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5 Topics You Should Never Discuss By Telephone While Dating

In the early stages of dating, most men and women often feel the need to know each other as quickly as they possibly can. And in most cases, they have all their conversations over the phone. A new couple will spend hours talking on the phone, hitting every topic from what dish they like to eat to how many kids they will have. They get so excited they’re now in a relationship that they take things too fast. It can put stress on the relationship with unwanted consequences.

So, it’s better not to rush things, and not to have a discussion on some topics over the phone. What are the issues you may ask, here they are:

1. Dating Other People

Don’t ever ask the person over the phone you just started dating if he/she is seeing other people. It’s an important question to ask, but never over the phone. Asking this question in person has an advantage, you can notice his/her body language. If he says that he’s isn’t dating anyone, but you see him fidgeting or his reluctance to answer it, you might need to ask it again for the right answer.

2. Getting Married and Having Kids

Don’t discuss life’s important events like marriage and having children over the phone. Wait for a month after dating, and then have a conversation about this topic in person. A lot of men and women get turned off by this question if asked too soon. And it’s impetuous if asked over the phone!

3. Past Relationships

Asking each other about their previous relationships, why it ended, whose fault was it; all of these questions are unhealthy. The only important things to know at this moment is that those relationships are in the past now. Don’t ever ask too many questions about a person’s past relationships because it might cause unnecessary jealousy, mental insecurity, and even competition. And if you want to know about his or her’s ex-partners, then ask it in person, never on the phone.

4. Feeling Insecure About Social Media Posts and Photos

In the first few months of dating, men and women mostly argue about posts and photos the other person shares on social media sites. You’ll certainly get paranoid or feel insecure if your date shares a photo with someone holding hands, or seem a little close to them. So, they call the person right away or send him or her abrupt texts without knowing the whole picture. If you need to know about a post or picture your date shared, be moderate while responding. Don’t let your emotions or insecurities overcome your judgment.

5. Doubting If He or She Is Still Interested

In every new relationship, there comes a time when you start having doubts whether your romantic partner is still interested in you. If he or she doesn’t call you or delays your next meeting, it’s okay to wonder if your date still wants to date you or not. But, don’t discuss these issues over the phone. Be patient with your anxiety instead of acting on them impetuously. What you can do here is when you do meet each other next time, wait for a couple of hours and then ask him or her how they feel about you at that moment.

The takeaway here is having in-depth discussions over sensitive topics over the phone can put a lot of strain in a new relationship. Successful relationships are free from stress and anxiety. Discussing any sensitive issues in person will make both of you relaxed and the relationship to flow at its pace.

Find Out If Your Date Has Emotional Issues

Big or small, we all have problems. If you’re looking for a partner, you should find someone who doesn’t have serious emotional issues, rather that someone who has daily problems. I am not telling that individuals who have emotional problems make bad partners, but before you date them to make sure they have worked on their issues. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, you should know the differences between people who have extreme emotional problems versus who have everyday issues.

1. You’ll see red flags within the first few weeks of dating

If someone has deep emotional issues, you’ll find them in the initial weeks of dating compared to someone with daily problems. At first, everyone tries to impress their new partners, so it can be hard for you to find out for deal breakers about your date. But, if you see them during the first weeks, then rest assured you’re dating someone who has long-term emotional problems.

2. Your friends and family spots your date’s bad behavior

We all have flaws. If you’re dating someone with a lot of issues jealousy, anger, getting defensive easily, attention seeker, you probably won’t think that it’s all bad. But, most of us don’t have serious emotional problems. If your close friends and family point something negative in your date, and your trust them, then it’s wise for you to take their advice as this person has emotional problems. Individuals who have severe emotional issues stand in the way of having a healthy relationship.

3. Your date’s negative feelings are strong and intense

It’s perfectly okay to get frustrated or angry when you’re dating someone new. But sometimes, when you’re on a date with a person, and if that’s person’s negative reaction is too strong and intense, then it’s not normal. Individuals, who have serious emotional issues typically snap, get angry or frustrated even with minor or insignificant things in a blink of an eye.

