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Read This Before You Start Dating A Mama’s Boy

So, you’ve started dating this lovely guy. He’s attentive and passionate. But, there is something very different about this man. After dating him for a few weeks, you realized that your boyfriend is a total mama’s boy! We aren’t going to tell if this is right or wrong for you, but what actually does this mean for you? How do you feel dating a mama’s boy? What are your future prospects given the fact that his mother is also involved in the relationship?

Here are five things you need to know before you start dating a mama’s boy:

You Aren’t The Only Woman In His Life
When dating a mama’s boy, this is the one particular thing most women seem to underestimate. A mama’s boy isn’t only fond of his mother but crazy about her. Similar, his mom also loves him too much. Your boyfriend and his mom have an unbreakable bond that you won’t usually see under normal circumstances. This means you’ll see his mom calling a few times in the day which is way above the normal once or twice a week. She has devoted her life to making him happy. So, don’t assume for even a moment just because he has fallen in love with you, he’ll stop loving his mom less. He’ll never stop loving his mother, so keep this in mind before you share your heart with him.

He’s Not Independent.
Typically mama’s boys are used to have everything done for them. Their moms will do their laundry, their cooking, all the cleaning, and even their shopping. So, if you’re dating a mama’s boy, remember, he won’t be fully independent.

He’ll Always Compare You To Her
It doesn’t matter how tasty your roasted chicken is or how nicely you decorated the bedroom, you mama’s boy boyfriend will always compare everything you do with how his mom does it for him. He probably won’t realize that he’s doing it, and he’ll never say it in a horrible or a demeaning way. The reason is that your lover’s mother has spent her whole life making him feel comfortable and happy, and he expects the same from you.

You Won't Come First In His Life
When you start dating a mama’s boy, you need to get used to the fact that you’ll not always be his top priority. He’ll still take you to dinner dates, and watch your favorite TV series with you, but if his mother needs something or want him to do something for her, he’ll rush to her. Sure, he’ll apologize to you and even promise to make it up for you, but at the same time he’ll expect you to be okay and understanding that you’ll be second to his mother.

He’ll Treat You Like A Princess
When you start dating someone and that someone is a mama’s boy, it may sound like a huge pain in the ass, but, to be honest; having a romantic relationship with a mama’s boy isn’t all bad. One great thing about dating mama’s boys is they surely know how to treat a woman. Men who are close and caring to their mothers are sensitive, understanding, sweet, and generous. The relationship they’ve with their moms might drive you insane, but these guys will always treat you like a princess, and that can never go wrong? After all don’t all women want this?

Simple Signs To Look For That Says “He Likes You A Lot.”

You’re looking for a relationship, and after searching for weeks, you finally meet someone for the first time. You can easily tell that you like the man, especially in a romantic encounter, but how will you know if they like you?

Here are few nonverbal cues that immediately make you learn how to tell if a guy likes you or not.

Mutual Eye Contact
People only look at people they like and avoid making eye contact with people they don’t like. When we like someone, our bodies release Oxytocin, which is responsible for increased eye contact. Oxytocin also increases pupil dilation, which indicates interests and attraction. However, you should keep in mind the fine line between increased eye contact and stare. Staring is creepy and impolite. One good way to raise your gaze to the person you like is to look at them when they don’t feel like someone is looking at them. Turn your head quickly if the person discovers that you’re looking at him or her. If the man or woman you are at maintains eye contact, they like and interested to you.

He Touches You Gently
Touching is a good sign to tell whether a person likes you or dislikes you. Often, people touch the person they like. Women, in romantic relationships, might lightly touch the hand or the arm of the man they are attracted to while talking. A gentle touch is not an invitation for sex, it mere sign that she likes you. Meanwhile, guys express their liking for women by engaging in playful or flirty physical activities. Another kind of touching is preening. Picking an exposed thread or lint from other person’s dress or clothes or straightening a tie is also an indication that he or she likes you. If you like someone, but they don’t like you, they will pull away whenever you touch them.

He Copies You
If a person likes someone, he or she will mirror each other’s body positions. To make romantic relationships work, it’s important to build rapport, and mirroring is a good way to do it. Also, mirroring can also be used to check whether the person you are talking with likes you. So, when you meet someone new, and you like him or her, and you also want them to like you back, mirror their body position.

