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3 Things To Remember When Dating in The Digital Age

Though the internet is a blessing like online dating, it may sometimes create a bad impression. Certain behaviors may be the cause of annoyance to the partner on a date. In fact, there are Dos and Don’ts we should follow for a successful dating.

1. Cell Phone Etiquette
Cell phones are of great use we know, but sometimes it might cause some unexpected problems, which may make the relationship a bit cold or create annoyance. Especially when we go on a date, it is not that there are only two persons rather there is another thing which is our constant companion, cell phones. Nowadays we can hardly think of a day without our cell phones. We feel uncertain and insecure when we don’t have cell phones with us. At present we are grown up like this. However, we need to follow some codes of conduct when we go on a date. Think what the other person in the date feels when he or she sees that his or her partner is talking to someone without paying much attention to them. This may spoil the mood of date. So, when you go on a date, you had better keep your mobile in vibration or silent mood. Besides, you must pay attention and respect to the partner with whom you go on a date.

2. Texting While On A Date
It is considered a bad habit to exchange text message while on a date. You may feel the urgency to exchange or reply text message, but you should always keep in mind that it is not the right time to do the task because it will certainly cause disturbance or can annoy your date. It’s an indication that you’re paying less attention to your partner on a date. Many of you may contend that you have multi-tasking ability. But, it is true that you may go on a date in person while you may also chat or keep on massaging with another one. But it is true how skilled you are in your multi-tasking ability; you must be confused or get caught between the two. Therefore, we recommend, you better not reply to your messages now and then or may ask the permission of your partner on a date if it is very urgent.

3. Breaking Up By A Text Message
Sometimes, the relationship doesn’t always go smoothly. Sometimes, there is a rift in the relationship and can result in a breakup. Now in modern time, we hear the story of breaking up or separating stories by celebrities by sending text messages. It is also published in newspapers, magazines, Facebook and on other social media sites. Does this sound right to you? I hope most will agree with me it’s unethical or wrong. Breaking up by sending texts is disrespectful, heartless and immoral. Let me share with you the correct or polite manner of the break up with your partner if there is a need for it. It is polite and expected that you call your partner and arrange a meeting and explain the reason of why you need to break up. Moreover, it is also expected that you return anything important related to each other. Also, be polite and considerate while you decide to end your relationship.

If you’re looking for someone or thinking of a relationship, it’s imperative that you follow the dos and don’ts while on a date for a successful dating.

Go And Meet Someone Special In These Places!

Life is bizarre, and our life is always changing. It is a great sad fact of life. You had passed your happy and memorable life in the past when you were a school student. Those days will never come back, and the friends of your school life are away from you. After a certain age, it is incredibly difficult to meet new people. In this competitive world, you are to keep pace with time for your routine work. If you don't make changes in your daily routine, it will be almost impossible to meet new people. Where can you meet your new friends? Meeting your mate can happen anywhere, but you have to find out the proper place.

When you meet with the new or old friends, you have to choose appropriate location and area. Why not be a little more unconventional and try something new? Here are few tips:

1. The Dog Park
Dog parks are great places for meeting new men or women and with other responsible dog owners when they get some exercise. For meeting new friends, you can discuss dog food options or how to get your four-legged friend to stop chasing its tail. It’s been found that pet owners have healthier and longer lives. So, it's refreshing and encouraging sign that people you meet at dog parks are caring and active. So, when your pooch is mingling with other furry friends, enjoy the chance of mingling yourself.

2. Airport or Airplane
An airport is a perfect place for to meet new people. It’s natural to be interested in attractive travelers Just wait for a chance to start talking. Suppose you are waiting for your flight to take off, strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you. If the conversation fails or there is no chance for any connection or a relationship, just relax. Bring out iPod and wiggle out, or open your laptop and get to work.

3. The Farmer’s Market
The farmers’ market is another place where farmers gather with their new produce and other home-made organic products like jams. It’s a people-watching fest, and you get to mingle with the locals. You may have seen many farmers’ markets have live music or performers that make for great conversation starters. Who knows, you can meet your special one there!

