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You Can’t Fall in Love At First Sight, But Liking, At First Sight, Is Possible

Since time memorable, we have heard about love at first sight. Some of us hope that this happens to us. We expect that our immediate attraction to the person we fell in love with first sight turns into lifelong commitments such as a marriage. Unfortunately, experiencing love isn’t a short-term process, it’s for the long-term. That’s why it can’t be felt immediately. But, when it comes to Like, that’s whole new story. Liking, at first sight, is real. So, the question remains what is the difference between love and Liking is?

Signs Of Liking

    1. 1. You're entirely focused on a person's looks and body


    1. 2. You’re only interested in having sex


    1. 3. You aren’t interested in having conversations


    1. 4. You don’t like to take your relationship on a real level and discuss real feelings


    1. 5. You don’t like to cuddle or stay for breakfast the next morning after sex

Signs Of Love
1. Other than sex, you want to spend quality time together
2. Sometimes you lose track of time while talking with each other
3. He/she motivates and inspires you to be a better person
4. You’re looking forward to meeting his or her family and friends
5. You like to listen to each other’s feelings and honest about it
6. You both make each other happy

It’s worth mentioning that emotions and attachment are included in Liking. Liking is propelled by our neurochemicals in our brains. It’s for these neurochemicals that make us crave what we want, idealize and have obsessive thoughts about each other. Unfortunately, this isn’t your heart talking; it's the brain chemicals that have programmed you to attract, mate, and procreate. It is one of the amazing feelings you can have, but it’s also responsible for most unhappy, unplanned marriages, divorces, and affairs. But, you need your heart if you want to experience true love.

You see Liking makes us focus on the fantasy and less on what our future holds with that person. There is a high possibility if you’re Liking him or her, and if an unfortunate trait of our lovers comes up, we won't pair up with them. When you’re in a real relationship with real love, you won’t see this. So, when do you know it is true love? Developing true love takes time. Most relationship therapists and counselors suggest couples not to get married until two years of dating because you need two years for your Liking to subside.

So, what happens after two years? After dating someone for two years, your love will look like this:

1. You’re still sexually attracted to your partner and still enjoy having sex with him or her.
2. You’ve completely accepted the fact you can’t change your partner.
3. You’ve fully accepted him for who he or she is as a person.
4. You can tolerate their bad traits or behaviors because they aren’t addicted, abusive, manipulative or unhealthy.
5. You’re still interested in sharing your life with your partner.
6. You can work through and resolve arguments and disagreements.
7. You feel respected and encouraged.
8. You feel empowered, comfortable and still; enjoy spending time with each other.

While looking for love, remember that love is a feeling that takes some time to develop. It’s accepting, respectful and is long lasting, accepting and respectful. Meanwhile, Liking brings instantaneous attraction, desire, cravings and incredible feeling. Therefore, you can experience Liking at first sight, and not love.

Make A Girl Fall In Love On The First Date Just Following 4 Tips

So, you met someone and are ready for the first date. You’re feeling nervous, your heart is beating rapidly, and your hands are all sweaty. How many times did you try to approach a girl for a first date but keep on failing? If the answer is yes and many times, then you aren’t alone. You aren’t the only guy who makes a lot of mistake on a first date with a woman. There are a lot of guys who feel nervous and insecure before planning for a date.

Fortunately, there is a way out. Here are the four useful tips on how to make a girl fall in love with you quickly on the first date:

1. Know What Women Want
This is a crucial thing that you should never ignore when you go on the first date. If you know what women really want, you can impress her and make her feel happy to be with you. Most men have misconceptions that women have a long, strict requirement list, but that’s not true. Most women are attracted by a man’s sincerity. If she asks you what you want to be and try to agree all that she says to you, then you’re presenting to her someone who has weak and submissive personality. This makes you appear to her as a boring guy. You aren’t trying to her soul mate, so, instead be someone interesting and unique.

2. Be Friendly and Be Polite
One common mistake most guys make on first dates is many tend to withhold information from the women they date. It’s not the right approach to make a girl fall in love. For instance, when a girl you’re dating asks you what you do for a living if say that you’ll tell that on the next date, it creates a bad impression on her. She’ll think that you're not entirely friendly and open to her. So, smile, make good eye contact and be friendly as much as possible. Also, you need to be polite. When having a conversation with only keep your focus on her. Avoid looking at your watch, phone or everything surrounding the place. If you don’t follow, she’ll think that you’re impolite, ignoring her and don’t like her much.

