Tis the Season For Independence: 3 Reasons It’s Great To Be Single During the Holidays

alone on christmas

It's common knowledge that society tends to act like being single is the worst thing in the world. This is especially true during the holidays! It's as if being single during the holidays is the worst thing that could happen to a person. We're here to tell you that being single during the holidays is not absolutely awful. In fact, being single this time of year actually has it's perks! Check out three reasons it's great to be single during the holidays:

1. You Save A Lot Of Money

Let's be real: relationships are expensive, especially during the holidays! When you're dating someone you're expected to get them gifts for the holidays – nice gifts. Being single during the holidays means you're not expected to get a boyfriend or girlfriend some pricey present to show them how much you care. You can save that money or you could even put it towards getting something extra for a family member or friend!

2. You Only Need To Attend Your Own Family Get-Togethers

We know that family is the most important thing during the holidays and that spending time with family should be cherished. With that said, it's not always easy to spend so much time with family. The family get-togethers that happen on the holidays can be exhausting and stressful. Now imagine you're dating someone and their family is having a holiday get-together. That means that you need to go to two entirely separate family gatherings. Sounds like a nightmare to us! Being single during the holidays means you only have to worry about dealing with your own annoying family.

3. Holiday Parties Are Great Places To Meet People!

Whether it be a work Christmas party or a friend's New Years Eve party, it's super-easy to meet new people at holiday parties! Dating someone during the holidays means that you're tied down. Being on your own means you're single and ready to mingle! You can take full advantage of all the interesting and attractive people you're going to meet at these holiday parties…but only if you're single!

alone for the holidays

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