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Why You Shouldn’t Mind When Your Partner Puts Their Kids Or Pets Before You

Posted By: on July 16,2018
It's a common complaint of many people in relationships: My partner puts their kids/pets before me. While we understand why this may upset you, (after all, who wants to feel like they aren't a priority?) we want to explain why it shouldn't. In fact, we want to explain why this is an attribute that you should cherish in your partner. Read on to find out why a partner who puts their kids and their pets first is a total keeper.… [+]
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On the Down Low: 30 Secrets You Can Keep From Your Partner

Posted By: on July 10,2018
Is it ever okay to keep a secret from your partner? Many people will tell you that in a relationship, there should be no secrets. You should tell your partner anything and everything, and if you keep something from them, that is considered lying. We would like to dispute this common relationship advice and say that there are some things you should never ever tell your partner. What are those exactly? Read on to see our 30 secrets you can… [+]
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Too Close For Comfort: 4 Huge Signs You’re In A Codependent Relationship

Posted By: on July 06,2018
Relationships are meant to be close and intimate, but can a relationship become too close? Codependent relationships refer to relationships in which one or both partners become dependent on the other to an unhealthy extent. This often means that they completely rely on their partner for their happiness in life and are unable to function without the support and approval of the other person. While it is normal to be attached to your partner, it is not normal to be… [+]

Little Gestures: 30 Simple Ways To Make Your Partner Smile

Posted By: on July 05,2018
We all know relationships can be tough. While relationships can be really hard, they don't always have to be! There are plenty of ways to lift the spirits in your relationship and some of them are totally easy. If your partner is feeling down lately, or the two of you have felt disconnected, there are many ways to put a smile on their face. We've got thirty simple ways to make your partner smile! Check them out below: Make them… [+]
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On-Screen Romance: The Top 5 TV Couples That Inspire Everyone

Posted By: on June 29,2018
Who doesn't love television? Everyone loves a great television show, and a staple in many great television shows is a one true pair - or as the kids call it, an OTP. There have been many great couples throughout the history of television, but there are five couples that we feel are the best TV couples of all time. Check out the Top 5 TV couples that everyone loves right here: 1. Ross and Rachel (Friends) Ross and Rachel are… [+]
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The Great Debate: Does Social Media Help Or Hurt Your Love Life?

Posted By: on June 26,2018
We live in an age that is dominated by the internet. How many of us sit on our laptops for hours, only to close them and open the internet on our phones? So much of our day is spent browsing the internet and most of that time online is spent obsessing over social media. From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter to Snapchat, the world of social media is literally endless. It's easy to get swept up in social media, posting… [+]

Love Songs: 25 Perfect Songs For Your Date Night Playlist

Posted By: on June 22,2018
Are you planning a romantic date night for your partner and yourself? Whether it's going to be a sunset picnic in the park or a relaxing night in on the couch, you'll want the perfect playlist to make the mood more romantic! Great love songs can really add the perfect ambiance to your date night, so you'll want to get the soundtrack to your evening just right. Love and relationships are the most common subject when it comes to music,… [+]
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Just A Rebound: 4 Major Signs You’re In A Rebound Relationship

Posted By: on June 21,2018
Relationships are complicated, especially in the beginning. When you first get involved with someone, you never really know what their intentions are. One of the biggest risks to take is getting involved with someone who recently got out of a serious relationship. When you get with someone who just went through a breakup, you run the risk of being their rebound relationship. This means that they're just using you to either get over their ex or to make their ex… [+]
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Age Is Just A Number: Does It Really Matter If There’s An Age Gap Between Partners?

Posted By: on June 13,2018
When it comes to relationships, there are so many factors to figure out. These things are complicated! One of the biggest dating topics that almost always leads to a heated debate is the idea of age gaps. (When we say "age gap," we mean an age difference of at least five years.) Many people say that "age is just a number," and therefore it has no relevance in a relationship. Others feel that large age gaps can seriously impact a… [+]

Head-Over-Heels: 4 Signs A Man Is In Love

Posted By: on June 12,2018
Men can be crazy hard to read. From the time they're born, men are taught to bottle up their feelings and emotions, making it nearly impossible to tell how they feel about anything. This makes it particularly hard to know how your boyfriend feels about your relationship. You may feel that you love him, but how do you know if he loves you? Even if he verbally says that he loves you, is there any way you can really be… [+]