4. Your date doesn’t move on or get over after getting upset about petty issues quickly

There is no harm in getting angry or upset about small problems; that is if you can recover pretty soon, say within a few minutes or hours. But, if you get obsessed with it and get stuck in it, then we have a problem. If you date someone, who can’t recover from small issues quickly, then it’s an indication that your date is suffering from serious emotional problems.

5. Your instincts tell your date has serious emotional problems

Don’t doubt your instincts. If you wake up in the morning and recall all the depressing statements your date said to you or did things you didn’t like, then it’s your guts telling you your date has some serious emotional issues. If you find it harder to fall asleep, always thinking about all the upsetting conversation of your date, it’s your instincts sending you a message that this person is affecting your ability to relax and making you anxious.

Overall, if you want to have a lasting relationship, find someone who is confident, active and can deal with everyday problems quickly. If you happen to be on a date with a person who has serious emotional problems, then don’t get panicked, rude or freaked out. Instead, try your best to be empathetic and kind. Whether a person suffers from emotional or daily problems, being friendly and helpful is the best policy to follow.

Online Dating Advice For Men – How To Get Connected With Others

Internet is perfect to do anything or for knowing the information about anything. It provides you with a global reach. Even internet can help you with dating based in a virtual world which is internet and is popularly known as online dating site. Many men and women in this world prefer online dating as it is very popular among the couples. For online dating, first you need to sign up on an online dating website. Signing up on an online dating website includes making your profile over the dating website and using that profile as the virtual image of yourself to find the person who is very similar to you. Your profile will include some general information such as your name, age, gender, city, country, your hobbies, interests and some of your profile pictures. Your dating profile will represent you over the internet. People will get attracted towards you by going through your online profile. So, if you are thinking of making your profile over those online dating websites, then you can consider following online dating advice for men.

Know your needs: Online dating sites work at international level. They connect you with the people from all around the world and let you interact with them. There are millions of people available over the dating sites that are also looking forward to date someone. You can consider it like an ocean in which you have to find a pearl for yourself. So, you must know what type of girl you want for dating. Considering the girl type can help you in finding the girl of your dream. You can search a girl on the basis of her hobbies and interest. You can also search according to different cities, culture, country and many other features. The websites also provide recommendation according to your hobbies and interest. The website matches your profile with the girl’s profiles that are available for dating. The websites provide you with only those girls whose profile matches with your profile. You can also say that these websites mirror match your profile and provide you the matched profiles in your recommendations.

Photos are important: Another online dating advice for men is that after creating their profile over the internet, they need to upload some of the descent good looking photos or profile picture of themselves over the dating websites. You must upload your pictures strategically because your pictures will define you. These dating websites are not social media sites so 5 to 6 pictures of you would be more than enough. You should not upload multiple complete pictures of yourself. Try to keep the photograph simple and descent so that those photos may not look vulgar or leave a bad impression on any person. You should not upload semi nude or nude photographs of yourself as this will look bad and many people can consider that as offensive over the dating website. Two good looking photos always take over 100 of bad looking photos. Always upload the photo of yourself, do not upload the photo of any celebrity or any model in your dating profile. Many guys also upload the group photo of themselves with their buddies in it. These photos are also very confusing making it difficult for the people to understand which of them is you in that group photo. So, always upload an individual photo of yourself in your profile.

Make your profile look attractive: There are many profiles on these dating sites which receive hundreds of visits in a day and there are also many such profiles on that same dating site which fail to gain attention of a single person. There is no fault of website in making your profile popular or almost invisible to the people. You are responsible for the likes your profile receives. So, the online dating advice for men is that you should design and build your profile in such a way that it looks attractive and receives maximum number of hits on daily basis. You can write something about yourself which is authentic and reflects your personality. You can write about something which is funny, you can write something which people will appreciate and would like to talk you on that and many such things.

