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7 Reasons Why Men Fall Out of Love

Your man has lost his love. He’s no longer in love with you. It happens. Sometimes a man wakes up and finds that the loving feeling he had towards his partner is gone. So, you’re a devastated and keep wondering how did it come to that? Well, here are seven reasons a man can lose his love for you:

1. He feels that you’re no longer close to him. Men love loyal women. He wants to be fully assured that things are bad and life is hard; you got his back. If he stayed far from you and lost that loving feeling, it may be that he thinks that during the critical times you didn’t act like a loyal partner to him.

2. He finds you incompatible. If you want to have a long-lasting relationship, compatibility matters. You need to do things that you both love, have similar interests, topics to talk about, etc. But, sometimes things can be different in reality. Maybe you’re a spender, while she’s a saver. She’s passionate about religious, while you give little importance to it. All of these differences can pile up and become so overwhelming that one partner will eventually quit the relationship.

3. You’re high maintenance material. It’s a turn off for most men when they find their partners are high maintenance women. They think they have to work hard to make their women happy. And if you believe that your demanding ways won’t make a dent in your relationship, think again. Trying too hard to be appreciated by a partner will force men to lose love for the other person.

4. He doesn’t feel admired. We often hear women stop loving their man when he stops respecting and cherishing them. Well, the same rule applies to men too. A man who realizes that he can’t get your admiration or feel less appreciated by his partner will gradually start losing his interest in the relationship.

5. It’s all serious talk with you with no room for fun. When you’re married and in a relationship, you start sharing various daily duties like chores, money, kids, etc., and your interactions with your partner have been reduced to a routine. Every time you two have a conversation, it’s only about big, serious, important things. There is little room for both of you to relax and just enjoy each other’s company. In this situation, it’s hard to be passionately in love with someone. Therefore, try to have some fun and flirty conversations to keep the romance alive.

6. You’re more of a mom and less of a lover to him. From an early age, men are taught what kinds of behaviors are mom-like, and which behaviors are lover-like, i.e. sexual. If your man thinks that your overly caring and loving behavior resembles his mom, he will naturally be less attracted to you. In this case, it’s his problem, and can be best handled by a therapist.

7. Your relationship was less love, more infatuation. If you’re in a relationship only to satisfy your sexual needs of each other, instead of having an emotional connection with your partner, then you’ve started your relationship with the wrong foot. It’s the emotional connection, not sexual that will keep you interested and committed in a romantic relationship. And the lack of it is just mere infatuation, which wears off after a while, people just tend to lose interest and get distant.

12 Reasons Having a Sense of Humor Makes You Attractive and Desirable

While looking for a partner most men and women say they want their partners to be fun to hang out with. What they're trying to mean is that they want their matches to have a sense of humor. But, did it ever occur to know why exactly having this quality makes a person attractive and desirable? Here are twelve reasons for that:

1. Fun projects a unique perspective on life and tells about a person’s attitude and outlook towards life. It makes you appear upbeat and positive.

2. Flirting is the first step towards starting a relationship, and being funny is one of the best flirting strategies around. If you want to make a woman get in bed with you, make her laugh!

3. Having a sense of humor will conceal your personal weaknesses. If one of those men or women, who are told as average or below average in some way, being funny and able to make people smile and laugh will compensate for it. Besides, it’s sexy too!

4. A great sense of humor reveals your good heart and intentions. Given that most of the today’s humor is based on cynicism and sarcasm, your playful and light-hearted humor will show your kindness.

5. Having a sense of humor indicates that you have a pleasant personality. It means that you have the ability to make and share jokes and other funny moments with others. People who possess an excellent sense of humor are inviting in nature. They invite other people to join them while having fun and encourage them to be playful and active. If you this to your date, he or he will also encourage to do the same to you.

6. Humor is often said to engage people and attract them. It makes other people get interested in you, which is important when going on dates. It also makes people feel at ease. Dates are stressful, so laughing together will diffuse some tension and will make both of you feel relaxed.

