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Four Tips for Being Successful On Online Dating

The months of January and February are typically busy when it comes to online dating. Not only young people, but even veterans members also get serious looking for love during this period all getting busy with replying to emails and meeting their matches. It doesn’t if you get bored with your by dating for only two hours, your next date is just an email away. Despite this, there will always be people who are frustrated by not getting enough proposals online. So, here are a few tips to be more successful online dating:

1. Revamp Your Profile

Instead of writing a few lines of yourself, what they’re looking for, and what they can offer their partners, it’s shocking how little time most people spend on their online dating profiles. You need to spend some effort in your dating profile to market yourself for love. It’s not easy writing about yourself, but try to include something clever and unique that makes your profile different from the rest. However, don’t put up anything superficial or untrue. People are looking honesty here.

2. Post As Many Photos As You Can

You’ve most likely heard this a lot, but keep in mind, members are checking out a bunch of potential matches at the same time. Most people will feel comfortable to consider matches when they can a sneak peek into their lives. By seeing photos of their potential matches enjoying at a family barbecue, on vacation, on a bike or boat, or having velvet on their birthdays, members can get a better sense of who they are in real life. Also, photos are also conversation starters when online daters meet their matches in person. For example, you can have a discussion about who make the best velvet cakes in town and so on. So, don’t skimp of pictures, posts lots of them of yourself in different outfits in various places doing various activities.

3. Think About Long-Term

While dating online, many men and women tell themselves that they’ll try online dating for a month and see how it turns out. Maybe they’ll find someone they like, fall in love and start a relationship. But, ask yourself how it is possible for you to find love within 30 days? You’ll need some people, meet and date them, and then see how it turns out over time. We suggest you make a commitment of at least six months with your search.

4. Be Committed and Invest In Your Efforts

You don’t have to work too hard on finding love. No one thinks of love as chore or work. But, you have to ready to invest time and effort and stay committed. Set aside at least half or a full hour every morning or evening, to respond to emails and return calls. Make it a habit of spending some time during the weekends to look out for potential matches. Try to contact them and go on dates, and try to make a connection. Dedicating a few minutes from your busy schedule will surely help to find one you like and make him or her your special one on Valentine’s Day.

No one said finding love or relationships are easy. But, it doesn’t have to hard. If you follow these techniques, you can expect your quest of finding the One a lot easier and an enjoyable experience.

Stressed Out On Dating? Take A Break!

Do you cringe when your date asks about your family or friends? Do you take more than two days to reply to texts or dating emails? Have you lost interest in dating that cute guy you met at your friend’s dinner party? If yes, then it means that you’re burned out on dating and need to take a break. This idea might seem scary at first, particularly if you’ve planned to fall in love and be in a relationship with a specified date.

It doesn’t matter why you need to take a break. Maybe you think dating is wastage of time or you’re recovering from a break or need to spend more time with family and friends, or maybe you want to have some space, etc., it doesn’t matter. The key is to do it in a constructive manner. Here are five ways you can accomplish it:

1. Fix A Time Limit

If you want to take a break from dating, the best way to do it correctly is to set it a time limit. Doing it will help you to allow yourself to enjoy your break. For example, you can set a time limit, like I won’t date anyone until winter or the whole summer, you get the idea. In the meantime, you can take a vacation to places you always dreamed of visiting, and now this time limit gives you the option to do it.

2. Make Specific Goals

Make solid goals that fit your timeline you previously set, instead of telling yourself, “I won’t date unless I lose 10 pounds or get a new job”. Goals like these will never let you get out from your dating break. Instead, if you’ve gained some weight, lose it by joining a gym; or get a promotion at your current job, and so on.

3. Spend Time Taking Care Of Yourself

Taking a break will give you time to do the projects to tasks you always wanted to do, but couldn’t because of time. Maybe you want to get some good art pieces from your apartment, clearing out your closet, painting your bedroom, plant some flowers, or write a kids book and so forth. Keeping yourself occupied with these activities will feel like you’re taking care of yourself and nurturing the other parts of your life as well.

