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How To Make Long Distance Relationships Work

Long distance relationships are hard. You’ve limited time to share with your partner and keep in touch with limited communication. But many couples seem to make it work and make the best of their geographically-limited situation. But, things can get a little odd when you and your partner are reunited. It is great to reconnect with your partner, but sometimes this transition period can be hard to deal at the same time. You’re still getting habituated to rarely seeing your spouse to being with him all the time. It’s been found that reuniting couples are highly likely to break up and they would have been better off if the long distance relationship remained long distance.

Anyways, here are a few tips to make your transition easy if you’ve been in a long distance relationship.

1. Keep your expectations realistic about your relationship while being apart

As both partners live apart in a long distance relationship, couples have the tendency to reminisce memories of their relationship mostly. Some partners idealize their relationship and believe that it was actually better before. It’s been found that couples who idealize their relationships have a higher chance of breakups. It happens when you envision your partner to be better in your head than he or she is in person. And when the couples reunite, things can get ugly. Both partners feel like they’ve reunited with a complete stranger instead of someone they already know and love.

2. Make visits to your partner as much as possible

Though this won’t be as easy as it sounds, when you have the chance do it! The more time you spend some quality time with your partner and interact with him or her, the less you’ll idealize them. This will reduce the friction and the instability in your relationship when you and your partner reunite. If you can’t visit your partner as often while staying apart, consider visiting your partner more often when the time of the reunion gets close as it will help to get more familiar with your partner emotionally. If physical visits seem unavailable for some reason, try video chatting. The key is to keep the line of communication open, no matter how hard the situation is.

3. Talk About Everything

As the time of a permanent reunion nears, try having a more day-to-day casual conversation with your partner. Many couples don’t like to talk about everyday affairs with their partners in long distance relationships and only like to discuss important stuff. By talking about everything in your day with your spouse, you’re recreating a scenario in which normal couples would be. And you’ll get to know your spouse more. By the way, don’t be scared to argue. Long distance couples avoid conflicts while having conversations due to the reason that they can’t resolve them. But, arguments can be good to know more your partner better as you get an insight how your spouse copes with stressful situations in their lives.

One big problem in long distance relationships is the transition phase. For couples seeing and spending time with their partners’ every day from just seeing a few times in a month or a year can be hard to deal with. But keeping the lines of communication open and easing into the transition is the best way to solve it.

8 Warning Signs that You’re on a Bad Date

Let’s be clear, bad dates happen, and sometimes they must be intervened and stopped in the middle – straightaway. If you can simply no longer tolerate your date, and you can’t control your date’s behavior, there is a way where you can end gracefully and humanely, without both parties feeling bad for themselves. So, how do you end a bad date in the middle without being rude or harsh?

First, remember anyone can have a bad day. Sometimes your date isn’t acting nice because he or she is having a bad day or in a bad mood. People also act badly when they’re having personal problems that are causing them a lot of stress. So, instead of investigating why your date is not acting the way you wanted or being rude, just start the process to dismiss the date. Well, if you two click somehow, you can reschedule and give your date a second chance. But, for now, just end it.

Second, when you end a date in the middle, do it gracefully, even if he or she has been rude to you. If your date has said something that is straightforward ugly, abusive or hurtful, in those rare situations you don’t need to be nice and graceful. In these rare occasions, just say your date that you’re sorry and not interested at the date, and need to leave. Don’t worry too much about hurting your date’s feelings as you can clearly see he or she hasn’t been kind to your feelings either. However, try to end as much as gracefully, and don’t say something like “Go To Hell!” and so on.

Third, don’t end your date quickly, after you’ve decided to end it in the middle. When you realize that the moment has arrived that you can’t tolerate being with your date even for a minute, don’t end it immediately. It might seem uncomfortable to you but wait for ten to fifteen minutes before you leave. Say, you’re in the middle of a meal, finish it first or wait till your finishes it. If you and your date are having a drink, wait until you or both of you finishes. Once they do that, say something like you’re sorry, something just came up and that you’ve to leave. In such a situation, either your date will feel confused or will know that you probably are not interested. Another thing you can do to end the date gracefully is to pay half of all the expenses, whether it’s meal, drink, etc. This is a graceful and respectable gesture on your part, even if your date hasn’t been very friendly and kind to you throughout the date.

