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Four Relationship Habits That Keep You Away From Long Term Success

Apparently, there aren’t any bad behaviors that keep someone away from being in a relationship. Usually, it’s an idealized perception of relationships that makes it a fantasy dream that never comes true. And it’s the unwillingness to get out from that fantasy land that is what keeps them people single.

But, some relationship experts refute it. Below are four relationship behaviors that might keep some men and women without any partners. Read on to find out:

1. You Are Invasive. Are you persistently asked by people to keep your voice down or give somebody else a chance to speak? Did you find yourself in situations where you’re trying to connect to individuals in spite of seeing them busy and unwilling to talk to you? Do people criticize of being nosey or invading their private space deliberately? If you find it hard respecting other people’s personal space, then it’s a bad habit. Keep in mind that no man or woman wants to be coerced into making a connection with someone else. Try to be more mindful.

2. You Are Impulsive. Do you lose control when something goes wrong? Are you the kind of person who acts first and think later? Do you get angry or paranoid easily? If you’re quick to react to anything without thinking about the outcome, then you’re jeopardizing your opportunity to cultivate emotional connection and security in a loving, healthy relationship. Being impulsive is harmful to both men and women, and no one likes to date a person who has a thin skin. Before you attack, argue or insult someone, take a few deep breaths, and try to analyze the situation and its possible outcomes. Try to ignore the voices in your head that are hyper-sensitive to other people’s motives.

3. You Are Impatient. Do you dislike people who make you wait? Are you selfish with your time? Are you someone who often interrupts people when they talk? Do you get nervous and aggressive when someone is late to meet you? Do you find it hard to relax during physical intimacy? Impatience is one of the negative traits that can make you unpopular with both men and women. Everyone has his or her speed or pace in doing things. Try not to get angry or anxious when if your date is late to meet you, or takes a long time to tell her story, takes some time to get ready or walks slowly than you. Try to honor their pace, and they’ll honor yours.

4. You Are Too Helpful. This one is for the ladies. Did you ever rush to the fridge and cook something for your man? Being helpful and attentive is fine, overdoing it annoying. For starters, why don’t you let your guy walk to the refrigerator, and take out and cook something for himself just for the experience? Always attending to every demand of your husband or boyfriend makes you appear needy, desperate and insecure. If a man loves you, they’ll be more than happy to do things for themselves and actually prefer it that way. If he wants something they like you to do or need some help, they will ask.

Whether you’re looking for someone or trying to reconcile with your ex, if you can keep yourself from these four habits, there is a better chance for you to be in a healthy and everlasting relationship.

Five Signs Your Relationship Might Be Making You Depressed

If you’re experiencing negative thoughts about yourself, feeling powerless and gloomy in your relationship, it is an indication that your relationship is making you depressed. If left unaddressed your depression can wreck havoc to your emotional state. So, it’s critical that you analyze your communication arrangement in your relationship and figure out if the relationship is the reason behind your depression.

Here are five cautionary signs that show that your relationship might be making you depressed.

1. You feel dominated and criticized. Depression can occur when you feel smaller and weaker than the person you’re communicating with. But, not all power gaps causes depression. For instance, employers need to be stronger than the employees for the relationship between the employer and the employee to work. In a romantic relationship, the more power is shared between the two partners, the healthier. Meanwhile, criticisms are let-downs in a relationship, but the feedback is appreciated. If you don’t like the dress she’s wearing, instead of criticizing her for it, being subtle and gentle telling her to change it will be much helpful. For example, tell her that your friends can get attracted to you if they see you in that dress, or hairstyle, etc.

2. Your partner tries to control you. Your partner always tells you what to do. He or she doesn’t value your views or opinions. With your partners, “it’s his or her or the highway.” Your spouse tells you what to wear, when and how many you can visit your family or friends, how to spend, when to go shopping and so forth. You feel demoralized because your partners always tell you what to do and not do, and nobody likes being told what to do. It makes you think that your partner is always right and no matter what you do, he or she never appreciates you. This kind of behavior is the perfect reason for depression and unhappiness to creep in into your relationship.

3. Your partner is depressed. Many men and women don’t know that depression is contagious. If one of the partners is sad and depressed, he or she views things in the negative. And that pessimistic view of your partner will also affect you emotionally.