4. Spare Yourself More Time

Sometimes your life and timeline will be struggling to cooperate. There might be illnesses, financial issues, layoffs, family problems, and you need more time off from dating. It might be hard to relax; especially your biological clock is ticking away. In these circumstances, consider freezing your eggs, if you want to have kids in the future. Making your life less stressful will help you to enjoy your dates and break.

5. Get Back Into Dating

When you’ve decided to date again, enter the dating scene with rejuvenated energy and enthusiasm. Update your profile, your partner preferences, upload some nice profile pictures, get a new haircut, overhaul your wardrobe, get a makeover and so on. These changes will make feel good about yourself, and signal your future partners that you’re ready to date again.

Taking a break from dating can be helpful, but it should be done constructively. That way you don’t end dateless and lonely and look like someone who's been taking a break a dating for the past five years.

3 Most Annoying Things People Do While Dating

During the early stages of dating, most men and women are in a “dating limbo,” as they’re oblivious of what will become of their relationship. Most wonder how long they should be dating, before making their relationship exclusive, or should they end it before it gets serious, and so on. A lot of couples gets stressed and confused while playing this dating game during this period.

Here are three annoying things couples do in dating when they’re clueless about dating:

1. Sweet lies

Make no mistake, early in dating, men and women lie. Some lies are harmless lies such as, “I like cooking,” and some are dangerous lies like, and “I am single,” but actually they aren’t. One common lie most men and women make is when they tell they’re like each other and would like to meet them again, but genuinely they aren’t interested at all. Even though, if you believe you're nice by lying, but actually you’re giving them false hope. Remember that he or she may go home; tell their friends and family about you, and waiting to meet you again next time. That’s really unjustified.

2. Making Fuzzy Weekend Plans

You’ve likely heard this from people you dated previously. They told you that they'd plan to do something together the next weekend. It’s pretty standard when you meet someone new, and like each other, plan some activity you both can do together at the weekend. But, it never happens. You wait for a two or three days; the weekend comes, nothing happens. Eventually, you find out that your date has made other plans. You feel frustrated and left out because your date has kept you hanging and left without planning at the last minute. If you don’t hear from your date with the fixed time frame, then make other plans. Don’t focus too much what your date wants from the early phases of dating. It’s crucial that you be clear about your needs, so you can access if the new person you’re dating is committed to fulfilling your needs, which is a must in any relationship. If you find that your date is resisting, then it’s time you date someone else.

3. Ensure that the new person you’re dating isn’t dating someone else

In the early phases of dating, often daters try to figure out if the person they’re dating isn’t dating or trying to get intimate physically with someone else at the same time. Though, dating multiple people at the same time by abiding by some principles may actually be good for you, if you don’t want waste time and seriously looking for someone to be in an exclusive and monogamous relationship. But that’s a different story. In this scenario, daters scour the other person’s social media accounts like a criminal operation. Men and women spend a lot of time examining and dissecting photos of their dates, and pictures they took with exes (if any). They also search for information about their previous relationship as well as their personal life on the internet.

The takeaway

The early stages of dating are always confusing and stressful, as we feel insecure and wondering if the person we are dating will be right or not, making the relationship monogamous and exclusive. The best thing you can do is to relax and talk to the other person until you discuss all the issues and make sure whether the person you're dating isn’t playing any dating games with you.

How to Cope with Dating Disappointment

Dating is perhaps one of the most emotionally overwhelming things a person can do in life. For once you’re happy and relaxed that you have met your soul mate, and the next moment all your hopes and dreams crash like a house of cards with a single, hurtful breakup text. When that happens, you need to channel all that grief without punishing yourself or obsessing about your ex.

Here’s what you can do gain the strength and patience to move on.