He Leans Inward To You
Body language is a crucial indicator to figure out if a guy likes or dislikes you. Usually, people lean forward to people they like and stay away from people they don’t like. For example, if two people are sitting next to each other and if they like each other their heads and shoulders, and later their torsos will fully turn as they face one another. Eventually, the couple will lean toward each other.

He Removes Any Walls Between Him And You
If you’re dating someone you like, and he’s also interested in you, he will do his best to eliminate any obstacles between you and him. If a woman doesn’t like the man they are with, she will place all kinds of obstacles between her and the man they dislike. Barriers can include personal things like purses, magazines, cups, cushions, etc. Barriers in dating or romantic relationships don’t consequently mean that he or she doesn’t like you, but it’s a way to indicate that the rapport is yet to be established.

Want To Seduce Your Date? Then Read This!

So, you scored a date. Congrats! The first challenge is almost done. Now instead of thinking of what kind of dress or hairstyle you will need to meet your date, you should be worrying about how to take your date to the next level. The first dates are usually very stressful and scary, as there is an immense pressure to impress the other person. But, there is some good news. You can learn how to seduce someone into an actual relationship with you.

Here are two ways to seduce your date:

Recognize Your Imperfections
We know you didn’t ask for this. But, that’s the reality. You’ve had deal with your flaws if you want to be in an actual relationship. Figure out what they are, and confront them, face on. This might seem perfectly normal to some people; others may not realize that talking about how great or good you are during a date is an absolute turn-off.

We understand that it might not be your motive, but boasting about your best qualities and accomplishments can make you appear as self-centered, narcissist, and snobbish. Therefore, stop trying too hard to sell yourself to your potential partner, and let them do all the thinking and figuring to find what’s your real personality. An excellent way to impress your date is by confidently acknowledging your imperfections. Recognizing your shortcomings can make you attractive to your potential partner. However, you shouldn’t tell all of your flaws that will make you look like a loser. Doing is will be more of a turn-off to your date that bragging. The key here is to tell your date that, you aren’t perfect and you’re willing to share your failings with him or her with ease and confidence, and you’re fully okay with it.

Accept Your Date's Flaws
Now that you’re done with the first step, it’s time for the next one. The next one is to demonstrate that you're accepting of your date’s flaws the same way you did with yours. If your intention is to master the tactics to seduce someone, you need to take them off of the hook regarding the unattainable, and sometimes, crazy expectations you had about your dates. That doesn’t mean that you will act like you adore and like everything about your date as that can be a major turn-off, not to mention super-creepy. The reason is that it’s deeply worrying to be obviously adored as deep down most men and women understand that they aren’t worthy of this great acclaim.

When we stop telling lies and honest with ourselves, we all know very well that we aren’t perfect, no matter how good we seem to others. Most folks want their boyfriends or girlfriends to recognize their flaws upfront. This way they don’t have to anxious that sometime in the future these flaws of theirs won’t become a problem later on in the relationship.

When you’re looking for a relationship, it’s important to keep up with the realities of life. We all have our inadequacies and failures. Recognizing them and being at ease with is what makes a relationship healthy and long-lasting.

You’ve Cheated On Your Partner. What Will You Do Now?

You’ve cheated. It’s bad. You also don’t know how to get out from this mess and move on. When this is the first time or the second time, something has to change in your life and your relationship. Before you make another move, go through the following guidelines. They might save from making an already bad decision even worse.

1. Confess Or Keep Quiet?
Whether you’ve cheated in the past or present, confessing your transgressions is the best option for both of you and your partner to move on. If you confess, be prepared as there will be a lot of pain on both sides. You will hurt your girlfriend or boyfriend, and there are chances that the relationship will end right away. Your partner may lash out at you, and attack you on many issues so that you may also taste some of the pain he or she is feeling. He or she may also tell about their own past affairs entirely unrelated to the situation, simply to hurt you emotionally. So, don’t assume that your confession will make things okay again, but do it no matter what, so that you can end or repair your relationship on a solid footing.

2. Repair It Or End It?
The answer depends on the circumstances of your relationship. If you’re married and have kids, then the advice will be different than the one for someone who has been dating someone for a few weeks or months. When you’re married with children, and there are many people involved in the relationship, ensure that you think long and hard for every single person in the relationship, who will have to face the consequences of your decision. Meanwhile, if you’ve been dating for a few months, your decision at best will affect only you and your partner. Now, if you want to remain in the relationship, you’ve got a lot to prove. Since trust once broken is very hard to get back especially in romantic relationships and marriages; you’ve to work a lot to get it back.

