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Online Dating Advice For Men – How To Get Connected With Others

Internet is perfect to do anything or for knowing the information about anything. It provides you with a global reach. Even internet can help you with dating based in a virtual world which is internet and is popularly known as online dating site. Many men and women in this world prefer online dating as it is very popular among the couples. For online dating, first you need to sign up on an online dating website. Signing up on an online dating website includes making your profile over the dating website and using that profile as the virtual image of yourself to find the person who is very similar to you. Your profile will include some general information such as your name, age, gender, city, country, your hobbies, interests and some of your profile pictures. Your dating profile will represent you over the internet. People will get attracted towards you by going through your online profile. So, if you are thinking of making your profile over those online dating websites, then you can consider following online dating advice for men.

Know your needs: Online dating sites work at international level. They connect you with the people from all around the world and let you interact with them. There are millions of people available over the dating sites that are also looking forward to date someone. You can consider it like an ocean in which you have to find a pearl for yourself. So, you must know what type of girl you want for dating. Considering the girl type can help you in finding the girl of your dream. You can search a girl on the basis of her hobbies and interest. You can also search according to different cities, culture, country and many other features. The websites also provide recommendation according to your hobbies and interest. The website matches your profile with the girl’s profiles that are available for dating. The websites provide you with only those girls whose profile matches with your profile. You can also say that these websites mirror match your profile and provide you the matched profiles in your recommendations.

Photos are important: Another online dating advice for men is that after creating their profile over the internet, they need to upload some of the descent good looking photos or profile picture of themselves over the dating websites. You must upload your pictures strategically because your pictures will define you. These dating websites are not social media sites so 5 to 6 pictures of you would be more than enough. You should not upload multiple complete pictures of yourself. Try to keep the photograph simple and descent so that those photos may not look vulgar or leave a bad impression on any person. You should not upload semi nude or nude photographs of yourself as this will look bad and many people can consider that as offensive over the dating website. Two good looking photos always take over 100 of bad looking photos. Always upload the photo of yourself, do not upload the photo of any celebrity or any model in your dating profile. Many guys also upload the group photo of themselves with their buddies in it. These photos are also very confusing making it difficult for the people to understand which of them is you in that group photo. So, always upload an individual photo of yourself in your profile.

Make your profile look attractive: There are many profiles on these dating sites which receive hundreds of visits in a day and there are also many such profiles on that same dating site which fail to gain attention of a single person. There is no fault of website in making your profile popular or almost invisible to the people. You are responsible for the likes your profile receives. So, the online dating advice for men is that you should design and build your profile in such a way that it looks attractive and receives maximum number of hits on daily basis. You can write something about yourself which is authentic and reflects your personality. You can write about something which is funny, you can write something which people will appreciate and would like to talk you on that and many such things.

Improve interaction: Improving your interaction with ladies is the most considerable online dating advice for men. Interaction or your communication plays a vital role in directing your online dating success. You must talk to the ladies in a respectful manner. Make your conversation smooth and good. Always remember your first impression will be your last impression. Try to have normal conversations; do not make any extra effort to make your conversation more interesting. Also, do not try to speed up the conversation beyond her comfort level. Asking about her personal feelings in your first conversation can look a little over confident, there are chances that she might find it very uncomfortable and leave you alone in the middle of your conversation. Try to make your conversation long and interactive, rather than just limiting it to a single phrase such as I like dancing or I like swimming. Share your interest and hobbies in a story form rather than in one liner. Also, you can connect your stories with your photos if you have one. Such as you can talk on a beautiful place that you have visited and you can also share the photographs of those places with her.

Don’t lie and ask her out: Try not to stretch or twist the truth. Many people try many different types of tactics to ask her out. Telling a lie will surely offend her so you can directly ask her nicely that would she like to go out on a date with you. Women like those men who directly approach them with full confidence and ask them to go out for a date. You can do planning to meet her up at any place of her choice. Take your next steps slowly but very boldly to carry forward your virtual relationship to a real relationship in a real world.

Know Why Do Girls Play Hard To Get Game? The Ways To Deal With Such Girls

Many of the guys are inspired from the movies and TV shows, where the guys impress a girl and immediately she accepts his proposal to get into relationship. It is just the chick flick. In reality, most of the girls usually take a longer time to accept a guy and his emotions. Sometimes, guys are unable to understand the signals by the girls, whether she is interested or not. It is really annoying for the guys when the girl, whom he likes, shows the mixed signals to him. She neither accepts that she is interested in you nor she denies it. This kind of signal from girls can make the guys doubtful and make them feel bad when she refuses the proposal.  But, why do girls play hard to get game?

Reasons why girls play hard

Most of the girls do not easily accept the proposal of the guys. Each may have their own reasons for not accepting the proposal. A search for the potential partner for flirting or dating works in the same way as taking a test drive in the car which you want to buy. This is the reason why girls play hard to get games, even when they are interested in you. Playing it hard is the most fun thing in the dating procedure. It is the way to test the patience of each other.