4. Seminars and Classes
Classes and workshops usually mean a gathering of many people. If you're a student, you can find many other students in new classes. You can meet some individuals who are different but seems interesting. Besides, you can take a class in woodworking, cooking, dancing, etc. You can also attend a seminar on financial planning or buy your first home.

5. On the Sports Field

Sports help you to stay active and have fun doing it. You may need to play with the children in the field to grab the attention of their parents. You can also meet with other folks who are merely viewers. If you can show better performance, you can be a hero to them. Visit the local kids’ soccer field or your city’s baseball diamond to meet single parents and other sports fans like you.

If you’re looking for someone, the dog park, the airport, and the farmers market are places you would usually visit now and then. These meeting and socializing hubs provide you and your fellow compadres with something in common, or shared interests. So, what you didn’t meet your match, you made some friends. That enough!

6 Ways For Overcoming Insecurity In Relationships

Falling in love with someone is an incredible feeling. If you want to have a healthy relationship, communication, trust and integrity are crucial. And building a relationship on these qualities is hard work but not impossible. But, sometimes our emotions betray us. We might go through a rough patch with our significant others, but in the end, we all come through, forget our differences, and try to be better partners. Sometimes our instincts tell us things we don’t like to follow through, and the fear in our heart overwhelms us, and Insecurities are born. Unresolved fears can accumulate and can be detrimental to our relationships.

In this article we will guide you in overcoming various insecurities in your relationship:

1. Togetherness. The purpose of people want to be in relationships is not to be alone. So, in a relationship, it is imperative to think of each other as two peas in a pod. You’ve to be there for each other as much as you can. That is how you build trust in the relationship. This feeling of togetherness will result in overcoming your deepest insecurities in your relationships.

2. Get rid of your selfishness. Too much ego affects a healthy relationship. Ego paves the way for selfishness to thrive. Don’t let ego get in the way in being close, and intimate with your boyfriend or girlfriend. You can’t focus all of your efforts and energy on your happiness. You should share it with your significant other as well.

3. Stop thinking about the past. People have their past, and not all of it might be something to talk back home. There might be some bad chapters. Don’t bring these up. Insecurities can stem from overly relishing the past relationships. Be happy with the person you are with now. Thinking about your exes and past relationships will only complicate things, making it even more challenging in overcoming insecurities in our relationships.

4. Finding A Middle Ground. There isn’t any relationship where there aren’t any arguments and fights. Arguments can range from fridge magnet to a burnt frying pan, and can sometimes lead to many unfortunate things such as a breakup. It can also trigger tension and fear in the relationship. Therefore, try to a middle ground while resolving arguments. There is no right or wrong partner; try to find a ground where both of you can agree on a matter.

5. Paranoia is a curse, ditch it! Constantly being worried about something often result in unwanted stress and more worry. Just because you’ve seen your boyfriend/girlfriend with the opposite sex doesn't mean he/she is cheating! Your significant other is a human and humans socialize with people. Both of you have the right to communicate with other people.

6. Improve your communication skills. Communication is essential to have a committed and long-term relationship. Lack of communication might lead to bigger problems. Believe it or not, confrontation or arguments can make you honest with each other. It will break the boundaries of communication between the couple, and make them more close and intimate to each other. Intimacy in any form will have a significant effect on each other and will help in overcoming insecurities in our relationships. If you are emotionally and physically intimate with someone, you can connect with him/her that will remove your many fears and vulnerabilities.

What To Do If You’re Dating a Cheapskate?

Your boyfriend won’t pay for parking, so you walk half a mile to the mall. He won’t pay for valet or even tip the waiters. He tells you that he’s just an old-fashioned, but you think it’s ironic as you always pick up the bill. You start wondering how you end up with this cheapskate of a boyfriend, who is always looking for ways to save a few bucks or pennies, no matter how hard it is.

So, are you willing to get serious with this person, or is there anything that you can do so that your partner becomes a little generous? Here are a few suggestions:

Identify The Difference Between Thrifty And Cheap. Maybe your boyfriend doesn’t have enough cash to splurge on expensive bars or restaurants for dates. Since things aren’t always better when they’re expensive, consider having good experiences on a budget. Go on a picnic in a place with a scenic view, have e decent bottle of wine, or dine in the new restaurant nearby. But, if you are not in a mood to go out, cook something nice and have a romantic candlelit dinner with your partner at your place. Keep in mind that being frugal can be a virtue. Don’t pressurize your boyfriend to spend money on stuff he doesn’t have.