3. Identify What Went Wrong
Most men and women cheat, not because they want to, but because they want to get something from it, which has been missing in their current relationships or life in general. So, if you’ve been unfaithful to your spouse, it’s time to ask yourself what happened or what went ashtray in the relationship, and what it’s going to take to mend it. You owe it both to yourself and your partner as well, as it’s important to heal the situation.

4. Forgive Yourself, But Don’t Expect Forgiveness
When it comes to dating and relationships, infidelity is one of the harshest things that can happen in a person’s life. So, If you're dating someone, and cheated on him or her, don’t expect your partner to forgive you or convince him or her to forgive you straight away. He or she may or may not forgive you, and if they decide to forgive they’ll do it when the time is right. Your responsibility here is to give your boyfriend or girlfriend space and time he or she needs to heal and get over this unfortunate chapter of their lives. Meanwhile, forgive yourself. You made a mistake. Don’t beat yourself up for your misbehaviors; instead, take concrete and immediate steps to clean up your behavior.

How To Get Married Blissfully

Being in a happy relationship with the “one “doesn’t always mean that you both will get married blissfully. We all want to be in a healthy marriage, but how do you establish a healthy and long-lasting from the very start?

When it comes to dating, most men and women try way too hard to impress their dates. Dating is meant to be fun and an enjoyable experience, rather than work. But, we can tell the same for marriages. Marriages are work, and you’ve to dedicate your time and energy to make it work. If dating is too much work, or if you’re trying to change the person you’re dating, then keep in mind that things will get harder when you get married. You’ll be unhappy, or your marriage can end if the person you married isn’t the right man or woman to be spending the rest of your life with.

So, what’s the advice here? For starters, take good care of yourself, and travel without your partner. Many of us tend to lose our identities, and forget who we really are in a relationship. So, don’t lose your identity or your personality. The happiest couples are those who make time and effort to pursue their own interests and friends outside of marriage. They also took care of their own well-being and sometimes spent some time apart from each to reflect how and why they got together in the first place.

Another good advice while in a relationship is not to have a meaningful conversation while being angry.
It’s the best marriage advice out there. But, most people say that if you have an argument, do go to bed until you resolve. But there is much better advice. Do go to sleep angry. Take an Ambien, go to bed, wake up fully rested, drink a cup of coffee, and then having a rational conversation when your mind is calm and clear.

If you’re a strong-willed, intellectually-minded, and an independent woman, and want a healthy marriage, think of your husband as a member of the team. Make him your partner, rather than your competitor. We understand when you were single you were so used to making those decisions by yourself. But, when you’re married or hoping to get married, always make important decisions together.

So, now that we have talked about various suggestions on how to have a blissful marriage, and make your marriage last, what about some tips on how to discover the right man or woman? Most people say that you’ll meet your soulmate when you’re least looking for it, which is like a lightning bolt that strikes you when you meet the right person. Time has nothing to do with it. You can even find your soul mate at high school. Some say, if you’ve met someone new, and you felt an instant chemistry, you’ve met the right person. So far, it’s a myth. It’s the emotional connection, rather than physical attraction or intimacy. After a few dates with the person you like, if you start to feel that something is missing more than the person you’re dating, then maybe your heart is not in the right place.

Top 5 Marriage Advice That Are Totally Bullshit!

When it comes to marriage advice, some of it is worth ignoring. When you’ve decided to get married, suddenly you see that surrounded with friends, family and other people full of well-meant advice. There are some that are good, while there are some which we ignored. Then there is some advice that we are glad we forgot. Here are top five of them:

Advice #1: Don't Go To Bed Angry
Why not? You know what, do it. It’s perfectly fine to be a little angry and cranky sometimes. Also, going to sleep a little angry gives you a breather. You get a fresh perspective and come to terms that whatever you’re arguing about aren’t as important than the feelings of your spouse.

Advice #2: Only Use Words Like “I Feel” Instead “It Is How It Is.”
When talking with your partner speak in a way that means what it is really instead of how you feel about it. For example, it doesn’t make any sense when you tell your husband that forgetting to wipe the counters makes you “feel” that he doesn’t respect or love you. Instead, ask him to help your around in the household, and give him a list of chores that he feels comfortable doing. Sure, feelings can come in handy during fights, but for everyday tasks, sometimes it’s best just to ask for help for the job done.

