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Celebrity weight loss secrets, advice, pills and techniques that help Hollywood stars lose weight for movie roles. Find out more about Garcinia Cambogia.

Kathie Lee Diet

Kathie Lee Gifford Reveals Celebrity Weight Loss Trick to Melt Away Fat

Kathie Lee Gifford has been one of the biggest TV personalities for over 30 years now and she's showing no signs of slowing down! The 64 year old splits her time between hosting TODAY with Hoda Kotb and recording Christian music. With such a busy schedule, how does she manage to stay in such great shape? Kathie Lee has no time for diet and exercise, so how has she maintained her slim figure all these years? It turns out Kathie Lee's thin… [+]
Sophie Monk diet

Find Out What Fat Burning Supplement Sophie Monk Used To Loss So Much Weight So Fast!

Australian superstar Sophie Monk made headlines when she unveiled her new, skinnier appearance to the public. The music and TV personality looked so good - too good, in fact - that her fans wondered how she got so skinny so rapidly. Sophie immediately shot down rumors of plastic surgery or substance abuse. To clear her reputation, she revealed exactly what she used to lose so much weight. It turns out an all-natural supplement called [locate_one] is behind Sophie's incredible weight… [+]
Casey Donovan

Casey Donovan Reveals Her Secret Weight Loss Trick!

After appearing in People Magazine's "Bodies" issue, Casey Donovan sparked a lot of public interest. Everyone wanted to know how the Australian superstar lost so much weight and completely transformed her body! Casey was tight-lipped at first, but she ended up spilling her amazing weight loss secret... What Are the Casey Donovan Weight Loss Pills? It turns out that Casey's incredible weight loss is the result of some exclusive all-natural weight loss pills. The pills are called [locate_one] and apparently… [+]

Jennifer Lopez Gives A Detailed Glimpse Into Her Weight Loss Pills

Posted By: on January 01,2018
(CNN Full Report) There are many things that can be said about Jennifer Lopez, but there is one thing that's an absolute fact. When she wants to achieve something, she goes after it with 101%. This philosophy applies also when it comes to her how her body looks. Daily exercise, organized diet and workout routine, these are the ingredients that help Jenny from the block look stunning. CNN news had an exclusive interview with Jennifer Lopez about her weight loss… [+]

Suzanne Shaw Sheds Baby Weight Thanks To The Garcinia Weight Loss Diet Pills

(CNN Featured) The former Hear'Say star, Suzanne Shaw, gave birth to her second child, Rafferty, in October 2015. Since then, her Instagram fans have witnessed her efforts to lose all the baby weight. After months of intense training and dieting, Suzanne declared that she was a stone lighter than before her pregnancy. CNN news had an exclusive interview with Suzanne Shaw about her future plans and they featured her in a weight loss special and her story has since inspired… [+]

Find Out How The Host Of Fixer Upper Show Copes With Her Busy Schedule Thanks To Joanna Gaines Weight Loss Pills

Joanna Gaines can definitely be considered a super woman. If someone has a look at her daily schedule, many would think that it is practically impossible to do so many things in just 24 hours. She is the star of HGTV's Fixer Upper, runs Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas, and raises four kids. She must have some super powers, don't you think? In fact, her secret is very simple. Apart from having a balanced diet she also counts on some extraordinary… [+]

Student From Toronto University Drops 37 Pounds Without Spending Money

Have you ever heard of a method to lose weight without spending a dime of your own money? Quite unbelievable, isn't it? Amanda Haughman, a student at the University of Toronto, seems to have found the secret recipe as she lost 37 pounds in just 1 month at zero costs. Amanda is studying nutrition sciences and she recently had to deliver a science project. As she received funds from the university to make the research, Amanda thought that it would be… [+]

Eat Like A Star And Lose Weight With Melissa Rauch Weight Loss Diet Pills

Do you want to look like a star? How would it be if you could eat everything you want and still lose weight? The popular actress from The Big Bang Theory, Melissa Rauch, seems to have found the secret to looking great even though you have a very busy life. Melissa is very preoccupied about her look and she does everything she can to keep a good balance between diet and workout. Since she became famous, Melissá schedule is completely… [+]

Celebrities Secret Is Revealed: Before And After Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss Diet Pills

"I want a body like this!" - is what Kelly Clarkson's goal was at the beginning of 2017. In just one year, the American Idol winner lost half of her body fat precutting thanks to an amazing discovery. 2017 was a great year for her: new song, new TV show, and a new body. Motivated by her fellow Hollywood celebrities who look stunning, Kelly did everything she could to get her figure back. An intense workout and balanced diet helped… [+]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Relationship

Even though Prince William and Kate Middleton (now the Duchess of Cambridge) have been together for almost 15 years, their relationship hasn’t always been easy. After meeting in 2001 and finally getting together, the two broke up more than once; however, they always found their way back to each other. The two have been married now for six years, but there’s a lot people don’t know about their relationship, so check out these 10 obscure facts about the royal couple’s… [+]