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Little, Powerful Gestures That Excite Men The Most!

It’s often the small, insignificant gestures that make all the big differences. Similarly, there are many little things you can do to excite your boyfriend, and you don’t need porn for that. It’s the buildup of small, yet gestures that creates the intense sexual tension and which make him think and drool for you all day and all night.

Want to know what these are? Here are nine shy, small and subtle gestures that will make a guy like you.

1. A wink
If you’re too nervous in trying all those bold, flirty moves, just give him a wink. A small, cute, and often sexy wink is perfect for a shy girl.

2. A hair
Let your hair touch your lover's face. Touch his hair, if your hair isn’t long. Put your fingers in his hair for a few seconds, and reach the back of his neck. Feel him getting all amorous and sensuous towards you.

3. A bite
Tell your boyfriend that you want to have a bite of his food, and let him feed it to you. Now, return the favor and feed him the same way. After this gesture, we can safely say sex isn’t too far.

4. A trace
When you’re having a conversation with him, gently and softly trace the back of his neck with your finger. Be assured your boyfriend will be begging you for more.

5. An ear
Lean towards him, let your body touch his body, and talk to him slowly and softly in his ear. Keep talking for a few moments. Now, pull away and look at him in the eye. Give him a few second to think about what you said. It doesn’t have to anything sex or flirty. It could be that you cooked him his favorite recipe.

6. A text
Pull out your phone, and send a text message telling that you can’t stop thinking about this particular thing that he does, and it drives you crazy, of course, in a right way. But, there is a catch, don’t tell him what it is. When he asks what it is, tell him that you’ll tell when you see him.

7. A note
Texting is very common these days. Take a small piece of paper, and write a heartfelt letter, instead. Write on it what you were thinking about him. Give it to him as you leave him. It’s beautiful and cute way as you don’t have to tell your boyfriend what you’re thinking at all. But, one thing is for sure, that note of yours will get him thinking.

8. A close shave
Shaving your man is erotic. Wear something incredibly sexy, seductive, leave your bra. Let those nipples see through your shirt or dress. Lean over from behind and get in front view give him a shave. We can guarantee he’ll love it.

9. A sneak peek
When you’re in a relationship, sneak peeks can do wonders. Go to a dinner party wearing a dress, but don’t wear your panties. But, try this only when the weather is warm, this is not a winter move. While you’re eating, just drop your spoon or anything, and ask him to pick it up for you. When he goes under the table, spread those sexy legs. Make sure he sees everything! Yes, you heard that right. That’s all he needs.

How To Have A Relationship Off Right With A Women

Embarking on a new relationship might feel like a lot of uncertainty regardless of how many times you’ve been in one. Here are a few dating tips on how to begin a relationship with a woman straight away and help you build a perfect relationship from the start.

Meet Often, But Don’t Over Do
When you’re in a new relationship, in the beginning, you’ll want to spend every minute with your love interest. It’s perfectly okay as both of you are obviously excited. But, did it occur to you that you’re pushing your new found relationship too fast and too far? If you meet very often, you’ll change the life of the both of you who have fallen in love. This might good during the initial few weeks, but you’ll realize that your commitments are piling up, and you or your sweetheart might get annoyed with the other for taking too much time. Therefore it’s better if you date once or twice per week. This way , You can maintain the love and excitement for a long time.

Learn From Your Mistakes
It’s true reminiscing your past isn’t good, but you can learn from the mistakes you’ve committed in your past relationships. It might be you were too clingy or desperate, or you didn’t focus or commit to your relationship fully. Perhaps, you were too jealous, possessive, neglectful or took the relationship for granted. Maybe you rushed to take your new relationship onto the next stage without being sensitive to your girlfriend’s feelings or rushed them along in the relationship before they were fully ready. Whatever, you did, learn from your mistakes, so you don’t make the same mistakes in your current relationship.

Make Sure You Are Ready For It
If you’ve recently broken up or divorced, it’s natural that you’re looking for a rebound relationship as you feel overwhelmed by loneliness. But, it’s highly likely that you’ll be able to build a good relationship while you’re still healing from your past. Therefore, don’t get involved in any new relationships for about six months and enjoy being during that period. Spend time with family. Catch up with old friends. Get that promotion at work. Do something interesting and fun. Follow up on your hobbies. When you feel happier, you’ll be more ready for a new relationship.

