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Sex and the City: 8 Things You Never Knew About Dating in a Big City

Most of us have seen an episode or two...or a hundred of the hit show Sex and the City. For those of us who live in small towns, it gave us a glimpse of what it's like to be single and dating in a big city. We saw how stressful and hectic it could be, but we also saw how spontaneous and exciting it could be, too. Dating in a big city is an entirely different endeavor than small-town dating. To… [+]

How To Nicely Tell Someone That You Are Not Interested

We all experience this while dating. We go on a date with someone we're interested in, but your instincts tell you that he or she isn’t right for you. You want to say it to him or her, but can’t, as you don’t want to hurt their feelings. So, what’s the best way to handle the situation? How can you nicely tell someone that you aren’t interested? What should you say? Usually, considerate people will simply disappear without telling their… [+]

3 Crucial Steps To Find The Woman Of Your Dreams

When you ask an average guy what his “dream woman” is like, don’t be surprised that most of them will say they want someone who is drop-dead gorgeous. In other words, physical beauty is the top priority for men looking for a partner. We all know that physical beauty isn’t the only quality that’s required for a healthy and long-lasting relationship. In fact, relationships based on physical attraction don’t last. So what should a man look for when finding the… [+]

11 Signs That Show Your Partner Might Be Cheating

Cheating is common in many relationships today. When a partner is cheating, there are always signs. No matter how hard they try, cheating boyfriends or girlfriends will show hints of their unfaithfulness. Here are eleven signs to look out for if you think your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you: 1. Your partner is overly obsessed with himself or herself. He/she is always checking on how they’re dressed or how they look in a mirror. It’s obvious that your… [+]

7 Signs That He Is Not Interested In You

Sometimes the old clichés are true and it hurts to know the truth. But, knowing the truth also sets you free. We all have been in situations where, despite doing everything by the book, our partners don’t have the same feelings towards us. Here are a few signs that show that he’s not interested in you: 1. He says he’s not ready for a relationship. Pay heed to his lines. If he says that he’s not into relationships, it means… [+]

3 Ways to Cope With Romantic Rejection

The word rejection is synonymous with dating. You know you got rejected if your online messages aren’t answered, or the person you went on the first date with hasn’t returned your calls. Regardless of the various ways of getting rejected, most rejections have one thing in common. They all make us feel upset, depressed, and angry. What’s worse about rejection is that we can’t find answers to what went wrong, which might keep us wondering. All this self-inflicted punishment makes… [+]

4 Ways Thinking About Sex Will Lead to A Better Relationship

When it comes to relationships, we reflect on a lot of things. But, are you thinking about the right stuff? We all want to have healthy and long-lasting relationships. Love and sex makes the world go around. We’re human; it’s what we do. Now it’s been discovered that thinking about sex is as important as having sex in romantic relationships. In other words, the ultimate key to a better relationship is to think more about sex. Yes, you heard that… [+]

3 Important Steps To Help You Reconnect With Your Partner

Are you feeling disconnected from your spouse? Are you thinking of ways to make your relationship more romantic? Thinking of getting your girlfriend or wife a diamond necklace or a sexy dress? Sounds like a good idea, right? Not always. You see, expensive jewelry or that romantic dinner date isn’t the way to a woman’s heart. In fact, it’s the mundane and smallest of acts in relationships that are the most significant of all. You can’t have a loving relationship… [+]

5 Ways to Tell a Guy Likes You By His Starbucks Order

This may sound silly, but it’s totally possible. How can you really tell whether a man likes you? Apart from the stuff that you’ve been reading in websites and books, apparently you can tell if a guy is interested in you by checking out the drink he orders when he goes to Starbucks. We aren’t joking. Seriously, looking at his Starbucks order might be all the hints that you’ll need to figure out if a guy is attracted you. Here… [+]

3 Things You Can Do To Help Find Your Soulmate

Love is a journey and we need to remind ourselves what love is all about, and then we will be able to find it. Most men and women, while looking for their soulmate, get lost while figuring out what they really want in a relationship. Here are three important things about love that you need to think about before you can find your soulmate: 1. Respect The Love That Comes From The Heart Be respectful to the love whose origin… [+]