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Five Signs That Shows You Are Trying Too Hard On Online Dating

Some people get overwhelmed with anxiety when it comes to writing their online dating profiles. Instead of describing yourself who you really are, your profile turns into a sales and marketing tool. One common mistake men and women make in writing their online dating profile in a way that is making themselves seem to be desperate and trying too hard. It’s not a good sign.

These are the five ways in which a person appears to be trying too hard to be attractive to others. Read on to find more:

1. Being too funny.
True, everyone loves a sense of humor, but that doesn’t mean that you have to crack a joke or write a sarcastic statement on every third or fourth line of your profile. You don’t need to tell people that you’re the king or queen of comedy. Being too funny can actually turn off some of your potential suitors, so keep an eye on that. While most people do have an average sense of humor, he or she might feel outclassed if they think their potential partners are like professional comedians such as Sarah Silverman or Jay Leno.

2. Being too sarcastic. Most folks assume that being funny or sarcastic are same. But, it’s not. Funny is good, but being sarcastic can offend people. The fact is men and women try to be sarcastic in their profiles to appear defensive. See, when people feel nervous, insecure or anxious about getting rejected, they try their best to look bold, strong and sarcastic, thinking that it may boost their confidence. But, what actually happens is people get put off by your excessive sarcastic attitude.

3. Being too intelligent.
It’s perfectly fine if you want to remind yourself and your potential suitors about your intelligence. But, it’s not normal if you keep boasting about your IQ or SAT scores on the first date with someone. In reality, most men and women like to date someone who has average or above average levels of intelligence. Being overly intelligent or smart in your dating profile can scare away a lot of people fearing that he or she is out of their league.

4. Being too successful. You won’t make people interested in your profile if you’re professionally or financially successful. Most men and women are trying to be content with what they have. Regardless of your wealth or career, it has no real effect on your profile. If you’re a cashier, don’t be ashamed; only tell that you work at the local Walmart. If you’re a CEO, don’t brag or intimidate people, instead, tell them you’re managing a company. Don’t spend too much time explaining to people about your profession or what you do for a living unless they like to know.

5. Being too cool.
If you like to ruin your chance to find a partner online, then being too cool will do it for you. If you make people think that you’re the most-liked, you make people feel alive, you’re the life of the party, it’s actually making people think that you’re overly image-conscious or duplicitous. Don’t try to be someone you aren’t.

Whether you’re young or a veteran, if you’re looking for a woman or man, try writing your online dating profile in a way that reflects who you really are in person. Creating your dating profile shouldn’t have to stressful process.

Is There Such Thing As Having a Fairy-tale Relationship?

We often hear stories of people, particularly women who get very infatuated with men they know barely know. They daydream about them, about the dates they’ll have, fairly tale romance and even an outrageous fairly tale wedding. And when the time comes to meet them in person, they get shocked and disillusioned after realizing that the man isn’t like anything they imagined. It’s okay and sometimes fun to imagine a beautiful romantic relationship as long as it doesn’t overwhelm or consume you that make you dismiss other potential suitors who are interested in you.

I think it’s important to move ahead and not dwell on the past for too long, in case your expectations of the guy you dreamed of aren’t met. All we can tell them that to accept the fact that the whole fairy tale relationship was only an illusion. It is hurtful, but the best thing to do now is to get over it and learn from the experience.

So, what can we do in the future to have a more realistic expectation from our potential partners? If you like someone, ask them out for a date. It doesn't have to be something very planned and details, just go out for a coffee. Don’t expect your dates to be perfect and spectacular until you get to know them well and who are really inside and out. Ensure that you’re valuable and deserve all the great things; life has to offer, including a real romantic relationship and emotional connection.

Remember, he’s just a guy. There are a plenty of guys out there like him. And here’s the fun part, you can have a loving, healthy relationship with one of them, and it will be much more fulfilling and exciting. Expect that your man will be ‘Mr. Perfect’, but also keep in mind that he’s just human. People aren’t perfect. We all have flaws. So, don’t get surprised that your date will have some flaws. Decide which flaws can you live with and which ones you can’t. Look for someone who has interests and values that complement your personal interests, values, and opinions.

