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Should You Date A More Successful Woman than You?

Like it or not, when it comes to dating men and women operate on a different level. In our society, it’s perfectly and culturally acceptable for a man who is shorter or less qualified than him or makes less money than him. But, when a successful woman dates a guy less successful than her, it surely raises some eyebrows, with many folks telling that the woman hasn’t done quite as well.

So, what will you do if you meet a woman who fares better on paper than you do? Should you try your best to pursue or woo her? Or, should you just walk away? Here are some tips on how to date a successful woman who just happens to earn more than you, without ruining your confidence.

1. Know Her, Not Her Bank Account
Dating a woman who makes more than you, isn’t that different from dating a woman who earns less or even unemployed. Just like any other date, focus on getting to know more about each other; don’t talk about her bank account. She wants to know about you. Talk about shared interests or activities and common goals. Instead of trying to woo her by expensive dinners or gifts, take an interest in activities that you both like doing and enjoy.

2. Don’t Be Distressed By Her Success
The reality is that most highly successful women dump men who feel inferior to themselves and have less self-esteem. Don’t be that guy. A successful woman is more likely to be interested in a man who feels secure with himself and with her financial success as well. To be honest, there is more to do to for a woman than providing for her financially. A successful, smart lady is looking for emotional intimacy with a secure man, rather than looking for someone who will take care of her financially.

3. Allow Her To Pay Sometimes
One significant advantage of dating a successful woman is that your bank account doesn’t have to take all the beating while dating her. While on a date, let her pay sometimes and you can sit back and relax, and get to know all about that amazing woman sitting on the other side of the table. Now, you’ve more cash to spend on stuff that’s necessary for you like season tickets to see your favorite football team play, or buy that new iPhone, etc. It’s a win-win situation!

4. Improve Your Fiscal Position
Though some wrong kind of successful woman might want you to be financially successful, the right ones want you to be financially responsible. Ask yourself do you spend according to your means? Do you have debts? Are you saving or investing for the future? If not, then focus on improving your finances rather than getting intimidated by her financial success.

5. Spend More Time With Each Other
Simply because the woman you’re dating is financially independent doesn’t mean she doesn’t want you to be an important part of her life. But, most smart and successful women are busy with their careers, and finding some quality time to spend together can be challenging, but not impossible. So, work together to reschedule plans whenever needed.

Remember, when dating a woman; it’s always about the woman, not how successful she is or how much money she has. If she’s someone worth wooing and pursuing, then lifts your spirits high and go for it!

How To Cleanse Your Dating Life And Start A New

Sometimes dating can be quite exhausting and draining on your soul. If your last attempts to find everlasting love ended up in failure, it’s okay to feel depleted and frustrated. If you need to get back in the game again, it’s essential that you flush your dating fatigue, and start afresh.

Here are four ways to cleanse yourself of all the fatigue and disappointment so that you can have a fresh beginning:

1. Let Go Of The Past
You can never start afresh when you’re still sulking about your past relationships. Unsuccessful dates often leave dents in us such as unresolved grievances, unmet desires and never-ending regrets and sorrows. These negative emotions are toxic for our emotional well-being. Also, these will act as barriers for you to find love again. One of the crucial steps for dating detox is to forget the past and move on. This isn’t an approach to benefit those you have rejected you, but it will also remove everything that’s holding you back from finding true love.

2. Be Careful Of What You Consume
Rather than foods, here we are talking about your intake of thoughts, advice, words, and photos related to romantic relationships. Avoid having a conversation with your friends who always complain how hard is to find love a decent boyfriend or girlfriend. Also, distance yourself from family members who are complaining how pathetic their relationships are. Only watch movies and music that are uplifting and inspires hope and optimism. When you feel that your mood is starting to sink, do something productive about it. Even small changes in your daily routine and ‘intakes’ can yield surprising results.

3. Rebuild Yourself
Dating detoxes aren’t all about getting rid of your negative emotions and behaviors. It’s about replacing your old ones with something better. In this step, first, envisage what kind of boyfriend or girlfriend you aspire to be. Now, make a list of all the qualities that will help be that person. Check if there are any qualities that you don’t have. Next, describe the kind of partner you like to have a relationship with in detail. This will help you to filter all the people that don’t quite match to your preferences and will also save you from another heartbreak.