7. A great sense of humor shows that you have a sharp mind, quick-witted and bright person. All important if you want to attract a mate.

8. Being vulnerable is important to be in a romantic relationship. Being funny demonstrates your willingness to feel insecure.

9. No one likes to date a person who is unhappy. Having a sense assures that your date that you are a happy person. And of course, happy couples make happy and loving relationships.

10. A good sense of humor shows that your compatibility in an important area. You know that you and your date are at least compatible in one area where you both laugh at the same things.

11. Men and women who have a great sense of humor have the ability to diffuse conflict and arguments in the relationship amicably and efficiently.

12. People, who are funny, usually don’t take themselves very seriously. Humor that is self-deprecating shows your date that you can make fun of yourself too.

One of the essential qualities men and women look while looking for someone to flirt or date, is whether he or she can have fun, make fun and be funny. So, get out there and be funny!

We All Want Chemistry In Relationships – But What Is Chemistry?

When it comes to having a fulfilling relationship, chemistry is inevitable. But, it doesn’t always eventuate in the way we would like it to think. Most men and women were looking for someone dream of a day when they will fall in love with someone at first sight, but in real life, it’s more complicated.

We all had arguments with our friends when we passed on someone attractive. The reason we did that we didn’t find any chemistry with the person. You see chemistry is more than just physical attractiveness. Chemistry is different for every person. We may find someone unattractive at first glance, but can get attracted to him or her after chatting with them for a few minutes face-to-face. In some occasions, we might get instantly drawn to a person citing instant chemistry, but that feeling of attraction can be misleading. For a relationship to be successful and long-lasting, you need more than mere physical attraction.

We all want to share particular experiences and values, and we get validated and respected by people who share those values. Chemistry originally starts with sharing the same philosophies about life. It’s the similarities and likeliness of those experiences and values that connect us with someone. It is helpful to have and share the same philosophies regarding life, family, kids, money, communication and intimacy. Connecting with someone also get a tad little easier when two people share the same daily activities, passions, and interests. For example, you and your partner both love to eat Chinese food and hiking. Living and enjoying life is all about sharing experiences together.

Your fascination with chemistry with someone also depends on the persona of him or her. You get attracted to a person who has the same persona as you. Some like smart and quiet people, while some are attracted to people with boisterous lives.

We all make gestures to show our love, care, and affection to our partners. How our partners respond to specific gestures is an important part of chemistry. If your gestures and actions towards your date or partner are well-received and appreciated, the chemistry you feel towards them will soar.

Many men and women while looking for partners online usually passes on some of their potential matches simply they didn’t like his or her profile picture. This is really sad because these people are judging someone far away from them from behind a computer screen. Chemistry is a tricky and complicated thing. There are elements when making a connection with someone and chemistry is a part of it. So, when you see someone new and don’t feel an instant attraction to him or her, don’t reject them. Try to schedule a date with that person, have a conversation, and get to know him or her. Who knows you might be interested and feel attracted to him or her.

The bottom line is if you’re looking for someone to date, and met someone who has most of the qualities you like to see in a woman or a man, get yourself out there and have a date with them. That’s the only way for you actually to find out if you've any chemistry with them.

Learn How to Get Over Someone Who Was Never Meant for You

Breaking up with someone is always hurtful, and it’s even worse if it happens on the first date. The more we keep thinking about the person who got away, the more attached we get to them, and the greater our disappointment and frustration may become.

It’s in our nature to think about the heartbreaking breakups so that we can make sense of  them. We persistently think about why things didn’t work between us – did we make any mistakes? Is there anything we could have tried doing differently? We may make assumptions and excuses at times as well.

Some men and women try to achieve closure by believing that the breakup was inevitable because one person attempted to take things fast despite repeated request by the other person to take things more slowly. This is one mistake individuals who are looking for relationships definitely should avoid.