It’s a bad idea to put all of your eggs in one basket. Even though some people don’t like, date several men at the same time and take your time to get to know them. Don’t get involved with them in any seriously way soon. Relax and stay at the moment. Dating multiple men at the same time will help you meet you like quickly and then dating one person for some time and later finding out that he isn’t right for you.

Overall, it’s important to self-reflect and ask yourself why you’ve spent so much of your time and energy living in a dream romance, instead of meeting someone real and go on actual dates. Ask yourself do you feel insecure about real-life relationships? Are you afraid that you’ll get rejected if someone sees the real you? When you truly understand yourself, know who you really are, what are your needs, and accept who and where we are, it helps us to unveil a new chapter in our lives. So, make yourself available, be proactive, be confident, meet someone real and be in a real relationship.

Four Ways To Cope With Dating Exhaustion

Dating isn’t always fun. It’s hard, it’s discouraging, and sometimes it can be exhausting. The good thing is you aren’t alone. Many men and women find dating exhausting and its okay as it’s a part of the process. There are many ways to deal with dating burnout. However, the first thing you need to do is to ask yourself if you’re emotionally in a good place for dating, because if you aren’t then dating burnout will happen to you much quickly. Here are the four ways to deal dating exhaustion:

1. Acceptance. Acceptance doesn’t mean that you’ve to cope living alone for the rest of your life. It means that you’ve to put some effort to find someone right for you. Here, acceptance means you’ve acknowledged how things currently are in your life now – that is accepting the fact that you’ve still haven’t found someone to be in a relationship for various reasons. Acceptance is all about being fine with how things are now. You don’t have to love it always, but you can’t deny the facts either.

2. Take a breath and relax. Dating Burnout means that you need to make some temporary changes in your life, even if it’s minor. If you’ve been dating for a while and didn’t able to be in a relationship, maybe it’s time that you take a short break from the dating scene. Take a week or two, relax and enjoy some time off from dating and from engaging in any new relationship. Sometimes it feels very refreshing when you get stuck in a rut, and things do work as expected. It takes some pressure off and helps to shed some negativity in your life.

3. Justify your emotions. If you’ve dating for a while and failed to engage in a relationship, it can be frustrating and exhausting. You start to feel negative about the whole dating activity. It’s perfectly reasonable to be pessimistic about dating as doing so just validates your own emotional experience. So, don’t blame or beat yourself up for not being successful in finding a partner, rather acknowledge the painful emotions that follow. However, remind yourself that all of these negative emotions like sadness, anger, loneliness, are temporary and they will go away.

4. Be kind to yourself. It’s normal for most men and women who can score a relationship after going to many dates, to assume that there is something wrong with them. You keep saying yourself that you’re full of flaws, and you’ll die alone. We understand why might be thinking that way, but be assured that there isn’t anything wrong with you. It’s just that you still haven’t met the right person yet, and you just have to wait. Sometimes it takes the time to meet the perfect woman or a man, and we encourage you not to give up on love.

Remember, the world is full of amazing men and women, who are still looking for their significant other. They’re all looking for one right woman or a man who will bring a lot of difference in their lives. So, you should never give up your hope for falling in love no matter how exhausted you’re from dating.

What To Do When Your Date Doesn’t Call After Saying He Will

Dating is stressful affairs. While dating, one of the major mishaps a lot of women face and struggle with is, when a guy promises to call them, but doesn’t. Read on to find out more how you can handle such a crisis if you happen to be one of them.

Don’t be Scared

If you've met someone you like, it's natural you want to see that person again. Heck, you may be even daydreaming about him or imagining your future with him! For these reasons, you can be hit really hard if he doesn’t call you. Whenever this happens, don’t panic. Don’t let your anxiety overwhelm you.

