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6 Small Things Guys Do When Getting Ready To Break Up

It’s impossible to know beforehand if someone is about to break up with you, unless, the person tells you. With that made clear, how many of you were be able to predict some of your past breakups? It’s true we can’t 100 percent be sure when our boyfriends are ready to dump us, but there are some signs you can tell that a man might be about to end the relationship with you.

Here are few signs that will let you know if a man wants to break up with you:

1. He Suddenly Becomes More Interested In Himself
We aren’t telling you your partner’s whole life should be centered on you. In fact, it’s healthy for your boyfriend to have an independent life outside of the relationship. But, all of a sudden if you see that he emphasizes all of his free time into things that don’t include you, or don’t want to add you, then we may have a problem. It’s highly likely that he’s prepping himself to become single again.

2. He’s Not Interested In Sex
Physical intimacy is an important part of a romantic relationship. So, if your partner doesn’t get turned on by you, be aware. There could be many reasons. Either he is stressed out or depressed, he is pulling away from you, or he is cheating. It can also be that he's become increasingly cranky. Nonetheless, it is a bad sign.

3. He's Started Working Late
Working late doesn’t necessarily mean that your boyfriend is done with the relationship. Working late at the office can be an indication that he’s ready to dump you or is having an affair. On the other hand, working late can also be a positive thing. Maybe, he’s working late to get the best engagement ring you wanted, save for the wedding, buy a home, get a promotion, and so on and so forth. So, just make sure if he’s working late is leading to other bad signs.

4. He's Meeting Up With His Old Friends
We all have friends we didn’t meet for a long time. Does your boyfriend suddenly have to meet up with an old girlfriend or just an old friend? Does he keep doing that? If he’s running on to them now and again, it’s not good. There is no harm if he’s reconnecting with platonic buddies, but if all those old or long lost friends are old girlfriends, then you need to have a serious conversation about it with your partner.

5. He's Seem Less Concerned To See You
Nowadays, if you see your significant other doesn’t want or need to see you in person or wants to spend time with you, it’s not because you both have become comfortable with other. It’s just that seeing you or spending quality time with you is not as much of a priority to him anymore.

6. He's always on his phone
Does your boyfriend spend too much time on his phone that makes you wonder whether he’s having a relationship with it or with you? This sad and disrespectful behavior not only puts a barrier between the two of you, but it could also probably that he’s hiding something serious from you, or hiding another relationship.

6 Heartbreaking Reasons Why Men Broke Up With Their Long-term Girlfriends

Apart from all the clichés that most relationships end because of infidelity or constant fighting, the reality is that all varieties of romantic relationships fall apart for some reasons. Things get infinitely harder while trying to end a long-term relationship whose romance burned out slowly. It’s very rare to hear long romances to collapse, but nonetheless, it’s baffling and shocking to many.

Here are a few reasons men explain why they had to end relationships they have been for the long haul:

1. I Was Much Close To My Co-Worker Than My Girlfriend
Some men end their long-term relationships when they realize that they were closer to someone at work than he was with his partner. They think that it’s wrong, even after they didn't cheat or anything. They had to end the relationship because they were looking forward to seeing this co-worker than seeing their girlfriends, and that was a problem.

2. My Girlfriend Was Too Boring
Some men end their long-term relationships because they felt bored, or their girlfriends were boring, or they failed to make their relationships interesting. These guys also told that they tried to ask their girlfriends to make their relationships interesting, but their effort just wasn't there, and their partners wanted to be comfortable. They key here is you can’t change anybody.

3. I Just Hated Her Parents
Like it or not, our parents play a major role in and out when it comes to dating and relationships. They can control and influence the decisions that we make in our relationships. We aren’t telling that it’s all bad, but things can become messy if it's getting out of control. Men end their long-term relationships with their girlfriends after they discover they have to deal with their partners for everything and how they controlled her all the time.

4. I Just Wanted To Be Single, Honestly!
Sometimes guys end their long-term relationships with their girlfriends when they have an epiphany that they aren’t full ready to be committed relationship, get married, have kids, and so on and so forth. They still love their partners very, but their souls are yearning to be single again. They feel like they needed to get out and figure out who they really are as an adult as they started to think that being a couple have robbed them of their identity.

