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11 Signs That Show Your Partner Might Be Cheating

Cheating is common in many relationships today. When a partner is cheating, there are always signs. No matter how hard they try, cheating boyfriends or girlfriends will show hints of their unfaithfulness. Here are eleven signs to look out for if you think your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you: 1. Your partner is overly obsessed with himself or herself. He/she is always checking on how they’re dressed or how they look in a mirror. It’s obvious that your… [+]

Are You Afraid To Date Because You’ll Get Hurt Again?

It’s very common to see someone scared of dating or trusting a man again because they got seriously hurt in their last relationship. No matter how positive they think, they find it very hard to date men and trust again. They feel like all men are just the same. Well, there’s nothing wrong with being afraid to fall in love again after your previous relationship ended badly. We all feel that way sometimes. It’s not the fear that’s the issue.… [+]

3 Steps to Help You Move Forward After Being Betrayed By Your Partner

So, you’ve been struck with a betrayal. You feel your whole life is spinning out of control. Your emotions and thoughts are running thin. You feel sad, angry, desperate and resentful of your partner. You keep asking yourself, "what did I do to deserve this?" Your mind tells you that you can’t come out of this betrayal hole, and your life has stopped moving. What can you do to get out from this mess? Here are three steps to help… [+]

4 Common Signs That Your Partner is Cheating On You

Let’s be honest: Cheating is never okay. When it comes to dating and relationships, cheating will always be a hot topic. Why? Because almost everyone at some point has been cheated on, thought of being cheated on, tempted to cheat or has been guilty of cheating. Cheating requires an action, and you and your partner have to be in an exclusive and monogamous relationship. Anything breaking or dishonoring that social contract is cheating. For example, sexual intimacy is a part… [+]

5 Ways To Walk Away After Your Partner Has An Affair

If you've found that your partner has been cheating on you, it's time to move on and find a real relationship. Whether the love affair is one-sided or mutual, being in a relationship with a cheater hardly works out in your favor in the end. It brings nothing except sadness and pain. Once you’ve determined that remaining in the relationship with someone who cheated on you is only going to give your more pain and make your life more complicated,… [+]

5 Ways to Stop Obsessing Over a Guy For Good

We all have been obsessive about something in our lives. One of the worst obsessions out there is yearning for someone who got away and who was never meant to be your partner. When it comes to dating and relationships, obsessive thoughts are rife in women. We have seen many single and successful women like doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc., talking about the men they are dating. They keep talking about how they are still waiting for his text message before… [+]

The Surprising Reason People Are Cheating More Than Ever

Despite the fact that cheating is an extremely frowned upon act, we are cheating more than ever before. It’s like we have entered a “Golden Age” of cheating. Ask any of your friends, co-workers, and even your existing girlfriend, if they have cheated on someone before. They will all probably tell you they didn’t. But, it’s also likely that they are lying. The truth is that cheating is way more common than you think. How common is it you may… [+]

Infidelity Isn’t the Problem – It’s the Outcome of the Problem

Most people have a strong belief that if someone truly loves and cares for their partner, he or she will not cheat on them. These people also think cheating should be the ultimate reason to end a relationship or marriage. There shouldn’t be any second chances or forgiveness when it comes to infidelity, despite what a lot of relationship counselors or therapists say. For most couples, cheating is the ultimate way to break the promise of being monogamous to each… [+]

4 Ways to Smooth Things Over With Your Girlfriend After a Huge Mistake

Relationships take a lot of work. Sometimes they are just downright difficult. There are some essential things couples who are in long-term relationships do whenever they have a conflict. They compromise during the conflict. They make sacrifices during the conflict. And finally, they view themselves as a team, even after the conflict. It’s been found that the couples who are more compromising to each other, talk to each other, and feel empathetic to each other’s feelings are more likely to… [+]

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Give Up On Your Relationship

If you've ever thought of giving up on your relationship, then you aren’t alone. You could be thinking about it right now, wondering if you will be better off if you leave the relationship. Maybe you are considering staying in the relationship and waiting for things to improve, but not sure when that will happen. If you didn’t know already, it’s the lack of proper communication and affection that cause most of the conflicts between couples. You could leave the… [+]