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Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas For The One You Love

Long distance relationships are never easy . They can make you frustrated and annoyed. Sometimes you miss your loved one so badly that all you want is a hug from them.

Missing your partner who is far away from you and conveying it by sending a gift is a unique way to express your deep love. It shows that how desperately he or she is being missed. So let us find out various sweet and fun long distance gifts that can make your partner’s day a happier one.

Long Distances Care Packages

Sending a long distance care package depicts your true love and care for your lover. It is the sweetest way to convey your affection. Here I am sharing care packages ideas that will help in preparing a care package for your partner:

  • Surprise your partner with a crunchy and delicious bakery food basket. Girls who love baking will definitely love this idea. So, prepare a care package full of chocolate brownies, heart shaped cookies and tasty cupcakes for your significant one.
  • How about making a themed blue box or pink box for your partner? Just take a box and color blue or pink. Fill it with candies and chocolates wrapped all in blue or pink. You can add a picture of yours too. Attach a little message to it which says “miss you” Awwww! Isn’t it going to be so cute?
  • Nothing could be as cute as by dumping a pack of Hershey kisses chocolates in a basket along with a note saying “sending you a kiss a day.”
  • Why not having a complete movie care package prepared for your partner? Take a box and fill it with packets of popcorns, chips, candies, chocolates and most importantly a pack of CDs which includes their favorite all time movies.

Open with ….. Letter ideas

“Open with letter idea” is the cutest of all. Write letters for your lover. Express your love and your feelings in different ways in all the letters. Then take a box and place all the letters inside. Wrap them with a classy wrapping sheet, a red ribbon and send it to your lover. Read the following points to get open with letter ideas:

  • Open it when you are missing me

In this letter tell your mate how much he/she is being missed. Recall old memories of the time spent together. You can add a photo of you two together as well.

  • Open it when you are mad

This idea worked wonders when you two had a fight. In this letter just say your heart out. Express your deep love and tell that you never want to hurt their feelings or upset them.

  • Open it when it is the first day of winters

How about preparing a box for the gift along with the letter? Get a pair of gloves, a scarf or a coffee mug. Write a cute romantic letter and dispatch it along with the gift box. And yes! Don’t forget to place a picture of you two standing with a snowman in the box, if you have any.

There are numerous ideas which I haven’t listed here. Think about more fun ideas but remember that the idea should be something creative, fun and affectionate.

6 Ways to Stop Your Husband from Cheating On You

When it comes to relationships, cheating is one of the most unfortunate things to happen to a couple. We all live and work in a connected world and some men and women might unknowingly get involved in an affair. Infidelities are disastrous for relationships, so you should take steps go to prevent your partner from cheating on your in the first place. Here are six ways you can stop your boyfriend or husband from cheating on you:

1. Stop nagging. If you want your husband to be happy than the first step you can take is to reduce the amount of nagging. Make a list of all the irritating and annoying things your partner does or the ones you constantly nag him. Now, try to shorten your nagging list to half.

2. Don’t nag him about eating healthy or suggesting him to diet. Let your partner eat what he likes to eat. If you want your partner to eat healthy, try eating healthy yourself. He will then change his diet to follow you and make you happy. Besides, make an effort to cook all of his favorite recipes and dishes at home. It will compel him to come home and enjoying eating and spending time with you. A man’s love for food is primal. So, if you want to keep your man happy, then keep well fed!

3. Try to make your husband spend time with happily married couples. It can be a good influence on your partner’s behavior and will remind him that it better to be happily married rather than being single, alone and miserable.

4. If you’ve kids, don’t allow their problems to come between you and the happiness of your marriage. Remind yourself that your children will eventually grow up, and leave home. But, you’ll have to spend the rest of your life with your husband. Don’t get overwhelmed by problems that aren’t serious. Usually, couples fight about the kind and the amount of punishment their kids should get when they do something wrong. Don’t make it a big deal as long as your children are getting punished.