4. Destress
Health professionals have pointed out that too much stress has a negative impact on humans including the body’s natural detox system. Stress is inevitable when it comes to dating and relationships. Many men and women have reported that they sometimes feel stressed out, and most of them admitted that it is affecting their relationship negatively. Typical pressures on daters include things like, “Did I do something wrong? Or why isn’t he calling me back? Or Do I look attractive to him/her?” and so on. Take a deep breath and relax. Putting less pressure on your relationships and life, make love easier for individuals. They feel happy to be in love. And happy people make healthy and loving romantic couples.

Breakup, rejections and heartbreaks are a part of the dating process. If you’re in a relationship, all of these things can happen to you. That’s why when it happens; everyone needs to have a dating detox now and then before they get back into the dating scene in their quest to find lasting love.

3 Reasons Why Men Don’t Call Back

You met a great guy and had a nice date. You had a very good time, he made you laugh, and it seems to you that you’ve a connection. He asks for your phone number and happily wrote it down for him. You come and keep wondering when he will call back. The next day comes and goes, and he didn’t call. It's okay; it can happen. A few days pass, and he still hasn't called you back. You get worried, and you start thinking what went wrong? Why hasn’t he called?

Here are three main reasons why a man won’t call you back, even after you thought that both of you’ve a great connection and chemistry:

Reason #1
Some guys are just too immature to act straight and be honest with a woman or their dates. Some men are plain foolish and want to boost their egos and self-esteem by flirting with you; even they don’t have any plans to call you in future. But, they get your number anyway to feel good about themselves. Sometimes, they collect numbers from many girls, just in case; they feel the urge to call you in the future. Men, also think getting a woman’s phone number is like a trophy to them, so that they can feel good about themselves by showing it to their other immature friends or other men. All these unrelated and useless activities have nothing to do with you. If you’ve dated a person like it, thank yourself that he didn’t call you. You don’t want to date him anyway.

Reason #2
Sometimes, men think that asking for your number after a nice date is a ‘polite’ thing to do, even though they don’t have any plans to call you. Remember, most guys will end a date with a positive vibe or a note, and asking for your number is a part of it. Think of it in another way, as a woman, you most likely gave a man your number, when he asked for it, despite you know very well he won’t call you. But, you did it anyway, just to be polite. The man might have been a great match, but he’s not right for you.

Reason #3
This one won’t come up in your mind. Maybe he didn’t call you because he lost your number and simply forgot to call you. Or he was busy with work or went on a business trip, so he hasn’t had time to call. This simple explanation won’t come into your mind as you’re anxious and stressed out over the fact that he didn’t call you. Consider the possibility, at least. If you instantly assume the worse, it doesn’t take you to an emotionally good place.

The bottom line is it’s sad that your date didn’t call you, even after he or she said they would. You feel angry and sad because it has something to do with your feelings. But, none of it has anything to do when it comes with your worth as a person, or there is something wrong with you. The best approach for you here is to forget the past and go ahead and find someone new who is genuinely interested in calling you and being in a relationship with you.

How To Prepare When Your Boyfriend Asks You To Meet His Parents?

Imagine, over dinner, and your partner announces he’d like you to meet his parents. Your jaw drops and your heart jumps. This is unbelievable news! It means that he likes you? It says this relationship is going somewhere, and hopefully will be realized into marriage. The time you realize you have to meet his parents, your palms begin to sweat; your knees buckle; your heart starts racing. Meeting a man’s parents will always bring a bit of anxiety in a woman. This is your time to make a good impression. You want them to like you. You also want your boyfriend and his parents to be impressed with a new look. All these can evoke a lot of pressure.

Well, these great tips that will help you to channel poise and grace with ease and from the outside in.

