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What Is Your Dating Type? The Physical Or The Emotional?

If you’ve been dating for a while and found that your dates aren’t turning into full-fledged relationships, it’s highly likely that you aren’t dating someone who is your type. Maybe you’re confused about your dating type. Either you’re going for the wrong physical type or the wrong emotional type.

Read on to find out more:

Your Physical Type
When you’re out dating people, do they have a particular physical type? Are you dating men or women who have specific physical attributes that you like? For example, do you see people with particular hair color or physique? Is the age of your date important to you? We mean that do you like dating someone older or younger than you? Do you date people who have tattoos or piercings? Do you date people who dress differently like a “Goth”? Do you like your men to be clean shaved, goatee or with a full beard? When you’re dating, think about all the physical traits that get you feel attracted to someone as it might help you assess what kind of people you like.

Your Emotional Type
Think for some time and describe the emotional type of individuals you feel attracted to? For example, are you attracted to people who are narcissists or selfless? Ask yourself if you’re attracted to passive types who do what you want, sarcastic types, alpha types who take command, depressive types, serious types, introvert types, extrovert types, “life of the party types,” etc. To make it easy recall your past relationship and the type of your person your date was at that time.

How To Figure Out you’re dating either the wrong physical type or the wrong emotional type?
When you’re dating someone not right for you, whether the wrong physical type or emotional type, you’ll realize that there is a pattern that your dates aren’t turning into full-blown relationships. Sure, you’ve second and even a third dates, but nothing happens beyond that. Also, if you happen to turn your dates into relationships, it fizzles out within a month or two. In short, no matter what you do, your dates don’t turn into long-term relationships. You can also tell that you’re dating the wrong type is when your friends or family tell your straightaway that the person you’re dating isn’t your kind.

So, what can you do to turn your dates into committed, long-term relationships? Plain and simple, consider dating people whom you would ever think of dating before. But, make sure that they’re good, decent and outstanding folks. Ask out the woman who has a different ethnicity or cultural background than yours, or date the guy who is bald or a little weight.

Remember, flexibility and openness to accept different things are essential in finding a great relationship. People may be different when it comes to a physical feature, or how much money he or she has, or how emotional or angry he or she is, but deep down inside we all want the same thing. That is a having an emotional and intimate connection with someone who loves us consistently, and someone we can trust to be there for us, support us, and comfort us in the future.

3 Reasons You’re Always Attracting Men Who Won’t Commit

We keep hearing the same thing over and over again from women looking for a committed relationship. What’s wrong with men today? No matter how hard they try or confident they tend to feel, most of them happen to date guys who just don’t want a commitment. Then there are the men want to get married labeled as boring and the ones who don’t are hot and sexy but are eccentric when it comes to settling for an exclusive and long-term relationship.

If you’re one of those people having a hard time meeting committal men or women, then the actual problem isn’t with the selection out there. It’s within your own mind. You can keep blaming all the singles in your age group, the quality of men and women looking for dates online, or the lack of people you like to have a committed relationship out there. This is, in fact, a trick played by your subconscious mind to shift the responsibility to some external circumstances, and distract you from the real truth or what is actually happening. You will change your results when you find the truth. You see everything around us is driven by a cause.

In other words, for every effect, there is a cause. To get this into perspective, at first, you need to look at your results. For example, an effect will be if you’re persistently attracting non-committal men and women. Next, you’ve to understand what is causing the effect you’re experiencing at the moment. When you look at things outside of yourself for the cause, you lack the power that is needed to change it. If you for the cause within yourself, you can be empowered in transforming your experiences and attracting the kind of love you desire.

Now, if you are sure about what you were feeling or thinking to cause it, it’s very likely that you would have changed it that is if you really don’t want to have any love. Anyways, here are the main reasons why you may be attracting partners who won’t commit to a long-term relationship.

1. You aren’t committed to having a boyfriend or a girlfriend and are unaware of it. There is high chance that your subconscious mind is telling you to remain single. The solution here is to ask yourself what benefits are you receiving from staying single and is it worth abandoning these benefits to be in a committed relationship.

