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20 Love and Relationship Tips That Everyone Should Hear

Relationships aren't easy. Even the best relationships take a certain amount of work. So many of us struggle to find love, and even when we find it, there's still some struggle to be had. From finding a great partner to making our relationships healthy and long-lasting, love is a tricky subject. We could all use a little help now and then with our relationships, so we've put together twenty love and relationship tips that everyone should hear: Don't stress yourself… [+]

Solving A Holiday Dilemma: 3 Great Gift Ideas For The Guy or Girl You Just Started Dating

The holidays are right around the corner, which is an exciting thing! We all love the holidays. The decorations, the food, the time with family - it's all great. A huge part of the holidays is getting gifts for friends and family, but some of us have to face an awkward dilemma when it comes to gift-giving. What do we get for the person we just started dating? If you've gotten into a relationship with someone shortly before the holidays,… [+]

4 Ways to Impress a Guy Through Messages

So you just met a guy you like and you want to make a good impression? Back in the day, you would've been stressing over what outfit to wear or how to do your hair. While those things are still important, times have certainly changed! In today's world, text messages and online chats are your first opportunity to make a good impression. The messages you send and the things you say will be a huge reflection of who you are… [+]

9 Types of Guys That Women Cannot Stand

When it comes to choosing someone for a relationship, we all have our own list of “can’t stands” and “must haves.” These qualities allow men and women to date a guy or a girl with behavior and traits that they think are important to be in a healthy and long-term relationship. Here we have listed nine types of guys that women simply cannot stand: 1. Mr. Liar, Liar This is the biggest turn-off for all women. Nobody likes to date… [+]

11 Signs That Show Your Partner Might Be Cheating

Cheating is common in many relationships today. When a partner is cheating, there are always signs. No matter how hard they try, cheating boyfriends or girlfriends will show hints of their unfaithfulness. Here are eleven signs to look out for if you think your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you: 1. Your partner is overly obsessed with himself or herself. He/she is always checking on how they’re dressed or how they look in a mirror. It’s obvious that your… [+]

3 Ways To Handle Conflicts Early On In a Relationship

So you like him and you’ve gone on a few dates with him. You’ve spent a delightful time getting to know each other, and now you’ve faced your first problem in the relationship – your first disagreement. He suddenly stops being affectionate with you, or he’s consistently late, and it’s making you angry, or maybe he forgot to call every other day, and so on. You start having second thoughts about the future of your relationship. Here are three ways… [+]

Will Your Relationship Last If You Are Dating A More Intellectual Person?

When it comes to relationships, one of the traits that matters the most is whether a person is an intellectual or not. Apart from physical or sexual attraction, you need to think a lot about how similar both of you are in this area. If you both are incompatible in this department, it’s highly likely that the romance in your relationship will fizzle out over the course of months or  years. So, how intelligent are you? Don’t think about what… [+]

Preventing Emotional Infidelity in Relationships

Emotional infidelity happens when you or your significant other is emotionally attracted or connected with someone outside the realm of your relationship. But just how precarious can emotional infidelity be in a committed relationship or marriage? The truth is, emotional infidelity can be really alarming. It can take away time and energy from the marriage. If left unaddressed, it can lead to sexual infidelity, and ultimately destroy the marriage or the relationship. Emotional infidelity is an outcome of preexisting problems… [+]

If Your Boyfriend Does These 6 Things, He’s in Love With You

We are all familiar with the classic signs that someone likes you such as buying you flowers, giving you gifts, taking you for dinner, making eye contact while talking to you, and so on. All of these acts have become so obvious and ingrained into our minds and society, that they're impossible to miss. But relationships are always changing and figuring out a potential partner’s true feelings about you aren’t as simple as you think. Here are a few signs… [+]

5 Difficult Relationship Challenges and How To Fix Them

Marital and relationship challenges go hand-in-hand. They come in all shapes and sizes. If you're upset and feel disconnected in your relationship, you aren’t alone. Keep in mind that almost half of all marriages end up in a divorce. That will give you some perspective. Anyways, when you’re in a relationship, you’ll face a lot of challenges. Here are some difficult relationship challenges and how you can fix them: 1. Unrealistic Expectations This is a very common problem that all… [+]