends or family or keep thinking that you’ve found the man or the woman of your dreams.

Back Off Before You Lose Too Much
Wise investors will get out of an investment if they find that they’re losing money or making less profit. If you’ve have been dating someone for some time, and realize that you’re losing interest or feeling unhappy in the relationship, then your best course of action will be to leave it before it’s too late to mend you broken heart.

Note Down Your Bad Days
If you see that your relationship is taking an unfortunate turn, document it in a journal or calendar, and mark it to remind yourself that this is a miserable day in your relationship. When you notice there are more unhappy days than happy ones in the relationship, and you decided to stay put, then it’s because you’ve low self-esteem and desperate to be in a relationship. And you deserved it.

3 Things To Look For In Man To Findout He’s Keeper Or Not

Ever dated someone, and after some time into the relationship, you keep wondering whether your relationship with your boyfriend is worthwhile or not? You know he is a great and decent man, but you can’t make a solid decision if he’s the man of your dreams with whom you wanted to spend the rest of your life with? You keep fighting and debating this with yourself, and the more you go on like this, the crazier it gets. Right? The truth is deciding the person to spend the rest your life with is by far the most challenging and tough decisions a person will ever make.

Here are three signs which will help you decide whether the guy you’re dating is worthy in your life or not:

1. You are Happy and Fulfilled
If you’re with someone, who makes you feel consistently happy and fulfilled, that he’s the man you should be having a relationship. We understand that it’s impossible for two people to see things and agree all the time. But, a relationship can only be successful when both partners can consistently meet and satisfy the needs of each other. And if your boyfriend or girlfriend can do this persistently from the beginning of the relationship, then your chances of having the kind of marriage and relationship that you truly desire increases. On the flipside, if you’re having a relationship with someone who consistently makes feel upset, angry, resentful, and frustrated, then we can safely say that your needs aren’t being met, and probably won’t be fulfilled in the future.

2. He’s Responsible and Honors His Agreements
When choosing a partner, the character is one of the most important deciding factors. Our life is rife with challenges and uncertainty, so it’s crucial that you’ve someone in your life, you can help you tackle and manage the hurdles. You can easily find this about a guy by seeing how responsible a man is with his life and the way he leads his life. Does he live his life responsibly? Is he responsible with his finances? Does he have a stable job or career? Is he dedicated to his career, and in other parts of his life? Also, try to find out whether he is the kind of man who keeps his agreements and honors his promises. Find out if he is the type of man who disappears or makes excuses if things don’t go right. Pick a partner who acts responsibly and keeps his agreements. Remember, not being able to communicate and working together are main reasons why many relationships and marriages fall apart.

3. He Treats People With Respect
When you’re dating someone new, you can tell a lot about a person by seeing how a person treats others. Just observe how your new man treats others and interacts with strangers on a daily basis. This will give you a clear picture of what he’s going to be like in a relationship. If a man belittles and disrespects other people all the time, but treats you well, there is a chance that one day you will become a victim of his venomous attitude. But, if the guy consistently treats others with kindness and respect, and compassion, it’s highly likely he’ll do the same to you, no matter how bad things become.

How to Spot a Great Man

You’ve read his profile, and you like it. You feel he’s a great match but is it? How can you be sure about it? Here are few items that will help you to decide if the guy sitting in front of you across the table is the person you would like to date and whether he can be in a committed relationship.

Maturity Level
What we are referring here is emotional maturity. You can quickly figure this out when you meet a guy and watch how she reacts or responds to situations around him, and how he behaves or treats people around him. For example, does he get angry when the waiter takes a little longer than usual to serve you while on a dinner date? People react to different situations differently. The main thing to notice here is how does your partner respond or handles stressful situations. If he manages them correctly and communicates what he wants, it indicates his emotional maturity level is commendable.

His Life Stage
You can easily find this about a man by asking questions about his career, does he like it, does it make him feel excited about it, does he get motivated by it, etc. What a guy does for a living defines him, and it plays a significant role in bringing satisfaction in his life. If a man is satisfied what he does, he will be a better partner.

His Purpose
A man’s purpose in life extends beyond his career, his relationships and his family. Find out what he is committed to besides you. It can be setting up a charity, volunteering, or doing something artistic. Ask yourself if your dates interests and goals align with your personal values. If he can do something good for himself, you can rest assured that he will do the same for the relationship, too.

His Peers/Friends
You can tell a lot about a guy with the company he keeps and spends his time with. So, don’t hesitate to ask your date about them. Does he spend time with mature people who share the same values as him? Do they contribute to his personal growth? Does he maintain relationships and cares about them? He will love telling about his friends if he keeps good relationships with them.

His Availability
Here “available” doesn’t mean if he’s “single.” It says whether he’s emotionally available to date and commits to someone, or is he consumed with work or thinking about his ex that he has no time for you. Being available also means that he’s looking for a serious and long-term relationship. So check out for it. And the best way you can find about it is to ask him.

Your Instincts
When we meet someone we like, sometimes our guts tell us this the person is right for you, and you should be dating him. But, going with our instincts can have negative results. The best way in choosing who is the right man for you is to communicating your needs and desires with him. If the man is respectful to you, he will honor those needs, listens to them, and will understand you. And if he respects you for it, is the man with courage and quality and is the right man for you.

When you’re looking for someone to be the perfect partner, check out these, before you take your dating phase to the next level.