Fourth, at the end of the date, don’t say or do anything you don’t want to do. If you happen to leave a date in the middle, it’s downright awkward to say something like, “Goodbye,” let alone share a light kiss or a hug. Once you ended a date in the middle, walk out together, and only say, “Wish you all the best”or“It was nice meeting you,” or “Have a nice day or night.” Saying this implies that your date knows very well that you will never see him or her again. But the good thing is you both have ended the date with a nice note.

When you’re looking for someone, you might come across a few bad dates. It’s nothing serious as bad dates are a part of the dating process. The key is ending the date kindly, gracefully and without holding any grudges against each other.

Try These New Year Dating Resolutions To End Your Single Life

Often people tell that New Year resolutions are meaningless and silly. But notice that it’s these pessimistic folks who have made them in the past and failed to honor them. If you’re someone who is organized in making a list and put the effort in achieving them, you’re probably one of those people who get things done efficiently and timely. If you’re single, it is important that you set your dating goals and get to work on your love life, and what’s better to start at the beginning of a new year.

We will discuss three resolutions here; we hope you give at least one a try. So, read on:

First, date at least one new person for the first three months of the year. If you’re still looking for someone, but just don’t have the drive to do it, maybe this will give you some inspiration. If you date at least one person every month, it means that you can date twelve people a year, and hopefully, you’ll find your match there. However, just for any goals or resolutions, it’s better to keep it realistic. What’s the point of keeping promises which you can’t keep? Anyways, we will recommend you stick with dating at least one new person for the first three months of the year. This target is necessary as it keeps you motivated for dating and meeting new people.

Second, have a date with someone at any month of the year, who isn’t your usual type. Suppose, you like tall and blonde women. Just for change go out with a lady who is a brunette, yet not very tall. We understand why most men and women always like to date people who are their type or can relate to. But, it’s important that you expand your “types” category. Dating only individuals who abide by your strict types and preferences will make it harder for you to find a match. Many couples have settled for partners who aren’t their original types because they couldn’t meet someone that fitted their inflexible type codes. So, if you’re still single and looking for a partner, looking for someone that will be a perfect match and type is the last thing you should be doing. The best thing you can do for yourself is to expand your options and to give someone else a shot to be your significant another.

Third, consider adding one new activity or interest into your usual dating schedule. Meeting or hanging out over a cup of coffee or a beer is not bad, but it’s not exciting either. Instead, try doing something different this year. If you’re active and full of energy, do something active and exhilarating that sitting at a coffee table with someone you don’t know. If you’re already dating or in a relationship, doing something active or exciting like a bike ride, skydiving or hiking, will make your relationship fun and successful. And if you had an active date, yet failed to score a relationship, well, you didn’t lose anything.

Going on dates at the beginning of a new year can be a really exciting. So, take some risks, try new things and be kind to yourself. But, for the moment, flirt with women, flirt with men, and get surprised to see the results.

Five Signs That Shows You Are Trying Too Hard On Online Dating

Some people get overwhelmed with anxiety when it comes to writing their online dating profiles. Instead of describing yourself who you really are, your profile turns into a sales and marketing tool. One common mistake men and women make in writing their online dating profile in a way that is making themselves seem to be desperate and trying too hard. It’s not a good sign.

These are the five ways in which a person appears to be trying too hard to be attractive to others. Read on to find more:

1. Being too funny.
True, everyone loves a sense of humor, but that doesn’t mean that you have to crack a joke or write a sarcastic statement on every third or fourth line of your profile. You don’t need to tell people that you’re the king or queen of comedy. Being too funny can actually turn off some of your potential suitors, so keep an eye on that. While most people do have an average sense of humor, he or she might feel outclassed if they think their potential partners are like professional comedians such as Sarah Silverman or Jay Leno.