Don't Beat Yourself Up

Your beliefs are connected to your feelings. In other words, negative thinking will result in negative feelings. Ask yourself what didn’t he call back? Is it because you are destined for fall in love? Is it that you’re unlucky when it comes to relationships? Is it because you’re unattractive, so no one wants to be your boyfriend? Try to find out what are your beliefs regarding the above questions and why he hasn’t called back. Now, ask yourself whether those negative thoughts are the reason you’ve bad feelings. If you learned that these negative thoughts are having an adverse impact on you, you should immediately stop thinking about those thoughts, and replace them with positive feelings and thoughts instead. This way you’ll better about yourself and see things in much broader perspective.

Don’t Jump to Conclusions

Dating is risky business as there’s always the chance of someone getting hurt. If you’re going to date or have a relationship, you need to accept that there are many variable elements at work, when two people get attracted to each other and start a relationship. Readiness, time, luck all plays a vital role. So, keep that in mind when you’re looking for a partner. Also remember that jumping to conclusions will maintain the focus on him, which gives him a lot of power to your emotional needs. So, shift the focus to yourself and your feelings. The way you respond when a guy hasn’t called you isn’t a reflection on him; it’s about yourself.

Focus your mental energy on something more productive

We understand that it feels bad when a guy doesn’t call, but instead of holding a grudge against him won’t make him call you. Rather, focus all your mental energy on something more productive and positive that will distract you from thinking about him. Go for a walk, hang out with a friend or work on that project you didn’t have time for and so on.

Start looking for another man

Wait for two days or up to a week for him to call back. If he hasn’t called by then, look for someone new. This the right time to respond to other guys emails online, or hang out with your girlfriends at a party or bar where you can meet someone new. If you failed there, go to another place or even a new city or two. Eventually, you’ll find someone who wants to date you the way you are.

<Overall, if you’re looking for love, remember that there are plenty of fish in the sea. There are many girls and guys out there, and you’ll find someone right for you. So, follow these tips and stay hopeful and positive.

Three Ways To Know If You’re Dating a Good Person

If you meet a new guy, it’s pretty hard to tell if he is really a great man, even after going on a few dates with him. Some guys are genuinely good people, while there are some or are just acting until he exposes who he really is.

So, how can you find out if the man you’re dating is right to be in a relationship with you? Women like to date guys who are kind, honest and committed. If a man has all three good traits, he will be successful in the three factors we discussed below. Here are three ways to know:

Work History

One of the most critical factors in accessing the character and quality of a man is by analyzing his work history. If you want a stable and drama free romantic relationship with a guy, then date a man who has a job, loves it, and knows how to hold on to it. A man, who has a stable job, will also be stable in a relationship. Some men may be out of jobs, because of the economy or due to the unstable job market, so don’t hold it against them. The key here you need date men who are in jobs and even if they aren’t into one, dating one who is persistent in finding one. However, don’t ask a guy what kind of job he does for a living. Most men hate this type of questions because they fear that women might reject them if they find out how much money they earn. Instead, ask them what does he do for a living, and if he likes it, and whether he prefers to do it in the long-term.

Relationship With His Family Members

Most people assume that if a man has good relations with his family members, he is a good person. But, what if he decides to get detached from them for his own well-being because his parents and siblings are on the crazy side? The thing is family dynamics are private and complicated issues. So don’t pass judgment on guy quickly by the relationship he maintains with his kith and kin. Instead, try to get to know more about him and his family by asking what kind relationship does he have with parents, does he see them often, how well do you get with your brothers and sisters, etc. If he responds positively to these questions, it means that he care about his parents and siblings, and doing his best to improve the relationship with them. Nonetheless, it is hard to find out if a man is good on not, by looking at his family.

