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Online Attention: 4 Ways To Make Your Online Dating Profile Stand Out

Online dating is one of the most popular ways to meet someone nowadays, but it isn't always easy! A lot of people find that they get lost amongst the many other profiles on online dating sites. If you find that you've been buried under all the other options online, check out these four tips for making your online dating profile stand out!

1. Put your best face forward.

This tip should go without saying, but we'll say it anyways. Choose your best photo! Put pictures on your profile that are flattering. This doesn't mean to “catfish” anyone and use pictures that look nothing like you actually look. It means choosing your best photos instead of ones that are taken at bad angles or in bad lighting. Your most flattering pictures will get you the most attention!

2. Have a sense of humor.

A sense of humor goes a long way for both men and women. No one wants to bother with someone who is serious all the time. They aren't going to be any fun! If you want to make your online dating profile stand out, incorporate something funny into it. Show people that you have a sense of humor and they will gravitate towards you.

3. Avoid the drama or TMI.

Few things will send someone running faster than drama or TMI. Keep your online dating profile free of your personal drama or info. You don't need to share why your last relationship ended. You don't need to go into crazy family drama. Keep things light and more people will be interested in you!

4. Make yourself exciting!

To really make your online dating profile stand out, make it exciting! Make sure that your profile isn't full of selfies in your bathroom mirror. Change things up a bit. If you've recently gone on a trip somewhere, include some pictures from it! In your bio, include all the fun things you like to do or hobbies you have. This will make you look more interesting!

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Online Deception: 5 Things People Lie About On Their Online Dating Profiles

Online dating can be a real danger zone. There are some people on online dating sites that you should totally stay clear of, but how can you tell who they are? One way to tell is if their online dating profile is riddled with lies. It can be difficult to figure out what the lies are, though! To make things easier, here are five topics that people frequently lie about on their online dating profiles:

1. Where They Work

One of the main things people lie about online is what their occupation is. In an attempt to make themselves look better, people will often claim to have a very prestigious job. They may also lie about the position they are in at a company that they do actually work for. For instance, someone might say they are the boss at a store where they are actually a cashier.

2. What They Look Like

This is the most common thing that people lie about. People want to look appealing online, so they may use fake pictures or just describe themselves differently than they look. They will often pretend to be taller, skinnier, or just overall more attractive than they are in reality.

3. How Old They Are

A very common thing that people lie about on their online dating profiles is their age. People who feel that they are too old to find someone to date may pretend that they are younger than they really are. You may also find the reverse, where people who are underage and should not even be on dating sites in the first place lie about their age so that they can meet someone.

4. What Their Interests Are

On online dating profiles, people may lie about what their interests and hobbies are. If someone doesn't have many hobbies, or if they are insecure about their hobbies for some reason, they make say that they are interested in other things. For instance, if someone feels that their hobbies are “nerdy,” they may lie and say that they are interested in sports or thrill-seeking instead of reading and writing.

5. What They Want In A Partner

This is something that people will begin lying about if they are having trouble finding what exactly what they are looking for. Someone may really be looking for a person with no kids who is between the ages of 25 and 30, but if they can't find this person, they may say that “kids are okay.” It could be that they truly changed what they are looking for, or it could be that they are lying about their true desires just so they can find someone.


Avoiding Burnout: 4 Ways to Stay Interested In Online Dating

Online dating is convenient and the modern go-to when it comes to meeting potential partners. It may be the most popular way to date, but that doesn't mean it's always enjoyable. If you've been using online dating sites for a long time with no success, you might get bored and discouraged. You may even call it “online dating burnout”. If you want to avoid this love life slump, check out four great ways to stay interested in online dating:

1. Edit Your Profile Often

To keep things fresh, you should update your profile often. Re-vamping your profile every so often is fun and it may help you to stay interested in online dating. This includes changing your profile picture and re-writing your interests or bio.

2. Sign Up For A New Site

If you feel like you're losing interest in online dating, it could just be that you're bored with the site you've been using. You may need to have a fresh start by signing up for a whole new dating site. This is like starting over with a clean slate.

