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Dennis Quaid Reveals the Supplements He Uses to Keep His 6 Pack into His Sixties!

Posted By: on January 01,2018
You can say anything about Dennis Quaid but not that he is old. At 63 years old Dennis is not letting the age slow him down. And if we think for a second at his sexy girlfriend, 30 years younger than him, he cannot slow down for a second. Paparazzi caught him and model Santa Auzina having a great time on the beach some months ago. However, apart from showing the couple's joy and happiness, they also caught glimpses of… [+]

David Beckham Reveals the Supplements He Uses to Keep His 6 Pack into His Forties!

At one time David Beckham was the best soccer player in the world. However, many people don't know that when he first started to play soccer, no one thought he was going to be any good. He was told that he is too small and not strong enough to play for England. His first soccer trainer didn't even believe he would become the global icon that he is today. Since he heard these words, David knew that he had to… [+]

Will Steve Kerr Be Suspended Over Golden State Warriors Muscle Supplements?

Posted By: on August 15,2017
Steve Kerr is the coach of the Golden State Warriors since 2014 and he is a former professional basketball player himself. Kerr's career is impressive. He is a seven-times NBA champion. He won the title five times when he was a player and also two times since he is the head coach of the Warriors. Since Kerr has come on the Warriors' bench, the team knocked record after record. For instance, in 2016 they had the most wins in an… [+]

NASCAR Star Has Secret Leaked: Are the Carl Edwards Muscle Supplements an Unfair Advantage?

Posted By: on August 12,2017
Carl Edwards has many wins under his belt and despite the fact that he's retired, he is still considered an important NASCAR personality. Even though NASCAR is not considered to be a physical sport, Carl is the type of sportsman who focuses on his nutrition, fitness, and health. That's why the racing world was in shock when the driving legend made an interesting accouncement. Edwards put NASCAR in jeopardy last week when he revealed how drivers are able to put… [+]

Find Out How the Ric Flair Supplements Are Helping Men Everywhere Pack on Muscle Fast!

Posted By: on May 05,2017
(PIOP) - When we think of the strongest retired WWE star, obviously the name that comes to our minds is Dwayne Johnson "The Rock". However, there is another interesting guy who looks just as well as The Rock does. His name is Ric Flair and at 67 years old, the "Nature Boy" looks like he is able anytime to come back into the ring and dominate his opponents. Ric is definitely a wrestling legend and he created a powerful name for… [+]

The Best Tip For Successful Athletes Revealed: John Elway Secret Muscle Supplements Exposed!

Posted By: on March 13,2017
John Elway is an American football legend. After he finished playing with back to back Super Bowl victories, he didn't leave the football world behind, so he became the executive vice president of football operations and general manager of Denver Broncos. If you take a look at Elway's physique, it looks like he could still play in the NFL if he wanted to. Our editor decided to catch up with him in order to figure out how he stays in… [+]

A Closer Look Into the Steph Curry Muscle Supplements the Golden State Warriors MVP Uses to Prepare for the NBA Season

(PIOP) - Steph Curry has forever changed the NBA by proving you don't need to be a freak of nature in order to become an MVP. In 2009 he showed up to the NBA combine at 6'2" inches tall, weighing a skinny 175 pounds. Few scouts believed the had the athleticism to be successful at the pro-level. However Curry hired the best trainers money could buy who put together a ridiculous workout regiment which he often put on display before… [+]

Are the Rory McIlroy Supplements Jeopardizing the Golfer’s PGA Career? We Take A Deeper Look Into His 15 Pound Muscle Gain…

Posted By: on October 15,2016
(PIOP) - Rory McIlroy is one of the biggest names in the golf world. Since his debut in 2007 he's won 4 Major Championships, including the PGA Championship twice. Until recently golfers were not considered great athletes. Nobody would pay attention to their physiques, but there have been many rumors concerning Rory's 15 pound muscle gain having to do with the use of PED's. Things heated up for McIlroy this past weekend as he was heckled for cheating by other players. Many thought they were… [+]

Are Athletes Across All Major Sports Using New Performance Enhancing Muscle Supplements to Add Size and Shred Fat Faster Than Ever Before?

Posted By: on October 11,2016
(PIOP) - Sports fans everywhere keep wondering why modern athletes seem to all be freaks of nature and we might finally have the answer! There has to a be a reason sports stars are running faster, jumping higher, and gaining muscle quicker thane ever before. Even on the PGA tour, golf's elite are driving the ball further than they ever have in history, with most of the players routinely driving the ball over 300 yards. [mobile_only] Even Tiger Woods needs something… [+]

Do the NBA Supplements Help Players like LeBron James, Steph Curry, and Blake Griffin Put on Muscle Incredibly Fast?

Posted By: on October 06,2016
(PIOP) - The NBA is statistically the most difficult sports to play Professionally. There are only 13 open spots on an NBA roster (compared to 53 in NFL) so it's no surprise that the NBA has the best athletes on the planet including the likes of LeBron James, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Russell Westbrook to name a few. What Supplements do NBA Players Use? With such a competitors atmosphere, players are constantly looking for anything that can give them… [+]