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Are You Dating A Hopeless Romantic Woman?

All guys are in favor of dating a good woman. And when you ask what type of woman a man would like to see as his girlfriend, it's a no-brainer. If a man wants to have a loving, long-lasting relationship, he should always date a woman with a romantic side. A hopelessly romantic soul is hidden deep down inside every woman. But, she won’t let anyone see that side of her unless she wants you. It's a gateway to her body, her mind, and everything else in between.

Being in love with a hopelessly romantic woman isn’t for the faint-hearted. But, if you’re guy looking for an adventure of a lifetime, below are eight reasons for why dating a romantic woman is a fantastic idea:

1. A romantic wants to experience everything with her boyfriend. That’s her only wish. She loves to fall in love with her over and over again. At certain moments, she doesn’t reveal her romantic side. And she doesn’t like it because she secretly wants her lover to expose that private side of her. She does this because she truly understands that real men want to pursue and win over his woman's heart.

2. A romantic woman loves to spend time with you. And here’s a catch – the less expensive the moment is, the more memorable and meaningful the experience is. Just imagine, walking with your girlfriend on the beach while holding hands and watching the sunset. A kiss on the forehead and a hug during the sunset. There are some feelings money can’t buy – its love.

3. A hopelessly romantic woman loves surprises. If she realizes that she’s being appreciated for who she is as a person, she’ll surprise you in bed and out. Keep in mind that romance not only triggers the woman’s emotional side but also unveils her wild and sexy side, too. So, if you want to see your girl with only her panties on, romance that girl.

4. A romantic woman wants her emotional side respected. She also wants it to be cherished, too. She’s the girl who will remember exactly how your mother made your favorite pasta, or how you like to be kissed after a long, hard day. She remembers these things because she wants to use her love to reconnect with you.

5. She'll text you “I love you” even during having important meetings or when she’s busy. It brings her joy and pleasure when she knows that she made you smile, and particularly if she realizes that she turned you on.

6. She supports during the hard times. Sometimes, for a woman, it takes a lot of love and courage to stand by their man when things get rough and challenging. Tough moments make a woman feel insecure. Stress and anxiety, sometimes, can make a woman forget or think less about love, but a romantic lady, she’ll gladly remember it.

7. A romantic woman cherishes you when you help her with the chores. She adores seeing her man do the things that she would normally do by herself, and feels appreciated that you spend your time and effort to carry that burden.

8. If you’re in a relationship with a hopelessly romantic woman, you’ll find her talking all day with her colleagues and other people around her. But, don’t get all grumpy here. She’s doing it because she has to. But, when she gets a break, she takes all the time to talk to you. And you’ll realize that when she does it, it’s not like that because she's talking to you because she wants to. Remember that, a hopeless romantic woman has a tough exterior and professional power suit.

This Is What Most Men Think When Women Makes The First Move

If you’re a woman living in the 21st century, it's perfectly normal to be a go-getter and walk to a man and say, “Hello,” in the bar. If he’s cute, why not, right? Well, things always don’t go as expected. And, sometimes, it takes a lot of courage to man up and go up to him out of the blue and begin flirting.

So, what do most men think if a woman walks up to them and makes the first move? We were surprised to find that there were differences in the opinions of what guys think when women flirt. Most of them weren’t stuck in the 1950s as we have previously thought. But, unfortunately, some men were trapped in the old ways. Meanwhile, we found a lot of guys who agreed that a girl approaching a guy at a bar and making the first unofficial move isn’t only a welcoming change it’s downright sexy.

Anyways, this is what most men think when women make the first move:

1. It Shows Her Confidence
Most men are impressed when a woman has the balls to approach them at the bar or in a club. Even men find it difficult to go up to a girl and ask her out when they’re out, so some men get turned on when seeing a woman doing it. It shows that she’s confident in herself. And having confidence is sexy.

2. It’s Very Attractive
Men find women incredibly attractive when they come up to them out of the blue at a bar or anywhere out and start flirting with them. Things get even better if she can hold a decent conversation.