5. I Am A Serial Cheater
Some men are just cheaters. They can’t be in a monogamous relationship, end their long-term relationships with their girlfriends because they feel guilty about it. Whenever they are left alone, or their girlfriends are out-of-town for something or visiting their family and friends, they stupidly wanted to have sex with someone else.

6. The Romance Fizzles Out, And Their Girlfriends Don’t Love Them Anymore
Sometimes, when you’re dating someone or in a long-term relationship, the romance and the intimacy just fizzles out, and he or she doesn’t love each other anymore. Some men end their long-term relationships with their girlfriends, as their significant other thought; the relationship has no future, despite both doing their best to save the relationship.

Top Questions You Should Ask Yourself After A Breakup

The breakup is one of the saddest parts of someone’s life that can change an entire world of happiness to frustration and bleakness.

However, clearing up the confusions that are killing you is probably the best way to bring you some inner peace. Ask questions to yourself and think about them to find out the appropriate answers. Here are 6 questions that you should ask yourself when things are jamming up in your head and causing extreme mental disruptions-

1. Why did this breakup happen?
Finding the right answer to this question might weight off from your shoulder which had been pressed for a long. If you remain shocked thinking of why this happened to you, it will do nothing but stop you start a new life. Use your conscience to get the most rational answers. In this way, you can get a clear answer to this question.

2. Did I fully understand him/her properly?
Mutual understanding breeds mutual respect which keeps your relationship alive and going. Misunderstanding and complaining are certainly going to end up in a bad break up sooner or later. So, ask yourself if you understood your partner correctly. If the answer is negative, don’t hold onto your regrets. It was inevitable.

3. What did I expect out of that relationship?
The real life is no movie where the hero and heroine live happily ever after. Life goes through a lot of ups and downs. When someone lives in a romantic relationship, his/her expectations might go beyond reality. They daydream and expect to fulfill all of their wishes. Analyzing your expectations and the possibilities towards their fulfillment can hold a logical explanation of your breakup.

4. Did I give my 100% to my partner?
Maintaining a healthy relationship requires full dedication from both you and your partner. So, even if it’s true that your partner did not put enough efforts to save the relationship, don’t forget to turn the question mark to yourself. Be honest with the truth and admit your lacking that could have led it to the breakup!

5. Who changed and why?
You probably remember those early days of your relationship when everything seemed heavenly with your partner. If the charm that used to make you spellbound doesn’t attract you anymore, there must have been something wrong. Find out why things are not as they used to be. Why you or your partner have changed that aided the breakup.

If the toll is on you, you must suffer the consequences. But if it’s your partner’s fault, you should be happy that you’ve lost someone who was not right for you.

6. What are my plans for myself?

Since you’ve gone through a lot to endure the pain of the breakup, you should ask yourself about the next move. Make some realistic plans to restart your life and take corrective actions to turn into a better version of yourself. If you are still unsure about the reasons of Breakup, Why You can’t get a girlfriend blog post will help you get the answer.

The best thing about these questions is not only eliminating your confusions but also ensuring your personal growth. It eventually makes you a better human being with a great maturity level.

4 Scientific Facts About Breakups

Don't you think that science is everywhere? Yes, science does exist in all the occurrences around and within us. The relationship between men and women is a divine thing on earth but when two people decide to walk on different roads, breakup inevitably comes in their way.

Going through the consequences of a breakup is like living in the hell. Though time heals everything, the healing process doesn't end in a day. Here are four scientific facts about a breakup that may help you introduce with the reality and heal your wounds faster –

1. Stalking you ex on social platforms makes is tough to forget them
The rule of thumb to follow after a breakup is to create a permanent distance with your partner. Since staying separated is both of your mutual decision, respect it. Scientists have found that staying connected to your ex on Facebook or Instagram interrupts the healing and it becomes tougher to move on with life. Unfriending or unfollowing your ex can be as effective as ripping off your bandage.
2. Enduring a breakup is as hard as stopping a drug addiction

The area of the brain which is sensitive to the feeling of affection is the same area that is engaged with the feeling of drug addiction. A comparison between the brains of people in love and the people in breakup showed significant differences in cells pattern of the brain. They also studied on the brains of drug-addicted people and found similarities with that of the individuals with a breakup. It's logical why breakups are so painful.

