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Three Big Things That Are Major Turnoffs for Men

When it comes to men there are some things women can do to turn on and turn off – men they’re interested in. Most men are looking for companionship and love from the women they love. So, the key to making you love and adore is to understand them better, so both of you can have a happy and lasting relationship.

Turnoff # 1: Expecting your man to pay for everything

Do you think it’s reasonable for a man to foot the bill on your first date? Did you ever wonder how it will be if both of you split the bill? Often, most men pay for the first date, and some are even happy to pay for it. Meanwhile, there are some who think that why should they pay for the whole thing, when his date is capable of paying for herself. It can make some men resentful that women have turned them into financial providers automatically, even though they can hardly remember each other’s full names. Always offer to pay yourself on a date. Most men are happy to pay while on a date with a woman, but he will appreciate you if you split the bill.

Turnoff # 2: Discussing love, marriage, and children way too soon

We get it when women can resist the urge to tell a man that they’ve just started dating that they want to get married, have kids, start a family and so on. But, what most women forget that this type of life plans can overwhelm a man. Men get turned off if they assume that you’re desperate to get married and have children. Just like women, men too would like to know more about you and trust you, before they’re interested in talking about your plans. To make this right, it okay to the first date if you tell a man that you’re looking for a relationship. But wait for few weeks to tell about your future life plans like marriage, kids, etc.

Turnoff # 3: Teasing men to get intimate with women

Traditional stereotypes say that men crave sex more than women. But this isn’t true always. While dating, men normally get frustrated, feeling that the woman they’re dating doesn't want to have sex with them. It’s not that women are disinterested in sex, but women enjoy playing games to get and make their man work for it. It is a total turn off for most men and makes them lose interest in the woman they’re dating. It's because they think that women are using sex – something like a finishing move. To make this right, tell your guy that you want to wait for sex and say why. It's fine for you to tell your man you're dating that you don’t get physically intimate so soon.

Overall, most guys are looking for love and companionship in a relationship. Also, they’re also looking for someone who cares and pay attention to their thoughts and feelings. If a man is interested in you, he’ll understand your desire for sex and know how to attract you. Remember the above turnoffs when you're on a date with a man and see how your date turns into a successful relationship!

Five Types of Men Who Are Not Ready To Be Husbands

Most men have always relied on actions, while for women it is the words. So, when men speak to women in a cute and sweet way, women believe in them, even if they have questionable behavior. On the other hand, most guys notice how ladies behave and translate the action to mean of what want them to believe, regardless of whatever the ladies say.

The difference between behavior and words is so immense and in some circumstances so problematic that it could make or break a relationship or marriage. Here are five behaviors of men that show that they still aren’t ready for a wedding or even a relationship.

1. Some men always need help and make them ready for anything. These types of guys are fully fortified in their own insecurities. They only complain about their issues; yours are never on their list. What ironic is that they still need a woman by their sides, to make them feel worthy. So, they keep her and ask them to stay by their side, until they feel secure and ready. But, we all know very well, he won’t be ready anytime soon. So, he won't be a good husband.

2. Some guys always talk about marriage, but won’t go any further from it – I mean words. Since he knows pretty well women like to hear words, and don’t mind much about actions, he won’t dare to get married and make any plans with you. He knows that a woman likes to hear about, so exactly does that. He won’t take any further actions. There isn’t any time-frame for his actions, he never talks about any plans or actions, and whenever the topic comes up, he will try to avoid to have a conversation.

3. The ‘let’s have some fun first’ kind of guys. This kind of men sticks around for the sheer thrill of being in a relationship, and when the fun runs out, they look for someone else. He’s not interested in getting married, having kids, settling down or having a committed and monogamous relationship. All he wants to talk about is fun and sex. If you happen to be in a relationship with a man like this, and you have a discussion about long-term relationships or marriages, their mood changes, and the fun end. He will keep complaining to you that you’re spoiling the moment and if you don’t stop, he will eventually leave you for someone else.