Meanwhile, if your girlfriend/boyfriend has the money, but won’t spend it, it shows that they’re stingy. Apparently, he/she cares so much about money that he/she wants to hold on it. This stingy behavior might manifest itself in other areas of his or her life such as her emotions. If the situation in your relationship is like this, you might want to take a second look at how your relationship will fare in the long run.

Share your Values. Most relationship problems often involve money and money problems. Try having an honest conversation about each other’s finances instead of an accusatory assault. Focus on your values and think if it’s worthy to splurge on dinner at that expensive restaurant at the theatre or having that posh champagne. If money is in short supply, consider splitting the bill while dining out or the movie tickets. Check out for coupons in the newspapers or magazines that offer discounts at supermarkets, or restaurants and even concerts. Tell your girlfriend that you aren’t a compulsive spender and that you’re responsible spend with her and willing to do your part to keep the expenses under control.

Determine If You Can Handle Your Cheapskate Partner Over The Long Term. It’s important for you to decide if your partner is a generous person by nature who doesn’t have much money at the moment or is just plain cheap. If your boyfriend doesn’t think him being a cheapskate isn’t a big problem, it can cause some problems in your relationship now and then. Also, he being a tightwad can manifest to other sensitive and intimate parts of the relationship, and if this happens, then you got a huge problem.

People, especially their bad habits don’t change. It doesn’t matter if you’re dating someone new or just got back with your ex after breaking up with him or her a while ago. So, think long and hard about than spending habits of your girlfriend/boyfriend, before you get married, as it’s highly likely that things won’t change much after you settle down.

9 Things That Are A Total Turnoffs For Men While Dating

For most men and women dating can be intense, and if you’re meeting someone you dated online for the first time, it can be even more. It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous and insecure when meeting someone new for the first time given that some unexpected things can happen which can make you happy or upset. You should be prepared for both scenarios where he or she likes and decides to go on for a second date, or there will be not the second date. There are few reasons for it, some are inevitable, while there are some you can avoid doing.

Here will be talking about women and their physical appearance and what women do and wear while going on the first date or on dates, whichever you want to take it. You may get surprised to know what most women do and wear that may seem harmless to them, but are total turnoffs for men. Below are nine of the worst things that make most men cringe:

1. Don’t wear false eyelashes, hair extensions, and Spanx. Be real ladies, and as these scream fakeness.

2. Don’t keep wandering here and there when you’re with a man. This makes your date like you’re checking every other guy in the room except for him.

3. Don’t play with your hair. Your hair looks great. So, don’t worry about it.

4. Don’t keep applying lip gloss every other minute. If you keep putting on lip gloss now and then, it can get on your hair, the glass, the fork and everywhere. You man won’t kiss you because he will think if he does he will mess up your lip gloss and it will be all over you.

5. Stop complaining and get rid of your negative attitude. Don’t whine about the bad traffic, your annoying coworkers at work, how bad the weather is, how hard it for was for you to get a nice parking spot and so on.

6. Don’t be overly self-obsessed. It means that you’re too much self-involved and overly concerned about the way look and it gets noticed by people around you. Personal grooming is okay, and every guy knows that about a girl. But, a guy also doesn’t want to sit around for an hour for you to meet him. If you’re going to be late, let him know.

7. Wearing 4.5-inch heels on a date is very unattractive to most guys. He doesn’t want you to play dress up as an exotic dancer. Plus, don’t wolverine acrylic nails. Wolverine acrylic nails are gross, so are long nails. What’s wrong with a normal and old-fashioned manicure?

8. Ordering champagne and the most expensive item on the menu without any reason is off-putting and ostentatious. If you want to celebrate and eat something nice, it’s extremely appreciative if you ask.

9. And finally, turn off or put your phone into “Silent Mode.” Constantly, checking your phone for messages and taking calls in the middle of a conversation is inconsiderate and a mood killer. If you need to talk, then excuse yourself and go to the restroom.

