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Relationship Uncertainty and How to Move On?

Uncertainty about a relationship is something that you are confused that where your relationship is going? You are yourself confused about what you want from the person you are with to be. Either you want him/her to be your life partner or you just want a casual companionship.

Relationship uncertainty and its dangers

At the start of the relationship, you cannot expect certainty as you are getting to know the person you are dating, considering what you feel and trying to understand the whole process.

But if uncertainty prolonged in the relationship then it is something to worry about when you both are holding it back and making no effort to push your relationship any further. If you develop this thinking that it is better than nothing and there is nothing to lose then my dear you need to know that there is a lot to lose which you are unaware of. Here are some reasons that why is it dangerous to stay in a relationship which is not certain:

Uncertainty can blow up your self-esteem

Uncertainty may lead you to the point where it starts messing up with your mind. You start blaming and feel sorry for yourself. Do I deserve all this? Why can’t I have a stable relationship? Such questions begin to haunt you and will destruct your self-esteem unless you become clear about your relationship. You will start believing that this is how much you can receive as love, and you have to accept whatever is tossed your way.

Accountability is zero

Uncertainty about the status as a couple with no defined roles and limitation then it becomes convenient for both of you to overlook or reject the accountability for the other’s well-being. With no set rules, neither of you is going to take the responsibility of the security and the happiness of the relationship.

Realizing that we do not love the person

When all the chase and drama ends, you find out that you might not like this person. When the uncertainty prolongs so does the chase and thus we waste maximum of our time which should be spent in knowing the person deeply.

Chances of meeting your Mr. or Miss Right reduce

Although you are facing numerous uncertainties in your relationship, still you will never even think about going out with somebody else. It is against your principles. You are in the hope that everything is going to be okay. In doing so, you lose the opportunity to find yourself an eligible partner. Imagine losing someone who adores you the most and one day you will regret refusing to his proposal in keeping your uncertain relationship which will end eventually.

Chronic Stress

Uncertainties in a relationship make us feel unhappy, lonely and tired. You may enjoy the company of each other, but prolonged uncertainties which are not addressed may cause conflict. The fact that he is not making the first move in proposing you will keep you up all night. Thus uncertainty in the relationship makes you emotionally stressed and unstable.

Hence, as the time passes, it is better to sit and discuss your relationship rather than prolonging uncertainty which will leave you with nothing in the end.

Be Perfect For Your Love With Tips For Being Best Boyfriend

These days, it seems that love is in the air and no one can live without their true love. For any person their girlfriends or boyfriends are their whole world and they are ready to do anything for them. So, it is necessary that you should choose your special one carefully. They should be the one with whom you can spend your entire life and most importantly you should remain happy. There are many qualities that boys want in their girlfriend; similarly in the same way girls also want some qualities in their boyfriend. So, to overcome any such problem you can take the help of Tips for being best boyfriend.

For any girl her boyfriend really matters a lot and for them, they are their first priorities. A girl always wants such a person who really cares for her and can do anything for her happiness. Along, with caring nature you should be such with whom they can think about spending their entire life. You should be confident enough that you can fulfill her requirements and dreams. Be of supportive nature and always support her, no matter what time it is, especially you should remain with her at the time of any mishap. Along, with all these things there are many other things also that you can consider in Tips for being best boyfriend.

So, all these small things can help you in proving yourself as the best boyfriend. Most of the time, these tips are beneficial but along with these, there are many other things that you have to consider.

Tips for being best boyfriend

Assure that you are her: For any girl her boyfriend is more than just a friend and she wants someone with whom she can enjoy and spend some quality. So, you can do many things that can make her cheerful and happy. Try to cheer her up and motivate her always, all these things will help in boosting her self confidence and this will also create a good image of you in front of her. Along with all these things, there are many things that you can consider and it will help in assuring that you are only hers and will never leave her at any time. Try to bring smile on her face at all such time when she is not feeling well or is nervous. Be with her always, take her out on the dates and arrange all such things that she really likes a lot. You can also give her surprises to make her feel happy. Along, with this you should also pay attention towards your talk, be sure of what you are saying and always think before speaking anything.