#1 Never Ask Why

Resist the temptation to ask the other person why did they break up or didn’t want to have a third or fourth date with you. Is it because I don’t have a sense of humor, or you don’t like cats? Or, maybe you might consider for another date if l lost ten pounds? This is a hole we all fall into if someone we like isn’t interested in us anymore. You keep finding out all your flaws and imperfections in your personality in the hope that if you find it, you won’t repeat it on your next date. The truth is this just another way to beat yourself, by listing all of your potential flaws and eccentricities and makes a statement to prove you’re hopeless.

We understand why most of us who got rejected do this. Sometimes rejections are so unexpected and confusing that, we can settle down until we found a reason for it, such as I hate dogs, I don’t like to wear suits, etc. The reality is most of us will never find out for sure why that person pulled the plug. Honestly speaking, it doesn’t really matter. You’re not perfect, and you won’t be perfect. The flaws are part of you; they make up your personality and define you who really are. So, if you date someone, make sure he or she falls in love with the real you, not with someone who molded into something lovable.

#2 Be Nice To Yourself

If someone gets rejected, they often feel the urge to assess their personality in the hope and think that being hard on oneself will make him or her a better dater next time. In fact, it’s untrue. Studies show that people who are self-critical are less motivated to try again than those who are more forgiving and less self-critical. So what, you did something stupid or unexpected, or over shared details about your bad habits, or your previous relationships. Well, you could sit there and tell yourself that you aren’t perfect. But, all that will result from this self-loathing is that you’ll hate yourself more, and you’ll be afraid to go on another date. There is a better strategy here. Recall the moments that made you flinch, later forgive yourself.

No one ever said dating is easy. It’s difficult in trying to show your date the best of yourself. You don’t want to look like a bragger while opening yourself to the other person, while keeping in mind that you don’t spill all of your beans. If you made a few mistakes don’t beat yourself up for it – it makes you a human.

Should You Go For That Second Date, or Trust Your Intuition?

Have you felt the feeling that you didn’t want to go for the second date, or a third or even the tenth date, because your guts told you so? And after informing this to your parents or friends they go all ballistic on you and blame you that you’re still single because you rely on your instincts too much – then you’re not alone. People will accuse you of being foolish and arrogant if you declined a date without an apparent cause, and even more, if the person you passed has a good soul, polite, employed, a great smile and so on.

Sure, there are some good reasons to pass your guts, and still, go on that second date. But, it’s also important to trust your intuition, and here are some points to ponder on:

1. Don’t Act on Feedback

If you’re undecided about whether you should keep dating someone, it’s only normal that you want to share your feelings with your closest friends. But, listening to their judgments and feedbacks, and acting on it will cloud your instincts. Sometimes, you’ll have your reasons why you and your date didn’t click, or you felt that there wasn’t any chemistry. For example, he likes rock-climbing. She hates cats. He thinks global warming is a myth, etc. you get the gist. It details like these why most us explain why the date didn’t work or don’t want to go for the second or third date. And when we tell it to our friends and families, get ready for those eye rolls! Here’s the thing, if you really enjoyed the date, you wouldn’t be concerned about this petty and insignificant issues at all.

2. Take the Next Step

Instead of talking about your dates merits and demerits with your friends, stay silent and ask yourself – if you really want to have a second date with this person? Does the feeling of seeing this person again make you happy or uncomfortable? If you aren’t sure, then start planning. Think of doing something or visit a place together. It doesn’t matter if it’s watching a live game at the stadium or a restaurant. If you think that dating this person will make you miss your favourite TV show or take/an early break from work, then this person isn’t right for you. On the other hand, if you felt happy and energised just by imagining you two sharing a bottle of champagne at dinner, then go for it.

3. Lower Your Expectations

Relationships are all about dedication and commitment. You should be in a relationship for the long haul. Dating is a small meeting that will lead to a lifetime of companionship. It can be overwhelming, but the relationship shouldn’t have to be a chore. So don’t put too much pressure on yourself and keep your expectations low. Your date may not be your soul mate, but he or she is doing her best to find love. And that also applies to you.