Advice #3: People Don't Change
We all heard a lot that people don’t change whether they’re single, in a relationship or are married. Folks tell us not to expect any changes of their husbands or wives, and only to accept him or her as they are. But, this statement isn’t always true and can be preposterous to some extent. If you get married with that mindset, then you’re just prepping up for disappointment. You can see a lot of couples where both partners have changed themselves in small ways and big ways. You see that your husband is more sensitive to your feelings now, and also you around a lot to do chores.

Advice #4: Apologize, Even If You Aren't Sorry or Did Anything Wrong
When you’re in a committed relationship or married, it’s better, to tell the truth, and apologize for it, then lie to your partner. Even if you’re arguing, nobody likes to be appeased or patronized. Don’t be sorry or be apologetic for leaving all the lights on in the house or not doing the dishes after dinner. There isn’t anything seriously wrong or harmful in these activities, so stop with the insincere apologies.

Advice #5: Always Let Him Know How You Feel
This advice might work to some extent, but when you’re married, sometimes it's better just to withhold your feelings. Many women don’t suck up their emotions and tell about every single little thing to their partners, and honestly speaking it can cause a lot of problems. Feelings and your inner thoughts are fleeting. Sometimes, you might be irritated by your husband watching football with you for hours, but the next time he does it, you’ll feel charmed. The problem isn't him; it’s because your emotions are short-lived. When you’re in a relationship, letting your significant other know how you feel about everything, isn’t the way to go. But getting control of your emotions and figuring out what's worth discussing and what’s necessary bringing to the table before sharing is the best effort for a healthy and lasting marriage.

6 Signs That You Are Mean And An Absolute Turn Off For Men

Are you someone who have been too many dates and still failed to secure a relationship? Are you getting rejected? Are you someone who only gets one date with guys? If yes, you might want to think that you’re still single because you can’t the right man to fall in love with. But, did you think about the possibility that the problem might be you? It might be that you’re talking, acting or doing something that pisses men off? If you’re mean or rude to your men, you can’t secure the second date, let alone end up in a happy relationship.

If you notice any of these signs in yourself, it’s highly likely that you might be a mean girl.

1. You’ve Made Fun of His Penis
Most women have no idea that men take their manhood really seriously. So serious that if you by any circumstances, even if it’s a joke, they won’t be interested in date anymore.

2. Guys Think That You’re “Cruel” Or “Heartless.”
Some men will tell you this if you break up with them. Some will even tell you even after you rejected them politely. It’s okay if you hear this sometimes, but if you keep hearing this a lot, there may be some truth to it, and you better take a good look at it.

3. You break up With Him By Suddenly Disappearing
We understand you were in a long-term relationship with him, and it made you feel bored. You decided to break up with him, even if there was no abuse present, by ghosting. You went for this disrespectful approach because it was easier to do, and you didn’t want to face him. This is not cool, ladies. If you’ve been dating a man for six months or so, ghosting shows that you really don’t care about him or his feelings about you enough to even say goodbye. Ghosting can only be accepted if he was abusive or was unfaithful to you.

4. You Knowingly Say Things That Are Cruel, Hurtful And Enjoy It
Sometimes we often say things that don’t sound cruel or hurtful to the other person to us, but we assume that it might offend or hurt them. But, we can’t resist ourselves from telling it. Interestingly enough, it always ends up more brutal than we think it is. Damage is done. What’s even worse that we tend to get a sick sense of enjoyment out of it. The guys think that you enjoy being mean to them. Not a good sign.

5. You Call Men Horrible Things To Their Face
You have a sick tendency of calling guys, “fat,” “dumb,” “whiny,” etc. We won’t ask you to express your speech, or you feel about things, but it’s this is bad given the fact you’re no “Miss Congeniality” to them.

6. Men have told you they’re afraid to approach you
You may label too scared to approach or face you as “spineless.” But, if the men you’ve dated honestly tell you that they were scared to approach you, or you intimidate them, then it’s pretty safe to tell that you’re one mean woman.

So there you’ve it, some traits you really need to care of before you get ready for the next date with a man that is if you’re still interested in falling in love.

Is Your Partner Losing Interest In You? Here Are 9 Ways To Improve!