4. The ‘always talking about the marriage’ guy. This guy will consistently speak of marriage that you like to hear. He knows well you always dream of getting married, and think about it. So, he listens to you talking about marriage in great details – where you want to get married, what kind of home you like to stay, what furniture you want to buy and so on. When a woman asks him what his dreams are, he will always reply in affirmative and won’t actually act on it. Ultimately, you’ll see that he’s all talk, no actions. He won’t be getting married soon.

5. The ‘stay with me’ guys. These guys always find a legitimate and good excuse that may seem acceptable to women. These men will say he can’t get married, start a family and settle down because he’s busy with work, career, trying to get healthy or lose weight and his parents are having problems. It doesn’t matter, what you ask him, he will have an excuse to stay away from a having a discussion regarding marriage. You should never have a relationship with this guy, let alone marry.

The bottom line is marriage is more like a relationship, but only this time there’s a lot of commitment and responsibilities. So, to all those guys who don’t have the confidence and dedication, and can’t please or make his woman happy physically and mentally, don’t get married.

The Main Reason You Fall in Love with the Wrong Person – Always!

The real reason you haven’t found the man you wanted isn’t that you behaved bad or said something hurtful on a date. It isn’t because you forgot to text him after the date. The truth is you’ve picked someone who had already decided not to date you even before you asked him to meet you.

So, why do we pick someone wrong for us?

We all have a subconscious part of us that make us feel attracted to specific individuals who may relate to us in some way. Most men and women believe its chemistry when the sparks keep flying. But, what’s really taking place that your inner drama queen is having its best day. You get disinterested with nice guys and desire attention from a man who feels bored with you. Most people admit that they will never have any chemistry or be excited with someone, who is “nice” or “good,” and in some case, it might be true. Now, if you don’t change your selection process while choosing a partner, it’s very likely you’ll always be dating guys who aren’t a match. You’ll keep missing or neglecting all the obvious red flags in your new partner and keep hoping that the relationship will be better this time, but nothing happens.

So, what are you going to do about it? There are few ways that you can follow to make some changes to your partner selection process. The truth is your subconscious mind is always giving you hints how to improve it, but always making you fail to find a good partner when you’re dating someone new.

1. Break bad patterns. Analyze all the common things in your relationship and try to find the bad patterns. Try to figure out the underlying fear you experience when you’re getting close to someone. Confront the fears so that you can get rid of the bad pattern.

2. Be attentive to your hopes and dreams. Your hopes and dreams work as a spiritual force that guides you to be successful to be in a loving and fulfilling relationship. When you feel that power deep within yourself, note in down in a journal and follow it.

3. Manifest an inner dialogue. You can make changes to your partner selection mechanism by working with your subconscious inner self and visualizing and facing the part where you pick your dates. Ask questions to yourself and trust the answers that come in your mind.

4. Hire a coach. Take help from a professional who has experience when it comes to working with the subconscious mind. This will help you get adjusted with love.

The bottom line is when you make an effort to shift your subconscious mind, even slightly, you’ll notice a tremendous difference with who you’re attracted to and who is attracted to you. You might even see yourself in a situation where you’re meeting a lot of nice guys and who know eventually, you may be interested with one of them and start a relationship. The point is you don’t need to keep worrying about saying the right things or dating right. If you trust your guts that you’ll pick the right partner, it’s very likely that you’ll find one.

When To Introduce Your Kids to You’re New Boyfriend or Girlfriend

To have children and dating someone new can be hard. And things get even more confusing and tough if you’re thinking to meet your date. However, if you’re dating with integrity and dignity, things shouldn’t be too hard. Anyways, here are three signs that you should look out for to decide if it’s time to introduce your child or children to your new love interest.