Be enjoyable and naughty: A girl always wants her boyfriend to be enjoyable. Many girls like enjoying and want to have some fun in their life. So, if you want to become her best boyfriend you have to be little bit naughty. There are a number of things that you both can do together and always remember life has to be spiced up, so you can do something naughty and add spice in your life. Try to look after your girlfriend and know what she wants. Try to have sexual intercourse with your lady and satisfy her fully. This will not only be helpful for your future but will also make her sexually satisfied. Try to be her dream man and be one with whom she can enjoy her life fully. Take her to the highest level of satisfaction and be there always with her. You should take her fully in your masculine power and use the same to fulfill her desires. This is one of the most important points that you can consider under the Tips for being best boyfriend.

Always remain her friend: Friends are the most important person in your life and they are the ones without whom you cannot survive. So, before you become her boyfriend be her friend and always remain the same. Try to help her out like a true boyfriend and treat her equally. Do all such things that you like doing with your friends and be one with whom she can share anything. Try to become her best buddy so that she does not need anyone else. Give her enough time and try to have some quality time with her. Have all the fun with her and do not make her feel that you both are in a relationship. All these things will help you in giving her enough time and you will really notice that within such time period you both have come closer to each other. Through this you both will understand more about each other, which will help you in your future and will also help you in solving the future problems.  This will make your bond stronger and your relationship will become so beautiful that you both cannot live without each other.

Be of apologizing nature: Adjustment is the second name of relationship, so if you want to become the best boyfriend then you have to adjust. Do not expect anything from your girlfriend; just remember that you both cannot live without each other. Along with adjusting, you should have of apologizing nature. If you think that something is going wrong between you and her, then be the first one to apologize. Do not wait for her to come and to say something, you should be smart enough to understand her requirement and do what she wants. Do not think that your male ego will get hurt or it will be a disrespect for you, just do what you think is right and always listen to your heart and remember that she is the most important person of your life and you cannot survive without her.  Saying sorry will not let you down, but instead of this it will help you in standing in front of her and will also help in boosting your self confidence. This will increase your image and she will really respect your feelings. So, it can be one of those points that you can consider under Tips for being best boyfriend.

3 Ways To Respond If Your Date Is Rude Towards You

How would you respond if you’re on a first or second date with someone new and he or she makes an insulting remark to you? In the early days in a relationship, everyone is anxious and experimenting, and people may tell something that can be rude and disrespectful without them even realizing it. I would say that don’t tolerate if anyone is shutting you down, being rude, and shooting insulting comments towards you, particularly if they know you for a few days. Here are a few ways to deal with your date if he or she has been offensive and rude towards you.

Take a bathroom break

Excuse yourself by going to the bathroom or restroom is the simplest way to handle a situation when a new date made a rude remark. Going to the bathroom isn’t only a good way to not to react in a bad temper, but a way to access the situation in private. Once you’re alone, you can take a good look in the mirror, take a few deep breaths, and ask yourself how you will respond to it and what possible outcomes will result from it.

Avoid responding to the insults and switch the topic

If your new date has made a derogatory comment to you, and you don’t want to remove yourself from the situation physically, consider doing this instead. Look at your watch or phone, wait for five minutes, organize your feelings and then decide if you want to respond to his or her rude remarks. Switch the topic by asking your date a question. It will get your date talking, and instead of paying attention, you can now focus on that insulting comment, what did he or she say it, why is it bothering me and what is the best possible way to respond to it. Decide if you want to tell your date that you’re not interested in it now, or just wrap up the date, and talk to a friend about the subject later. Not reacting to the insult instantly, and thinking about it later, will help you to understand the issue in a new perspective.

Deal with it NOW, if you’re angry!

If a rude comment from your date made you angry, tell him or her that you’re upset about it. Don’t tolerate it. Tell that his or her rude behavior has hurt your feelings. Another approach is to mark your boundary. Remember, you’re in charge for your relationship. So be clear and nice about your expectations and preferences. Once you made it crystal clear what upset you, give your date a chance to explain it, and finally tell him or her, that you don’t want them to say anything like again. Keep in mind that, your date may become defensive if you made these statements with punishing or angry tone. So, avoid doing it, and say it in a soft and friendly voice instead.