The Outfit
There goes a proverb “You are what you wear.” It is human nature that people justify someone’s personality based on how the person dresses. So we suggest keeping your outfit simple and classic while meeting his parents. Think about what type of dresses your new man should wear in front of your parents. He can’t behave as he is heading to a gym or out to a bachelor party in Vegas in your parent’s home. You can think a job interview appropriate. Think something traditional or classy. Probably, you are fashionable, but you needn’t impress them with your fashion IQ. You don’t need to pile on all current trends. Choosing a simple A-line dress will be perfect. Make sure it isn’t too short or too low cut. When meeting the parents, it is always better to go on the side of conservative. It’s imperative to show your personality in dinner out and express who you are. Remember, sexy is for your boyfriend, while sophistication is for his parents.

The Accessories
The clothes, shoes, purse and jewelry you choose to wear can express your personality. It isn’t that you have to buy some expensive accessories, but you have to combine them in a way so that his parents feel that you have a good taste. You can carry a bright purse to add some sass to your outfit and show a conversation piece.

For A Flawless Makeup and Face
To get a naturally flawless look, the first thing you can do to wash your face using a cleanser suitable for your skin. Find a good moisturizer that fit your skin. A great foundation is a proper choice for flawless-looking skin. So choose the right one. Then, you should use a concealer. You should include the areas under your eyes and any blemishes to cover up. Pick a shade matching your chest and neck area to achieve a natural look. For the makeup, you can use two neutral eyeshadow shades for a flawless look. Use the right shade pairs, which take the guesswork.

The Attitude
The last thing you can do is – breathe and smile. And be yourself. Remember your boyfriend has already proven that he loves spending time with you. He loves you for who you are. Take comfort in that. It is the first opportunity to show his parents that their son has chosen the perfect life partner.

2 Major Relationship Problems and How To Resolve Them

Being in a healthy relationship isn’t that easy as it seems to be. Indulging in a relationship isn’t that tough but maintaining a flourishing relationship is a daunting task. Each of the two individuals in a relationship has to face a fair share of issues. Such problems which ultimately lead to conflicts between the two and this can result in a separation. The problems encountered in a relationship do have plausible solutions which could be found out with the help of proper investigation. Without a good research and information, it becomes almost impossible to predict the causes of the problems let alone craving for ways to find their solutions.

The biggest problem of a relationship is the unawareness of the problems in hand, quite often individuals in a relationship aren't aware of the problems that are causing conflicts and issues. The most common problem for clashes in a relationship is infidelity. In addition to this, lack of interest among the people in a relationship is another enormous problem.

1. Cheating
It is probably best to address the elephant in the room first; cheating without a doubt is the most common problem that individuals have to face during a relationship. Either they may be men or women both genders are prone to cheating on one another. The causes and the reasons for them cheating are different but more often or not are entirely justifiable in their own eyes. Signs of cheating are always there but trust and love blind us from addressing them. If and only if the victim of cheating or the one who is being cheated on could pile up the courage to take one small step the chances of their problem being resolved may increase immensely.

2. Lack of Interest
There are numerous scenarios in which the individuals in a healthy relationship just suddenly start to lose interest. There are a countless number of causes of this sudden loss of interest. Some may lose interest due to overwhelming stress of work or any other issue, or some may lose interest simply because they might have got bored and needed a time out. It is essential for the other person in such a relationship to realize this lack of interest and do something about it. Visiting a therapist or a relationship counselor could be of great help in such a case; they could work on finding the cause of such loss of interest which would assist the other person in the search for the solution to this problem.

These two are the most significant ones, besides numerous other problems faced by the couples during a relationship such as; lack of communication, infidelity, lack of responsibility, lack of support, etc. But to find the solution of all these problems the most crucial step in investigations. Without proper assessment, it would indeed become harder to find their solution let alone implementing them.

The Bottom Line
There aren’t any relationships without any problems. The main reason we put up with various issues in the relationship is that the outcome is mostly good after resolving these matters. So, when you’re looking for a relationship, or are in one, don’t lose hope or frustrated when you face issues mentioned above.

How to End Patterns Of Bad Relationship

If you’re recently single, you get valuable perspective and time to reflect on your past relationships, before committing yourself to someone new. But even if you’re in a relationship, previous experiences can be used as lessons for the present. If things get sour or awry in your current relationships, identifying the patterns can help in taking positive steps that can use for your future relationships.