3. Show More Initiative

Sometimes people experience online dating burnout when they've had no success with online dating. It may be that you're not getting any matches, or when you do get matches you don't get any messages from them. This doesn't mean you should give up. It just means you should show some initiative. Don't be afraid to make the first move. Instead of waiting for someone to message you first, you can go ahead and send the first message. If you're not getting any matches, try swiping right on more people.

4. Take A Little Break

If all else fails, you might need a little break from online dating. There's nothing wrong with abandoning it altogether for just a little while. Maybe take a month to not use any online dating sites, and when you decide to get back on them you'll have a whole new perspective. The only way to know if this will work is to give it a try!

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Making the Transition: 5 Reasons To Choose Online Dating

Unless you live under a rock, you've heard endless things about online dating. Actually, you've probably heard about online dating even if you're living under a rock. It's become the most popular way to meet people and it seems like everyone is choosing to use online dating rather than the old standby. If you're still hesitant about entering the online dating scene, we've got five great reasons to choose online dating. Check them out here:

1. Everyone Is Doing It

We know what your mom told you. “If everyone jumped off a bridge, does that mean you would jump off one too?” We want to reassure you that online dating is nothing like jumping off a bridge. Everyone is using online dating and so should you. It's insanely popular and there are literally billions of people interacting through online dating sites. It has become a staple of our modern society, and by opting out of it you're just staying stuck in the past.

2. It's Affordable

One of the best reasons to choose online dating is because it's affordable. You don't have to spend money going out to clubs or events. While sites like eHarmony and Match.com cost money to sign up, many dating apps like Tinder and Bumble are completely free. You can browse and meet people online at little to no cost, whereas real-life dating gets expensive!

3. It's Convenient

The biggest perk of online dating is that it's convenient. You don't have to get all dolled-up and go mingle with strangers in crowded places. You can browse potential partners from the comfort of their own home. You can also narrow your selection down to exactly who you are interested in and completely bypass being annoyed by unwanted suitors.

4. It's Efficient

Another perk to online dating is that it's efficient. You can do it whenever you have time. You can browse only people in your immediate area. You can narrow your selection down to people in your desired age range. You can basically choose your perfect partner in no time, whereas it would take you forever (if ever at all) to find your perfect partner in person.

5. There Are Endless Options

Like we said earlier, everyone is using online dating! That means there are endless options. If you can't find someone you like one night, you can literally go back on the next day and browse a whole new selection of potential partners. You can meet 100 people online in no time, when it would take you forever to do that in person!

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Fake Identities: 4 Major Signs You’re Talking To A Catfish

By now most of us have seen the MTV show Catfish, but if you haven't, we'll give you the basic idea of what “catfishing” is. A “catfish” refers to a person you meet online who pretends to be someone they are not. Catfishes go to great lengths to take on another identity. They steal other people's photos and pass them off as photos of themselves. They make up fake stories about their lives and fake names. Many people fall victim to being catfished on the internet, so we're giving you four major signs that the person you met online is actually a catfish:

1. They Won't Talk On the Phone

If you've been talking to someone online for awhile, you'll eventually want to take it to the phone instead! If they refuse to talk to you on the phone, they're probably a catfish. They may be avoiding the verbal conversation because they're not the gender or age they claimed to be, and they don't want you to find out by hearing their voice.

2. They Never Upload New Pictures

If the person you're talking to only has a handful of pictures on their social media and they never upload any new ones, they might be a catfish. (Or they're just not into selfies….) Another thing to look out for is if they have no pictures with other people in them. Catfishes often steal other people's pictures, but very rarely take ones that have others in them.

3. They Refuse to Video Chat

This is a major sign you're talking to a catfish. We live in a society where most people have the modern technology to video chat through a webcam or Facetime. If the person you're dealing with won't video chat with you, they're either freakishly shy or a total catfish.

4. They Won't Meet You In Person

This is the indisputable proof that you're talking to a catfish. If the person you've been talking to online refuses to meet with you in person, they're a catfish. The only reasonable excuse to not meet in person is if they live very, very far away and do not have the resources to travel. Otherwise, there's a reason they don't want to meet you in person. So if you find that they keep making excuses to not meet you, they're probably a catfish.