5. Make time for your husband. This is one of the most important to do to keep the sparks in your relationship flying if you are married for a while. Listen to him when he talks, even if you aren’t interested, tired or bored. One of the big reasons men cheat on their partners is because they’ve failed to get attention at home and their emotional needs weren’t met. So, they try to get outside where they’re admired and loved. So, treat your partner like the way he likes to be treated and loved. If there is something that your partner has mentioned that he finds sexy or adorable to you, buy a ton of it. For example, did he say to you he really loves that new perfume? Buy it. Also, admire and support him through all the life’s problems, and he will never leave your side or think of another woman.

6. Have more sex. If you assume that your partner has a high sex drive, try the best of your abilities to satisfy his carnal needs. Don’t always wait for your man to initiate sex; try to initiate sex sometimes by yourself. This will make your partner think that you too are interested in physical intimacy. The more sex your man gets it at home, the less he will try to get it outside.

There are men and women who have been victims of infidelity although they’ve been loving and supporting to their partners. For those folks, there is little to do to keep their partner’s faithful. For the rest, this list will give people an interesting guideline to make their relationship happy and everlasting.

How Long Should You Wait To Get Engaged?

When you’re dating for a while, you probably wondered what’s taking your man taking so long to propose. Is he just patient or is he just playing you along? How long should you or they wait for it? You probably are thinking that maybe your partner isn’t proposing to you because his expectations from this relationship have changed. You’re constantly thinking how long you should wait before he pops the question to you and you’re unsure when will you bring up the topic for discussion with your partner. Your thoughts are filled with frustration and anxiety about the future of your relationship.

Well, to make things easier, ask yourself these four questions before you bring up the conversation to get engaged:

1. Are you ready to accept the relationship as it is, or give up thinking about marriage? Most women like to get married because it’s validated by society and you need to get married to have kids. But, you don’t need to get engaged to be happy and have children. Many couples are now living together as an alternative to tying the knot. Whether you can have a long-lasting marriage or not before living together, the research results are mixed.

2. Are you ready and strong enough to demand from your partner what you wish for? Are you willing to leave the relationship and accept the consequences once your partner failed to honor your ultimatum? If you issued a deadline to your partner regarding the engagement, it would rarely motivate him to do so. And if you keep pressuring him for marriage, it will keep him away from proposing in the first place. Couples, who had conflicts before getting engaged, will have problems in their relationships after getting married. So, if you think that some of these issues need to be addressed, resolve them before getting engaged.

3. Are there any issues in your relationship that is holding your partner to have the discussion with you? Do you think these matters need to addressed, accepted or rejected? Are there any problems with the timing? If your spouse or both of you, are in college or just graduated and looking for a stable job, or not financially stable, it’s okay for you both not to think about getting engaged or married. But, it’s not acceptable for someone who is in his 30s, with a stable job and in a relationship for a few years.

4. Lastly, can you wait? It might be that your partner has a plan of his own and saving up. As you know by now, getting engaged in one of the biggest life decisions one can make and no one should rush it. Sometimes the eagerness to get engaged is so intense among women that they would do and dismiss things that don't relate with their rationale or consciousness. Having a conversation on this subject might bring up problems in your relationship that you always hoped to avoid.

If you’re in a relationship or dating someone for a while, it’s natural for you to get engaged and eventually get married with your significant other. But, before you take the initial steps to get married, you should ask yourself these questions and find the right answers. If you do this, the bringing up this topic and discussing it with your partner won’t be a problem.

Can a Healthy Marriage Survive Without Sex?

It’s even harder to sustain a marriage than a relationship. One of the biggest reasons most men and women face in their marriages is that couple says that the thrill and spark aren't there anymore. They aren’t excited as they were during the early days of the relationship.

Couples say they tried everything they can to reignite the romance in their marriage, including going to relationship experts and therapists. Some find success to save their marriage, while some become so frustrated they get divorced. Coping with a breakup or a divorce is hard, and some men and women never get over their past relationships and move on. They don’t try to date anymore and get involved in new relationships. They become disappointed, depressed and hopeless about their lives.

Sex is one main reason for the demise of marriages and relationships. As the relationship matures over time, couples don’t feel attracted to their partners like before. They don’t feel the sparks anymore. So, is possible for a couple to stay together when the thrill is gone?