Here are some other reasons to know why do girls play hard to get game?

  • To test the commitment level of the guy.
  • To know whether you are really interested in her or you too are just playing a game of flirt.
  • If she does not want to make it simple for you to win her.
  • Women read the glossy magazines to seek the relationship advice. If your girl also has gone through any such magazine, she will follow the rule of attracting the guys by playing the game to get her.

These are the obvious reasons for a girl to play hard to get game with guys.

Learn the signs she is interested but playing hard

After knowing the reasons for, “why do girls play hard to get game?” you should learn the signs to know either your girl is really not interested in you or she is just playing it hard. Here are some of the signs that can easily point out if she is playing hard:

  • She will not admit it directly that she is not interested in you. Whenever you ask her if she likes you or she is uninterested in you, she will give you every possible excuse for not answering your question. She will put her best efforts in changing the topic.
  • She will not answer your text message and calls instantly. Her phone will be in her hands and she will keep on updating her social media accounts but she will not respond to your calls and messages. By doing so she wishes to show her pre occupancy and test your patience to want her.
  • When she replies to your text messages or phone call, now matter after how many calls, she will flirt with you and talk to you for long hours without complaining that you are killing her time.
  • She will talk about the other guys in front of you, especially those guys whom you don’t know. Guys should know that if she is talking a lot about the other guys in front of you, she is actually trying to show her popularity among the boys so that you concentrate on her only.
  • She will focus on her dressing and how she looks when around you. Guys should notice the difference how she looks when she is with you and with other guys.
  • Often, consciously or unconsciously, she will play with her hair, lips and fingers. She will not mind even if you touch her while talking but probably step back when you hold her while talking about getting into relationship.

If your girl does the same with you then you should realize that she is really interested in you but want to take time and make it harder for you to win her.

Dealing with the girl who plays hard to get

When you realize that your girl is playing hard to get game then you should not get interested in why do girls play hard to get game? Instead look up for the ways to deal with those girls who are making it hard for you to get them. You have to show her that you are stronger than her and can easily surpass any obstacle to get her into your life. Possible ways to deal with the girl who is trying to play hard to get a game with you include:

  • First you should get it confirmed whether she is really busy or she is just making it hard for you to get her. It will prevent you from hurting her emotions and understand the real problem she is actually facing.
  • Don’t hesitate to play back a little bit. If she delays to answer your calls and text messages, then you should also try to not answer immediately when she calls or text you. Even if you see that she is online but have not answered you for several hours, then you should avoid her presence and pull yourself a little back. Let her feel your absence.
  • You can candidly confront her if all your tricks fail to get her out of the game. Look for the appropriate time when she is alone and not doing any important thing. Talk to her directly without hesitation and ask for her answer whether she likes you or not. If you already know then you can use your sensual touch to make her loose controls over her fake rigidness. She will definitely admit that she is interested in you and want you passionately.

There are many more tricks to handle a girl who plays hard to get game.  By learning these tricks you will be able to get a girl in your life.

How Never Run Out Of Things To Say – Tips That Can Be Helpful

The most awkward moment that many people suffer within their daily life is the awkward silence that comes in the middle of the conversation when you fell short of words as well as with topics to continue your conversation. The situation arises very easily specially with those people who are new to you and you are desperate to make friendship with them. Dealing with such situation is never easy. Many people also find it difficult to deal with such situations. Those people always wonder how never run out of things to say while talking to the strangers as well as new friends. It feels like that your mind is completely blank and you have nothing to say or carry with your conversations. Many people do get frustrated from these kinds of situations and always act in a stupid way or say anything which is absolutely inappropriate to say at that particular time. It does also affect the confidence of people. Many boys also encounter this situation while talking to the girl they like the most. This situation not only lowers down their self-confidence but also makes them feel embarrassed in front of the classmates or colleagues. So, if you are experiencing any such kind of problem, then maybe you should consider following points for your better understandings of how never run out of things to say.

No filtering: People do run out of words or topics to talk on because they filter everything they speak in their mind. Thousands of things do come in their mind at a single time, but they only speak few of it. The rest of the thoughts get filtered in their mind. Many people do this exercise on daily basis while interacting with anyone. They check themselves in their mind and then speak the selected portion of it. They do it to look cool or very wise in front of other people and friends. This filtering in mind leaves them with nothing to talk on as they have said only the selected part which is hard to talk on. So, to overcome this problem, you must think and speak whatever comes in your mind without filtering any of it. You can try this exercise with a bunch of your friends and you will see the effectiveness of this technique towards how never run out of things to say. People are not interested at what you are saying, they hear it and they forget it very easily, but they are interested in your way of communication and interaction. So, interact with people with open mind without filtering anything in your mind.