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Swiping Guidelines: 6 Tinder Rules To Always Follow

Tinder has become the pinnacle of online dating, and for good reason! You may have your concerns about Tinder, but you can't say it's not convenient. It uses GPS to show you the people who are in your immediate area. You can easily dismiss people that you're not interested in by swiping them away. Plus, there are no unsolicited messages from creeps! You can only get messages from users that you match with. So I think we can safely agree that Tinder is a great dating app. With that said, there are some guidelines you need to follow when using it. These tips will help you use the app as efficiently (and safely) as possible! Check out six Tinder rules you should always follow:

1. Don't Be Over-the-Top With Your Expectations

There's no bigger turn off than seeing a Tinder profile where the person lists off their expectations for a potential partner. It's totally okay to mention one or two things you're looking for, but if you've got a laundry list of what you do and do not want, you're gonna get a firm left swipe.

2. Avoid Using Tinder on the Weekend

Though you're probably most tempted to use Tinder on the weekend, don't. The weekend is the worst time to use a dating app. You're more likely to swipe right on all the wrong people. You're more likely to send desperate, ridiculous messages to your matches. It's just a bad idea all around.

3. Don't Give TMI

This is one of the major Tinder rules. Don't air your dirty laundry on your profile. Don't launch into a super personal story when a match messages you. Don't post ultra revealing pictures of yourself. Keep things simple. If you bring all the skeletons out of your closet on Tinder, you're going to scare away all your potential partners.

4. Try Not to Make It All About Yourself

It's important to remember not to make everything about yourself on Tinder. If your entire profile is just you listing off your accomplishments and positive attributes, you're going to come off as a narcissist. If a match messages you. make sure you ask them questions about themselves rather than just talking about yourself.

5. Be Aware That Not Everyone Is Who They Claim To Be

This is one of the more serious Tinder rules. You have to remember that not everyone is who they claim to be. There are a lot of catfishes out there and you need to be prepared to encounter one of them. Many people use fake pictures, names, stories, etc.You may have to go the extra mile to make sure that someone is who they claim to be before you meet up with them in person.

6. Don't Take Things Personally

Finally, one of the best Tinder rules to follow is to not take things personally. You may match with someone, and once you talk to them find that it's not going to work. There may be days/weeks/months where you don't get many matches. It's important to not take these things to heart and remember that it's just online dating!

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Online Romance: 4 Common Myths About Online Dating

With the rise of the internet came the rise of online dating. Online dating is easier than going out and meeting people because it removes the whole, you know, “going out” part. You can stay in the comfort of your own home and swipe through potential love interests, narrowing it down to your top picks. It's kind of like online shopping! While a lot of people are enjoying the benefits of online dating, there are many others who are staying far, far away from it. These people have fed into all the myths about online dating. To quell your fears, let us break down some of those myths and put a rest to them once and for all:

1. It's only for young people.

A lot of people think that online dating is made for millennials, but this is just not the case. Online dating is for people of any age (okay, not under 18, you guys…). In fact, there are entire dating sites dedicated to middle-aged people or senior citizens who are looking to meet someone. Don't fall into the notion that this is just for the youngsters!

2. It's doesn't lead to lasting relationships.

One of the common myths about online dating is that it's just for hook-up's and doesn't produce long-lasting relationships. This is so not true! There are endless couples who met online and have been together for years. (Anyone watch 90 Day Fiance?) Sure, a lot of people use online dating for casual hook-up's – and there's nothing wrong with that – but you can also use it to find your soulmate!

3. You can't trust the people you meet.

This myth needs to be approached carefully. Let us make it explicitly clear that there are dangerous people online. Not everyone is who they claim to be on the internet, so you do need to be careful when meeting someone online. With that said, not everyone is dangerous. Most people are exactly who they claim to be, just a regular person looking to meet someone much like yourself!

4. It's all about looks.

There are many people who steer clear of online dating because they think it's all about looks. After all, potential partners look at your profile picture to determine whether or not they're interested in you. Don't let this deter you, as the reality is that it's not all about looks. While some people may not be into your appearance, there will be tons of others who are. What really matters is how you act, what you say, and the person you are. People will have to give you a chance and get to know you!