Though experts believe that sex is important to keep the couples together, it is also possible to maintain a long-lasting relationship without sex. Marriage and family therapist Dr. Paul Hokemeyer says that as couples mature sex becomes overhyped and overrated. He says real and lasting happiness and pleasure can only come from a deep and genuine emotional connection with another person. When sex becomes irregular in a relationship then the only way to keep it healthy is through trust, respect, laughter and vulnerability between the spouses. In fact, in a mature relationship, emotional connection is more vital than physical intimacy.

While sexual intensity and intimacy may keep the relationship alive at the beginning, it needs to complement with emotional intimacy over time. To give a perspective on the subject, people who are indulging in casual sex may have great sex and enjoy their time without being emotional close to their dates. But, eventually, they will feel empty and lonely, which they won’t have if they were in an emotionally satisfying relationship that doesn’t have sex.

However, sexless relationships or infrequent sex in new relationships might have problems. Sex nurtures the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a relationship. If a situation arises like if one partner in a relationship is enjoying sex more than the other, then detrimental feelings can appear between the partner such as sadness, anger, and resentment. The key to making sexless marriage or relationship function is communication. Both partners must be okay with it. If both partners believe that their togetherness and shared values are more important than having physical intimacy, then the relationship can survive and can even thrive.

If couples can redefine the importance of sex, sexual intimacy and emotional connection among themselves, then a relationship can overcome sexual challenges. The emotional intimacy and bond between the partners can also strengthen in the process. If intimacy and trust have been established between without sexually satisfying either partner, it’s possible to have a healthy and happy relationship without sex.

Living Together Before Marriage – A Relationship Killer or Not?

Many factors can create problems in a relationship. Some of the common and obvious reasons are infidelity, lack of communication, lack of commitment and trust, constant fighting and arguing and so on. Some relationships and marriages end because both partners are unhappy, started to resent each other, simply one of the partner’s can’t meet the physical, mental and emotional desired of the other partner.

Now, there’s another reason that can make or break a relationship. It’s living together at the same place before marriage. It’s quite normal for men and women who have in an exclusive relationship for some time to move in with either partner and find a new place for themselves. We all know the benefits of living together. It’s a great opportunity to save money on rent, utilities, spending less time to work and other places back and forth, and best of all, the ability to spend more quality time together with your significant other. You can also see this living together arrangement as the ultimate test of the relationship. While cohabiting, if you can get habituated of living under the same roof and work together as a couple, you might be more confident to believe that you’ve found the right person you always wanted to marry.

Researchers have been studying this exact idea for quite some time now. They tried to figure out if living together before getting married, without any commitment, makes it easier to break up or get divorced. Many studies have analyzed the impacts of living together before marriage and results aren’t very encouraging. They have found the cohabiting before marriage consequently leads to unhappy marriage and increased level distress in marriages. However, there has been a new study that reports that living together before marriage isn’t necessarily the determining factor whether the marriage will succeed or not. For women, marital distress was more likely to happen when there wasn’t a commitment to marriage in first place. It includes being engaged or more realistic plans toward getting engaged and ultimately getting married. But, for men things were a little unusual. For men, marital stability had no significant impact regardless if men were committed to marriage before living together.

So, what have we learned from this? Is your plan on saving on rent and spending more time together by living together with your partner before getting married not viable in the long-run? Well, if you want to prevent your relationship or marriage from going south, we would suggest that you and your partner seriously consider committing first before living together. Although recent studies show that men won’t experience divorces or their relationships end, women are different.

Regardless, you’re dating someone new or trying to get back with your ex, every man and woman, who are in relationships, hope that their relationship will ultimately result in happy, lasting marriage. But, there are two parties when it comes to relationships or marriages, and it’s crucial that you take into consideration of committing to your partner before living together, as it may affect both of you in the long-term when you get married.

The Three Stages to Every Relationship

In movies and television romantic relationships always have a happy ending or a scene where the couple lives happily ever after. But, in reality, not so much. There are many stages a relationship passes through over time, but most of us want a loving and long-lasting relationship in the end. Many men and women think relationships are easy, but it’s not. Mature, committed, and lasting relationships need work, and both partners have to chime in equally.