Be Sure What You Want
If you want to be in a happy, long-lasting relationship, you should know what you want out of it. Always think about the bigger picture. Maybe you want to fall in love and be in an exclusive, monogamous relationship or just want to get a nice gift from your partner. Either way, relationships, whether committed or casual, are easier and fun if men and women exactly know what they want to gain from experience before starting out. Be clear about your values and what you’re looking for in a relationship.

Beginning a new relationship can be compared with art and takes time. If you follow the above dating advice on how to be in a relationship with a woman right away, you’ll surely be in perfect one that you’ve always dreamed of.

The 3 Qualities Men Desire To See In Their Girlfriends

Let’s make one thing very clear: we are all desirable. It doesn’t matter what’s our race, creed, appearance, or nationality is, every single person have qualities that will make them desirable to the opposite sex. However, some of us are naturally blessed with more of these favorable traits, while others have to nurture those qualities to make them more attractive and exciting.

Below are three characteristics that trump everything else and what men like to see in their women:

1. She is confident
A confident woman knows that she is capable in many areas of her life, and it’s evident in the way she presents herself. Women show their confidence through communication, body language, and physical appearance. A woman who is confident will communicate her views and ideas effectively. She’ll always be intentional in what she says. They speak positively of themselves and don’t hesitate while receiving compliments. Even, while talking with someone, these women exude confidence. You can easily tell a woman is confident or not, by noticing what she’s wearing. It’s well-documented that dressing well boosts confidence in a big way. Most confident ladies invest time and effort to get ready and to improve their outer appearance. This doesn’t mean she’s wearing expensive designer clothes with a ton of make-up, but it shows that she’s taken the time to look her best.

2. She has a passion
Having a passion about something other than the person you’re dating or in a relationship with is a very desirable attribute in a potential partner. You can notice that people get very excited when you ask them to tell you about their hobbies or activities they like doing and have fun with. Having other interests or activities that you don’t want to abandon, can give you an upper hand in the dating world.

For instance, if you love dancing and go to Salsa class every Friday. Now, the guy you’re dating asks you to take on a date on Friday. If you’re confident and passionate about your dancing class, you’ll feel empowered to say, “No” to the date. If the man you’re dating is confident, believe me, this will go a long way. However, most people think that this will have an opposite effect that he may lose interest or leave you. Instead, a confident man will reschedule and take you on a date the day you’re free. The reason is men are extremely attracted to women who have other interests and hobbies.

3. She exudes positivism
While looking for a partner possessing a positive attitude is crucial when trying to attract a confident man. People who are positive they look at things through a different lens. They try to find goodness in every experience. This makes them feel happy and content. For example, normally people will get annoyed and impatient while waiting in a long line at the grocery store, while a positive person will enjoy listening to music since worrying about this incident won’t help the situation. It’s worth mentioning that our thoughts greatly influence our outlook, whether it’s positive or negative. A positive outlook helps you to stay calm and peaceful. Confident men love positive women because they feel like they’ll be able to get through life when things get tough.

Avoid Those Awkward Silences On Dates With These 4 Tips

We've all been there. You’re meeting your date for the first time; the conversation has been flowing, and you’ve already asked basic questions like, “Where are you from? What are your interests? What do you for a living? What are your hobbies?”Where do you live? What do you love to do?” etc. You begin to feel that the longer the silence continues, the less are your chances of ever seeing your date for the second time. To you, I will tell don’t be a victim to awkward silence in dates. Many potential couples have succumbed to this horrible fate and look for yourself where they stand now? Still single.

So, if you want to have a great first date, you’ll need to get rid of those awful, awkward silences on dates. Here are four tips that will help you achieve that:

1. Give Them A Safe Compliment
One great way to fill any silence is to compliment them. Take a deep breath, make yourself comfortable lean forward, and say, “You look lovely this evening,” or “That’s a beautiful dress.” A compliment will surely make your date smile and feel comfortable. Besides, it's a nice way to show that you’re interested in her and would like to see the date turn into something more meaningful like a relationship. But, be careful not to take things too far, as this will make look like a creep. So, if you just met her for the first time, don’t tell that she has amazing legs unless she’s fully into you. Otherwise, it will scare her off.