If you’ve just gone for a first few dates with someone new, and your date said something that made you angry or upset, if could very well be an isolated incident. But, if this keeps on happening, then, then it’s very likely that your date is trying to upset you on a regular basis as long as you keep on dating him or her. So, to protect yourself from your date’s nasty insults and behavior, address the issue directly and ask the person to stop doing it. And if your date still keeps on doing it, then it’s probably in your best interests to abandon your date and look for someone more respectful.

How To Know Your Guy Friend Has Started Crushing On You?

Friendships are precious because you don’t find those kinds of people normally in life. It takes a great deal of time to finally someone you can connect at that wavelength and have them become an integral part of your life. Friendships aren’t restricted to just the same gender, in fact, it is the personality that makes the decisive factor. A lot of girls have guy best friends whom they have been sharing their life for quite a while. They are great friends because things never got awkward between them, but what if one day you find out that your only best friend now likes you. If any such thing develops then it is extremely important that you know it, this article is going tell you few of those signs that guarantee if your guy friend is crushing on you.

#1 You catch him staring at you a lot

Normal friends don’t stare at you without any reason. Sure, they will stare at you when you get a new haircut, or there is some change in your appearance or just in anger. But, no guy friend will stare at you without any reason. If you catch him staring at you multiple times throughout the day, then there is definitely something fishy.

#2 He gets embarrassed easily

Good friends never get embarrassed in front of each other. They could be peeing their pants, but they still wouldn’t get embarrassed. If after some time you notice your friend getting awkward on small things or avoiding some sensitive topics, then that definitely means he feels for you.

#3 He is not acting like his usual self

You know the kind of personality your friend has, and now you have gotten used to it. When he develops some feelings for you, he will start acting all formal and organized. He will be careful in not doing certain things, and he will be a little too possessive about you. He will call you more often, and his tone now will be slightly changed. If he takes on this different personality, then you should get the hint.

#4 The no of hangouts have doubled

While previously you used to hang out only when the two of you had time, now you will notice that every day he will try to initiate a hangout and you will find yourself spending most of your days with him. He is trying to spend more time with you, and he is definitely crushing on you.

#5 He does any favor for you

Friends are always there for you but sometimes, owing to something more important they will refuse as well. He, however, will always be present for you and will be more than willing to do anything that you say. He will do it even if he has to go out of his comfort zone for that.

#6 He gets annoyed when you talk about other guys

This is probably the most direct hint that he will not at all show positive attitude when you talk about other guys or worse talk about any of your new crush. You will see the instant change in his behavior and that is the greatest hint.

How to Get Your Man To Marry You

Getting into a relationship is surely tough, but when you finally do get into one, the feeling is the best one in the world. Girls are usually really emotional about their love life, and soon after getting into a perfect relationship, they start making plans about their life after marriage. Who doesn’t want to enjoy that great white wedding and being with the one person they love the most? Almost every girl! For guys, however, the situation is slightly different. Most of the guys aren’t the marriage type, and it would take them a good amount of time before finally thinking of settling with someone for the rest of their life. A guy needs to be mentally ready to make this decision. This article is going to guide you on some of the ways you can get your man to get ready for the big move.

#1 Be the perfect girlfriend

You need to make him feel that you are the best girl that he can get. Love him loads and get him to feel special all the time. Do a little more than what all other girlfriends do and be the perfect woman for your man. Make him realize that you are all what he really needs.

#2 Take care of him

Taking care of him in all the big and small things is always going to be likable. You should know about his routine so that you know exactly what he needs all the time. Make food for him and pack it when he goes off to work, keep his clothes ready and be even more careful if he ever catches a cold. This all will make him rely on you for small things, and he will realize that he cannot live without you.