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Internet Nightmares: 5 Awful People You Encounter In Online Dating

Online dating is a minefield. You really have to play it safe when you are looking to meet someone on things like Tinder or Bumble. You're likely to encounter some real jerks or even some people who aren't even real! If you're just getting started with online dating, we want to warn you. These are five awful people you encounter in online dating:

1. The Guy Who Thinks He's A God

We've all encountered this guy. His dating profile is full of well-manicured selfies and a laundry list of his assets/accomplishments. If you end up talking with him, he immediately starts bragging about himself, how great he is and all the reasons you should date him. He's completely delusional and full of himself. Let's put it this way: if you have to go online and try to convince people of what a catch you are, you probably aren't a catch.

2. The Guy Who Is Only Looking For Sex

We'll give this guy props for his honesty. This type of person usually lets you know what they're looking for from the get-go, but that doesn't mean it's not awful. Sex is the only thing on his mind. He'll probably ask you to “send nudes” the first time you talk, and just be an overall creep. Avoid these people at all costs!

3. The Guy Who Can't Take Rejection

This is easily one of the worst people that you can encounter in online dating. He comes off as totally cool and nice at first, and then turns on you in a split second. Maybe you told him you're not interested, or that you're too busy to hang out sometime soon, and he starts hurling insults at you. This guy cannot accept “no” for an answer and you need to run far, far away from him.

4. The Guy Who's Playing The Field

There's nothing wrong with playing the field with online dating. In fact, most people are talking to multiple people at once on apps like Tinder and Bumble. What makes it awful is when you are careless about it. This is the guy who calls a girl by the wrong name or very obviously copies a message that he sent to ten other girls. This guy doesn't care about getting to know you. He's just seeing who the easiest option is.

5. The Guy Who Isn't Even Real

Of all the awful people you encounter in online dating, this is the worst one: the catfish. This is when you're talking to someone and they're pretending to be someone else. They use pictures that are not them. They tell you information about their lives that isn't true. They basically make up an entirely fake persona to get you to like them, and then you eventually find out who they really are. This is the biggest let-down you can face with online dating.

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Safe Topics: 5 Things That Are Okay To Talk About On A First Date

First dates can be terribly stressful. You freak out over what you're going to wear, how you're going to do your hair, where you're going to go, and more. Perhaps the most stressful thing is figuring out what to talk about on a first date. Most people know to never bring up politics or religion, as these things almost always lead to arguments or discomfort. So if you can't ask them who they voted for last election, what can you ask them about? It turns out there are a handful of topics that are almost always totally safe (Note: We said almost always. We make no guarantees!) What are these magical safe topics, you may ask? Read on to find out five things that are okay to talk about on a first date:

1. Movies, Music and Television

Pop culture and entertainment are generally safe topics to talk about on a first date. Ask them what their favorite movies are or what kind of music they like to listen to. Find out what show they recently binge-watched. These subjects make for easy conversations, and they give you some insight into the kinds of things your date likes.

2. Food

Unless your date is a hardcore foodie, conversations about food are pretty neutral. You can talk about what restaurants you like, what foods you love, what foods you hate. You can ask them about foods they always wanted to try but haven't yet. If you happen to be at a restaurant for your first date, you can talk about what's on the menu. It seems like a trivial subject, but it can help fill awkward silent time.

3. Traveling

Traveling is always an interesting thing to talk about on a first date. Asking your date about where they've traveled to can give you some good insight into the places they like and the things they like to do. If your date hasn't had the chance to travel much, you can still ask them about where they'd like to travel to. This lets you see what they hope to do in the future.

4. Hobbies and Pastimes

Hobbies and pastimes make for safe small talk (unless you're a vegan who is on a date with an avid hunter). Ask your date what they enjoy doing in their free time. Tell them a little bit about what you like doing in your free time. You can tell them about a hobby you'd like to try out, or ask them if there's anything they always wanted to try. For the most apart, you should be able to talk about hobbies without things getting awkward.

5. The Basics

The basics are the best thing to talk about on a first date. The basics are things like: Where are you from? Do you have any siblings? Where did you go to school? etc. These things are nearly impossible to argue about. If you and your date can manage to get in an argument over where you're from, you're definitely not compatible.

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