However, sometimes we may face difficulty while moving on. This is not uncommon. You may be constantly keep replaying the moments of the breakup and the conversation we had. You could feel outraged, frustrated and get hurt every time it is replayed. We continuously keep rehearsing all the things we could have said and done to make things right, despite that fact that we already know it’s never going to work. The biggest problem with this type of self-reflection is that by replaying the same thoughts, conversations and scenes over and over again in our minds, will give no positive outcome. There won’t be any new ideas, understandings, insights, views, or anything worthy to learn. In fact, doing this could increase feelings of depression and anger.

Moreover, grieving in this way for a long period will only increase the frequency and desperation, which will make us think the same memories and scenes even more. Stress levels may see an immediate increase and stress hormones could reach critical levels. Besides, spending too much time brooding about the past, rather than doing something that’s actually productive, may also increase feelings of helplessness. In turn, you can become even more depressed or remain depressed for an extended period. You may become disinterested in having new relationships or getting back out there.

The takeaway here is to remain productive and active, even after thinking about the one who was never meant to be our partners. It is perfectly fine to brood over someone you liked despite the rejection, but you also have to be practical. If you find yourself stuck in the sulking process, you may have to be aggressive to break from this unproductive habit and distract yourself by doing something else. The sooner you heal psychologically and emotionally, the sooner you can get out from this vicious circle, and move on and find someone new who will be interested in having a relationship.

Relationships Grow Stronger By Being Thankful To Our Partners

We all are thankful for something in our lives. Couples are thankful for finding their significant others and for the chance to share their lives with someone else. But, did you ask yourself how this thankful feeling in couples will impact their relationships or marriages? Expressing gratitude to your partners more often will reduce the chances of a breakup in your relationship. The higher the quality and frequency of gratitude will result in higher life and relationship satisfaction.

While studying how gratitude affects a romantic relationship, researchers came up with two assumptions. Read on to find more:

One, when a partner addresses or caters to their partner’s needs and feelings, showed care and affection or demonstrated some other kind of positive relationship behavior, their partner will notice it. They will be increasingly responsive to it and will eventually lead to expressing more gratitude to their partners. For instance, John sees that his girlfriend Mary is very close to her family or friends. To show that he cares and loves her family and friends too, he will try to include or invite them more often to their vacations, dinner parties, and other social events. Mary sees that her partner is putting a lot of effort to include her family and friends more into their lives, and she will be more thankful to John because of it.

Two, if partners are thankful for their significant others, it will motivate him or her to act in ways to take more care of their partners and sustain the relationship. As they can realize that their partner is doing something special for them, working to make their relationship even better, it will have a profound effect on their spouse’s personalities. Their feelings of gratitude towards their partners will compel them to strive more for their relationship and unique things for their partners as well. Their partners too will notice this, which will create more feelings of gratitude towards their significant others. The researchers concluded that the both of the above processes could be found in all couples with varying levels of relationship satisfaction and duration of their relationship.

So, how all this affect your relationship?

You’ve to put some effort in keeping your relationship healthy and the sparks flying. You don’t have to do something outrageously big or tremendous to make your relationship more loving. Doing something small to care for your partner or the relationship can have substantial positive effects. When your partners see that you’ve done something really special for him or her, or for the relationship in general, they’re going to feel happy and thankful for it. It will motivate them to do something similar for their partners and the relationship as well in return.

So, when you think about how grateful you’re for this holiday or vacation the next time, pay attention to even the tiniest things you spouse does for you and the relationship. You will be more thankful and appreciative of having a special someone in your life which will strengthen your relationship in the process.

How To Know If You Are In An Exclusive Relationship?

Most people assume that you’re in an exclusive relationship if you and your partner sit down and have a deep discussion about the future of the relationship. But, is that all? What about visual cues? How can you tell if the relationship with your partner is exclusive without talking about it? Read on to find out:

1. Attending Social Events And Activities Together

This one is no brainer, and most people will also conform to it. It’s understandable why folks see it that way as while dating online, most men and women spend most of the time talking to each other, rather than meeting their matches in person. On the other hand, if you meet your online date in person and attending various social events and activities together people think that the relationship is already serious, despite that fact you didn’t even start dating! Remember, your relationship isn’t serious until you’re consistently meeting each other face-to-face.