2. Nod, Smile And Make Eye Contact
you what makes a woman talk on dates? It’s nodding, smiling and making eye contact. These three important body language gestures encourage your date to strike up a conversation with you. These easy to understand moves let them know that you’re having fun with them, enjoying what they're saying, and you feel interested to hear more about it. When you’re on a date, and you’re acting distracted or looking away at something or someone, your date will think you're not interested in her. And the awkward silence will begin consequently.

3. Listen To Her And Respond, Genuinely
Naturally, people like to talk about themselves. If you feel nervous about the date, encourage her to talk by asking questions that will give you a glimpse into their hobbies, their passions, their interests, and what they like to talk about. Every time she tells you something, affirm it by making a statement. Later, you can ask a question. For instance, when says that she just got her cat from the vet, respond to it by saying that you love cats. Don’t stop there; keeps the conversation going by asking her, what kind of cat do you have? You get the idea.

4. Don’t Make The Date Look Like An interview
Remember when you’re on a date with someone you like, don’t make it seem like an interview. A date is not a job interview! That’s the last thing your date has on her mind after a hard day at work. Nobody wants to be confronted and be drilled on a date. Therefore, don’t think of asking questions like, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”, “How do you feel about marriage?”, or “Why did you break up with your boyfriend?”. These types of questions will surely make your date go running in the opposite direction.

4 Tips On How To Meet Women In Real Life

Meeting a woman in real life is much more intimidating than sending a woman a message you liked on a dating website. When you meet a girl in real life or online, it can be challenging to know if and should you compliment her before you lose the chance to do it. You need to respectful as well as make her feel the “spark” of attraction towards you.

Here are four steps for you to approach a woman in real life and in a non-creepy way:

1. Grab Her Attention
Approaching a woman may not work for you if you don’t pay full attention while speaking to her. By attention, we are talking about making a full eye contact with her. If she sees you before you strike up a conversation with her, she’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable, and you can also check out her body language such as whether she’s making eye contact with you and smiling. This part is important because you can be clear if she seems interested in talking with you. Sometimes you might need to say, “Hey,” to make look up to you. You might also consider to pause and give her a moment so that she can fully realize that a “guy is talking to me” before you continue with the conversation. Also, try to be as friendly and relaxed as possible.

2. Affirm The Obvious
If you want to talk to a woman and you see her busy or occupied with something reading a book, working on her laptop, or just talking or hanging out with a friend, don’t walk away from it. Wait to say, “Hello” to her. This will make her think that you're considerate and that you realize that she’s busy. Showing her that you’re considerate of whatever is going on for her is a much better approach than waiting for the perfect moment (which in most cases doesn’t come) to say hi to her. Another thing to mention here is not to be overly apologetic, instead only say, ‘Hi, I know you’re busy, but I wanted to say…’

3. Compliment Her
If you want to compliment her, then try to avoid compliments that are too focused on her physical appearance, or very generic. Also stay away from clichés like “you have beautiful eyes,” or “you have a beautiful smile,” as these lines will make think that you’re just another guy trying to make a move on her. Instead, appreciate or compliment her how she’s doing something such as telling her, “I like how focused you’re with this new project,” or, “I admire your designs,” and so on and so forth.

4. Introduce Yourself
After you’ve complimented or appreciated her about something she’s doing, in most situations, she might not know how to continue the conversation. When you’re looking for a woman, a simple way to signal to her that you want to have a conversation with her and to keep it going is to say your name. When she listens to your name, it establishes trust as she gets to know you better on a personal basis. Tell her, “my name is Richard by the way” before she says her name to you. If she doesn’t want to say her name, it means that she’s not interested in you or the conversation. In this situation, you can wish she has a good day, end the conversation and leave.

5 Things Men Should Never Say To Women

When it comes to dating and relationships, all the rules are unwritten. Then there are some rules in relationships that are so apparent that they don’t require any explanation. But, we will explain them anyway because there are some who are simply clueless about dating etiquettes.