Relationships With His Friends

You can know a lot about a person by looking at his friends, the relationship he maintains with them, and the kinds of activities he engages in with his buddies. To find out more ask your man how often does he hangs out with his friends, does he play sports with them, does he have a best friend from school, etc. A good guy will at least have one best friend or a few close friends from high school and he will be committed, caring and loyal to them. However, if your date has friends, you don’t like, consider terminating the relationship.

If you’re dating a woman or man, finding out whether they're good people or not, is a daunting task and takes time. But, by focusing on his work history, relationships with his family, and relationships he maintains with his friends, you can make it less complicated.

Four Tips To Reduce Anxiety On First Dates

Dating is stressful, no doubt about it. Most men and women get really anxious on their first dates because it’s all unknown and no one knows what’s going to happen. All these stress and anxiety will put you in the wrong mood to meet someone new. The best way to confront your anxiety is to relax and be confident, so don’t get overly anxious before meeting your date. Here are four tips that can be helpful to reduce anxiety on your first date. Read on to find more:

1. Make a list of your Deals and Deal Breakers. Being organized both in body and mind is one of best approaches to reducing anxiety. Writing down your thoughts is great to get you organized. Make a list of all the good traits and deal breakers you want to see in your future partner. It can include needs to have a job, should be interested to know more about me, should have similar views and interests, etc. Now, write down all the deal breakers like, no drugs, no bad temper, should drink too much, and so on. Everyone has his or her preferences and deal breakers, so it’s important to ask yourself what you really need to be happy in a relationship.

2. Use positive self-talk. Stand in front of a mirror and speak to yourself, things you did and their results that happened to you throughout the day. It can be good or bad. Is your self-talk having a positive or adverse effect on you? Speaking to yourself in a positive tone is good for you and will make you more confident before and after your first date.

3. Focus on the date itself. Focus on the date itself, not at the person you’ll be meeting. It’s perfectly fine to think about your date is going to be like and what did you expect from it. If you’re both interested, you can hope for to have a stable relationship. But, things always don’t end as we want to it to be. It’s better to hope that you meet someone you’ll like, but also be prepared for the prospect that you two won’t be perfect for each other at the same time. One way to get stop yourself from overthinking is mainly focused on the dating activity, rather who you’ll be engaging to in the date. For example, think about the things and activities you enjoy and like to do, places you like visiting for vacations, and talk about some of them with your date.

4. Ask your best friend for support and vent out your feelings. When you feel insecure and nervous ask your close friends for support. If you get anxious, tell them that you’re losing your mind, ask them to give five or ten minutes of a pep talk. Take a few deep breath, and vent out your feelings loudly. If your scream out all of your negative feelings and energy, you will bounce back to your old self and feel focused within a few minutes. Always remind yourself that dating can be fun and enjoyable if you don’t feel stressed out.

Finally, there are plenty of ways to help you minimize your anxiety on the first date. Whether you’re meeting a woman or man for the first time, keeping your anxiety in check is important, because when you’re relaxed, you’re at your best, confident, and attractive to you date.

Are First Dates Like Job Interviews?

Before we tell you if first dates are like job interviews, let us talk about speed dating events to get a perspective on the subject, and it isn’t pretty for the most part. When it comes to speed dating, when two people meet with their potential partners, a lot of normal behavior and reasoning goes out of the door. We only want to impress and get impressed. What we tend to forget is that connecting with someone gets complicated, when dating becomes a competition. In reality, most of us get more self-conscious and critical than we normally are.

These days first dates are more like interviewing for good jobs. We sell ourselves to get what we really want. At most speed, dating event men are more like potential candidates all prepped up with their resumes and accomplishments, while the women act like interviewers. If a woman isn’t happy or impressed by a man, they pass him up for a new guy, without even trying to engage or know him better.

It’s not surprising that most men and women feel dejected and disillusioned by the whole thing, as no one is trying to connect to each other personally. All they want to compete, impress, show off in their quest to find the perfect partner for their lives. However, this scenario isn’t only confined to speed dating events. You can see the same thing getting repeated in online dating as well. Often on most first dates, we either too hard to sell or judge our potential suitors too quickly. This habit hasn’t yielded us anything positive. But, that’s not the real problem. The real issue is we have the entire whole dating process all wrong.

