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Get Married To A Woman Who Makes You Better

Posted By: on August 01,2017
When it comes to dating and relationships, the person with whom you are romantically involved should make you a better person and enrich your life. She is supposed to make you smile most of the time. She will make you smile even during the bad times. She is expected to make you feel great about yourself. She should make you laugh, fascinate you, amaze you, and make you feel delighted. So, naturally, you should marry someone who makes you better,… [+]

What To Do When Your Marriage Feels Like It’s Going To End

Posted By: on July 30,2017
Sometimes, marriage can be a roller-coaster. It’s common to hear from couples after being married for some time saying that they feel hopeless, and their whole marriage has become a mess and pointless. If you are someone who is already in this situation, it is understandable why you are feeling this way. It’s because you already know that your marriage is gradually turning into a loveless one. But it’s not all hopeless. Maybe it’s because of you that your marriage… [+]

2 Ways Millennials Have Made Marriage Better

Posted By: on July 28,2017
Many people tell love is dead these days. Is it really? Hardly so. So, why is that a lot of people have given up on love? Why have a lot of people have given up on marriage or lost hope on marriage? Did we forget how to love someone unconditionally? According to a recent poll, it’s been reported that one in eight adults, especially women, have given up on finding true love or love, whatever you may want to call… [+]

What Is Forcing People To Stay In Sad and Unhealthy Relationships?

Posted By: on July 21,2017
If you’re someone who is in a miserable, unhealthy and unhappy marriage or relationship, you can’t but help but ask the same question over and over again, “Why am I in an in a sad and unhealthy relationship?” You keep hoping for a different answer, but you already know that you’re already in one. You can do everything you can to escape the harsh truth, but the reality is that you can’t. There is a reason why couples remain in… [+]

5 Ways To Make Your Marriage Counseling Successful And Save Your Relationship

Posted By: on July 13,2017
Finally, you and your partner decided to go to a marriage counselor to resolve problems in your marriage and make it work. But, what can you do to improve the chances of couple’s therapy worth all the time and money you invested in it? But, before that how does marriage counseling work? Well, we need a professional relationship expert or a skilled marriage therapist, but apart from it, there are some things that you can do for yourself to help… [+]

Make Your Marriage Much Happier By Following These 5 Simple Ways

Posted By: on July 13,2017
Why aren’t we told to be happier in our marriages? And even if we are told, we realize that we have failed to boost our happiness in our relationships. The key reason is that our culture dictates that we take care of ourselves before others. Another reason why happiness hasn't made it into our marriages is that we have focused mostly on the smallest percentage of happiness that is hard to change. We can control some aspects of our happiness… [+]

Feeling Unhappy In Your Marriage? Maybe You Can’t Handle The Stress Properly

Posted By: on July 13,2017
Our life’s stresses can strain our relationships, and sometimes, it can destroy our marriages and relationships. People get stressed from many things such job insecurity, problems at work, financial concerns, health problems,  kids struggling in school,  and so on and so forth.  When these types of situations require your attention, they can strain even the most resilient and healthy relationships or marriages. Let’s face it, situations like these are stressful and are detrimental for any relationships to grow and thrive,… [+]

Is It True That Pessimists Are More Satisfied In Their Marriages?

Posted By: on July 12,2017
British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli once said that marriages destroy one’s ability to be amiable every day to the same human being. Apparently, it turns out that he was right. A study done by James McNulty at the University of Tennessee in 2010 revealed that couples who attempted to stay optimistic against their will while going through a rough marriage are more likely to ruin their relationship rather than saving it or making it better. This finding was contrary to… [+]

3 Awfully Wrong Misconceptions About A Sexless Marriage

Posted By: on July 11,2017
Can you be happy in a sexless marriage? This is the question that needs to be answered urgently because there are millions of men and women who are in sexless marriages because of a medical condition or by choice. The good news? Yes, sexless marriages can be happy and fulfilling. You see relationships and marriages are more than sex, and plenty of couples find happiness and security after becoming great spouses, best friends, and co-parents. Nobody can overrate or underestimate… [+]

Must-Follow Relationship Rules For Happy Love Life

Many people find love quite confusing and tricky. Such people may be in a relationship, but still, they lack the real experience of true love. Like everything else, love too is based on certain rules to be successful. Following these rules is a necessity for making your love life worth living. Every relationship has the potency to flourish and blossom into something magnificent and glorious. All you need is to remember the following rules and keep your relationship happy and… [+]