Show some interest in talking: People will only talk to you if you will show interest in talking to them. If you will ignore talking to them, they surely would not talk to you. The best technique to make your conversation longer is by showing your interest in the conversation that is going on. Showing interest or participating in a conversation will definitely make you feel more confident from inside. You can also talk on some of the interesting topics. It is seen that people like to talk on interesting topics which will make the conversation last for hours without stopping. You should also work on your facial expressions as your face also tells that you are actually interested in the conversation or not. A happy face and ready to listen face is always welcomed in the conversations.

Talk on everything: To make your conversations long and interesting, you must talk on everything or on anything that comes in your mind. Talking about personal stories and experience can easily make people feel bored very quickly as they have nothing to talk on. They also can’t talk for a longer time on your personal story as they don’t know anything about it. All they will do is listen to you for a long time. Conversations don’t work this way, the participation of both the people is very important to carry on with the conversation. So, instead of talking about your own experience you can talk on normal things which most of the people have knowledge of. You can talk about politics; you can talk about any national or international event going on. These common things will help you in carrying forward your conversation with other people. They can also express their views and opinions in that conversation. Simple topics are the best to talk on as most of the people will find themselves comfortable while talking on it.  Simple talks will be far more interesting and you will never experience that awkward silence while talking to anyone.

Stop thinking about what to ask: The main reason behind these awkward silences is that people are thinking in their mind what to ask from the other person. This takes a lot of time resulting in long awkward silence. You don’t need to think that much for having conversation with other people. A good and healthy conversation is such in which you don’t have to think much about how never run out of things to say. A conversation is just a normal random talk in which two people talk normally without filtering or planning their thoughts and conversations. All the things that you can talk on will naturally come in your mind. You need not to make some extra special efforts to keep your conversation going. Doing so will definitely create an awkward silence just because you are thinking about the conversation in your mind. So, you must stop thinking about what to talk, just do it the natural way and let it flow.

Be a good listener: Just as it is said that a good listener is also a good vocalist. In order to carry on with your conversations, you must listen what the other person is saying to you. Careful listening will give you many topics as well as many suggestions that you can talk about or give it to her. So, you must not talk way too much and listen to what the other person has to say.

Why Do We Get Nervous During Date – Follow The Useful Tips

Have you ever gone on a date? If the answer is no then you must go at least for one time. Dates are the most wonderful moments that you spend with your partner and where no extra person is there. You get some quality time to know more about each other. Dating provides you the best experience of your life and make it so memorable that you will never forget it in your entire life. Dating gives you the roller coaster experience that is a mix of nervousness, anxiety, stress and sometimes even stomachache.

When your date starts everything will become normal, but have you ever though that Why do we get nervous during date? Most of the people will say no, while many say that it is due to their first time experience and many say something else. The main reason for getting nervous is that you both do not know each other, both of you don’t know each other’s likes and dislikes and many more. Mostly people become nervous when they go for the blind date because during that point of time you both don’t know each other’s name. So, to overcome this situation you can take the help of various tips, they will help you in finding out why do we get nervous during date?

Tips for avoiding nervousness

Nervousness is something that can let you down in front of your date, so it will be much better that you boost up your self confidence. If you will remain confident you will surely win your date and it will rock. Following are some of the useful tips that you can follow, if you are thinking why do we get nervous during date?

Prepare for your date: Before date if you get time and if it is possible for you, then prepare well for your date. If you think that you will become nervous on your date, and then make yourself ready. Give enough time to you and be prepared with all the questions. You can also take the help of your friends who are girls. Ask them various things like what girls want to do on first date and how they want their date should behave. You can ask what do girls generally ask on their first date and what they like doing for having fun. Then after knowing the question you can prepare yourself well and accordingly. You can also prepare your own list of questions that you want to ask from your would be girlfriend. Before moving, practice all the questions once by standing in front of the mirror.

Choose the right activity:  Planning is very necessary for anything whether you are going on date or starting up a business, without proper planning you cannot execute anything. Before date, planning will help you in overcoming all the nervousness and stress related issues. There are many things that you can do during your date like along with chit chat you can also play any game, can discuss about your future planning, job, wedding, children etc. For any successful date, it is necessary to have a good start. Your starting will either make your day or will spoil it. You can list everything in your mobile pad and can follow it in the same way. While dating you should not worry about the outcomes of date, instead of taking its tension focus on your date and do various fun filled games.  You can choose such activities in which you both feel comfortable and safe.

Reduce the judgmental theft: Most of the dates become worst because many people think that what others will think about them. They basically start thinking about the judgmental thinking and because of the theft they are not able to enjoy their date. In fact many of the daters do not disclose many things about them, but they do not know that this can create problems in future. So, if you really want to overcome this issue then you have to stop thinking about it. When you are on a date just think about your partner and make yourself and your date feel comfortable. Many time daters think that the opposite partners are overestimating them and are not feeling good with them. So, it would be a much better that whether you should clear your misunderstanding or just finish the date that time. It will be much better option than getting harsh or saying wrong comment.