#3 Be his biggest fan

You should be his personal cheerleader. Encourage him on all his achievements whether big or small. Ask him about his passion and desires in life and support him in all that. Show him that you believe in his capabilities. Never let him give up on anything be a constant support for him.

#4 Be honest about what you want

Guys are usually dumb when it comes to understanding the mind of girls. There may be a possibility that he never thinks that you want a long term relation with him due to which he never pops the question. You need to give him some clear hints and sometimes it is even better to just tell him clearly of the thoughts that go on in your mind regarding your relationship. That will plant that thought in his mind, and he will think about it at some point.

#5 Don’t scare him

Be careful that you don’t irritate him by constantly bringing up the topic of marriage. Guys don’t like clingy girls, and this constant pressure will make him get tired of you. He will prefer sitting alone than talking to you because he will fear that you will always annoy him with the same topic. So, try to keep it slow and steady.

Breakup To Makeup: Ways To Give Love A Second Chance

Well, sometimes break up happens which we do not want. Parting from your significant one, we feel worse and start to regret after some time. Then after a few months, we realize that break up is not the right solution, and we want to reunite. It happens. But from the break up to make up, is it that easy?

Second chance is never an easier one. Couples may not let go of the things that happened in the past, and consequently, it leads to another breakup.

Getting back with your ex is a tough decision. You have to set a lot of things back together. But if you feel like you should take a step forward towards your ex and give it a try again then go for it. But to make it perfect this time, you need to follow a few tips to get back together for better this time.

Talk about your problems

Obviously, there must be issues that led you two apart. Sit together and sort each and every issue openly. No need to hide or set things aside. Clear everything up and then take a fresh start together.

Set Boundaries

As you are starting it all over again, define your rules and set limits. What is okay and what is not okay. Get agreed to the things that are important to both of you. Setting boundaries will be helpful in avoiding the previous mistakes and make your relationship much happier.

Have a better communication

Having a good communication will never let any relationship to break apart. Your break up may have happened because of a very little problem which could have been easily resolved by communicating with each other. So, this time improve your communication level and discuss everything before making up stories all by yourself which promotes conflicts.

Discuss the future

If you both have finally decided to get back together, then first thing is to discuss your future. Talk to each other openly and if you see that you two can make a perfect future together then making a relationship is worthwhile. But if there come the difference then I guess making up is not a good idea.

Assess your true feelings

Before moving on back together, you need to assess your feelings. Do you love your partner? Or is it just that you were so used to them and now you get bored when you do not find them around you.

So, if you cannot reciprocate the same feelings that they possess for you or if you do not feel the same way that things were used to be then it is better to keep the break up permanently.

Make necessary changes in the relationship

Obviously, there has been something wrong previously that led you to the breakup. So you have to make the changes to make things work out positively in future.

Well, if you think that your relationship deserves a second chance then give it a try with the help of these tips to work it out to be a better one this time.

Signs You Are Wasting Time In A One-Sided Relationship

Love is beautiful. But the question is that “is it working out for you?” Are you happy in it? Well, love can be built over time, or it might degrade you. It can become complicated for you to accept that your partner is getting out of your hands and there is nothing that you can do about it. On the other hand finding someone who will love you for the rest of your life is not easy, and maybe that is why we continue to stay in a terrible relationship. And this is what I believe isn’t fair with you as well as with your partner.

One day this one-sided relationship is going to turn off so what are you waiting for? To avoid pain, it is better to accept the reality and face the truth at the earliest rather than later. Read out the following pointers and consider your partner as well as yourself while going through these characteristics.

Your partner is comfortable with the routine

If you suggest changing something that happens on a daily basis, your partner protests about it; like you ask for the dinner out, and they grunt about it. They never allow room for change.

Your relationship is stale

After reading out the first one, you have reached the point in your relationship where everything is stale. It is YOU who always have to make out plans, and if they agreed to it, they would not be open for the occasion. Moreover, you have to plan out even for romance.

They put minimal effort when it comes to social situations

If you both are invited at a place, your partner may join you but will keep himself away from the people important to you. He most likely to stay quiet or will just reply if addressed otherwise he will never make any effort to spark the conversation.