2. Being too sarcastic. Most folks assume that being funny or sarcastic are same. But, it’s not. Funny is good, but being sarcastic can offend people. The fact is men and women try to be sarcastic in their profiles to appear defensive. See, when people feel nervous, insecure or anxious about getting rejected, they try their best to look bold, strong and sarcastic, thinking that it may boost their confidence. But, what actually happens is people get put off by your excessive sarcastic attitude.

3. Being too intelligent.
It’s perfectly fine if you want to remind yourself and your potential suitors about your intelligence. But, it’s not normal if you keep boasting about your IQ or SAT scores on the first date with someone. In reality, most men and women like to date someone who has average or above average levels of intelligence. Being overly intelligent or smart in your dating profile can scare away a lot of people fearing that he or she is out of their league.

4. Being too successful. You won’t make people interested in your profile if you’re professionally or financially successful. Most men and women are trying to be content with what they have. Regardless of your wealth or career, it has no real effect on your profile. If you’re a cashier, don’t be ashamed; only tell that you work at the local Walmart. If you’re a CEO, don’t brag or intimidate people, instead, tell them you’re managing a company. Don’t spend too much time explaining to people about your profession or what you do for a living unless they like to know.

5. Being too cool.
If you like to ruin your chance to find a partner online, then being too cool will do it for you. If you make people think that you’re the most-liked, you make people feel alive, you’re the life of the party, it’s actually making people think that you’re overly image-conscious or duplicitous. Don’t try to be someone you aren’t.

Whether you’re young or a veteran, if you’re looking for a woman or man, try writing your online dating profile in a way that reflects who you really are in person. Creating your dating profile shouldn’t have to stressful process.

What To Do When Your Date Doesn’t Call After Saying He Will

Dating is stressful affairs. While dating, one of the major mishaps a lot of women face and struggle with is, when a guy promises to call them, but doesn’t. Read on to find out more how you can handle such a crisis if you happen to be one of them.

Don’t be Scared

If you've met someone you like, it's natural you want to see that person again. Heck, you may be even daydreaming about him or imagining your future with him! For these reasons, you can be hit really hard if he doesn’t call you. Whenever this happens, don’t panic. Don’t let your anxiety overwhelm you.

Don't Beat Yourself Up

Your beliefs are connected to your feelings. In other words, negative thinking will result in negative feelings. Ask yourself what didn’t he call back? Is it because you are destined for fall in love? Is it that you’re unlucky when it comes to relationships? Is it because you’re unattractive, so no one wants to be your boyfriend? Try to find out what are your beliefs regarding the above questions and why he hasn’t called back. Now, ask yourself whether those negative thoughts are the reason you’ve bad feelings. If you learned that these negative thoughts are having an adverse impact on you, you should immediately stop thinking about those thoughts, and replace them with positive feelings and thoughts instead. This way you’ll better about yourself and see things in much broader perspective.

Don’t Jump to Conclusions

Dating is risky business as there’s always the chance of someone getting hurt. If you’re going to date or have a relationship, you need to accept that there are many variable elements at work, when two people get attracted to each other and start a relationship. Readiness, time, luck all plays a vital role. So, keep that in mind when you’re looking for a partner. Also remember that jumping to conclusions will maintain the focus on him, which gives him a lot of power to your emotional needs. So, shift the focus to yourself and your feelings. The way you respond when a guy hasn’t called you isn’t a reflection on him; it’s about yourself.

Focus your mental energy on something more productive

We understand that it feels bad when a guy doesn’t call, but instead of holding a grudge against him won’t make him call you. Rather, focus all your mental energy on something more productive and positive that will distract you from thinking about him. Go for a walk, hang out with a friend or work on that project you didn’t have time for and so on.