2. You’re looking for a quick fix for love. People who are looking for fast love usually say all the right things, and do all the right things to create an instant relationship. However, these instant relationships end as quickly as they conceive. The solution here is to address the root causes of why you want to have a quick fix for love. If you tackle this issue, you’ll stop attracting men and women who are into short-term relationships.

3. You’re scared of emotional intimacy with someone you love. It’s not only that emotional intimacy makes you worried, but you also don’t want to deal with emotional intimacy. All you want is physical or sexual intimacy with him or her, as it’s much easier than emotional intimacy. The solution here is to deal with tragedies of your past relationship that has made you feel afraid of fully opening up to a partner. If you’re scared of getting too intimate physically or emotionally, you’ll also be less confident and afraid to do the deep work required to heal this problem.

Date Like A Financial Planner To Find A Successful Relationship

Believe it or not – dating like a financial planner is one the best ways to be in a healthy and successful relationship. Here’s why.

Often, men and women are more thoughtful and careful than how to be responsible with their money than choosing romantic partners right for them. A lot of people get lured into bad relationships daily, but very few find themselves in bad investment or making poor financial decisions where they lose some or all of their wealth. How does this happen?

The answer is obvious. We are more careful with money because we can’t live without it. You don’t squander money or make risky investments because you don’t have money to lose or can afford to. On the flip side, men and women take risks with relationships. The reason is interesting and confusing at the same time. People sometimes date people whom they know can break their heart and hurt their feelings and they think that the immense emotional pain associated with a breakup is something they can deal with. But, if you’ve approached your love life like a financial planner, it’s like saying that you’ll fine if you risk losing some or all of your money. Well, that doesn’t make any sense right? The thing is if you’ve invested in a relationship, and you had taken your emotions and feelings like money, you would be much more careful about whom you’ve decided to date.

So, what can you do about it?

Do Your Research
Any seasoned investor will do their research before they commit to the investment. But, when it comes to romantic relationships, it’s otherwise. Many men and women rushed and took things too fast in dating and their relationships, ignored all the red flags, and got their hearts crushed. Men and women who take things too fast in their relationships just want to feel happy, and they want to feel those feelings immediately. But, the right way to start a relationship is to take things slowly, spend time together once or twice per week for a few months, and try to know him or her in different situations. This way your feelings for the other person will develop gradually, you won’t keep thinking about him or her all the time, or introduce that person to your friends or family or keep thinking that you’ve found the man or the woman of your dreams.

Back Off Before You Lose Too Much
Wise investors will get out of an investment if they find that they’re losing money or making less profit. If you’ve have been dating someone for some time, and realize that you’re losing interest or feeling unhappy in the relationship, then your best course of action will be to leave it before it’s too late to mend you broken heart.

Note Down Your Bad Days
If you see that your relationship is taking an unfortunate turn, document it in a journal or calendar, and mark it to remind yourself that this is a miserable day in your relationship. When you notice there are more unhappy days than happy ones in the relationship, and you decided to stay put, then it’s because you’ve low self-esteem and desperate to be in a relationship. And you deserved it.

Knowing How To Talk To A Man Is Everything In Relationships

Have you ever been in a position where you tried to communicate your feelings to a guy only to push him away? Some women feel so insecure and helpless in expressing and communicating their feelings to a man that they decide not to talk at all. Even if they did, they would eventually tell him something that will a big turnoff to them. So, how can you address this?

Here are some suggestions for you to ponder.

Forget The Misconception That Men Are Scared Of Feelings
I bet a lot of you’ve heard this that guys don’t like feelings, and don’t like to talk about their feelings as well. Many women had also experienced this personally in a painful way when they tried to talk about their feelings with their boyfriends. But, that’s not true. Men aren’t scared of feelings at all. What they don’t like is the “drama” that follows when we express our anger, pain, and disappointment in the wrong way. It’s a total turnoff for men, and they become defensive, and labeling you as “dramatic,” “desperate” or “needy.”

Don’t Try To Conceal What You’re Really Feeling
Whenever we’ve expressed a feeling to a man and notice him withdraw, we start doing something else. We forget our feelings and pretend it’s missing. When he asks if anything is wrong, we look somewhere else, and say, “Nothing’s wrong.” Instead, of doing good, this will create more distance between you and him. Because he apparently has figured out that there is something wrong with you and you aren’t telling him the truth. He starts to wonder whether he’s getting the whole picture with you, and as you’re hiding a lot of things from, your man might never know exactly how you are feeling! Therefore, the best way to do this is simply getting in touch with your man and tells him what’s really happening with you.