The bottom line is dating someone new is like a job interview. You need to present the best of yourself and don’t want to disappoint your date. The above tips might seem harmless or subtle to most women and but it can make a guy cringe. And you don’t that to happen when you’re on a first date.

Dating a Former Cheater? Ask Yourself These Important Questions, First!

Dating someone with a history of cheating is complicated and depends on a lot of factors such as how long ago the person has cheated, why did he/she cheated, and so on. Infidelity can be found in almost every culture, regardless if a person has a history of cheating or not. If you’ve decided to date someone with a cheating history, you should be careful.

Consider asking your date the following questions, before you take the plunge:

Does the person acknowledge his or her actions?
If the person you’re interested admits that he or she made some mistakes and terrible life choices, and recognizes that his or her actions have affected the people he cared and loved, then it’s a good place to start. This acceptance of responsibility shows his or her level of self-awareness and good ethical sense. On the other hand, if the persons make excuses and blame his or her partner for all the problems in the relationship including the cheating, and refuses to take any responsibility for his or her actions, then this person is not right.

Did he or she learn and grown from the experience?
This refers if the person has reached a highly developed phase of relational maturity. If you want to have a romantic and committed relationship with this person, you need to ensure that whether he or she have reached the level of maturity in which they’re accepting of what they did in their previous relationships. Also, he or she should explain that how they will be different this time, and what have they done to be more loyal and faithful in their new relationships. Also, the person should also make it clear whether they experienced some transformations after their cheating scandals. Often, cheaters change into whole new people and how they interact with other people and treat people completely in a different way. Check for yourself if the person you’re interested has faced such a transformation in a genuine way and witnessed some spiritual awakening. If yes, you can seriously consider having a relationship with this person.

Are you worried that someone will cheat on you?
Are you the kind of person who finds it hard to forget a past scenario? Are you always worried or doubtful of your relationships? Do you think you can’t trust your boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you find it irresistible to check his or her cell phone numbers or read his or her emails? If yes, then you seriously need to address these issues. Otherwise, it will be detrimental to your relationship and create obstacles to establish a real intimate connection between you and the other person.

Do you agree what your instincts say?
Sometimes we don’t give enough credits to what our intuitions tell us. Listen to the inner voice and figure out are you truly okay with dating this person? Do you trust him or her fully? Do your instincts tell you that this person is truthful, reliable and has a high level of integrity? If you answer these questions and the ones above and believe that this former cheater is a changed person, and he or she will be honest and be committed in a relationship with you, then you might consider giving this person shot. But, if your instincts tell something is wrong, then trust your instincts and move on.

Regardless of whom your date, take care of yourself and find someone to love who will love you and treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

Are Your Efforts In The Relationship Pushing Him Away?

Are you feeling exhausted dating and being in relationships? If yes, maybe you’re doing all the work to maintain the relationship and keep things normal between you and your man. This will backfire one day and will actually push your boyfriend away. So, what can you do?

Here are some approaches that will make him step up, and put some effort in the relationship by himself, that will make him feel loved and secure again.

1. What Happens To Him When You Do All The Work?
When you’re doing all the work in the relationship to keep it going, two things can happen; you become tired and resentful, and he becomes less attracted to you. It does seem harsh, but it’s true. A man will stop loving you if you’re doing all the giving. Guys are competitive by nature, and they need to invest in you and make an effort so that he can feel that he has worked to ‘win’ you. And, if you’re doing all the work in the relationship, he starts to feel inadequate, and you’re hindering his natural drive to chase you. Besides, if you do all the work to keep the relationship move forward, it shows that you’re needy and desperate, which are unattractive qualities in a person.

2. Stop Doing All The Work And Turn Things Around
If you’re in a situation like this and want things to go back to normal again, stop doing what you’re doing now. If you come up with something that both of you can do together, stop it. If you’re reaching for his to have a stroll on the beach, don't do it. If you’re attempting to convince him that you both can be a great and loving couple again, and he should be more committed to the relationship, it’s never going to work. So, stop. Instead, focus all of your energy towards you. Make a list of all the things you stopped doing, and all the friends you stopped visiting, and then start doing those activities again. It’s the best way to stop analyzing, thinking and processing about all the things you’ve been doing all this time for the relationship.