Two people get close for many reasons. These are shared interests, chemistry, emotional connection, physical attraction, and so on. You both have gotten very intimate and closer to each other over time, but suddenly you realize that your boyfriend or girlfriend is losing interest in you. So, what can you do to stop your partner distancing from you?

Here are nine effective ways to improve the relationship if your partner is losing interest in you:

1. Stop being a mind reader. Don’t try to decode every little gesture or act to figure out the level of interest your partner has towards you. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to find out what’s actually going on into a person’s mind.

2. Ask direct questions. Rather than randomly wondering what’s going on with your partner, ask him or her direct questions if you think they are losing interest. Make it clear to your partner you only want honest and genuine answers.

3. Think of the whole situation as a temporary phase. It’s hard to predict a person’s emotions. There is no relationship that’s free from problems. It’s highly likely that your boyfriend or girlfriend is losing interest in the relationship because he or she is confused, and is trying to evaluate his or her feelings regarding the relationship. Keep in mind that it’s impossible to control a person’s feelings. You can influence a person’s feelings and emotions, but you can’t control or change them.

4. Reignite your romance. Most couples complain that they lost their interest in each other because the relationship has predictable and the excitement has fizzled. Try to reinvigorate your relationship, and discover new ways to make the relationship spontaneous and exciting just like the time you’ve both came together for the first time.

5. Don’t overreact. If the boyfriend or girlfriend feels vulnerable because he or she thinks they haven't wanted or desirable anymore, don’t react or get defensive. It’s common to see emotional outbursts at these circumstances, which makes the whole situation worse than ever.

6. Fix a deadline. The uncertainty in your relationships has to end sometime. It can keep on going like this forever. It all depends on you on how long you can tolerate the relationship where your partner keeps on losing the feelings he or she has for you.

7. Give Space. If your partner seems confused or losing interest in the relationship, consider giving your boyfriend or girlfriend some space. Don’t be surprised to see your partner has regained interest in you after some time.

8. Don’t be responsible for the situation. Your partner losing interest in you and the relationship has nothing to do with you. Don’t be responsible for the situation. It’s not your sole responsibility to “repair or fix” the situation. But, don’t be manipulative. There are situations in life where being manipulative can actually destroy the situation instead of helping it. And your boyfriend or girlfriend losing interest in you is one of them. Besides, it won’t resolve anything, so avoid it.

9. Move on. if you partner is losing interest in you, the best possible action to take after exhausting all your options, is to end the relationship and move on. You’re responsible for your happiness. It’s you to decide what best for you and your future.

Relationships aren’t permanent, they evolve. They change over time. If you’re in a relationship or dating someone new, these points will help you to find out if their partner is losing interest in you and deal with them.

Miracle Muscle Pill Nets Biggest Deal in Shark Tank History!

logosDan Effers, one of the most jacked 84 year old we've ever seen. It comes to no surprise that all 5 sharks teamed up to invest $5 million into their Muscle Pill Start up! This product is taking over the muscle building industry by storm, and will the help of Sharks, they're re-branding and ready to launch their product  globally.

The reason why Effers pitch was so intriguing is because he discovered a new synthetic compound the boosts testosterone levels in men. While there are many products on the market that claim to boost testosterone, Dan created the first reuptake inhibitor (RI), the first amino that has proven to be a permanent cure for slow muscle growth. RI's are particularly useful for men above the age of 30 that are experiencing a loss of testosterone.


Do Supplements Really Help Professional Athletes and Celebrities Build Lean Muscle and Burn Fat Faster than Ever Before?

Advances in technology the last few years have led to new innovative supplements that synthesize muscle growth faster than we've ever imagined. With millions and sometimes billions of dollars at stake for professional athletes and celebrities alike, it has become more important than ever for weightlifters to gain any edge possible. Supplement scientists have discovered a way to replicate ‘human growth factors' into pill form. For the first time in history, a full days worth of nutrients and amino acids are available to digest in a matter of seconds.

The muscle building components we're talking about – cis-9, trans-11 conjugated linioleic acid and phosphatidylserine (Ps) – have been extracted in their purest forms and combined into an all-natural supplement called . Haters will say this muscle supplements gives it's users an ‘unfair advantage' against the competition because of its instant growth effects, but it has not been banned from professional sports.

Proponents on the other hand, will argue that scientific research proves it is the safest steroid alternative available, and that it is particularly useful for men who don't have time to workout daily or follow a strict nutritional diet.