Anyways, when it comes to romantic relationships, there are three stages. These stages will help you to indicate which phase of development your present relationship is.

Romantic Love

People idealize their potential partners at this phase. You feel joy, compassion, and excitement with your spouse. This feeling makes you think about your partner all day and night. You visualize all the fun and interesting things you would like to with your newly found romantic interest. You always want to spend all of your time with your partner. However, there is something you need to remember. In this stage of romance, you don’t tend to think about the flaws of your partner. You only focus on their good sides when you’re with him or her. Your brain gets addicted to the happy feelings of being in love. This is romantic love, and the media is obsessed by it. But, it’s not true love or a living relationship for that matter. And buying into this will only create disappointments in real relationships.

Realistic Love

This is where the second phase of romantic relationships begins, which is realistic love. This is the stage where most couples get a taste of what a real relationship feels like and it’s only the stage where most couples get stuck. The novelty of romantic love wears off, and people start to realize the real personalities of their partners. The flaws get exposed, and some couple begins to resent each other. It’s here the relationship reaches its defining moment. It is at this phase where couple either make or end their relationships. Some do it instantly, while others keep on bickering and resenting their partners until they can no longer take it anymore. Some men and women get scared and insecure, so they settle with their partners, even after knowing that they aren’t compatible with each other. You start to feel cheated, and you beat yourself up for settling with a person you don’t love. You feel hurt, desperate, upset and keep blaming your partner for not meeting your needs.

Mature Love

This the final stage in the romantic relationship. Both people feel cared and fulfilled for each other, and they feel safe and secure in the relationship. The love is mature and mutual. At this stage, both partners know each other at a fundamental and emotional level. They accept each other’s flaws and perfections, and both try to bring the best of themselves. The only way couple can obtain mature love is to strive through the previous stages of love.

We all make mistakes. Every stage of love is riddled with mistakes. The important thing is both partners should commit themselves to the relationship, navigate through all the flaws, and make the relationship safe and secure.

How Can We Rejuvenate Our Emotional State?

We are humans and all of us get tired at some point. Excessive physical energy can exhaust our body, and you may need some rest to get back to normal. Same is the case with our emotions; there comes a time when life has been just a little too much and your mind can’t take the pressure. The reasons could be many – there may be issues with your love life, with your family, issues at work or just a general burden that has gotten too hard for you. Sometimes, you are not doing enough for yourself which is why you will face that emotional irritation. Being a perfectionist can emotionally drain you as well. You are always tied up in perfecting things, and it takes up a great deal of your mental and physical strength. Whatever the case may be, it is important that you give your emotional state a boost to feel refreshed again. This article is going to tell you how you can pull yourself out from that emotional mess.

#1 Identify the source

Before you start with any other thing, it is important that you see what fits your situation and what exactly it is that is making you emotionally upset. Once you know what the source is, you can further take steps to change it.

#2 Communicate with your loved ones

If the problem is with any one of your relationships, then you need to put aside your ego and talk to that person. It may the first time that you are doing this but this one time effort might just save you from the trouble happening in your life. There is a reason you love them, and if you feel like something is not right, then they have the right to know it because ignoring it will only make it worse.

#3 Put your own self first

You need to put yourself first and see what it is that makes you happy. You need to invest some time in yourself and put your dreams and desires ahead of other responsibilities in life. When you are not happy yourself, then you will not be able to do anything right anywhere else. It is your life, and you need to take care of yourself the most.

#4 Change what you can

You need to see what you can change and what you cannot. You cannot change what other people think or say, but you can definitely bring changes in your life and the environment around you. You can improve the environment by making it positive, surrounding yourself with the people who love you and by getting rid of all the negative vibes in your life.

#5 Find your strength

Nothing will ever be possible unless you believe in yourself and believe that you can do it. We all have our boundaries, and some have financial issues while some face social problems. You need to rise above the barriers and break them to be able to bring out the strength in you. We have the power to change, but we need to know just how to do it.

