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5 Things to Remember If You Are Dating While Unemployed

Posted By: on August 21,2017
It can happen to anyone. And it happens to good people too. We get laid off, fired or decide that it’s time we move on to the next job or change our careers. The news can be scary or good, that depends on you. Either way, life goes on, and you don’t want to be out or love or your love life to stop simply because you’re in a ‘career transition.' Here are five tips that will motivate you to… [+]

6 Subconscious Mistakes That Tells Your Date Isn’t Interested In You

Posted By: on August 18,2017
The first dates are always hard to read. Unless you specifically tell your date that, ‘you like him or her.' But, most men and women are looking for subtle and subconscious cues from their dates that tell them whether they’re interested in them or not. Sometimes, you may be sending the wrong signs that will prevent you from having a second date with him or her. So, the next time you go on a date, make sure that you don’t… [+]

Why Aren’t We In An Exclusive Relationship?

Posted By: on August 17,2017
A relationship can only become exclusive, only if both partners are ready to make that kind of commitment to each other. You can’t have an exclusive relationship when one partner is in, and another one is out. One of the reasons, why most men and women don’t want to commit to an exclusive relationship is that it’s difficult to know a person with two or three months fully. Some date multiple people at the same time and date casually. They… [+]

The Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day Go Hand-in-Hand. Here’s Why!

Posted By: on August 17,2017
Super Bowl Sunday is a sacred day for most American men. Meanwhile, across the hall, we go the Valentine’s Day, which is equally as sacred for women. With both of these two major events only nine days apart, it’s easy to the point that the Super Bowl for men is prized equally as the same way as Valentine’s Day is for the ladies. Whether you’re a lost lover or a crazy football fan, comparing these two events will help you… [+]

4 Things That Make You Attractive Besides Your Physical Appearance

Posted By: on August 15,2017
When we talk about the attractiveness of a person, the first thing that comes into our minds is physical attractiveness. Sure, for some people physical looks are important while looking for a partner, but it’s not the main quality to look for in a man or a woman for many others. Besides, physical appearances, there are many characteristics that make an individual much more attractive and appealing to others. You may have at least one or a few of these… [+]

4 Harsh Truths About Being In Love With An Assertive Woman

Posted By: on August 15,2017
So you have met someone who is loud, spunky and spontaneous, and you are in love with her. Or it can be the other situation, you want to be in a committed relationship with her, but for some reason, she intimidates you. It appears that you have met an assertive woman for the first time and don’t know much about loving an assertive woman. Below are four things what it is like being in love with an assertive woman: 1.… [+]

4 Things Good Men Do That Seriously Attracts Women

Posted By: on August 15,2017
Let’s put an end on focusing on bad guys and direct our attention to good men. But before that let’s be clear one thing: Good men can be totally irresistible! We often hear women criticizing their boyfriends by saying things like, “He’s so selfish” “He only wants sex from me” and so on. Yes, sometimes, it’s only the bad guys who seem to get all the attention. But let’s focus on the good guys for a moment. What do they… [+]

Guys Get Tattoos Soon As Tattooed Guys Make Good Husbands!

Posted By: on August 14,2017
Tattoos have been associated with reckless and rebellious nature for a very long time. They are termed as unprofessional and irresponsible. Even today, some people think that tattoos are still controversial and are not something they like to see in their romantic partners or potential partners. So, these people might feel a little hesitant or uncomfortable to bring a guy or a woman home with noticeable tattoos while meeting each other friends and family. But, things are a lot different… [+]

Get Over Your Fear Of Commitment By Following These 4 Ways

Posted By: on August 11,2017
Dating and relationships are all about commitment, and you are a “commitment-phobe” it will be extremely difficult for you to be in a healthy and happy relationship or marriage. Some people tell that men and women who are not willing commit should even be dating or be in relationships in the first place. Ouch! That’s really hurtful to say, the least, but there are some logical reasons behind it too. But, luckily there are four ways to become more committed… [+]

Is The Person You Are In Love A Big Narcissist? Here Are Some Early Warning Signs

Posted By: on August 11,2017
Don’t make the mistake of being in love with a narcissist person. Why? Because they will just cause you pain. You met someone who is pretty, attentive and confident but seems to get lost in your words and feelings. She asks personal questions to get to know you better and pays attention to every word you tell her. She finds you interesting, and she looks to get to know more about you, and it feels fabulous. But, sometimes all that… [+]