1. The commitment is genuine and for the long-haul

If you’re casually dating and don’t have any upcoming plans for a long-term relationship, then it’s unimportant to introduce your kids to your date. Making your kids to meet your one partner after another continually will only confuse them. If you’ve met someone and went to dates with him for two or three times, don’t ask him to pick you up from your place, when your kids are around. Never take you kids to dates, even if your guy is comfortable with it. If you’re dating someone for two or three months and he has agreed to commit to an exclusive relationship, then it’s okay for your children to meet him. Introduce him as your friend rather than your boyfriend at first. Keep it slow at first, and don’t allow him to get involved in your kids life and daily activities right away. Instead, invite him to join you and your kids activities once or twice a month, depending on how older your kids are.

2. Introduce your kids to your new date after discussing it with your partner

If it’s time for your children to get acquainted with your date, have a discussion about it with your spouse. Ask him if he’s ready to get to know your kids. If your partner has expressed an interest in meeting your children and blending both the families, it’s an indication that he’s ready for it. This should also make you prepared to introduce your kids to him as well. A partner who is accepting of your children and willing to meet them is someone you need to keep on holding.

3. Only think about introducing your partner to your kids if you feel they’ll feel comfortable

Only think about introducing your partner when you feel prepared to handle any reaction from your kids they’re going to have after seeing him. If you’re in a committed, long-term relationship, there’s no doubt your children will immensely benefit from it. But, that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to compromise everything for your partner. Most children hope that someday their father and mother will reunite. But, when they see a new man, they grasp with accepting the reality. Therefore, it is advised that your keep every line of communication open with your kids and reassure them that your partner will never replace their dad. Instead, make your children understand that their mom loves them very much and you want love too, which is missing in your life, and neither they nor their father can give you.

Relationships are full of bumps and bruises all way, and dating while being parents is one of them. However, if you date right from the start, then you’ll notice a positive impact on your relationship, your happiness, your partner, and your kids. So, be prepared if he knows you ins and outs, even know your secret desire and value your choice.

Can You Be Feminine And Still be Submissive In A Healthy Relationship?

Most men and women who are currently dating someone new or in a new relationship are going through their version of a “do-over.” Regardless if this is their second or third chance of having a loving and long-term relationship or marriage, it is critical how their next relationship will develop over time. If you’re in a “do-over” relationship or marriage, ask yourself are you working or reacting on things that you want to see and don’t want to see in your current relationship? Are you getting what you want and who you want to be in this relationship?

According to the book, “My Foot Is Too Big for the Glass Slipper,” written by Gabrielle Reece, she says that if a woman wants to gentle and feminine, she has to submissive. The statement generated a lot of controversy among the feminists and created uproar in the news and media outlets. When asked to explain her position on the matter, Reece said that she wanted to explain the submissive role in a relationship. She also clarified that things would be better if one person takes on the feminine role, while the other one takes on the male role.

Gabrielle Reece, who has been married to professional surfer Laird Hamilton for 16 years, tells that when people abide by defined and straightforward gender roles, they started to complement each other more than other. Reece and Hamilton got married in 1997, and with just four years of their marriage they went through a rough time in the relationship and were on the brink of getting divorced.

After filing for divorce, Reece, who is a former volleyball player, she and her husband reconciled a few months later. It was at that crucial moment that she decided to return to her feminine or submissive side. You may ask did Reece do that because that’s the only way that could save her marriage. Or is a natural response of her subconscious mind that led her to embrace that side of her? The truth is we will never know. The point is if the message Reece is trying to prove is to go back to your feminine side because it’s powerful, then she’s on the right track.

It’s critical to understand that the things most women are taught to make them powerful and successful in the professional world are the same things that will make them powerless and eventually fail in the dating and the relationship department. Most feminists often label femininity as soft. Reece, however, doesn’t deny it, but she believes that accepting one’s femininity is an indication of strength as opposed to a weakness.

Many things go into making a relationship last and thrive in the future. Trust, honesty, and commitment are equally necessary for both men and women if they want to have a loving and long-term relationship or marriage. Having said that, this one is for the ladies; your femininity is incredibly powerful. It simply has to manifest from a place deep within one’s energy. So, ladies, embrace and cherish your femininity as it is important in the beautiful art of love and relationships.