3. It's A Little Intimidating
Some men find a woman approaching them out of the blue while they're out a little intimidating. This has nothing to demean women; it’s because you don’t girls walking up to you and striking up a conversation every day. So, some guys get a little uncomfortable when a woman comes up to them, and talking to them. Even for confident guys, it takes a while for them to build up the courage and talk to women when she approaches them.

4. It's Hard When You Are Not Into Her.
Sometimes it’s simply hard for guys to get used to the idea of a girl coming up to them first and asking for a date. This also applies to guys, who are pretty confident too. They say they’re afraid of getting stuck with a girl that they are clearly not interested in. To guys, this feels like a total waste of her time and theirs, too.

5. It’s A Sexy Move By Women
A confident woman approaching man out of the blue and having a conversation is one of the hottest things a woman can do. Most men welcome it, and it actually turns them on when they see traditional gender roles are reversed.

6. It’s intriguing
When looking for a partner, plenty of men are incredibly attracted to strong, confident women. Only a woman with a high self-esteem and self-confidence has the guts to walk up to a man and talk to them or willing to make the first move.

Not Getting A Second Date? Here’s The Hidden Reason!

The first dates are always hard and filled with anxiety. We all need to bring the best of us while meeting some new for the first time. If you want to have a second date, you should make the best impression on the first date conversation.

Now, the question is, did you have a good first date? Sure, the conversation flowed naturally and easily. You both smiled and laughed for hours at each other jokes and stories, and no doubt, you told one another your best stories and jokes. It’s likely that you shared some personal stuff with each other. Later, on the date, you both went to a new place for a drink, and at the end of the day, you took a romantic stroll by the lake, the park or the around town. All this both of you were holding hands and even kissed. You feel like you’re in love and connected. Both admitted that the date was nice and thanked each other. The following morning you sent some sexy or flirty texts to her. She also gave out hints that she’s interested in going out on a second date with you soon.

A week goes by, and still, nothing happens. She never called you or texted you back about when she’ll be ready for the second date. When she finally responded all you got are work excuses, schedules, and vacations. It becomes evident to you – you aren’t getting a second date.

So, what did you do wrong? What made her think of not going on the second date with you? The answer is disappointing and frustrating. Nothing went wrong. Nothing! The date was good and successful – that’s the truth. Your date did enjoy your company. She felt fun and excited while spending the time with you. But, for whatever reason, it didn’t materialize into something more encouraging – a second date. Why? Why you? Why did it happen? It might be the timing wasn’t right. Or she wanted to give Friday’s date an opportunity. Maybe she just got out from a failing relationship or is newly divorced and isn’t fully ready to be in a serious relationship with someone. Perhaps, she thought that this date would never work out, but surely she just wanted to have some fun. Things just didn’t click for you in a big way for a serious relationship.

You see when it comes to dates; there’s a psychology most of us don’t often acknowledge. It’s our desires to “win” the date. We think of our dates like a job interview; we want to consider the date a success. We like to see ourselves in good company. We really want the other person sitting across the table to like us. We fail to find common grounds, interests or connections such as “I can’t believe you also went on a vacation to the Bahamas, too,” or “You like pizza, too?” etc.

Seeking validation from our dates is in our nature. The confusion sets right in when we think that all that attention we give to each other is sincerely romantic. Sometimes, while dating someone new, you just can’t tell the difference whether your date was genuinely interested in you or not. It might be that they did know whether they liked the person or not. This is why it’s helpful to opt for a carefree attitude until it becomes apparent you’re both interested in embarking on a new relationship. And the only way that can happen if you’ve had a third date or dating for three months. In the meantime, like don’t give up on love too quickly.

Why Asking ‘Does She Like Me?’ Won’t Help You To Find Love

So, you met a beautiful woman, and you keep telling yourself that you’re in love with her. But, there’s another question you keep wondering, “Does she like me?” At this point, however, women are on a different stage completely, but here are two things men must understand:

1) If she texts you, calls you, talks to you, and accepts to go out with you – this means that she likes you.
2) Okay, she likes you, but she’s not entirely sure whether you like her. This is good for you. It’s a chance for you to take her on a first date, impress her and get to know her better. And she also wants you to it, as she wants to assure her that you like her.