3. Men suffer more than women in the long run
A study from the Binghamton University found that women are more hurt than men at the initial stage of a breakup but men struggle more to move on and forget everything. It happens because women are usually more dedicated to maintaining a relationship. When a woman goes through a breakup, she might be very upset, but deep inside she knows that she did her best. On the other hand, a man gradually finds out the things that he overlooked for months or years, and it mentally kills him mentally.

4. Relationships become fragile when women earn more
Though it's the right of every woman to work and earn as much as she deserves, men hardly appreciate this fact. Women are considered as the thread that binds the whole family together. The society still bothered with the fact that maintaining a happy family is the prime duty of a woman. For this reason, when a woman earns more, works extra hours till the night, or attends business parties, she fails to look after the family. It aids her man's extramarital affair, a breakup or even leads to divorce.

Some other scientific facts include suffering from identity crisis, degradation of values or going astray. People also make suicidal attempts when they fail to digest the pain of separation. However, it's found that studying on breakups and their consequences help people get over it soon.

6 Things To Consider Before the Breakup

It’s sad that you’re facing some problems in your relationship. You’ve tried your best to make things turn around, but failed miserably, again and again. Now, you're kind of sure that this relationship isn’t going anywhere. You’ve decided to break up, but before you make a final decision, we suggest you ask yourself the following questions:

1. Am I just angry or resentful?
One major reason why most men and women decide to break up is that they’re exhausted or in the middle of unresolved conflicts in their relationship. Deciding to end your relationship in this way just indicates that it’s an emotional one. Wait until you feel calm and less angry and rethink about all the emotional consequences of a break up before you call it quits.

2. Can the relationship be saved?
Are you sincere in saving this relationship? Is there anything in the relationship that’s worth giving it a second chance? If there is a conflict in the relationship, try a healthy approach to resolving it. Express your concerns, make your voice heard, and be accountable for your actions. Listen to your partner and be sensitive to his or her feelings. Give your best shot in the relationship. Avoid blaming your partner for the demise of your relationship, when you haven’t given your best to the relationship. Don’t let love die without a fight.

3. Did you communicate openly what you need in the relationship?
Did you share your feelings and needs with you partner before the breakup? Always choose communication than dismissing your relationship. Improving communication with your partner will reignite the romance and understanding in your relationship. It will also contribute to an intimate understanding of what’s causing the relationship to end. If you’ve been unsuccessful in resolving the problems in your relationship, don’t jump to conclusions quickly. Don’t automatically assume that you’re unhappy because you’re in a bad relationship. Is there is any guarantee that you’ll be happy if you leave this relationship or remain single?

4. Don’t play breakup games.
If you think that giving threats of a breakup will bring you both closer together, forget about it. Don’t pay to break up games or any other games with either of your hearts. If you want to make your relationship great again, invest your time and energy in the relationship.

5. Is anyone influencing you to end the relationship?
Assess whether your friends or family members are advising or influencing you to end the relationship. Evaluate their motives, and talk with them about it. Maybe these have seen some red flags in the relationship that can’t be fixed or ignored. So, they’re coercing you toward a split. Or maybe they’ve bad, selfish and unhealthy reasons for it.

6. Will I regret leaving the relationship?
Before breaking up, think about your life change after it. Your social life will become complicated, so will your housing situation. Your daily routine will no longer be the same. There is a chance that things will get more stressful and overwhelming that the break up itself. Therefore, ask yourself if ending your relationship is something you’ll regret deep down.

Sometimes things always don’t get better as planned, and ending a romantic relationship is a good example. So, we would suggest you take all possible steps to make improvements and resolve problems in your relationship which not only include the emotional bonding but also needs to take care the physical needs as well. We prefer to hold on rather than ending it.

Is My Partner Lying To Me In The Relationship?

You and your partner know very well that if you both want to enjoy a healthy relationship, you both need to maintain trust in the relationship. If your boyfriend or girlfriend seems suspicious of each other, then it’s high that your relationship is facing some issues regarding faithfulness and fidelity. Or it can be that either has questions about your partner’s financial situation or job or simply it might be that he or she has something to hide in his or her past relationships.