Improve interaction: Improving your interaction with ladies is the most considerable online dating advice for men. Interaction or your communication plays a vital role in directing your online dating success. You must talk to the ladies in a respectful manner. Make your conversation smooth and good. Always remember your first impression will be your last impression. Try to have normal conversations; do not make any extra effort to make your conversation more interesting. Also, do not try to speed up the conversation beyond her comfort level. Asking about her personal feelings in your first conversation can look a little over confident, there are chances that she might find it very uncomfortable and leave you alone in the middle of your conversation. Try to make your conversation long and interactive, rather than just limiting it to a single phrase such as I like dancing or I like swimming. Share your interest and hobbies in a story form rather than in one liner. Also, you can connect your stories with your photos if you have one. Such as you can talk on a beautiful place that you have visited and you can also share the photographs of those places with her.

Don’t lie and ask her out: Try not to stretch or twist the truth. Many people try many different types of tactics to ask her out. Telling a lie will surely offend her so you can directly ask her nicely that would she like to go out on a date with you. Women like those men who directly approach them with full confidence and ask them to go out for a date. You can do planning to meet her up at any place of her choice. Take your next steps slowly but very boldly to carry forward your virtual relationship to a real relationship in a real world.

Clear Signs He Has A Girlfriend And Is Already Taken

Have you been dating a guy whose behavior seems a bit awkward to you? Although everything is going well, still you feel that something is wrong and you cannot figure it out that what and where the problem lies.

At times you are going to tell yourself that you are imagining things and just getting yourself confused. But then again your guy seems a bit mysterious to you. Why is he acting like that? Is he interested in somebody else? Is your man has already been taken by someone else? Well, check out the following cues which are going to indicate you if your guy has already been hooked to somebody else.

Signs that the guy you are dating has already had another girlfriend

It sucks, isn’t it? Finding out that the man you are slowly falling for has already been taken by somebody else or is already dating another girl is quite disturbing as well as disgusting. Well, here are the signs that will help you to verify that your Mr. Right is yours or is he somebody else’s mister and you have been taken as an option.

Unanswered phone calls

Couples call each other just to say “Hi” or to ask that how is everything going during the day but if your man ignores your calls then this signifies that something is wrong. Such men usually prefer taking your calls during fixed timings like during his working hours or if he is at home, otherwise either he ignores it, or you may find his mobile switched off.

The phone is kept secretive

He will keep his mobile hidden from you. He will never answer his phone calls in front of you, or if he does, he moves to another room. He will also keep his phone password secured.

False name

A guy who stores your name in his cell phone under some fictitious name, then this certainly calls for an alarming situation. He definitely had to hide something, especially from another woman who checks on his mobile.

Weekend’s unavailability

You will notice that he is never available on weekends. He usually says that he has work to do or may find another excuse to call off your weekend’s dating programs.

Holidays excuses

Thanksgiving, Easters, Christmas or even Valentine’s Day, he never spends any of his holidays with you. He will always make an excuse to get away with it.

In and out

He is going to stay with you for fixed timings, maybe three hours but not more than that. It makes you feel that he is just coming in and out of your life whenever he wants to. This signifies that he is saving his energies and time for the other woman he loves.

Too much privacy on dates

He will never prefer taking you out in public places. Whenever he takes you out on a date, he will choose a restaurant that is going to be considered as a hole in the wall restaurant.

There are several other pointers which can buzz an alarm for you, but it is suggested that if you want to get hold of your mysterious partner, listen to your instinct. Getting the smallest hint, use these pointers to confirm it for you.

The Tricky Mind Games Men Play, But Any Girl Can Win

When men came to playing mind games, they play dirty. However, when we talk about women, they play to win. So how can we outsmart men with our own tactics? Men are basically programmed to take care of women. But why is this so that they purposely impose mental and emotional pain on the one they are supposed to take care of?

Why do men play mind games?