Four Key Qualities Ladies Should Look For In A Man

Ladies, when looking for a man, some qualities make a man great. It’s not true when people say finding men with these qualities is hard. However, if you’re really serious about being in a relationship, identify the ones that look important to you and stick with them. Here are four qualities all ladies should look for in a man:

1. He’s gentleman and mature. What makes a guy great is when he is polite, gentle, respectful, attentive and considerate towards women. This also includes opening the door of a car, taking her coat, walking her to the door when she leaves, etc. The world would have a much better place if all guys were gentlemen. Meanwhile, a great guy is mature. It means that he can take care of himself, be responsible towards his life and faces problem in a calm manner. A mature man understands the value of being independent and values what he has, and know how to spend his wealth wisely and responsibly.

2. He should be direct and honest. Few ladies want to date a man with a “whatever” attitude. A good guy will look straight into your eyes when he talks to you, and seem genuinely interested in what you say to him. He should be able to have engaging conversations with you. Honesty is also an attractive trait in a man. A genuinely honest man will always tell you the truth. He won’t say anything that’s false to impress you. He will say exactly what he feels and knows about something. A man who isn’t honest and direct with women is a sign of weakness; no one likes to date a weak guy.

3. He’s faithful and values integrity. Being faithful is one of the most important qualities every man must have. It’s difficult to know if a man has cheated with his previous partners, but if you know it for sure, then it’s for your best that you don’t date him. Another important characteristic in great men is that they have integrity. Integrity means he keeps his promises when he gives one. A woman can easily be attracted to a man who has integrity and ambition as it makes them think that they’re highly respectable in social circles and financially sound, even in reality they aren’t.

4. He’s self-confident and has a positive attitude. A great man is confident of himself and who he is. This quality is necessary because when a man has high self-esteem and confidence, he won’t change to someone else, and will remain true to himself. A confident man can’t be rebuked from what he thinks or believes to be true and won’t be coerced into doing things that he’s not comfortable with. Also, a great guy should possess a positive attitude, even if things are experiencing a negative vibe. People want to be around with someone who has a positive outlook, and he tries to bring the best of people, tries to have fun and make others happy. A confident man will always be smiling and will undoubtedly bright up your day.

Overall, you don’t need to find a man who has all of these qualities, but that would be perfect. Consider dating men, who reveals these dating secrets and have most of these characteristics or the ones that seem more important to you.

How To Seek an Emotional Connection In A Relationship

One of the important things every successful relationship must have is – an emotional connection between two partners. There have been plenty of discussions all over the place why women never end their relationships with the wrong partner. There are many factors for it, but the real reason why most women can’t end their existing relationships is that they still haven’t found it yet.

The answer is an emotional connection. If a couple has little or no emotional connection with each other in a relationship, there is no valid reason to be in that relationship. It’s because of the lack of emotional between the two partners that the relationship loses their loving sparks and eventually ends. Most women remain in dead-end relationships due to the reasons that they’re still unaware of their own emotional requirements and can’t acknowledge the importance of emotional connection in sustaining a loving and long-term relationship.

So, once you become aware of what are your emotional needs, or in case you already have emotional needs, what’s the best way you can establish an emotional connection? Here are five ways you can find an emotional connection in your relationship:

#1: Our world is imperfect. We are imperfect. So, don’t look for the perfect man because you won’t find one. Instead, focus on the search for someone who is perfect for you.

#2: While looking for a partner, consider all the qualities and behaviors that you previously listed you want to see in him or her. Now, forget about them. You are striving for an emotional connection here; it’s what you feel. It’s not something you can think and list in down in a piece of paper.

#3: Trust your instincts. Most men and women downplay the benefits of their intuitions and how can it help them in getting out of tight situations. Most women tend to ignore their guts, get it all cloudy with their thoughts, and subsequently, they start to doubt it.

#4: Your sexual chemistry is different from your emotional connection. You can have a relationship with anyone straightaway using your sexual connection, no strings attached. But, that doesn’t guarantee you two will have an emotional connection.