3. Take Care Of Your Appearance
People will always pass judgments of other people of their appearances. When you’re on a first date, you don’t know anything about that person except his or her looks. You can say that it’s difficult because we can’t change our appearances. Sure, we can’t change how we look like, but we can change our clothes, and it affects us. A man doesn’t always have to be tall or handsome to make a woman fall in love with her. But, if you’re neat, well-groomed, fit, and have a stylish appearance it will make a good impression on a girl.

4. Have A Conversation
When you’re dating someone new, the way you communicate and have a conversation will set the tone for the rest of the date. Conversation makes the atmosphere to become friendlier and more familiar. It’s your first date, and you both have never met before. If she likes you, she wants to know more about you. Usually, people are attracted to someone who shares common interests between them. Women like men who can communicate his thoughts and feelings honestly and openly. So, respond and listen carefully while unveiling information about yourself.

Few Effective Rules For Starting A New Relationship

Starting a new relationship after a breakup can both be tricky and exciting. But, some men and women put too much effort to impress their potential matches that eventually end up doing the wrong thing. The relationship goes south before it even got the chance to take off. If you want your new relationship to be successful and long-lasting consider these tips:

Be Comfortable
This refers to the public display of affection, which is common in every relationship. Every guy and gal have his/her personal comfort level. Ask your girlfriend or boyfriend if he/she is ok with holding hands, kissing, or hugging in public. You both should be fully honest what you both like and feel comfortable when dating.

Get To Know Each Other
Relationships become easier when two people get to know each other better. So, take a break from your hectic schedules, choose a day when you both can meet, and spend some quality and intimate time together to get to know more about each other better.

Don’t Abandon Your Friends
Relationships need a lot of commitment, but that doesn’t mean that your friends should take a backseat. Your relationship may not last, but your friends won’t leave you no matter what. If for some unfortunate reason, your relationship ends, ultimately you will have to turn to your friends for support. So spend some time with your buddies whenever you can.

Focus On The Present, Forget The Past
You just started a new relationship. Keep focusing on that and don’t over think about the future at this point of the relationship. Don’t ask your boyfriend or girlfriend questions like, ‘if he/she wants to get married or, whether he/she likes kids,' you get the idea. Conversations like these put a lot of stress in the relationship that can make him/her run away. So, enjoy things are they are and don’t criticize or question his/her decisions or thoughts.

Be Nice Friends With His/Her Friends
If you're serious about your new relationship, then be friends with your partner’s friends. You don’t have to be best friends with them just get along with them. Keep in mind, your friendship with his/her friends will influence your boyfriend or girlfriend whether if he/she wants to take this relationship to the next level.

Tell Your Secrets
We aren’t saying to tell all your secrets to your new love interest, just the ones you can live with. For example, you should inform your boyfriend or girlfriend about your ex and past relationships, or whether if you still keep in touch with your exes. It will save you from awkward encounters in case you accidentally bump in front of them.

Be Honest About Your Feelings and Emotions
Be truthful about your feelings and emotions, and don’t shy away from expressing it to your partner. When you say something, mean it. Honesty matters a lot in a new relationship and will help both of you to stay away from fighting over trivial things.

Keep Your Bedroom Stories Secret
Your relationship is sacred to you and your partner. This means what happens with your boyfriend or girlfriend in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom. Don’t share any of your bedroom stories with your friends or colleagues, or anything intimate about your new relationship. Not honoring may offend your partner and can create conflicts in the relationship.

She Likes You But She’s Not Interested In Relationship. What Should To Do?

Have you ever been in a situation when a woman tells you that she likes you, but certainly not in the way you would expect? It appears to you that she “likes you,” but not interested in taking things to the next level. In this situation, most guys think that they’ve become victims of the dreaded friend zone. So, they try everything they can to woo her. They chase her, call and text her all the time. They become desperate and clingy. They believe that if they do all of this, she will be attracted to them. But, the truth is love doesn’t work that way.