Certain things are meant to be said to a woman such how many men they slept with or anything about their weight. Here are five things you should never say to women unless you really want to piss them off:

1. How many men have you slept with?
She didn’t ask you how many women you’ve been or slept with, so it’s only logical that you too should never ask her how many guys she had sex with. Why you should you ask this question is simple – it's better if you didn't know. It doesn’t matter if the digit is high or low, or somewhere in between. You’ll gain nothing from knowing how many men she was sexually involved. The sole thing it will do is the way you feel and think about her. If the number is large, you’ll think she’s promiscuous, and if the number is too small, you’ll assume something is not right with her. Instead, consider asking her about how many long-term, committed relationships she’s been with.

2. Was sex good for you?
As if questions can get any worse. First, it was how many men have you slept with; now you’re enquiring whether she enjoyed having sex or was the sex good enough for her. You could use one of the worse lovers, and if the woman you’ve been dating and having sex with truly loves you, she’ll lie and tell you that you’re the best lover she ever met. She won’t fake orgasms, moans or groans; she’ll lie with words. So, don’t ask it.

3. Are you gaining weight?
You barely need any explanation for this one. If your girlfriend put on weight, she’s probably well aware of that herself. Gaining weight is nothing to be happy about it, and the last thing she needs to listen is her boyfriend pointing it out. If you think your gal has gained some weight, then your ultimate plan for her is to motivate her to eat better, be active and exercise.

4. Do you want to come back to my place?
You had a great date and the night is wrapping up. You aren’t in the mood to make any assumptions, so you drop the question, asking her if she wants to come over at your place. Sure, she really wants to visit your place assuming she had an incredible date, but phrasing the question in this way makes her think that you want to have sex with her. This puts her on the spot and doesn’t allow her to make a counter offer like asking you to go to her home. Instead, tell her that you don’t want the night to end here.

5. You look awful in that dress!
While dating someone, men will always joke or complain about the amount of time a woman needs to get ready. The truth is that it’s not that she’s doing it deliberately. You see looking good takes time and women spend a good amount of time to prepare from picking out the right dress or clothes and shoes to the color of her hair and nails. Despite all these telling her she looks bad in an outfit shows that you're inconsiderate and disrespectful. Instead, say that you don’t like that dress or outfit she’s wearing. It’s best to blame the outfit and not the person.

Things Women Do That Make Them Unapproachable To Men

Are you perplexed by the fact even after going to many days you’re still single? Guys never ask you out. You wonder why never seem attracted to you? You’re probably started to assume that there is something wrong with you. You feel insecure, and you beat yourself up inside. You began to tell yourself that you’re not beautiful enough, smart enough, or even funny enough to make men feel attracted to you. Well, that’s all nonsense! What if we tell you that you not being asked out by men have nothing to do with your looks or sense of humor? Because the truth is, it’s actually what you’re doing that is making him turn away.

Here are some things you need to seriously consider if your want to be in a serious relationship:

You’re In Love With Your Phone
When you’re always texting on your phone, you’re surely not paying any attention or making eye contact with a guy who’s looking at you across the table or room. When a man approaches towards you, he needs to connect with you on eye-to-eye level first. It is fully natural for him to do that so that he can see whether you’re his type and whether there are any potential interest and attraction. But, when you're constantly hooked on your phone’s screen, he’ll think you’re not taking him seriously, or not having fun or don’t want to be bothered.

You’re Hanging Out With Too Many Women
Men are already nervous to ask a lady out. Now, if he sees you hanging out with your girlfriends, and there are ten of them at once, imagine how intimidated and insecure that would that make him feel? So keep your posse small, at least for now.

You have A Bitchy Face
Nobody likes to date someone with a crappy mood or a bitch face that tells the world to stay away. Our facial expression says a lot about our personalities. If you’re at a bar or hanging out at a great party, but have that bitch face on you, no guy in his right mind would even remotely think to approach you. When it comes to dating girls, guys want to make sure he can be friends with you first, before he decides to ask you out. So, smile, be confident and engage in friendly banter, to keep yourself approachable.