Reach His Heart By Using The Right Words
What you say a man affects him and influences him. Certain words will distant him away from you, and you’ll feel like you’re losing him too. Then some words will pull him towards you like a magnet, and you’ll feel that you’re the most valuable thing to him in the whole world. If you approach him with an accusation such “You don’t love me anymore,” you won’t believe what you intended, rather, it will make him defensive, and you’ll create more unwanted tension. But, if you focus on your feelings and tell him, “I feel very secure, if you love me more,” the situation will be entirely different. Here, you aren’t making him feel like a bad man, in fact, you’re expressing who you are and what you want. Now, follow up your feeling with a negotiation like, “What can we both do together to be happier?” This statement will have an incredible effect on him and will make him think he has the woman of his dreams. He will believe that he has found a woman who is true to herself and respected him to make the relationship even better.

Overall, if you’re looking for someone, practice these tips the next time you’re feeling disappointed with a man, and notice how things change for the better.

How to Spot a Great Man

You’ve read his profile, and you like it. You feel he’s a great match but is it? How can you be sure about it? Here are few items that will help you to decide if the guy sitting in front of you across the table is the person you would like to date and whether he can be in a committed relationship.

Maturity Level
What we are referring here is emotional maturity. You can quickly figure this out when you meet a guy and watch how she reacts or responds to situations around him, and how he behaves or treats people around him. For example, does he get angry when the waiter takes a little longer than usual to serve you while on a dinner date? People react to different situations differently. The main thing to notice here is how does your partner respond or handles stressful situations. If he manages them correctly and communicates what he wants, it indicates his emotional maturity level is commendable.

His Life Stage
You can easily find this about a man by asking questions about his career, does he like it, does it make him feel excited about it, does he get motivated by it, etc. What a guy does for a living defines him, and it plays a significant role in bringing satisfaction in his life. If a man is satisfied what he does, he will be a better partner.

His Purpose
A man’s purpose in life extends beyond his career, his relationships and his family. Find out what he is committed to besides you. It can be setting up a charity, volunteering, or doing something artistic. Ask yourself if your dates interests and goals align with your personal values. If he can do something good for himself, you can rest assured that he will do the same for the relationship, too.

His Peers/Friends
You can tell a lot about a guy with the company he keeps and spends his time with. So, don’t hesitate to ask your date about them. Does he spend time with mature people who share the same values as him? Do they contribute to his personal growth? Does he maintain relationships and cares about them? He will love telling about his friends if he keeps good relationships with them.

His Availability
Here “available” doesn’t mean if he’s “single.” It says whether he’s emotionally available to date and commits to someone, or is he consumed with work or thinking about his ex that he has no time for you. Being available also means that he’s looking for a serious and long-term relationship. So check out for it. And the best way you can find about it is to ask him.

Your Instincts
When we meet someone we like, sometimes our guts tell us this the person is right for you, and you should be dating him. But, going with our instincts can have negative results. The best way in choosing who is the right man for you is to communicating your needs and desires with him. If the man is respectful to you, he will honor those needs, listens to them, and will understand you. And if he respects you for it, is the man with courage and quality and is the right man for you.

When you’re looking for someone to be the perfect partner, check out these, before you take your dating phase to the next level.

Why He Chose Her Over You?

Sometimes he’s not ready. Or it might be the timing. And then is the harsh truth, he thought that you weren’t the right woman for him. But, why me? You can drive yourself insane wondering about this, but the real thing that you should know is just one thing, “emotional attraction.” Emotional attraction extends beyond physical attraction. It’s the emotional appeal that makes him feel that he can’t live without you at a deep level.

Here are three ways you can invoke emotional attraction in him, and create a solid foundation for a secure and long-lasting relationship.