Sometimes there is a need to play a mind game just because to save a relationship. But when this mind playing game comes to the point where it is played to take advantage then the line is crossed. So let us find out why do men play such a dirty game with the emotions of women:

Ego Stroking:

Usually, men play mind games as it gives them the sense of power thus making them feel wanted and adored which men desire for intensely.

They possess a feeling of discontent:

If there is something in life that they are unable to achieve, they start playing with the feelings of women which they might discover to fill the gap inside them.

They want to test themselves:

This is similar to ego stroking, but in this, they want to check themselves that whether they are capable of attracting women or not. They will never think about what it makes the women feel like. All they want is to check their capabilities.

They love Challenges:

This is the most common reason why men play mind games. They just cannot handle the disliking of a girl, and they can go to any extent to overcome it.

Gold digging:

This is the worst of all. In this case, men not only play with the girl’s mind but also cash her out. Cash doesn’t mean in the form of money, but they use a girl for her connections and make her do anything for them.

What are the most common mind games?

Check out the following list to know about the most common mind games:

  • A guy makes you feel guilty about the thing which you have not given to him but it is what he wants.
  • Just like a guilt trip, another way to play mind games with women are just to turn over the whole situation upside down and concluding it to be all women’s fault.
  • He proved to be a spontaneous lover. He disappears without any traces and spring back up when you least expect him with a promise that he missed you a lot and there he goes again.
  • Some boyfriends become inattentive intentionally. He will purposely ignore your calls and text messages to get you bothered. He knows that when he contacts you, he will have you around his fingers.

How to win their mind games?

Here are the ways which will help you to spot mind players and change the game.

  • Trust and listen to your instinct
  • Start appreciating your worth.
  • Do not let the guy take advantage of you. Never compromise just to please him.
  • If you catch a man playing games with you, do not get them back. It will, however, make no difference to them.
  • Do not allow your partner use any of your resources whether it is a car, a house or money unless and until you fully trust him.
  • When you see your guy is playing games with you, call on to him and tell him that you are not going to stand this bullshit.

How to Impress A Special Women in Your Life

It first is really difficult to impress a woman because of each one having their own set of standards. But when you finally do and fall in love with each other, then the woman will do anything to keep you happy. She will give in all her efforts for the one she loves. Similarly, you need to know some things about her that will make her happy, and that will make her stay with you.  This article will mention few of those things that should be known to all people that love a woman.

  • Never get caught up in gender roles. When you are in love, there is no one greater than the other. Don’t feel ashamed in doing chores for her or making her a cute bed tea. If she can do all of that for you without keeping a count, then you can surely do it for her in times when she needs it.
  • Saying all those fancy words can sure be romantic, but it will mean nothing to her if you are unable to show it. Your actions should reflect all that you say and therefore assure her about your feelings for her.
  • Never ever try to compare her with anyone else. She should know that she is unique and the best thing that you have in your life. Always make her feel special.
  • Women love to talk things, whether they are big or small. You should try to give her that shoulder to cry one when she needs it and listen to all her talks. Communication is the key to a long-term relationship, and it should never be broken.
  • You should put your trust in her. She should know that you trust in her and all that she decides for herself or both of you.
  • Women hate people who say one thing and do the other. Whatever you say to her, you should keep to your word. And if you can’t, then you should avoid saying those things to her.
  • A woman can be over emotional at times, but you should make sure that you never call her feelings or her crazy. This is the most hurtful thing one can say to a woman that she probably will never forget.
  • Every day you should make her realize why you love her and how you are proud to have her in your life. You should never let her feel that she is enforced on you or that she is a liability to you.
  • Respecting her is another important thing. There will be times when you will not agree with what she says, but it is your duty to at least respect her words.
  • Women tend to be insecure regarding their loved ones. Due to this one reason, they might get a little over possessive. You, however, should never get angry or say anything because of this one thing because whatever she does it is out of pure love.