4. Your partner is irritable and abusive. Anger is toxic energy. The person who is subjected to anger and abuse can become depressed. Anger is unpleasant and disturbing to watch. Abuse, meanwhile, hasn’t always needed to be physical. It can be emotional, the partner’s irritating and controlling attitude, verbally abusive behavior like calling bad names, hitting or throwing things, pushing, etc., all can classified as abuse. Any abusive behavior is incompatible in a loving relationship.

5. Your partner isn’t committed to doing his/her part. A loving relationship is like a cycle with two wheels. Both partners need to equally contribute and be committed to doing his or her part for the relationship to thrive and last. If a partner provides financially, the other partner should take care of the household. If a partner deliberately ignores not to do his or her part, it can provoke anger or irritation, which can make one or both of the partners depressed.

If you don’t want to be depressed in your relationship, then take notice of these signs. Communicate with your partner carefully and constructively. Criticism and complaints can make your partner depressed or fight back which is something you don’t want to have in your relationship.

How Can We Rejuvenate Our Emotional State?

We are humans and all of us get tired at some point. Excessive physical energy can exhaust our body, and you may need some rest to get back to normal. Same is the case with our emotions; there comes a time when life has been just a little too much and your mind can’t take the pressure. The reasons could be many – there may be issues with your love life, with your family, issues at work or just a general burden that has gotten too hard for you. Sometimes, you are not doing enough for yourself which is why you will face that emotional irritation. Being a perfectionist can emotionally drain you as well. You are always tied up in perfecting things, and it takes up a great deal of your mental and physical strength. Whatever the case may be, it is important that you give your emotional state a boost to feel refreshed again. This article is going to tell you how you can pull yourself out from that emotional mess.

#1 Identify the source

Before you start with any other thing, it is important that you see what fits your situation and what exactly it is that is making you emotionally upset. Once you know what the source is, you can further take steps to change it.

#2 Communicate with your loved ones

If the problem is with any one of your relationships, then you need to put aside your ego and talk to that person. It may the first time that you are doing this but this one time effort might just save you from the trouble happening in your life. There is a reason you love them, and if you feel like something is not right, then they have the right to know it because ignoring it will only make it worse.

#3 Put your own self first

You need to put yourself first and see what it is that makes you happy. You need to invest some time in yourself and put your dreams and desires ahead of other responsibilities in life. When you are not happy yourself, then you will not be able to do anything right anywhere else. It is your life, and you need to take care of yourself the most.

#4 Change what you can

You need to see what you can change and what you cannot. You cannot change what other people think or say, but you can definitely bring changes in your life and the environment around you. You can improve the environment by making it positive, surrounding yourself with the people who love you and by getting rid of all the negative vibes in your life.

#5 Find your strength

Nothing will ever be possible unless you believe in yourself and believe that you can do it. We all have our boundaries, and some have financial issues while some face social problems. You need to rise above the barriers and break them to be able to bring out the strength in you. We have the power to change, but we need to know just how to do it.

Is It Too Soon To Give Up On Love?

Love is definitely not what we see in movies, and it isn’t a fairy tale where your prince will always be there to rescue you or your princess will be waiting for you and will love you every second of their life. This is life, and life has its harsh realities as well. Love is not at all simple, and you must be well aware of it before you start a relationship. Some people have their luck with love whereas others just learn a lesson from their bad experience. If you, unfortunately, had a bad experience or even several bad experiences with love then this does not mean you should give up on the whole idea of love. Love itself is a very beautiful feeling, and everyone should have a partner in their lives who loves them unconditionally. Here are some important things that you should consider before thinking of giving up on love forever:

#1 You are not alone

It is not just you who is feeling this way; there are thousands of people in the world crying over lost love and hurtful relationships. Probably, everyone at that time would be thinking the same thing – that they should give up on love. But this doesn’t mean you can’t get it right the next time. There is definitely someone who is perfect for you, and it is only a matter of time before you find them.

#2 Love doesn’t happen right away

You should stop comparing your life with the life you see in movies. Love is not magic, and it certainly doesn’t happen in a week. Sometimes, it may take years for someone to find their perfect match and therefore you should be patient with all this.