Be presentable: Most of the time people go for date, but instead of focusing on their date they get busy in some other work. It is better to keep your focus one sided and pay complete attention towards your partner. Be a good listener and communicator and focus on what your date is saying. Always keep yourself ready and do not forget that you are on a date. Don’t make him/her feel bored, do various activities or flirt a little. Always keep an eye on  your potential partner and notice his/her body language and gesture, keep yourself ready for the question and do not get lost in your own mindset, thoughts or thinking. This is one of the effective tips through which you can reduce your nervousness and can consider why do we get nervous during date?

Get ready for the worst condition: As told above that dating is full of a roller coaster experience and anything can happen in date. So, better you know everything and keep yourself prepared with worst condition. Keep your mind ready that what worst can happen in your date. Know the dos and don’ts and follow them accordingly. Do all the funny things together and be ready for whatever condition you will face. If you think that your date is becoming worst then try to switch the situation and do something extraordinary that seems to be attractive and classy.

Along with the mentioned tips there are many other tips also that you can consider while on your first date such as do reality checks, manage your goals, practice sharing stuff and many more.

Rock Your Date With Best Tips On How To Behave When On A Date

Sometime before people usually met each other at parties or at other occasional events, but now such days are gone and dating has taken its place. Most of the singles prefer to meet each other at the restaurant or in a cafe which they call a date. It is gaining wide popularity because people feel more relaxed on a date and they get some quality time to spend with each other. Due to increase in the marriage breakouts and divorce cases most of the youngster prefer dating option through which they can know more about their date and with whom they are going to marry.

All these things together contribute in the date and help you in knowing whether the person matches with your compatibility or not. Along with this, it is necessary that you should know everything on how to behave when on a date. There are many tips that you can follow, but the most important thing is whether you are ready or not. If you are ready then you are going to rock your date and if not then should make yourself ready.

Tips on how to behave on a date

Do not do anything funny that will make you look immature, remember that you are on a date and you are here to impress him/her and that will make an everlasting effect on your date. Following are some of the helpful tips that you can consider on How to behave when on a date:

Look for the best dress: Dressing sense reveals your true identify and it highlights what type of person you are. So, it is necessary that if you are going on a date, you should look for your best dress. Select such dress and color that will compliment you and will create a good impact on your date. Take enough time for getting ready and choosing something extraordinary. Do all the necessary planning like what will be your hair style, dressing structure and especially your footwear. Have your own style that reflects your personality and do not wear something with bad jokes on it. Once you will get ready have a little conversation and prepare yourself by standing in front of the mirror.

Follow etiquettes and have manners: Manners are something that every dater should follow on the date. Etiquettes and manners are the main ingredients that will either make your date or will let it down. No one likes such a person who is rude and arrogant. Being a gentle man it is your duty that you should behave nicely with your date. Suppose if you are going in a restaurant or bar then don’t jump in first, be good and open the door for the date, let her enter first and then you should enter. If you are going to sit then drag a chair for her and allow her to order first.

Along with all these, your should treat her with enough respect and pay attention towards her. If she seems to be unsatisfied at the place then change the place and go somewhere else. This is one of the most important tips that you can consider on How to behave when on a date.

Do not feel nervous: There are many people that feel nervous on their date because they haven’t done anything before. So, overcome the nervousness problem as you can do various things like you can practice conversation yourself or can make a list of things that you want ask or know. All these thing will help you in boosting your self confidence and will enhance your speaking skills.

Have a great conversation: Conversation is the most important thing that you must do on your date, as no date can be completed without it. You can start talking about anything like your hobbies, likes, dislike and other places of interest. It is the best way through which you can know more about each other, more conversation means more understanding and better thoughts about each other. You also need to keep in mind that the conversation is not one sided or it should not be entirely focused on you. Ask each other about your families, schooling and studies, have a funny talk that will make your date feel comfortable.

You also need to make sure that the conversation should not stop in between, keep asking something because if it will stop then you will feel awkward and will not be able to enjoy each other’s company.

Forget your phone: Mobile phones are the worst things that can spoil your date. So, if you are going on a date then keep your phone on silent mode and keep it away from yourself. You should be present there not only physically but mentally also. Pay attention towards your date and listen what he/she is saying carefully. Show interest in their talk and enjoy their company. It should not look like that you are getting bored or are not enjoying the date. If you will switch off your phone then it will be much better as you will be able to pay your complete attention on your date.  You can also say something flattering that will make your date happy and relaxed.

Good body language: Body languages and postures say various things that you cannot speak, so it is important that during date you should have a good command on your body language. In fact most of the times, the dates also make some body postures that reflect their thinking whether they want to come close or they want to stay away. Your body language can play an important role in seducing your date.

Along with this if you are not feeling comfortable or are getting stressed then you must look for a space so that you can have a break. While dating you should act like a true friend and know your limits and stay in them. This is also another point that you can consider on How to behave when on a date.

