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Reality Romance: Can People Really Find Love On Reality Dating Shows?

We're all obsessed with reality television, we have to admit. From the Kardashians to the Jersey Shore gang, we're completely hooked on the trials and tribulations of reality TV stars. One majorly addictive type of reality show is the reality dating show. Shows like The Bachelor and Love Connection lead us to believe that you can find love by being set-up on television. Could this possibly work? We're giving our opinion below! While there have in fact been couples born from reality dating shows,… [+]
dating someone who smokes

No Smoking Zone: 3 Major Reasons No One Wants To Date A Smoker

There are a lot of dealbreakers when it comes to dating. Some examples may be not having a job, not having a car, etc. One of the biggest dating dealbreakers is smoking cigarettes. Very few people want to date a smoker and we don't blame them! Check out three of the major reasons no one wants to date a smoker below: 1. It's Unhealthy The biggest reason no one wants to date a smoker is because it is unhealthy. Smoking… [+]
fashion sense and dating

Fashion and Romance: Does Someone’s Style Matter When It Comes To Dating?

There are so many factors that matter when you're looking for a potential partner, but is clothing one of those things? You probably care about their looks, their religious beliefs, and their political affiliation, but what about their fashion sense? What happens when you really like someone but you hate the way they dress? We're discussing it below! So, picture this: You meet a guy you really like. He's good-looking. He's smart. He's funny and kind. He seems to have… [+]
dinner and a movie

Dinner and A Movie: Does Old-Fashioned Dating Still Exist?

In recent years, it's become quite apparent that the world of dating has drastically changed. This generation's idea of dating is markedly different than their parent's idea of dating. While everything in life changes as time goes on, we have to wonder if the changes in dating are for better or worse. For the most part, we feel that "old-fashioned dating" may have been better than what we call dating in today's society. So, we have to ask: Does old-fashioned… [+]

Male Misconceptions: Do Women Wear Makeup To Impress Men?

When it comes to men and women, both sexes have a lot of misconceptions about one another. A common misconception that men have is that women wear makeup to impress them or get their attention. We'd like to take this idea and toss it aside because guys, it's so not true. There are several reasons women wear makeup, but you're not one of them. So what is the real reason? While there may be some women out there who wear… [+]
who pays on the first date

Old Rules: Should Men Still Pay On the First Date?

When it comes to dating, there's always a set of "rules" that people recommend following. While some of these rules are tried and true, other rules seem a little outdated. One old rule that may not apply to the dating scene anymore is that men should always pay on the first date. It used to be seen as chivalrous for men to pay the bill when they took a woman out for first time. Now, for many women, it is… [+]
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Getting To Know You: 30 Questions You Can Ask On the First Date

We all know that first dates can be intimidating. After all, you're hanging out with a total stranger and you're expected to make conversation! What should you talk to them about? While there are some things you should never bring up on a first date, there are tons of things that are totally okay to talk about. Check out 30 great questions you can ask on the first date: Where are you originally from? What do you do, and how… [+]
dating and sexual assault

Why Communication Is The Most Important Tip For Dating In the “Me Too” Era

Posted By: on July 30,2018
In 2017 we saw the emergence of the "Me Too" (#metoo) era. For those of you living under a rock, Me Too is a movement in which women are opening up about being sexually assaulted or sexually harassed. Women all over the world have started to share their stories of being verbally harassed, physically assaulted or violated by men. Many of these stories involve women being violated by men in positions of power over them, such as employers. While this… [+]
turning someone down

Is It Wrong To Reject Someone Because Of Their Body Type?

Posted By: on July 25,2018
When you talk about dating, people always acknowledge the difficulty of being rejected. There are a million articles out there discussing how to cope with being rejected. What about when you have to reject someone? The act or rejecting someone is not often discussed, and we have to say: it's not easy to reject someone! Having to reject someone is an inevitable aspect of dating. After all, you're not going to be interested in every person that is interested in you.… [+]
dating a criminal

Bad Boys and Girls Gone Wild: Is A Criminal Background A Dealbreaker?

Posted By: on July 19,2018
When it comes to dating, a lot of people have dealbreakers. For instance, a lot of women won't date a guy who doesn't have a job. A lot of men won't date a woman who wears too much makeup. Everyone's dealbreakers vary, but a very common one is having a criminal background. Both men and women agree that they wouldn't date someone with a criminal record. We'd like to argue this dealbreaker and say that when it comes to criminal… [+]