He Wants You To Accept Him And Want Him Just As He Is
Men want their dates to accept and want him just the way he is. It applies to both men and women alike. If a man senses that you wanted to change or transform him into something that he hates, but you like, then he’ll lose attraction for you. Rather, show a guy that you’ve accepted him by communicating your appreciation and gratitude for him like how much you enjoy being with him, spending time with him, and being thankful for whatever he does that you like.

He Discovers That You’re Not Dependent On Him For Your Happiness
Do you want to know one of the fears most guys have about relationships and commitment? That is if women want them to fill a need which is they want a husband, have kids and start a family. Just like any other women, they want to be wanted and loved for who they are. They don’t want to needed or loved for what they can give. When a guy thinks that his whole life will be revolved around you and you’ve already asked him for commitment in the relationship, he’ll be stressed out and feel pressured. He’ll worry to live his life as per your expectations, and he’ll also feel nervous to upset you. He’ll keep wondering what he did to you to deserve this. To counter this, you need to have a life outside your relationship.
Have fun with your friends or family, get a hobby, pursue your interests and get involved in activities that you’ve always wanted to do, and try improving your life and career. If you continue doing this, he will start to think he is lucky and happy to have you in his life, and he’ll do his best to keep it that way.

He Doesn’t Want To Lose You
You don’t see men telling people I am looking for that one woman who will complete me, and spend the rest of my life with her. On the contrary, a guy is seeking a woman who will inspire him to be with her, and only her, and no one else. But, talking a man to do this feeling won’t be simple, but it isn’t impossible. The best way to become a man’s only woman is not to tell him, but to show him that his life will be much better and beautiful with you instead of without you. This can be done by creating positive experiences with him, together. Don’t talk about the relationship; instead try to make it better, easy, fun and playful and flirty. All these will invoke the all important emotional attraction and intimacy that will get him to understand that only a fool will let go of you.

It’s The FEAR That Might Pushing Your Boyfriend Away

Our society is filled with women who are trying to get their past boyfriend’s back, despite the fact, these men were abusive to them, and had no interest in being in a committed and exclusive relationship with them. Many of these women don’t ACTUALLY want them back, but what forcing them to reconcile with them is they’re afraid of being left alone, or they think that they won’t find someone new again. But, what really these women need is a guy who is emotionally mature and capable of establishing a relationship.

It’s your fears that are stopping from being the woman you wanted to be, and have a meaning relationship with the man who is right for you. Here’s how you can confront your fears, and attract the kind of man who always wanted.

Imagine Yourself In His Shoes
Ask yourself what makes an “ideal” man. What qualities does he have? How does his life look like? How does he spend his time? And most importantly, what type of woman does he want to have a relationship? To tell the truth, a man who is attractive, available and emotionally mature is looking for a woman who is open, independent, and can give and receive love. A woman who is needy, desperate and always living in fear is a big turn off for most guys. A man is interested and commits to a woman who doesn’t turn into someone else when he meets her but is confident and comfortable who she really is.

Throw Out Your Excess Baggage
We aren’t talking about your past here. We all have one. It’s the experiences that keep you stuck in the past and prevent you from moving on. Yes, we’re talking about your exes and past relationships. If you keep thinking about your previous relationships all the time, it will instill fear in you that will prevent you to getting involved in a new relationship. Your fears and baggage of your past relationships will stop you from emotionally connecting with your new partner, which will push him away from you.

Invite A Man Into Your Life
No man likes a clingy or a needy woman, who is looking for a man to rescue her. Sure, a guy wants his girlfriend to be happy, he just doesn’t want that it’s his sole responsibility to make her happy. Because it will put immense pressure on him and he will see making her happy as a chore. And when that happens, he’ll look for ways to get out from the relationship. Your best approach here is let go of your past, and focus on the future, and ensure that you stayed happy and fulfilled now. If the life you’re currently living makes you feel happy and beautiful, it’s an invitation ticket for a man to enter your life and be a part of it.

Be Clear Of What You Want
Fear makes us do all sorts of stuff when we meet someone we like. And the most usual thing most ladies do is to conceal what they really want to have a relationship. They fear if they told the truth it would scare a man away. The right way is to tell your boyfriend what you need without appearing needy and putting pressure on him, For example, before you get physically intimate with your partner you can tell him you can get physically involved only after getting to know him well, and in a committed relationship. When you tell a guy this, you’re not making it about him. Instead, you’re communicating to him that this is exactly what you’re looking for in the relationship.