You see men know very well that women are in the driver's seat when it comes to dating and relationships. Men get encouraged when women tell them to take the lead, and they step back when she lets him know her boundaries. Surprisingly, most ladies don’t believe it. However, over time, they begin to understand that this statement makes them feel empowered.

So, let’s get back to my first question, “Does she like me?” To make things easier to explain, let’s rephrase this question to “Do I like her?” To be honest, this is the question you need to ask yourself. Remember, your girl already knows she likes you or she wouldn't be in front of you in the first place.

So, how can you tell if you like her? Start by asking yourself:

    1. 1) What characteristics do I like in women?


    1. 2) What characteristics must she have?


    1. 3) What do I need and want from a committed relationship with a woman?


    4) What characteristics are red flags or deal breakers?

Finding answers to these questions will help to be clear about what's important to you, what invokes the passion within you, and what turns you on and off, for that matter. It’s a fact that most guys who were looking for a relationship or already in one, honestly haven't thought about it who they are mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, and what they can offer in a committed relationship. They also don’t exactly what they want and need in a woman. So, why is that? Why is that we can clarify what we really need and would like to see in a romantic relationship? The answer is simple actually – women will only fall in love with a man when she realizes that we’re fully authentic about ourselves.

Meanwhile, men fall in love with women when:

    1. 1) They know who we are.


    1. 2) They feel confident about themselves.


    1. 3) They feel comfortable being authentic to themselves all the time.


    4) And, yes, they feel this way especially when they’re with boyfriends.

After all, when looking for love, no one will love you more than the way you love yourselves. So, how can you love yourself more? It’s easy. Start off by people you’re already nice to. Be friendly, kind, and spend more time your friends, family, coworkers, volunteers, church members, etc. We’re much better to other people than we are to ourselves. Do the same things you do to them to yourself. Respecting and loving yourself will generate the same amount of respect and love for the people around you.

Questions All Ladies Should Ask When Dating a Man

Thinking of asking some questions to your date? It is fine if you do it, but remember to come across as comfortable, sincere, and relaxed, but also an intelligent person who has all her shit together. You don’t want to approach your boyfriend in an intimidating and condescending way. When dating, most of us tend to only think or obsess about how our partners will perceive us. Dating is hard when you're serious about finding a person committed to a long-term relationship. But, the key to success here stop over thinking about who you are and what you do and focus on how you feel about him.

So, here are four questions ask yourself when dating a man for the first time:

Question #1: How Do I Feel When He’s With Me?
When dating your man do you feel respected and honored? Does he do all the talking? Does he make an effort to hear you out? Does he ask you interesting follow-up questions? Does the conversation flow freely? While talking with your date does it feel like you’re talking to a good friend? Do you think that he brings out the best parts of your personality? After a few dates, think if you see a better version of yourself around him. Now, date him for a few more weeks, think if you can trust yourself when he’s with you. Ask yourself if you’re doing things that you normally won’t do, but do it anyway because you want him to like you. These behaviors may become more apparent if you’re betraying your true self simply for the intention to impress your date.

Question #2: Do His Behaviors Reflect His Character?
This issue will give an insight about his trustworthiness. Does he do exactly what he says he is going to do? Is he dependable? Dependability and reliability are intricately related to each other. Being fun, daring and spontaneous is great sometimes, but if you’re seeking for a serious relationship, you need to date someone who is dependable and who can support you when you need him. Now, that we mentioned that, it's time you ask yourself these questions. Does he call or texts when he says he will? How does he act around strangers? How does he treat restaurant staff, janitors, or service people? Is he respectful and polite to them? These are important interactions to observe because if you want to be in a relationship with a man who is loving and caring you need a partner who cares about others besides himself; these are important interactions to observe.

Question #3: What About His Other Relationships?
Ask yourself if your boyfriend has close relationships with his family and friends? Is he able to engage in conversation with your family and friends? If he can’t do you think he’s introverted? Or is he just being rude? If he’s shy, then his introversion can be worked on as he becomes more familiar with your family and friends while interacting with them more often.

Question #4: How Does He Resolve Conflicts?
If you’re dating someone, there will conflict or disagreements in your relationship. When dating a man see how does he handle arguments or disagreements with you? What about other people? Does he gives you the silent treatment or just disappears? Does he withhold things until he explodes? Does he listens and acknowledges your perspective without blaming you? It’s important that you communicate about unmet needs or expectations with your partner if you want to build a strong foundation for your relationship.