Trusting your instincts is important. We should give our intuition more credit than they actually deserve. But keep in mind that your instincts should take control of you in a way that will prevent you from seeking love.

Ladies, Don’t Be Needy When Dating

Being overly needy is one of the most unattractive traits of someones personality. Men and women who are needy are found to be insecure and have lower self-esteem and confidence than their confident counterparts. A relationship can end because of excessive neediness – it can sometimes become overwhelming for your partner. Here are a few scenarios that indicate you may be too needy:

1. You are easily agreeable

Men like women who have their own hobbies, interests, and opinions. When we like someone, we want them to like us back. It makes some people feel vulnerable and easily agreeable to everything their partners tell them. For example, you hate baseball, but your man loves it. So, you go a baseball game with your partner, and you’re miserable now. When he sensed that you’re pretending to like his interests and agree to everything, his attraction towards you plummets.

2. You are always available

It’s Friday night. You made plans to have a dinner party with your friends. Suddenly, your boyfriend calls you to have dinner with him. So, you cancel the dinner party with your friends and meet him. On the way, you call and text your friends to cancel dinner because your man wanted to be with you tonight. This action shouts that you’re needy. Your guy may notice this and his admiration and respect for you could decrease.

3. You obsess about him

An important aspect of dating is a man’s ability to communicate regularly between dates. Men do what they want, and if he likes you, he will make an effort to have you. Your job is to relax and think about the good time you had together. So, don’t tell him that he hasn’t called you for two days, or it’s been five days that you've seen him. Also, don’t stalk his social media, text him all the time, or be jealous of all the girls he mentions. Relax, and let your man do the talking.

4. You’re thinking too much about the future

A big mistake most men and women make is having high expectations about their dates and relationships and thinking too much about the future. During the early stages of dating, some women become very serious about their relationships and talk about getting married, having kids, etc. It’s like putting the cart before the horse. Men are slow in thinking, regarding what they really want and may need some time to figure it out. Don’t stress him out; instead, show him your fun, light hearted side. So, enjoy your dates, relax and don’t think about the future.

The takeaway…

Men don’t like to date women who are obsessive, think little of themselves, are insecure or too needy. So, whenever you feel like you may be acting needy, ask this question to yourself: what would a smart, confident woman do in this situation? Keep your emotions out for a moment. Am I too needy or confident? I hope you consider choosing the latter.

Do You Need To Be Lucky To Be In A Relationship?

You’re single, and your friends and family know why. They tell you that you’re too picky, too needy, too set in your ways, and so on. So, you try to make a change. You begin dating someone who is not your type. You try to be social, have fun and spend time with your family and friends. You do something you like, go on a hike, or take guitar lessons. You do things that terrify you like rock climbing, singing or public speaking, or anything that is out of your comfort zone. In short, you get rid of all your quirks and flaws hoping that one day you’ll meet your partner to spend the rest of your life.

So, what if you’re already capable of meeting a partner and the only thing you needed to do was to find the right man or woman? What if finding true love is all about good luck? This reflection can be both liberating and discouraging. It’s liberating because you feel relieved that you don’t need to change yourself to find love, and discouraging because meeting the right partner is entirely up to chance. It means that there is little we can do. After all, we are powerless when it comes to controlling luck.

However, it’s more complicated than that. Here’s why:

1. Focus on the opportunity you currently have, instead of the one that you desire

A friend invites you to a party, and you agree to go only because he or she said that there would be many single attractive people attending the event. You dress up nicely, show up in the party, and started looking for men or women to flirt. Well, it didn’t happen as you expected. You didn’t meet anyone new to date. But, a lucky person is pretty aware that even if he or she doesn’t find their partner, it’s still a chance to make connections. He or she makes a new friend, find some help to get a good job or an apartment – and within a few months or years, he or she will share that apartment with their future husband or wife.