Most Common Signs That Teach You How To Detect A Gold Digger

You just met a girl that looks and acts completely different than all other women you had in your life? You know something is different with her and you have doubts, but how to confirm? Obviously, she is a gold digger, or in simple words, a money woman. It is a huge mistake asking her is she this you are thinking. That’s why you must know how to detect a gold digger.

A good thing is the fact there are several signs that will reveal this. We must mention all of them, or you can make a mistake and believing she is a gold digger, despite the fact she isn’t! Also, we will begin with simpler and smaller signs and build our way towards more severe and more direct ones. Anyway, here are the most common signs that will help you determine she is a gold digger.

  1. Cheap gifts are irrelevant

This is the most common sign you will get. In essence, if you give her a present and she just smiles and tries to ‘’escape’’, she is a gold digger. First of all, she wants and must have expensive gifts, so a gift of $100 isn’t special to her. This is a red flag and it is almost better not to give her anything than to buy her a cheap present!

Gold diggers are materialists, so they don’t want gifts just because it is nice to get one. They want it because they want to have a new expensive item. This is also the main reason why dating gold diggers is so difficult (expensive).

  1. You will pay for sex

If you like prostitutes, you will love gold diggers. These women are basically selling their bodies. Sadly, this also means that you cannot turn her on as your money can. A good thing is that everything is allowed. You want a blowjob in public, buy her an expensive necklace. You want anal sex, buy her a bag. Don’t forget to give her your credit card each time you two have sex, so she can ‘’relax’’ in shopping and make the next time better. Let’s just add the fact they are extremely expensive prostitutes.

  1. Only money, no success

If you want to know how to detect a gold digger in a single sentence, just ask her what she wants. The answer should be something like, ‘’I want money, but I don’t want to be successful.’’ She knows that she doesn’t have any skills nor knowledge that can help her become a successful woman. After all, she wants the money, not glory.

These women usually want to find a rich man who will work hard and support them the entire life. They are educated and this is all they know.

  1. You will get a lot of questions related to the money

How was your day; what’s new and similar questions are something you cannot expect. Gold diggers will only ask you about the money. They will ask you several times per week about your profit and money-related success. How to detect a gold digger? Simply watch for her questions and interests. It isn’t hard to see that the money has a huge role. We must add the fact that their eyes will glow when you tell them how money you have earned. Of course, you can lie!

  1. Doesn’t want your help (unless money)

Gold diggers usually don’t accept advice, nor are they interested in giving some. For example, if you tell her she should work in order to earn money, and that you can help her, she will decline. If you remember, she already has a job, she is a prostate! Gold diggers are interested in spending money, not earning it and they had it all their life, so they don’t know how difficult is to earn.

  1. Her friends are the same

People tend to create friendships with similar or the same people. If she is a gold digger, her friends will be the same. All of them will talk about the money and pay attention only to the rich men. Listening to them carefully will reveal how often they talk about money or money-related things.

  1. Spend and spend more

She will spend all the money she has. Most women like this have daily limits on their credit cards. If she manages to buy everything she wanted, everything will be perfect. If not, she will be upset and she will have to complete the ‘’process’’ on the following day. In any possible case, these women don’t know how to manage money.

  1. She wants to be your wife, maybe too much

All gold diggers will talk about marriage, but the main thing to know is that they will talk too much every day! It is easy to understand why if you know that she is looking for your money, so she isn’t interested in you, but in your financial success. If you are a successful man, you can have her.

  1. Money should be spent only on her

When you buy something to her it is perfect, but when you buy something for you, it is a problem. They want all the money just for them, so when you spend it on yourself, it is a problem and it must be solved as soon as possible. Don’t expect that she will buy something for you!

  1. Asks about your bank info

Eventually she will want to know about your bank data and you will have to tell her. Usually, this happens last.

The bottom line

How to detect a gold digger? Look for all of these signs. Some of them are clever, so they will hide a few of them, but the other ones will still stay visible. Make sure you treat her like an investment, not like an ordinary woman. In addition, make sure she doesn’t spend all your money or she will leave you.

Know The Reasons Why Do Women Have A Friendzone?

Friendship is one of the most loving relationships that you can have in your life. Your life will be nothing less than a heaven if you have the quality friends. By remaining in the friendship, you will feel comfortable, secured and de stressed because you know that your friends are there to always help you out from all sorts of troubles. It is often seen that people consider friendship as the first step to meet their soul mate. They believe that friendship is the start of a relationship and it is responsible for taking the relationship to new heights. But this is not the same for everyone, as everyone has their own definition for friends.

How to tell if you are being friendzone by her?

Nowadays, it is often seen that people friendzone the person of opposite sex. Friendzone is basically a relationship between the couples of opposite sex in which one partner is partly in love with the other while the other sees this relationship as a close friendship. In context of having friendzone, women have higher counts than the men. But have you wondered why do women have a friendzone? There are many guys who actually do not understand whether she is in love with them or they are in her friend zone. Thus, before knowing why she friend zoned a guy, you should check out the signs that will let you know that you are being friend zoned by her.