So, what can you do instead? Here are a few tips:

1. Stop Getting Worried About What She Thinks.
When a woman seems interested in you, you can take the whole thing in two ways. Either it can be blessing (you can have a relationship with her), or it’s a curse (she makes you her friend). That’s we advice men so stop wondering and guessing about the whole situation. Stop thinking about what she thinks, rather start thinking about yourself. What and how you think about yourself will have an effect on your behavior, body language and every word you say. They either signal to the woman that you’re either a “relationship material,” or “friendship material.” So, relax and assume that she will either make you’re her significant other or a just a friend.

2. Don’t Chase Her, Instead Challenge Her
One big mistake most guys make while pursuing a woman they like is they chase her. They get all desperate, clingy and possessive. They believe that these unworthy acts will help get them the approval which they desperately need to date her. Otherwise, they fear that they will find themselves thrown in the friend zone. The right way to get the woman you want is to challenge her, rather than chasing her or stalking her. Look for a way to get to know more about her. Stop being her shoulder where she can cry on, and start challenging her in fun and flirty ways in these areas. For instance, if you’re with a lady that you would like to be your girlfriend and you seem to disagree with something she says or does. Rather than getting all defensive or “smoochy” of her views, take advantage of the situation. Tease her opinions and argue why she’s wrong. Then ask her to explain how she feels about it. Ask her why and how she thinks it that. This not only shows that you’re confident man, and adamant about your views, but you’re also interested to know more about her viewpoint.

3. Know When To Move On
Yes, sometimes despite all your effort, things always don’t end as we expect them to happen. If that situation arrives, it’s time you accept your situation and move on. Let her go to her way. It’s the right thing for doing for her and for you too. After all, what’s the point of investing all of your time and energy on something that can’t be fixed or has no happy ending?

When you’re looking for a girlfriend and found someone you like, but she isn’t interested in you, try to make her feel attracted to you by following the above tips. If all fails, let her go and move on. There are plenty of women around the corner with whom you can truly connect and date.

3 Ways You Can Avoid Being In The Friend Zone

Most guys simply don’t get it. They're bewildered when they act delicately. Considerate and decent when they initially meet a lady, then get included in her friend zone — that dead zone where women reveal to you their issues and cry on your shoulder yet won't much consider dating you.

In case you're a man, who for the most part winds up in the friend zone, here's a reminder; your sensitive, polite, honest behavior does nothing to make a woman get attracted to you.

1. Quit Making Excuses
When you initially meet a girl, don't hide the reason that you're approaching date her. Don’t ask her to borrow her car or her phone, help her carry her bags, and so on. All these acts are what make a woman to taking you as a friend. If you want to make a woman attracted to you, you have to come across her as a dating material right at the beginning. You can achieve this by being direct with her. Make her feel charmed, enraptured, and intrigued right away, rather that behaving and doing things that will make her think that you are a great friend to have in her life.

2. Show Her You Have A Life
Most guys while approaching a woman feel a bit shy and needy. It’s perfectly reasonable and okay. Though, this makes women think that it’s a beautiful and cute act, it makes them believe that you're just a good friend. This is the reason it's imperative to demonstrate a lady immediately that, despite your shyness, that you have a life.

Tell them you want to have some fun with them, and if she’s interested in you, let her go. You have a life, so just move on. Don’t think about making her a friend. An excellent way to get this done is not to ask a woman at all for a date. Convey her that you’ve plans, and if she’s interested, she can join. Make sure you don’t get overboard which might get you rejected. Also, don't continue endlessly about where you'll take a lady on a great date, and how much she's going to enjoy spending time with you. All of this just creates clumsiness, awkwardness, and resistance. So, stop doing it.

3. Don't Delay To “Make Your Move” Unnecessarily
If you take a long time to make your move to a woman, you can get banished in her friend zone. It is one of the biggest mistakes most men do. This implies postponing “getting physical intimate” with her. When a guy does this, he sends two signs. One, he's not sure what he wants, and two, he's not ready in taking things any further. A woman will have no idea what you want until you show her. So, while walking on the street, put your hand lightly on her back. Hold her hand while crossing the road. Forget all odds and go in for that kiss. The most awful that can happen is that she pulls back. And after that, you know where you actually stand and can respond accordingly, which means that either, you continue dating her or you let her go, and you move on.