He Always Sees Hanging Out With Your Boys
We aren’t saying that you should stop hanging out with your guy friends while looking for a man. We understand why you like spending time with your boys, they make you laugh, and they make sure you’re in for a great time. And, it’s quite an adventure too. But remember, guys are less likely to approach you, and immediately think you’re off-limits when they see you hanging out with a group of dudes. They assume that if they ask you out while being surrounded by your personal army, they might lose all their guts and glory. So, enjoy your nights out with the guys, but don’t plan on meeting a potential boyfriend while hanging out with them anytime soon.

You're Exuding Some Serious Negative Energy
Your body beams out energy the moment you enter a room. Your energy can make or break a date when a guy asks you out. So, if you want to make yourself attractive to guys, let your energy shine. When it comes to dating and relationships, it’s imperative that you connect with a man on all dimensions; mind, body, and spirit. Also, make sure your thoughts and emotions are radiating positively through your aura to attract his attention.

How To Find Out If He’s The Right Guy For You

It’s easy for us to tell if the guy our friends are dating is right for them, whether we like their boyfriends, and give them advice when they doubt their relationship. However, things aren’t easy when it comes to making our own decisions.

So, how do you figure out if your boyfriend is a keeper or is just using you as a fling? Here are three ways that you can tell if the man you’re dating is right for you or not:

1. Find Out What You Want In A Relationship
It’s sad to say that while looking for a relationship, most men and women don't take the time to sit and sincerely think what we actually want in a relationship. Most of us believe that love just come naturally to us. People who are successful have worked hard for it. They didn’t leave it to chance. Knowing what you want in a loving relationship enables you to make a smart choice while choosing the right man among many potential matches. Knowing what you want in a relationship gives you the ability to say no to someone who is not fulfilling what you’ve envisioned in a committed relationship. We suggest you ask yourself these questions; if you had everything you wanted, what will the first thing you choose? What does my perfect relationship feel like? If you can these questions, only then you can tell if the man you’re dating is the right person for you.

2. Check In With Your Feelings
The first kiss is always exhilarating. The sheer thrill and excitement of being adored is simply mind-blowing, and the desire to get more of it can become pretty addictive. If you meet your new man now and then, pause for a moment and ask yourself these four questions: How does he make me feel? Is it good, bad or indifferent? Am I comfortable being myself while with him? Am I attracted to him? Does he bring the best of me while with him? When you find the answers to these questions, stay present, live in the moment and see how it all evolves. If all of your answers are, “good or yes,” we can safely say you’re on the right path. Don’t stop asking these questions even if all the answers aren’t what you expected. As time progresses, what you want in your relationship will become apparent and the relationship will either thrive or fade away.

3. Don’t Worry Too Much Of The Outcome
Women, often, over think, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. They want to know the status of the relationship immediately or after going on a few dates with a man. They’re eager to know if he takes her seriously and where the relationship stands. Men will reveal their feelings to their partners quickly enough. He might not verbally express it, but his actions will show his actual feelings. So, our advice to all those single ladies looking for a date or who are already dating or in a relationship is to let go of the outcome and allow yourself to relax and just be present. If he calls you, answer it. If he texts you, reply. And if he asks you to go on a date with him, say yes. The right guy for you reveals himself when the time is right – always!

You’re In An Almost Relationship With Your Girlfriend If She Does These 4 Things

It’s not easy to spot an almost relationship simply because you’ve expectations and it makes it difficult for to come to terms with the ugly truth. So what is an almost relationship? In an almost relationship, both partners are interested in each other, but they’re still unsure whether to continue the relationship or not.

So, here are few signs that you might be in an almost relationship:

1. She gives you false hope and sends mixed signals
You notice your girlfriend sometimes being sweet and other times being ignorant. You’re always in doubt about her behavior. Why isn’t she calling me back? Why did she cancel the dinner date at the last-minute? You’re finding it harder to her behaviors because you both are in an ‘on and off’ relationship. You’re always in a state of confusion and always doubt whether to continue with this relationship or end it and move on.

2. She likes spending time with you, but he won’t take things any further
She feels happy to see you; she feels for you, she cares for you, heck she even watched Netflix with you! But when you ask her to make the relationship exclusive, she holds back. She doesn’t want to get involved when your interactions are going ‘too far.' If she thinks about it, she distances himself, and disappears for several days, after which she comes back to you again. This ‘push and pull’ thing makes you frustrated and tired. Try to get to know your gal better, and it might be that she can’t see a lasting and happy future with you together since you both have different life goals, opinions, values, or maybe some wants and needs that she can’t fulfill.