If she friendzone you, everything will go well between you and her. She will like to hangout with you, she will laugh, share emotions, accompany you, like your company and sometimes she would not mind to flirt with you. But when you start talking about getting into relationship with her, she will stop you at that point. She will throw endless obstacles to make you realize that she is not a good match for you and you both just share a healthy friendship with each other, nothing more.

 Reasons why you are friendzoned by her

Here are some strong points that will let you know why do women have a friendzone?

  • She is attracted to someone else: This is one of the most common reasons for which she is unable to get into a relationship with you and keep you in her friendzone. It is absolutely true that girl will find you least entertaining if she is inclined to someone else and she just sees a good friend in you. There are also possibilities that she wants that person to get jealous of your and her relationship to ignite the warmth of love between her and the person to whom she is attracted.
  • She wants to know you better: There are lots of women, who want to get into the serious relationship rather than being the play stuff for the guys. They are very conscious about their security and future life. Thus, before getting into the romantic relationship with you she wants to know you better. This is one of the reasons why women have a friendzone with you. By being friendzoned with you, she gets the chance to spend more time with you and look the real side of yours. This helps her in deciding whether you are a suitable match for her or not.
  • She is afraid of being in relationship: There are chances that you may not know the reality of the girl, with whom you hangout, go for the late night parties or share most of the time together. Some of the girls are really not comfortable with dating. Scary past and traumatic experiences of the past can be responsible to prevent a girl to be in relationship with you. Past breakup or assaults can be the reason for which she friendzone with you and just want to have a friendship based relationship with you.
  • You are not her types: This is one of the most common reasons which are stated by the women for having a friendzone. It is not always true that if you are a good friend then you are a good partner also. There are many girls, who do not want to see their best male friend as her partner. Every girl has her own choice for her life partner and the qualities which she has been looking in her partner. So, if she finds no such qualities in you, then you are actually not her type thus she will want to be in her friendzone.
  • He makes everything easier for her: Another reason is here for the question why do women have a friendzone? Most of the guys easily fall in love with the hot and beautiful girls and in order to impress them, they use to do several things for her like give her gifts, do her work, pick her from home, take her for shopping, get ice cream for her on demand and many more things. As, the guys make the things simple and easier for her, she does not want to leave him and make the things tough for her. She just feels comfortable with him in travelling and spending the spare time as a friend and does not think of him as a boyfriend.
  • Unable to understand her own feelings: Some of the girls actually are not emotionally stable and they often do not recognize their feelings for the guys whom they consider as a friend only. This is the possible reason when a girl actually does not know that she is in love with him.  In such cases, the girl will keep you in her friendzone and keep on avoiding the fact that she is in love with you, but on the other hand she will find it difficult to walk away from you.

By knowing these reasons, you can understand that why do women have a friendzone? If you feel strongly for her then you should not miss the chance to convince her to become your girlfriend.  There are possibilities that she can turn on you, but for this you need to first make her believe that you are in love with her and somewhere she also loves you.

Is There A Need To Count How Many Dates Before Going Stable In A Relationship With A Girl?

Dating is very common in the present time and it is considered as an opportunity for the dating singles to find the perfect match for them. Many of the dating singles have claimed that several numbers of dates have helped them to exactly know their expectations from their partners, improve their skills of dating and to handle the relationship problems. Multiple dating also enables them to get better with handling relationships. Well, there is no any specific rule or number for how many dates before going stable. You can go for as many dates as you want before getting into a serious and stable relationship with your partner.

Get the help of online dating websites

In order to provide help to date, there are plenty of dating websites which provide quality services to the customers. By accessing the help of the dating websites, it will be easier for the daters to date their partners accordingly. Millions of people are now enjoying the benefits of online dating websites. Such websites provide the facility to date many girls simultaneously.  Daters also have the facility to date the girls from various categories based on religion, region, race, profession, marital status and many more. Reliable dating websites now provide the dating apps to make online dating very comfortable for the daters. You have to download the app on your smartphone and enjoy dating freely without any stress. Online dating apps enable you to date secretly without letting anyone to know about it. Hence, you don’t have to count for how many dates before going stable instead you can continue dating till the time you meet your soul mate.

Benefits of enjoying many dates

Days are gone, when there was a hype to have more than one dating partner or to go on multiple dates. Now people are more conscious about their choice of life partner so they don’t hesitate to go for multiple dating until they meet the right one. They want to get assured about their decision for the life partner. Here are several benefits of multiple dating; some of them are as follows:

