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Kourtney Kardashian’s EX Takes His Body To A New Level Thanks To Scott Disick Supplements

When you say Scott Disick, everyone will immediately start talking about the Kardashians and all his fights with his wife, Kourtney. Therefore, there is no secret that Scott takes a lot of heat from the media. He is always on the spot and paparazzi are chasing him to get exclusive stories about him. Scott has become aware of the fact that even though his kids are now very small, they will soon start to understand who their parents are. Therefore,… [+]

Find Out How the Tim McGraw Muscle Supplements Got the Singer Ripped in 4 Weeks

Time seems to stay still for Tim McGraw. Most people don't believe the famous country singer is 49 years old. Tim gained his fame as a songwriter, singer, and actor, winning also some Grammy Awards for his songs. Some years ago, Tim became less happy about his body and he decided that it was time to look better. Tim became aware of how important the workout and a healthy diet are when you want to obtain a perfect body. So… [+]

Shark Tank Cowboy Mic Johnson Muscle Supplements Score Biggest Deal Show Has Seen in Years!

Posted By: on January 17,2017
THIS Is the Reason People Everywhere are Quitting Unhealthy Pre-Workout Drinks Studies have proven that pre-workout drinks fill your body with unhealthy artificial substances, and cause a rapid increase in heart rate and anxiety. Shark Tank contestant, Mic Johnson, presents a huge change to the fitness game! Mic Johnson, rodeo legend and fitness guru from Dallas, Texas nets the biggest deal in Shark Tank history as all 5 sharks teamed up to buy 25% of the company for a staggering… [+]

What Supplements Does Sylvester Stallone Use to Build Muscle and Burn Fat?

(PIOP)- Everyone knows the Rocky Theme - pick yourself up when you fall. And once the theme music starts playing through our headphones we suddenly get a surge of energy and are able to push out a few extra reps. But more often than not music isn't enough.  Sylvester Stallone had a reputation to uphold as he grew older.  He wasn't able to lift as much weight, push out as many reps, and was putting on too much body fat. Being the hardcore gym… [+]

Men Everywhere are Going Crazy Over the Dwayne Johnson Supplements he Used to Bulk up For Baywatch and Ballers

Posted By: on March 26,2016
(PIOP) - Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is the epitome of the Alpha Male. After his dreams as a football player disappeared at age 24, Dwayne found himself dead broke and desperate for a second chance. Thankfully, the WWE came knocking and Dwayne Johnson officially had a second chance in life. The Rock, as we know him, was born. After 20 years and over $1 billion dollars at the box office, Dwayne Johnson is a polarizing figure in the entertainment industry. He doesn't hide the fact… [+]