#5: Remember, the emotional connection won’t appear in your relationship immediately, just because you both love each other. It is not something that will find its way when two people start dating. It’s either there or not. If you think that you can’t feel any emotional connection with a person after going to two or three dates, them going to twenty or thirty more dates won't help you realize it.

The bottom line is that emotional connection is necessary for a committed and long-term relationship. It is true that most people don’t get emotionally connected to each other during the early days if dating. Some people find an emotional connection right on, while others don't. Nonetheless, lots of women hope that while dating they will see feelings developing and ultimately they will find an emotional connection with their partners over time. But, it is better to keep in mind people who are in loving, and the long-term relationship has found their emotional connection with their partners instantly.

Don’t Indulge In Romantic Games While Dating

Most men and women often find themselves playing romantic games on dates instead of having a direct conversation. To put this into context, this is how it goes;

First, the two people meet for the first time. They have coffee, and then go out for a drink. They have dinner at the next date. Both people realize they’ve some chemistry and start dating – sort of. They decided it's way early to make their relationship exclusive, so the two starts seeing other people at the same time. A while later, they think of having a relationship but aren’t sure about how to commit in the relationship. Now, they’re in a committed relationship, started to call themselves boyfriend and girlfriend. Things are getting more serious now, and a week later one of the partners decided to call off the relationship. A week later, both started dating someone else.

Well, it’s not that bad. But the main point is that sometimes people tend to take their relationship to another level without having a serious conversation with their partners. In other words, there is a communication disparity in the relationship. Often couples keep on wondering about the status of their relationship, and where is it heading. But, it would have been much easier if both the partners asked each other about it.

If you’re dating someone new and feel uncertain about some issues, be direct and honest and just ask him or her before you begin having an exclusive relationship. Have an in-depth conversation and try to understand If you’re putting too much pressure on him or her or scaring him or her. Also, make sure that you don’t appear overly desperate or controlling to them because these two factors are deal-beakers when it comes to dates as well as in relationships. Try to establish a communication without looking desperate. Be curious instead of controlling. There’s a significant difference. It’s all about how to ask the questions and react to answers.

Ask your date if you both are in committed relationship. If not, then tell that you want a committed relationship. Also, ask your date if he or she is dating someone. Also tell your date that if you too are seeing someone else. Decide, if both of you are interested in dating multiple people or not.

If you notice that these questions are making the other nervous or uncomfortable, then you can safely say that this date is going nowhere or to the direction you wanted it to go. So, you’ve wasted a lot of time and your emotions on something, whose only outcome is unwanted suffering and emotional pain.

Nonetheless, there’s a silver lining here. Asking direct questions and receiving direct replies means that you don’t have to guess or wonder. If neither of you likes the answers, then both of you can end it, move on and find someone else to date. You can save plenty of your time and effort in the process.

If you have doubts, whether and when you’re going to see each other the next time, then you aren’t in a relationship. If you both didn’t have a serious conversation about having a committed relationship, then you aren’t in one. If he or she calls or text you a week or once in a while, it’s very likely that they’re dating someone else. It is true that being too honest and direct can be scary to some people, but it will prevent you from anxiety and wasting your time.

Is It A Bad Idea To Snoop on Your Partner?

One of the difficult circumstances a couple can face in a relationship is infidelity. Cheating can destroy a marriage. However, there are also examples when a couple is hopeful of staying in the relationship and taking steps so that it doesn’t happen again. They’re willing to forgive their spouses for their actions, forget everything and move forward in a more passionate and loving way.

Most people suggest that if you think that your partner is cheating on you or can cheat on you, then snooping on him or her would have stopped the person from committing infidelity. However, that’s not entirely true. When it comes to relationships snooping on your partner is ineffective. It’s because snooping on a person breaches his or her privacy and trust. We, humans, are territorial by nature. We want to have our own space. We value and respect the private life of ourselves and others. When someone invades our privacy and takes away what’s ours, we usually react to it strongly and become defensive.