They will keep you away from their important people

If your partner has some important family members and friends, but they keep you away from them, then this is a red flag. If he loved you, he would have never minded meeting you with his friends and family, and if they are doing so, then something is wrong which you need to be worried about.

Your partner takes you for granted

Small cute loving gestures keep your love life moving. But even these go unnoticed then it hurts very badly. Suppose you never want to bring your partner’s favorite food home back from work just to listen to a monotone “thanks.”

One sided openness

Maybe it is just you who talks about your day, your commitments, late projects, any family updates or friend drama. Perhaps you are the one who is open to discussing the issues and concerns related to your relationship. Does your partner play any role in it?

When do you feel you’re best?

This is a very serious question which you need to ask yourself. Do you feel better when your partner is with you? Or do you feel good and comfortable when he is not around?

Undoubtedly, a one-sided relationship may leave you depressed and dejected, but it can pave you a path to find the love of your life.

Good Communication Is A Must For A Happy Relationship

Most couples have blamed the breakdown in communication as one of the main reasons for the failure of their marriages. What does it mean? The breakdown in communication means that the both persons in the marriage are still communicating in some way or form. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t talking with each other. Problems arise when the couple stops all kind of communication altogether.

Take a moment and recall the early days of your relationship. You’ve talked over the phone for hours and sent text messages and emails throughout the day that made little sense. You shared every little and quirky details of the day to your partner. All those hours you spent talking on the phone, sending text messages and sharing all those stories and moments to your significant other defines you who you are today.

If you liked to talk so much then, what happened now that you speak so little?

You’re making less frequent phone calls. You talk less on the phone, and those cute and nonsense text messages started to dwindle. Over time you became busier doing other stuff and don’t have the interest to share all those mundane details of your day. You start to think that your partner has no interest in listening to what you do all day as he or she already knows about it. Gradually, a time arrives where there is simply no communication. The conversations have stopped for good.

So, how can we get out from his rut? One approach is to start communicating again and stop doing what we are doing, focus on our spouse and talk to them. Get engaged in a two-way conversation. Be interested what he or she is saying and try to relate to their feelings and emotions. Respond, react and reply to his or her questions. Focus. Turn off your TV and switch off your smartphone. Responding to all emails that are clogging your inbox, keep track of our favorite teams’ latest scores, checking the new and weather stats can all wait. You and your partner can set topics on a variety of issues, select one of them randomly and have an in-depth conversation about it. Ask questions and respond to them, even sometimes the answers won’t be right or embarrassing. It’s a nice way to keep the dialogue going.

The point here is to talk, listen and share. Relationships will die if the communication disappears. It’s far more important than you think. It’s okay sometimes we don’t like to talk and spend some alone time for ourselves. If you need some quiet time for yourself, tell your husband about it, and get recharged. However, if you keep having too many of those days, then it can become a problem.

Overall, if you want to have a long-lasting relationship, then it’s crucial to be a good conversation partner. It means not only are you good at talking but in listening as well. Engaging actively while talking and listening to your partner demonstrates empathy and compassion. It means giving advice when needed and listening to it when it’s not. It’s unhealthy for a relationship where one partner does all the talking and the other keeps on listening – It’s speech, not a conversation! Remember, communication is like oxygen for a relationship. Without it, it dies.

4 Ways Low Self-Esteem Can Ruin a Relationship

If you’ve low self-esteem, probably you think that you’ll suck at dating. If you’re feeling stressed and insecure, your low self-esteem will prevent you from having a lasting relationship or make it harder for you to find a perfect date. See if any of the behaviors resonate with your and if they do, then it’s a sign that you’ve low self-esteem.

You Have Needy or Clingy Behavior

Everyone gets turned off by neediness. While dating, men and women mainly look for a romantic partner to have a relationship. They aren’t looking for someone to take care of them as if they’re like abandoned children or a psychotherapy patient. People want to date someone who will compliment them, make their life whole, and not a person that will drain their energy. If you think you’ve the habit to get needy or clingy, consider making a few friends so that it won’t consume the person you’re dating. Ask your friends or coworkers to join you for dinner, go to a party or just do some fun activity together and so on.