3. She’s close to you, yet you aren’t her priority
She only reaches for you when she needs you, not when she wants you. She only comes close to you, when she needs your help or when she’s having a bad day. She doesn’t call you or comes close to you when she is busy with her life. She cares and likes you, but deep down you can realize that she has herself before you. You assume that she doesn't have the intention or to have a committed relationship with you because he’s too busy building her own life. Or maybe, she likes someone else.

4. She makes you dismiss the feelings you had for her
When you’re in a relationship, your instincts play a significant role. In this case, your instincts tell you that this relationship is going nowhere. You’ll do your best to dismiss the feelings you had for her by telling yourself that she’s not my type or she’s just a fling. You’ll try convincing yourself that you had no feelings for her and that you’re not in love. You’re doing everything to protect your heart from rejection and heartbreak, but your mind rarely questions about why this relationship didn’t have a happy ending like the way you expected it to be.

When your girlfriend is in an almost relationship with you, she makes you feel like you're alone here who is trying to make things happen in the relationship. You find yourself that you’re the one who’s too excited when she spends time with you, and can’t wait to meet her the next day. You ultimately realize that your relationship has become one-sided because you didn’t see your girlfriend put any endeavors to get to know you better.

Not Sure If You Need To Bail On Your Relationship?

Sometimes our relationships become so loveless and devoid of passion that we can’t tell if it’s time to stay or leave the relationship. A simple and yet uncomplicated way to tell if a relationship has run its course is by accessing how couple tells his or her story about their significant other. The way happy and unhappy couples tell stories and share their feelings about each other is entirely different. Happy couples lighten up their relationship with positive stories, while it’s the otherwise for unhappy couples. Unhappy couples don’t have any positive or appreciate to talk about their partners; instead, they begin to assume the worst about each other.

If your relationship has all five signs below, maybe it’s time to end your relationship for good.

1. Fondness And Admiration Is Weak
There is a huge difference between couples who last and couples who separate. Couples in happy, healthy relationships have respect, warmth, and affection for each other. Meanwhile, couples who broke up have unfavorable first impressions with their partners. They've no warmth and love for each other, and the whole relationship feels cold.

2. It’s More Of “Me “Than “We.”
There is a sense of “we-ness” when happy couples talk to each other and tell their stories. There is a feeling that reflects they are into this together. They have similar beliefs, values, and goals. This sense of “we-ness” or “togetherness” gets lost when couples tell their stories in a way that emphasizes their sense of individuality, rather than as a couple. All of a sudden, they prioritize their wants and needs and ignore their partner’s needs. When you’re in a relationship, conflicts and arguments are inevitable. But, unhappy couples get gridlocked by these arguments because most of the time they’re focusing on him or her, not themselves.

3. Talking About The Past Feels Impersonal
When you’re in a committed relationship, it’s imperative that you know what makes your girlfriend sad or happy, or what your girlfriend loves or cares about. A couple who is lacking this connection doesn't reminisce their past with humor or vivid memories. They talk about their past that feels very impersonal, and rarely mention anything specific about each other. It seems like they’ve lost the “love map” to each other’s hearts and minds.

4. Struggles In Your Relationship Push You Apart
Couples with a turbulent history are often unhappy. Their stories have nothing that shows them learning from negative experiences. It’s evident that their troublesome past did not strengthen their bond, rather it pushed them apart. Love and life just somehow seemed to come to them. On the other hand, happy couples confidently express their ability in overcoming tough times together. They talk with great pride how their past struggles and hardships have solidified their bond and brought them closer together. Happy couples share a profound meaning together and have a purpose in life, which most unhappy couples don’t have.

5. The Relationship Fails To Meet Your Expectations
Happy couples believe their relationship has met their expectations and describe that their partners were right for them. On the other hand, in unhappy relationships, either one partner expresses disappointment over the fact that the relationship has failed to meet his or her expectations as their partners weren’t right for them.

If you’re in a relationship and the relationship has all the five signs, it is very hard to reverse your relationship to its previous state. At that point, it’s for the best for the partners to let go and walk away.