Look out for these four primary indicators while embarking on a new relationship:

1. How are handling the first emotions?
Starting a new relationship can be very divulging. Think about the initial or first few days, weeks, months when you changed your status from single to in a relationship. The progress and maturity of the relationship is a burning issue at this phase. Some relationship commences with a deep infatuation. Often, physical or intimate relationships are established prematurely which can result in confusions about intimacy, emotional intimacy and commitment between the two people. Meanwhile, some relationship progresses rationally and steadily. If you’re in a new relationship, recall your past relationships and see whether there are similarities. There isn’t anything wrong with being strongly attracted to a someone you like, but it’s how you handle this passion that can make or break a relationship.

2. How quickly do things develop?
Recall some of the most significant memories of your previous relationships. Think about your first kiss. Remember the first time you made a gesture for a commitment in your relationship. By pinpointing these occasions, you can assess whether a relationship has advanced at a regular or hurried pace. If things in your relationships progressed quickly, it could indicate that one or both partners were feeling vulnerable, impulsive or over enthusiastic. Remember, the most stable and healthy relationships develop steadily and gradually.

3. Who do you favor to get involved with?
In dating and relationships, men and women, are often attracted to partners with similar flaws. Compare your exes and identify if their characters match up in person. Before you surrender your single status for an ‘in a relationship’ status, make your potential new match significantly different from your last date.

4. Do your dates have similar backgrounds?
When you’re dating, someone new considers their personality traits, as well as their family backgrounds. Analyze their life and family backgrounds. Do they come from an unstable, broken, or chaotic homes or families? Think long and hard about the moments of your past relationships, and assess how this has impacted your past relationships. By examining your past relationship, you can help ensure a stable and happier future.

Healthy Relationships are wonderful, beautiful experiences in a life of a person. Bad relationships are unfortunate events, and the emotional scars received from abusive and unhappy relationships, and breakups can be difficult for someone to forget and move on. It can also make someone looking for a new relationship to connect with someone new and be physically and emotionally intimate with him or her. So, before you begin a new relationship, and don’t want to go experience the harshness of a failed relationship, look out for these bad relationship patterns.

4 Things To Do If Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Flirts A Lot

One of the issues that can create a lot of tension in a relationship is flirting, even in healthy relationships where the trust and bond between two people are very strong. When one partner behaves with the opposite sex in such a way that the other partner feels insecure and inadequate, then it’s time you acknowledge that your uncontrollable flirting is creating some real issues in your relationships. You should start working on these matters. Otherwise, things can become even before you realize it.

Here are few suggestions that will help you navigate through the problems together.

1. Define the Issue
If you’re feeling uneasy with your significant other’s flirting with the opposite sex, the first thing you need to do is to figure out how this is affecting you. In other words, what exactly gets onto you when your boyfriend/girlfriend is flirting with the opposite sex? Do you feel insecure? Is it that you doubt your relationship with your partner because he or she has lost interest in you or is dissatisfied with being in a relationship with you? If that’s the case, try to have a conversation with your partner. It seems like your significant other is paying less attention to you, and less prioritizing your feelings and emotions as well as your relationship.

2. Get Some Perspective
Once you’ve identified the problem, and pinpointed the source of your discomfort, it’s time to take some concrete steps to figure out what behaviors precisely are bothering you. After all, there’s a good chance that your boyfriend/girlfriend showed many of these traits before you both got involved in a romantic relationship. These behaviors and qualities might even help you and your partner to come close together in the first place. In circumstances like these, it doesn’t give you the permission to confront your partner and tell him or her to tone down some of their “flirtatious behaviors’, now that you both are in a relationship now.

3. Decide precisely what you want to discuss
If you do determine that it’s imperative to address the issue with your boyfriend/girlfriend, then remain precisely focused on the issues you will be talking. Don’t bring up other problems in the relationship. Try to be precise and specific. Ensure that your partner knows about the problems that you’re currently dealing. For example, if you feel that you don’t feel cared, cherished and respected when you are both together, or not spending enough time with each other, then discuss it.