Regardless of what the exact issue is, it feels wrong to suspect that your significant other isn’t fully being honest with you. Therefore if you assume that your fears are real, ask yourself these questions.

Has My Spouse Given Me Any Reason To Doubt Him Or Her In The Past?
If yes, then you’ve every right to be concerned about the relationship. If you see that there is a pattern of dishonesty, instead of getting all defensive and arguing about it, the best and responsible thing to do is to address it in a meaningful way. However, if your spouse has continuously earned your trust in the past, then use your trust to discard these new concerns.

Should I Communicate My Doubts To My Boyfriend Or Girlfriend?
Yes, you should. If not, these questions and fears will consistently keep on nagging you and will hold to connect to your partner in a loving, meaningful and intimate way. After all, it won’t be possible for you to fully emotionally bond with another person and move forward in your relationship, unless you get rid of all shortcomings about that person’s honesty. So, you’ll need to encourage the other person to fully explain him or her to you, find out the truth and put all of fears and insecurities to rest.

Am I Ready to Forgive My Boyfriend Or Girlfriend, and Move Forward?
Of course, there are some trusts that if they’ve been breached that you can’t and shouldn’t move past them. They’ll eventually kill your relationship, even the healthiest ones. On the other hand, there are circumstances that in spite of a tough moment between two lovers, it strengthens the romantic relationship. Having to deal with significant problems in the relationship can bring the couple closer, deepen their understanding of each other, and help them redefine the exact definition of a romantic relationship.

What Kinds Of Changes Are Imperative To Make?
If you’ve determined that you’ll stay with your partner despite everything, then it highly crucial that you communicate your wants, needs, and expectations. Discuss what changes should be made in the relationship. Be clear to your partner that you want things to you and in the relationship be based trust, integrity, and honesty. Meanwhile, if you’ve reached an understanding that there were no breaches of trust and that the whole thing was a misunderstanding, and then you can use this experience in improving the communication and trust between the two of you. The thing is when you’re in a relationship; you should both commit protecting each other and to prioritizing the relationship regardless of what has or hasn’t occurred.

When To Stop Communicating With Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

We hear about it from everyone. There aren’t any relationships where there aren’t any fights or arguments. Folks say, “When you two are fighting, the best thing you should do is to communicate,” “You both have to talk it through,” and so on. Well, all those are good suggestions. But, what happens when we can through our disagreements or argument simply by good communication?

Your best approach to diffuse these situations is simply to stop talking. Here are five particular times when being quiet is best than talking more.

1. Stop Talking When Another Person Isn’t Ready To Talk
People, sometimes, aren't in a mood to have a fruitful discussion. It might be that he or she is sad, busy with something; working, or is intensely focused on something else, or is just simply uncomfortable or feels uneasy with the topic. If you’ve something on your mind and your boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t ready to have a conversation about it, don’t force him or her about the issue. But, let your partner know that you want to talk, and also remind him or her to tell when they are ready to talk.

2. Stop Talking When You’ve Said It A Thousand Times
If you’ve been telling your significant other not to chew his food with his mouth open, or you both consistently arguing how long should it take to get ready, and you didn’t find any solid results, then maybe it’s time you two stop talking about it and give it a rest. At some point, you’ve got to come to the conclusion that all those talking haven’t yielded any success or a good solution. In other words, you simply have to agree to disagree and stop talking about it, say, for six months.

3. Stop Talking When One Of You Is Being Unreasonable
If you see that in an argument one of partner’s acting weird or is being unreasonable with his or her propositions, then your best move here will be just to pull back from the conversation. Many couples have irrational discussions despite knowing that one of the partners is in an irrational space. This argument won’t be solved, and it will never work. So, the next time you find yourself in an illogical argument, stop having any serious discussions and give him or her some space for sanity.

4. Stop Talking if you’re Time is Limited
You know that new movie you’re waiting to see will start in five minutes, or your friends will be at your place for dinner at any minute. You’ve only a limited amount of time, and if you initiate a conversation about something important or that you really care about, then count it as one of your worst moments. The danger is when you introduce a topic, and your partner said something about it that you can agree or don’t want to admit, you’ll have to stop the conversation before things begin to heat up emotionally.