  • Improve your confidence to date: Beginners often face the problem of lack of confidence to interact with the girls. Hence, this could be one of the biggest hurdles in dating. But, the dating singles who are more frequent on the online dating websites are comfortable to interact with the girls. If you are also shy and lack confidence, you can boost your confidence level with the help of online dating website. Multiple dating helps you to brush up your dating skills and make you feel more confident to interact with the strangers. It will also help you to learn attractive pick up lines to hit the target at once. It is the confidence of the guys that attracts the girls the most for dating.
  • More satisfactory results: You must have read the proverb “practice makes a man perfect”. In context of dating, you can see its validity in life. Those, who are consistent in dating online or dating in real, feel no trouble to find their partners. They are able to attract and impress the girls easily. They don’t feel any sort of shyness and hesitation in approaching the girls. Multiple dating also enables them to understand the psychology of the girls so they are able to handle the girls very easily and eliminate every kind of relationship problems to share a healthy and beautiful relationship with the girl they are dating. Multiple dating is a way by which a guy can meet many girls and realize their suitability as their life partner. There is no harm in how many dates before going stable you can enjoy dating until you get the satisfactory result from the search of your partner for life.
  • Easy to make comparison: It is the fact that no two people can exactly be the same so it would be injustice if you compare a girl with another girl. But, comparison somehow helps you to know the better one for you. While dating many girls online, it is easier for the guys to realize their expectations from their life partners and he will be able to make the fair comparisons between the girls he is dating. Hence, he will be able to get the perfect match for himself, even if he has to date so many times. It is the best way to get stable in a relationship.
  • It is fun for some: There are many guys who see dating as a medium of fun and excitement in their life. They feel that their many dating experiences help them to enjoy the fun of their life. Many numbers of dates make them feel occupied and they are able to effectively utilize their free time. It also enables the guys to see more options that they could have in their life so that they can meet the best partner.

In addition to these, every single has his/her own reason for dating many girls. But, it is suggested that there should be limit to date many girls. Make sure that you get stable as soon as possible to enjoy your life with stability.

Bring the stability in your life to enjoy the real happiness

It doesn’t matter you have gone for how many dates before going stable you should try to get stable with a relationship after few dates. Longer instability in a relationship makes your life unstable and brings emotional instability also. It will make the others to take you less seriously as you are never so serious for your relationship. By getting involved in the stable relationship, you will be able to find the true love and explore the real happiness of life. Stability brings satisfaction along with it and hence you will be managing your relationship easily. You will realize your goals and work towards achieving it. But, this will be possible only when you have found the right life partner, whom you can find by dating several women.

Is Dating Important In Relationships? Know The Reality Of Dating

These days, people are very busy between family, work and social commitments that they hardly get time to look at their relationship problems. This is the reason why many teenagers and adults take time for dating before getting into the serious relationship.  It saves them to land into the relationship troubles after marriage that could make their life miserable. Hence, they can focus on the other things of their life which could bring happiness and joys in their life.  Almost everyone wants to go for dating for several numbers of times before getting stable in a relationship. Most of the people will say yes for dating before getting stable in a relationship so, there is no question about is dating important in relationships?

Reasons to go on date

Individuals have their own reasons to go on date. Some see dating as fun while for the others it is a medium to meet their soulmate. Some go for date as they like to meet new people in life and consider dating as a part of socialization process. Other reasons which are cited by the people for going on the date before getting into stable relationship includes, dating provides them an opportunity to understand the companionship through communicating and interacting with their partners and helps them to prepare for marriage.

Importance of dating before marriage

There are a large number of people supporting for the fact that dating is essential in a relationship. It enables the person to understand their partner well and check their suitability for becoming their life partner. In the present time, the guys and women are actively going for the multiple dates before going stable in a relationship.

There is no need to ask or look for is dating important in relationships? You can sturdily go for dating. Here are some of the sturdy points that support for dating prior getting into the serious relationship or getting married:

  • Helps in finding the right partner: It is not necessary that the person with whom you are going on the first date is the partner for your life. Your first date is just the beginning. Before getting in a serious relationship, it is suggested that you should go for at least 5-6 dates to find the perfect match for you. If you are not able to find the partners for dating, then you can get the help from the online dating websites to date hundreds of boys and girls until you find the right match for you.
  • A chance to know your partner: Most of the relationship problems are caused because there is a low understanding between the couples. While dating, the couples have the opportunity to know about their personality, likes and dislikes, thought process and other things about their partners. It helps in building the chemistry of attraction and enables the dating partners to fall in deep love with each other. Daters are also able to learn the core values of each other. Also, they will understand whether they are compatible with each other or not.
  • Make you emotionally mature: It is better to go with the flow rather than thinking, is dating important in relationships? Going for the date before marriage fills up your life with new adventures and excitement. It gives you the chance to experience being into a serious relationship. Also, you will be able to understand whether you will be able to take the responsibilities of your partners and the lovely relationship which you share with him/her. Your maturity level will be upgraded and you will be able to make fair decisions in your life. Multiple dating gives you the courage to handle the relationship problems wisely without breaking your relationship.
  • Develop the strong connections with your partner: When you are serious for the date and you know are not taking it a casual way, then you can easily develop the connection with your dating partner. This maximizes the chances to build a stronger relationship with your partner hence you will share a strong bonding together. This will make your relationship to last long.

