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5 Awesome Reasons You Should Get Married

Most of us in long-term relationships hope that the relationship will result in marriage. There are pros and cons of getting married, but in this article we will focus only on the good things. The decision to get married is huge and there are plenty of legitimately good reasons to become man and wife. Here are five of those great reasons to tie the knot: 1. Marriage Has Financial Benefits Couples who get married will accumulate more wealth by combining… [+]

5 Things Men Can Do to Help Their Wives Get Pregnant

When you’ve been married for a while, you and your wife may start planning to start a family. Let’s face it: getting pregnant isn’t always an easy affair. You can’t get your wife knocked up just by stopping using birth control and having plenty of non-stop sex. For some couples getting pregnant can become an issue, but if you follow some of the steps below, you can get your girl pregnant faster! Here are five things you can do to… [+]

Neglecting The Little Things is What Ruins Marriages

Let’s face it: all of us are stressed out. But don’t let the daily stress of your hectic life keep you away from showing your partner love and affection. During the early days of a romantic relationship, we feel enchanted by our spouse. We keep hoping and praying that they’ll become our best friend and life partner. Our focus on our partners is so much that we let our girlfriends or boyfriends know that they are the ongoing object of… [+]

5 Ways To Mend Your Sex-Starved Marriage

Are you having less sex with your partner than ever before? Do you think that you’re in a sexless marriage or relationship? Are you wondering how to bring the passion back into the relationship? Does it feel like forever since you’ve been physically intimate with your significant other? Before concluding that your relationship is sexless or sex-starved, let’s look at how often is normal. Some of you might think hardly ever. Some say it’s maybe three times per week or… [+]

Why You Should Make Sure You Are Getting Married For The Right Reasons

So far single people have at least three ways of thinking when it comes to relationships and marriages. First, some folks are the happiest because when are single. They might date casually or engage in an open or casual relationship, but nothing too serious. They don’t want to be in a serious relationship even if they find the right person, not because they are incapable of committing or they fear commitment, but they simply have a strong preference to stay… [+]

5 Ways to Remain Romantic After You Become A Parent

A happy and healthy marriage is an essential requirement for any successful family. Just like kids, maintaining a marriage takes plenty of time, dedication, and commitment. Studies show that 92% of married couples experience conflicts in their relationship after the birth of their first child. It’s also been reported that the conflicts get worse as the child grows older. When that occurs, 13% of couples have already separated or divorced. These conflicts don’t only affect the couple, but their children… [+]

8 Reasons You Should Get Married in Your 30’s

Many people get married for all the wrong reasons. They just want to get married because their friends and others are getting married. But this isn’t the right approach. Most of these couples will get divorced because their partners have failed to meet their expectations, or they have realized that their lives didn’t get any better or happier after the marriage. Some decide to stay and remain unhappy in their relationships. They spend every night sleeping next to the person… [+]

5 Things That Will Lead to a Happy Marriage

A happy, successful marriage depends on many things. Having unquestionable trust between partners is one of the important ones. If you want a fulfilling marriage, both of you must know how to create this type of trust. If you ask most couples what they think of trust in a relationship, most will tell you that it means to be sexually faithful. Sure, you can cheat when you are married, but there's more to the definition of trust than just infidelity.… [+]

6 Reasons to Date an Emotionally Complex Woman

The qualities of emotionally complex woman are a mixture of many emotions. These type of women can express their feelings deeply and sincerely. Some of the qualities are passionate, opinionated, and captivating. However, this doesn’t mean that she’s full of drama or has a hard time controlling herself. An emotionally complex woman simply means that she is a thinker. She feels an instantaneous attraction to men who are thinkers and feelers. She likes men who appreciate her intellectual conversations, banters,… [+]

4 Types Of Men Who Aren’t Ready For Marriage

While many couples are just having fun in their relationships and looking to be happy, other couples have a long-term goal to get married. Obviously there's no rush to tie the knot, but for many women they want to know the guy they're involved with has a commitment in mind. If your goal is to find a husband, you don't want to waste any time with a guy who has no intentions of becoming one. How can you tell early… [+]