How to Go From Dating Someone to Being in a Relationship

There are times when you have been going out with a person, but you are still not sure as to whether you are or not in a relationship. You definitely like spending time with him/her and would give anything to have their company. They make your day light up every time you see them, and you would not want to be anywhere else at that moment. The state gets confusing because you are getting deeper into the feeling, but you still haven’t given it all meaning. This article will talk about the ways through which you can turn that dating into a proper relationship.

#1 Be happily single

Getting into a relationship doesn’t mean concealing your weaknesses and seeking refuge in the other person. You need to first develop yourself as a fully independent person that is content and satisfied. You can’t move forward in life if you have loads of issues hanging with you. Two people should give each other strength; therefore they must first be a whole themselves. When you are complete and happy being single, that is when things flow naturally and turn it into a relationship. Otherwise, desperation will only make it a mess.

#2 Ensure compatibility

You should know exactly the things that will encourage you and what things will put you down.  When you are sure of all your deal makers and deal breakers, only then will you be able to make the best decision whether that person will be a good life partner. You need to know for sure whether you will be compatible with that nature and character. The more compatible you are with him/her, the greater will be the chances that it turns into a long term relation.

#3 Take your time

You may be restless to get that perfect partner for yourself, but you need to know that all the things that are rushed always end up being messed up. It is better to let things slow down and happen naturally as they destined to. This is a big decision. Therefore, you should let time play the major game. That will not put you in regret later. Whatever happens, will be thoroughly decided and therefore you will own up to it whatsoever.

#4 Balance

There is love between you two, but you have to strike a balance. You can’t love them too much nor can you ignore them a lot. You don’t have to be too dependent on him/her or let them be too dependent on you. Both of you need to be independent in your lives and have a happy separate life so that when you two meet, you have a lot to talk about and it automatically creates respect for the other person.

#5 Open communication

Communication is perhaps the most important factor in the road to any relationship. You have to be free to talk to the other person regarding whatever you want. You both need to be easily approachable for each other. This will turn it into a relationship soon because you both will be going in the same direction.

Why Do Singles Always Get Backlash for Being Single?

Being single is not a crime. For heaven sake, please stop being sympathetic or pass on comments on single beings. Yes! This is what you have to bear when you hold a status marked as single. It seems like people worry more about your life than you do.

Most of us are single because we do not like the other way. So being single is out of our personal choice and does not mean that we lack opportunities. Somehow we do not want to live in a world of fairy tales.  So, if you are a woman who enjoys liberty and loves being single, then there is no need to endure or feel bad about the remarks and sympathizing looks of your family, friends or any other woman in your neighborhood or on the street who think that getting into the relationship and having kids is the only reason why they are here for.

There is a list of questions that we have to hear and tolerate just because we are single. Next time if someone tries to get on your nerves with their sick minded questions, reply them back with the following answers.

How pretty are you, why are you single?

Well, what was that, a compliment or you are just being fanatic about knowing why I am still single? Go and breathe a little air. When I get to know about this, I will let you know the answer. Right now I am a bit bitter so; please excuse me.

Look at Mary; she is married and happy. Don’t you want that?

Not now. Maybe eventually, but as for now, I am doing perfectly fine. When I want, I will let you know.

Have you met someone?

If I have, you would have known about it, and when I will, I will shout out loud from my rooftop to let people like you who like poking their nose in other people’s affair to get to know about it.

Are you a …. Lesbian?

Now this really sucks. Although I do not have anything against homosexuals as they have all the rights to live the way they like, this does not mean that if I do not have a boyfriend, then I am into girls.

Meet Dave, he is single too

No, wait what are you trying to say? Are we both suffering from any disease of being single? Or what do you want us to do? Form a support group and trade our experience of being single.

You need to occupy yourself, volunteer at animal center

I am pretty occupied, and I think I don’t need your advice. Moreover, don’t think that I have missed out your hidden attentions of me getting bumped into a soft hearted person at the animal center cleaning dog poop.

You need to do something about it

Oh yes, maybe I should join single so we all could lend the helping hand to each other in this time of trial.