Learn about your date before saying yes

There are many people who get into relationship scams. Sometimes, the situations run beyond control and serious troubles are caused to the dater. So, it is very important that you should choose your date wisely.   It is the truth that online dating websites have paved easier ways of dating. With the help of online dating websites, it has become quite easier for the people to find their soulmate but at the same time there are some miscreants who use this platform for molesting, harassing and blackmailing. Thus, whether you are going for a coffee date, lunch, dinner or private date, you should have enough safety measures with you. There are many people who love to go for blind dates to add adventure to their life. But, in order to be on a safer side, it is better to get more information about the person with whom you are going on a date.  It will be better if you keep in mind the golden points of dating.

Keep the heat of love in your relationship after marriage

Is dating important in relationships? Yes, it is. Dating is not important only for the ones who are looking for their life partners. There are many couples who claim that they have continued to date after their marriages. Some of the couples go for date with their own partners while the others do not mind to go with the strangers. Such couples believe that dating after marriage helps to maintain the fun and excitement in their married life. It brings new joys and novelty in their relationship and saves them from the monotonies of their relationship with their spouse. It is the best way of de-stressing and creating new experiences in their relationships. Dating for the married couples helps in grooving the romance between them and enhances their sex drive which enables them to take their relationship to a happier level.

Is It OK To Date Several Girls At The Same Time – Tips That Can Help You

Dating has always been a great experience for any person no matter whether it is a woman or a man. It is the best time where you meet new people and have fun with them. Most of the time, people become naughty and get committed to each other. Dating is full of nervousness, excitement, happiness, flirting and many more, all over it gives a rollercoaster experience that you will never forget. Although daters date one person at a time, but most them also date several women at the same time. Most of them also think whether is it OK to date several girls at the same time.

According to the daters they have no problem in dating more than one girl at the same time, but the main thing is that you need to manage your time and emotions. These are the two main things that can either spoil your date or will make it, so you must be careful with these. In fact, there are many do’s and don’ts that you can keep in mind while thinking Is it OK to date several girls at the same time.  Although it is not so easy, but for most of the men it seems to be possible and they are doing this because they know the secret of dating and what do girls love.

Guys usually date multiple women as it can be the way through which they will find their special one or most of them date just to have casual sex and to fulfill their fantasies. Most of them are such who want to have some fun before they enter into any serious relationship. There are also many who find it difficult to date several girls at the same time but with few tips you can make it easy and can hold your girl for the life time. All you need to do is just keep her always happy and satisfy her wants because girls have six senses with which they can identify that what is going on in your mind.

Dos for dating several girls at one time

Be a good communicator and listener: You must have good communication and listening skills, so that you can communicate with her properly. It is the best way through which you can identify her likes and dislikes and what she is expecting for you. Listening capacity should be good so that you can listen to her chit chat and join the talk. Through this you will come close to her but make sure that you should be mentally and physically separated with all of them. When you are with any one of them just be with them and give them your time. You should not get lost in others thoughts or it doesn’t seem that your mind is somewhere else because she will indentify it within in a minute. So, it is necessary that you should have good skills so that she can understand your emotions and can feel your presence.

Tell her as soon as possible: Just have right attitude and tell her what you have in your mind and what you think about this relationship. You should not play with her emotions and keep some distance with her and her family. After all you are not entering into any serious relationship, so that’s why it is necessary to let her know everything. Tell her that right now you are not seeking for serious relation and you are dating her just for fun and for casual sex. It is better to make things clear initially in order to avoid any trouble in future. If you will share your expectations most probably she will appreciate it and will approach you.

You should try to find such girls who are like you and are seeking boys for time pass and fun. This can be the best way through which you will not harm the sentiments of the girls  and will make them feel satisfied.

Keep protection: Since you are not entering into any serious relations, so it is your responsibility that you should keep some protective tips with you. You are going on date just for fun and excitement and might be possible that you guys would be doing something naughty, it is better that you have some protection. She will surely ask you to wear protection cover, if she knows that you are dating several girls at one time. Along with this, you must go for regular checkups with your dating partners. This is one of the most important points that you must consider when you think of Is it OK to date several girls at the same time.

Respect her feeling: You should respect the feelings of the girls with whom you are dating. It si advised to be clear from the very beginning that you are looking for a casual relationship but if you are telling it after few months then be ready for the worst situation. Most of the times, it becomes impossible to break the heart of the girl as you are with her from long time. You should not do anything intentionally that can hurt her and if you are done with her try to look after her and her feelings. Catch up with her regularly like other friends and try to become someone with whom she can share anything.

Along with the tips, there are many benefits also that you can consider while thinking about Is it OK to date several girls at the same time. Some of them are:

  • Your chances to find someone special increases.
  • You learn and experience many ups and downs that can come in your life
  • You get new friends with benefits.
  • It gives you an awesome experience that you will make your life memorable.
  • You learn many things about girls and how to approach them.
  • It enhances your self confidence and flirting skills.
  • You find a person who matches your compatibility.