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Flirting With Girls

She’s Just Not That Into You: 7 Signs A Girl Isn’t Interested In You

Women can be hard to read. You can't always decipher the signals that they give off. When talking to a woman you probably wonder, "Does she like me? Does she just want me to go away? What is she thinking about?" It turns out there are some obvious signs that a woman is not at all interested in you. To help you out, read on to find out the eight major signs that a girl isn't interested in you: 1.… [+]
Shy Girl

Does She Like You?: 6 Ways To Tell A Shy Girl Likes You

Women can be hard to read most of the time. It's hard to tell whether or not they are interested in you, so you often times just give up on pursuing them altogether. Women who are shy are even harder to decipher than others. Since they tend to keep to themselves, you might find it difficult to figure out where their head is at. Do they like you? Do they want you to leave them alone? It turns out you… [+]
What Women Want

What Women Want: 5 Foolproof Ways To Impress A Woman

What do women want? How can you impress a woman? These are questions that have plagued men for years. Try as they might, they can't seem to figure it out. It turns out that what women want is very simple. There are a few easy things you can do to impress a woman and have her falling at your feet. Check out five ways to impress a woman: 1. Have A Sense of Humor Women love a man with a… [+]
Flirting Through Texts

Phone Flirting: 4 Ways to Improve Your Flirting Through Texts

We use our cell phones for everything these days. We check the weather, watch video clips, browse the internet and more. We even use our cell phones for flirting! Flirting through texting messages can be a lot easier than flirting in person. It eliminates some of the awkwardness that comes with hitting on someone and having to see their reaction right in front of your face. At the same time, flirting through texts can be difficult. It can be hard… [+]

7 Ways to Have Her Missing You Like Crazy

Whether you're in a relationship or there's a girl you're interested in, you want the girl you like to miss you when you're not around. If she feels what it's like to miss you, it'll make her realize how much she really likes you and your time together. Here are seven ways to have the girl you like missing you like crazy: Give Her Some Space How is she going to miss you if you're always around? In order for… [+]

9 Types of Guys That Women Cannot Stand

When it comes to choosing someone for a relationship, we all have our own list of “can’t stands” and “must haves.” These qualities allow men and women to date a guy or a girl with behavior and traits that they think are important to be in a healthy and long-term relationship. Here we have listed nine types of guys that women simply cannot stand: 1. Mr. Liar, Liar This is the biggest turn-off for all women. Nobody likes to date… [+]

8 Ways Women Wish Their Boyfriends Would Say “I Love You”

Being in love is a wonderful thing. No doubt the woman in your life loves you and wants all the good things in her love life. Sure, there are times when you probably get angry or frustrated with your girlfriend, who is always asking you to say those three special words, “I love you.” This might seem trivial to you, but it means more than anything to her in the entire world. Don’t get annoyed telling your girlfriend, “I love… [+]

6 Ways You Can Be The Best Boyfriend Ever

Looking for a relationship? Want a perfect girlfriend? Don’t know how to be a stellar boyfriend? The reality is that no two relationships are the same. Every relationship is different. But, if you want to be the perfect boyfriend, you need to have certain qualities in you. There's plenty of advice and articles on how to be a better boyfriend or how to be better in a relationship, but we won’t delve into that. Instead, we asked some guys to… [+]

3 Things to Do Instead of Waiting Around for Love

Have you been waiting for the ideal relationship? Sitting idle won’t do anything. You need to stop waiting for love and take action! The fact that most of us were brought up with an idyllic vision of love from books, stories, and movies with the phrase “Happily Ever After” has given us a false idea of love. Our idyllic vision of romance leads us on a roller coaster ride, complete with twists and turns, in an attempt to discover true… [+]

3 Steps That Will Help You Find Your Soulmate

Have you been sitting home hopeless about ever finding a partner? Are you depressed that you are left alone while all of your friends are in relationships? Are you sad because you see that no one is happy with their relationships and no one believes in the concept of a soulmate? Feelings such as hopelessness, anxiety and sadness create negative energy inside of you and destroy the enthusiasm required to attract a happy, exciting relationship. Keep in mind that your… [+]