Start looking for another man

Wait for two days or up to a week for him to call back. If he hasn’t called by then, look for someone new. This the right time to respond to other guys emails online, or hang out with your girlfriends at a party or bar where you can meet someone new. If you failed there, go to another place or even a new city or two. Eventually, you’ll find someone who wants to date you the way you are.

<Overall, if you’re looking for love, remember that there are plenty of fish in the sea. There are many girls and guys out there, and you’ll find someone right for you. So, follow these tips and stay hopeful and positive.

Five Online Dating Safety Tips Every Woman Should Know

Getting to know and meeting new people online has become so easy that most people particularly women all often put their guards down, forget their common sense and expose their vulnerabilities to a complete stranger. Just because you read someone’s profile, liked it, and then met at the bar, people think they know each other and felt comfortable.

Men who are good at commuting and can connect emotionally to women can be one of the most harmful of daters. Women instantly feel a spiritual connection and instant chemistry to these types of men. Many ladies say that the guy they just met online is safe and okay, but are they? You can never know when something can go wrong and you’ve lived with consequences for the rest of your life. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Here are some safety tips every woman should abide while dating online.

1. Meet your date in a public place. Start with a restaurant or coffee shop. These places have enough people and can be witnesses in case things go awry. Never meet your date at a secluded place or in his apartment or home, until you’ve been dating him for several weeks.

2. Inform a friend or family member about your date, where you’ll be meeting, and other relevant details like name, cell phone number, address and so on. At the date call a friend or family member or ask your friend to call you and let them know how the date is progressing. Also, you can also use this trick to excuse yourself in case your date isn’t going well and want to end the date soon.

3. Drive yourself to the date and return home driving yourself. Having your own transportation gives you freedom if the date goes bad. Being reliant on someone else for transportation is the worst thing ever like If gives them control how long should the date last. After all, having your own car is just safer.

4. Don’t drink too much. Getting drunk during a date creates bad judgment, and there are many guys out there who are willing to take advantage of you. So, stay sober.

5. Don’t always trust your instincts. We aren’t saying that men are bad, but there are guys out there who think and act differently than what most guys will do. These guys will try to take advantage of a woman who is single and looking for someone to have a relationship. Sometimes our conscience and intuition can become blurred by the chemistry or the connection we feel when we feel attracted to someone as if like we’ve known them for many years. Our common sense gets thrown out of the window, and we act and believe everything that our inner voice tells us to do. Safety should be first and even more when it comes to dating online. Being safe is a thousand times better that trusting your instincts with someone we never met in person, no matter how much we know about them from our online conversations.

So there you have it, some straightforward and quick tips on how to be safe while meeting someone new for the first time online. Happy dating!

When To Introduce Your Kids to You’re New Boyfriend or Girlfriend

To have children and dating someone new can be hard. And things get even more confusing and tough if you’re thinking to meet your date. However, if you’re dating with integrity and dignity, things shouldn’t be too hard. Anyways, here are three signs that you should look out for to decide if it’s time to introduce your child or children to your new love interest.

1. The commitment is genuine and for the long-haul

If you’re casually dating and don’t have any upcoming plans for a long-term relationship, then it’s unimportant to introduce your kids to your date. Making your kids to meet your one partner after another continually will only confuse them. If you’ve met someone and went to dates with him for two or three times, don’t ask him to pick you up from your place, when your kids are around. Never take you kids to dates, even if your guy is comfortable with it. If you’re dating someone for two or three months and he has agreed to commit to an exclusive relationship, then it’s okay for your children to meet him. Introduce him as your friend rather than your boyfriend at first. Keep it slow at first, and don’t allow him to get involved in your kids life and daily activities right away. Instead, invite him to join you and your kids activities once or twice a month, depending on how older your kids are.

2. Introduce your kids to your new date after discussing it with your partner

If it’s time for your children to get acquainted with your date, have a discussion about it with your spouse. Ask him if he’s ready to get to know your kids. If your partner has expressed an interest in meeting your children and blending both the families, it’s an indication that he’s ready for it. This should also make you prepared to introduce your kids to him as well. A partner who is accepting of your children and willing to meet them is someone you need to keep on holding.