Hold on to your sanity and dignity. Although it is tough to live your life as a single in this world of couples, you can manage it very well as long as you know how to shut them up in response to their sick concerns.

All You Need To Know For Your First Date

The feeling that you go through on your first date is a mixed one with both excitement and nervousness. You are excited to meet that one person and nervous about whether you will be able to handle it all or not. There are some basic things which you should be sure of before you leave the premises to guarantee a successful night, both for you and the person attending.

Your personality

What people generally do on their first dates is that they try to fake their personality as someone which they are actually not. Some might act extra classy while others may act extra intellectual, either way, they are just ruining the whole essence of that time. One thing which surely impresses anyone is the originality there is in you.


First dates can be nervous, but you should be careful that it doesn’t show in your body language or on your face. Confidence makes your personality sexier than anything else and will give you a good morale boost as well. That person certainly did have an interest in you which is why you both reached to this first outing, so you should not in any way feel that you lack anything.


Your outfit and styling will basically make the first impression on him or her. First dates are usually all about physical attraction and sense of intimacy. Deeper bonds are formed, later on, so on your first date you should think and choose your attire smartly.


The worst thing that you can do on a date, especially if you are a guy, is to show up late and keep the other person waiting. No one wants to make a fool out of themselves waiting in the restaurant and facing all those weird stares from everyone. Showing up exactly on time is another way of showing respect to the other person.

Safety system

If you are in a situation where your first date is with someone you haven’t ever met, then it is recommended that you plan it in a public place. Also, before leaving you should inform some of your close friends or family members, so they know you’re out with someone.


If in any way you start to feel uncomfortable with that person or you feel that your safety is threatened then you should always have a backup plan. You should have someone’s number on speed dial so they can come for help. Or if not anything, you should just smartly excuse yourself from that table.


You should never go out on a date without any money. This goes especially for all the women out there who should realize that they are part of the modern era and that them paying the bill is no longer a taboo. If not the bill then you might need to run home in a cab, so for that too you’ll be needing money. Money, therefore, should never be kept on chance.

Like Me, Like Me Not? Signs A Guy Wants To Date You

The early stages of seeing someone can be very exciting and impressive. Meeting up, happy, nervous, butterflies in the stomach each time the phone beeps and it is him. But after some time it starts making you confused that whether it is going to be a casual hook up or the person really wants to take you out on a date.

It is always a better choice to go slow in the start. But time may come when you feel like that you are falling for that person, but you are still unsure about what the other person feels about it. You have to figure it out to make your mind clear that either you need to get serious about the relationship or to let go of it. Below are the signs that a guy signal when he wants to make it official.

He is always getting in touch with you

If a guy calls or texts you a lot, then it is a clear signal that he is getting serious about you. There is a big difference between the guy who calls you after midnight just to hook up and the other one who calls you during the daytime to know that how is the day going so far.

He is interested in you

If a guy is interested in you, he wants to know more about you. He will ask questions about your friends, family and things that interests you, and if he genuinely listens to your answers very carefully, then this signifies that he wants to have a better and complete know how about you so as to check the compatibility between you two.

He has only got his eyes on you

A guy who is just flirting around will have his eyes on other women as well. You can notice his wandering eyes when he is with you.  A person who is interested cannot take his eyes off you.

He will introduce you to his friends

A guy who wants to continue a healthy relationship with you will decently introduce you to his friends which simply defines that he is seeking approval from his buddies.

He wants you to meet his family

Now this is a serious move! If a guy is interested in dating you, then he will introduce you to his family. Introducing to his family also depicts that he is thinking something way beyond a casual dating.

He gets a bit nervous

A person who has always been relaxed and confident around you, all of a sudden he seems confused and nervous then this is a green signal that is preparing himself to ask you out officially.

He is open to you

If a guy is interested in you, he will start becoming open to you and share every thought and feelings with you. He will be telling you about the stuff which you know he has never said about it to anyone.

The next time you want to make yourself clear about the feelings of the guy you already have fallen for then check out the list mentioned above to seek for the right indicator.