So, we need to try a new tactic. Whenever you’re in a hurry to choose your partner, it prevents you from connecting to them on an emotional level. It’s highly likely that a lot of ladies dismissed some great guys because they misinterpreted something they said or thought that they were too anxious or nervous, or only found a reason that won’t work. Rather of investigating to find out what’s wrong, you need to be in the present and simply enjoy and cherish the moment. The similar tactic also applies to people who are trying too hard to impress other. How can you think of someone to have a connection with your date, when all you’re doing is convincing him or her to like you?

Well, you can do something different. Try to engage with someone without thinking whether if he is someone I can have a relationship with in the future. If you liked him, you didn’t try too hard to get his attention and on yourself. Eventually, you’ll realize that the whole dating things have become interesting and, of course, even fun.

Every person has a story to tell. If you date a woman for the first time and she doesn’t click with you straight away, don’t get discouraged. Instead, try to enjoy the dating experience and the moment. Try to get to know more about the person, instead of selling yourself or deciding immediately if he or she is compatible with you. Remember, you aren’t looking for a job here, you looking for a connection here with your potential partner. So, don’t rush, have fun and hope for the best.

Four Body Language Signs That Says a Man Is Interested In You

Sometimes you don’t need someone to verbally tell you they’re attracted or interested in you, particularly when it comes to men. We all know that unlike women, men like to convey their feelings and thoughts by acting on it. After all, actions speak louder than words.

Here are four of a man’s body language that easily tells that he is interested in you and is looking forward for the magical word, ‘yes’ from you. Read on to check it out:

Eye Contact

If a guy is into you, he will make sheepish and an almost awkward eye contact with you. If you catch him red-handed staring at you and if he quickly looks somewhere else it indicates that he surely is interested in you. When you get close to his face, you’ll notice his pupils are dilated, which usually happens if we look at someone we like! If a man is attracted to you, he will make direct eye contact with you. Guys who have high self-esteem and confidence will make a serious eye contact, and when these men are interested in you and made you their mission, it’s a sign that he wants to take the relationship to the next level. However, we would like to advise the ladies to notice if this eye contact is lusty or if he wants to get to know you better and intends to be in a relationship with you.

A Good Listener

When a guy is interested in you, he will pay attention and listen to you while having a conversation. He will lean towards you when you talk. He will make eye contact with you when you’re speaking. A guy will also physically turn his body to towards you. This is nothing but a flirtatious move by him, and it’s great. Sometimes if a guy is interested in you will wander off, but doesn’t mean that he’s not interested, he’s just readjusting his attention.

He Never Looks At His Phone

These days most of us are programmed to respond to things like phone calls, text messages, emails, tweets, and so forth. Most men and women place their smartphones on the tables so they never miss a notification while on dates. It's a bad dating etiquette. But, if a guy switched off his phone, or turned his phone into “Silent Mode,” or left his phone in his pocket, and never looked at it once, just to have an undisturbed date with you, then it can only mean one thing! He likes you and dreams to have a relationship with you.

His Body Position

If a man is interested in you, he will get to know you better. He will square his shoulders towards you, which is a sign that he’s interested. He will also point his feet towards you, and spread his leg slightly, and he’ll certainly face you. He will adjust his belt, watch, tie or restyle his hair. He does it to try to get you to look at his face subconsciously.

The bottom line is that if a man is interested in a woman, he will do all sort of things, verbally or gives hints with his body or flirt with her to lure her or grab her attention. If he’s lusting for you or is in love with you, that’s a whole different thing.

How To Get The Attention Of Your Crush While Looking Fabulous?

Does this ever happen to you where the person who was desperate to catch your attention loses interest in you all of a sudden? While crossing the hallway, sitting in a café or conference room, that cutie or that handsome guy who may have been trying to draw your attention seems to suddenly have no interest in you? Ever wonder what the reason is behind losing interest? What and where it went wrong?