7 Open Relationship Rules For A Better Love Life

An open relationship may be perfect for you and your partner if both of you have confidence in the rationale that sexual infatuation and love are two distinct feelings. An individual may be successful with something, and it might not go well with another person. Be that as it may, through the encounters of different couples who enjoy an open relationship, there are numerous things we can learn with a specific end goal to stay away from unsuspected dangers and appreciate those sexual highs.

You should bear in mind that these open relationship rules aren't made to limit you. They are meant to guide you, to help you appreciate the advantages of an open relationship and keep your love life better.

1. Communicate
The main enemy of any relationship is a breakdown in communication. Don't discuss too much about your sexual excitement details; however, know about each other's interests and partners. Let your partner know about those who you are sleeping with, and your partner ought to do likewise. Also, if you are bothered by the partner, your partner is having a sexual relationship with, please speak out. Be honest and talk to one another if you wish to enjoy this amazing sexual agreement without any difficulty.

2. Your Partner Must Always Come First
Regardless of your feelings or your plans, your partner must always come first over your plans or feelings with other lovers. Make your plans ahead always and let your partner be informed earlier about your plans. By so doing, your partner will not feel cheated while attempting to seek your proper attention.

3. Be Prepared
At the point when both partners have been in a relationship for some time, the possibility of engaging in sexual relations outside the relationship could appear like a powerful surge. Be that as it may, are both of you mentally prepared for it? But in a situation that you rush into an open relationship when one of you isn't ready, this act could bring about a breakup of your relationship.

4. Stay Away From Mutual Friends
If you are entirely confident that you are fully prepared for an open relationship, this is a decent lead, to begin with. Continuously attempt to seek for partners who do not have anything to do with your life in any manner beyond love-making. And let it be that way. Make it appear like a sexual relationship with your real partner that you're having sex with. However, make the truth known to your partner. The way that you have an open relationship ought to be a very much protected secret that stays among you. To whosoever partners both of you are having sex with; make it appear like a sexual relationship always.

5. Only Sex And Nothing Else
It's hard to do, yet it's something that must always be remembered. An open relationship should not be a means of falling in love with others individuals especially when you are already in a relationship. Staying over or getting cuddly with your lover should be avoided. Things can only get complicated when you fall in love with another person because you have been sexually captivated by them. Never forget that it's sex and only sex.

6. Lust Or Change Of Lifestyle?
In some cases, gradual development of sexual lust over a long period may prompt both of you having the feeling that an open relationship is the best thing to do. But time will come when the individuals you have sex with consistently will realize that you don’t enjoy what you are doing.

7. Play Safe
Taking care of you and your boyfriend or girlfriend’s sexual wellbeing is very imperative in any open relationship. Play safe in your romance. Always check yourself for any sexual diseases so that your partner will be confident. Never stop using protection and stay away from those people who have strong sexual desire history. Your partner’s life could be affected if you go wrong and you wouldn’t want that to happen. Having a principle that condoms be used each time is the most straightforward and viable approach to protecting everyone. A few couples have consent not to make use of condoms with each other, but rather to dependably use them outside the relationship.

Are You Sabotaging Your Love Life Without Knowing It?

If you’re one of those women who get everything right in their life except relationships, it can be very frustrating and discouraging. We are pretty sure that lots of people, and after knowing about your situation, will tell you to change your dating approaches, or even tell you to quit dating altogether. Ouch!

However, in your relationships, if you keep falling for men, who aren’t right for you, again and again, then maybe it’s time you take a closer look at yourself, and see if you’re accidently ruining your love life. Here are some signs to look out for:

Dating Unavailable Men
Are you continuously falling for men who just can’t comprehend the seriousness of being in relationships? By, unavailable men, we aren’t referring to guys who already are dating someone, but who are emotionally incapable of being in committed and long-term relationships. You can evaluate a man’s emotional maturity by paying attention to how he treats his other relationships like friends, family, and co-workers. If he has trouble in managing these relationships, it’s highly likely that he will fail in romantic relationships as well.