This is why you should never snoop or spy on your partners. If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, snoop on him or her to find out the details, and later present the “evidence” to your spouse, you won’t expect a positive outcome. Rather, your partner will tell you that you have breached their privacy and trust. They will go into defensive mode and simply deny their actions.

If you’re suspicious that your partner might be having an affair, then instead of confronting them in a defensive manner, have an open conversation about it. Here are few tips how you can get the most from it:

• Have the conversation in a safe and calm place that you both have previously agreed.
• Choose a time that you feel calmed and relaxed enough to have the discussion.
• Start by expressing your fears, insecurities, and concerns, and try to explain why you feel it.
• Be precise about the signs or behaviors of your partner that made you suspicious that he or she is having an affair.
• Step back for a moment, and attentively listen to what your partner has to say.
• Recollect what you’ve heard and understood from your spouse. It will help you to avoid misinterpretation and being confused.

It’s critical that each partner maintains their cool and tone of voice, so both partners get assured that there won’t be any serious fights or arguments over the matter.

However, if you still did some snooping around, and discovered evidence of infidelity of your partner, try to deal with your emotions first, before discussing the subject with your spouse. Ask for support and talk about your feelings with a close and trusted friend, or a therapist. It’s okay to be heartbroken, and it’s important that you acknowledge the pain you’re feeling and how can you deal with it. Eventually, the emotional pain will go away, and you need to cope with it. There are a lot of marriages and relationships that have survived infidelities. Patience, counseling, working hard on rebuilding trust will ultimately bring back the love in the relationship.

Four Things To Do When Your Relationship Starts to Lose It’s Spark

Being in love is wonderful. The excitement of meeting someone new brings joy and the best within us. We feel like our lives are full of exciting possibilities ahead until this happens. The relationships feel stale, the sparks aren’t flying, or there might be other issues like money problems, kids, problems at work and so on. Regardless of the cause, when the flame in the relationship dims or goes out altogether, then the future becomes full of potholes and broken dreams. However, with the right approach, you can make your relationship great again.

The best way to work on your relationship is to make sure that you want to make your relationship exciting again and thinking about it in the right way. We’ve discovered some undeniable truth that can help the couple to bring the mojo back into their marriage and relationships:

Conflict is great for your relationship. It might seem odd to most people. Often people assume that if there are conflicts in your marriage, then you’re with the wrong person. Folks also suggest that if things get back, end the marriage, or break up. Well, it’s a bad advice. Instead, if you’re sincere in working on your problems in the relationship, something is amazing and beautiful waiting for you in your life. The key is you should know how to resolve conflicts in an ingenious way that compliments you and your partner. So, change your perspective on conflicts and take it as an opportunity to make your relationship grow and make it better.

It’s not only him; it's you too. Stop blaming your partner for all the problems in your relationship. We know it’s tough, especially if you’re feeling dejected, and it looks like your irritating partner is the root cause of your agony. But keep in mind we often fall in love with a person who has the potential for deep, enduring connection, similar to the feelings we have with our parents. Once you get over all the arguments, you start to feel it. So, the next time, you start fighting with your partner, remember, it’s your past that you should be blaming, not your partner.

Bring the fun back into the relationship. Sometimes we become so busy with our relationship; we forget how to enjoy and cherish it. What’s the point of doing all the things with your partner if you aren’t having fun? Humor and joy are crucial for a couple’s happiness. So, get out there and have some fun. Try taking cooking classes or dancing class with your partner and bring the fun back in your relationship.

Ditch all negativity. If you’re dedicated to bringing back the love in your relationship, then get rid of all the negativity. Stop focusing too much on the bad. You won’t find a single relationship without at least some negativity. Negativity in a relationship includes voice tones, any/all words, facial expressions, body language and behaviors that can make a person feel negative towards his or her partner. The more negativity there is in the relationship, the more troubling is your relationship. Therefore, you need to get rid of all negativity, if you want your relationship to last and thrive.

So, there you have it – these suggestions may help you be better spouses to each other and create the loving, blissful, long-lasting relationship you always wanted. If you want a fresh start, you can check this out on how to get a girl.