3. See What He Does And What You Feel
It can be incredibly scary if your man takes the wheels and starts turning around the relationship. You feel like he has lost interest in the relationship, and you might lose him. But, that’s not what will happen. When you stop putting all of your efforts in the relationship and focus entirely on yourself, something amazing happens. You man will show his true colors. If he’s the right boyfriend for you, he will naturally get more attracted to you, and up his game. Meanwhile, the wrong guy won’t improve his effort, and he’ll make you feel that you’re much better than him. If you want to have a loving and committed relationship, it will best for you if you let him go. Sure it will be heartbreaking, but things will be worse if you continue to be with him.

If you’re dating someone or in a relationship, resist the temptation to do all the work by yourself in maintaining the relationship. You’ll see that the rewards will be much sweeter than ever.

9 Biggest Dating Pet Peeves For You To Know

When it comes to dating and relationships, most of us are pretty familiar with different dating peeves. We won’t discuss whether they’re good or bad for dates or relationships, but we will tell what they are:

1. Mr. and Ms. Late.
Are they disorganized, forgetful or just passively aggressive? It’s hard to pinpoint why some men and women are late to be on their dates. Maybe it’s habitual; we will never know. But, it surely is damn annoying, not to mentions pretty annoying for many dates.

2. The Perplexed Kisser.
So far, so good. The date is going well, and he decides to give you a kiss. Not just any other kiss, a big, wet and sloppy kiss! Well, to you my friend, your date is over – forever. Words of advice, when the moment arrives to give your partner a kiss, go slow and gentle. There’s plenty of time left for a more passionate and intimate lip lock.

3. Awful Breath.
Aside from sloppy kisser, another group of hopeless dates are those with bad breath. Most single people this isn’t just only a pet peeve, it’s a total deal-breaker. Keep those teeth of your clean and your mouth smelling fresh, and visit your dentist regularly. We know you won’t like it, but hey it’s for your good.

4. The Profuse Drinker.
Having a little too many on dates is not an uncommon pet peeve. A lot of people do it unknowingly or knowingly we can’t tell, but having a conversation with an intoxicated person is more than frustrating.

5. The Remote Controller.
Almost all men and women do it, but many said that this turns into a big pet peeve when their boyfriends come in and take charge of the television, no questions asked. It doesn’t matter to him whether she’s watching her favorite television show or something important. When he arrives, he grabs the TV remote and starts watching the games. Super annoying!

6. Mr. Rude.
Being rude or resentful to waiters in the restaurant or the bar for no reason is one of the biggest pet peeves out there. Then there are poor manners. People have complained that their dates ate with a mouthful, talked with food in their mouths, or took food from the other person’s plate. Some women complained that men didn’t open or held the door for them. Well, if you keep doing all these, then be prepared to face a lot of troubles in the relationship. So, stop being rude, be respectful, and be a gentleman.

7. Mr. Story Teller.
Dating is all about getting to know each other. It’s not about sharing your life story, line by line. Daters lose their interest in someone when he or she only talks about himself or herself.

8. Constant Phone Checker.
Checking the phone regularly for new text messages, emails or notifications, or talking or texting, during a date is a major pet peeve. Put away your phone.

9. Mr. and Ms. Negative.
Some folks are always complaining about their exes, their past relationships, overall they’ve a negative attitude and pessimistic about life and everything in general. We don’t know how many people are willing to put up with them. These people also talk negatively about their own selves. A significant indication that these folks have low self-esteem and confidence.

Biggest Mistakes Women Make When Dating

Women are entirely different from men. If they like someone, they will dive right it, give their hearts, minds, and even their souls to men, in a hope to forge a perfect relationship. We decide to stop looking for other men, and by doing that we sabotaged our chances to get the closeness, commitment and intimacy we very much desire. This is the biggest mistake a lot of ladies make, and it’s time you stop it.

Instead, start dating multiple men at the same time until you find the man who is committed and right for you: Here’s why:

Being Needy Pushes Men Away.
When you’ve placed all your hopes and dreams on one guy, it’s natural to be scared of losing him, will eventually make you too feel lost. You become obsessed with his every phone call, you do what he wants you to do, and catering to his needs and wants by neglecting yours. This makes you appear needy and clingy to him, and it creates additional pressure on him. Instead, keep all your options open, and get him to understand and remind that you’re a prize that needs to be won. If you stop over-investing in your relationship, you’ll get the attention and affection you always desired.