3. Only think about introducing your partner to your kids if you feel they’ll feel comfortable

Only think about introducing your partner when you feel prepared to handle any reaction from your kids they’re going to have after seeing him. If you’re in a committed, long-term relationship, there’s no doubt your children will immensely benefit from it. But, that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to compromise everything for your partner. Most children hope that someday their father and mother will reunite. But, when they see a new man, they grasp with accepting the reality. Therefore, it is advised that your keep every line of communication open with your kids and reassure them that your partner will never replace their dad. Instead, make your children understand that their mom loves them very much and you want love too, which is missing in your life, and neither they nor their father can give you.

Relationships are full of bumps and bruises all way, and dating while being parents is one of them. However, if you date right from the start, then you’ll notice a positive impact on your relationship, your happiness, your partner, and your kids. So, be prepared if he knows you ins and outs, even know your secret desire and value your choice.

Five Questions You Need To Ask Your Match While Dating Online

Whether you’ve just started dating online or a veteran, there are a few necessary questions you need to ask your potential dates, before you can conclude if they’re suitable matches for you. But before that, don’t send the questions in a list to your match. You don’t want your potential suitor to think that you’re interrogating them. Just email one question, and send a new after he or she replied to the first one. Make this fun and make it look like you’re collecting information for someone that will help you know him or her better before you start dating.

Below is a list of five questions that you should ask your online date:

1. What you hope to expect from a relationship? Most people online are relatively honest about their intentions while dating. People mostly reply to this question by saying they’re looking to have some fun or if they someone perfect for them they would start a relationship or get married. Some people also say they’re looking for a long-term relationship, but at this moment they’re looking a casual one. Based on their answers, you can evaluate what exactly your matches are looking for in a relationship. If you like something they said, continue, and if not, look for someone else. Keep in mind that people don’t change, so don’t believe if your matches say something like will change and such if they’re in a relationship.

2. Do you have any embarrassing moments? This one will help your find if your match has a sense of humor or not. It’s also a great way for someone to open up about themselves, show confidence and laugh together. For starters, talk about a quirky or funny habit you have. Keep it funny, light and not overly flirtatious.

3. What interesting did you see in my profile that made you write to me? It is a great question and will filter out people who have a pre-written message that they sent to 30 other people and will actually make your matches to read your profile. This question will help you to find out if your potential date is comfortable to give and receive compliments. If you see that he or she is struggling with it, then it’s an indication that they aren’t emotionally ready for a relationship. Being able to give and receive compliments are key indicators of person’s readiness to be in a real relationship.

4. What do like to do on the weekends? This question will help you get a look into your matches interests and hobbies, and if these are compatible with yours. You won’t everything matching up with yours, not impossible, though, but less likely. But, if you see a few commonalities among both of you then go for it.

5. Where does your family live and do you have good relations with them? Family values are very important for most people. So, what if they don’t have good relations? It’s still acceptable if your matches family values and perspective matches with your family. Also, try to find out if your matches have good relations with relatives, do they visit them on holidays, call them, etc. These interactions will certainly play a role in your relationship in the long-term, so it’s better if you know about it in advance.

But, before you meet your online in person, start dating or begin a relationship, don’t forget to ask the above questions!

Happy dating!

When Should You Shut Down Your Online Dating Profile?

Having a conversation with your new partner about when to close your online dating profile is a delicate issue, indeed. It’s probable that a surprising connection can happen when two people are dating online meet for the very first time. Usually, it takes around a month for people to decide if they want to date one person only. For men, it can be longer; typically it’s between one to three months to decide if they stop dating online and focus on only one person.

Usually, the conversation starts off with either person asking the other questions like when they will shut down their online dating profile or if they’re dating someone else. Therefore, you should be extra cautious while responding to these questions. This is important because rushing into having this delicate conversation can scare off your date, and before you even know what he or she wants, they could end the date altogether.