4. Decide the time and how you want to talk about it
It’s also imperative that you find the best time to have this particular conversation. For instance, you might not want to bring the discussion immediately when you brought out the topic like when you both were at a party. If you’re feeling sad and angry, it’s highly likely that you’ll have the talk with your boyfriend or girlfriend with an attacking and accusatory tone. It will put your partner in a defensive mode and will make your emotions and feelings less heard and necessary. Instead, calm down and talk about the subject at a time when the chances of achieving the results are higher and more expected. Also, the way you speak of this topic is crucial too. As we said, results would be negative if you keep attacking and accusing him or her. Never initiate a conversation in a way that creates conflict. This way you can focus more on expressing your feelings. It will also make you feel less controlling.

If you’re looking for a relationship, it’s totally fine to flirt. Flirting is the first step towards dating someone. But, when you’re in a relationship, then flirting with the opposite sex is disrespectful and hurtful to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

What To Do If You’re Dating a Cheapskate?

Your boyfriend won’t pay for parking, so you walk half a mile to the mall. He won’t pay for valet or even tip the waiters. He tells you that he’s just an old-fashioned, but you think it’s ironic as you always pick up the bill. You start wondering how you end up with this cheapskate of a boyfriend, who is always looking for ways to save a few bucks or pennies, no matter how hard it is.

So, are you willing to get serious with this person, or is there anything that you can do so that your partner becomes a little generous? Here are a few suggestions:

Identify The Difference Between Thrifty And Cheap. Maybe your boyfriend doesn’t have enough cash to splurge on expensive bars or restaurants for dates. Since things aren’t always better when they’re expensive, consider having good experiences on a budget. Go on a picnic in a place with a scenic view, have e decent bottle of wine, or dine in the new restaurant nearby. But, if you are not in a mood to go out, cook something nice and have a romantic candlelit dinner with your partner at your place. Keep in mind that being frugal can be a virtue. Don’t pressurize your boyfriend to spend money on stuff he doesn’t have.

Meanwhile, if your girlfriend/boyfriend has the money, but won’t spend it, it shows that they’re stingy. Apparently, he/she cares so much about money that he/she wants to hold on it. This stingy behavior might manifest itself in other areas of his or her life such as her emotions. If the situation in your relationship is like this, you might want to take a second look at how your relationship will fare in the long run.

Share your Values. Most relationship problems often involve money and money problems. Try having an honest conversation about each other’s finances instead of an accusatory assault. Focus on your values and think if it’s worthy to splurge on dinner at that expensive restaurant at the theatre or having that posh champagne. If money is in short supply, consider splitting the bill while dining out or the movie tickets. Check out for coupons in the newspapers or magazines that offer discounts at supermarkets, or restaurants and even concerts. Tell your girlfriend that you aren’t a compulsive spender and that you’re responsible spend with her and willing to do your part to keep the expenses under control.

Determine If You Can Handle Your Cheapskate Partner Over The Long Term. It’s important for you to decide if your partner is a generous person by nature who doesn’t have much money at the moment or is just plain cheap. If your boyfriend doesn’t think him being a cheapskate isn’t a big problem, it can cause some problems in your relationship now and then. Also, he being a tightwad can manifest to other sensitive and intimate parts of the relationship, and if this happens, then you got a huge problem.

People, especially their bad habits don’t change. It doesn’t matter if you’re dating someone new or just got back with your ex after breaking up with him or her a while ago. So, think long and hard about than spending habits of your girlfriend/boyfriend, before you get married, as it’s highly likely that things won’t change much after you settle down.

2 Things You Need To Know About Texting While Dating

We won’t deny the fact these days much of the communication between potential matches or new partners takes place behind a computer screen, text messages or emails. Texting has now become a socially acceptable way to make plans and keep in touch with romantic partners, family, and friends. Unfortunately, talking on the phone or meeting someone new in person has become less important. But, does relying too much on text messages make or break a relationship?

Below are two significant problems associated with overreliance on texting while dating:

1. Relying too much on texting before meeting your date in person will make it harder for both of you to connect. One major problem associated with excessive texting between you and your romantic match you didn’t meet yet is that by the time you meet them in person and hear their voices, you have inaccurate assessments and perceptions of each other. So, it’s highly likely you’ll be disappointed at the first encounter.