Fun Things To Do With Your Girlfriend At Home

Sometimes, hanging out with your girlfriend on a regular basis can put a strain on your wallet, in case you and your girlfriend are trying to save up for your future together. At those times, you might think of doing more activities with your girlfriend at home. Doing absolutely nothing at home feels great, but if you keep on going for a long time, you’ll feel dull and meaningless.

There are a lot of fun and romantic things you can do with your girlfriend at home that will make your relationship better.

Develop A Home Workout Routine
This isn’t only a great idea; it’s also one of the top fun things you can do with your girlfriend at home. You can stay fit and get in shape without going to the gym by developing an exercise routine that you can do with your girlfriend at home. It doesn’t matter whether working out together watching a video or jogging around the house as long as the two of you enjoy doing it together. Besides, having someone who can push you to do work out, eat healthily and be active is an excellent motivator. Also, don’t forget to challenge each other while working out so you can have more fun.

Play Games Together
Another fun thing you can do with your girlfriend at home is by playing a game together. Some women love playing video games, so why not you play some of your video games with her. Challenge her to a match and keep on playing till you both get tired. Not only will she love you more for asking her to play with you, but she will also enjoy the time you spend together. Make sure not to be too competitive to avoid unnecessary arguments. Play as many types of games as possible, and if you don’t want to play games you played before, then make your own game you saw in your favorite movie or TV show.

Stay In The Bed
Sometimes, the best place and way to have fun with your girlfriend at home is by staying in your bed.

Turn off your phones, stock up on popcorn, chips and other snacks and enjoy watching your favorite romantic movies or binge watch your favorite TV series, and spend the whole day together without getting off the bed. This fun activity will not only make you feel relaxed for the day, but the two of you can enjoy this romantic moment together. Besides, spending the whole day together in bed and doing this regularly will also help you to get to know each other better.

Sing Karaoke and Watch Childhood Cartoons
Another fun thing you can do with your girlfriend at home and have fun is by watching cartoons together. It’s nice activity and will take you back to your childhood. So, stay at home, take a seat, and pick out some episodes you watched in your childhood, and enjoy watching them with your partner. Another fun thing you can sing your hearts out using a karaoke machine together if you’ve not got a karaoke machine at home.

If you’re in a relationship and want to have fun with your girlfriend at home, other fun things you can do is cooking together, taking photos by dressing fancy, do a language course, make a scrapbook together, redecorate your home, and so on and so forth.

Want To Keep Your Girlfriend Happy? Then Read This!

So, you’re in a relationship now. But do you know what it takes to keep your girlfriend happy and love you even more? If no, then you should not skip this article. It’s apparent that many guys can’t fully understand what their girlfriends want and feel. Nobody has cracked the code to understand a woman’s psychology. So, how to keep your girlfriend happy and not feel upset isn’t an easy question. But, there are some things your girlfriend can’t refuse when you do for her, which will make you look romantic in her eyes.

Here are few useful tips on how to keep your girlfriend happy that every man should know:

Surprise Her With Gifts And Flowers
No woman can ever refuse gifts and flowers in most cases because these are the things that make them very happy while receiving. Having said that it doesn’t mean you can give her any gifts you want. You need to pay attention to the following points. Don’t try to buy her something luxurious. Most guys the more expensive the gift, the happier she will be. That’s not always the case. The price tag of your gift is irrelevant if she appreciates the present. Also, put some thought while choosing a gift for your girlfriend. Focus and pay attention to her, and give her something that she likes and is useful. Sometimes, small gifts such as a headband, a beautiful hairclip, and even a pen can make her happy. And lastly, avoid giving her the same gifts that can help her bored.

Treat Her In A Special Way
If you want to see your girlfriend happy, then make her feel special in every way. That is what all women want when they’re in a romantic relationship. You consider doing these activities to make her feel special to you. When you’re spending time with your girl, pick her up from her place, open the doors for her, pull the chair out for her in the restaurant. When it’s cold or raining outside, offer her your jacket or umbrella. If she walks with you on the street, park or the beach, hold her hand as it makes her feel that you’re taking care of her.