Don’t Rush Too Soon To Make The Relationship Official

So you've been in a relationship for some time and now you think that the situation is ideal for you to take one step further by making it all official. But you ask yourself if you’re rushing too soon? Sometimes people rush into things while they're excited but then regret it afterwards. Maybe they are agreeing to it because of some family pressure or because of the time factor with everyone getting older, but whatever the case may be it is a major decision, and you should always think thoroughly about it. These signs will tell you when you are rushing to make the relationship official:

#1 Your gut feeling doesn’t lie

When taking this decision, you feel a rock bottom feeling in your stomach and lots of nervousness. This is a normal reaction to something which you haven’t done with the heart’s agreement; this should be an immediate sign that it is time for you to rethink your decision.

#2 You have planned it, but you hesitate

People who want to make things happen then they put all their effort in it as well. You, on the other hand, are still using words like “if” and “when” as if the time is somewhere in distant future and this all shows you are not ready for it. You’re taking this time off because you are not yet sure about it.

#3 You are still in contact with you exes

When you are not sure or serious about one relationship, then you will always be in contact with other guys/girls, and it will not feel wrong because you feel whatever you are doing is okay from the inside. If you had committed to the person whom you are going to marry, then you wouldn’t even think about anyone else, and you would only spend all your time with that one person. You are definitely exploring your options because you haven't yet taken your decision.

#4 You don’t get motivated seeing others get hitched

People who want to get married or want to start a long-term commitment usually get motivated and excited when they see others in the same situation. You, however, have never felt this way and even if it is your closest friend getting married. You will still not want it for yourself.

#5 You have been overprotective about your independence and alone time

You are not yet ready for someone’s interference in your life. You don’t want anyone to tell you what to do and when to do. You like living by your own rules, and this long-term companionship might not be the best idea, at least for now.

#6 Whenever the subject gets brought back again, you always change the topic

Your partner is all pumped up for it and has already started making plans about things like which place will you be living in or what school will your kids be going to. All these things feel nauseous to you, and all you do in such situations is change the topic to something entirely different or just bring food in between since that seems to solve it always.

Be A Gentleman And Learn To Court Her

No matter in which modern age we live, no girl would want to hook up on the first date. Rushing things never turns out well, and it only wastes your chance with her even if it was close. That is because it portrays the person as desperate. Girls, whether today or tomorrow, always prefer the classy and old school way where the guys take some time to court the woman. This article is going to talk about the modern ways of courting a woman.

#1 You need to look within

You need to analyze your own situation first to see what you actually want. If you are still in that party phase where you just want her to accompany you to all the bars and late night jamming sessions, then it is better you hook up straight away. On the other hand, if you are looking for someone you’d want to spend your life with then you need to court her.

#2 Dating and courting are not the same

Dating is the casual type where you are just thinking about some good, temporary relation. Courtship, however, is a long-term planning for those who are thinking about ending up in a marriage. It is a big step and therefore must be done with the fully thought process.

#3 Start off as friends

Since you are up for the courting way, then you need to learn how to take the pressure off. You need to make her comfortable with you, and that will only happen if you initiate the relationship as being friends. Make her used to your personality and get used to her ways. This will build a strong base for later on.

#4 Man pursues the woman

This should be understood well that in every phase it should be the man trying to pursue the woman and not the other way round. This is how nature is meant to be where man courts the woman. If you are expecting her to take the first step, then you should probably just forget about it all.

#5 Court one at a time

We understand that you are eager to find a life partner, but that does not mean you start to explore all your options at the same time. Moreover, courting more than one girl at a time is never going to work. That one girl requires your full attention in order for her to get impressed and start thinking about you. So, it is better if you put all your efforts for one girl.

#6 Don’t make it about sex

Be sure not to make the girl uncomfortable and give her a wrong hint that it is her body which attracts you. It's nice to complement her beauty but make sure it never gets vulgar or gives a wrong hint.

#7 Make her feel like family

This usually starts at the last phase where you are confident about the woman, so you make her meet your family. You give her respect, so she feels that you have started to treat her like a part of your family. This will give her a warm and assuring feeling.