Many men and women who met their romantic interests in person after too much texting and emailing complained that their matches looked entirely different than what they expected. They found that their dates were more awkward or shy than they had envisioned. This has left most of them feeling uncertain and confused about taking their relationship forward, despite the texts or email exchanges between them may have been funny, flirty or natural.

Think about it, when someone sends you text, as you haven’t seen or met him or her; you make assumptions about that person based on the texts or emails they sent you, such as voice tone, the meaning of the messages, personality, etc. This leads to a potentially misleading interpretation of the message and who the person really is. Therefore, if you want to know a person, their personalities, their lifestyle, their family, and friends, etc., there isn’t any alternative to meet them in person.

2. Texting won’t get you in the relationships, though it will keep you in the safe zone. The appeal of texting goes beyond the sheer convenience as a safe and strategic way to connect with someone.

Texting can keep people in their safe zone when asking someone out and the possibility of getting rejected. Texting helps to avoid uneasy and challenging conversations in person or over the phone. Sending sexy, witty, thoughtful, romantic and flirty responses over text is easier, than expressing in face-to-face, but texting can only take you as far in a romantic relationship.

You need the courage and the confidence for taking emotional and social risks and develop the necessary coping skills to handle and manage a date and a relationship. And frequently texting to your romantic interests prevents you from doing it. The more you text or email romantic, flirty or complimentary messages to your date, the harder it will become for you to conquer your fear and insecurities, and be intimate in person and your relationship.

The bottom line is texting your match in moderation may be okay during the initial stages of the relationship. But, if you want your relationship to advance, you need to spend more time with romantic interests in person to access the quality of your relationship and deepen your connection.

What Warrants the Second Chance In A Relationship?

We have all heard about second chances in relationships, but what warrants it? When we talk about second chances in relationships, it’s probably there has been some problems in the relationship, or the two parties have experienced some pain together. And if your boyfriend or girlfriend cause most of the problems in the relationship, or the other person is blaming you for all the troubles, then you may face a dilemma.

On the one hand, you care about this person, and you want to stay committed to the relationship. But, it’s also important that you take care of yourself and put yourself first. The question is when that time will come? How will you know that this relationship deserves a second chance? It’s a tough question, but some guidelines will help you to make a good decision for the well-being of yourself and your relationship.

A Relationship Deserves A Second Chance When:

1. You’ve been in a relationship your boyfriend or girlfriend for a long time. You both know each other very well on a genuinely and intimately. Within this period if you realize that there are some serious problems with your current partner regarding his or her character or integrity, or isn’t committed or trustworthy, it’s time that you leave this relationship. But if this person, despite all the pain he or she caused you, has demonstrated that he or she can be committed in the relationship, and has earned your trust throughout the relationship, then you can decide to give this person a second chance, and forgive him or her for their past activities.

2. Change is possible. This point is related with the first one. If you notice that your boyfriend or girlfriend has achieved some real personal growth and insight from this painful experience, then you might want to hear out your partner’s side of the story, and think about his or her request for a second chance. However, a simple sorry won’t be enough. Access yourself if real change is possible, and both of you are willing to invest your energy and time to make the change take place.

3. You received so much benefits and rewards from the relationship that you’re willing to forgive and work to address all the shortcomings. Every relationship has issues. We work on these issues because we like the good that we receive alongside these problems. The question is how much are you willing to put up with and find out how much are you getting from the relationship. However, it’s pointless to stay in a relationship where you’re always being abused and disrespected.

4. There are palliating circumstances. Be cautious about this particular point because you don’t want to give the other person a second chance, who refuses to take any responsibility if any problems appear in the relationship. However, sometimes situations arise in relationships, where one of the partners don’t act the way they’re supposed to act. Therefore, at least be willing to look into this possibility.

When you’re looking for someone, or in a relationship, keep in mind one important thing; take care of yourself. If you love and take care yourself, you will be more forgiving and work hard to salvage a relationship that is on the verge of destruction. By, taking care of yourself means that you’re acknowledging that it’s time to leave the relationships that aren't working anymore.