You Feel Jealous

It’s not surprising to know that jealousy and low self-esteem goes hand in hand. We all feel insecure time to time. If you think that you aren’t good enough for him or her, or someone will snatch away your significant other from, then it’s an indication of low self-esteem as well as jealousy. If your jealousy is out of control, it can wreck havoc on your relationship. To get rid of jealous steak, first, admit that you’ve a jealousy problem. Talk to your friends that you’re trying to become less jealous, or chant a single liner yourself to distract you whenever you become jealous.

You’re Afraid That Your Date Isn’t Attracted to You – Sexually

If you’re struggling with low self-esteem, then there’s a possibility that you always fear that your partner is or doesn’t want to be intimate with you. The keep thinking about this because you feel that you aren’t sexually attractive to him or her. These fears that stem poor self-esteem issues can ruin a loving relationship quickly. Remind yourself that your partner could abandon this relationship at any time, but he or she is still with you. You don’t have to be the perfect mate for him or her. And if there’s any performance issue in the bedroom, consult with a professional.

You Need Your Partner for Constant Reassurance

Healthy individuals are looking for a partner that will complement them, while unhealthy persons are looking for a partner that will take care of them. They want their significant others to be their parents. Why? Because, they didn’t receive enough care, love and attention from their parents or siblings, while they were young. These adults feel incredibly insecure, and they’re always waiting for someone that will give them the love and attention they didn’t get while growing up. These individuals hate to be alone and need assurance and validation of others to feel good about themselves. It’s an indication of poor self-esteem, and they need to work on improving their confidence level, body images and get motivated.

We all struggle with insecurity, low self esteem and emotional issues more or less, but for most, it’s not that big of an issue. But, if you consistently feel bad about yourself, be careful while engaging in a romantic relationship. If you don’t improve your self-esteem, then you might jeopardize your relationship.

How to Deal With A Guy Who Never Gets Tired Of Lying?

Lying is something that is considered to be bad by everyone. Never should you lie to anyone and just try your best to state the truth everywhere. However, there are times when slightly changing the facts can gives no harm to anyone. For instance, your sister has done getting ready for her special night, and she asks you if she is looking good. Now, even if some part of her overall look isn’t looking nice, you can’t break her heart and let her efforts go to waste by being honest. In situations like these, lying a little is not bad. Now when we talk about relationships, they are solely built on honesty and trust. But life isn’t fair to everyone, and sometimes you are stuck with a partner who knows nothing than just lying all the time. This is really harmful to your mental health and therefore must be dealt with as soon as possible. This article is going to advise you a few ways of how you can deal with a guy that is always full of shit.

#1 Don’t acknowledge his lies first

The first and easiest thing you can do with someone who keeps spewing out lie after lie is to completely ignore him. You know that he is lying so it is only smart to stop reacting to whatever he says. This thing can help in a way that sometimes when people see that their behavior isn’t being recognized, then they just stop practicing it.

#2 Challenge his lies

Whenever he says something, and you feel like he is again making stuff up, then you should challenge him. You should ask instant and confusing details about whatever he is saying. In his defense, he will come up with more lies but if you keep asking for details then at some point there is a chance of him saying the truth instead.

#3 Call him out on the lies

Confronting him there and then for his lies can be the worst situation for him. Whenever he lies, just say that you know he is lying. It will put him in a state of confusion because he isn’t really used to people calling him a liar.

#4 Explain that you hate being lied to

If things get too out of hand and he is able to answer back to all your challenges, then this is the time when you should say that his lying hurts you. You should tell him that you do not appreciate this habit of his. If he has any feelings or care for you, then he might just stop lying.

#5 Talk to him about why he needs to lie

There could be a genuine reason behind all his lies like something that he always wants to please everyone. Whatever the reason may be, you should try to talk and discuss the issue with him.

#6 Help him overcome it

Show him that you’re willing to help him get rid of this habit and when he sees the care that you have for him, he will be equally willing to stop doing that.