When you’re interested in a woman, don’t come up with reasons when you approach her. Don’t wait to show her you’re interested in her, show her you have a life, and you will end up being the person who gets the girl!

What Are The Attitudes That Make You Irresistible To Your Boyfriend?

When you meet a man you like, you probably feel tempted to think they need to do something that will show him why he should be attracted and interested in you. Perhaps you can make him a nice meal showing that you can cook, or help him solve something that will get him to think that you’re a great girlfriend. Men find women irresistible when they’ve certain qualities and attitudes that will draw a guy’s interest and attention quickly – with little to no effort.

Here are three attitudes that men find irresistible when it comes to women:

1. Women who won’t let a man dictate what they want to have in their love life. This refers to women who will never settle for any man unless he provides what she needs and wants physically and emotionally. Guys genuinely respect this attitude of women. They will either get engaged with you and will be inspired to be in a serious relationship with you. If men realize that they’re unable to give what you want, they will simply let you go. A good to convey this to men is to make a list of what you want in a relationship and strictly adhering to it.

For example, if you want an exclusive relationship, simply tell your boyfriend that he has every right to date other women, but I will only keep dating you if you’re serious to be in an exclusive relationship. This statement has a powerful impact on men, as it shows that you are independent of his needs, and don’t require him to make something happen.

2. Women who won’t tolerate unacceptable behavior. These women would leave their boyfriends if they’re abusive, degrading, untrustworthy, disrespectful and have morally questionable behaviors. These women highly value their integrity and have high self-esteem. They also make it clear to men who are dating them. In every relationship, you’re the most important person, and taking care of you should be your priority. Know your boundaries, and recognize them, and tell him when he crosses them.

3. Women who won’t stop men doing personal and healthy things they enjoy. Men find a woman irresistible if they treat them like adults and allow them the freedom to make their own choices, and do things they enjoy. Even better, she won’t let her personal fears and limitations stand in their partner or boyfriend’s way. She understands that more she tries to hold him off, he will be less honest, open and free to her. Also, she appreciates his pursuits to achieve his goals, hopes and dreams. She recognizes that when someone in a relationship is given the opportunity to follow his or her passions and hobbies, the relationship becomes stronger, passionate and exciting.

When you are looking for a relationship, and if you’re a woman who embodies these irresistible attributes, you’ll find that most men will think you're alluring and irresistible. Most will crave to establish a profound and meaningful, and emotional connection to you. These attitudes show men that you’re solely responsible for your emotional and physical happiness, and you don’t need a man for it. And this is something most guys find incredibly irresistible in a woman.

Get A Girl to Like You With These Effective Pickup Lines

If you’re looking for a girlfriend, having some pickup lines to initiate a conversation with a girl comes in handy. But, you should know which pickup lines to tell as some sound great in a bar with your friends, while they might look awful when you say that to your date.

Here are four smartly simple ideas to help you keep you smooth with the ladies:

1. Are you Carrie Jones?
This pickup line is the oldest one in the book. Just pick any name, make a move, and simply ask her, “Are you…?” When she gives her reply, check whether she looks annoyed or did you interrupt her, or whether she’s open for more communication. The worst thing that can happen with this pickup line says no and turns away. And if you’re lucky she may point in your direction, and this will give you a chance to follow up like, ‘Sorry, but you look so much like her, or “You look a lot like the girl at my office”, etc. Anyways, make sure that she looks interested, and if not, just let her go and try it with someone else.

2. Hey, Some Nice Shoes You Got There!
One big problem with most pickup lines is that they’re too common and are clichés. So, if you’re really interested in someone else, find something that is special to her, and asks her about it. For example, most ladies love their shoes. You can also think about hair color, coat, jewelry or purse. Tell something nice about these items, and convey to her that you liked noticed certain things about her, and couldn’t resist to tell her about it.

