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Jimmy Garoppolo Supplements Are Keeping Him On The Front Page This Month

Posted By: on June 30,2018
Jimmy Garoppolo is keeping his name in the news for many reasons this month. On one hand, there's his possible transfer to the New England Patriots. On the other hand, there has been endless speculation about how he is staying in such great shape. There have been rumors swirling that Jimmy uses steroids! Jimmy shot down any and all steroid rumors and admitted to using some all-natural supplements to pack on lean muscle and burn fat. It turns out dozens… [+]

OJ Simpson Supplements Still Make Many People Wonder Whether They Are Safe Or Not

After 9 years spent in prison, the former NFL icon is back in the spotlight. O.J. Simpson did not have an easy life. He met the highest peaks of success, but he also knew what it means to lose everything in a second. He is a successful NFL player, being the fastest player to gain 1,000 rushing yards in a season and the fastest player to gain 2,000 rushing yards in a season. When he was arrested everything ended for him… [+]

Canelo Alvarez Supplements Brought The Young Athlete To The Top

Canelo Alvarez is a professional athlete who did not get to the top by accident. His young age belies the huge experience that he has as a professional fighter. Canelo debuted on the fighting "stage" in 2005 and since then he built his path with dedication and focus. He prepares every fight with a lot of attention. He works on his stamina and power and always tries to be smarter than his opponent. Alvarez also counts on his youth that… [+]

Do the Philadelphia Eagles Owe Their Super Bowl Victory to the Nick Foles Muscle Supplements?

Posted By: on January 12,2018
Many people don't know much about Nick Foles - the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl winning QB. Athleticism runs in the Foles family. His mother is a passionate trainer who specialized in yoga, cardio, kickboxing, and weight-training. No wonder why, when he was in school, he didn't excel just in football, but he was also a great basketball player. However, he decided to stick to football which seems to be the choice of his life after all. After a scorching hot start… [+]

David Beckham Reveals the Supplements He Uses to Keep His 6 Pack into His Forties!

At one time David Beckham was the best soccer player in the world. However, many people don't know that when he first started to play soccer, no one thought he was going to be any good. He was told that he is too small and not strong enough to play for England. His first soccer trainer didn't even believe he would become the global icon that he is today. Since he heard these words, David knew that he had to… [+]

Arizona Cardinal Running Back Has An Insane Physique Thanks To The David Johnson Muscle Supplements

Even though Arizona Cardinals didn't have a great season in 2016, we cannot say the same about their running back, David Johnson. He is a buddy superstar and even though he is still very young, he has had a hell of a season so far. His teammates and coach see him as an explosion of energy and determination. Johnson is one of the strongest players in the league. Many people wonder what is the key to his success. Every time… [+]

Are the Alex Smith Muscle Supplements the Secret to his Success Later in His Career?

Posted By: on October 29,2017
We found it rather peculiar for a NFL quarterback that struggled so much earlier in his career is having so much success in his 30's, but that's exactly what Alex Smith is doing. And to be honest it couldn't happen to a better person as Alex has been such a model citizen both on and off the field. The one this we noticed about Alex is that he put on a significant amount of muscle over the years, and we… [+]

Are these Innovative Supplements the Reason Clayton Kershaw has become the Most Dominate Pitcher of This ERA?

Posted By: on October 28,2017
Clayton Kershaw signed a 7 year whopping $215,000,000 contract that carries an annual value of $30,714,286. It's the biggest contract in the MLB, for the best pitcher in the MLB. However when you sign a contract that big, you are expected to perform at a high level, year in and year out. In the passed we watched as many players in the MLB turned to performance enhancers when they succumb to pressures of signing huge deals, but we know Clayton would… [+]

Dwyane Wade Supplements Are Giving The Athlete An Energy Boost For The New Challenge In His Career

Posted By: on October 26,2017
(PIOP) - After his breakup this summer with Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls, Dwyane Wade is ready for the next challenge in his career. He is determined to win another Championship and teamed up with his best friend and former teammate Lebron James in Clevealnd.  When Cavaliers trainers saw Dwayne, they were impressed by his raw athleticism. So they started to wonder what keeps him in such incredible shape and with such high level of energy. His secret is actually called Dwayne Wade… [+]

Big Baller Alert: Are the Lonzo Ball Supplements Giving Him An Unfair Advantage?

Posted By: on October 25,2017
After Los Angeles Lakers drafted Lonzo Ball with the number 2 overall pick in the 2017 draft, many wonder if the pressure, coupled with the outspoken nature of his father (LaVar Ball) would get to him. However, the soft-spoken superstar in the making seems to have the perfect demeanor to handle the pressure, and is definitely living up to the hype early in his career. Lonzo Ball is clearly looking jacked and his athleticism is a huge part of his… [+]