Well, the first glance usually stirs the emotions, but to keep it moving and arouse interest you need to look good.  The following tips will guide you that how you can increase the excitement at the very first glance by looking good:

Look occupied

Appear like you have a life and show yourself to be busy and occupied. Do not ever lead them to think you have nothing to do. Avoid a constant stare as it may feel strange for the other person or scare them off.

Right eye contact

Eye contact is very essential. You need to learn how to make the other person’s heart skip a beat through flirting with your eyes. Sneak a glance over time and excite that person to want you more.

Surround yourself with fun people

It is always easier to look good and grasp attention while sitting in a group of your friends. Moreover, it is simpler to seem like you are the center of attention when your friends are with you. So, always try to sit within a group. But if your friends are giving some wrong impression, it is better to leave their company and move away from them.

Blush when your eyes meet

No matter how much glances you exchange, show a little nervousness when your eyes meet as it always makes romance more sweet and beautiful.

Good Posture

Always stand tall or sit upright. It makes you look good and confident. The coy posture is perfect for women, whereas dominant posture works well for men.

Create an opportunity for each other

If you have been exchanging glances, do not lose any chances that come your way. A few glances and that person may make a move by starting a conversation and exchanging numbers.

If you are a woman then excuse yourself from your group of friends, walk past him with a smile and step out. This is a green signal from your side that you want him to get up and move towards you.

Bottom Line

Eye contact may be the best among the above tips. Just sit back comfortably and enjoy it if you are not ready for the next step yet. But do remember to look confident and play your flirt game at best.

Ladies – Avoid These Style Mistakes On The First Date

There are a lot of rules out there regarding what to wear on a first date. Which rule should be followed by you and what you should not opt for is a pretty difficult decision to make. But what really matters in the end is that whatever you decide to wear should bring out the best version of you. Obviously, this is your first date, and you undoubtedly want to look amazingly stunning on this very first occasion of yours. Here, I will discuss the tips that I have tried and that will apply to most of the women on their first date scenario:

Wear something fresh

One of the most instant ways to make yourself look attractive and beautiful is the way you dress up yourself. It is not about wearing something branded or labeled, it is about wearing something that suits you.

Some people are so casual that they do not give importance to their wardrobe; however, this is the most significant part of your date. Now, don’t tell me that you have decided to wear those jeans on your first date which you are wearing since the past 4-5 days. Wear something fresh and comfy as your outfit will give the very first impression of yours to the other person.

Stressing out too much

Don’t stress yourself out when you are selecting an outfit for your very first date. Obviously, everyone wants to look perfect but there is no need to be overly concerned about it. What you will wear on the upcoming dates is more important as it tells someone how you feel or think about them more accurately.

Avoid showing off your body too much

Is it your first date? If yes, then act sensible and mature. What impression do you want to give your date by showing off too many of your body parts on your very first date?

When it comes to flashing your flesh, it is important to show a single body part like legs, shoulders or back. Anything more on your first date and you may be viewed as trashy.

Looking unapproachable

If you are uncomfortable in what you are wearing, then there are a large chance that it will make your date uncomfortable as well. So wear something that will keep you at ease and approachable. It is time to welcome someone in your life and not push them back.

Overdoing the hair styling

It is better to leave your hair free for your first date. Do not bother to overdo it. Your date might want to run down his fingers through them.

Applying excessive makeup

Applying a little makeup will make you look better along with making your good features more prominent. But keep it subtle. There is no need to apply so much makeup that your face seems like it has been painted. Keeping it light will get you appear more elegant and natural.

Avoid wearing a dress which makes you feel suffocated

Why wear something which is too tight, and even makes you uncomfortable? Wear something in which you feel good rather than stuck.

I hope these simple tips will help you in making the right choices. In the end, it is all about making yourself feel good and striking. So, wear a comfy dress confidently for your first date.