2. Hanging Out With His or Her Friends

If you’re going to social events and other parties and socializing your partner’s friends, apparently it means that your partner is confident and happy to be seen with you. It is another way to tell people that you both aren’t available for dating anyone else.

3. Socializing With His Or Her Family
Even if you aren’t the meet and have fun with the family kind of person, you take your partner’s family to be an important part of your dating process. If you are meeting and occasionally hang out with the family and relatives of your spouse, it only proves that this relationship is serious. Tip: Your partner’s siblings might turn out to be your best friends!

4. Dressing Up And Going Out

Are you more interested in dressing up and going to clubs, restaurants and other places require reservations and menus, or are you still meeting your date in coffee shops or bars? Do you seem to have a dinner with your date or just stay home order something nice or cook something yourself? The places you visit and spend time together gives a lot of hints on what kind of relationship you are in and how serious it is.

5. Buying Presents

This one isn’t that important, but it resonates more with men than women. If you’re buying exclusive and expensive gifts for your significant other, consider that your relationship has turned serious.

6. Sex

Sexual intimacy by itself would point out the exclusivity of a relationship. If you’re in a committed, serious relationship, sex is highly valued. Guys are increasingly more likely than women to think of sex a critical component in an exclusive and serious relationship. More researchers had reported that men only thought sex was a crucial part of a serious relationship when their partners were interested in being physically intimate with them.

Remember, all of these components need to work together and should be in harmony with each other. Just because one of the events happened to you, doesn’t mean that your relationship has turned exclusive. Though it’s always great that your feelings regarding the relationship be mutual, these signs will make improve your self-esteem and confidence by knowing that your relationship is heading in the right direction.

Six Signs You Are Committing Emotional Infidelity With Your Partner

Most of us are friends with the opposite sex from work, close friends or just casual acquaintances. Sometimes we can get close to them due to various reasons and do the unimaginable thing, which can wreck havoc on our relationships. The question is how close you can be with the opposite sex when you’re in a romantic relationship. Read on to find out:

1. You dress up for him or her.
When you buy new clothes or decide to change your hairstyle, you keep on thinking how he or she will react to it. We aren’t talking about your partner here, but it’s the other person you’re thinking to impress. If this is the case, then it’s danger sign.

2. You lie to your romantic partner about seeing him or her.
When you just meet him or her over a cup of coffee or sometimes talk over the phone, you don’t mention it to your significant another. You like spending more time with him or her than you would usually do more than your partner. You stay home a lot. You have long nights at the office. You don’t eat properly. All you think how to spend more time with him or her. When your partner asks where you have or what’s up with you lately, you lie. You don’t want your partner to know anything about it.

3. You do extraordinary things for him or her.
You like to something special for him or her, which you normally won’t do with your significant other or other people like friends. You give him that cute card that telling how lucky you’re to have him in your life; you give rare gifts you won’t give to your girlfriend, you share all the great moments of your last vacation with him and so forth. There is nothing wrong here, but what are your exact intentions about all these gestures? Friendship? We don’t think so.

4. Your phone is always busy with your non-significant other.
You become impatient to surreptitiously check your phone to read the latest text from him or her. You chat with your non-significant other on Facebook most of the time. You partner complains that he or she finds your phone busy when they call you. You struggle to communicate with your secret admirer and your real partner. You get excited when he or she calls you, and keep anticipating their next call or text. It’s an indication if trouble in both of your relationships.

5. You think about him or her all the time.
You daydream with this person more than your partner. You always romanticize about how it will be with him or her on your side. You smile and laugh more with your non-significant other than your spouse. It looks you feel happier and have more fun with him or her. You like and prefer it.