3. What Kind Of Dog or Cat Is That?
Another great conversation starter while approaching women, besides complimenting their hair color, coat, jewelry, purse or shoes are pets. Pets are famous in bringing people together on dog walks and in parks, cafes, beaches all over the country. Everyone wants to talk about their furry little friends such as cats and dogs. But, the idea here is to extend it all sorts of props. For example, if you approach a woman reading a book, ask who her favorite writer is; if she’s listening to music, it’s a good chance to ask her what kind of music she likes to hear, etc. The key is by asking about something she’s doing right now.

4. Allow Me To Buy You A Drink
It’s not smart. It’s not a big thing. It’s simple and straightforward. Keep it polite, don’t be intimidating or demanding. Don’t be threatening. Prepare to take a “no” for an answer, and walk away. While telling this, keep in mind not to sound too desperate or cheesy. If you’re not in a bar or café, or in a place where drinks aren’t allowed or can be served, go for the classic conversation starter, by saying, “Hi there, my name is…” After all, it’s real and sounds genuine. It’s straight, and out in the real world, it’s more meaningful and effective than all those cheesy and fake and ‘not from the heart’ remarks.

If you’re looking for someone, or interested in someone, and you’ve decided to approach her, you can check out some of these pickup lines. It doesn’t matter, whatever you choose to say, just keep in mind one thing – keep it real.

6 Great Things About ‘Old-Fashioned’ Dating

Often, we paint the past with

a golden blush, gleaming over all the imperfections that were pretty much a part of life then. But, it’s also unwise to assume the past as useless, tacky, and out of fashion, that needs to erased and forgotten, particularly when it comes to dating and relationships. Here are six ‘old-fashioned’ ideas about dating that needs to come back:

1. Clear and precise intentions
Back in those days asking someone for a date or dating as a whole was a little straightforward. If a guy asked a woman, it was pretty clear that he was interested. Then the next step was getting ready and steady. The man also asked for that too. We really want love to return to a place with more clarity. We want to go back to the place where we knew where we stood and why.

2. One-on-one meetings
Who doesn’t cherish the idea of going on a date, and not being interrupted by your family, friends, co-workers or your boss, who are constantly attached to by technology? Connecting with our love interests becomes more intimate and emotional if we stay away from the distractions that plague us every day such as our smartphones.

3. Making love meant something else back then
Back in the old days when a man wanted to make love to a woman, he brought her flowers, wrote her poems, praised her beauty and expressed his desire to court her. Well, things sure did change a lot, not for the best of course. Now, the concept of vulgarity has almost become a passé. We sure do need to learn a lot of how to express our deepest and innermost desires to our girlfriends just the way our ‘old-fashioned’ ancestors did.

4. Going steady
Not only had we stepped ahead from our ancestors when it comes to accelerated sexual intimacy, but we also tend to take things pretty quick. If you take things too fast in the relationship, it’s difficult to see if both of you are compatible with other or not.

5. Can I hold your hand?
Back then, the most accepted gesture and the first step to making an intimate physical contact in a romantic relationship was the simplest of all gestures – holding hands. Tell about it today would be a joke. Nowadays, for most new couples, hyper-sexuality has become the new starting point, with most ending up with painful emotional consequences. The reason is pretty obvious as a brand new relationship can’t handle high-voltage sexual urges of both partners, because you need trust to experience such kind of openness, and it takes some time to grow.

6. Slow Down

Most of the young couples will keep rolling their eyes when they hear how dating used to be in the old days. These days most men and women take things too fast too soon in their new relationships. Our grandparents and their parents moved at glacial speeds that won’t only make us crazy, but will also make them blush on how we rush into physical intimacy in our relationships. Balance can only be found in the middle. Therefore, don’t rush!

These Bad Dating Habits Will Make It Hard For You To Find Someone

If you’ve been on many dates, and you’re still aren’t in a relationship, it’s time that you reflect on yourself. Maybe it’s your personality or bad habits that are repelling your dates in having a relationship with you.

Here are six common dating habits that you should consider quitting as soon as possible!

1. Being available all day and all night!
He calls you for a date, and you’re ready for a date. You go to the date that night. He calls again, and you go to date the next evening. Getting excited about an upcoming date is perfectly fine, but making yourself available at all times, and letting your partner know about, can create problems in a new relationship. Your date might be the idea that you’ve no social life or friends and assumes that you’re willing to cancel all your plans for the date night. This kind of behavior might make you appear desperate, not to mention feeling bored or alone to your date.