Learn How Online Marriage Counseling Can Be Beneficial For You

Whenever a person gets married, a new phase starts in his/her life and partner becomes the most important in life. For bringing a smile on the face of your partner, all of you are ready to do anything. Along, with this, there are many changes in your life and you have to adjust as per your partner’s requirement. That’ why adjustment is the second name of marriage. There are many things that you have to keep in mind after marriage, because a single mistake can create hurdles in your life. Sometime, even small-small things prove to be very effective and harm your relationship.

In fact, there are many problems also that disturb your mind and bring storm in your life in form of divorce. So, if you are suffering from all these problems then you can go for online marriage counseling. There are many benefits of this counseling, but the main benefit is that it brings lots of happiness in your life. It helps in increasing your understanding as it is the main key of any marriage life. Proper understanding helps in sorting all the problems and makes your marriage life more pleasant.

Online marriage counseling is also known as couple therapy, it is psychotherapy that is performed by professional therapists. It does not only enhance your understanding skills but it also enhances your communication skills, due to which your relationship becomes stronger and healthier. Online counseling is very easy and convenient and it saves your time and money. You need not to go anywhere, all you have to do is just to listen what the therapist is saying.

Benefits of marriage counseling

Although, there are many benefits of online counseling such as it enhances your personal skills, reduces all the differences and many more. Following are some more advantages of online marriage counseling:

Privacy is the main key: This type of counseling is best for those couples, who do not want to reveal their problems in front of the society. With online counseling you need not to take any tension because all your information will be kept private. Whatever you will talk will remain between you, your partner and the counselor. In fact, most of the time you need not tell your name and if you are revealing then it is kept secretive. Along with this you are not required to go out of your house; all you have to do is just login to the site and start your session. So, with this you can reduce your stress and can complete the session without any problem and explanation.

Beneficial for long distance couples: Distance is one of the main problems of any relationship. It can either create your relationship or can spoil things. So, if you do not live with your partner then it can be beneficial for you. The counselor will set the session after asking both the husband and wife and after this the session will start. Long distance sessions are usually performed by conference calling where both of them can talk with each other. Through this, they will learn about each other’s concern, which will help them in clearing all the misunderstanding. And if, misunderstanding will be cleared then no difference will be there in their relationship and hence the relationship will get stronger.

Flexibility: The main benefit of online counseling is the flexibility it offers and due to this many couples prefer it. It is much beneficial than traditional counseling which makes it highly flexible. With online marriage counseling you need not to take any tension, as it is done as per your requirement. You can set the sessions according to your time and even many sites work 24*7 hours. In this , you can choose any counselor whom you think will be perfect. Once, you will select the counselor then the entire sessions will be taken by him/her. You can set your own time, after deciding when you both will be present at home. And the best thing is that you can look after your children with the session. Along, with this there are many other benefits and you will really feel the change in your relationship after counseling. It makes you feel positive and through this you can spend some quality time with your partner.

Group sessions: During traditional counseling, couples do not feel comfortable as their sessions are taken out in front of a number of people. While on the other hand, it does not happen when the counseling is done online. In fact, to make couples feel comfortable they mostly take out group sessions. The main reason behind the group sessions is that, it motivates the couple and they feel secure and satisfied. With this, couples become more attentive and they can easily take out their feeling. It ensures the couple that they are not the only ones who are suffering from problems and there are many others who have differences in their relationship. Through this, both parties can share what they have in their mind and what they want to do with their relationship. Online counseling helps you in finding the right path and also builds confidence, so that you can focus on your relationship and can decide whether you want to have it or you want to finish it.

 Motivation: It also acts as a motivational tool and helps you in motivating. Although, it is beneficial for any couple but it is highly beneficial for those couples, who think that now nothing is left between them. This counseling helps in boosting the self confidence between your relationship, due to which you get energy and start focusing on your relationship. The counselor follows various tricks so that you get the best from your relationship and can focus on your relationship goals. It helps you in identifying, what you want from your relation and what values you have for your partner. Through these sessions, your spouse will feel motivated and will learn what importance you have in his/her life. And not only this, it will also help you in knowing how well your relation is working. Being an essential key, motivation will assure you that you will never forget your partner, no matter how far you both are. At the end of the session, the counselor will also provide many tips through which you can enjoy and can motivate each other.