Making Peace with Unacceptable Behavior
If your find behaviors unacceptable in other people how come you’re so comfortable and forgiving to these same behaviors in your boyfriend? Is it because you’re in a relationship? Or is it because it’s justified to have some rude behaviors in people as no one is perfect? If this the case, then it shows that you’re in a relationship with a man not right for you and depriving yourself of real love which you rightfully deserve.

Holding Onto Exes and Past Relationships
Many, especially women sulk over their exes and past relationships, despite the fact things ended up very badly. Holding onto your ex will make it harder for you to move on and find new love. Unless you actually believe that one day might come when you and your ex-boyfriend will reunite. But, these events don’t occur very often, so it’s for your best that you both go separate ways. Thinking about your ex will prevent the space in your heart to be occupied by someone else. So, let go of your ex completely and move on.

The Fear of Loneliness Or Never Finding Love Again
One of the primary reasons most of the stay in poor relationships or unable to break up with our boyfriend or girlfriends is that we are scared of being alone or remain single the rest of our lives. It’s not true at all, and most of us know, but we are still too weak to let go of our fears. The reality is that it is this fear that will push your new love away, and prevent him or her to establish an intimate and emotional connection with you. A great guy who’s mature, conscious and single wants to have a relationship with a woman who possesses the same qualities and is genuinely prepared to give and receive love. And the fear of loneliness and never finding love again will stop her from doing it.

If you’re looking for love, then the only things that are stopping to find true love is you. And the first step to be in a relationship is to acknowledge it and accepting that it’s true and changing it.

7 Questionable Propositions To Decide Whether To Make Up Or Break Up

When we’re in a relationship with someone new, we only seem to focus only on the good qualities, while conveniently turning a blind eye on the potential red flags. It’s these qualities good or bad, that will make or break a new relationship.

Here are seven most common characteristics and tendencies to look out for in a new romantic partner:

1. Mr. Looker
Regardless, where you’re or what you do, if someone cute passes by your spouse, he will look her, more than once. Suddenly, you start to feel angry and insecure. You tell it to your man, and explain to him how it affects you, makes him appear less committed to you, and you find this behavior acceptable to you. So, does this mean that you should break up with him? Not until he keeps doing it.

2. Ms. Unavailable
Your girlfriend is fun-loving kind of gal. You dated her for a few weeks but noticed that she always loves to hang out with a lot of her friends, even when you’re with her. This makes it difficult for you to connect with her on a one-to-one basis. She also avoids having a quality, engaging conversation with you as she feels uncomfortable. You tried your best to turn her around but failed. So, cut her loose.

3. Mr. Control
You like him. He’s relaxed, confident, and successful. But, there is a problem. He told you that he likes to be in control. He always orders the dinners; he takes you to places he wants, he tells you when you will leave the party, etc. In short, he doesn’t ask you about your opinion regarding the relationship; he calls all the shots. Is this something you can deal with? We will say break up before this whole relationship goes out of control.

4. Ms. Freedom
She’s 30 and still single. She’s full of fun, smart and spontaneous. You feel lucky, but there’s a catch. She told you she’s never been in a relationship for more than six months. So, should you keep dating her? We would yes. Maybe she’s a late bloomer, and we all sincerely believe everyone should be given a chance to let people who they really are.

5. Ms. Flirty
She’s beautiful, and she likes you. But, she's never satisfied by your attention and compliments. She craves for attention from other guys. You feel vulnerable, but we will ask you to give her a chance. This type of baggage is very common and not difficult to resolve it if you’re willing, to be honest and patient with her.

6. Mr. Cheapskate
Who ever told you are savvy with money, has never met your boyfriend. He only pays using coupons, buy things discounts, and proud that he never paid full price. Could this cause trouble for you in the future? Yes, if you’re spender, while he is a saver. If you both are money savvy, we can see any issues here.

7. Mr. Dominator
You seem to like his big personality but noticed that he has the tendency to dominate most conversations. For example, you both go a vacation, and he only tells about what a great time he had with his friends, without giving any chance to share your story. If you don’t his behavior tiring, believe us, you will one day. So, break up before it’s too late!

If you’re seeing someone new, look for all these qualities and deal-breakers, in your partners, if you want to be in loving, committed relationship.