Shutting down your online dating profile because you’re taking a break from online dating or you’re getting too many emails is understandable. But, taking off your online dating profile after having a great date with someone is a bad idea. It seems like you’ve done that simply because your date doesn't want you to date someone else at the same time, given the fact that he or she assumes that you like them.

So, relax and be patient. The first thing here is to know the other person as much as you can. Just having one date doesn’t make you think that you’ve found your soulmate, regardless how charming and perfect he or she is.

If you’re thinking of closing your online dating profile after dating your match for one to three months, it’s better to have a direct conversation with him or her. In fact, not discussing it after being dating someone for all this time is itself a negative sign that shows that you feel insecure to talk about the topic. If you happen to one of those folks, then it’s crucial that you need to figure out what’s causing this fear. If you’ve some internal issues you need to take care off, then do it. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to focus on the bigger problems.

However, if you think things are going as planned, you both are happy and comfortable with each other feelings and thoughts and have different issues regarding the relationship, then it’s time. You can have the necessary conversation about taking the online dating profile with him or her. Remember to keep it straightforward and direct. For example, you can say that you have been dating him or her for the past few months and have got to know and lot about them and don’t want to date anyone else. Ask him or her of what they think about that and what is their opinion about it.

If you notice that he or she isn’t ready, then you may need to rethink your current relationship status, as it clearly indicates that you’ve taking their issue much more seriously than they did. Honestly, this is great news for you, as you now start looking again for potential dates and keep on dating new people online and offline!

Ladies, You May Be Missing Something While Searching For ‘The One’

A lot has been said about women looking for “the one” or for the perfect partner, and so far many have failed. So, are they have been searching in all the wrong places? Most single women believe they know a lot when it comes to men and relationships. We talk about them; we hear a lot about them, we talk about men with our mothers, sisters, and our girlfriends. There are hundreds of books, magazines, articles on men.

After reading all those books, articles, women magazines and including our own personal experiences about men and past relationships, we aren’t satisfied. We attend seminars; buy even more books and magazines. And we keep on searching and looking for our “soulmates.” By the time, we reach in our 30s or late 30s, all we tell ourselves that men are only interested in one thing – sex. We reach a conclusion that most men are liars, cheaters, egoistic jerks, childish and annoying as hell when they get sick or can’t get what they want.

Nonetheless, we still don’t lose hope and keep on searching for “the one.” We spend a lot of our time, money and effort looking for the perfect man to have ever-lasting love and lasting relationship and marriage. We update our online dating profiles, attending parties and social events, hoping that if we keep on trying hard, we will eventually find ‘Mr. Perfect”, and we are happy and complete. And women aren’t alone here; men do it too. Men also have been nurturing stereotypes about women and their behaviors as long as women have been doing for men. Men think of women as gold diggers, greedy, bossy, spoiled, gossip-loving, bitchy, nagging and demanding. Despite all these, men are also looking for ladies who don’t have any of these irritating characteristics.

So, who is exactly “the one”? Many men and women seek a partner who will have a beautiful mind, responsible, dependable, wise, sensitive, warm, faithful, loyal, trustworthy, committed, supportive, and passionate about something in life. If we don’t find someone with all these we get frustrated, don’t stop and keep on searching and circles go on. If things don’t get better, we blame our luck, lives, our jobs, the world and so forth. But, one thing that never crosses our minds is that we could have well spent all that time, energy and money on becoming “the one,” rather than finding “the one.”

Instead of feeling incomplete and trying to feel the gaping hole of our souls, what don’t we try to fill all the gaps in developing the qualities within our own selves, rather than finding it in someone else? If we focused on ourselves and found freedom, self-acceptance, and empowerment within ourselves, we would have felt fulfilled and contentment even if we had a romantic partner or not. If we have developed the energy within ourselves, maybe we will find that our relationships and our partners won’t have such a strong influence on our identities.

After all, many experts agree that we need to focus on ourselves and develop the qualities within us. As a result, we can attract better partners so that we can be in loving and lasting relationships.