Listen To Her Feelings
A woman’s thoughts and feelings are complicated. But, it’s easier to understand your significant others thoughts and emotions if you gave some effort listen to them. Listening to what your girlfriend thinks and feels is a great way to keep your girlfriend happy. Most women complain that their husbands and boyfriends don’t understand their thoughts and feelings, not because they’re complicated, but they don’t want to listen. A woman always wants her man to hear to whatever she talks and thinks from her perspective as it makes her feel special, secure, loving and desirable.

Prioritize Her and Pay Attention To Her
Typically, when a couple is dating or in a relationship for some time, they often forget or become lazy to do something romantic and make each other feel special. So, remember to maintain the romance between you and your girlfriend to keep her happy. You can send her a sweet message when she wakes up in the morning or at work, compliment her looks, appreciate everything she does in the relationship, motivate her to pursue her goals, respect her views, opinions, and freedom, extremely care about herself and her emotions, etc. Overall prioritize her first over your life to keep your girlfriend happy.

Find Out Why Women Date Men Younger Than Them

Seemingly it appears that most women are biologically and culturally programmed in dating men who are equal or older in age. It’s common to see smart, confident women regularly dismissing younger men for being not ready for commitment or too immature even before dating them or getting to know them. Later they all state the lame excuse that there aren’t good guys out there to date. If women explore the notion of dating someone younger than them, it will widen the dating pool and could even change their lives for the better. But, it’s worth mentioning that it’s not for everyone.

Here are three questions most women ask themselves opting for dating younger men:

1. Have Failed Relationships Scratched My Life?
If you’re someone who has been scarred by a painful breakup recently, you’ll think that by being the elder spouse in your next relationship, you can have more control that you had in your previous relationships. As always, if you've been recently out of a relationship, we suggest that you take some time to heal before embarking on a new relationship. Remember, the right way to get over your ex is not by dating someone else. Having said that once you’re fully healed and ready, your new-found power will boost your self-esteem and confidence, that will put your past relationships blunders in the past and help you to meet the right person.

2. Is My Life Stuck In A Circle Lately?
A lot of women fret that if they dated someone considerably younger than them, there would be a generational gap which translates that both parties will have completely different interests and hobbies. But, surprisingly we think that this is, in fact, one of the amazing things about being involved with someone younger!

If your love life has been in a rut lately and in need of a refresh, then getting yourself out of your comfort zone and dating someone young will make you feel freeing and energetic. He’ll introduce you to new things and activities that you probably won’t have tried otherwise. He’ll also tag you along in doing things that will allow you to see him in a new way. However, the most important point here is when you’re dating someone younger; try to know if you have shared values and opinions. Often, shared values have little to do with your age and are based on common goals, dreams, and way of living.

3. Is My Increasing Age Is Making Me Feel Insecure And Depressed?
If you notice that you’re feeling more insecure as you grow older, and feeling depressed and taking you down in other aspects of your life, then a younger significant other can help you put an end to those feelings. If you think closely, you’ll realize that younger guys have passed their teenage years fantasizing about models and actresses older than them.

So, they’ve grown older romanticizing being with an older woman. And thus date someone or spend time with an attractive young man who thinks of you as a sexy asset brimming with experience and confidence.

Reasons Why You Keep Dating Men Who Won’t Commit

Are you one of those women looking for men who will be committed to the relationship and failed to find any, and later came to conclusions that he just doesn’t exist? If your answer is a “yes,” then you’re not alone. It’s not that committal men don’t exist; it’s that you’ve been looking for him in the wrong place or your approach isn’t right.

Here are two main reasons why guys won't commit.

1. You’re the only romantic in the relationship
A romantic woman tends to believe in love at first sight. So, whenever she meets a man she’s feel attracted to, and that man pursues her, she immediately jumps to the conclusion that she has met “Mr. Right.” To all romantic ladies out there who thinks this way, let me tell you something – this isn't loving or romance. It’s more like infatuation.