6. You compare your non-significant other to your partner.
Comparing a person with someone else generates judgment. Judgment can be good or bad. You keep comparing your secret lover with your partner, and you feel about it. You feel that your non-significant other understands your needs and feelings more than your partner. You compare it with your spouse, and it makes you feel wrong in some way. It is a big red flag in your relationship.

Overall, all these signs show that either you can’t emotionally or sexually satisfy your partner, or just unhappy with your relationship, but are too afraid to end it. If you don’t stop cheating emotionally with your partner, it can lead to a full-blown cheating that will consequently jeopardize your relationship.

Is There Such Thing As Having a Fairy-tale Relationship?

We often hear stories of people, particularly women who get very infatuated with men they know barely know. They daydream about them, about the dates they’ll have, fairly tale romance and even an outrageous fairly tale wedding. And when the time comes to meet them in person, they get shocked and disillusioned after realizing that the man isn’t like anything they imagined. It’s okay and sometimes fun to imagine a beautiful romantic relationship as long as it doesn’t overwhelm or consume you that make you dismiss other potential suitors who are interested in you.

I think it’s important to move ahead and not dwell on the past for too long, in case your expectations of the guy you dreamed of aren’t met. All we can tell them that to accept the fact that the whole fairy tale relationship was only an illusion. It is hurtful, but the best thing to do now is to get over it and learn from the experience.

So, what can we do in the future to have a more realistic expectation from our potential partners? If you like someone, ask them out for a date. It doesn't have to be something very planned and details, just go out for a coffee. Don’t expect your dates to be perfect and spectacular until you get to know them well and who are really inside and out. Ensure that you’re valuable and deserve all the great things; life has to offer, including a real romantic relationship and emotional connection.

Remember, he’s just a guy. There are a plenty of guys out there like him. And here’s the fun part, you can have a loving, healthy relationship with one of them, and it will be much more fulfilling and exciting. Expect that your man will be ‘Mr. Perfect’, but also keep in mind that he’s just human. People aren’t perfect. We all have flaws. So, don’t get surprised that your date will have some flaws. Decide which flaws can you live with and which ones you can’t. Look for someone who has interests and values that complement your personal interests, values, and opinions.

It’s a bad idea to put all of your eggs in one basket. Even though some people don’t like, date several men at the same time and take your time to get to know them. Don’t get involved with them in any seriously way soon. Relax and stay at the moment. Dating multiple men at the same time will help you meet you like quickly and then dating one person for some time and later finding out that he isn’t right for you.

Overall, it’s important to self-reflect and ask yourself why you’ve spent so much of your time and energy living in a dream romance, instead of meeting someone real and go on actual dates. Ask yourself do you feel insecure about real-life relationships? Are you afraid that you’ll get rejected if someone sees the real you? When you truly understand yourself, know who you really are, what are your needs, and accept who and where we are, it helps us to unveil a new chapter in our lives. So, make yourself available, be proactive, be confident, meet someone real and be in a real relationship.

Three Big Things That Are Major Turnoffs for Men

When it comes to men there are some things women can do to turn on and turn off – men they’re interested in. Most men are looking for companionship and love from the women they love. So, the key to making you love and adore is to understand them better, so both of you can have a happy and lasting relationship.

Turnoff # 1: Expecting your man to pay for everything

Do you think it’s reasonable for a man to foot the bill on your first date? Did you ever wonder how it will be if both of you split the bill? Often, most men pay for the first date, and some are even happy to pay for it. Meanwhile, there are some who think that why should they pay for the whole thing, when his date is capable of paying for herself. It can make some men resentful that women have turned them into financial providers automatically, even though they can hardly remember each other’s full names. Always offer to pay yourself on a date. Most men are happy to pay while on a date with a woman, but he will appreciate you if you split the bill.