Choose A Partner Wisely
If you’re dating only one man, it’s easy to ignore all the red flags about that person and focus on the good qualities. However, these red flags will eventually be the reasons for the demise of your relationship. You will realize that you’ve wastefully spent a lot of love and affection on someone who isn’t right for you. Dating is all about knowing people and choosing someone who will bring the best in each other, and take things to the next level.

Taking Things, Slow Is The Best Way
You can’t take things slow if you’re dating only one man. It’s impossible. But, when you’re dating multiple men at the same time, you can take things slow. You’re busy with other dates, your job, and other activities. This way you aren’t dedicating your entire time only one guy. It also gives you the opportunity to relax and reflect on all your dates, and recall what other men has revealed about themselves to you.

Your Chances of Meeting The Right Will Increase
When it comes to men and dating, a lot of folks tell women not to be picky, not to obsess on your checklist, and date only one man at a time. But, if you date multiple men at the same time, your chances of meeting someone who meets most of the qualities in your checklist will increase. Therefore, by keeping your options open, and dating many men, your likelihood of meeting the man of your dreams will go up.

The bottom line is when you’re looking for someone who will meet most of your preferences, dating multiple men and women at the same time will help find the right person much faster. It will also make you feel empowered, confident and boost your self-esteem. So, don’t think about the criticism that comes with it. Just give it a try.

6 Signs That Shows You Are Dating The Wrong Person

Searching for everlasting love can be depressing, frustrating and a daunting experience. The world is rife with social media, dating shows, sky rocking divorce and infidelity rates; making us question ourselves does true love really exist? The truth is yes, true love does exist. That’s why we want to be in love. We want to feel that emotional connection and safety with the other person. However, finding the right person and making smart decisions is the key to finding everlasting love.

Here are six signs for the ladies to for in a man, which indicates he isn’t right for you:

1. Mr. Unavailable. There is something wrong with your man if you find it hard to reach him, despite both of you living in the same city. If you call him and if he sounds irritated or annoyed, and he returns or responds to your calls or messages sometimes, maybe this man isn’t right for you.

2. Mr. No Compliment Guy. Giving compliments to each other is natural when two people are in love. If the last time your partner praised you was the first time he met you, then it points that this guy doesn’t value you enough. We understand a man should go overboard while giving compliments, but he should be happy and feel proud to be in a relationship with you. Appreciating and making the other person feel good is the building block of a healthy relationship.

3. Mr. I Want You To Be My Mom. If you find that your man is always low on cash, struggling to pay his bills, keep his place clean or fridge filled with food, it’s clear that this man is looking for a mama. Or at least, he wants to date someone who will take care of him. These types of guys will assume that you take care of them; in return, they give you less value and time. It is evident he cannot take care of himself. Don’t look back and run.

4. Mr. Quitter. If you’ve argument with your man, he lets you win or allows you to walk away without a fight. This means that he’s not interested in you or thinks that you’re too good for him. It seems like he expects you to nurture or fix all the problems in the relationship. Otherwise, he quits quickly. This man certainly doesn’t value himself or anyone else for that matter.

5. Mr. Only Good For A While. You’re confused if your partner is having fun or enjoying spending time with you. You also notice that he doesn’t make much effort to spend time with you, and not having much fun, even if he says otherwise. If you think that when you’re away, he won’t think about you, and he won’t make an effort to see you, it’s time you walk from him. He’s isn’t in love with you, and if a man loves a woman, he’ll make an effort to be with her.

6. Mr. Inflexible. The guy you’re dating is inflexible. It’s his way or the highway. He indicates that if you want to have a relationship with him, things must be established the wants it to be. If you contradict him, he gets angry and doesn’t agree with you. If this is the case, pack your bags and leave. Healthy relationships are flexible, and both partners try to meet each other’s needs.

The above signs not only apply to men but women too. So, if you were dating someone new, and see one or a combination of these deal-breakers in him or her, it is best you leave the relationship.