5. Stop Talking When You’re Tired
When we are feeling tired, we get more irritated, more defensive, less tolerant, less reasonable, and our patience grows thin. All these are recipes for a wrong conversation. So, do yourself, your boyfriend or girlfriend, and your relationship a favor, and stop having any serious discussion when one or both of are unusually tired.

If you’re in a relationship, if you remain aware of whatever is occurring regarding your relationship, you’ll much better off to know when it’s imperative to talk, and it’s for the best to just remain silent.

Ask Yourself These 4 Questions If You’re Angry At Your Boyfriend

In a relationship, it’s common for two people to get into arguments about romance, commitment, intimacy, personal feelings, duties, and responsibilities. If we can’t find common ground, both parties become angry, disappointed and resentful to each other. If it goes on for a long time, and no substantial steps have been taken to address the issues, it can ruin the relationship. If you're worried about your man who has given extra responsibilities in your relationship, then before jumping into any conclusion ask yourself these few important questions.

We have seen many women who feel deprived or never get recognition for all they do in their romantic relationships. Many women tried to give extra efforts to make their relationship healthier and sacrificed so many things for a better relationship. But, at the end of the day, they wonder how they can uphold their dignity to the relationship. So, the next time you are fed up with a man, ask yourself these questions first:

1. Am I Putting In More Effort Than Him?
When you’re frustrated with your relationship or angry with your man, it often indicates you are giving more efforts than your partner. It can be defining as well as over functioning. Over functioning occurs when you are working hard to gain the affection or attention from him, or it may also happen when you’re obsessed with him. When you invest too much energy to your man, you're only putting the extra pressure in a relationship. You will be exhausted; you’ll feel less attached to each other, and the communication breaks down, which creates a distance between the two individuals. You’ll be in more frustrated with yourself, as your efforts backfire, which leads you another question.

2. Am I Treating Myself Well?
The more time you spent in making your partner happy, the less time you have for yourself to take of yourself, and yes, we are also talking about your appearance. A man wants to see her partner well-dressed, sexy, and more desirable. If you do so, he’s attraction towards you will grow as well as the will to spend more time with you. Often, women think that their partner’s are mistreating them, but it’s we are mistreating ourselves without taking proper care of ourselves. How can we expect love and respect from a man if we don’t love ourselves?

3. Are My Needs Fulfilled?
We, women, have a habit of not expressing our true feelings. We want a man to read our emotions. But we can't expect noticed without communicating what we want and need in a relationship. When you talk about your needs, you may end up making poor choices that perhaps won’t be suitable for you. If you’re a shy person or introverted, it will prevent your partner to know yourself truly. He may conceive wrong assumptions about you. If you are angry with your boyfriend for something, talk to him directly. Don't keep words to yourself; share it with your partner. Otherwise, it may lead to serious consequences.

4. Am I Trying Too Hard To Control The Outcome and My Boyfriend?
In fear of being hurt or losing their partners, most women try to manipulate the results in the hope of a better relationship, but in reality, it sours up the relationship. Be fair with you and with your relationship. Often we imagine our relationships in our heads how a relationship is “supposed to be,” and we end up feeling disappointed by the outcomes. If you waste all your time and energy to manage a man and a relationship, you lose out on finding how a man feels about you.

6 Ways To Get Over Your Heartbreak

Breakups knock us down in just about every way imaginable. We lose our relationships, our lifestyles, our self-esteem, our confidence, our happiness, our hopes, our dreams, and so on. Every loss takes us lower and lower into the depths of despair. But, you can get over it and move on with your life. Plenty of people have been through breakups and made it. You keep on wondering what they did or know about that helped them recover from heartbreak.

Well, here are six steps to help you move on and be happy again, even after a serious and painful breakup.

1. Accept The Reality That Getting Over A Breakup Won’t Be Easy
Getting over the end of your relationship isn’t by no means is easy. Some men and women have struggled for years before they got over their heartbreak and started dating again. Because this time is so difficult, we suggest that you be gentle and patient with yourself. Being compassionate with yourself will help get through it more quickly.