Does John Harrison's Miracle Muscle Pill That was Featured on Shark Tank Really Help Build Muscle Fast?

what-supplements-does-conor-mcgregor-takeMen everywhere are using to burn fat and add lean muscle in less than 6 weeks without changing their diet!

The one thing that everyone is in agreement about is that this new muscle building stack, although controversial, has incredible results. ESPN's Sport Science conducted their own study on and individuals with no prior weight lifting experience were given the supplement for 6 weeks. The results showed that users saw a 600% increase in muscle mass with an astonishing 3x increase in bicep size compared to those users who received the placebo. That alone speaks volumes about but what was particularly intriguing was that users who combined with lost an average of 10 pounds of belly fat.

is clinically proven to: is clinically proven to:

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Clinical studies are important to have, but before we were allowed to publish this article, our editor required that someone here at PIOP put to the test. With so many scams and fads on the internet promising to be the next greatest thing, we felt the need to try for ourselves. I volunteered to do it myself. Summer is right around the corner and the happy hours and free lunch's around the office have added a few pounds to my beer belly to say the least.

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Here were my results:

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A month has passed and the experiment is over. I've gained over 10 pounds of muscle using . My girlfriend thinks I'm lying to her when I tell her I haven't been working out. Everyone is asking me what I've been doing differently. I feel like a new man!

So Should The Muscle Stack Be Banned or Fair Game?

The results are real and speak for themselves. If you're still skeptical, the makers of have agreed to offer a free trial to PIOP readers with no strings attached.

This offer won't last long so find out for yourself what everyone is going crazy over. The only thing you have to lose is a few pounds!






Five Things You Shouldn’t Dismiss A Guy For A Date

We understand that a woman shouldn’t feel obligated to date every man that she happens to meet only for the fact she might be judged negatively for being single. When it comes to finding the perfect partner, we have our own list of behaviors we need to see in our partners, as well as deal breakers. Also, going to many bad dates can drain all of your positive energy, which is important if you want to connect with a man while dating. Some women go a little overboard in the rejection department and dismiss some really great guys just because he has no clothing sense or has a crappy job. We all know these are irrelevant to have happy, committed relationship.

So here is a list of five things you shouldn’t reject a guy for.

1. His Clothing Style

It’s very common find out that often women reject men whose clothing style wasn’t ‘chic’ or ‘dapper’ for them, despite some of these were highly successful and intelligent professionals. Many of us would like to tell these ladies that they’re making a big mistake; given the fact, these guys had no clue what they were wearing. We understand why women tend to behave like this given the fact, that women put a lot of effort into looking their best for their dates. But you shouldn’t be bothered by it. Most men will happily upgrade their wardrobe for the right woman. Heck, they will be more than happy if you take them shopping and bought them some nice clothes to wear. We admit there something in a person that can’t be changed, and clothing style for guys isn’t one of them. So, don’t reject a man just because she dresses poorly.

2. His Home Furnishing

Similar to a guys clothing style, most guys aren’t good when it comes to stylize or furnish their apartment or house that looks like a good hotel suite. Well, when you move in or marry him, he will allow you to furnish his place just the way you like. After all, it’s your home too.

3. His Lack Of Social Skills

Some guys just aren’t good when it comes to socializing. We aren’t talking about someone who is socially awkward in an uneasy or creepy way. We’re discussing someone who isn’t very social when you need him to be. Well, don’t reject him right away. If you get married to him, you’ll have to take the social lead, and he’ll follow you. Is that too much for you for a good man who loves you?

4. His Job

Being able to maintain a realistic and certain standard of living is necessary. Making a living and supporting a family is important too. How a man achieves, that isn’t your concern. Don’t judge or date a man on how he makes a living. Your goal is to find a guy who will be a caring, loving and a dedicated husband.

5. His Inability To Express Affection Verbally

Men show their love and affection to their partners through actions rather than words. We know you want your man to sing you a song about his undying love for you, but we think you would prefer to settle with a guy who will do the dishes, cook for you, take out the garbage, play with the kids and so on. Actions always speak better than words. So, date a doer, instead of a talker.

The bottom line is whether you’re thinking of getting back with your ex or looking for someone new, the goal of dating should lead it to healthy, loving marriage. So, the next time you dismiss someone, remember these five points and give your date a chance.