2. Being less available
Being too available can be a problem, but being less available will also create problems in a new relationship. If you don’t enough time to date, why are you doing it? Your date will assume that you’re elusive, disinterested and incapable of maintaining a loving and committed relationship. Make sure to set aside a few hours every week for your dates and show some enthusiasm that you’re interested in spending time with your new love interest and getting to know him/her better. If you skip your dates frequently, stay prepared to kiss your relationship goodbye.

3. Stalking your date online
If you’re interested in someone, don’t get to know more about them by searching him/her on Google or Facebook. It’s okay if you’ve done it once, and that it. Don’t stalk his or her ex online. If you really want to know your date ask him or her in person. If you tell him or her something that you found online, it might scare your date.

4. Don’t be too picky.
We all standards and preferences that we like to see in our partners. But don’t get obsessed or too picky on them. If you think that you want someone who won’t meet all of your 100 qualities you want to see in your man or woman, better head to Disney land or quit dating. Give every people of various body types, careers or paychecks a chance.

5. Don’t be stuck in the past.
Don’t hold any grudges against your new love interest because you’ve a few bad dates in the past. Don’t expect her to fail like your ex, and don’t expect him to be better than your previous boyfriend. If you really want to share something from your past relationships, make sure you new date understands the perspective of it.

6. Stop engaging in off-putting behaviors.
Do your friends tease you that you dress like a teenager, gossip or drink too much on dates? Did your past partners complain that you swear too much or be rude to the waiters on dinner dates? If yes, then it’s time you take a close look at yourself, and get rid of all of these annoying behaviors. It is fine to be yourself, but it’s also important to the best of yourself, especially on dates.

If you’re looking for a relationship or in one already, and if the relationship evolves into love, only then your partner will know who you really are as a person, what your value most in life.

6 First Date Conversation Tips

Dating is already hard enough, and we all know the how to make the best impression on the first date conversation. So, how do you bring the best of you when you’re meeting someone for the first time?

Here are six ways for making the most of a first date conversation, so you can hope to be on a second date with him or her.

1. Don’t talk too much
We tend to over talk, when we get nervous. The more we talk, the less we get to know someone. Typically when we meet someone new, we start by making small talk. But, as we get settled down, we start to get familiar with him or her. Keep your chatting time limited in the first five minutes. Don’t talk about everything that pops in your head, unless it seems interesting and worth sharing.

2. Look at him or her
Don’t look like a creep. Keep your gaze soft, steady and be focused on your date. Looking at your date in this will convey that, you’re interested in him or her. Use your eyes to tell and invoke your date a sense of warmth, and safety.

3. Find out if both of you are on the same page
When meeting your date for the first time, you want to convey your emotional maturity to him or her, which is important to have a committed and long-lasting relationship. Ask questions like, what his or her goals in life are, or what is the most important thing in life is for him or her at the moment, and so forth. This will help you to get you more acquainted with each other.

4. Tell the truth, but maintain boundaries.
Always be honest and never lie, but don’t share too much of your life at the first date. However, it’s okay to talk a little about your past relationships or marriages. Don’t be scared or be honest about sharing your emotional baggage. When talking about your exes, don’t thrash them. It’s very unattractive.

5. Ask them how they feel
Ask your date how they’re feeling about the date. Don’t shy away from asking them about their emotions and feelings, and what made them come on this date. Ask them what motivates them to make important decisions in life, like why did they take teaching as a career or why did they relocate to a new city and so on. Pay attention when they answer you and figure out if the answers are concrete or emotional. For example, if your date becomes emotional when talking about kids, it’s obvious that he or she loves children and want to be around them.

6. Exit the date gracefully
Whether your first date was good or bad, end the date in a graceful manner without offending the other person across the table. Smile, convey “Thank you,” and tell them you enjoyed the date and meeting him or her. The date may have been bad or failed to live up to your expectations, but don’t leave feeling disappointed with yourself or your date.

The first date conversations are hard and can fail to meet your expectations, given that both parties are feeling nervous and don’t know what’s going to happen. However, if you’re meeting someone new for the first time, these tips will help you to make your first date conversation a pleasant experience.