Turnoff # 2: Discussing love, marriage, and children way too soon

We get it when women can resist the urge to tell a man that they’ve just started dating that they want to get married, have kids, start a family and so on. But, what most women forget that this type of life plans can overwhelm a man. Men get turned off if they assume that you’re desperate to get married and have children. Just like women, men too would like to know more about you and trust you, before they’re interested in talking about your plans. To make this right, it okay to the first date if you tell a man that you’re looking for a relationship. But wait for few weeks to tell about your future life plans like marriage, kids, etc.

Turnoff # 3: Teasing men to get intimate with women

Traditional stereotypes say that men crave sex more than women. But this isn’t true always. While dating, men normally get frustrated, feeling that the woman they’re dating doesn't want to have sex with them. It’s not that women are disinterested in sex, but women enjoy playing games to get and make their man work for it. It is a total turn off for most men and makes them lose interest in the woman they’re dating. It's because they think that women are using sex – something like a finishing move. To make this right, tell your guy that you want to wait for sex and say why. It's fine for you to tell your man you're dating that you don’t get physically intimate so soon.

Overall, most guys are looking for love and companionship in a relationship. Also, they’re also looking for someone who cares and pay attention to their thoughts and feelings. If a man is interested in you, he’ll understand your desire for sex and know how to attract you. Remember the above turnoffs when you're on a date with a man and see how your date turns into a successful relationship!

Five Types of Men Who Are Not Ready To Be Husbands

Most men have always relied on actions, while for women it is the words. So, when men speak to women in a cute and sweet way, women believe in them, even if they have questionable behavior. On the other hand, most guys notice how ladies behave and translate the action to mean of what want them to believe, regardless of whatever the ladies say.

The difference between behavior and words is so immense and in some circumstances so problematic that it could make or break a relationship or marriage. Here are five behaviors of men that show that they still aren’t ready for a wedding or even a relationship.

1. Some men always need help and make them ready for anything. These types of guys are fully fortified in their own insecurities. They only complain about their issues; yours are never on their list. What ironic is that they still need a woman by their sides, to make them feel worthy. So, they keep her and ask them to stay by their side, until they feel secure and ready. But, we all know very well, he won’t be ready anytime soon. So, he won't be a good husband.

2. Some guys always talk about marriage, but won’t go any further from it – I mean words. Since he knows pretty well women like to hear words, and don’t mind much about actions, he won’t dare to get married and make any plans with you. He knows that a woman likes to hear about, so exactly does that. He won’t take any further actions. There isn’t any time-frame for his actions, he never talks about any plans or actions, and whenever the topic comes up, he will try to avoid to have a conversation.

3. The ‘let’s have some fun first’ kind of guys. This kind of men sticks around for the sheer thrill of being in a relationship, and when the fun runs out, they look for someone else. He’s not interested in getting married, having kids, settling down or having a committed and monogamous relationship. All he wants to talk about is fun and sex. If you happen to be in a relationship with a man like this, and you have a discussion about long-term relationships or marriages, their mood changes, and the fun end. He will keep complaining to you that you’re spoiling the moment and if you don’t stop, he will eventually leave you for someone else.

4. The ‘always talking about the marriage’ guy. This guy will consistently speak of marriage that you like to hear. He knows well you always dream of getting married, and think about it. So, he listens to you talking about marriage in great details – where you want to get married, what kind of home you like to stay, what furniture you want to buy and so on. When a woman asks him what his dreams are, he will always reply in affirmative and won’t actually act on it. Ultimately, you’ll see that he’s all talk, no actions. He won’t be getting married soon.

5. The ‘stay with me’ guys. These guys always find a legitimate and good excuse that may seem acceptable to women. These men will say he can’t get married, start a family and settle down because he’s busy with work, career, trying to get healthy or lose weight and his parents are having problems. It doesn’t matter, what you ask him, he will have an excuse to stay away from a having a discussion regarding marriage. You should never have a relationship with this guy, let alone marry.

The bottom line is marriage is more like a relationship, but only this time there’s a lot of commitment and responsibilities. So, to all those guys who don’t have the confidence and dedication, and can’t please or make his woman happy physically and mentally, don’t get married.