4 Unsexy Things Guys Do That Feels Really Sexy To Girls

It’s not always sexy, but it’s hot, nonetheless. Guys, sometimes, do the strangest, unsexy things, that somehow appear very sexy to the ladies. Call it unconditional love, love at first sight, or even pheromones, but it is true. Girls, if you are reading this, you probably know what we are talking about. Here are four non-sexy things men do that turns on a woman and makes her incredibly attracted to them. 1. Forgetting To Put On Deodorant Sure, you’re stinking.…[+]

Are You In A Struggling Relationship. Here’s How You Can Restore Intimacy

Let’s begin with a question, “Is intimacy in a relationship important?”Most of will answer, “Yes.” Then, why is that couples struggle to stay connected and intimate in their relationships or marriages? This is a question most people find it difficult to answer. If the feelings and intimacy in a relationship are gone, is there a way they can be restored with focus and effort? Fortunately, it can. Humans need intimacy. It is a basic human need. A romantic relationship needs…[+]

This Is What Most Men Think When Women Makes The First Move

If you’re a woman living in the 21st century, it's perfectly normal to be a go-getter and walk to a man and say, “Hello,” in the bar. If he’s cute, why not, right? Well, things always don’t go as expected. And, sometimes, it takes a lot of courage to man up and go up to him out of the blue and begin flirting. So, what do most men think if a woman walks up to them and makes the first…[+]

Unromantic Things Men Do That Disrupts Intimacy In The Relationship

Romance shouldn’t be complicated at all. So, why is that, sometimes, romance becomes tangled with mixed communication and unintended sexual innuendos? Love and intimacy are super important when you’re talking sex with women. But when it comes to physical intimacy, every man should put some thought and effort into how will he initiate sex to make the moment special. But, unfortunately, some men’s efforts seems predictable, forced, unsexy, or worse, cliché, and it can ruin the mood and the effort…[+]

Lunaluxe Skincare Review – Is the Free Trial Legit or a Scam?

Lunaluxe Overview It’s no secret the aging process is something we’d all like to pretend doesn’t exist. Time continues, and so we’re forced to face the truth: our skin wrinkles as we get older. The horror, right? It’s exactly this reason why most women and even some men turn towards anti-aging skincare products. But we don’t blame you one bit. Of course, you’ve heard the innovative product story before. This product takes skincare routines by storm; something of the like.…[+]