2. Allow Yourself To Grieve
Being compassionate with yourself after the demise of your relationship means you allow yourself to feel sad about all your losses. But, don’t overdo it, and focusing on something that is no more won’t make it come back.

3. Ask For Support From Family And Friends
Going through breakups is one of the toughest things one can go through in his or her life. We can't find any reasons why you should go through it alone. Ask your family members and close friends for help and support. Go to a therapist if possible.

4. Don’t Dwell On The Past
Stop thinking about the past like wondering why their relationship ended, what they could have to save it, blaming their partners for all the mistakes, etc. Dwelling on your past relationship will prevent your life from moving forward, and connect with someone new in the future. You can’t change anything of your past. The best thing you can do is learn from it and not make the same mistakes again. Also, forgive both yourself and your ex for everything that contributed to the end of your relationship. True forgiveness is all about you unleashing the past so it can’t control you anymore. Take the failure of your relationship as an important lesson you needed to learn to move on in the future.

5. Stop Seeing Yourself As The Victim
Most men and women view themselves as the victim when breaks up with them. That’s one of the unfavorable things you can do to yourself. Seeing yourself as a victim means that you deny the power and strength that you possess get over your breakup. Instead, change your narrative, and take responsibility for your actions that lead to the end of your relationship.

6. Boost Your Confidence
It is proven breakups can corrode your confidence. But, you still have amazing qualities that you should feel good about yourself. Find out what you really like about yourself, what things you can do perfectly, and remind yourself of these things every day. Make sure you take the time to relax, as stress wears out your confidence and self-esteem. Exercise, get enough sleep, have a healthy diet, and develop a positive and flexible mindset. All these will help to build up your self-confidence and make you look attractive so that you can find someone new to embark on a new relationship.

What You Should Do Immediately After a Breakup

There is one common thing in couples, who are coming out of bad relationships. It appears that most of them are blaming themselves for the end of their relationship. They’re also criticizing themselves for not doing enough to fix it. Many acknowledged that they stayed in relationships not right for them for a long time, and always knew there was one thing they were doing all wrong. They said that if they could have figured it, their relationship would have been in a much better state. But, the relationship had to be ended as none of the partners realized there is no such thing.

The thing is they’ve their own well-being a priority. So, if anything went wrong in the relationship, they deliberately mistreated their boyfriends or girlfriends, and also pardoned their partners for their mistakes. And when something even bad happens, and the relationship ends for it, they’ve no one to blame but themselves.

So, what is the most compelling thing you should do after a breakup?

Apart from starting a new relationship to get over the pain of the past relationship, which doesn’t work all the time, there is one important thing for you need to understand. You must know that you’re important. Your views and opinions matter just like your standards and values. The best way to be in a successful relationship is to know how to spend time with yourself and assessing your well-being.

Before finding someone new to date again, do something that you always wanted to do or like to do. Get in touch with your hobbies, and if you don’t have one, do the things that interest you. Reunite with your friends; visit your family members and find meaningful and fun activities that you can call your own.

Dating is exciting and intoxicating. You can easily be attracted to someone you like, and things get even better if he or she likes you in return. But, if you’re just coming out from a breakup, then things can get a little tricky. You’ll realize that anyone who is kind or likes you, you find him or her to be very attractive and exciting. Sometimes, the experiences of meeting and dating new people can get so intoxicating that you see yourself always thinking about that person or talking to him or her when you’re all alone.

Nonetheless, if you believe in valuing yourself as an individual, you should stay away from the dating scene for a while, and focus on what important to you. Stay true to yourself and your life. Spend quality time with old friends and closest family members. It’s the healthy relationships that enhance and enriches a person’s life, while bad relationships make you feel miserable.

Embarking on a new relationship is all about maintaining the balance with yourself, your family and friends, your hobbies, your interests and your new love interest. While dating someone new, put your happiness first. Always take care of yourself physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. If you want to be in a happy, long-lasting relationship, the first thing you need to do is to enjoy being in a relationship with yourself, and love yourself. A good boyfriend or a girlfriend just complements it.