When a guy does all kinds of stuff like stalking you to turns you into an “instant girlfriend,” then he isn’t looking for a committed relationship. He’s most likely a love or sex addict. These non-committal men are also one of the most complex types because they believe that if they’re in a relationship with a woman they can get rid of their inability to commit. These guys are only looking for love and sex, and they know that they’ve issues, but don’t want to deal with them by themselves. Instead, these men are looking for that one special woman who will cure them. Ultimately, all of their efforts fail, and when their girlfriends ask them to take their relationship to the next level such as marriage, their fears and insecurities engulf them, and they run for the hills.

So, why do women who overly behave the way they do? You see most romantic ladies often have brought up in dysfunctional homes with neglectful or addicted parents. This has left a huge hole in these women that needs to be filled. As most romantic women didn’t allow themselves to heal emotionally before looking for a man, they continue attracting partners who mirror people from their childhoods.

2. You’re the sole thrillseeker in the relationship
Thrillseekers loves challenges. Women, who are looking for excitement or thrills, often tend to be attracted to men who aren’t relationship material or committed type. What’s so surprising is that these men themselves warned these thrill seeking ladies of the fact that they aren’t interested in being in serious relationships. But does that stop them? Nope. A woman with such of mentality is so confident that she can change the guy. As he’s easygoing and looks charismatic in her eyes, she might also be physically intimate with him. As the honeymoon phase ends, the thrillseeker realizes that the only place her boyfriend is committed and passionate about is sex. And just like all good things come to an end, even that commitment wanes.

Similar to romantic women, most thrill seeking women also have grown up in dysfunctional families, but in this case, instead of ignored or neglected, they might have felt smothered by her family and peers, and they’re searching for a way out. Therefore, a good man, who is ready to commit in a relationship, often scares her more than a non-committal jerk who keeps running away from committed relationships.

Get Better At Receiving Love Because Giving Is Very Easy!

Giving love is easy, but receiving love is much more challenging for most people. It’s so much easy to buy a gift or plan a fancy date night with your girlfriend, but receiving a genuine and heartfelt compliment? That’s a whole different story. So, why is it that receiving love is harder than giving it? Why receiving love is challenging for many men and women? For most folks, receiving love is more complicated than giving it, because it conflicts with their ego’s sense of unworthiness.

Here's how you can receive love and feel more comfortable with it.

Ask For Reassurance
A moment will come when someone falls in love with you, a sense of nervousness and fear will grip you. This is completely normal. When this happens to you, ensure that you express your thoughts and feelings to the other person who has fallen in love with you. Let her or him know the thoughts that your mind is trying to convince you of, and ask for the reassurance that you need. For example, considering saying something like, “I don’t think I deserve this gift from you now, but it will be good for me if you tell what it is that you find great about me, and why you feel secure and comfortable in giving this beautiful and thoughtful gift to me?” We suggest that you don’t hesitate or stop asking them whatever you need to hear.

Believe That You Are Worthy Of It
If you think that your ego is undermining your positive thoughts, and always giving you suggestions of how unworthy or undeserving you’re of receiving as well as giving love, try to break this circle by developing a habit of pausing. Just pause. Take a deep breath. Now, ask your ego to take a hike. Do this while you breathe in a profound sense of worthiness so that you can learn how to receive love. Just like it’s hard to change people, changing a person’s ego is even more difficult. It’s true that your ego is highly adept at convincing us how unworthy or undeserving of love you’re as a person, but that doesn’t mean that you should give in to your ego’s demands.

Overcome Your Fears
We all are pretty familiar how our deep, inner fears are preventing us from finding true love and emotionally connecting with the person we are in love with. So, when looking for relationships, it’s imperative that we overcome our fears.

There are two proven strategies for helping men and women searching for relationships to overcome their fears. The first one called progressive desensitization, while the second approach is called flooding. Progressive desensitization means taking small steps in achieving your goals and continue doing so until you feel better. For instance, if someone if afraid of cockroaches, then showing him or her a picture of the insect from across a room, and then heading towards it, will make them more comfortable with each small step. Now, the second strategy which is flooding is introducing a fearful individual to a significant amount of the thing that they're scared off or fear, all at a time.

So, if you’re looking for a date, and heal your fear of receiving love, these two strategies will consistently give good results.