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5 Things About Your Affair That Might Seem Unique, But Actually Aren’t

So, you are having an affair. You are in love. You feel alive. You feel like you are on top of the world. Life feels great!  Unfortunately, it really isn’t. You see, you aren’t the only person having an affair. There are thousands of other guys having an affair just like you. You might tell yourself your affair is special. It’s unique. But the truth is – it just isn’t. If you understand that your affair isn’t only special or… [+]

8 Qualities That Create an Unbreakable Relationship

Most people are in relationships without a purpose. They are in relationships because their friends, coworkers, and people around them are in one. If you are dating without a purpose, it won’t take you very far. Dating with purpose is for those who are making an effort to be in a relationship that includes romantic love and excitement. It’s about finding out if the other person is compatible enough to sustain a healthy relationship and has the same desire to… [+]

5 Facts About Dating a Person With Depression

Depression is the worst thing that could happen to a person. If you aren’t depressed, you should be grateful. Depression makes you continue to sink no matter how hard you try to stay afloat. Whether you have been depressed for a few days, weeks or months after a traumatic incident or breakup, it can take a toll on your relationships. While it can be challenging to date someone with depression, these individuals are just as capable of love as anyone… [+]

4 Harsh Truths About Dating That Everyone Should Know

There are some brutally honest truths that most dating coaches will tell you, and yes they are telling you the truth. It makes sense when they say that an obese man will struggle to get attention online, a man with no social skills will not get a second date, or a chronically unemployed man will have a hard time finding a girlfriend. We can conceal these harsh truths to make people feel better, but that wouldn’t be of much help… [+]

4 Ways to Deal With Anxiety in a Relationship

Anxiety. It happens to all of us. In fact, anxiety is among the biggest problems in relationships. When anxiety is caused by a relationship, we are programmed to think that our anxiety is the problem. We all agree that anxiety can kill the love in the relationship, strangle it, and destroy it. It makes most of us believe that anxiety and relationships can’t co-exist. Whenever we feel anxious, we should make sure that anxiety doesn't overwhelm us, otherwise it will… [+]

Does Asking Your Partner to Meet Your Needs Make You Weak?

Let’s face it: If you're in a relationship with someone who you love and trust, being able to ask them for what you really want in the relationship is incredibly important. Love and trust in a relationship or marriage will become stronger if your needs are taken into consideration by your partner. If your needs and wants are consistently ignored, despite repeated efforts on your part, it can break your relationship. In fact, fulfilling wants and needs are two of… [+]

4 Zodiac Signs You Want to Fall in Love With

Let’s face it: some people are naturally die-hard romantics. These are the folks who are always seen buying flowers and chocolates for their lovers. They surprise them with vacations, picnics, dinner dates and what not. Other people are more subtle with their affections. You have to dig deep to see how they feel about you, because they don't outwardly show it. So what makes some people enthusiastic romantics and others more reserved in regards to love? Some people think that… [+]

4 Signs That You Have Found The Love You Deserve

Relationships can be messy and difficult, but they can also be the most beautiful thing in the world. If you've had many toxic relationships and painful breakups, you're probably wondering if you'll ever find the love you deserve. After being mistreated and heartbroken, you might be thinking that you're unworthy of real love. The reality is that you are worthy of this and you will find it. You just need to know the difference between a toxic relationship and a… [+]

4 Things to Know Before Dating a Woman With Kids

Guys, let’s make one thing clear: Dating a mother is no different than dating any other woman. There's only one teeny, tiny difference: ...she has kids. Okay, so that isn't the teeniest or tiniest difference, but it shouldn't stop you from dating a woman who happens to be a mother. Women with kids want the same things all women want. While dating a woman with kids can be strange or difficult for some men, it really shouldn't be. Entering a… [+]

3 Zodiac Signs You Don’t Want to Fall in Love With

Not everyone is romantic or cut out for romance. While we all are frantically looking for love and acceptance in our lives, some people feel they’re less romantic than others. When it’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air, you’ll find these men and women rejecting the traditional ways of showing love. These folks don’t want to be bothered or they prefer to express their love for their partners in nontraditional ways. Just because certain zodiac signs are less… [+]