So, you see that’s how a lucky person makes the most of his or her chance, which makes them even more fortunate. Flexibility is what makes an individual lucky. Lucky folks consider many options that will help them to achieve what they want and switch from one thing to another when things don’t give expected results.

2. Pay attention to your good luck

A buddy introduces you to a smart, cute lady, and you ask her to join you for dinner. Before the date, your friend call and tells you that, either she’s looking forward for the date, or, she’s surprised and can’t remember your name, but she’s still looking forward to the date.

So, what will you do?

One of the reasons things seem to work for lucky people is that they face situations anticipating the best possible outcomes. So, for instance, if you go on a date feeling happy, confident and relaxed, then you’re very likely to enjoy the date more than if you’re defensive and anxious.

Ultimately, lucky people are lucky because they believe they’re lucky. If you’re single and looking for someone, and still haven’t found anyone, to love, then maybe fate isn’t at your side, and you can’t force yourself to believe in something you don’t believe or is different.

How to Deal with Fear and Insecurity While Dating

Humans have always desired to be better. If you’re trying online dating for the first time, you may ask when should your upload your online profile photo and declare to the world that you’re single and awesome. Often, this happens mostly when you’re unsure when you feel and look the best. You keep wondering should I wait until I lose some weight, get rid of acne or dark circles my eyes, or change my hair style or color, or even earn more money and so on.

We agree that it can be pretty uncomfortable to put up an online profile at the time when you’re on a journey of self-improvement. Maybe you’ll think if I lose 10 pounds or make some more money, and then put up my profile, I might be more attractive to people. However, don’t let your quest for perfection ruin your love life. Here are three tips that will help to make the most of you, even if you’re trying to improve yourself.

1. Recognize life’s up and downs and all major transitions

We aren’t perfect. Our bodies aren’t flawless. Sometimes we get a little chubby, or sometimes we look great in white tops. So, planning a detox or turning to a vegetarian diet next week isn’t a good excuse to not look for a date. However, if you’re planning for major physical change, say signing up for a nose job or weight-loss surgery, which will dramatically change the way to look, then it make sense if you hold off until you’ve fully recovered and fit. Holding off dating can also practical if you just broken up with someone or got fired and looking for work, or thinking of moving to a new city or town.

2. Embrace your imperfections

Often people say that it’s our imperfections that make people love us. It means being comfortable with our flaws. It’s our flaws that make you – you. So, take pride in your receding hairline or saggy arms. Besides, exposing one’s insecurities and vulnerabilities is the quick way to connect with someone. The key thing here is how you present your vulnerabilities. For example, if your date asks if you want to have a chocolate soufflé, you can honestly reply by saying that you’re trying it lose some weight, so you fit in your favorite summer dress. Another situation your date would empathize with you is careers. If your date asks what do you do for a living – tell that you’re still switching jobs, but don’t want to wait to meet someone special.

3. Be proud that they loved before the “new” you

If you’re determined to make some radical self-improvements in your life and managed to achieve some of your goals, then it’s really comforting to know that your match was attracted to you before when you weren’t as improved. This proves one thing. It tells us; in general, most people will love us, no matter how we look, and how wonderful we think we could be.

Our lives aren’t constant. We constantly seek perfection and improving ourselves. So, don’t allow your self-improvement regimen to stop you from finding love because it won’t end.

Six Things a Good Man Does to Keep You Interested in Him

Unless you overthink finding a good man to be interested in you isn’t that hard. However, there are some basic traits that any good man should have to keep you engaged. Here is the list of six behaviors of a good man with will sweep you off the floor!

1. He asks your opinion while planning dates

Many people would take for granted that every man will ask his date where she likes to go for a date or things she likes to do. But some men don’t do that. While everyone likes a surprise occasionally, if he sets a mystery date, it’s still important for you to feel that you have an opinion about the things you do as a couple. The restaurants, movies, etc., should be chosen together to make it more enjoyable. The point here is that he values your feelings – must if you want to have a lasting relationship.