#3 You might be too picky

There may be a chance that you, yourself have made the situation really complex. We all want perfect life partners, but that doesn’t mean we should set unrealistic standards and then try to find love that will fulfill all these expectations. When we set extremely high standards then no matter how nice, sweet and loving the other person is, we will still find some negatives about them. You need to be more open minded for different types of individuals who love you and do things to make you feel special.

#4 You are not dating the right kinds of people

You might think that you made the right decision, but what if every time you end up with the wrong person. Maybe every time the person that you start a relationship with is not caring, loving or not your type.

#5 There is nothing wrong with being single

Being single is a good feeling! In fact, you should try to give yourself some time and invest in your own self. When you actually do spend some time alone and be happy with what you have, that will eventually direct you to true love.

#6 You will be really lonely

Love is companionship, and every person in the world needs someone to share their life with. If you give up on love, then this means that you have decided to spend your life alone. That will not be healthy for you because a time may come when you start getting depressed, and the need for companionship will leave you in great misery.

Text Your Ex Back Review – Updated 2014

Sure, every relationship has its bad times, but you and your ex had a genuinely good relationship. Maybe it is only now after you two broke up that you fully realize how great your relationship was. If you are truly serious about getting your ex back and building a strong, meaningful relationship, then you need Text Your Ex Back – a guide written by relationship coach Michael Fiore which takes you step-by-step through the process of winning his or her heart back using text.

Why Text?

Text Your Ex Back

Before we go any further, I think it is important to address why you’d want to use text to get your ex back. I mean, shouldn’t you call her, send flowers to her work, or serenade her outside her window at night? In short, NO.

Those sorts of direct approaches can be flattering and effective when you are on good terms with a person you care about. But, if your relationship is on the rocks, they will scare him or her away. Text is distant enough not to scare your ex off – which is the same reason your ex will be more likely to respond to texts from you. However, text is also very intimate and, when used in the right way, language can spark emotions and stir up positive memories of all the good times you had together. Text also allows you to take your time. You can read over your texts before sending them and control the timing better, which means you are less likely to make blunders. These traits make text the perfect tool for getting your ex back.

Text Your Ex Back Review
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Ex Recovery System Review – Updated 2014

Just because you have broken up with your ex, it does not mean that it is over! Ashley Kay’s revolutionary guide, The Ex Recovery System, explains why it isn’t over yet and lays down a series of 3 steps which will get your ex back. This system works so well that the guide is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are serious about getting your ex back, and building a relationship which is stronger than before, then this guide is for you.

Watch The Ex Recovery System Video To Learn How To Get Your Ex Back

What is The Ex Recovery System?

Ex recovery System Review

The Ex Recovery System is a comprehensive guide to getting your ex back. It works whether you broke up with your ex yesterday or last year. It even works if your ex is already seeing someone else (and explains why you shouldn’t be worried if your ex is in a relationship already). The Ex Recovery System is broken down into 4 main sections. Within these sections, you get a plethora of valuable information and resources, including:

  • E-Books
  • Video tutorials
  • Quizzes and tests
  • Worksheets

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Ex Factor Guide Review (Our 2014 Update – Revised)

There are a number of “get your ex back” relationship guides on the market today, most of them geared toward women when recently went through a tumultuous break-up. These guides focus heavily on what should not be done, in order to eventually entice the ex to come roaring back, nearly begging to be back in the arms of the woman.

Although some of these guides have one or two unique tips for woman, the majority of the information can be easily categorized under the common sense heading, leaving much more to be desired.

I was intrigued, then, as I came across Brad Browning’s book, Ex Factor Guide as a relationship program focused on men utilizing tips and tricks to rescue a relationship with their ex girlfriend or wife.  Browing’s book is centered on what needs to be done to rebuild a relationship that went south, despite the reason and regardless of how recent the break-up may have been.

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How Do I Get Him Back Review (2014 Update)

You're most likely reading this as you've come across Bob Grant's guide for helping get your partner back – hopefully this How Do I Get Him Back review will help shed some light on the quality of your product.

If you don't have time to read the whole article, my overall impression is that it isn't really worth it. You won't find anything here that don't already consider common sense.

If you want a guide that will really truly help, I highly recommend: The Magic Of Making Up

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