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relationship arguments

Hurtful Words: 30 Things You Should Never Say To Your Partner

Arguments happen in relationships. That's a fact. There's no way you can have a relationship without getting into a few arguments. It's totally okay and normal to argue with your partner, but it's important to be mindful of what you say during an argument.¬†Certain things will do permanent damage to your partner and will have lasting effects long after the argument is over. You cannot take back what you say, so you want to make sure you don't say something… [+]
dating friends

More Than Friends: Should You Start Dating Your Best Friend?

A common question when it comes to love and romance involves dating a friend. Many people have had romantic feelings for one of their close friends, but hesitated to act on those feelings because they were unsure of whether or not it was a good idea. We're breaking down the pros and cons of dating your best friend below! The Pros One of the biggest pros of dating your best friend is that you're already really comfortable with them. You… [+]
small things that hurt your partner

Incidental Insult: 5 Little Things That Hurt Your Partner

When it comes to your relationship, you would never intentionally do something to hurt the person you love. With that said, there may be little things that hurt your partner and you don't even realize you're doing them! It could be something you didn't think would bother them, or it could be something you did without even realizing you did it. Either way, these little things can all add up and lead to major trouble for your relationship in the… [+]

Travel Troubles: Should You Take Your Partner On A Family Vacation?

While there are endless tricky situations that you'll encounter as a couple, one of the hardest ones is this: Do you take your partner on your family vacation? Is it appropriate to take a significant other on a vacation with your parents and siblings? We're discussing it below! As far as we're concerned, the decision to bring your partner on a family vacation depends on one thing: How long have you been together? If this is a relatively new partner,… [+]
long distance couples

Long Distance Love: 3 Ways To Improve Your Long Distance Relationship

Relationships are hard to maintain and they're even harder when it's a long distance one! Long distance relationships often end in failure because it is just too difficult to keep up with the relationship when the two of you aren't in the same place. If you're currently in a long distance relationship, you'll want to check out these three great ways to improve your long distance relationship: 1. Create A Communication Schedule One of the best tips for a long… [+]
quality time

Quality Time: 3 Easy Ways To Spend Time With Your Partner

Between work and other responsibilities, life can get hectic. It can be hard to make time for your relationship when there are so many other things you need to focus on. Fortunately, there are easy ways to spend quality time with your partner while still getting things done! You can be together, while still doing the things you need to get done. Check out three easy ways to spend time with your partner below: 1 Cook Dinner Together You have… [+]
dating a vegetarian

Dating and Dining: How Hard Is It To Date Somone Who Follows A Restricted Diet?

We live in an age of a million different dietary restrictions. From restricted diets that are by choice, such as veganism or ketogenic, to restricted diets for medical reasons, such as lactose-free, it seems like everyone follows a restricted diet. We commend those who follow certain diets for ethical reason, such as veganism and vegetarianism. We also understand those who follow certain diets for medical reasons, such as gluten-free or lactose-free. But, since we discuss dating and relationships here, we'd… [+]

Is It Disrespectful To Your Partner If You Post Revealing Pictures Of Yourself Online?

We're all addicted to social media. Who isn't constantly on their phones or laptops checking things like Instagram and Twitter? A big aspect of social media is sharing pictures with your followers. This often includes the mirror shots or selfies, but some people take it a step further. More and more people are sharing photos of themselves I revealing clothing - or no clothing at all, in some cases. Now, we have no problem with this. If you feel that… [+]

Friend-Approved: Should You Care If Your Friends Don’t Like Your Partner?

A common problem in many relationships is having your friends not like your partner. While this happens to a lot of people, very few know how to handle it. What do you do when your friends hate your boyfriend or girlfriend? Should you even care? We're discussing this topic below! First of all, what should you do if your friends don't like your partner? The first thing you should do if you find that your friends don't approve of who… [+]
zodiac signs in a relationship

Astrological Input: Does Your Zodiac Sign Matter In A Relationship?

Odds are you've encountered an astrology guru at some point in your life. You know, someone who can readily tell you your horoscope and attributes any and all occurrences to someone's zodiac sign. Maybe you're an astrology guru yourself! People who are passionate about astrology believe that your zodiac sign has a huge influence on your relationship. They believe that certain zodiac signs are compatible while others are not. They also believe that certain zodiac signs are more prone to… [+]