2. He is interested and respectable towards your family

A good man is interested to meet your family. When you see him getting to know your family member, he acts in the most respectable and polite way. He asks them questions about their life, and other interests. He even shows deep appreciation for the foods and drinks served during the dinner, even if it’s a glass of wine!

3. He never pressures you for sex

One of the most intimate physical aspects of a relationship is sex, and good men will never push their partners to be physically intimate with them in any way or form. He asks you if you’re in the mood for it, and when you say “no”, he just shrugs it off with a simple line, “That’s Okay”.

4. He likes to spend time with your friends

Selfish men will always call the shots when deciding with whom they like to socialize. But, when you’re in a relationship, you have to compromise when it comes to socializing. A good guy will try to hang out and enjoy spending time with your friends, even after he has his own plans on how he’ll spend his weekends. Some guys will go with the flow, they’ll hang out with your friends, but they will get bored, sulk in the corner, or even leave you in the middle of the night. These are signs of childish behaviors that fit only an adolescent boy.

5. He’s always supportive of you, and never criticizes you

Men, who have healthy self-esteem and high confidence, will always feel good about themselves overall. They will nice, supportive things to you and never be critical or speak with a negative tone with you. For example, if you had an argument with your boss at work, and if you tell him about it, he’ll empathize with you and focus on your feelings. He will always be supportive if you in every situation you’re in regardless if it’s good or bad.

6. He is interested in your past

If a man truly cares and loves you in a mature way, he will be interested to know about your past before you met him. He won’t ask you to tell him about your exes or previous relationships because that will make him look jealous and insecure. But, he will be genuinely curious about your old friends, crazy childhood memories, great moments of your adulthood and so on.

No man is perfect. But, the world is full of good men that know how to treat a woman with respect and cater to her emotional needs. If you meet a man with the traits above, then probably you’ve met the right person.

The Difference Between Finding A Date And Simply Enjoying Yourself

One of the top benefits of online dating is the ability to manage the speed of romantic possibilities. You control the pace of everything – if you message someone back, exchange numbers, or even go on a few dates with them. If you are good at balancing, then it’s very likely that you’ll be able to go on multiple dates in a single week.

The more new people you meet and go on dates with, the higher your chances are to meet someone who will meet your expectations of a potential partner. But, there is a catch here. If someone asks you, “What do you do to have a great time?”, And before you can respond, if you can think of – “I like to go to the beach, going to brunch, to the movies, just like most regular folks,” then it might be wise if you take a break from dating. You might want to ask yourself, “Are you dating multiple people at the same time, so you can save time, effort and money, and meet someone to have a long-term relationship. If you struggle to find a good answer, then we think you’re merely dating for fun and not that committed to finding someone to be in a relationship.

Here’s what you can do;

Be more selective about your dates

Save your energy for the people you think are most interesting and excited to meet. Some experts believe that it’s helpful for an individual to go out with a variety of individuals to find out more about themselves, who they are as a person and what they like. This is particularly true if you’ve broken up or coming out of failed relationship or marriage, and trying to get on the relationship bandwagon once again. At the early stages of dating, all things can seem fun and exciting. There’s a difference between being open-minded with anyone and talking to anyone at all. Make a list of all the undesirable traits and adhere to them. Some people like to have a casual chat over the phone. But when you meet him or her in person, it’s not uncommon to find out that the individual isn’t the one you’ve been envisioning.

Taking breaks

If you’re hoping to land a perfect date before going on vacation and you aren’t sincere with your goals, then taking a break can be counter-intuitive to some extent. But, we won’t bar you from taking a break, and we can assure you that you won’t be sabotaging your future if you remain out of the dating scene for a couple of weeks or months. We can only hope that you’ll come back with a refreshed mind and perhaps be more curious about what your dates do for enjoyment and fun.

You’ve probably heard this a million times – if you’re looking for someone to date, then let go of your expectations and focus on connecting with the other person. You’ll enjoy your date way more this way. Some people view having dates as a social aspect of life and romance is just a bonus.